Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). April 6, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). April 6, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: April 6, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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\: .. tIRewARY

Telephone Editor 2610 s -se tp,. two
P.O.Box 129, Dominica' r I /IS
UK Media Representativ$ Ii^i'i ii r S:t .
Colin Turner(Londonod giAe Three.e
122 Shafteshury Avenue Pa.. .ge T or hree.
London W1Y 8HA Eng1ad irtute ce ie o NEWS and
__itor: ?_ =__fr __e__ .VIEWS_
Vol. DCVIII YTo. 14 Friday, April 6thc} 1979 Fifteen Cents 1
But will she pay up? D"" e DGS held an interesting and
Grenada's interim Minister one might say stirring week for its
Maurice Bishop has stated firmly pre-Easter wind-up. ,As usual,vic-
that the Little D.C.s owe Grenada tims of an old car which will not
$800,000. He needs that money to always start, we missed the PTA
add $200,000 and settle Grenada's meeting and Library Exhibition.
outstanding account with the U.W.I. Wednesday was a cricketing holiday.
But the LDCs are holding back. The On Thursday, although this was not
Judiciary is stationed in Grenada noted in the diary, after formal
and the minney has not been forth- opening,clean up S repairs, an un-
comiing to their headquarters. usual speaker addressed the students.
You will read elsewhere in this He was Mc.Da Pierson,Chairman o
paper that Gairy intends to raise Caribbean Southern Corporation. Be
mercenaries and invade Grenada.But sioke ~f jobs, and said "All of you
Swot n Nw Y will some day have the opportunity
as Henry.iller wrote in New Yrk to ae very good ob right here
(world-wide reproduction): "Even if an Dominica, The Free Port issat 'ep
Sir Eric were to stage some counter for the purpose of attracting foreign
revolutionary move it is hard to businessmen and getting them to in-
imagine how he could do it. He is vest their money in Dominica...A
unlikely to find much internal sup- school for computer programinig(in
port.,." 2 years); Tourism -"there are two
Grenada's new Education Minister main reasons wby Martinigue & Guad-
Louis'n is attending UNESCO's meet- eloupe have more tourists thar. D/ca-
ivr is attendin rrS- meet-, 1st, most tourists have never heard
ing in Barbados to emphasize partic-of Doinica...Secondcly,tourists have
ularly the need for.agricultural ed-a difficult tiWe getting to Dominica
ucatict. no direct flights from majorcountAs.
SMr.Pierson referred to NEWSWEEK's
METAPHISICS DOC ? statements about great benefits from
Ye Tlearn that P.M.John is now a Doc-a free port (in Panama). "More than
tc. of Metaphysics. This sounds on 200 foreign firms are already scram-
a -ar with Gairy's UFO research. bling for space'"Then came Queptiona.
CREDIT UNION: Convention & A.G.M. article pointed out that this was
Th* theme of the 23rd AGM is "Econ- the 2nd time in which an unsuecess-
ombc Co-operation through Credit ful attempt had been made by the
Unions", Mr. Gary Cross of Trinidad same people to found a free port.
will gve the keynote address.It is The first was in Tortuga.It folded
t QSt. GC ard' Hall ,.-pril 28-29. up due to rows with Govt in 2 year.
at St.Grard V Hall._, 1i. AMIN NEARLY IN ISHED: In an inter-
EARTHQUAKE IN GOLDMINK .Johnrxesburg view,Yus-f,iLul, of Uganda's interim,
Several African miIters were killed. Govt,, said that Amin would be tried
LIAT PLANE HELD UP: "tbrouigh the 'by our laws" if cught alive.
SO bote wa out of -b-could
grounding of a light plane,StT.u<' mniun forb esu.te+ +*****^**
'i o 2tio- t.~** c~~*l

pa e TwoH E ST A ridayi April 6, 1979
GRENADA COUP IS A WARNING TO OTHER the nature of Grenada's produce;
ISLANDS IN CARIBBEAN Gairy's attempts to import vast
St i o a supplies of arms; and he doubts
Despite the intervention of a that Gairy will find much internal
rather tomw World Series cricket that Gairy will find much internal
mather te Worlad Serideath of young -icket support. He ends like this:" The
t ault on his way home yom thematch Grenadians evidently wanted Sir
(ault on hin way home from thersh Eric and his associates out, which.
(and the injury of several others), is another reason why some other
The ghastly hanging of Mr.Bhutto, CaribbeanHeads of State may now
the long awaited defeat df Idi Amin be asking themselves whether there
and the many seminars, trade dis-rr *cul be a 'domin. effect' in the
putes etc. here and in the region, region a dkyou Henry in llter
--Dominicans await only. one. thing- region" han youery iller.
the attitude of their Government to *S*T*A*RsgP*O*R*T*S*- Marchriston
the New Grenada. But,as yet,nothing. CRICKET: W.I. o:ontinue to lick
The headline above is from a New ast~gi ia West Indies continued
York article (reprinted in the UK their complete domination of the
Daily telegraph and sent ta us by a International limited-overs: maihes
Dominican in Britain), which begins: when they made it five straight
"The ease and efficiency with which wins in a row at Windsor Pa.-ic in
Sir Eric Gairy's Government was tap- Roseau, taking an undisputable 8-2
pled in Grenada last week is giving lead with one more day's m tch to
some other leaders in the Caribbean be played this time in StKitts.
cause to consider their own vulner- Dominica wuv-e host to the 10th
ability to such coups. Islands limitedevers match (one was rained
with shaky economies and impovezish-. off in St.Lucia), and the crowds
ed restless populations will Watch came out in large numbers easily
closely how well the G~enadian rev--' the largest at the Windsor Park
solution works, especially since it for any sporting event; estimated
was staged not by a single radical by some at 8,000 and by others at
group but by a broad alliance of 12,000.- people from all ovevs Dom-
moderates and others of various pol- inica who came out to see some of
itical leanings. It was a popular the best cricketers in the world.
uprising and despite his relative. Australia mustered 157 for 9 of
youth the man who led it,Mr.Maurioe their 45 overs after being put in
Bishop,'a London University graduate, to bat by Deryck Murray (acting as
evidently has the confidence ofyotng skipper in place of absent Clive
and old as well as of those of oppos- Lloyd.)Rod Marsh, acting captain
ing political views.* The name of of Australia,got a disciplined 36
the-new'Jewel Movement,the Left-lean- not out which incluc>d some fine
ing group that was behind the upris- shots from off the back foot t5mcgh
ing, is an acronym for Joint Endear- the covers,while Lick McCcaker got
our for Welfare, Education' &iberativ. 3W. unenterprising runs. Coiin
This pretty well expresses the aims Croft,the man responsible for A'.-
of the proyariional Government a tralia's early troubles,captu'.&.d
joint effort to,!mprove the welfare g/21 whilst Viv Richards got 2/30.
of the 110,009 'islanders, and tamalM The West Indies in their turn at
repression a thing of the past. the crease, after a slow start ex-
The Gairy regime did not have a dis- ploded into brisk activity as Gor-
tinguished record in human rights or don Greenidge blasted 41 runs of
social programmes and despite contin- an opening stand of 61 with Des-
uing financial aid from Britain and mond Haynes who finished on 50 n.o.
*elsewhere since the island won inde- Haynes & Greenidge were both ruth-
pendende.-(Feb.1974) its economy re- less on the short balls, polling
mains l chuotic. 9
mains cotic. to deep backward square on the leg
he writer, Henry Miller, tells side whilst slamming through the
of irresponsible, spending, that Brit- covers on the off. (Ctd. age 6)
ain could not get adequate accounting;

Friday. April6,1979 TH E 3 T AR Page Three
LEARNING OUR LESSONS by sister HIughes. cortnitted treason when he
A. lot of unhelpful nonsense is asked foreigners, the United States,
. being written and said about the, for ari-s to attack Grenada. The
Grenada situation. Viestindians, it Gairy '"treason" makes the Bishop
seems,donj't wat to believe that an "treason" valid, the argument says,
armed' revolution took place in the so the Governor General should ap-
Caribbean Cc-miunity (CARICOMI). In point M1%, Bishop Prime Minister from
spite of the facts, we're trying to the day before the coup.
legalizee" the position. This cannot All that is childish. Worse, it
be done and -:were blinding ourselves prevents us from facing the hard
t9 lessons we should lea:. realities of what happened in Gren-
Take, for instance, the proposal ada. Insteadoaf trying to "legalise"
sponsored by the For e ign Ministers -the revolution, instead of .trying
of Barbados, Domin:ic, Guyana and to pretend that March l5th never
St.Lucia. They had a hurried meeting happened' we should acknowledge,
right after the coup to discuss the the fact that a new phase of' our
situation and, perhaps, in the shook history has begun, and should en-
of the moment, they may be excused sure that we profit by ou ltsma-cs.
for muddled thinking. 1'Nevertheless, Blood
their proposal was .no more than a What happened in Grenada didn't
comic c:Ofort to hide realities, happen overnight. For more than a
What theywanted was that Act- decade ,1Mr.Gairy painted a background
ing Prime Minister HErberi, Preud-- of violence and oppression against
hom~e, should revoke Mr.DerekI niKA t which revolution was inevitable.
ap-pointment as Minister ithoutl rt- But, he didn't rush into it. Be
folio in M?,.Gairy's Government. Mr. started slowly and, insufficiently
Preubh.omme w7ou.ld then appoint the vigilan~" in the defence of their
revolution' leader, Mr.Mau:ice rights, Grenadians made no adequate
Bishop to that poe -. Then, lroPreud- e Zort ta stop him. The power of
home would resign and the C-overnor people protest was left untapped
General wo: ud appoint Mr.BiEhop Act- until it was too late to avoid vio-
ing Prime Mlinr-ster because the con- lence, and in the face of thlwtgrss
stitution allows him to do thiswhe. negligence, Grenada is fortunate
it is "inprsacicable" to cozrult Mr. that, at so little cost in blood,
Gairy, Pshe has been promised another chance
y Poyin^ at democ3n.acy.
Thank go':cdu .a that did That 'clance,however,canot be left
not go .tF og. We would have been to the goodwill of MrBisho's Re
the laugh-urg-atock of the woild be- tothe goodwill Bish ev-
thse wlauh-rg-ock of thre iworl e- ionary Government. Undoubtedly, his
Sause .the whole rigmarole ig.orce conduct an-d -nat of his colleagues
the fact tlat kr.Bishop seize l power has been exemplary and he has won
at gun-po :,t. It also ig,;ores the
fact that r.Preudhormne is h.Bish the enthusiastic support of the ov-
op ,s prisone.- and alaQ that tle. erwhemining majority of his. country-
reason it i "impracticable' for th en Just a uLubtedly,however,
Governor General to consult MrGairy Mr.Bisaop's power lies inhi: guns.
is that .te deposeJ rime Minister Profiting by their exper'iened.Gren-
is on the ru; "fri th, People'sei Rev- adian aust be alive to ,their poli-
s ton e r Peope tical responsibilities aid must en-
olutionary A'ry. sure that this kind of absolute
That isn't the only example of power doe not corrupt the high
Westindians' attenrote to hide -;heir power does not corrupt .e hignoun
h principles which have been l Onounced
haads in the mand. ,other sugges- Nor are these lessons for Grenadd
tion publi;,hed in the press a. to
how the sitv.ation can be legalised "JIle B1 eA O i 9 tp^
is that Mr.1 ishop's "treason" 'be interest and opinion. Unless we be-
considered '"nullified". According come more involved in the political
to this argTment, Ir.Gairy also life of our countries, qr oaiti-
To COLIIN_ ascians. will run unchec ed anDO may

Page Four T H E S T AR Frida4,y,t_ PB, 979
S COMMIONWEALTH OF DOMINICA Scheoile for wkending March l ctd
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT Request da- Laureen Request for
Schedule of Application for Certi- ted 23rd Stephen the iss-.e o f
ficate of Title and Noting thereon Oct. 197Q .by his a First Cer-
for week ending 24th March, 1979 Presented Solicitor tificat6 of
ate .of Person Nature of Re- 26th March Cilma A. I Title inres-
eauest Presenting] quest whether 1979 at M.Dupigny pect of a
for a Certificate of Title or Noting .20 .m. otion of
thereon or Caveat. land at Massacre, in the Parish of
request da- Lionel Application of St.Paul, in the Commonwealth of
te4 17th Hurtault Lionel Hurtault Dominica,'containing 1052 square
January 197 by his for the issue feet and bounded as follows:-
Presented Solicitor of a First Cer- North: by land of Watson Cochran;
21st March M.Fagenia tificate ofTi- East: by 'land of Cecilia Burnette;
1979 at Charles tle in respect South-East by land of Wigley Mc-
12~45 p.m. at Laudat of a portion of Pherson; West: by a Public Road
land known as a lot/in the Parish of separating it from land of Mrs.
St.George containing 1.400 acre and Henderrson Bruno.
bcu:-.ed as follows:-North: A drop Request da- Clive for
separating it from land of Lionel 5th Septem- Davis the icsue
Hu tault and Peter Hariette; East: ber 19780 by his of a -irst
Land of heirs of Joseph Matthew; Presented Solicitor Cer-tificate
South: A drop separating it from 28th March Cilma A. of .i'itle in
land of the Commonwealth Development 31979 at M.Dupigny rej~.c of
Corporation; West: Land of Hordge 10.05 a.m. a portion f
Harold and.Richard Bertrand._ land at Calibishie, in the Parish
Request da- Hoise E.equest for of St.Andrew, in the Commaonwealth
ted 17th Graneau the issue of. of Dominica,containing 142 square
January 1979by his a First Cert- feet and bounded as follows:-
Presented .Solicitor ificate of Ti-.North by the Public Road; South by
21st Mirch M.Eugenia tie in respect land of Angle Bontiff; East 1y land
1979. at. Charles of a portion of Eugenia Bontiff; West by an
12.45 p.m. .. of land known Access Road.
as Zoro, a Part of the property of Request da- Clive Request for
Gilbert .Rabess at Atkinson Lot 6 in ted 5th Davis the issue of
the Parish of St.David containing Sept. 1978 by his a Fir'st Cer-
,.155. acres and bounded as follows:- : resented Solicitor tificate of
Ncoth-East; Lands of Nathaniel Rabess;28th March Cilma A. Tille in
South-East: Lands of Henry Auguiste 1979 at iM.Dupigny respec- of
Sd.a Ravine; South-West: Lands of 10.15 aom. a portion of
.iaLord Rabess; West: Lands of Abor- land at "Mi-ddle Ric -e in the Villa&
field Rabess. of Calibbici:e in the arish f St.
Schedule for week ending March list Andrrew in th C--.monwalth of Dom-
Request da- Portwee Request for the inica, containing 4,4C5 a,~:es and
ted 12th Edwards issue of aFirst bounded as follows:- i.or.h: By
March 1979 by his Certificate of lands of Barby Joseph,John E'. .:e
Presented Solicitor Title in res- and Elizabeth Lewis; South: By
02th Mlarch Cilma A. pect of a por- lands of Branch Peter and Hunter
1979 at M.Dupigny tion of land-- Jacob; East: By lands of
53.15 p.m. known as a Lot .H1aisicot an-d Baby Joseph; West: By
at Woodford Hill in the Parish of St. a dry ravine separating it from
Andrew in the Commonwealth of Domin- land of Er:-rest Cyril,.
ica containing 4,122 square feet and Please see Page 5 for CAYEAT L~OTE
bounded as follows:-North-East By .
land of Hunter Abraham;South-East:By MOST OF Ti- INTELIGENT PEOPLE
land of the Heirs of IN DOMINICA
idh BCh r Se ofn amB e -i. READ TEE STji .
North By arndes oBertie Williams .-
North: By land of, Bertie Willjamss, 1


F A 6 3 T- A P- P P i va
COMMONIEALTH OF DOMINICA Schedu--le ror wM.enag, march 31 cad
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT- Request da- Cainson Request for
S(Applications for Certificates of ted 23rd John the issue ,.of
Title contd.from p.4. Schedule for Jan. 1979 by his a Pirst Cer-'
week ending 31st M:ch, 1979). Presented Solicitor tificate of
euest da- M1artin Request for 30th March Cilma A. Title in res-
Ited 13th Labone the issue of a 1979 at M.Dupigny pect of a
March 1979 by his First Certifi- 3000 p.m. portion of
Presented Solici- cate of Title land lnown as a Lot at Salisbury,
22nad March tor Ronan in respect of in the Parish of St.Joseph, in the
1979 at A. David a portion of G0Ioaaealth of Dominica, cotain-
10.20 p.m. of Cham- land at Vew ing 1.185 acres and boundedas f1-
bersj1 Old StRoseaul Town in the lows:- Northr by a Public Road;
Parish of StoGeorge in the Common- East: by Land of Ralford John;
wealth of Dominica containing 1,556 South: by a Ravine separating it
square feet and bounded as follows:- from land of Limost Louis; West:
North-East: By land of Eugie Domini- by land of Bryson Louis.
quc; South-East: By land of Wilsina Request da- Yvonia Request for:
Paul; South-West: By land of Wilsina ted 8thJan- Royer n6e the issue of
Paul and Phyllis Saunders; North- uary 1979 Bruno by a First Cert-
West: By a Public Road separating it Presented her Soli- ificate of
from land of the Roman CatholicChurih0th March citor Title inres-
Request da- Mally Request for the 1979 at Cilma A. pect of a
ted 30th Peltier issue of a First 3=15 p.m. MoDup8jay portion of
June 1977 by his Certificate of land known as a Lot at Woodford
Presented Solici- Title in respect Hill, in the Parish of St.Andrew,
29th March tor M.. of a portion of in the Commonwealth of Domninca,
1979 at Eugenia land known as a containing 142 square feet and
12.40 p.m. Charles residential lot bounded as follows:- North-West:
at Loubiere in the Parish of St. by land of Eileen Benjamin; North-
George containing 1346 square feet East by land of Clifford Dick;
and bounded as follows:- North: Land South-East by land of Robelson Hon-
of Lydia Alexander and Right of Way; ore;South-West by land of Robelson
North East: Public Road; South:Land Hlonore.
of Arthur Edwards; West: Lands of e est da- Sohed.week edg April 7
Aelson Lugay and Carmen Philip. -ruaru t aptiste th issue of
Request da- Christian Request for l by his Sol-
ted 29thlDc- Alexander the issue of '1979- at icitor Cil- i$lcate or
ember 1978 by his a First Cert- 10.45 a.m, ect O a
Presented Solicitor ificate of portion of land known as a Lot in
29th March 'M.Eugenia Title in res- the Town of Portsmouth in the Par-
197,9 at Charles pect of a ish of St.Joh in the Commonwealth
Sof Dominica, cantaiznig 2404 squa e
:12.30 p.m. portion of feet and bounded as olalows:-Norn:
:land at'Bellevue Chopin in the Pariah By a Drain separating it from lands
-of St.George containing 2.V70 acres of Edna idier & Jea Matthew;East.
and bounded as follows:- North-West: bI lands o Shilayoi Vae a
Athanaz Shillibgfora;vl ^
By land of Marian Josei ; North-East: lands of Jean Azille& a Azille;
iy Public Road; South-West: a Footpath West: by land of PhyXis en.jamin.
separating it from land of Earnest ;REGISTRAR'S OFFICE, ROSEAU
Burton; South-East By a Ravine sepa- Randall H.Lockhart, A.Reistrar
rating it from land of Douglas Taylor Aof Titles
and by land of Ralph Rcyer. NOTE: Any person who desires to
object to the issuing of a Certificate of Title on the above Applications
may enter a Caveat in the above Office within six weeks from the first

were made.

Friday. April 6. 1979

TK~ sTnR

Page Five

_ THE S T AR Friday. April 6. 1979


*S*T*A*R*S,*P*O*R*T*S* -Morchriston

TITLES' BY REGISTRATION ACT CGontd. rrom iPage 2: world series
Sche'lule of Application for Certifi- Cricket Kerry Packer's Teams).
cate of Title week ending March31 W.I. CONTINUE TO LICK AUSTRALIA
._(Continued from Page Five) When Rowe replaced Aautin,who had
Reque st da- Joan Blackman Request succeeded Greenidge,the crowd was
ted 20th No nee Julien,Jo- for the was treated. -bo some classy off-
-embe:r 1978 sephine Julien issue of drives from off the front foot
Presented as Personal a First through cover and extra cover as he
OtchMarch Representative Certifi- (Lawrence Rowe) quickly rushed to
1979 at of Winfred JuL- cate of 58 not out to lead West Indies to
3. ;pm. ien also knowa Titlein an 8-wicket victory at 138 for 2'
as 'inifred Julien deceased, respect with more than 10 overs to spare.
eer non JulienVernie Julien, of apor- What are the memories? Pretty
Elf.sie Julien and Bernard Ju- tion of few! Whilst March looked belligerent
liren as tenants, in common in land in but .restrained, no other Australian
eqal shares by their Soli- the tbwn batsman looked good, though Martin
c jtor Cilma A.M.Dupigny. ofoaseau Kent played two fine shots 4.n the
ila the Parish of St.George, in the 4 or 5 balls he faced. The ;icket-
G.ommonwealth of Dominica,containing, keepers, Murray & Marsh were neat &
1i856 square feet and bounded as fol- efficient and seemed to perfoim
:lows:- North-East by land of Charles professionally with minimalx effort.
Bully; South-East by King George St. In the outfield the same sort of
and land of Sydney Bunch; South-West professionallsm prevailed with
by lands of Ideline. Johnson, Sydney fieldsmen hitting the stumps of
Bunch and Upper Lane; North-West by direct throws on several occasions.
lands of Josephine Casimir and Jose- There was a certain reluctance by
phine Joseph. (Caveat Note on p.5) Australian fieldamen to go for runs
... .,. -- even though West Indian fieldsnen
were still chasing in the deep, From all this, it is just hoped that
some of our players picked up some fielding techniques from the match,
IN LOCAL MATCHES, Somerset continued to make a strong bid to retain
the Jeff Charles Shield they won last year when they whipped Snartians
by an innings and 126 runs. Final score: Smaartians 81 & 107. K.
Laurent 2/05 & 4/21, A.Sylvestre 4/40,1,. hiillingford 5/14 & L.Pierre 2/05.
Somerset 314/8 de c.Clem Scotland 92,Lloyd Brade-.2B, R.Cuffy 61. R.
Cuffy 3/49 and A.Robin 3/55. INTERMEDIATE MATCHES: Saints licked Smar-
tians by 87 runs: Saints 184,, Smartians 97. K.Richards 3/11 and H.Sarb-
aroche a/20. *** Domlec earned a alimn 10-run victory over Asta; Domlec
124 runs, Asta 114, ***** BASKETBALL: Flames scored vic. ories oster
Pros il the Senior division of the Basketball esagPe, whilst Pros "e feat-
ed Police 69-0,; and. Lakers won easiya against Pepiz Pioneers. *'***

TABLE TENNIS: A four-man Dominica
team led by fireman Gifford William
left f6r Guadeloupe yesterday to en-
gage in a series of matches. Other
members of the team are J.C.Josephs,
Peterson Charles and Clifton Lewis.
NEW DELHI, INDIA: the House of Parlie
ment here broke up in uproar because
of demands for an obituary address
on the lated hanged Ali Bhutto. "***
Mr.Carter (PresUS) took off price
control from American oil. He admit-
ted it would be a blow to consumers.

Gairy has'apjroached Cuban exE'. ._in
Miami the El Condor group. who
blew up a plane off Barbados to
help him invade Gronada, along with
other groups. JUST LET THEN TRY!
MEDICAL STUlEi TS from US: the first
will arrive here about April 15.200
are expecte"I at Castaways by Sent.
N.Hamlet has been appointed as from
Appri1_l.He was Governor's A.D.C.
Printed & PhhliS he roBhea +rhi v-,T

toua.ay .rs u Comnion -
tor, R.E.Allfrey of iM us CSsf 1.iqef e 3q.iRa Rd Roseau, Common-

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