Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). September 28, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). September 28, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: September 28, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Hr M C rHE ifUdY OF MA
I 362 EAST 78 SiRE"'f
~~ Cfilm, YO p2
to 0 t4 -t
PS A 2c
A Avi
b c+ m Pd rr. Abtr oseutat
YT to 0 nD for
)hafte~eobury Avg m
C+ 0 V il IN IV 811gAM, .D. tQ ermaaa i Ir-Y' I
-___-n cli~XIaU

,Ammth. &tte the ilsiePi wtaifrtir by hurricane David, we are by farmers and offieiala to reilr
only jIut emerging from the 'cnfsion state crops. Mr.Joffre Rdbins*o-
or oc.r inflicted. Some P le have chairman DBQA Board, says that ian-
resp,:iun with heroism and .hard work nas will be exported from Dom inte
to theu:f adversity, otters have be in eight months ttie; and'that er .
'ome miachleveas. We pay *er res- -adieation of leaf spot wni coat
pects i1 al individuals and groups the IslandS $1 nll1o # year.
wh. have done their "tatmast. est" Mr. Colin Bully, Chief Agric. Off-
to keep the country alive and hope-- icer st-eates thA.t some two thou4tn
ful. As we told regular subscribers acres of bananas, mainly ,in the
(n our newsletter ."he Petrified 1%orth,. arereinstated. But it se04i
island" e, ah ve o suffered and that DGA will have to be eavil
n have nro iseau S'AR Offli6e; it subsidized.
Ls row a s iLeping place Ta thA, .THE 3S"CHOOLS I
S~ndltalK? ha rmo Te" Yes 1Fe- "f'enty-tix o ft Of fifty-efght?'IA
theref-,i ask anyone interested to mary schools have been destrmed;
Sthelir if-rm~ation, advertise- o they can only be replaced at a S6t
merts Aand letters to 0. Bx 129, f8.5 million. .Prty .argtetas
Rosefa, Ei early in the week as. s to be used as temporary classreats
pes:,le, AS WE ARElNO LONGER AT 2 have been- ordered.
BATh PtAD, and have n ready trans- T H E 0 TT T L 'OO 0
p0rt. We cnrnot say when the next Meay people feel that the Inter.I
issue of the STR will appear. Government should concentrate oa~

tome Doiwilnioans were sent flr bY
1evixip, 1'-tnllies abroad, others toOk
a dv a t --F- f the situation; g1le-
ti .Ic yoang men who couo ~bhve
he In clar xresqratioxn .st'ugxle
ert s ~Witt quite a stream'.of
wc'mne ?rid children,
Tbera as 8 serious incident in
G~ '3: !adK :ere~A"i bominican is
scid to have shot te manrx whokiafed
h1a f ; other flfiPjxioans were-at-
taolcky furious #wtdead upeans-And
a a:h~ -i are 1i* hospiti lw!APrime Mm-
i~t~~ 5rapmila flyling- 0_4 uade-d
:a Modnley to,, investigate; re-
pau.i a ,-'.i may be tbe answer.

feedihg-the people and short-temn
measures and pave the way for a
general election which would theit
be the starting point for lorngterA
planning under a properly elected

He twice appealed to the Irish P O-
pie +o cease their violence, ask;
ing them to love their enemies.
(See also p,. )

1 j

Anyone wanting a smart half-grewt
kitten to keepdown the great Xn-
ber of rats and-mice, contact ai,

.... i


W'e e eond A u coW'', i 19 9' I as 1st A1 y l sil K. A--...- ....-----. ..

9 f' x,.D..e o ': p0-7i

PoeHi..e... e zetwh n-heda :,

'rerti icaorioicico e Notin g
T LE __ de-lert s o t 0t hrs t ;a.i,
B edut Io. NE R.Y Sn U Pe.IE i Scr ul~od.Nfor week. Se.iigA .'a:
Hle received aSpplites of coneox stial i coiin-'.- :ue d-e-
9l0i.L0p,: 'Aimail Writ ing. Pads, i, ird. V 7' f "mrn bequest for
ocsier Books uled eugint &e Giash.,ound 1te y d lt. t, l.e -s
July 1979 "eby htoa le E-t"C-t o.-,. .. -
t Ba 0a s la.. Feint &. Cas, AStu tF. l--wo i i ...-:: .

Paver bondd % copy) in. aphkets1 at ut 0 'l

he d orneavea tost i.Ce. ile~tar oc; r:::._+9 7 9a.
e;er .Dominiea DSispensary Co. Ltdi. I hlol y- ,a
I 1h a- t he oIt no-a HJillq. Marigot : i i o.
a-n edso aul o r tise th~ifi--^ t -- .I .AaDof ioitniea ooati a '.- :.: .,'5
COMMONWEA BLT OF' OMivcA acres- s., and. 'teundest as- .ci..... "1-
TsTI.. BY' Ra TSIRATlION ACT v North:, ByW ot-Adas c;t'. B-.. f.:.ri9s,
SeIdu3e ot, Application for Certi- ClilCordHen-ty ejad Ro'c:;z.ll o".

Requeton a' Cat. r e_________uest fr eooest da- Miller Joh.. .s f-.r
teest da- Al- .erto thea-ste fr t.ed 10th J-Charles ;yapti th' :.--.: o
cfted 19th7by herin of ai~~s o ly 1979 his SolCid- a i- C-.. ci --r
ti1r 11979yeks ab hs a Plrs Gert.. Presented tot' Cilma cA *.

Presented Solcito'r fO.tifc ate eof 21st ag- i ig.d; ft :', i o
1st Aug-t M.Eugeni .of Tite in 21s- ust 1979 hr' So.- a .
t979 at ICh arle&s Ireto aa r at f5pm Pai il- i .-ect .. a
t 5.Alf* tion of and aladiardow o
land at V:.eille CaiTe thee Parish of cl at Baptiste, WeJ: -, n-..; -o
oSt.Peter containing 361 square .. ish onn' S0tAudrew in tol e Cr.;"-':'o h

teet and bounded as followis:- .'o:th: of Dominie902, qontaina'4e 5.;4 ,uaanea!
ad Lth and others; north-East: Boy Joh; ast; aJulhis Solic- cea .o'-i ,I rtly

lands of Pauld99 by h.ating it frmt- l roseet and L a Cic d t follows:-- .:c. :th:

West: By land sf ohr Sc.Agatha a.,use;briouths Brulad o Robuth-West Byche; .-:. "' .x.
LaSt of Olothilda Seands of.est; Ladmd Ed of Utin Tavh-ernier; iBy c-.:....- oPr ,,-

Sd Gertirbdao 97aFhlane. .airst ly itus D1d9i7 ? a.,si. o.
P aesented 8Solitor ifiatewe at rosontd ,an by i. o
21st Aug .. .of .EU7 nian 21 ig l9re her'ust 9So; .79 LC s,
ist 1979 at Charles repeat Oa? t ei-otof Gi e.t

Sat .. .,________ ton of- l '..upigy.a asr. l a t
.and ej J iltle Gata. in the ParishPeai of Od ., Baptit, WJ 6*- t.o s,,
SSt.AndPeterew containing 361.8 square Cois Orai' St.Adrew in. tns oXji!n Lhj
feet and bounded as folleowP4 .Nth: of Domi9i0 a, eontainj sc;u.? *'O axi

A Pubstic Road sParat ing it rol lana fnoeet and t ohnded s follow:s;-- .Bcryth:
i Violet h; N&,A2orth-7el naQn; By land of Byreen Do^-; w)-,. ee Bty
Sand of Pa. of Arthur SB;ptiste;3South- land of Robati .tAche; -itt f. of
West:La id y ands Clothilda SeatGabr'e; reLaT;d .of Utina TavchrnWer;s t ; L17,-- *!- ).

*tedt____eDlo-,_ An_ o (next aosueiln) 9th JV~- E, ai. t i L:AVA L I e
- L b j" o alj r rt e 'G ,S"1 ^- "

T 3a?@xi4 n Heavy % y Power1ed9.
Proesen ed-. Scl aina Coffee a.a W thet ti 'o<3.ubf 0-e.

r, ht Peta

JSob .3itemnber 2891979 Ta ARMe
...2I Shedule for w'ek en .
*.. F DOM*CAI Request da- p R -40
Scb~.6<.W .: ~f i~: iatio-fl Cert.- ted 2nd JI h- the of c a
fi'~ZOo eand .art;if ther~eavs ly ,97L9. by FJXrs
andt ..Not 9Solicitor 4;. v.t-
e~~Jins~th &lajp,*ust., 1979- Preae V atof'%fui
ThvJature o6 C o Re 21st Aug- CiJpm '9'rct
~?:7 ~ S:~5que ~est whkether, -ust 1979 at a-f lbzd.~j ~f~~rbr;?et^~
for a ~u ta oa: Title, or Not- 2.__5 -o,__m. :t Ii-1e. in
oJ-' Caveat t Pc-ih of' St. 7JT in the Comm=nol
Request~ cda. Ita,a.en Rayn f wealth of DominjL,. copntainn &2~
ctI Requeert.i fox 1.2S2,'
ta3 Pnc Jhuly iMt-thew b the issue lacroo and bonftoI sT- )oJl;-. Npth,
J 'a-il hisS S'OJi- I a, Firvt Obr.-Ii lanct o Foetc;' By
?. -~0nQd cibtor '( i-! tiftcate of 4 r Iana Lins; -1.t:41 ByCI
22:smi. .. a ~ A.IZ Tt ise i Cfe- ?izrd Pabess and %ter Tysua;
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ht04 B.*~ hi~~v n ~a l~ y~ ~ 10Ms of' !:-na Autoine a'4
Da.rj :ect of a,.-- -
,21--.14- 1 ~ --j E% 11- -.)c -; Jatox,~- ~
QO J~YL ii) dchcParish 0"VLt Ifa- i .oxna
.9 :;commjnwoc3 i e -" AD, UQr i by the.issue
n'a~ 5Q a her Sci- a First Ge 1ij
-D it P U bh citor if iraete of
-.*",+mn it fraCi-i and of A-t C i'n.-~ T1itle in .rxe
rY ying F10l'.; Scuth; tgflay ect
Jcril;: o~i'' ~:u.! :atthnew; Boo.t: B, 2 tion. of Ai.n
Gi;' ll'a: fi-rti and E."liaL e tat ct Bougandier in Stjosjh, in
OCC, cly o.r Noel, th $arish of St&.Joseph, in the'
.>. ..,** ra~hr Qcmrarionwaea th of ,'400taitiAnrjg
M~cel tho-;sue 0! L cjuare feet -and to$o~ed gas
Juam, 79 Jares a Fi,-rst -crt fol-o.war- North by a. :3yaS sepa&-
by his f if illCate o f tiLg it from Jlana. of i:*.in. a
R r3t t- ~j~oJcitor Title ini res-n,.e Bertrand; South by -n of" Boa,,
-i l ~ Ii i~ al2P 3Joel n Ce Bertrax1; Ea by land
Ip. IMTh CUI on of lzaid jof Evalixe Noel nia Bertr We st
01- Pointe M1che3L .. 1 EGISRE fl.5 OilIlE, R A
tV- I r f h o in the om0 'Ran~Iall H, Lockhaft, Ago. kegistrgma
P'-,:;V'it? 1 i of D'-iaica cortainig f Tit
-s b: Any Person who eaesires to
I_,Y ila zl res 1 .,;lau r ice Hi~ll -Bel. Ob I~
P.-I by I *w ic Hi:L.1 t obt-ect to the icsuing.ofr eCeiii-
-, j tmJoh. .L. li6x x'od- ficate. of Title "n -'Me iibove. at1.c
ex ..:.i .;'u. Bi;iste* ~i L3rdtr1k MY 61 a Gavest, in- th~e
VJ *-. f t &te; Aast by Ho above -cffice jvithjn'aix -weelks fro~a
C~y .,t ,Iiatc; Scuth by lands of Gra, the fiist apjearsQe of this sche4-
cia Heirs of John Diptiates ule n the :tU7 V'pape:' BUblia;ed
o ral~&~ese 4b. in thio countr- or fcrdmib6eby1
g.- ofil~aernard 3tie6Taia and part of b r on the natilce preiscribhd- by JAA,7
lpid ofrernrd Ntiqe nxiW and f as Lct served on any ow.aez' or oc-
"hO i' ,. c~uIier uf adjoining laridsjU res.",
dA R TODAJt -pect of which these sa .pp idations
are m e. pp-
ISJt~r i a substitute 'for natural New i --
Z:.;rri, the -"at whji 1 nriourishes the
ha-941 gives it i c, nturs-I luatre. 3? rC;' aco i n
Y1-:I"i cC- thal: ia s lut 'tb1%iabugh the bitinxi, baA- the former g klry oyat
Ste sun$, 6 odno.g permu-- the ir 6 per i- .t
1,1 ix: g the iLofr ale, DMIIN flO A DISEPTINSAW1 00. .1D1

RT R 8 th Re-ntenbea. 1979

Schedule of Application for Certi-
fite:.of Title and Noting thereon
for week ending September 22nd 1 79

Date of Pe son Nature of Rei-
ReQuest PregentiUng' guest whether
for a Certificate of Title or Noting
there or Caveat ..
Request da- Stephen Request for
ted 9th April Carbon the issue
1979 by his of a First
Presented Solici,- Certificate
18th Sept.19791 tor Vanya of Title in
at 1_4 ,pam. !Duigjxv respect of
A 'PR.ZON OF LAND AT Boetica, in the
Parish of St.Patrick, in the Common-
wealth of Dominica, containing
19,WG0 sVuare feet and bounded as
fOllows:- North: Land of Agatha Car-
bon and Eleen Alie; South-Aast:Land
oS Por'ita Hilaire and Anaelm Guiste
South-West: A Ravine separating it
from liahd of Veronica Smith; West:
Land of Anselm Guiste -and Sylvester

Schedule for week ending Sept.29th
Request da- Carlyon Request for
ted 14th Ptevost the issue Of a
August 1979 by his first Certifi-
Presented Solici- cate of Title
85th Sept. tor Oil- in respect of
79 at ma A.M. a portion of
200 p.. Dig land at Wesley
the Parish of St.Andrew in the
omnonwealth of Dominica, containing
875 square'feet and bounded as
ollows:- North: By lands of Mrs.
ernil Jacob and Prampton Mazlell;
auth-Easat: By Public Road; South-
eat: By lands of Mrs, Edward Prevosp
a ,uvlite St.JohnA

After a luncheon with ecelestical
personalities, His Holiness the
Pope will address the General As-
sembly of the United nations for
about one hour on Tuesday Oct.2.

-awarded to the Second Year Student
in the Department of Chemical Jfngin-
eering who submitted the beat de-
sign project report at the end of
the Summer Term.
The winner is Royston ficholls,
son of Mr. & 'Mrs. Ronald Nicholls.

BARCIR Ltd. a asUbidiary of ,clays
Bank International Ltd, earri.-i out a
Trojan task in flying planes daily in
and out of ravaged Dominica.
Barcair 's pilot Capt. Michael Lit-
tlepage was the first to land in Dmon-
inica after Hurricane David lat 9 m
on Thursday morning, when the Mel-
ll H ll y i ^ j_ j ..- _. _

request da- Joseph Request for the .-' ,J YL '.LyI %U VWe. W Ow uut uo
ed 23Sd Austan issue of a Pire commission (no power). He had tomake
uly 1979. Esprit Certificate. of a. downwind lAeding: heavy rain and
esented by hips titlee in res- oor visibility. With the pilot were
th Sept. Solic- pect of,a portion Mr.Lloyd Roberts Caribbean Director
19 at tor Cil of land at Ma of the Bank(ilniaelf a pilot);Mr.John
45 p.m ma A.M. haut in the Par- Phit, Dep.British High Commissioner;
: DupiA ish of St. *Paul & Mr.Richard La Roche of the TS Enrb-.
in e -ononwealth of Dominica, con aasy.The full. story of their fant4s-
tain 600 square feet and bounded ic f2iht remain to be told -~
as fo owe:- North-East: By Public. jinted & Published by the Proprietor
goad s rating it from land 'of Sam- *E.Allofrey of Mill House Copt Hall
Suel Es it; South-East: By land of at Mill House Copt Hall, Comnmcowealth
Inoce Esprit; north-Weat: by land o nQto- Weat lncln..
of Ger C.Luke South-Wes t ': Bland ofoseph .Austan Esprit. (Caveat: p, 3)

L-~LI~V __ L+F ~-- -1--~ .---a- -II~-

DEaNIS 1) 8I0x Z and his Group
will be duringg the Caribbean in
December 1979. If you are inter-
ested in having them perform, at
your Hotel, Night Club on Private
Party, indicate the dates and
tlmea you would lik them to per-
Address mail to the tMusikman
. Inn, .Hastings Main Road Christ
Church, Barbados or call 61182.


Da Tai'pnn

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