Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). May 11, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). May 11, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: May 11, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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-. .-- -.-.2 E ASLJfl^sh u- / r ALISTER.
Telephorww4yfa. kO li0 | g *HUGHES -p.3
P.O.Box 129,Dominica G EM for
UK Media Represextatlve IMOTHERS D.YM -
Ctolin Turner(LondorIltd ''iP PaHge 4D
122 Shaftesbury Avenue Virtute Duce. Comite :- ortuna p
nodon V 681A lnglud .to rzE11 *lflreydM *__ __
Vol_,- XXVIII No, 19 F7idayMay_11 1979 FIFTEE..N CEiTS 150


E p o iFREEPORT-LA wAz pg
by John Spector Yes. The New Chronicle's front page
b last week spread its scoop. Doa
The reaction of many of the smaller Pierson left DomihfiLa' disappointed
governments and small minds to, the last Sunday after receiving a late
successful revolution to overturn blunt "No"t (adding "with best wishe')
the shameful and bonatitution-break- 1ui Prime Minister John.
ing Gairy regime in Grenada shows-4u Because the people of the northby
the pathetic lack of political phil- their protests and appeals have
osophy in the Caribbean, particular sahown that they do not want a free
in Antigua. But worse than that is ort in the area and. landowners,
the smug hypocrisy of the mightyUSA farmer~, legislators, leaders of
The AR>-rican founding fathers bas- the people and the churches through-
ed Their ethical reasons for their out Dominfca disapproved, the most
revolution and declarations if mine- recent shacy deal is oCf.
pede.ce upon te n e natural rights We are deeply thankful. It was
doctrine of John Locke videe his
Second Treatiae of Government,1690). a horrible sell-out, aud 99 years
may be called a lease but is moxe
"acht person possesses inherent io lTneearly everyone's lifetime.
rights which antedate and have prior Since then, of course, rumours
ity over any government claims& If have been flying. "Pierson will
a governments denies these rights, it sue for $2 million" "Government is
forfeits authority to act en behalf insured so it will be safe." At an
of the citizenry and nly therefore all-day Cabinet meeting this week,
legitimately be removed through pop- it is alleged, attempts were made to
ular action." These rights were ex- et the A.G.out. We cannot yet con-
p-ssaed as a triad: "life, liberty firm any of these rumours,
an. property". It is: less than a year from elee-
The Gairy government denied these tion time. We think the whole Dom-
rights. The Bishop government has inica Government should resign,
:es-ored these rights to all save a starting with those who signed the
mall, v'ry small, number of Gairy Preeport Agreement. Let's have new
her.chmen. fn this context Gairy is rulers whose negotiations, not done
George III Bishop is George Wash- in secret, will be above-board.
Le, not the powerful people of BRITAIN GIVES $30,000 towards
AmerLca deny the-citizens of Grenada DO.IICA's EDUCATION:' the money will
their natural rights; nor should the be mainly spent on a Lab,Library at
people or governments of the Westin- Clifton Dupigny College,durirng the
diesa put themselves into the cate- amalgamation of Tech.College and
gory of Fric Gairy, Idi Amin Dada 6th form, and on a series of educ-
or the Shah of Iran. national. projects in this country.
CARPET FACTORY,Portsmouth; according
PES, CARTR WI-S ONE "UT LOSES OciE to Manager Carlton Peters, the Fac-
The SAULT II (limitatic. of strategic tory, in dispute with DAWU, will(by
armr ll be signed by Breshnyev & order of he W.German Director) re-
Cart ;r in Vienna,June 15, thus reduo- ma i*na flinintelY closed
ing the risk of nuclear war,* But
Carter lost his fight to introduce petrol rationing in USA Jn an emerg-
ency,*y 87 Congressmen's votes; The Senate had. agreed to back it. **i

Conservatives : 339 seats, by Hugh Lawrence
Labour: 268 This caption is only a copy of
Liberals: 11 what I saw written outside of the
Scots Nationalists 2 Berean Bible-Church outside of the
Welsh 2 and a hand- Old Bridge.
ful of Irish I am convinced. that, it was not

7-6 per cent of the electorate (ove
all) went to the polls; the swing
to the Conservatives was (overall)
5o20- Only0 19 Women are now in the
House, Chief being Mrs. Margaret
Thatcher, A few notable women, in-
cluding Shirley Williams, tipped as
a possible future Labour P.M.,lost.
In the Local Elections which took
place simultaneously, Labour got
back Wolverhampton, Coventry,Derby,
Nottingham & Cardiff. At Cardiff,
ex-Prime Minister James Callaghan
triumphed, though with a reduced
majority. He was re-elected the.
leader of the Labour Party in the
liouse at a meeting of 268 Labour MRPs
Wednesday.. ''Aorniw ng, amidst acclaui.
The new Foreign & Commonwealth Sec-
re'ary is Lord Carrington.
Contrary to what you may hear ov-
er DBS, a tremendous number. of black
and colored Commonwealth, citizens
voted ..or Mrs. Thatcher & her Party,
Hon. Eugenia Charles, is therefore
right to applaud her victory. After
all, :.rd.Thatcher is a woman. She
is: brave and brainy. We are all very
proud of her. As our correspondent
B.S. from Portsmouth writes: "Con-
gratulations to Britain's first lady
Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.
Next, I hope, will be Doiinica with
cur own Honourable Eugenia Charles."
And we certainly.. hope so. too


ntrj s pi-cmsbmUd some-
If that person is wishing to see
the Alliance Party winning at least
six seats at Zhe'next general elec-
tion, then certainly the ultimate
answer will be a coalition govern-
ment for the Commonwealth of Dami-
We shall continue to watch with
interest all coming events an the
political scene,

Sixty per cent of St.Lucia's popu-
lation is un.or 30, and one-third
of those aged between 15-23 are
unemployed. The national service
in which boys, and girls are volu&-
teers wearing no uniforms, trains
youth for leadership anu. (an.og
other things) in agriculture, car-
pentry and handicrafts. Training
units have been set up in the 28
square mile independent island.
Participants get a monthly poekct
allowance, and it is hoped that
later they will form cooperatives
and become self-employed. English
headmaster Mr Ursell is there to
give technical asaistarce kne came
through the Conmonwe lth Fund fot
Tech. Cooperation, part of th.
Commonwealth Secretariat4 He says:
"The whole object is to. fiht un-
employment among young pecjle."
It is a non8-military service.
OfrarY O 0 -n ,l-h.I h1- .,a-Ita 4- tA+

HOUSE OF COMMON.hS, London. M.Ps ,, :J.
to eir e the S since the Shah was deposed and the
todcthejr seats on Weds.; the Speaker
eorge Thoma (Lab.) was reelec oslem Ayotollah Khomeiny took over
M.. George Thomas (Lab.) was re-elec-the country; 29 this week up to
ted after a traditional show of re- the country; 29 this week up to
ted after a traditional show of re- Thursday. Ministers,.. the Speaker,
l.ctance. He wears black robes and a business mei and so
black-bottomed wig, gets 8,000 a usness mn ad so
year and fine premises in Westminsten JOQNESVILLE ...V.MUIITIOW STOLEN
He forbids insulting language such i 21 rifles, plus shot g ns e.nd
as bastard, villain etc. *Sir Geof- hand guns from JonesT-::.le were
frey Howe is new Chancellor of the I stolen from Police cutodyy3-',a
Exchequer.Lord Hailsham is Lord Chancellor (Speaker in the Lords).


pl~rida~v MaY ill 1979._

T) H E 3 '1, A R

Paie Two

Friday, May 11, 1979 T H E T AR Page ur. P
To honor Mothers Day, May 15th, D A W U D 0 I N 'i S
Sunday, we print this poem by DAWU has imposed a boycott oa
J.R. Ralph Casimir BY-TRI1NE.- accused of frustrat-
R Y E Ring Union tactics. DAVU has ask-
P R A Y E R ed its merrmers fo from
Son of Mary our Queer., 0 Jesu, buying at 3y-Trinaa.. Stores until
Most powerful qf sons,kind and true, a collective agreement with DAWU
The spirit of love in us imbue is concluded. They claim that
To give MOTHER her rightful place. victimisation has been practised
Help us to shirk not duty; at the garment factory since last
In Thy unfailing bounty year. *** The Pprtsmo/tth
Bless her, 0 Lord, both night and day, factory (33 workers) is
And when her, reath of life hath passed- away now idle,olosed indefin-
Grant Thou eternal rest, we humbly pray, itely, says Mr.Carlton
To~ OTIIR who's true till death. Peters on behalf of the
SWoierian .Director.
The Case of Jamaica (an essay TITLE .Y REGICTRATIO N -T
by Rex. M. Nettleford O.M., Prof- Schedule of location fo Crt-
ficate of Title and hot-ins o
easor of Extra Mural Studies atthe icae o an eo
University of the West IndiesMona. for week endin- May L2f,:.
He is Chairman of the Institute of Date of Person ]atroe of e-
Request Pres q.j-. quest whether
Jamaica charged with the overall euest Pre.- atest whether
implementation of cultural policy for a Certificate of Tit'e or ri~ot-
implementatiog thereon or Csvet
in Jamaica, and Cultural Adviser eiuesthereon rr ReCa
to.Prime Minister Manley. He has -
been a Choreographer, Danger and ted Vthlov- Simeou the ss.e of
world traveller; educated in Jamai ember 1978 by his a First Cor-
and at the UWI History (Hons) and esented Solici- tificate of
Ox-ford a Rhodes Scholar (politics .th May tors Title it res-
239 pages hardback J$ 22.50; "19 Armour, p.ect of a
paperback J $15.00. 3,15 p.m. Armour piece or par-
For copies, please write to THE & Harris cel of and
IN-STITUTE OF JAMAICA, 12 East St., kavwn as a lat at Plaissant, La
Kingston, Jamaica, W,1. Plaine, in the Parish of St.Patrick,
King~ctn, Jamaica, Wontaining 6586 saqare feet and

RECEIVED WITH THANKS-CARICOM BULLET bounded as follows:- orth-West
This March number (No.2) still shows and of Toulout Joseph; South-
the old Dominica Aesoc State flag. East: Land of Cordi'ta Guiste;
It also Las a auf-uip article on the Ncth-We-st Land of Israel :s
Indepenence. of Dominica by A...J. Soh-hest: La, .. Ctephanie
Lar onde,
Matthew, It was written before the Lan
shocking 99 lease of 45Z acres given For CAVEAT NOTE, please see p~ -
to Mrlr.Don Pierson by the P.M. Patr-- ---==
ick John. This, as nearly all Dom- LEAVE B LAK ALL.E i EEHALL:
inicans agree, was the most un-inde- y S T U D E A T
Sir, I an a Studeni andahave been
pendent action ever.It, is now OVER. SirI questions .out Barclaysv
I. asking questions cbout Barclays
*STARSPORTS* ctd from p,6.BASKETALL Bank and I am. nw sure that this
Cash'n'Carry Cardinals consolidated is the People's Bank and is also
their position at tie -top of the known in Afiica ?s the Poor People?
league when they defeated Sout'City Bank. I wait to a Business Place
Malta Heineken Pros. 95-68 in a jand saw a picture witl: flag" show-
return match. all the places that Parclays has
In the ladies' clashes, Pepiz and Ban2a. Every Aftican State had.taem.
Sisters had victories over Continen- So Neehall, cool off. (concl.o6)
tals and Michelee respectively,

... n_ J .


D., 7P- ~bree

T H STAR Fridav. May 11,

DIPLOMATIC DEPARTURE by. ALister I-Hihes. The .tate Department would
The United States Embassy in Bar- -have known (and developments
badeos has published a statementwhich have proved) that nothing could be
calls Grenada's Prime Minister Bishb threatening Prime Min-
op a liar. Thl:: sa ha not improved the sister EiDchop with US "displeasure".
damaged nn~.tat -on between Grenada As it turned out, Mr.Bishop re-
and the US and this situation gives acted strongly. In a public state-
causne fr cot:a" meant, he exposed the contents of
causeur ,. M. Ortiz' "notea said the
Early il Al- :il' the US Ambassador tiz note said the
to Grenada, Mr.Frarnk Ortiz, held Amnbassador also made verbal treats.
talks with Prime Minister Bishopwhen One of these was Mr.Ortiz' emLpha-
there was great concern in Grenada sia that the US has "two sides".
over the possibility that deposed Mr.Bishop said he understood the
Prime Minis er Gairy might attempt side which was being brought to
a counter coup4 Mlr.Ortiz and i. his attention was that "which steup-
Bishop discussed this and the US pos- ed on democracy whenever the Amer-
ition was made clear. In a "note" to ican Government felt their inter-
Mr.Bishop, the Ambassador said his ests were being threatened".
country had no confirmation that'Mr. Contradicted
hairy attack Grenada,and the The State Department itself repl-
US believed "it would not be in led and it appears that, here again,
Grenada's best interests to seek the Ambasmador had not kept Wash-
ass-stance from a country such as ington properly informed.There was
u o-noresfrtall such an attack s no denial of the threat of which
Cuba to forestall such vxi atta.a MroBlshG.E had accused the faes-- ,
And, mr.Bishop was earned that the ac ah he conntthaf Oaiiz'
United States did not want to see t ., weier contra ic ea. Whereas
the Ortisz "ote"wmne agai
him indicating even a tendency to "helos: ties with wubanethe State
develop ties of anrk kind with Cub er ties with b Stat
Department said just the opposite.
"We would view with displeasure, eIt said there was no US attempt
the "note" said, "any tendency on to dictate to Grenada with whom it
the part of Grenada to develop should have relations, What the US
closer ties with Cuba". is concerned about the State De-
Hired Killers apartment said is "close military
To say the leas7T that e" was a geugity ties between Grenada
unsuitable. It was so unsuitable, in The cro*niff- .d e
fact that it is probable Mr.Ortiz one in winic i am i cu ~we to
had not advised the US State Depart- believe that Washington had a part
ment pr-nperly. To thirJ. otherwise is is Mr.Ortiz' resort to diplomacy
to believe that Washinaton is gross- by newspaper just when Grenada/UCI
ly insensative. I ~sion seeraee to be cooling.
If the Without a word to the Grenada Gov-
ernnent, the US Barbados Embassy
State Depar iGent knew of the deep has published a Statement b the
and widespread fear of mercenary Grenada "Torchlight" that"the
attack then in Grenada, that "note" charges recently ide., about the US,
could not have been written. And it its policies and representatives
could not have been written if it are unv.arranted and uutrue."
wasa known that, to kee M6r.Gairy s This is not only at un iqe diplo-
hired killers'out of the island,. match dep utre bu is an nsuat
Grenadians were prepared to accept he Grena d verGsnmIt s ignore
protection from anyone, this anie, perhaps, with good reasa.
But,that's not all., Mr.Ortlz obv- With a new US Ambassador to Grenada
iously blundered in his assessment to be appointed shortly, it may be
of 'he calibre of Grenada's keavolu- hoped that Grenada/US relations
ticmary Govcrirment. Iad he reported will improve under the guidance o.f
accurately to Washingto, there could more competent hands.
not have been that futile attempt to St. Georges, Grenada. May 3rd
meddle in Grenad'aa affairs.
i nt

COMMOQNNALTH OF DOM11 -ICA Sched, for wee-k en.dg May 5 ctd
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT AplicT.o LLeIblane continued
Schedule of Application for Certifi- West: A TYack separating it from
cate of Title and. lToting thereon cr lanis of Heirs of Steven Cyril,
week MVarch 37?st 1979 Virginia Brumant and Alexis Le-
t c i r:i. o .. ta-ure of Re- blanc; South: Lands of Virginia
uet PIadES I 7ihether Eruant.
fori a.C!ets,: -ai'm,:: te of' Title or N.ot-
nf f -Title or .ot- R~GISTRAS OFFICE, ROSEAU
inReque,i Randall HLockha. t, Ag. Registrar
Reqest daR- for ot Titles.
ted 18thFeb- Lccoi.ite the issue o Tie.
ruary 1976 _. by her a First Cer- NOTE: Agy person whodesires to
Presented Solici- tificate of object to the issuing iof a Certi-
26th March tors Title inres- ficate of Title on the above Ap-
1979 at Armour, pect of a' plications may enter~ a Caveat in
,.30 p.m. Armour piece or pa- the above Office within:six weeks
& Harris ) eel. of land from the first appearance of these
at Colihaut in the Parish of St, Schedules in the Star Newspaper
Peter in t.he State of Dominica con- published in this country or? from,
training 844 square feet and bounded the date when the notice preacri:jd
as foll-- ws:- N'rth: Land of Arnold iby law was last served on any oa-
George; East: sLand of Austin Seve-in; cupant of adjoining lands in..res-
Soutih: Public Road separating it. eot of which these Applications
from -land of Mona Langlais; West: were made.
Land of Timothy Joseph formerly
SchAdule for week ending 5th May F ORR IQUOR LICE.CE
Request aa- Lucy Barry equest for To the Magistrate, District
ted 5th De- & Pi-?re the issue To the Magistrate Distri "c"
cember 1977 Barry as a First Cer- and Chief of Police
Presented Joint Ten- tificate of I, Myrtle George,- owa residing at
3rd May, ants by Tit3 in Glanvillia, Portsmouth, in the
1979 at their Sol respect ofa Parish of St. John, ,jo hereby give
2i.23 m_ icitor' portion of you notice that it is mny ntenetionu
S-- Yanya Dupiny land at to apply at the Magistratae's Court,
Laronde in the Parish of St.Patrick, to be held at Portsmouth on Tuesday
containing 27,960 square feet, and the 3Ed day of ,July, 1979,ensuing,
,bounded as follows:- North: A Public .for a "Night Bar" Liquor licence in separating it from land of respect of my premises at Glanvil- i
Steady Lestrade and land of Flow- 3Iia, Parish of St. John.
irence William; East: Land of Pierre
Earry; Sorth~: Land of Ed'aardlondt ;Dated the 6th day oApril, 193,79.
West. A p.Llic Road separating it
from land of Tom Lander. X 0 1 I C E

Request da- Led Onzil Req3uest for DOjICA Z=,jRICITy ~VICE8 ILI-
ted 30th Leblanc the issue of DO IA C TO GI S ICES UL.
March 1977 also kno--in a First Cer- AT VWISJES TCA ADVE ITS UCOSUMIERS
Presented as Leonil tificate of VIEITL CASE D IFTS S1T OUNDJM3
4th May Leblanc Title in res- TPAiT AS E'RM 1ST JCRmCTY 19B9t, ASL
1979 at by his Sol- pect of a PAI TO TELIERI CISE BJLLS
1cn39 .m, icitor portion of R0 E0 WILL E RECEIV1 PA E
-VaJa Dupi~~-.I laud at
Lou ,-.x, Vieille Case in the parish N TH COM~b~8 BEALF.
of .:t.Andrew, containing 1.359 acres, I- cINIA ELECTRICI12Y SERVICES LTD.
wr.l bounded as follows:- North-East: G.J. JQNXES
The Sea; Sauth-East: The Sea West: MANAGER.
(contd. in Colo ) ....


llriida~v. MavJ 11. 1979

TRF: .c~rpAR

Page Five


*S*T*AR*S*PJO*U*RT*S*- Morchriston LEAVE BARC7LAYS BA11K ALOE (fr.,p.
CRI CT: Eagles win 1st match in I listen to Big A and watch TV.
Style!' Eagles of Loubiere who in I have not heard of any Africans
their last 3 matches suddenly dis- sending money or aid to our fallow
played an "attack" have made it lucdWestindian:s in their sorrows in St.
3rd time when they won theif first Vincent, bLt ad England, America,
intermediate match(their 2nd season) West Germany .-nd all the Western
to beat Asta by 3 wickets, chasing countries send ai4; also Barbados &
a victory target of 173. In their other big W.I.countries but nothing
previous 2 matches,thEyheld CelticU to St.Y.from very very good Cubas
to 38 for 6 before Celtics attained' Of course arms & missiles are being
a victory target~of 82 for the loss sent to Grenara along with teohnici-
of 7 wickets. Their next match was ans, but alas no food, no blankets,
against A42arian-a; they scored 166, no clothes for St, Vincent.
chasing 277, Then it was Asta's turn. Neehall you remind me of the Ayo-
Asta,batting first,scored a regec-tollah of Iran, whc is now killing
table 172/7 of their 40 overs.Since people if they say anything against
no team had yet scored more than350 him. You are the Ayotollah ok the
to win a match, batting 2nd in the Westindies go work among the suff-
league, Asta went in to lunch sittbigering of St.Vincent,and hands off
pretty. Eagles in their turn attheBarclays Bank. STUDE.ET
crease had a slow but steady start. r--
37 runs for the 1st 10 overs, loss A FOOT OTE Bishop Gomez. Ear'ITs
of one wicket.77 by the end of 20 jLa2~a T)rI v.Neehall was employ-
overs with 3 wickets- an edge on As-ed by the CCC but not to, dictate pol-
ta. Then,howeverC.Telemacque 45 & icy to the Anglican Chnrch, Barbados.
L.James 22 tore into the Asta. attackHe disagreed with anti-Barclays drive.
with such effect that the next 10 *STARSPORTS* ctd.CRICIKT : In the
overs got 66 runs.From then, Eagles l1t trial match, only one quick
were a mere formality as Remy Procta bowler got 3 wickets ai any ir~tegs
pounded 33 runs. -The target wasnach. (5/45) as spinners toiled on the
ed for loss of 7 wickets, with more usual placid Windsor Park pitch.
overs still to be bowled. Several batsmen got half centuries,
In other Intermediate matches,Old spearheaded by Lockhart Sebastien
Mill's 2nd victory of the seasonvas of Combined Islands with a polished
when they beat Smartians by 6 wkts 85. Peterson Bardouille & Joseph
at DGS grounds. Scores: Smartians 79. Guiste (on his team) got 71 & 61
Old Mill 82 for 4. respectively. Michael Leblanc got
Saints sprung a surprise defeat on a pair of 24s on the same team.
Aquarians who had reduced .'hem to a On Ian Munro's team, Ron Cuffy
meagre 86. Aquarians, in their turn, thpscored witA 61, followed by Tef-
could not cope with the spin of H. frey Lawrence wi.h 55. Munro him-
Sabaroche 3/11 & Keith Richards 3/06. self got 23 and Henry Jno Baptiste
Saint's won by 35 runs after Aquarians 21. The spinners were led by Mer-.
were bowled out for 51. vin Durand who captured 5/85,
Celtic United once more moved to Jno Baptiste & Albert Shillingford
the 6otg of the standings with a com- who got 3 & 4 wickets respectively.
portable 65-run victory over Domlec. A second trial match is being
B-itting first, they were dismissed played this week-end.
off the last ball of their 40 overs DOMINICA'S GIFT TO ST.VIiCE1T
for 216 runs. Jim Lewis topscored 89' Dominca st 20 drums of refined
Domlec from .91 for 3 slumped to 09 ad the value in
for 9 an.d were never a threat.Score: cooking oil to aid the evacuees in
151. M.Vigilante 4/15. (next column) St.Vncent. Pre r Co thsa:;ks.
Printed & Publishe1 by the Proprietor R.E.Allfrey of Mill Houase C'-pt Iall
at 96 Bath Road, ozseau, Commonwealth of Dominica, Westindies.

I~ __ ____ 1

Ti~~i~RTI~- NIRV II~ ~ ~317 3



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