Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). April 20, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). April 20, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: April 20, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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.1 tIaRARY Ali%
X A$sEsF llister Hughe
Te'lephoSne Editor 2610-1e
Pe.0senati back~
P.O. ox 129, Dominica ag two
i'- PageL, two~. 15,
UK Media. Represe nt atdS:le __T .4a r~~rt ~: ABydy due.
Colin Turner (LondonrtmT/.
122 Shaftesbury Aven'ie Virt-ute .Du Cc n-Comite g'ortuna C.3& will ele-
1Lond~on ~VV 8HA E~ngai,.ad. _~Tto~_; ~_hy1~ih~. Z-14and. A;llr-re7; bzrate in R~o~ea
LonI4x .,'aV 197 CENT3 d-
Vol, XVII. Rov17 ,ril 27.j .1979 FIFT22-M MTNZS 3JU...

Dominica Banana Growers Assoon. We have a long blue-printed haset
containing 14 gue stiona pu4by
:idlbners, especially those in the DominXicana tr *~e.6reeport) Pleraon.
Farmrs lUnion, are not satisfied All of them give reasaaring sxaawur, the composition of the 4-Viao y wahi raSatah t et
DBGA Board, which they blame fr the Noth,roteater e m .
letting leafspot take hold.n the re man




We understand that the "new 1JCT TO' GOVERNMENTS OFFER TO CSA
price"of a gallpn of gasoline has We heard over the radio ,today a,.
risen to $3.L6. In Grenada today long serious release froii Dominica
it has risen to $3.25. Kerosene Assocn. of Industry & Commerce and
has NOT gone upas far as Vre know.the Dominica Employers Federation
---- stating that Government's offer of
MAY DAY FOR WAWU & DAWU 65% pay rise to CSA would seriously
WAWU (Waterfront & Allied Workers) harm the economy of Dominica. They
will attend morning service at St listed six reasons for their unease.
Alphonsus Church, Pottersville, Contacted, Mr.Charles Savarin of
then hold a meeting at.the Deep- CSA said he would be discussing the
water Harbour. DAWU (Dominica whole matter at his Goodwill meet-
Amalgamated Workers Union) will ing tonight. It was an offer of 64%
gather in Wesley for a Church for the lowest-paid workers, and
Service and.go on to Londonderry J.. for the higheest paid. CSA mem-
for their meeting, on the subject bers will take a decision to strike
"Today's Child, Tomorrow's Worker"* or not to strike, he added; and
A quote from their release: "Fa- said that those drawing $2,000 to
others, some of whom are now hold- $3,000 a month are certainly provo-
ing top public positions in our king people to retaliate against
society, who refuse to provide them.
for their children even after _______.
Court Orders to go so are guil- ST. VINCENT IS CALMER TODAY
ty of conspiring to deprive Domi- We spoke to relatives in Kingstown
nice of abli-bodied, loyal and this morning. They said the worst
-ard-dworking citizens tomorrow." explosion was last Sunday a.m. when
_,_five million tons of ash were spout-
HOUlSE OTFOR SALE AT ASS J El ed into the sea;, on Weds.,half a
OilliLon tons of ash floated onto
'A Lot a 11 be sold at Massacre Kingstown. It makes driving (and
in the Parish of St. Paul breathing) rather difficult. Shops
1600 Square feet. have been keeping their doors shut.
kAy person interested can call Nonetheless indications are that
at Mr.Loblack's r "Idence, at the volcano may be subsiding.Prem-
3 Riverside Apartments, Roseau. ier Cato has asked visitors to keep
Telephone 2596. away during the present crisis.


*"* f'

THE RICH BULLY by Alister Hughes the case now. When Britain control-
Grenada's Prime Minister Bishop led us and our foreign policy,
has attributed almost unbelievable Washington could relax. "ow that
comments to the United States Ambas- Britain no longer can say who we
sador to Grenada, Mr.Prank Ortis.Mr. may be friendly with, with whom we
Ortiz, who is resident in Barbados, may trade anc what our political
is said to have4made these cmmmnats complexion may be, the U.S. may
when he visited Grenada this month, 4 feel- that, in her own interests,she
SIt must be taken that the Ambassador' has to use the big stick on us.
did make them and this'must be of Washing s ea i t ,
considerable concern to Westindians. Wahngton e t tr
According to Prime Minister Bishop, contact with GrenaC, "Cuban influ-
Mr.Ortiz stressed officially and un- ence will spread in the Eastern Car-
officially, to him and to members of ibbean. And, consequences of this
the Grenada Government, that it would ind of fear were highlighted in,.- the United States if Grr- 1-72 when Trinidad & Tobago,Barbados
ada developed relations with Cuba. and Guyana established diplomatic
The official "note" to Mr.Bishov mado relations with Cuba. The US, called
this clear, but unofficial indicat- this "an unfortunate develc: :t"
ions were clearer and held definite and immediately brought presPre on
threat s. Vs through the Council of the Gener-
The Ambassador pointed out, Mr.Bis- al Agreement on Tariffa & T-Da
hop said, that the United States is (CGAT).
"the richest, freest and most gener-- La.ghable
one ottunty in the world". but that Washingtom complained to GATT
the US has "twoi sides". Mr, Ortisadjt' that, because of protection given
elaborate but the meaning is clear. to some of our products in the Brit-
Grenada may.expect generous help if ish market, the US would lose $20
she toes the line Washington draws. million dollars per snnumrr InT the
That's one "side". The other "side" context of the massive economy of
hinted by the Ambassador is that, if the United Spates, this amount is
Grenada doesn't toe the line, the laughable. Twenty million dollars,
United States will get nasty. however, would hart the Westindian
In this approach to the Grenada. econolmy and this is an indication of
Government, Ambassgdor Ortiz must be Washington's ruthlessness in ex-
considered to be reflecting the at- pressing displeasure.
titude of his Government. And, that That experience and the present
attitude is undoubtedly the attitude threat of US anti-Grenada action
of a bully. It is the attitude of"the are only shadows of what lies ahead
richest, freest -and most generous for our fragrented mini-statt ,,The
country in the world"threatening a world owes us nothing and, in the
defenceless two-by-two Westindian arena of international politics,
nation with the consequences of being even the "richest, freest and moar
disobedient. generous"will satieezet us f it its

yI1c IOus
That"s.serious. As colonials, we
regard&cd .the United States as a bene-
volent giant. We did, indeed think of
the US as "the richest, freest and,
post generous country in the world".
And, even when dirty things like the
invasion of Cuba's Bay af Pigs and.
vicious CIA operations in Chile came
to light, most Westindians didn't de-
velop fear of the U:.ited Scates.
We've got to think again. What was
the case in colonial days may not be

their purpose. When we established
the West Indies Federation, it was
a voluntary move towards political
unity. It appeared then that we
understood that unity would give us
Perhaps ''he realities of inde-
pendence will drive us back to the
almost discardedconceept of Westin-
dia Nationhood.,
St. fhsorges, Grenada
19th April 1979

Pnaa' TwO

~c Ha 8 ~P?' a r)

titir~~nv~ mf.h n~rril 79rlQ

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