Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). April 27, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). April 27, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: April 27, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Telephoe Editor 2610l
~0,Box 1,29, Donalica
Madia RepreseiitatiVi6 V_;-

0olin Turnuer(Lo Xiaox1),td
1 22. S-af'te-sbury Avoxm'd
cLaon dolavJ 811a 1-viiyute .
________d jMi -)r: PhV1Jis SI'bnn Al 1 -eri

Vol XXVIII No. 16

T. SE::19 EX- *
Mon. ,2,rd. COST

oPE, DA.- *

Fridv&. April 20 -BMonApril 2Z 197iS9 1 (N V n

-------7 ------- -- -- .---- .
People sometimes ask: what do those Since Good Friday, St.Vincent has
words on your front page mean?,Yell, lain under the violent threat of
the above is a rough English trans; ;the eruption of Soufriere volcano.
nation from the Latin. It is the Four explosions took place up to
family motto of the Editor's father. Thursday; and (since we are late
and the paper appears on Monday 23)
Now let us admit that every com-
munity deserves though it may not the worst blast occurred on'Sunday
ity eserves22d. A powerful explosion 00
always merit, a virtuous leader. So plosio
it was :iith a sense of shame that ft..high, took place Sunday a.m.,
it was -vith a sense of. shame that-
ny Domnicans learned las week- and volcanlogists say Soufriere is
end that in this rT Year f the still very unstable. (Re .P)
end that in this MN Year of the (ce. :.2

Child,their Prime Yinister hac not
paid a "black cent" towards the up
kcc eof his youngest iaughte: by -a
Gathoec. marriage, nor had he paid
maintcoe of his divorced wi.fe.The
arrears now d-e are said'to be
$6,500. or the period Oct. 1973 to
February 1979,

Te asked a fslir'l high-up Civil
Servan; what he bought of the CSA
demand fcr a 136% increase to pu&f-
lic employees, screwhat expecting ,
hi/m to rt~sh -t aside. To our sur-
prise, he .qaz n favour of CSA' s
demand; he said, "'he may Govern-
ment is spendtin mcney or rin s-i
ters and trav3 l akes one thin?
of the needs of the pcor r people ~'

An adaptation cf Jesus Chrtist '~er
star,shot from -,ne- lapt.last year
in th1 Botanlcal Gardens, Old NiMY
Stcck Farm & Sunset Beach, is now
co-mpleted, It wis shown at St.Ger-
ard's Hall last"Sinday, ran for 1
hour & 15 minutes.On Skow soon...

GR E N A D A : Focr mercenaries
said to have been disguised as
tourists, equipped with arms and
telescopic cameras with which thg.
were scrutinizing the Grenada coast
line, and also alleged to be "Mafia"
hhe been taken into detention.
There are 80 people still held
under custody in Grenada since the
Government turnover, mainly Minis
ters and Mongoose Gang On Sun.22
Cynthia Gairy, 2 Senators and a few
others were released. Other de.ten-
tj dt. are being reviewed (Tribunal).


Iue to absence of the 'Publisher.
4liO of late little paper is 100.

1ari n 'T Is Th~,.,Bell, Secretary
t te engMa~ .r ,tomniica Elect-
rtL'-y Servlous, wrn thiat contest.

'is .Cyntr'iA a _ti of Manaspent
ConSultiis 1 d. was. top w r--.
0o0"gratu lt Qoth l88^^.
-jj-jp_,_ -ir .l -*' 1 **"- -L ^^--;l"--. **r~^





TihiV(jn A-m11 20. 1979 T H E S, TA. R To

By Tuesday April 17, two young girls
died of suffocation through the
sulphur vapours; 17,000 persons ha
been evacuated to care centres, and
two thousand persons had left the
island of St.Vincent. On Wednesday
the 4th and so far most seTere er-
uption took place. Meanwhile Prem-
ier Cato spoke of Plan No.2 in
which he foresaw the total evacua-
tion of the population,incase of
need. American and Canadian Govts.
have sent anti-epidemic materials
snd medical aid. In 1902, this vol-
cano killed more than 2,000 persons,
Trinidad. Barbados, Guyana and Mar-
tinique also sent quick aid. The
island is still on guard... (Seep )
10 Years Since Death of BERNTADETTE
At Lourdes, it is stated that 63
persons have been miraculously cur-
ed in that time. (A Sairt's festival
is fixed on the date of h4~/hi "

_ _

death: St.Bernadette died April 16) Request da- s ched. wkendg l 7
Many others have received partial ted 3rd yster P. equest for
cures r rele witnesses June,1977 Toussaint the issue of a
cures or relief, witnesses ay.- s s tii-
GRENADA U.S.A. and CBA... resented by her 'irst Certifi-
Last Sunday we heard that Gren- 6th April SolicitorE cate of Title
1979 a o n- r,.sp-ct of ,
ada had established diplomatic rel- 1979 at Armour, ,pect of
nations with Cuba, thus defying the 11.10 a mour & piece orpar-
U.S.A., who openly disapprove of G He iae i e ars oflan
such action. The Cuban Ambassador ood Hope Village in the Parish of
sucn the tiso. The Cuban, Mr.van StDavid containing 21325 square feet
in the British Caribbean, Mr.Ivan d wounded as follows:- iorth-East:
Cesar Martinez, presented on Easter aine i s it
Saturday his credentials to theGov-a ravine whihe separates it from
ernor General Sir Paul Scoon, after y b lad of l an Toussrth t
communicating with Grenada's new rlyy and of Clayman Toussint
Prime Minister, ,Ir.Ivaurice Bishop. -1d partly by and of Gatard FBnie;
SSouth-East: Land of Donald La Fond;
Since March 13, Mr. Bishop had uth-est: The Public Road.
asked for aid from his neighbours '
in the Caribbean, Great Britain, -. Ae NOTEstarting po & )
the USA & Canada,to enable him to GRENADA-UJSA-CUBA: Commenting n" t.-is
face an invasion, which he regarded message, Mr. Bishop declared over
as imminent, from Eric Gairy's sup- the radio "no country has the right
porters, to tell us what we should do, how
The U.S. Ambassador stationed in we should govern ourselves, or with
Barbados, Mr. Prank Ortlz, stated: whom we should or should not form
"Although my Government recognizes friendships,... We are not in the
your uneasiness concerning the poss- zone of influence of anyone, and we
ability of a new coup d'6tat, it re- are not for sale," he added.
grets that it is not in the interest GI T BnITALJ is ter-rily shrt. of
of Grenada to solicit assistance fo BRITA s ter ly sh of
a country such as Cuba to help her vegetables potatoes, cabbage &
face such an attack." (next col.) caUliflover etc. since the snows;
spring vegetables are very late.

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and l.otirg thereon
for week endit.ig 24th Mar4;h, 1979
Date of Per-:on Nature of Re-
Request Pres ratingg quest whether
for a Certificate of Title or voting
thereon or Caveat
:Request da- Phillip Request for
ted 21st St.Jean the issue of
August 1978 hy his' a First Cer-
Presented Solicitors tificate of
23rd March Armour, Title inres-
1979 at Armour & pect of a
10.40 a.m. Harris portion of
land known as a residential lot at
Portsmouth in the Parish of S.;Joha
in the State of Dominica containing
471 square feet and bounded as fol-
lows:- North: by land of Nij'..olas
Lawrence; East: by land of A-iera &
Cerilia Joseph; South: by land of
Jean Severin; West: by land of Ru-
pert St.Jean,

hrlilnTt_ AnrIl 20, 2919


Pcge Two

T H E ST AR Friday.April 20, 1979

Schedule of Application for Certif'i
cate of Title and lilting thereon
for week' ending S1 t a,.ch 1979.
)ate of I Pe soln I nature of Re-
euest se.t I quest whether
or a Certifitateaof Title or Noting
hereoni or Caveat.

Page Three

equeist -i47 ii- Request for the friere, in the Paris
friere, th wa lth ofs D
bed 25th Andrew issue of aPirst the Cormonwealth of D3
3ct. 1978 by his Certificate of taking 1600 square fi
Presented Solic- Title in res- as follows:- North: b
37th March itor pect of a por- land of John Peel; Soi
1979 at Vanya tion of land at Anthony Moise; East bo
0.46 a.m. Dupigny Wesley in the Road to Soufriere; Wei
arish of St.Andrew, in the Common- Request da- Raleigh
wealth of Dominica, containing 5568 ted 2nd Abraham
square feet and bounded as follows:- March 1979 ,by his
North-East: Land of Osmond Richards; Presented Solicitor
North-West: Land of James Wright; 10th Ail Cinma A.
South-East: Public Road separating 1979 at M.Dupigny
it from land of Jolly Phillip;South--45 -p.m.
West: Public Road separating it from got in the Parish of
land of Daniel Bruno. _.the Commonwealth of Dc

of St .Marlk, i
ominica, con-
eet and bounded
y Remaining
uth by land of
y the Public
st by the Sea.
Request for
the issue of a
First Certifi-
cate of Title

in res ect of
a portion of
land at Mari-
St.Andrew, in

Schedfor week ending April 14 1979 1ainng 1 ,-u' square reet ana. ouna-
Request da- Margery Request for .ed as follows:- North-East: by land
ted 30thiDec- Royer the issue of a of Adolphus George; North-West: by
ember 1975 by her First Certifi- land of Adolphus George; South-East:
Presented Solic- cate of Title by land of the Roman Catholic Church;
10th April itor in respect of f'outh-West:by land of the Heirs of
1979 at Vanya a portion of Sils James.
12,00 a.m. n Pu.iny_ land known as .Zequest da- Jethro Request for
a Residential Lot in the Town of ted 5thJan- Vidal the issue of
Roseau, in the Parish of St.George, uary 1979 by his a First Cert-
containing 528 square feet, and Presented Solic- ificate o-
bounded as follows:- North-West:Land llth April itor Title in res-
of Julien Johnson; North-East: Land 1979 at Cilma A. pect of a.p.-v
of Shand Cyrus; South-East: Land of 2.55 p.m. M.DupA y tion of land I
Darius David; South-West: Land of known as a Lot at Gould in the Par-
William Belle ish of St.Josoph,in the Commonwealth
Request da-' Allan Request for of Dominica, containing 0.890 acre
Cited 28th Wood ithe' issue cf aid bounded as follows:- lorth-East:
July 1978 James a First Cer, y a footpath separating it from
esented b* his Sol- 'tificate of land of Irine Joseph; Edst: by a
10th April icitor Vafya Title inres footpath and a ravine partly separ-
U1979 at Dupigny pect ofaapa eating it from land of Irine Joseph;
|i2.29 p.m. ition of laid South by land of Marie Joseph and
at Marfigot Village in the Parish of Lenard Jolly; South-West by a rav-
St.Andrev. in the Commonwealth of Dl- ine separating it from land cf
inica,conlaining 5287 sauare f et,a La eleard Jolly,
bounded as follows:- NoIt -t*a R GITSTRAR'S OFPICE, IOSEAU
Land of Larkes Abraham; South-East: Randall H.Lockhart, Ag. Registrar
Land of Bowen Alfred; South-WestiLaad, of Titles
Land of Herle Tlemaa Uoio St- pE: Any person who desires to
som land of Georginia Charles. object to the issuing of a Certi-
Sland.. ficate of Title (concl.back page)

-P1. I--._- ~i 1~~

Uched or wlfem.djg ApriX 14. otd.
Request da- John Request forte
ted 21st Peel issue of aMlst
March, 1979 by his' Certificate of
presented Solic- Title in res-
9th April itor pect of a.por-
1979 at Ciina A. tion of land
11.00 a.m. M..Dupi situate at
Gallon, in the outsskirts of Sou-

-- ----~-11~---111111


on the above Applications may enter We know our readers will be dis-
a Caveat in the above Office within appointed at the lack of A.H.'s
six weeks from the first appearance powerful. Westindian article. Bu.t
of these Schedules in the Star news up to Friday afternoon his contrib-
paper published in this country or ution had net yet arrived. S~ory.
fro the date when the notice pre- ct aig fr
scribed by law was last served on
any -occupant of adjoining land in Spartans: Emmanuel Charles remained
any occupant ofadjoining landsin ot out n 125. Faustin 34,O.Grell
respect of which these Applications 4.G.Lafond 3/28,G.Shillingford & C.
were made. Joseph 2/52.
*S*T*A*R*S*P*O*A*T*S*- Morchriston In INTERMEDIATE matches Celtic U.
CRICKET: Casuals Set Batting Record and Conquerors notched up victories.
Casuals amassed a formidable 585fcr Celtics defeated Asta by 9 wickets.
8 declared in their drawn match ag- Scores. Asta 100.Celtic U 102 for 1.
ainst Spartans at the. Botanical Gar Conquerors won by 127 runs; they
dens, to set an all-time record in were 228 for 9 of 40 averseo .Paul
any form of cricket in Dominica. 73.. J.C-uffy 4/28.
Last year they scored 383 runs in a SHELL S LD: This year's hell
match for a league record. This Shield le delicately pointed -ith de-
year' total came from only 89 ov sending Champions Barbados xa 3. l ts
an average of 6.55 runs per over. CombinedIs. s. -' and Trinidad 12; all
Peterson Bardouille (Dominica bat go into crucial final matzhss Sat.
sman) started the run feast as he Barbados were denied any points in
Blasted his way to a personal 170, their encounter against Trinidad,
with Abraham Browne 43; a century after they scored 405.Trinidad re-
stand was posted for the 1st wicket plied with 541 spanning 3 days, as
When Ensfield John. (another Domini- they compiled their highest score
can batsman) joined Bardouille after in the Shell contesto.or Barbados C.
Browne was run out, the total reach King 156, A.Greenidge 109 & Joel
ed 300 before Bardouille left. El- Garner 51. For Trinidad Larry Gomes
liot Joseph joined John and the run 1i1,Kenrick Bair-ey 120, D'Heureux 97.
extravagag~Qan continued. Joseph fin- In t1s >, weekend matches, Guyana
ished on 49 whilst John piled up 134 without a point after 3 matches)
Then came the turn o.f cousins Irvng ill play' Barbados at Kensingto'c Ov-
and Grayson Shillingford(37 runs); al,B/dos, whilst the Combined Is.
Irving blasted 92 in something like play Trinidad in T/dad. Any of Bev-
30 minutes, the 100 partnership tak- eral results will see either Barbad-
ing 25 minutes. In the space of two os or the Islands 1939 Shell Thamps.
avers the Shillingfords were out, i* n a Shell Ehield match Jamaiaa
while the two Johns, Evans & Augus- vs, Guyana, oily one day's play was
tus,fell for 02 & nought respectivelyalvaged, and in that time Jamaica
When the declaration came, Gransworthscored 251/8.
Lafond was .O-not out and Prevoast onBASKETBALL: Malta Heineken Pros de-
06. John Rolle was: the pick of the heated MOM Wizards 97-'5. In another
Spartans Iowlers with 4/l104 of only natch Pros beat Lakers 74%68.
14 overs.
Spartans in their turn at the mease EASTER IN PORTSMOUTH: a great many
(batting 2 men short)occupied the cars converged, seeking the alean
crease for almost a day,dernying Cas- beaches above Lagoon; lovely sun-
uals any real breakthrough. When the shine; you an' old enjoyed them-
Spartans were finally dismissed for selves, coirg fAom all part.
295 shortly after 4 p.m. Sunday the ryinted & i0Ublished by the iHoorTie-
captains I.Shillingford & J.Faustin oa R.E AllreV f Mi ll HouMSeL o
captains o &t .t 26 Bath Rd. Rr:o'au. Canon-
agrecd there was no need to contin- wealth of Dominica, Wastindiesl
ue the match. (next column)

T H E S T A R FridayF April 20, 1979

Page Four ,.

Friday April: 271 1979 T HE 8 T AR age Three
News received from 'I$MBA states Some weeks ago I met an old.
that the .present price for bananas friend of miine inside our Catholic
has increased by 10 from ;240 to cemetery, gazing all around and
250 per metric, tS: as from April wondering. I asked him what was on
16th 1979.0 This Is a good omen.Last his mind. He said to me that (I
year the GMP reached tha- level in quote) "What will happen to oun
June; thud, GvP may 'rise to 270 dead just now, as the place is full".
this year. Unfortunately,increased I told him it is expected., for when
contractual & local costs due to this area was cleared for a cemet-
the oil crisis may not permit farm- ery, Roseau's population was about
ers to reap the full benefits of 5,000 Catholics. .
the higher GYP I tried to convince him that
As from the week ending 21st Ap- something can be done, such as:tVh,
ril, until further notice, growers, authorities can appDoa2 h the Govern-
who deliver their bananas at Aasbc- ment in power for an extension of
nation Boxing Plants will receive land on the President's, houseground,
13550 cents per lb., 500 sleeping adjoining StoMary's Academy. There
bonus. & .25 demanding bonus will are quite a number of very old
raiee th .ri fi 1+2, I r b1 tombs that can be utilized. Some of
s-at W rl & lour country folk who have the
STRUC-GLE BETWAU-N GOVT. & THE C.S.A means should transport their dead
Tonight, Friday, at 8 p.m. the f the Princess Margaret H1oiptal
Dominica Civil Service Association, to their villages, or burial.
will be holding a Special General I felt good by saying that we
Meeting at Goodwill Parish Hall,to shall never get to, a stage where
discuss developments in Salaries we will have to cremate our dead,or
Revision Negotiations and to decide even to give them a watery grave.
cn further steps. .SA. says that the, EDITOR'S .OTE;: We do not share
SDec.1978 cost of living figures had Mr.Lawrence's abhorrence of cramat-
been understated by the statistical ion or burial at sea. But he has
division by 19,4 points: theyshould raised an Important matter.
le 364,6 points, not: 54 points.
Meanwhile a letter dated 24 April CRICKET: WORLD CUP W.I. TEAM
from Chief Establishment Officer K.
*Richards to Gen.SecCSA Charles Ten Packer players, with Clive
-iarin, is "extremely casual" says Lloyd as captain, were named for
the Gen.Sec. It speaks of absence-. the West Indies World Cup team for
ta urge-t and other business of the Prudential roy, to be tagd
. OoM..[orris (Ag.Fin/Sec) and of lj England in June.
db. N.E.Watty s'preoccupation with They are: M.Hoiding,V.Richards,
urgent Go- t'nment business, both in A.Roberts, Derek Murray, C.Croft,
axd out of LDominica. He will meet J.Garner, G.Greenidge, D.Haynes
C0a but 1pt until the staffing and C.King. The other members of
sA uation returns to normal (by the the team are A.Kallicharan, F.
we: Mending 30th April). Well. Bacchus, L. Gomes and M.Marshall.
eFing or *STARSPORTS*, see page six
On 11th 4Aril DAWU informed the EVEnmTS I ST. KITTS
Minister for Industrial Relations Governme git there is stalling off
that a disTute existed between Fort the swearing-in of Dr,K.SAmmoriLds.
Young otc Co and following The sworn-ou. man, Anthony Ribeiro,
oung 1otet Co ang d onDLat following has now become "Political Adviser
failure to agreee on a retroar tive
date f6r new increases to: wc ?kera, to the Premier". An appeal is to
w______________ed t bbe heard. But the winner's constit-
BAiAOS: A man who tried to attack uents ere d a the ely.
Prime Minister Tom Adams waas chargcA UK Elect ion. Conservative ,blls
and brought into aourt. lead haa dropped to sevan pelr leu.d bams dropped, ta aievpa per "A cout.


LT? '_ -- -X --ST k-R Friday Aril 2! 1979

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
for week ending 28th Aoril. 1979

Date of Person Nature of Re-
Reauest Presenting quest whether
for a Certifacate of Title or Not-
ing thereon or Caveat.
Request da- Gerald Request for
ted 20th Benjamin the issue of a
April 1979 by hs First Certifj-
Presented Solicitor cate of Title
25-th April M.;Eugenia in respect of
1979 at Charles a Residential
10,35 a.m. .;lLot in the
City of Roseau, in the Parish of St.
George, containing 1,380 square feet
and bounded as follows:- North-East:
Queen Mary Street separating it from
land of Rita Rabess; South-East: A
Wall owned by Constance Astphan;
South-West: Party Wall separating it
frca land of Eileen Grell; North-
West: A Wall owned by Heirs of
Allandale C, Winston (Senior).
Be-~Lt da- Leathan Request for
ted S9thDeo- Jean the issue of
ember 1978 Pierre a Pirst Cer-
Presented by his tificate of
25th April Sclic- Title inzes-
1979 at itor pect of a
11.25 a.m. MoEugenia portion of
SCCLharles land at Mar-
igot in the Parish of St.Andrew con-
taining 1332 square feet and bounded
as follows:- North: A Public Road;

She is MIne Lena Jantjies, daughter
of a Black farmer, who celb.ebrzated
her 136th birthday this wee She
lives in a littletowum in CapE Pro-
vince, Sout, Africa. Her secret?:
"Noa cigarettes, no alcohol, no
modern western nourishment, but
.porridge and fresh vegetables."
Of her 9 children, only one, a
daughter, survives and lives with
on 20th April. He was born in
Braunau Austria, He wrote "Main
Kampf" (my struggle), caused the
murder of millions of Jews and
the ruin of Germany before his
suicide in a Berlin bunker in 1945.

Rast: Land of Joel Andrew; South: -----------
and of PrancilIa Carlton; West: WANTED PEN PALS:Letter from Saudi
and of Walter Prevost. JArabia.* "Most res 2oe-fully I tale
(For CAVEAT 'NOTE, please see page 5) an opportunity to state that I am
,, ---- a honest c:Dize.i of my Country.I
KING GEORGE VI'S OLD CAR IS SOLD am in service in Pakistani Bank.
The price (at Sotheby'Sa) 1.,800. It but for two years my service ha0
was the Lanchester la which H.M.the transferred to Saudi Arabia. i n
Queen's father used up to his death too much interested in getting
in 1952. The purchaser's name is knowledge of different countries
not revealed, but it is said that of the world. How peoples of other
Queen Elizabeth II indicated that countries do live their life.
she would like to buy the car. For this purpose I have a lot of
UK suppressed 2-reedom of theZess pen pals. But I am unfortunate be-
said International Court of Jus- cavso I ha no+ gpo any peoipal
twice this week. friend from you. Country. So I re-
(Turn to page 6) quest you please publish my name
and address witi, hobbies in your newspaper.: MOHAMMAD APSRAP,
HOBBIES: Stamps and View Cards. United Bank Ltd.
Sports, COinsl and eQulecting P.O.B0oBx I! 619A
,era urge D ". SAUDI ARABiA

- -

To the Magistrate, Dist. "G"
and Chief of Police
I, Myrtle George now residing at
Glanvillia. Portsmouth, in the
Parish of St.John,,.dd hereby give
you notice that it is my intent-
ion to apply at the Magistrate's
Court, to be held at Portsmouth
on Tuesday the 3rc4 day,of July,
1979, ensuing, for a "N.ight Bar"
Liquor.Licence in respect of my
premises at Glanvillia, Parish of
Dated the 6th day of April, 1979.

~H F: ~~AR 1979

Page Four

Friday. April 27. 1979

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
for week ending 24th. ,Tarch, 1979
Date of Person Niature of Re-
Request present in cuest ;whether
for a Certificate of Title or Noting
thereon or Cavea __

equestip Request da-ip Reest for
ted 21st St.Jean the issue of
August 1978 by his a First Cer-
Presented Solicitors tificate of
23rd March Armour, Title in res
1979 at Armour & pect of a
10,40 a.m. Harris portion of
land known as a residential lot at
Portsmouth in the Parish of St.John
in the State of Dominica containing
471 square feet and bounded as fol-
lows:- h'Drth: by land of Nicholas
Lawrence; East: by land of Anora &
Cerilia Joseph; South: by land of
Jean Severin; West: by land of Ru-
pert St. Jean. .
Schedule for week ending. April 7
Request da- M~yster P. Request for
ted 3rd Junpe.TOuasaint the issue of
1977 by her a First Cer-
Presented Solicitors tificate of
6th April Armour, Title inres-
1979 at Armour & pect of a

ISchedule for wk ending April 14 ctd
Request da- Raleigh Request for
ted 2nd Abraham the issue of a
March 1979 jby his First Certi-
Presented Solicitor ficate of Ti-
10th April Cilma A. tle in respect
1979 at M.Dupigny of a portion
2.45 *p.m. __of land at
Marigot in the Paish of'St.Andrew,
in the Commonwealth of Domdnica,con-
taining 2.104 square feet and boun-
ded as follows:-Iorth East: by land
of Addphus George; North-West: by
land of Adolphus lGeorge-; South-
East: by land of the Roman Catholic
Church; South-West: by land of the
Heirs of Sils James,
Request da- Jethro Request for
ted 5th Jan- Vidal the issue of
uary 1979 by his A First Cert-
Presented Solic- ificate of
11th April itor Title in res-
1979 at Cilma A. pect of a pr-
2,55 pm. M.Dupigny tion of land

known as a Lot at Gould in the Par-
ish of St.Joseph, in the Common-
wealth of Dominica, containing
0,890 acre and bounded as follows:-
North-East: by a footpath separating
it from land of Irine Joseph;South:
by land of Marie Joseph and Lenard
Jolly; South-West: by a ravine sep-

Ii.0o a.m. Harris Ipiece or ar- rating it from land of Lenard
eel of land at Good Hope Village in Jolly.
the Parish of St.David containing REGISTRAR'S OFFICE, ROSEAU.
21325 square feet and bounded asfol- Randall H.Lockhart, Ag.Registrar
lows:- North-East: a Ravine which of Titles.
separates it from land of Leo NOTE: Any person who desires to ob-
Toussaint; horth-West: Partly by ject to the issuing of a Cert!ifi-
land of Clayman Toussaint and-partly ate of Title on thq aboye Applic-
jby land of Gatard Bonnie; South-East tions may enter a Caveat in the
,Land of Donald La Fond; South-West: above Office within six weeks from
The Public -iad. _the first appearance of these Sched-
Schedule for week ei ding April 14th rules in the Star newspaper published
Request da- Jehn Request for the ;in this country or from the date
ted 21st Peel issue of aFirst 'vhen the notice prescribed by law
March 1979 by his rCertificate of vwas last served on any occupant of
Presented 0Solic- ;T'i le in respect joiningig lands in respect of which
9th April itor lof a portion of these Applications were made.

1979 at Cilma A. land situate at
11.00 a.m. M,_Dpe!ga-allion, in the ROSE'S ATTORNEY & WIFE DEPART
outskirts of Soufrier, in the Parish Yesterday Mr. O.E.K.Laband handed
of St.Ma9k, in the Conrnonxwealth of tose & Coe Ld. to Mr. B& n pon.
Domia.ic, containing 1500 square feet MrL.Laband has greatly aided the ii-
and bounded as follows:-North: by Re- dustrial life of Dominica by serv-
maining land of John Peel; South:by i&g on several Boards etc. He anx
land of Anthony Moise;East by the b- Xisse by'their manrens here.
lic Road to Soufriere;'*est by the Sqa


Page Five


Sage -- -- rn -- r -i -ri -
CRICKET: Barbados Retains Shell The matter arose when the House of
Shield. Barbados won the ShellSield Lords ruled against publication of
- symbol of cricket supremacy in the a report on the effects of a drug
Caribbean for the 4th consecutive called Thalidomide (a tranquilizer)
year, defeating Guyana by an in-rdgs which if tak.n by pregnant women
and 140 runs at Kensington Oval on might cause ileformation of their
Monday lasi;mor. than l1 days of infants. The Times published an
play remained. Barbados needed&ht abbrieved report later, and hails
victory to ensure that they won the the outcome of the case. Many chil-
Shield, as the Combined Islands were dren have suffered, and some have
only 2 points behind, and victory received compensation due to the
for the Islands over Trinidad could effects of the drug.
have given it to them. As it turned U.N. IUMAN RIGHT8 International In-
out, the Combined Islands lost by strments: we acknowledge with
one wicket to Trinidad in another thanks a copy of -his, and note that
very keen encounter,putting Trinidad U.I. signed the greatest number of
in second place with 24 points. The covenants on human righta.Dominica
Islands came third with 20 points, hasn't signed anything yet. otr has
having taken 1st innings honours ag- Grenad. Trinidad aignod 10.
ainst Trinidad; Jamaica (4th) 10 pts *STARSPORTS*ctd. S.Pascal 79.o in-
and Guyana(last) for the 3rd con- ard 4/34. Blackburns 72Du,:and 3/25.
secutive year without a point.Scores Botanical Gd(,: Old Mill 150. Con-
Guyana 136 & 86. Barbados 362 for 7 -uerors 81. Acuarians I7; D,
declared. Desmond Haynes 107. ***** Riviere 59. Eagles 166. EBSt.Valle
In the Combined Is/Trinidad match, R/12, ECharles 5/24.
Combined Is.327 and 181. Trinidad BASKET3BALL: Cardinals Given Fight By
218 & 291 for 9. Grayson Shilling- Harks. C'C Cardinals had to fight
ford 2/42 & 3/82. ,all the way in their match against
LEAGUE: This weekend, current A.Greg Dawn Creation Harks after scoring
oire League leaders Celtic United the first basket last iakenrd.They
come up against defending league won by 4 points,largely due to the
champions Somerset in the senior number of fouls committed by Harks.
finals. Somerset has to win this Harks led comfortably 54-18 at the
match outright to share the champion interval, and hopes of an upset were
ship, as Celtic U lead wlith 60 pts very real,as Cardinals are the only
to Somerset's 48. A victory,a draw team not to have lost a match. On
or non-decision will see Celtic U resumption the lead was extended as
undisputed league champions. A keen Cardinals struggled to find their~
match is anticipated. rhythm.After break Cardinals -ade
Last weekend the semifinal match the score 4l-D0.Harks replied Imed-
of the senior division to decide lately 43-20.Carcinalr. bou ed back
which team gets relegated to the In- with 2 baskets 44-24, Hrks got a--
termediate League was won by Smart- other: 4-.24 Fom. thln n car. als
ians by only 9 runs. Skipper of Smart- took over.arks lead was cut down
ians Joseph Guiste got lO1not out to 47-37 and later 53-52; then 58
in his team's 1st innings total of -all. Free shots were converted &
177,which was surpassed by the DDF an unhappy Harks team walked de-
in their turn at the crease-score jectedly off the courts at 62-58
194. Smartians went on to win.Scores after a gallant effort brought to
Smartians 177 & 164. DDF 194 & 138. naught. Harks improvrl on this per-
In Intermediate matches, Celtic U, formance vgn teY beaT ala ein-
Old Mill, Police B team & Aquarians Qken Pros 8o-7, They e a tne
all scored victories. At DGS grounds i va'but lost on resuAption
Eagles 82; Vincent Younis 5/11 in- P print ubi the
cluding a hattrick, Celtic U 84for 7 E.Alif ey or .yu oe paP i or
V.Stephen 4/21. Police B 255; ...... aomiicealth o
0 ...- R. T A R 24t. 1 979

Ftv~iil.nv. Anrbl 2~th. L979

'P r-T R R ~Cr a a

T^/,Mrr 0-1v

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