Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). August 24, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). August 24, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: August 24, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Telephone Editor 261G -W
UK Medta Representative- 4 ,
Golin Turner(Lond.on)Ltd E
122 Shaftesbury Avenue irtute e Coinite Fortuna
London W1VA, 8IdA ito q Sai r 1

No.. 8

Page 5
cludedL) p. 2



VSIn -.... y 1y T- -. _1 -

No doubt some Dominicans sympath-
ise with Ministers of the Interim
Government who want 4Britain to hand
over the promised 10 million (inde-
pendence) sum promised, so that their
constituents may benefit before the
general election. But this money
was always promised in stages to be
approved by ooth the local Govern-
Sment and the British Government. 1o
small country can undertake too many
projects at one. We are confident
that the money will be forthcoming.

Because the Dominica Labour Party is
used- to manipulating its eleotorai -
machinery, it has complained that
the Dominica Freedom Party is doing
the same thing.

M A N k ArtYf T D.
Preferably o y .& ef age
with or witla- y^EEi
w YORK 21. N. Y
Must have good references
to live on 15 acre



in Pont Cass& Area
- to watch it full time.

Weekly pay,

Garden land,

Good-sized House.


Afternoons only 2817


They are wrong. Now we have a picture of the overall
But anyone 'who has definite compl4nt left electoral alliance. The
to make should present them to Mr. People's Democratic Party, the Dom-
.Geoffrey Harris of the Electoral Of- inica Democratic AlDa.ce, the Peo-
fice, who says that no such reports pie's Industrial Committee and the
have reached him yet. Working People's Vanguard have come
cut and stated that they are standing
GRENADA'S.POLICE COMMISSIONER: Mr. together in the forthcoming general
James Clarkson of the now defunct election. Theit leaders are Roosie
W.I.Regiment, aged 53,-has been ap- Douglas, Michael Douglas, UWI's
pointed. 3 months intensive training Wiltshire and Bill (Para) Riviere.
of' police will soon start. They state they seek land for the
S.- ,landless,, employment and several
DOMINICA ASSOC. 'OF INDUSTRYAgOMM0N e other things, and add:"any approach
say: Dominica, should not attend Non- to the Election as separate parties
Aligned conference in Cuba. At a would clear the way for the Freedom
meeting of. the CNS a resolution was sarty which spells disaster for
adopted "under unusual circumstances the nation as a whole.'
mandating the Government to attend" SEZ YOU.
(at the highest level),'DAIC feels TE CSA is sti l awaiting a reply from
that Govt. should defer any redefin-T CSAis still awaiting a reply from
that Govtshould defer any reden-Govt. on pay increases in 2 stages.
ition of the country's foreign poli- The P.. says he iss awaiting report.
cy until after 1980's gen.elections. is awaiting a report.

Twasnty Cents

-----~UI--, ------

~ri.~sv. Aus;us~t f2~.


' I11:

T HE + T A R

friday. Auguzst 24. 1979

-C~L~FcV 4` i ;----;l ;
DIALOGUE continued frorm'last issue:
apitalism, Socialism & Democracy.
Gerabtan, Director of Social Demo-
crats, USA. (quotes)
The Frenchman J-E Revel, has descri-
bed social democracy as "a political
-economic system that has rather ef-
fectively -reconciled a~cialism, free-
dom, and self-government; that has
substantial achievements in both tihe
economy and social justice to its
credit; a system that.offers the
added advantage of existing."
the social-dembcratic system des-
cribed... is not totalitbatian. It is
anti-totalitarian. And it is not
capitalist, though it includes cap-
4 i l1, ithikhtn it Tfhe relal+.-tiofnshi'n

An estate known as GREENHILL RSTAE
of approximately 60 acres with
dwelling house in. good condition
consisting of three bedrooms,
livi~gdining room, pantry,kitchen ,
large back pcrch, front verandah.
Large part of estate cultivated'
with grapefruits, oranges, eoocomats,
coffee. Also some bearing clove
Road jeepable to house.
For. further particulars contact -
L. Oliver Green
Or ring 8 16 within working hours

ITAT001YTTiR- f~:ni .al4Rn- Foialin n&r

f capitalism to. social democracy is Democracy see col 1. & last issue
aSmilax tb. that of a motor to a car.
The motor generates the powers but A COOPATIVE DIViDUALISM by
Michael Novak (Professor" of Religuon
it does not determine where the car hael Novak Professor of
will go. at Syracuse University):
w AillNGR O TOTALITARII Although my own inclinations hav
THE DANGER TOTALITARIANISM by the lines of democratic
Peter L.Berger (Prof~esor, Rutgers socialisn t 3h ie noted in rcat
University): Whatever else capital sn he i a c
may be .or do it maintains in. a years that there are aspects of ca-e
,talist e,-nomies which seem
society'. forces and institutions that italist economies which seem supertor
ato those of socialist economies;that
are at least relatively detached
from the organisms of the state. The Icertain recurrent ontr&
modern state is the most massive con-.diction in socialism at least no
serious as.the much storied contra.
centration of power in hman history, diction n capit and tha
...Let itbe stipulated, then, that icons in capitalism and tha
capitalism, can be -rapacious and there are many tacit values in a~
exploitative, and that there should- way of life that go unnoticed "o-th
be political remedies to limit these, in socialist and in capitalist war-
manifestations. Also..* under differ- ings;.. A merely socialist or capi'-
t circumstances socialism maliat way of thinking has felt like
take on a new face (in Ita or a straitjacket editions sem
intellectually aut of touch. Ehac
France, say, as against Ru.saia or intellectually out of touch. Bat
China). brings to. light certain facets of
MARXISM AND LIBERTY -by Sidney Hook our way of lifew, Boit traditions eem
(New York University). intellectually out of touch. They
An additional reason for preserv-. seem t miss too many vitalities of
ing a private sector is that it can., daily experience....
help provide greater incentives to **: In addition, mar so-called pli-
productivity and innovation without vate initiatives are full of public
which a minimum standard of living spirit and social grace. Many efforts
cannot be sustained... But our first in the so-called public sector are
concern must be with the strategic vitiated by aelf-aggrandizement,
Freedoms of speech,pressassembly,in- authoritari~nism, and arrogance.
dependent trade unions and judicia7yy Thee easy ccnta. between S.rivate
and the cluster of rights associated selfishness and public virtue, so
with democracy its widest sense. beloved by socialist thinker, dues
plee ~urum to next column) not accord with daJly experience.

aF Tw r

Pri hv. Aumust 24.. 1979 Pae Three,

Have received supplies of Commercialf
Envelopes, Airmail Writing PadsHard
cover Books Ruled Feint & Cash,Bound
Books Ruled Veint & Cash, Student
Notebokks, Academy Pads,Typewriting
paper (bond & copy) in packets.
... e, o4-. z

Schedule of Aaplication for Certi-
ficate of Title and NlotiDg thereon
for week ending Angust 25, 1979.
Date of Peqpen Nature of Re-
SReauest If esenti ing q est whether
for-a Certificate of Title or Noting

3 Schedule for week ending Aug.25
/ continued:_
Request da- Simeon Request for
ted 1ath Ju- James the issue of
ly 1979. by his a First Cert
Presented Solicitor ificate of
21Sa August Cilma A. Site in rea-
179- at M.Dupigny peot of'a
.12.10 p .m portion. of
land at Rose HilljMarigot, in the
Commonwealth of DomiiSea :containfiag
1.6l acres, and bouided a. follows -
NXoth: By lands of Augustina Banias,
Clifford Henry and Rosehill Road;
West: By lands of Patience James;
South: By lands of Patience James;
East: By lands of Kent Alfred and
Rlosehill Road; South-East :o.sehill
Road, Lands of Patiene James,- Mino
Alfred and P, Edwari-ds

thereon or Caveat. ---- -
Request da- Albert Request for Request da- Miller John Bequest for
Sted 19th Severin the issue of ted 10th Ju- Charles by the issue
April 1979 by his a First Cert- ly 1979. his Solic- of a 1irst
Presented Solicitor ificate of Presented itor Cilma Certificate
21st August M.Eugenia Title in res- 21stAug- A. M, of Title
1979 at Charles pect of a pr ust 1979 Dupigny in respect
S325 1m. tion of land at 12~. Pm. of a portion
at Felicity, Colihaut,- in the Earish of land known as a lot at Salisbury,
of St.Peter, containing 3047 square in the Parish of St.Joseph, in the
feet and bounded as follows:-North- Commonwealth of Dominica, containing
West: By lands of Sylvia Severin nee 1902 square feet and bounded as fol-
Smith and others; North-East: By lows:- North-East: By land of Steber
Islands of Paul Jno Eaptiste; South- John; East: By an access road partly
NWST; by lands of Agatha Gabriel; separating it from land of Anold Bruno.;
South-East: By lands of Edmund Ed- South-West: By land of Doxier VidaL;
wari s._ onrth-Wet : 'By lands of -Verginia
Request da- Catherine Request for Teophil and Marish Louis.,
ted 16thI%-lM. Anjo the issue of Request ,da- Matilda Request for~
member 19771by her a First Cert- ted 9th Ju- Baptiste the issue of
Presented iSolicitor ificate of Ti- ly 1979 nae Chris- a First Cert-
21st August M.Eugenia, tlr in res- tPresented' tiun by ificate ofy
1979 at I Charles pect of a Por-2lst Aug 1979 heb Soli- Title in res-
1.33 p.m. ition of land jat 2.35 p.m. citor CIl- pect ot a.
Sat Vieille Case in the Parish of St. ,a AM. Dupigny portion of
Andrew containing 3618 square feet land at Ba.tiate, Wesley, in the Pgr-1
and ,bounded as folloE:a:- 1North: A ish of St. Andrew in- the Commonwealthi
Public Road separating it from lands of Dominica, containing 5240 square r
of Violet leblanc & Ariel Jphnson; feet and bounded as follows:-
iEast: Larnd of Arthur Senhouse;South: North: By land of Moreen Dodds;
Land of Clothilda Seaman; West:Land South: By land of Robert Archer;
of Gertrude leblanc. East: By land of Utina Tavwenier;
Z- .- -ext I^olmn. Wesley: By land of Titus Dodcij.
Charles Dickens. Please bring to STA Please turn to Page Bour (p.)
SOffice Wednesday.,TMaraday or Friday.t --

B'r~~RV, AII~I1R1; 2L~, 19?g

Page Tkre.e



a T A R P An-Tr ,9'10
TITLE BY PJRGISTPATICi ACT Schedule .for week ending Aug.24 ctc
Schld.ule of Application for Gerti- Request hda- Hector' Request for
ficate of Title an .i*l :-. thereon :ted. 2z..d u- ontaite the issue of
for week ensdirg 25th !t 1.979.. l y 179. by his a First Cert-
Date f Prsn i of Pe-so e- Presented Solicitor ificate of
Re uest Pres entng qaest whether 2 1st'.&g-. Cilma A. TPle in res-
for a Certificate od.Title or Not-- ust 1979 at M.Dupigny' prot of a por-
ng ther.eon or Caveat ; 5 p, itlon of laud
Reaest da-. 1jR'& ioA equest for a8 t E-twi-zle ,in the Paris3h of St.
ted Snd July M5kthew the issue, of~David i the' Commonwealt'h of Dominica,
1979. by his a First Cer- containing l.192- acres and bounded as
Presented Scklicitor tificate of ifollows:-' North: By land olf Foster
21st Ag- Cilma A. Title in rea-~yson; South: By land of lana Antoinei
ust 197at .DuDg.ny pect of aporL East: By lands of Elford Rabess and
?.15 p.m. tion of lansi FBs.ter Tyson; West: By lands of
at Morne Jaune in the Parish of St. I lana Antoine and Noelise James.
David in the Commonwealth of Dominica.----;------- --
containing 1;504 acres and bounded.'a~ Request da- Leorna 'Roqpest fo
follows:- North: By Public Road sep- ted 2nd Ap- Obrian the issue of
rating it from land of Morne Jaune rilJ, 1979 by her a First Cert-
aying Pld; S uth: By land of Presented ISolicitoa ificate o-
*d.n Matthew; East: By land of Price 22nd Augusat Cilma' A. Title in res-
Martin and Elaine Matthew; West By 1979 at MDupigny pect of a ;or-
and of Peters oel. .300 p.m. t ion of and
,n at t Ha ut ougandier in St. Joeph,
Request da- McFred, ReVuest for on the Parish of St.Joseph, in the
ted 3rd Jan- Marcel the issue of Commnonwealth of Dominica, containing
uary, 1979 James a First Cert- 1600 square feet and bounded as
Presented by hi ificate of follows:- North by a By Pass separam
Preten;ed tro by hofs ificate of
21at Aug- Solicitor Title in res- Rtin it from land of Eveline Aoel
ust 1979 at Cilma A. pect of a.port. n Bertrand; South by land. Eva-
18.50 p.. M.Jig i tion of la5d line f oel nAe Bertrand; East by
known aa Toute Estate mituat- land of Evaline Noel ne 3ertrand;
ed in the Heights of Pointe Michel, West by land of Orvine Juien.

in the Parish of St. Luke, in the
Corionwealth of Dominica,containing
l106.0 acres and bounded as follows:-
North by lands of Maurice Hill, Ed-
ard John, Farm Estate (Wyllia), Fed-
erick John Baptiste and Lordrick Vic-
tor, Chateau Estate; East by Morne:
Cannot Estate; South by lands of
Gracia Moiae, Heirs of John Baptiste,
Aime Raphael, Donald Charles and
part of Morne Canot Estate; West by
land of Bernard. Ettiene and part of
land of Gracia Moise.

STUDENT wishes to buy new or used
copy of the book "Great Expectat-
ions" by Charles Dickens.
Please bring to Star office on
oWldneday, Thursday or friday, or



Randall H. Lockhart:, Ag. Registrar
tf titles.
NOTE: Any person who desires to
object to ,the issukis of a Oerti-,
ficate of Title on the above applic-i
ations may enter a Daveat in the
above office within gix Meeks from
the first-appearance of Shis sc~hd-
ule. in the Star newspaper published
in this country or frcn the date
when the notice prescribed by law
was last served on any owner or oc-
cupier of adjoining jands in res-
pect of which these applications
are made.

on Saturday between 9-12 noon.

__ __ __

---~ -- --~ --- -- ---

Page .., TFour


Fi\-~iAn~r_ n~lm~a+ ~91. ~QrlQ

1Pae giviy

It was stated by the British auth-
orities in Barbados that the 10
million promised to Dominica by
Britain will not be in jeopardy.
SThis counters rumours here that
Mrs. Thatcher's Government were go-
ing to withhold some of it.
St. Lucia has been invited to the
Non-Aligned assembly being held in
Cuba from Septedber 3rd to 7th.

Statistical officers throughout the
Region are meeting in Dominica this
wee2 .
Ex-President (Venezuelan) Carlos
Andros Peroz wis loudly cheered
when he arrive, in .2taragua -
"the-free Nicaragua which you have
done so much to form"- was one ex-
pression used.
President REeiy of india has sum-
moned a General Election for Novem-
ber. Some one hundred "Untouchable"
M.P.s are very angry over this.

There were 14 armed robbed
An New York City this week, and
Taesday was dEscribed by a wit as
"'he day the 1'cods ransacked) New
York." $1 :.million US was taken
during an attack on an armoured car
in Wall Sbteset and on the same day
.our Banks were raided and robbed.
7Ir. Andrew YounE, now on his "last
ap"as USA's U.N. Ambassador, has
been officially invited to visit
that salubrious country Teheran. *
President Carter, while on his
cruiae in the paddle steamer "Delta
eueen", said this week that Mr.
Young "would not have a free voice
untill his resignation from the U.N.
aakes effect.",
rael1 sayaphe i no.a "ion
S is. toro orge iatI A.
by Eugh Laweence
Some of our man and women of this
country take marriage as a plaything
they think they can divorce at will,
and even expect the Cburch to accept
their Sdulterous mode of life. (.nex

A Wonderful Fete: by May Christian
Anyone who has lived in Guadeloupe
would know about "La Ronde des Cuis-
inierea". Say it in English?- The
Cooks' Circle. This respected fete,
already in its sixtieth yIc;, in-
cludes bakers, and is celebJ ted on
August 10th, anniversary of the Peast
of Saint' Laurent, their lPtron, (Our
readers may remember the guossome
history of this Roman'Martyr who died
for the Ch istian faith, being roast-
ed alive on a gridiron by the pagans.)
Every year the Society in Guadel-
oupe, which is both vibrant and is-
land wide, goes on parade. Over
1,000 members attend a High Maas at
the Po -ite-A-Pitre Cathedral at
Basse-Terre, dressed in colourful
douillettes or native costumes, car-
rying roasted meats, cakes. and pud-
dings plus miniature pots and pans
and other kitchen utensils as symbols
of their work.
On marching round town with music,
they end up at the Palais de Mutualitb
building, there to drink the vin
d&honneur with special guests, and
listen to speeches; afterwards din-
ing and dancing later in the day.
A Fasci3J ng P~Fete. Editor.
MARRIAGE ... by Hugh Lawrence (col.1)
The men especially think that when they
take an oath of marriage, they obtain
a licence to beat up their wives and
take up a life of concubinage. Some
wives (thoughrmuch fewer) get very
slack, and go enjoying a free and
worldly life.
Marriage is a sacred thing, and not
a.playboy thing, for St.Paul says, it
is better to be'married than to be
burnt. Let us all hope and pray that
with so many changes taking place in
this wide world, married couples will
give to this great sacrament t moral
and serious thought. This change of
mind and '.h~ta would also help a
.great deal to remove some of the
main c ases which our indepenaenc~
has brought us.
1 -He L.

Friday, August 2~~9.

_~~TH8 TST R

*S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S* -Morchriston
_QOTBALL: Dominica Matches Given To
$t .ucica.o St.Lucia was given the
points for their matches against
Dominica in the Juvenile Caribbean
Football Union (CFU) Competition af-
ter Dominica. had previously been
awarded the points for same. Dominica
was carded to play St.Lucia at the
Windsor Park on August 5th and in
Castries on Aug.l2th. Prior to that
fixture, a release from the CFU Sec-

The D.E.F, refused to attend the.
.mooting oaClrted this wetk'toQ discuss"
the 'diu.tute hbtweian J.Astaphan & Co..
and.WAW I, They said it was not legal.
Consequently, the meeting fell through.
3JRAUD IN TRINILA, where the Police
found a secret wall safe containing
Scoke, chequebooks and other docu-
ments likely to involve Civil Serv-
ants who have granted concessions,,
is now under way.

retariat saia thnat tnere woulua De noNA: H T th
postponements. On Thursday,Aug. 2nd, ANA: Ha f t 7,000 Bauxite
a cable from CPU Secretary, Jack workers recently on strike are back
Warner to the Dominica Football Asso- on their jobt. Normalcy is expected
ciation (DFA) said that St.Lucia were by Monday. It is not know by us what
unable to meet their fixture, so pre- strategy was used to get them back.
pare for matches against winner of I. lIAN. troops continue to attack
Martinique/Monserrat encounter.* On i urds, a section of their country,
Friday night 35d August, the St.Lucia and havre banned the Demooratic Party.
team landed in Dominica after being *TAROT(Foot ball. ,
advised not to by the DPA, who had the same could not be said of the
since cancelled all arrangements and Kensborough U/Kens encounter. The
bookings based on the Thursday cable, onei-Ail victory was so unconvincing
On Saturday another cable front ck that the match was dubbed a fix by
Warner said St.Lucia had thrown the some and sell-out by others. It
whole competition in disorder so he was actually no contest. Both teams
prepared to play St.Lucia on the 12th. tried to show they were trying to
By Monday 6th August another cable win, and the result was a fairly
came saying that Dominica would be rough, tightly defended contest with
playing Martinique on the 12th & 19th one suspect goal (lat half) by Roy
August, as Montserrat were unable to Murphy. Michael George of the
fulfill their fixture. But on Thurs. Dominica Youth put Harlem ahead in
9th Aug. another cable came saying only the 2nd minute's play.A defense
that Dominica should proceed to St. mishap and carelessness by the goal-
Lucia to play match on the l2th;while keeper made it 2-nil. In the 2nd
St.Lucia would in turn travel to Dom- half, Harlem got a comfortable 3-nil
inica on the 19th. With all these lead. IN DIV. II MATCHES: Coca
swinging cables, Dominica failed to, Cola Saints 3, Windva Rovers 0Whlit-
turn up for their St.Lucia leg. *** church Chocolate 4 Cash'n'Carry
Next thing is: Martinique/Montserrat K-Hides 0; By-Trinee Alsons 3 -
match is coming off, and St.Lucia Lubville 0.
qualifies to meet the winner. This CRICKET: the 3rd cricket test match
transpires after a circular to the between India/England ended in a draw
various CPU members which c'ategori- at Headingley,LeadE. Scoresa.n.gland
cally states "no postponements". One 270, lan Botham 137. India 223/6. S.
is left to wonder what does no post- Gavascar 78,DVengsarkan 65 n.o.
ponements mean, and whom does Jack Irving Shillingford captains Dom-
Warner represent? inica in the Benson & Hedges knockout
LEAGUE: DCP Harlem Bombers and Pepiz series (Windwardi/Leewards).Opening
Kensborough U. took on the champion- match against Nevia in September.
ship path when they clashed with 7-Up *Lockhart Sebastien was named man of
Potters and ACS Kens respectively, the just-ended Windwards Is.Heineken
Whilst the Bombers achieved a workman- seres, which Dominica won
like 3-nil victory against Potters, a uiy te oper
(next column) AE, Alfey o ill House opro Ha

.. Bathn Roada, Roseau, Comm nwealA
of Dominica, Westindies.

-*^r^-'- **-- -- -. I S. -LIf7 VY /Y

'F Ha n a I P

T;\H4 ~C~r


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