Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). May 4, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). May 4, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: May 4, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Teephone Edidtor 2616- APR S M C LA $Y
p.O.Box 129,LDominica, T fvKi 14
K Mediia Representative IMA!,STU
Avenue ~ ~~C~tFOR THE STUDY OF
Colin Tuner (London) Lti 6 AT7 `1_
12Shaftesbry avenue
ghaftee F xom~e F tun& Y.OR% 21, a. YA
ld-on RIV 8IIA Ens 16dj2 or:EASTls 7 UL&
Vol *.CvIII Noo .18 P idray, LAyE 4

PKa i3 M

The interest
people who p
tion Scots
their own ru
Creas- from
On March 2
The STAR, pr
Thatcher. We
"Two b -elec
lives, :.rita
P.M.(,. IF TH
Well, it
patchily. In
were ,tremend
dis grntled
their gain v
At 9,"3 a..
went to Buck
Thatcher was
.; accept th
IT T%9

S- EUROPE This year has been anexceptional
one in music: a record number of
ET T H A T G H E R candidates- the First ever taking
and winning Grade 8 and the
ing thing is that the youngest ever candidate getting
recipitated the elec- distinction in Grade 2. There
ttionalists -brought were three distinguished teachers:
in. Their numbers. de- Gloria Jones (voice) whose student
1i-- 9: 2 seats only. Carmel Agar got the Grade 8 awqrd -
next step LRAM; her students An-
i- of this year, we nie Eugene, Floresca Joseph and
edited the win of A.Riviere did Wonderfully Well.
printed en Page one: Mrs. Leng Sorhaindots students
tons in Britain show- all succeeded in their contests,
gains for CMonervat-, little clive Sahaindo <(-ged 7)
in will have a woman probably being the youngest ever
IS mEND KEEPS IIP." to get a Grade 2 distinction. 3he
did keep up; though entered 1: 2 distinctions,2 merits.
the South, Tory gains Mrs. Valine Letang's .pupils also
ous. In Scotland, the did well. We congratulate them all'
Scots Nationalists ga
otes to Labour. Exam by The Assocated Board of
m. today, Callaghan Royal Schools of Music, Britain.
ingham palace with his -Z--- .I...
*Shortly afterwards Mrs HOUSE LOT FOR SALE AT MASSACRE
summonEod by the Queen A Lot will be sold at Massacre
e Prime Ministership. in the Parish. of St. Paul -
F@R A CHANGE O1Tf1 suree feet

T h Lessons for US :
Many commentators indicated that
-he British people were sick of in-
ept guidance by the last Labour
Party Govt., althc'_.h they respect-
e0 James Callaghan. Resi ning he
said: "It is a great post. an for
a loman to occupy that pot is a
great moment in history, We
must vish her ScCs ,
AN D I N D 0 M I N'T C A-
Think of this fast.

Any person interested can call
at Mr. Loblack's residence, at
3 Riverside Apartments, Roseau.
Telephone 2396.

CSA's Ban on ByiTrinee,Whitchur*h
and A.C.Siillingford. CSA Members
supporters & sympathisers are ur-
ged not to shop at any of these
long for lTnclusion in this STaR.

Page Two UK E STAR fr iday. May 16979
This article, which went astray in _posqt~Siektl .-have appeared April 20
TENSION OVER GR~IADA by Alister iBgaes,
Compared with the view from Port Government for military assistance.
of Spain, Castries, Kingston or The protesters are not faced with
Basseterre, the invasion threat ha&g the daily peril of possible iva-s-
ing over Grenada looks very differ- ion. Their vision is long-term and
ent when looked at from St.Georges. they are concerned that Communism
At any point outside Grenada, con- may get a foothold in the Eastern
sideration'of the possibilities and Caribbean. Grenadi&ns, "on the
consequences of mercenary attack 'Id other hand, have a now-for-now
an academic exercise. In :RLenada, it need. And, that has nothing to do
is stark realisation of personal with choosing "isms". They want
danger, protection and, if Cuba gets to
This difference of outlook is un- them first, they're not likely to
derstandable. Nevertheless, it is refuse. Resonsibilities
dangerous and is creating tensions. The geat pity i that the
We should come to grips with it for, e ued ths f
if we don't, Westindian relationship tension caused b this difference
will drift further into misundesrstas of outlook need never have happen-
ding and r uspi ioun. ed. Were we more conscious of our
Outside Grenada, the big concern is WMetindian responsibilities, the
that Prime Minister Maurice Bishop More developed Carieon countries
may accept help from the "wrong" would have gone to Grenada's res-
countries, The spectre of Ouba looms cue lmOJg ago. They would have gin-
large. Ideological overtones eclipse en military aid. Barbado-a has no
the danger of the invasion threat army but, if Trintdad & Tobago,
and paramount consideration is the 'amaica and Guyana had each sent
implication Grenada. may develop with a couple of dosen trained soldiers
the Communist Bloc. to. Grenada, the situation would
Inside Grenada, anxieties are more have been very different. And,
fundamental. Grenadians are acutely should the need have arisen for
aware of the real threat of sabotage, more help than our Westindian
assassinations, terrorist bombings countries could supply, eapals to
and, especially, mercenary attack. outsiders could have been made a
There is no. pnic but people realise Caricom matter. Then, there wauld
they may have to fight physically to be none of the present fear in
defend their lives and their freedom, some quarters that Grenada might
And, they are sharply aware of the take off on her own and,possibly,
island's vulnerability. pose herself to an alien ideology.
ilns But, it is not too late to cor-
In these circumstances, Grenadians rect matters. Grenada's need still
are not particularly concerned with exists and while some Caricaa
where help comes from. What they need Governments have already given
is prompt assistance. A strong mili-. technical assistance,. much more is
tary force in the island would make needed. Military aid Is required.
deposed Prime Minister Gairy think We must all rally around now be-
twice before initiating any action cause Grenada's revolution and its
and Grenadians want that force in final outcomeaffects every West-
Grenada as soon as possible. Ideolo- indian.
gical considerations are secondary an We must recognize our involve-
they don't care much whether- the guns ment and do our utmost to mould
which come to protect them are made the situation as best suits our
in the United States, Russia or Mars. Westindian development.

That's why Grenadians have not
echoes some other Westindians' pro-
test against the fact that Cuba is
among nations asked by the Grenada

St. Georges,


Frid:y. MaNy 4, 1978 TH E ST A R Page Three
Sir, With the arti'cl e"By What by Lugh Lawrnee
Authority" Star, April 13tih, in If we Dominicans aer aerious,and
min, I wonder if you are amongst are prepared to show love for coun-
mind, I wonder if you are amongst
th ay who -ave t too much con- try, we should contact Doctor John
the nany who have ,ut too niuch con-i h t
fideace in our constitution ? After Thomas, nowte many, his two
all it is iiot the constitution as ses one a ls -
such, but the kid of people to have gushed Position) and others from
to implement it which really matters.the north-east to take up duty at
The author of the article says the almost completed hospital at
that the legislative body of Dominica1Lrigot, to serve with pride and
have NOT If hosd Ministers of dedication, their own h6mefolks.
Government any authority to sign 1Sincethe Marigot poplaton is
etc., etc. I don't see that it wcal on the Freedom side, very..much prea-
have made very much difference if sure will have to be brought onc
the Freeport deal had been debated this inept Labour Govt. to supply
in the House in the prescribed man- necessaries pertaining to this in-
ner. As pre-ently constituted every stitution,
one of the ruling DLP would have The ineptitude of this Government
given th-'ir "ayeas' (sung for their always manifeats itself in conflicts,
supper) for the motion, to give away especially with the C.S.A.
45 square miles of Dominica for 99 Let us be serious and act.
years, at US $100 a year. :MY COMMENTS girl guide celebrations
Manyo of us have already forgotten by May Christian
that just a few months ago these s most people already know, thz
sain people rejected a native-born Jubilee Celebrations just closed
Dominican to be our first President marked the 50th birthday of the
of Dominica. In this. instance we canDominica Girl Guide Aasociation,
surmise that they nat only had to which means, the golden anniversary
sing for their supper, but perhaps of us all (not only sme) who hve
had to do a little jog or else. joined hands in building the Move-
The article "By iVhat Authority"- asksment locally
quite a few pertinent questions,but 'Hence, the most significant people
there are so matny more. !for the occasion were the young
H6w was .it possible for anyone, members who constitute the Movement,
lenst of all a trained legal mind unajely the Rangers and Guides, and
and a head'of state to lease land even the Brownies with their parents
that does not belong to them, or to !or guardians.
the statc? W-hat effect will the (Turn to Page Fjur)
lease of those 45 sq. miles (an area _
bigge t~ti:-n Anguilla: 55 eq.miles) visiting TanTan-Capuchin, Vieille
have on th, Danana & Coconut(DCP)in- Case-Calibishie, Melville Hall-
dustry and,growers? This area has YMarigot?
some of the biggest producers of And yet we are still lucky; it
these products, could have been 152 sq~.miles, instead
vWhat happens if when the Freeport of 45 cq.m. Are we supposed to be
is fully established ._ is being us- credulous enough to believe that the
ed by a foreign power, or mercenar- only financial benefit for Dominica,
ies, as a base to oust the than or Dominl0ana, in the foreseeable
government? Or to attack a sister future will be EC $100 a year for
island or another acc.-'try? Will the 99 years, a total of nine thousand
citizens of Portsmouth and surround- nine hundrcd dollars!
ing villages have to have a. pass to Any little 2x4 house and lot
allow them to renter their home would lease for much more than that.
town when they come to Roseau? Will Again re have forgotten that we had
aill other Dominicane have to pay or been warned that after iide endnce
have Pa visa when retranif h1ome or r leaders; could do wha1evr ey
vtwith Zuz pXPAYER, loseau S.
-]Li' _h- --rr -----------------


Pane Four


Eiday. May 4.


MY COMMENaTS (girl guides)May Christian/ S*T*ApgR*S*P*Q4AR*Tg* by
contd.. flrom f 3' / .'Morchriston transferred fr.p.6.
vYe+ +he eTcritive groin takes *

in Captains (Ihave been one) whose CRICKET: GELTIC UNITED LEAGUE CHMPS
arduous task is to train Companies; Celtic United captured the Jeff
the-Lieutenants and even the Patrol Charles Shipld for the third time
Leaders. We are the 'Architects of and their 5 .~ league championship
the structure of GuidIng as well as when they whipped defending league
Scouting. No doubt about it. champions Somerset by an innings &
Next, we have the honorary members 11 runs in the final match of the
of the Association who are important Augustus Gregoire league last week-
in their role of managing Guide af- end. Incidentally, Augustus Greg-
fairs and give voluntary service ike oire played his last season for
the est of Us. Celtic United in 19.73, before he
I myself took the Guide Threefold was laid to rest.
Promise since 1935 as a Ranger,and Celtic United, who had nothing to
I ended up as the Captain who found-r do to either share or win the ohamp-
ed the 1st Morne Prosper Company as ionship found Somerset at probably
well, the 1st Brownie Pack e that their weakest for the seaso-, the
said school, first day's rlay having been lost
Therefore, if I were not given to rain, and had no dlifTic-lty to
invitations to the social get-to- -bowl them out for 42. Merv..n Dura
gethers piicnc, cocktails and ripping through with 6/04.
dances it only points to those who Celtic,in i :,ly, amassed 302 in
inspired the "Who's Who"' list as 270 minutes. M.Durand 5E,T#Kentish
lacking, if not formidable also. .4,MI.Leblano 36,U.Celaire 36, I.
It could not diminish me as a MirbE5i1, R.Toussaint 23, & M.
woman citizen; far less as a Guide. Pascal 23. For Somerset: Prosper
MSMOND OHRISTIAN RETURNS ID GRNADA 3/90. Left with 15 minutes plus
Mr.G. sacked by Gairy 20 overs in the last hour to save
Mr. Christian, A.G. sacked by Gairy, the match, Somerset once ga
has been appointed Directoi of Pub- the match, Somerset one agati
collapsed to the spin of Celtic U
lic Prosecutions by P.M. Maurice aservin rand once again ,
ihp Duig y rgm h as Mervin Durand once again 4/20,
'Bishop, During Gairy's regime he had and 15-yeas-old net igo ly-
presented criminal charges.against ing his first match & 1st bowling
two foreigners, ing his first match & 1st bowling
two foreigners. spell capture 4/19,Somerset crum-
SOURRIERE 'YLCAM IS CALM TODAY bled for 49 this time.
According to Premier Cato, 20,000 Celtic United returned a max-
evacuees are being cared for in irum 72 points from their 6 matches
several centres. But the volcano is played, including 5 innings defeats.
at least calmer. In thei 'int'rmed.iat match
DEP CE FOR TOBAO WAplay last weekend, Conqerors of
IfDEPsfiDEFiCE FOR TOBA~ O WAETED doufriere joined Celtic United at
- says A.N.R.Robinaon, a former dep- the top of the Interrhedia'te ta'
uty Prime Minister of T & T. He the top of the nterediate ta.y
emphasized this demand at a May Day wth 84 pointsafter easy vi-
rally, accusing the Central Govt tory over Domlec by8 wickets. *
of allowing Tobago affairs l-o fall Domlec,batting first,could muster
ointo allows Toao afai genelectionl only 65 runs as Andrew 4/17,F.Paul
nto chaos. ince 1976 gen.election. 3/15 and D.Hector 3/14 ripped through
RHODESIA: Sithole Leaves Parliament their batting. Conquerors replied
alleging that election was rigged, Vwith 66 for ._
3BASKTBALL: Cardinals Register 1st Century- C'n"'c Garcnalls scored the
1st Century of the 1979 season when they beat Sunstyle Ambassadors
101-86 to complete a 100% record in the 1st round of matches.In second
plade is By-Trinee Flames, last season's double champions.
transferred to this page because of an abundance of late news.- Ed.

Friday. May 4A 1979 _IT E T A R P ,___ .-Page .Pive
COMMiVNWEALTH OF DOMIMICA Schedule for wk ending March 31st
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT Request da- Lorina Roesat for
Schedule of Application for Certifi- ted 18thlbb- Lecointe the issue of
cate of Title and Noting thereon for. ruary 1976 by her a First Cer-
week ending 2th Ail 1979. Presented Soliae- tificate of
Date ofj Person j nature of Reouest26th LMarch tore Title in res-
Request Presentiln whether for a 1979 at Armour, pect of a
Certificate of Title or voting there- 2.30 p.m, Armour piece or par-
on or Caveat1. *. -- Harris 1a of land
Request da- Gerald iReoue-st for at Colahaut in the Parish of St.
ted 20th Bensamin the issue of Peter in the State of Dominica coo*-
April 1979 by his ja First Cert-taining 844 square feet 1and bounded
Presented Solicitor ificate of as follows:- Aorth: Land of Arnold
25th April M. Eugenia 'Ttle in res-George; East: Land of Austin Seveain;j
1979 at Charles pect of a South: Public Road separating it.
10.55 a.m. I. Residential Ifrom land of Mona Langlais; West:
Lot in the City of Roseau, in the Par-ILand of Timothy Joseph formerly
ish of St.George, containing 1,380 Howard Shillingford.
square feet and bounded as follows:- REGISTRAR' S OFFICE, ROSEAU
North-East: Queen Mary Street separ- IRandall Ni. Loclchart, Ag.Registrar
eating it from land of Rita Rabess; of Titles.
South-East: A Wall owned by ConstaDe! NO: Any person who desires to ob-
Astaphan; South-Party Wall separate jct to te isuig o a Certifi-
it from land of Eilean Grell; North-; ject to tie issuing of a ertifi-
dale C. W Qna^xLior1e. ____ cate of Title on the a bove iA. lt -
West. A Wall owned by Heirs of Allan- ati ons may enter a C veat i, t~
eale Winaton (Seniorq above Office within six weeks from
Request da- Leatham Requost for the tho first appearance of these Sched
ted 29th De- Jean issue of a First ules in the Star newspaper published
cember 1978 Pierre Certificate of country or from the date
in this country or from the date
Presented by his Title in respect when the notice prescribed by law
25th April Solic- of a portion of was last served on any occupant of
1979 at itor M. land at Marigot adjoining lands in respect of which
11.25 a.m. Eugenia in the Parish of these Applications were made.
Charles St.Andrew con- _____ _____
training 1332 square feet and bounded YOUT C'-R-GED WITH MURER
as follows:- North: A Public Road; you0J ED WITH MURDea
East: Land of Joel Andrew; South: A youth of 15 was charged in the
Land of Prancillia Carlton; West: 1 Magistrate's Court "E" with the
Land of alterr Prevast. (net coli. of a youth, of 14 at Layou. The
NOTTCE OF APPLICATION atabbed Lo''C nc-.e was JA.t:-Q.,

OF PM : 4-0 hiurses Were On strike
briofly this week aid met the Prime
L:iiiater & Eealth lilnister to drav
attention to lack of medical sup-
plies, non-implementation of the
Josse report, aid various other
vexing matters. Certain promises
vere maCe but the nurses vere not
i;z.iediately sat isfied.
TICUGGII SU Z CAOAL in a cov..vO of
32 ships. A crowd of Egyptian dcock
-workeos c.;l.cauced.

To the Magistrate, Dist. "a"
and Chief of Police.
I, Myrtle George, now residing at
Glanvillia, Portsmouth, in the
Parish of St,Joohn, do hereby give
gou notice that it is my intention
to apply at the Magistrate's Court,
to be held at Portsmouth on Tuesday
the- 3rd day af July, 1979,aenuing,
for a "Night Bar Liquor Licence in
respect of my premises at Glanvil-
lla, Parish of St. John.
Dated the 6th day of April, 1979.


Page Six T H E STAR Friday.ay, My 4, .1979
CRICKEF: (see also Page Four)
tC (see also pe o) Her age is 53. She was born Margar-
At regional level, Trinidad became et Roberts, daughter of a gracer,who
the most recent Geddes Grant/Harris-like the oaerts family of Dominica
on Line sponsored West Indies Limit-was a devot e Methodist(and a lay
ed overs winners when they suppres- preacher.) 3he was an extremely
sed Barbados to only 158 in reply bright student, went to College,
to their 214 for 9, off 50 6vers. and after marrying.Mr. Thatcher
After Holford won the toss and gained a law degree, then entered
sent in Trinidad, Richard Gabriel Conservative politics. She is the
(who scored 41).saw his team to a mother of grown twins, boy and girl.
good start before dismissal with She has been in politics for 20
the total on 56 after 14 overs & 2 years; never tiring or getting dis-
balls. Larry Gomes, 42, kept up. the courage.
4-run run rate per over even though Her constituency is Finchley,
he looked unattractive in thel process. outer London, and there she doubled
With other minor contributions,Trin- her majority to the-tune of great
idad amassed a massive total on the applause.
Queen's Park Oval pitch 214 runs. In the Soviet Union, she is called
After a flurry of strokes includ- "The Iron Lady" and she r,-ally
ing boundaries, each opening bowler likesthe title! Some LeftLabour
of the Trinidad attack (13 without people call her a reactionary. But
loss)after 2 oversbegan to lose she says that herreaction is against
ground. The openers posted the half the bad practices of her Labour
century before losing their first predecessors. In 1975 she deposed
with the introduction of Alec Burns. Edward Heath and became leader of
Burns went on to capture 5 wickets 'her Party.
and became the man of the match as Mrs. Thatcher went to Buckingham
the scoring became more and more un- Palace in the forenoon of our
manageable for the lower-order bats- Press day, after James Callaghan
men. Trinidad won by 55 runs with had resigned, and took over as
just over 2 overs remaining. Prime Minister of Britain.
En route to the finals, Combined In her takeover message, Mrs.
Islands lost by 7 runs against Trin.- Thatcher said: "Where there is
idad. Lockhart Sebastien won the despair, may weT-ring hoe; and
"man of the match" award; and Bar- to the people of Britain, now that
bados whipped Guyana. the election is over, may we get
GU iNMEN ATTACK IN SOWETO, S.A. together..."
Three African gunmen armed with X ELECTIO'l LOSERS
Soviet weapons 'killed a policeman Mrse Shirley 'Jil tlimns, 'brilliant
and tossed grenades into a-Soweto Labour Minis:cer of Educatioun;
police station yesterday.. Mr Evan Luard, the Miisater who
helped to cast-aoff Dominica aL.c
NOTE TO EADERS The Dominica Carib- St.Lucia from Associated Statehood;
bean Free Port Authority "shall be and Mr.. Jeremy Thorpe. ex-Liberal-
responsible for SECURITY within the Leader fading a charge of conspir-
Free Port area. The Commonwealth acy to murder inthe Courts. (qre
of Dominica shall be responsible for next week).
immigration functions within the e
area subject to the veto power of I THE TRADJS UNII CONGRESS
the Dominica Caribbean Freeport 2has declareC that t ey will not use
Authority." Do you-all read and 'their powers to obstruct the new
see what this means? conservative government. But the
Mineworkers & other big Unions vxe
Printed & Published. by the Proprietor'not leased with te elect on pe
R.E.Allfrey of Mill House Copt Hall o ased with the elect .e
at 26 Bath Rd, Roseau, Commnnonwealth of DomiiicaW Wes~indies. '

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