Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). April 13, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). April 13, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: April 13, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Te. r 6 :t WE WIEr
.0. 9 n~iMnienia ALL OUR
'K Mbe laoftie Tentatve R ~A EADERS
olin Turner(LondoAn)Ltd W '- A PEACEFUL
, Shaftesbury Av(onie Virtute :]Dlce t.Comite,- Portuna HAPPY EASTER
Sn ona WlV 8EA England Editor: Pyllis Shand All.fre.
Vol. XXUIIT _No. lb Irid Apri-l 3th, ".I9 Fifteen Cento 15
John Spector "5uch was a London headline when
Thq govprnance of the Conmo=weandih the news broke that Idi Amip,who
of Dominiea is implemented cIy ne murdered at least 100,000 of his
single authority the authority of own countrymen, was ousted and on
the Constitution and the laws that the run. Kampala is now in the
have been promulgated by the demo- hands of Tanzanians and Uganda
critically elected representatives "rebels". So yet another tyrant
of the people olf Dominica. The ef- is deposed. The new ruler is Pro-
fective implementation of these laws fessor Yusef IT Lul6, born Moslem,
lies in the hands of the civil ser- now a Christian, distinguished
wants and the police (with some diia- Administrator.
action from the Cabinet-type Govt.
Law-breakers, property quarrels and BRITISH GENERAL ELECTION is now
settling of inter-personal grie~aa- 3 weeks away. Conservative lead
ces are decided by the judicial has dropped from 2% to 10% since
courts ot law with appeals to. the
higher courts of the judiciary,~ e rs..Thatcher's manifesto came out.
law is above all persons including ATKtISON's NEW ALL-AGE PRIMARY
the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. SCHOOL has received an initial
I now want to ask, by what auth- grant from British Development
ority have the Prime Minister and British level
the Attorney General of Dominica Division,Barbados, of 50,000 for
leased a large area of Dominica to building materials & site clearance.
a group of businexssmen (who are in- "BAIN DE SANG" in IRAN CONTrES
corporate in Texas U.S.A. as The
Caribbean Southern Corporation)C.S.C Executions at the rate of 27 in
for 99 years at $100 (EGoa ia3)per 3 days ex-Ministers, Generals,
earThe legislative body of Domin- secret police, officials, every
ica have NOT given these Ministers day brings word of their being shot
of Government any authority to sign without real trial. Such is Islamic
away 45 square ~mles of the North justice.
of DominJ a (which includes all the __
noth-coast village, the airport MYSTERY OF THE GiIRY-HUNT BY LAUNCH
and part of Marigot). These Ministas Two fast motor launches arrived at
bave leased within this 45 square Union Island,St.Vincent, "in search
mile area, we estimate, at least of Gairy" but were quickly sent
some 15 to 20 square miles of priv- away by Cato. Bishop denies giv-
ate property to which valid certi- ing any orders for such a hunt.
ficates of title apply. A large area_
is, of course, "Crown Lands". SCHOOLS have now risen for Easter
I ask: holidays. Grammar School had a
By what authority, have they most successful week
agreed to "free movement of all most successful week,culminating
currencies" in the Preeport Area? in Speech Day at Goodwill Parish
(Concluded on Page Three p.3.) Hall. The new Headmaster Mr.Hubert
Charles MA gave a report on his
"RHODESIA bombed a Zambian camp.100 achievements, difficulties and
people were killed. hopes. Many parents attended,

pga.g: TWO TE S T k R Frdy Ani l=3. l9'1-

-T' S HEAL THE, ZBRFH by Alister Hughes. unfavourable to Grenada.
There's a new division in the Car- And there are the economic institu-
bbean Conmunity (CARICOM).It's based tions like the Windward Islands
on the Grenada situation and on one Banana.Association and the East
aide are the Governments of Guyana, Caribbean C.ommon. MarketGrenada
Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados and Jam- can be .squn--ed i all these air-
aica. They recognize Prime Minister sections w.i-G increasing build-up
Maurice-Bishop's Bevolutionfry GoV- of hostility and with nobody get-
ernment. On the other side are the., ting any benefit from it.
Governments of St.Vincent, St.Lucia, Fortunately, we haven't reached
Dominica, Antigua and St.Kitts/Nevis. that stage yet. But, if te a
They disapprove the armed overthrow tlod to pasg attitudes will ha-
lowed to pass, attitudes will a,,-
of the Gairy Government. den and the crack in the wall will
With many divisions already blocklagb more. diffircut t. n +.h- m +

the way to unity, this new crack in
the Westindian wall is regrettable*
The people of this region still have
their dream of real nationhood. In
spite of fragmentation engineered by
our politicians, we still reach out
to each other. That's worth preserv-
ing and, before the crack widens,we
should try to patch things up.
The great difficulty is that those
Governments which condemn Grenada' s
revolution can-do most to widen.-t2h,
rift. They share many institutions
with Grenada. Through those institu-
tions they can take action against
Grenada and that will not. improve
relations.. Sabotage
In fact, action has already been
taken. Attempts were made to sabotage
Grenada's economy. The East Caribbean
Currency Authority was instructednot
to send money to Grenada to replace
worn out notes withdrawn from circu-
lation. International pressures caus-
ed those instructions to be Withdrawn,
but this attack left scars on inter-
island relationships. '
Then, there's the judicial system.
Traditionally, the small islands of
the Eastern Caribbean have shared a
common Supreme COurt and AppealCburt.
eightt after the revolution,.owever,
St.Vincent, St.Lucia,Dominica,Antigua
and St.Kitts/Nevis moved the Supreme
Court headquarters from Grenada.AndA,
Appeal Court Judges, resident in
Grenada, are to be relocated. This
has caused ruffled tempers and a real
division has been created. The Gren-
ada Government was forced to establish
its own Courts. In addition,there's
LIAT. Noa action has been taken yet,
but the airlineaa schedules could be

sort matters out now and there are
a couple of things to get straight,

First,let's realise, that orposi-
tion to Grenada's People's Revolu-
tionary Government by St.Vincent, a t.
Lucia,Dominica,Antigua, & St.Kitts/
Nevis doesn't mean that MeC a.S5
Cato,Comptor'.John,Bird & Southwall
want Mr.Gairy back in power.It is
unthinkable that, considering his
record of brutal adminis:tration,he
would have their sympathy or assis-
tance to regain his dictatorship.
What these Heads of Goverrnent are
concerned over is the fact that MR.
Gairy was removed by force of a~ima.
But, it must be realized that
Grenada's revolution was not spark-
ed by power-hungry men but was the
result of tne fact that Mr.Gairy
blocked all avenues for peaceful
change. Performance of the zew Gov-
ernment gives ample proof of this,
,and, unless we wish to condemn
blindly, tho least we can do .is
give' them the of the doubt
and watch to see whether they live
up to their promise of a return -.
demo racy.
There are lessons in the Grenada
revolution for both Westindian peo-
ple and Governments. Lessons of the
results of oppression and the price
a people must pay for lack of vigi-
lance. But, the time for vigilance
has not passed. And, more than
ever, we need movement towards a
broad based unity in which we can
better -guard our freedoms.
Let's heal the breach niow.
St. George's ,* Grena a -


S T -A R Fiaav. A-nril 13. 1970'

1,' ( H

Scr. rPan



Page Three

BY WHAT AUTHORITY -J.Spector (pl) (As Easter draws near Hugh Lawrence
B- what authority have they agreed writes this tribute o a good
that there should be no taxation of priest and good friend).
persons in the said area? By what H WAS A WORKER AD A FRIEND
authority have they agreed that all I remember visiting the Rev. Pa-
.rofits derived from the report other Joseph Strychers CSaR of happy
shall be "administered, held, distr >memory at the old Hospital, afterhe
uted and/or controlled by the Car- had a *eash'on a motor cycle.I found
ibbean Southern Corporation* ? him so composed and happy that I
By what authority have they agr thought he must have been happy over
that the government will be respon- the accident which brought him a
sible for immigration in the area complete rest for a while. I remem-
aubject to veto by the C.S.C.? By ber him when he started building the
what authority did they agree totc-Fatima Church at New Town, and the
cept for-the Commonwealth of Domin-near fatal fall he took with a few
cla $100,000 shares of non-voting other carpenters from a scaffolding
stock in the C.S.C. whilst theCha!r hen nearing the roof. He returned
man of that Corporation,Don Pierso about 11 years later to complete his
receives $100,000 shares of vot work.
stock? I remember seeing him standing on
And by what authority have these a crossroad with a large door lean-
Ministers agreed to "submit all di ing on him (to protect him from the
putes arising out of this convertiiasevere heat), holding steadily afire
to the jurisdiction of the Intern- hose to prevent a disastrous fire
national Centre for Settlement of from spreading from the corner of
Investment Disputes"? What is wrong church and Castle Streets, to the op-
with our own judiciary? site house of the late Mrs.Borom.&
As for the name given to the I also recall his installing anti-
Freeport New Hong Kong it is lightening equipment on the Cathedral
an insult to Doninicans when one Bishop's house, the presbytery and
realizes that Hong Kong has a seedy the St.Gerard's Hall.
reputation for labour exploitation, On one occasion when he.was Dean
alum dwelling, overcrowding, corrupt of the Cathedral he remembered us
police, drug peddling and prostitu- during the Easter Season, and sent
tion. us a slice of paschal lamb.
Anyway, why literally give awav His memory shall ever remain with
ONE-SIXTH of Dominica to a foreign us. May the Good Lord grant him the
concern on the basis of a glowing rest which he deserves. H.L.
verbal account by a good salesman i
of holw wonderful it would be for AiSITER TO A READR'S QUESTION:
Dominica, I see that none of these What is,Metaphysics? The .rely
promises, so smoothly given to to this is so lengthy that I can onr
school students, are stipulated in give you a brief portion of it. It
black and white in the agreement, is a branch of philosophy which as
SAArietote put it, was the study of
NEiWY E TED CARIB COUNCI MEMER b g being s being; much later, Kant
Chief:Mr.Belgrave Hilany Frrderick.; said the three fundamental notions
Mr.Jacob Prederick; Mr. Renix O. of the subject were the self, the
Auguiste; r1Jeovins Valmoind;ste Val world, and God. These divisions he
Clem Erederick; Nr.Jokbaptiste ****V called rational psychology, cosmology
ond; and orisa Sanford. and theology. Recent students have
.BRITIS1 GRAh TS,,l 5 O g fi ,Prts- made of theology a separate pursuit.
mouth DB w. ehous, 1P i ro Heel called metaphysics "the phil-
cnmpletinn nf elis osophy of mind". It has often been
questioned whether metaphysics is a legitimate pursuit. This doubt is
based on the fact that it has been revolving the same questions for
eenturies.Metaphysical speculation seems. to spring from a permanent
need of human nature. Editor.


- I

T~ni~aTr a-n~v~i~ ~~_ ~qr79

COMMONWEALTH OF DOQINIGA Sched. for week ending April 14L
TITLEf BY REGISTRATION ACT Request dp- Margery Request for
Schedule'odf Application for Certifi- ted 30th Beyer the issue of
cate of Title and Noting thereon for December 'by her a First Cert-
..wek ending 31st March. 1979. 1976 Solici- ificate of
Date ofs Person- Nature of Requkt Presented t -r Title in res-
Reauest Presenting whether for a 10th April "7nya pect of a por-
Certificate of Title or Noting there-1979 at L up igpy tion of land
n or Caveat. ___________ i2.00 a._ known as a
[Request da- Joan Blackman RBuesrt Residential Lot in the Town of Ros-
ted 20th Nov n6e Jiulien,Jo- for the eaut in the Parish of St.George,
-ember 1970 sephine Julien issue of containing 528 square fet, and
Presented S0 as Personal' a First bounded as follows:- Nbrth-West:'
March 1979 Representative Certifi- Lnd of. ulien Johnson; North-East:
at 5350 p.m. of Winfred Jul- cate of Land of Shand Cyrus; South-East:
ien also known as Winifred. Title La'd. of Darius Dav~d- ; South-West:
Julien deceased, Vernon Jul- respect Lau. of William Belle.
ien, Vernie Julien, Elsie of 4 i,--
Julien and Bernard Julien as tion of Reqoest da- Allan Re.gqesa 4or
tenants in common by their land fl ted 28th Wood the issue of
Solicitor Cilma A.M. Duapig the July 1978 James a First Cert-!
T'wn ao Roseau in the Parish of St. Presented by his ificate of
George, in the Commonwealth of Domi- 10th April Bolici- Title i. res-
niaa, containing 1856 spare feet 19 9 at ip Dect of a
and bounded as followQ:- North-East 12.29 P.m. Vanya portion of
by land of Charles Bully; South- D-----uDi land at Mail-
East by King George Street and land got Village in the Parish of St.
of Sydney Bunch; South-West by lands Andrew, in the Commonwealth of Doam-
of Sideline Johnson, Sydney Bunch and inica, containing 5 2R7 square feet,
Upper Lane; North-West by lands of and bounded as, follows:- North-East:
Josephine Casimir & Josephine Jose iLand aof Larkes Abraham; South-East:
____ __ -Land of Bowen Alfred; South-Wts:t:
Reqpest da- Elisha Reqest for the Land of Hercules Telemagque; Noarth-
ted 25th Andrew issue of arast West: a Public Road. separating it
Oc.t 1978 by his Certificate of from. and of Georgin a Charles.
Presented Solidi- Title in res-
27th March tea pect of a por- JSee Page Five (5) for CA"FAT NOTME
1979 at Vanya tion of land at A N IS fA R E-D
Pr hmSt rw netsley: m Tth anzanian and anti-Amin Ugandan
Parish of St.Andrew, in the Corrmoiz- forces having capture?. Entebhb ae.-.-
wealth of Dominica, containing 5568. port and the capital town.tgam ,
square feet and bounded as follows:- we may consider that arch tyrant of
North-East: Land of 'Osmond Richards; Awemays finished, he should hav,
North-West: Land of James Wright; like all (?sensible) tyrants have
South-East: Public Road separating designedal ng ago, suferng, ha
it frm nd of Jolly Philip;South- resigned long ago, sufferin, ae -4
it fr6m land of Jolly Phillip,;eouth- did fromn syphilis,pwhich gives para-
West: Public Road separating it from noia in itsy final stages
land of Daniel Bruno. noia in its final stages
BRITAIN GIVES 5,00Q0 for PRIMARY jKampala, the people cane out into
SCHOOL AT ATKIeSOIN. This is for lhe streets and welcomed them i oy-
assembling building materials and eI ously wel ed the
site clearance. The new school will Th
The future composition of the new
provide much needed accomodation Uganda Government has not et been
for 280 pupils, principal's office, revealed r Unet Luh is in it been
store.& sta~f room and sanitation. Lc
It is expected that the improved and teachers will help raise lit-
working conditions. for both pupils eracy and other standards.

_m .

Page Pour


~E~ldav.~J3ril L3. S~7;9

Fr idayv April .1979 T HE S
(Applications for Certificates of.
Title contd.from p.4. Schedule for
week ending 31st ,;rch 1979)
aeuest da- Martin Request for
ted 13th Labone the issue of
Iarch 1979 by his First Certifi-
presentsd Solici- cate of Title
22nd March tor Ronan in'respect of
1979 at. A. David a portion of
10.-20 p.m. of Chanm- land at New
'bersa., Oll d S .Roseau Town in the
parish of St.George in the Common-
wealth of Dominica containing 1,536
square feet and bounded as follows:-
NLorth-East: By land of Eugie Domini-
que; South-East: By land of Wilsina
iPaul; South-West: By land of Wilsina
,Paul and Phyllis Saunders; North-
IWest: By a Public Road separating it
from land of the Roman Catholic Chure

, eq .est. da Mally Request for the
ited 30th Peltier issue of a First
IJune 1977 by his Certificate of
Presented Solici- Title in respect
29th March tor M.., of a portion of
1979 at Eugenia land known as a
12.40 p.m. Charlec presidential lot
at Loubierel in the Parish of St.
George containing 1346 square feet
and bounded as, follows;- North: Land
of Lydia Alexander and Right of Way:




Request da- Yvonia Request for
ted 8thJan- Royer n6e the issue of
uary 1979 Bruno by a First Cert-
Presented her Soli- ificate of
30th March citor Title in res -
1979 at Cilma A. pect of a
i315 p.m. M.Dupjigy portion of
land known as a Lot at Woodford
Hill, in the Parish of St.Andrew,
in the Commonwealth of Domilica,
containing 1492 square feet and
bounded as follows:- North-West:
by land of Eileen Benjamin; North-
East by land of Clifford Dick;
South-East by land of Robelson bon-
oxe;South-West by land of Robelson

North East: Public Road; South:Land Request Sehed.week
iof Arthur Edwards; West: Lands of euest Shedweek en ril 7
Iselson Lugra and CarmIen Philp._td 6oy Jno Reauest for
en~u P I -uT4 Itiste th6 issue of
request da- 'Christian Request for (e lri i by his Sol- SFrs Ce -
ted 29thIac- Alexander the issue of 1979p at icitor Cil- ica.e or
,ember 1978 :by his, a First Cert- 10.45 a.m. 4 O pect ofares
Presented iSolicitor ificate of portion of .land known as a Lot in
2S9th March !M.Eugenia Title' in res- he Town of Portsmouth in the Par-
!1979 at 'Charles pect of a sh of St.John in the Commonwealth
pot of of Dominica, containing 2404 square
2.0 p.m. o__rtion of feet and bouaded as, olows:-N th
l.and alt Bellevue Chopin in the Parisah a Drain 'separating it from lands
;:f St.George .containing 2.770 acres o Edna Didier & Jean Matthew;East:
la by lands of TRay; taT.i-Te And
and bounded as foilow-'- North-West: by landsaS oh aa V ua, n Dey.
By land of Marian ;ose,-.; North-East: lands of Jean Azille & May Azille;
;BEr Public Road; South-West: a Pootpat1 West: by land of PhylisBenjamin.
separating it from and of Earnest iREGISTRR' S OFFICE, ROSEAU
jBurton; South-East By a Ravine sepa- Randall H.Lockhart, g.Registrar
.rating it from Land co Douglas Taylora of Titles
and by land of'Ralph Royer. INOTE: .Any person who desires to
object to the issuing of a Certificate of Title on the above Applications
may enter a Caveat ii. the above Office within six weeks from the first
ere .morade th a e lu t tar rn s _ubg la
eo 1 ; y


Schedule for wk euR_ g Imarn o3 C a
Request da- Cc ison Request for
ted 23rd John the issue0of
Jan. 1.79 by his a First Cer-
Presanted Solicitor tificate of
30th March Cilma A. Title in 1res-
1979 at M.Dupigny pect of a
3.00 Pm.. portion of
land Inown as a Lot at Salisbui~ y,
in tV Parish of St.Joseph,in the
.&Coatoawealth of Dominica, contain-
ing 1.185 acres and bounded as fol-
lows:- North: by a Public Road;
East: by Land of Ralford John;
South: by a Ravine separating it
from land of Limost Louis; West:
hv land of Bryson Louis.

-~------ -----


QRICKT~t WSC Series Ends lin IrE Just over 1, 000 girls compared to
The Wdrld Series Cricket Super ser- lightly: more than 500 boys sat
ies between Australia and the West the Common Entrance examination
Indies ended in a one-all draw,when in Dominica this week.
the Sth,final supertest played at THE POP Ic-STS PRIjg Y -
the Recreation Grounds was over. PO STSO PRI LY L
The whole of the 3rd day ahd pre- !BACY: Pope ohlu Paul II, saying
lunch session on fourth'day was lost that their ordination was ia sacred
to rain, cutting down on playing as the sacrament of marriage, told
time available, cutting down on Roman Catholic priests that they
Australia, put in to bat by the were bound to celibacy. He, also
West Indies skipper were once again 1aid they should not cast aside
akittled for a total under 250 runs. their priestly garb which was "the
G3-eg Chappell was the only man to outward sign of their vocation".
offer resistance, compiling his. 3rd IBARCLAYS SETS RECORD STRAIGHT
consecutive e superteSt century of Barclays Bank have set their record
the season, getting 104 of his teamh straight by a. statement on their
384. IcCosker chipped in with 35 & alleged anti-union attitude., They
Martin Kent 40. Roberts captured have never objected to unicn repre-
4/73 and Colin Croft 4/66. sentation, but had to take steps to
West Indies had a qualified reply find out if the majority of their
of 438 for 9, a 204-run lead as staff supported a certain union.
Greenidge,Croft & Fredericks built At no time hal they said that "be-
the foundation for Lawrence Rowe to cause of their traditionally good
score a masterful 135, and Deryck relations with their employees there
Murray a blockbuster (74 ,before a was no need of a union"1.This all
Dennis; Lillee bouncer retired hinm, arose out of bad publicity in Gren-
Lillee, suspected of a recurring bac ada; eventually a union was r ecogn-
injury, bowled at probably his most ised.
devastating in the series on a slow *STARSPORTS* ctdE The SHIL TE HIRLD
pitch to .capture 6/126. Combined Islands defeated Jamaica-by
Austraaii, Eownn by 204v were 92 14 runs after salvaging only 4 pts
for 3 wh6n the Chappeflls, Greg and from their first two matches. Final
lan, came together. Their approach scores,after Jamaica's healthy 102-
was positive as they put on 136 for run lead in 1st innings: Combined B:
the 4th wicket at almost a run a 185 & 353 (Jim Allen made a massive
minute before Greg was run out for 161 in 2nd innings); Jamaica 287 &
85. Three runs later lan was bowled 2:37,* G.Shillingford 5/82 & 3/45;
for 8& to make Australia 5 for 25L, Derek Parry 6/76.***rTILrIDAD -"pt-
only 27 runs on. And when at 254 ured 1st miuings points in their
David Hookes wasa trapped 1bw' to drawn encounter against Guyana at
Mil-o Holding of 1st balil,lunch re- Queen's Park Oval.
sumptionf final day, West Indies wer-. LEAGUE: Celtic U.took indisput .Le
in with a chance. But Rod Marsh fead in the Augustus Gregoire league
102 n.o. and Ray Bright 56 saw Aus- -defeating Casuals by an innings &
tralia to 4/15 for no, further loss. 51 runs at the Botanical Gardens.
Greg Chappell was named "Man of Scores: Celtic U 341.Thomas Kentish
the Match" and "Man of the Series" 102. A John 3/78 & E.John 2/14.
for his batting, which saw him ac- Casuals: 99, 91. R.Shill ford 73.
cumulate 621 runs, more than 200 HJno.Baotiste 6/17 and /57 At
.. Windsor ark & Vains la
aver his closest rival oan:1:her tea m or dark & Sain a .ia ye to*ingaraw Saints 234 &
(Contd. Column 2) _r De 9 oaB8 *aoraIeatd
Wzar ; ars .Odqefeatea
Printed & Published by the ProprietWizards -48;Harks trounce* Ambas-
R.E.Allfrey of Mill House, Copt Hall in M artinie /
at 26 Bath Rd. Roseau, Commeonwaatb emerged alpions. next FtGpana.
Of Dominica, Westindies. c *oni terso fos


Friday. Anr-il.'13. 19.719,

vP efi Six


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