Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). May 18, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). May 18, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: May 18, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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UK Media RepresentatiJe
122 Shaftesbury Avenue Virtute ace Comite ortuna th
London V HA Vitt ceCone
Eng _____ __ o_ Q. yViSh flepy

VoL. Tx~vTT

NO. 20

Friday May 18 .1979

Fifteen Cents 154

Vol I -I



-- Read wemoral note, page 2 We have received from H.E. The
ALISTER HUGHES SETS TOM ADAMS British 'High Commissioner in
STRAIGHT read "Mr. Adams and Bridgetown,Bb.&tdos, the following
Grenade page three appreciation, which we are delight-
_______ _______ed to pass 'on:
RESIGN, : RESIGN : RESIGN "I was delighted-to read of the
musical.successes of Dominica
We hear a lot of rudeness in our students as recorded on the front
House of Assembly, but not the per- pge of 'The' Star' for Friday 2
missile cry of embers against an May. Both students and teachers
increasingly unpopular government, must'be .warmly 'congratulated. I
such as the British heard in their
Hos of. o n ecnhope I'may have the opportunity-
House of Commons recently. on some future visit to Dominica
We say in advance, that if any- ofhearng themperform.
member utter that cry, we back .. erelye Arthurt
them, in this our misruled homeland. Yours sinceel y J.S.Arthur.
(And we are sure Mr.Arthur's wish
THE, DEATH PEiALTY: DEVELOP WNTS will be granted. Editor)

This week, Luxembourg Parliament
abolished the death penalty,leav-
ing France & Beggium as the only
two European countries Who have
this death sentence still on their
statute books. Today Bermuda is
'debating and deciding, with the
Labour Opposition (led by a woman),
against captteaI.punishment. The
Bill comes up-again in Britain;it
has been aPolished there for some
years. Some Tories are in favour
of hanging We aefLn-ttery re not.

In Grenada, 1,660 small children
died of gastro-enteritis last year.
A new drug is, said to, have been dis-
covered there to prey-nt the deadly
dehydration which kills youngsters,
be changed in Britain to allow for
greater freedom.of the Press,since,
Intern.Court of Justice intervened.*

SPEECH _.- it followed precisely
the plans and promises made by
Prime Minister Thatcher's Conser-
vative'Party during the election
campaign; a more equitable sharing
of EEC expenses; in favour of a
European monetary,, system; defehce-
Britain will reinforce her contrib-
ution to NATO, Rhodesia every
effort to arrive at a solution ac-
cording to the peopleSs wishes;
Reform of Union practices; Immig-
ration law to be amended; reduct-
ion of A'id to public sector, and
encouragement of small businesses;
Ireland her'Govt will uphold se-
curity and give those people A
--greater participation in their own
affairs. British security: rein-
,forcement of Police Services and
the application of Law; lodging :
county counalhouses on rent will
.be sold hen practcl ble:-o tenants,

Page_ Two_______ THE ST RFrdy Myl,17

It was Lennox who broke the news to us. Usually we listen to the
BBC news & News about Britain; but on Wednesday morning we listened to
DBS,trying to find out what new imbecility the Government of Dominica
was up to. So we missed the notice, worthy of a Prime Minister, about
our friend's departure from life. Lennox knew how cloqe ae was to us,
and had read some of her short letters starting "Dearest... in a huge
crabbed handwriting. We are also grktful to Asst.Supt.Desmond Blanchard
and Mr. Stanley Boyd for reporting Jean's death.
Well, it was hardly a surprise; she was 84; and in her last letter
she had said '"I am cracking up". The strangest thingjof Ill is that so
many Dominicans do not realise what a great writer Jean was. Someone
asked'me whether she was a feminist. I should not say so, though she was
intensely independent and championed womanhood when it was degraded or
ill-used by man; she hit back with the most marvellous derision. At one
stage, after she was abandoned by a wealthy admirer, she drank, she took
drugs, she took lovers. Yet she maintained an absolute. integrity as an
artist, always writing the truth, even when it hurt her own self.
She was a Dominican. "I'm the fifth generation born out here,on
my mother's side"', she wrote in "Voyage in the Dark". Of her earliest
friend Francine, a black girl, she wrote: "But I knew that of course she
disliked me too because I was white; and that I would never be able to
explain to her that I hated being white," And again: "I was watching
them from between the slats of the jalousies dancing along dressed in red
and blue and yellow the women with Wheir dark necks and arms covered
with white powder dancing along to concertina music dressed in all the
colours of the rainbow and the sky so blue *you can't expect niggers to
behave like white people all the time Uncle Bo said it's asking too
much of human nature I was looking out of the window and I knew why
.the masks were laughing and I heard the concertina musio going -
(Carnival flashback from Voyage in the Dark.)
So Robert and I met her at last in England, during her early middle
age and our youth. She always called us _my young friends". I had to re-
mind her the other day that we.were no longer her oung friends. I recall
a wonderful ballet party she arranged with us.for her 18-year-old girl
Maryvonne, daughter of her first husband, a Dutchman.
STen came the war. And a terrible thing happened. We did not learn
of it until long afterwards. Maryvonne, who was visiting Jewish friends,
disappeared during the Nazi invasion. Her mother's heart was broken.She
also vanished for years. We thought she was dead. Then, 6ne day, a
broadcast appeal from the BBC: i"' ll Jean Rhya kindly contact the BBCGhe
will learn something to her advantage..." This was often repeated. And
at last she was discovered, in a tiny cottage in Southern England. From
then on she returned to the world of literature, and gradually, gradually,
her reputation was assured. And then -- in 1966 Andre Deutch publish-
ed "The Wide Sargasso Sea". This-made her a fortune. But as she wrote to
us, "when I was young and lovely I had only one dress and now Dior and
Chanel offer me their masterpieces.,." I once wrote a poem for her:
"I remember a fair tall island i There are painted ships and rusty
floating in cobalt paint; '.That pass the island by, Iships
the thought of it is a childhood dream! and one dark day Ill board a boat
torn by a midnight plaint when I am ready to die ."
But she dida board that boat, though' she longed to do so. She died in
the land that had ultimately given her refuge and riches England.
We are glad that Maryvonne was saved by the Jews and will inherit
her mother s fortune. And we are more than glad that Jean Rhys lived,
wrote, and was recognized.,
" ": L-------------


Friday, May 1i, 1979

Page Two

Friday. May 18, 1979 T H E S T A R Paie Three
MR. ADAMS & GRENADA by Alister Hughes the Duffus Conr; ssioners as
Barbados' Prime Minister Tom being Mr. Gairy' s Paonal reav-
Adams; is.. falling to face facts and possibility? And, Jr.akg o Mr.
his recent staiments about Grenada Gairym, t what d' yhe enera thyi
are confusing. Wha- he has said does al of 'te confidence ofhis fellow
not fit knoow~ facts and realities, Prime Ministerawas ,directlJ ree-
his words are puzzling, and Westin- ponsible for his fallr ?
dians must wonder what he is trying estindiana hpe ne for you,
to achieve. Westindians adws'for you,
to achieve. Mr.Prime Minister. GaTry's fall
The statements were made in Trin- Mrr not ought b.out aby yo and
waa not brought aboutby you and
idad late last mqnth. Interviewed by the other Caricom Heads of Goven-
the "Express' newspaper, andasd ment. Your so-called !generalwlth-
about his attitude to the Grenada draal of confidence" from the
revolution, the Prime Minister said airy leglme. c s f in n" rom evident
that if Mr.Maaroce: Bishop had dis and you can take no) ctedit.Gairy
cussed his problem before taking was toppled because GIenadinaweie
action, .he would have been advised forced to resort to the bullet when
not to carr~ out the coup. fort ore n h uhe
"He would have been advised," Mlr. they were denied le ,use o the
Adama sE d, "that if the Gairy re- Ths is nevitale t-
gime was& so unpopular, it would fall stance and it ought about n un-
at the polls and that there were w s comfortable a t recedont. ut, it
and means by which Caricom govern- cannot be wished a Aud w can-
menrts might have assisted in bring- ca ot be wished aayl And we can-
ing pressure to bear in favour of
free. elections," your "ways and means to prevent.
Where has Prime Min.ter A be formation of conditions which mad
Where has Prime Minr ^ste Adamsbeen
over the last 10 years? Didn't he the March L3th revolution inevit-
over the last 10 years Didnat he
able. eNor will the situation be
know what was happe .ing in Grenada? improved if peopl in your ~csiti
Did he need Mr.Bishop to cry on his improved if peopl inyour sition
shoulder before he cou- d take action? make confuse ngi ixulde 1io le stlt
And, iL there were "ways and means" ments like you made to the"tExpress".
f P tt re ,e" an r- The rate of bcange in the Carib-
of putting pressure fn Gairy, Whyl bean is asceleratlng,Mr.Prime Min-
didn't he do something, not only sister, and what happened in Gren
about Grenada' I crooked elections, opened la Grexl
about ren- official vioed elect on, indicates even greater changes to,
ice orutality, political murder and come. You seem not to realize this,
the mralontoose gangol however, and lack of understanding
te -o Minooe gandid" interest, and action on your part,
0_ L P.e w ee h and on the part ,of others, has re-
MrBu.,, amr Adam yw -uel dwhat wae
hMrA~ nin Grenadw He %ell w of the suited in Grenada now being depen-
appae-ing. 1 Crenad He dew of the dent. on Cuban arms for defence.
widespread aints1 of irregularit- The implications of this are fund-
ies in the a General Elections.
es in the .5 Ge-neral Elections. mental and resulting developments
And, of couhe u, has read ts e i R- nay not please you, Mr.Adams. But,
point of the Duffua Commiission. He, you anfr your Caricom Prime Minis-
and all the other Caricom Heads' on ter colleagues have taken no. init-
Government are fuly informed on iative. You merely told your inter-
these matters. T~ fyct, Mr.Adzas told viewer that you would "give it
his int aerviewer that he and other some thought". If you just sit
Caricom Prime Minister did not has- around thinking ane these develpp-
itate to make their Vi:~rs knawn on ments catch you unawares, don't
Mr. CG.iry' 'Ce-Xca~BE,s, say that you would haIve taken wct-
Bu.,, MrV Adsame, ye must tell West- ion if somebody had discussed
ind-ans where you made these views their problems with you.
known. What did you say? When did you
condemn the atrocitieu dSclosed by St. Georges, Grona. Ia~f otbh

T A .,1

Page FourT H E S T AR FridayMay 8, 1979
In the High Court of Justice
1977 No 189


The Dominica Agricultural & Industrial
Development Bank

Edison Honore
Octavia Laville



A TT (I I'T 0


To Bo Sold Pursuant to an Order by the, Honourable Mr.
Justice W.A. B~uno, on the 9th day of April, 1979, in the Commonwealth
of Dominica, in Suit No 1&9, of 1977, between The Dominica Agricultural
and Industrial Development Bank and Edison Honore and Octavia Laville.
Upon the Application of the above nr-med Plaintiff for the sale of the
second named defendant's land.under Section .4 of the Judgment Act
(Cap. 10 of the Revised Laws of Dominica, 1961) and Ordinance hoN 51
31 Rules 1 and 2 f .the 1970 Rules of the Supreme Court (Revision) at
Public Auction by the Provost Marshall. of Domini&a, at the Cour,-; I5use,
Roaseau, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, on the 1st day of Jkne., ,19;9.
"All that portion of land known as Lot 5 at Mount Qylvie., in the W.:il-
age of Woodford Hill, in the. Parish of -.St. Andi ,v, in the Conmmonwealth
of Dominica, containing 0.44 acres and bounded as follows:- North West
by land of Agnes Parks; South W'st by la.d of Agnes Parks and Pet+e
Lawrence; North Qast by lands of Wellington Joseph and Arthur Williams;
South East by a Public Road and Registered "in Book of Titles X3 falio 23
Particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained tfrc Miss.
Cilma A.M. Dupjagny, of Chambers, 20 Hanover Street, Rasean., DomIl.uca,
the Solicitor having the carriage of..the sale and at of sale.
Dated the 17th day of May, i979.
Randall H. Lockhart,
SAg. Registrar and Provoast Marshall.

The deposed President of Uganda
has been seen near Tripoli, where
his wives,:, some 15 ch I'ldren and
a bodyguard are also ics.iding.
He is now undergoing facial surgery.

Because Mr.Louison, a delegate fran
the new Grenada Government, wat in-
vi.ted to address the WISA group
of Ministerr, Hon. Vic Riviere left
the gathering. He said Dominica
would not be a party to any deecis-
ions taken by the group. The Mini-
sters agreed to change the name of
their body from Associated States
to Organisation of Eastern Carib-
bean States. The meeting took
place in St. Lucia.

Att. Gen, Leo I.Austj.:j came out
on TV this week ito cam-and 'n apo-
logy from tne New Chronieclc -d
the payment of .15,000 fc-1 a full
page spread in that newspaper on
May 12 entitled "Thi, is unbi" .v-
able: Austin ride's again."

In St.Lucia., the WISA Ministers
decided to move tie W I.Sup reme
Court EQ, from Grenada to St.
We wonder whether the Judiciary
has been consulted o. this- Was
the LC.J. told about it in ad-
Vanoo o?


A U n T T 0 N 0 T I C E1


P_'d_. ay18 1979 THE: TAR Pan Fie

COMMONWEALTH OF DOMINICA Sched. ei week May i j979 ctd
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT Request da-jTheotile Request for the
Schedule of Application for Certifi ted 19th oDniel issue of a
cate of Title and Noting thereon forMardch,1979 by her First Certifi-
week ending May 5th 1979 Presented. Solici- cate of Title
Date ofI Person I Nature of Re'- 14th May, tor in respect of
Request Presentingl quest whether 1979 at il2na A. a portion of
for a Certificate of Title or Not- 10,55 a.m. FDupigzg and at Tronto
ing thereon or Caveat situated ii the Pariah of StrDavid
Request da- Lucy Barry Request for in'the Conmo;wealth of Dominica,coG-
ted 5th De- and Pierre the issue oftaninBng 179 acres andbound&ed as
cember 1977 Barry as a First Cer- follows.- lNoath by land of Ralph
Presented Joint Ten- tificate of Joseph; North-West by the Castle
3rd May 1979 ants by Title in IBruce River; East by land of Augus-
at 2.23 a.m. their Sol- respect of a tine Bannis and Ralph Joseph; North
icitor Vanya Dupigyv portion of -East by land of Augustine Bennis
land at-Laronde in the Parish of St. and Ralgh Jaseph; South-West by a
Pattick, containing 27,960 square Ravine separating it from the land
feet, and bounded as follows:- of the. heirs of Mrs. Charles War-
North: A Public Road separating it rington; Wouth-West by lands of
from land of Steady Lestrade and of Ralph Joseph, Nichols Alfred and
land o' Flowrence William; East:land noch Drigo. _
of Pierre Barry; South: Land of Ed-, Request da- Keats Request for
ward Laronde; West: A Public Road d I. Andrew the issue of a
separating it from land of Tom Land. Pre scented by his First Certi-
Reguest da- Leo, Onzil Request for, May 8lici- ficate f Ti-
Ited 30th Leblano the issue of 979 at tor te in respect
iMarch 1977 also oxwn a First Cer- 1114, m. Cilma A. of a lasrtio
Presented as Leonil tificate of of land known
4th May Leblancby Title in res- as a Lot at Saliabury, in the Par-
1979 at his Solic- pect of apr- ish of St.Joaeph, in the Common-
12.39 p.m. itor Vanya tion of land" wealth of Dominica., containing
Dupig at Lurxin 1702 square feet and bounded. as
the Parish of St.WadVd~Lc;ll3o Oes6 follows:- North-East by lands of
agotaining 1.359 acres, and bounded Bernard John Charles & Ticholls
as follows:- North-East: The Sea; John Charles; South-Bast by land
South-East: the Sea; West:A Track of Vilna Andrew; South-Waet *by
separating it from lands of Heircs land of Selective John Charles;
Steven Cyril, Virginia Brumant and North-Weat by land of Selective
41exis Leblanc; South: Lands of John Charles.
Yr. -~.A IT --

Virginia Drumanl.
Request da- Bernard Request for the
ted 17thNcy. Simeon issue of a First
ember 1978 by his Certificate of
gremented Splicd- Title in respect
'th May tors of a piece or
1979 at Armour, parcel of SUad
3.15 p.m. Armour& known as a lot
Harris at Plaissant,La
Plane, in the Parish of St.Patrick.,
containing 6386 square feet and boun4
ded a follows:- North-West: Land of
Toulout Joseph; South-East- land of
Cordillia Guiste; lNorth-West: Land
at Israel Joseph; Sauth-West4 Land
af Stephanie Laronde. (Schedule
jP i week ending May 12th 1979),.

~Ec+I3TRB' S



Randall H;Lockhabt, Ag.Registrar
of Titles.
NOTE: Any person who desires to
object to the issuing of a Certi-
ficate of Title on the above Ap-
plications may enter a Caveat in
the above Office within six weeks
from the first appearance of these
Schedules in the Star NLewspaper
published in this country or from
the date when the notice preaoribed
by law was last aerved.on any oc-
cupant of adjoining lands in res-
pect of which these AB lications
were maAde

. II I I

--~--- -1.--1-- -- -
3~11~-~--- ---

Prfidav. Mav 18. 1979


Pace Five

- ---~ `--- ---'- --Y-

I Cv uhr* -ST---R ----, .1- -Fridl -ya-- y -- 18 1979
-I-~~~~~ H 'S________T.________A_____R__

*S*T*A.R*S*P~ OR*T*S* -" Morchriston
OCRICET: Sebastien to Lead Team
One of Dominica's pioneer profess-
ional cricketers, Lockhart Sebastien,
will be leading the Dominica cricket
team in a bid to win back the Heine-
ken trophy.. They',lost to St.Vincent
in 1978 when Grayson Shillingford,
now our fourth professional, led the
team with major absentees in the peL-
sons of Irving Shillingford,Norbert
Phillip and Bocldkart Sebastien.
Sebastien, 23, who has been play-
ing 'fr his country: since 1971, can
do the job if anyone can. 'Apart from
Irving Shillingford, he has easily
been the next top scorer; and with
the ever-improving Thomas Kentish to
lend support in all departs.particu-
larly the bat,. ..the task done,
Of the 13 names, there are three
new caps on the D/ca team and,baxrig
illness, all three should make their
debut today when Dominica plays host
to StSLucia,. Captafined b.Y Mar.sha BJJ.I

fi h new caps are Albert Shil-
lingford a rightarm spinner both
ways who can bat; Elliot Joseph a
fast medium bowler also handy with
the-bat; and Joseph Guiste -,a wick-
etkeeper/left-handed batsman.Guisteb
primary position on the team is as
batsman, as keeping duties will be
handled by lan Munro.. The other mem-
bers have all played for Dominica
before. They are: Peterson Bardouilb
Emm nuel Charles, Ron CuffyMirvin
Durand, Eusfield John,... Eric William
and Edward PFancis. There is only
one specialist opening batsman inthe
team Sebastien. His partner could
be Guiste,. Cuffy or John preferabt3
Cuffy. A notable omission is that of
L.Pierre of 0omer'set (a fast bowler
who should have been.included, on
even the first XI). But his chance
and that of Michael Leblanc(opener)
may still come,as only 13 players
were named which leaves the fieldfrt
inclusions,should failures occur.
Press-time score: St Lucia'allout.
for 192. A good start of 15Q f6- 4
was blighted: by T.Kentish 6/62,23 ovs

As the Intermediate cont iued.Asta.,
Smartians,Eagles & Aauartans got
victories, consolidating the posit-
ion of rival teams Saints & Celtic
United,.both of whom have lost one
match each with their encounter
still pending. Celtic U. till lead
the field with 96 points; Saints
Shave lost only one match,Conquerors
have lost three. In last weekend
fixtures,Eagles abrc-:3 their win
record set a week, before, ec(..-ng
178 for. 7 chasing a total of 1J74
scored by Old Mill. Smard~;ianshad
a good match when they beat Aqgur -
ians (who scoredil54) by 2 wic ._,
getting 155 for 8. The previous day
(Sat.) Aquarians .defeated Police A.'
team by 5 wickets. Police'9; Aquua-
rians 100/5, Finally, Conquerors
(playing without fa.t-bowler David
Hector on State team trials.)lost to
energetic 1 wicket. C:104
all out: As &109 *J~:AQ .

City Pros'.95-80.

Printed & Published by the Proprietor R.E.Allfrey of Mill Ho,-se 'opt
Hall -at-26 Bath Road, Roseau, Commonwealth f Domininca, Westindiesg

Lawrence. A .very busy driver com-
ing down Hillsborough Street at
8.15 a.m. found himself jainmed,as.
the garbage heart took up a large
space betw, n vehicles parked on
both sides .thd street. He got
so impatient,. and started cursing
black is white. All his abuse did
not help, but only helped to be-
little his prestige 9r to:expose
the nature cf, his upbringing.He was
bound to wait or he might have re-
versed,perhaps a good distance,and
.taken another route.
On the other hand, such an impor-
tant street with all its main Govt.
offices, a bank, and Harlsboro wih
5 Doctors' offices and a disp6nsey,
gets very busy from 8 a.m. on work
days; so. the driver of one of the
refuse trucks (there are 5 of thaSE)
should find himselff and his men on
that particular street zt around
6.30 a.m, to clean up. I-would pre-
fer to give the impatient driver
the benefit of any doubt.

~ida~T,-hla~v L8. ~197.9

I Dora RI

~i~H E 'S T AR

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