Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 30, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 30, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: March 30, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Telephone Editor 2610 1 lit.
.O.Box 129, Doninica 0 E M
UK Media Representative -1.,w -
Colin Turner (London)Lt i p Page Two
22 Shaftes:bury Avenue
LT.-on-o.n wr virt.te .VzI.V C,.,it e Po) a Pages. This
_ ....... .. glanzd d-i. ..l: .a: .A.i..ey W,; k

V EAXXTTT- o.D 1 ETiK NOTrch 30th, 1979 FLftAe 15

!'The Dominica Freedom Party advises
the patrick fohn regime that the
only way to prevent revolution in
Dominica is to stop cheating thd
people ef their right to vote."
This is a sentence in the Dominic,
Fr@edom Pnrty's statement on Region-
al Security Force in our Special
.Supplement i. We suggest that all
people In Dominica read this state-
ment, wherever it m'y appear, and
think it over carefully and quick-
ly.' These are days when anything
might happen.
r The best things the present. 'ov-
.ernment can do at once are (a) trn-
sfer Uhief Electoral Officer Winston
Fond to another department whete tis
devotion to the ruling power will
show to better advantage; .-nd ..tran-
sfer Miss Roma Harris, convicted of
twn electoral offences but w-p3d
clean by the Prcr-'otive of Mercy
to yet another spot. Incidentally,
we asked a visiting Englishman if
the Prerogative of Mercy was ever
invoked in magistrates court offen-
ces- in Britain and he burst out
laughingh'-hjat's for death sentences
... hanging'," he said. "And nowad-
ays when there's no hanging, not
even .for anything." Now we ask
our readers to compare the facts
in Alister Hughes article with
OUR facts -- p.nd form their wn l:
conclusions.E'en the lost keys'.

"As you now hav9 complete control
of land in the Reserve, and could
still own land and obtain work out
out of the Reserve you av be
regarded as the most important
people in the C/wlth of Dominice."

By-" a single vote (two Irish MPs
abstained.), James Callaghan'-s
minority Govt. fell this week:
general :election May 3rd.
It is likely that Britain will
have a woman Prime Minister as
a well as a woman Queen. And, sorry'
- as we feel for Caiiaghan, who has
truly done his best to.keep down
inflation and.stop rising unemploy-
ment, we should certainly vote for
her. regardless of her Party's
faults.-The House of .Commonns. vote
was Conservative 311 t bour 310.

The house of Mr. Rupert Lloyd was
destroyed in upper ath Rd. and 2
other nearby buildings damaged today.

m s,. amen w ..I.L n ..., F'*^-& -,. o !,2 u,.ii g .
morning and lunh.ViP greetings.

H 1NG-I-ONc, DominicDe We have rec-
eived several letters and phone
calls on our report last week.0ne
correspondent writes: Hong K~~ is.
vul.gar, and the name is a symbl
of corruption;, another says "fancy
Government giving away for 99 years
45t square miles of OUR land!" A 3rd
writer queries why the whole'very
serious 'deal' was not brought
before the House of Assan ly; and
religious readers utterly condemn
the idea of casinos. "Black Nat-
ionalist" writes "I suppose only
white Americans will be allowed to,
gamble in those casinos".
We do agree with one writer in
particular: this is a national
matter which should have been dis-
cussed in the House of Assemnbly.
It is aorse, than SmIny Islanr

__ ___ _1_


Pr~idav. March ~30. -1979

THE BALLOT AND THE BULLET by Alister Highes. tear-gas peaceful anti-
Recent, developments in Grenada Gairy crowds.
are undesirable. The bullet has re- Even worse than physical vio-
placed the ballot. There are tremen- lence, perhaps, was Mr.Gairy's
dous risks involved in the use of abuse of ths electoral system.
force of arms and it is unfortunate His Supervisor of Elections was a
that Grenadians have changed their Civil Servaat and that man took no
Government by a military coup rather independent decisions. The Voters'
than by the democratic process. Lits were not revised annually as
It must be asked, however,whether required by "law, thousands of eli-
a choice between these two methods' gible youths were denied oppor-
was still available to Grenadians. tunities to register and, when re-
C0uld they go to the polls' in free vision was done, great difficult-
and fair elections? The right to ies were put in the way of the Op-
throw Mr.Gairy out or retain him,was position and of suspected anti-
that still in the electorate's hands? Gairy people.
Or, was the electoral system so sub- For instance,the Supervisor of
averted that the ballot box was a Elections signed an order on the
farce? 6th of this month for a revision
Answers to these questions are in to commence the next d-., This
the fact that, as long ago as 1970, was not even a full day s notice.!
Mr. Gairy resorted openly to. offic- Only 10 days were given fo 'revis-
ial violence to crush opposition, ion and publicity was not given to
In a national broadcast then, he ini the notice until the evening of
vited men, "regardless of their rec- first day. Nobody knew a revision.
ord", to join in the "defence" of was taking place'r.l
his Government. And he boasted that Key Lost
he had recruited "some of; the rough- That was not all. The Opposition
est and toughest of roughnecks" complained that,on the second day,.
Most Westindians regarded this de- most of the Registration Offices
liberate move to violence as another were closed. This column made a
of Mr.Gairy's eccentricities.We ddzit personal check and discovered that
then what we know now. This was no the St.Georges Registration office
eccentricity and, four years later, was closed. Protest to the Super-
the Duffus Gommissioners revealed visor of Elections got nothing but
the "unspeakable atrocities" these the statement that the key was
roughnecks committed in "defence"of lost!.'
Mr. Gairy's Government. Against that background, the at-
Terror tempt to arrest and =nmobilise
These criminals were under MrI the New Jewel Movemont (AJM) sader-
Gairy's personal control, the Cor- ship during the course of the
missioners reported. He recruited "revision" of the Voters' Lists in-
them himself and their qualification dicatels another of MrG,Cairy's der-
was their "known disposition for ices to "cook" those lists.It s
violence". According to the Commis- at this stage that Mr.Maur.ico Bish-
sioners, these thugs unloosed a op and his NJM colleagues drdpped
"veritable reign of terror" and Op- out of sight to reaear so; Cram-
position politicians, tradeunionists, atically on March 183U.
journalists and others suffered. Undesirable as it has been to
These are not circumstances in have to resort to a mWlitary coup,
which free and fair elections could IJM has given Grenadi~ns another
be held, but there was even more.Mr. chance to operate a dcmoc-.ay.
Gairy also used the Police-to terror- But, there is a lesson to be learn-
ise. Dawn searches were common for ed. Our communities a.e' our ::ipon-
those who opposed him, and, in 1974, asi-bity f we r t an
in a display of absolute ruthlessness,9 as ; 4g e4to Ec? T
Police were sent to shoot at and B ter unscrupulou3 policciana may
force us to abandon the ballot for the bullet.



Pame Two

Special .SupDlement i TT A, R FPiday. March 50. 1979
The Dominica Freedom Party hereby declares its opposition to the
decision taken at the WISA Heads of Governments meeting in Antigua
seeking tn establish a regional security force to police internal .
unrest in each state.
This is a step even more retrcgede than a return to Associated
Statehood under which Britain was responsible only for external
The Dominica Freedom Party protests that now, less than six
months after independence, plans should be afoot to organise extern-
al forces to interfere with the internal affairs of the sovereign
state of the Commonwealth of Dominica.
The Dominica Freedom Party opposes the employment of mercenaries
or thags to perpetuate in power this corrupt government of Dominica.
Obviously these plans are intended simply to provide armed force to
protect the leadership from the people, rather than protecting the
people from external aggression or internal unrest.
The Dominica Freedom Party advises the Patrick John regime that
the only way to prevent revolution in Dominica is to stop cheating
the people of their vote.
Finally we demand that the people be given reasons why the Gov-
ernment of Dominica is refusing to acknowledge that there is a new
government in Grenada headed by Maurice Bishop. Other Prime Ministers
have made statements on the subject and we question Mr.John's silence.
Is it because of his strong personal friendship with the deposed
Eric Gairy? Or is it because of the similar methods both leaders
have used to deprive the people of their rights? Or can it be
because Dominica's legal adviser at the recent WISA meeting is a
Grenadian known to be a diehard supporter of the Gairy regime?
If the excuse is unconstitutionality, that argument holds no
ground, for the manipulation of the ballot is no pore constitutional
than th.. use of the bullet.
22nd March, 1979 Leader of the Opposition.

DOMINICA FREEDOM PARTY : Motto--"No one is truly Free who does not
Its First aim: upT o El t1-r. work for the Freedom. of others".
Qold the basie principles of free-
Go the basic incipesn all these aims the attitude of
freedom aoi' Fxpression. Party is:
Ereedom. cf worship PEOPLE BEFORE POWER
(There are 5 other aims, which we AND THINGS.
shall, rint next woek).
I I I a

I GOD is in the bright blue sky
Where the gay clouds move swiftly by.
He is with the stars on high
Twinkling, winkling in the say.
H?'s where the sun'sa effulgent rays
Meet.the jranoing rushing wind
And the sapphire waters of the Caribee,
All frolicking quite amicably..
He is on Morne Pitons' tops
(A reminder of the Holy Trinity)
Sometimes quite clear, free of raindrops.
II GOD is in the green, wooded vale
In the ravine rushing down the dale.
He's in the vari-coloured flowers
That dangle and dance over the bowers.
He is with the busy hummingbird
EnjQing the nectar of flowers.
He is with the gentle ground dove
Cooing softly in the forest.
He is with the siffleur montagne
Whistling sweetly so far away...
All singing His praises.
III GOD is in the soul of simple folk
Under the weight of their daily yoke.
He is with the hungry, the sufferer,
With the honest rich, the despised poor,
All to protect and all to succour.
Praise be to Him; all Him adore,
He is in the stillness of the night
Where all is peaceful, all. at rest,
Free of bustle, free of tussle.
Some are dreaming, some are praying.
IV I see GOD. Bethlehem's peerless Babe
Born of Mary, the virgin immaculate.
I see GOD: the Divine Healer,
Healing the lame, casting out devils.
I see GOD: the persecuted Messiah,
Scourged and crucified for sinners.
I see GOD; the resurrected Saviour,
Conqueror of Sin and Death and .ell. .
I see him here, there, everywhere,
In weather foul and weather fair,
Midst sorrow and joy and tear,
And my heart is free of fear.
V We beseech Thee, good Lord:
Lead us from danger's path.
Spare us from Why wrath.
Raise us from the depth of sorrow.
Wash us in the "pool of Siloe".

- J.R. Ralph Casriir

I~lii~;s. I\lIaL'ch 30, 1979

'J7 HE S 71 A. R

,SnAr.iR~ ,C~unTllc~mFtrLf. ii

~WF rmAP

THINK THIS OVER, RTC!-.Iugh Lawren, Schedule for wk.endg. 24 March
Passing one Monday morning from 14equest la Loulsa Request
the General Post Office to the CDC ted 13th Clementina for the
Office, I noticed so many vehicles March 1979 Martins nde issue of
around the Old Market. I had a bit Presented John Baptiste a First
-of difficulty in crossing, so I ma st March 1V7 her Soli"- Certifi-
up my mind to suggest to the Roseau 1979 at zitor Cilma cate of
Town Council a step it might take 11.45 a.m, A..M.Dupig Y_ Title in
to avoid this nuisance and at the respect of a portion of land at
same time co3.lect some money. Citronnier in the Parish of St,
The. old railings on both sides of- George in the Commonwealth of Dom-
the area shoTyld be removed and sold, inica, containing 1184 square feet,
thus allowing'vehicles from Pointe. and wounded as follows:- lorth: by
Michel, Soufiere and Grandba^ to.. land of Madona Balson; South: by
park colle.ctir.g a small ;ee from land of. Mrs. Hartie Poxnd; West: by
each at (sar) 25 cents, the Sea; East: by the Public Road
If this is done,. by year's end separating it from land of Jim
about 402,OCQ more or less would be mas=mO.
in RTC s cc.ffera. The energetic Request da- Maurice Request for
Mayor and .Uembers may not turn down ted 27th Kioberts the i ofe of
this advioe-. Any comment? H.L. Dec. 1978 by his a F-ti azt Cer-
Presented Solici- tifJ .- te of
A, god i.~dja: Editor. 21st March tor M. Title in res

Schedule of Application for Certi-
fidate o:r Title and Noting thereon
for week endiniz 17th March. 1979.

Request da- Steadman Request for
te 24t;h Alexander the issue of
Jan. 19r79 by his a First Cer-
Present ed Solicitors tificate of
L2th March Armour, Title inres-
1979 ait Armour & pect of a
Qm.Q5 .ELm. IHarris portion of

1979 at rjiAgenia ject of a
12.15 p.m. Charles po-rotion cf
land known as a lot at Warner in .I
the Parish of St.Paul, containing
0,.80 acre and bounded as fcjllows:-
iorth-East: Land of Clara Th.`cmas;
South-East: A Ravine. sepa-rsatl.g it
from lands of Neriessa I~ihc-.a an.d
Bottie LeBlanc; South-West Land of
Orrick John; North-West: Land of
Raeigh Morgan & a Ravine separating
it from land of'Mottie LeBlanc,

land a-t Wesley in the Parish of St. S Rec is -. Vaughn questt ior
Andrewv containing 4,480 square feet te 7th Fb- Davs the isae of
and boU.aded, as follows:- On the ruary 1979 by his, a first Cer-
North- Weat and'South-West by land of Presented Solicitormificate of
Charl4s Samuel; On the South by laj)th March Cilma .`. itle ree-
ofr Al:.phaeus Allick and Majtha Thoma 1979 at M.oDuigy pect ., a
and 'O. the North-East by a by-road 0 arm. _____or *,ioi of
separating it from land of Cornelius land at Sams GiutterMarigot, in the.
Harney- and. land of Patrick Wright. Parish of St.Andrew, i. t; he Ct .m .-
yft-Ttweeb eina- wealth bf Dominica, containtDa.a& ~94
Requ-st -da- Vaughn Request for acres and bounded as fol.ow-ro---_sorth
ted #;nd Oct. Davis the issue of by lands of The Heirs of Mar, Alfred
1979. Pre- by his a First Cert- and Hilda Linton; East by land of
sented 21st Solicitor ificate of Ti- Ivy Provost; South-West by laris. of h 1979at Cilma A. tle in res- ethodst M a b
Went b land of pl 0
11.30 a.m. M.DupignA pect of ap tb la. of Sylvi Richar .
tio:,i of land at Sams Gutter,Marigot, B.a FeiL ; o yn Ao~s l;
in the Parish of St.Andrew,in the hael elix South by an Aecess
omonwealth of Dominica, containing road earati it from lands of
ong d.riin JTQso & Clive Lew* West
17, 050 square feet and bounded as y lands o bfneon Carlbon d
f0to.lows:.- North-West by land of Hay- ,iu hOa,------.
dell Robinson; North-East by land of VLr Caveat lote Pl ase see Page 5


~i~ntA~T+ Illlnn~h 9n 7 a)7Q



Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title a, d voting thereon
for week end ing 04th Marbh. 1979
te of Person j nature of Ro-
eai2s C.f-1ir t3An i quest whether
or a Cortificate' of Title or Noting
hereoi or Caveat.
request da- Licnel iApplication of
ted ,7th Hurtault Lionel Iurtault
January 979 by his for the issue
Presented Solicitor of a First Cer-
21st March M.Egenlia tificate ofTi-
1979 at Charles tie in respect
12.45 pm._ alt Laudat of a portionof
land known as a lot/in the Parish of
St.George containing 1.400 acre and
bounded as follows:-North: A drop
separating it from land of Lionel
Hurtault and Peter Hariette; East:
Land of heirs of Joseph Matthew;
I South: A drop separating it from.
land of the Commonwealth Development
Corporation; West: Land cf Hordge.
Harold and Richard Bertranida,
Request da~ Hoise Request for
ted 17th Graneau the issue of
January 1979 by his a First Cert-
Presented Solicitor ificate of Ti-
21st March M.Eugenia tie in respect
1979 at Charles of a portion
12.45 pm. of land known
as Zoro, a Part of the property of
Gilbert Rabess at Atkinson Lot 6 in
the Parish of St.David containing
3.155 acres and bounded as follows:-

_LA a F_ iday ,March 30, 1979
Schedule .for wk.ending March 31 ctd

Request da-
5th Septem-
ber 1978
28th March

by his
Cilma A.

iRequest for
the issue
of a First
of Title in

1979 at M.Dupigny. respect of
10.05 a.m. I__a portion c
laI at Calibishie, in the Parish
of St.Andrew, in the Commonwealth,
of Dominica,containing 1482 square
feet and bounded as follows:-
North by the Public Road; South by
land of Angie Bontiff; East by lai
of Eugenia Bontiff; West by an
Access Road.
Request da- Olive Request for
ted 5th Davia the issue of
Sept. 1978 by his a First Cer-
Presented Solicitor tificate of

o .n-~iast: Landas o0 atna.iaieL .aDess;28th March Cilma A. Title in
South-East: Lands of Henry Auguiste 1979 at M.Dupigny respect of
and a Ravine; South-West: Lands of 10r15 a.m. a portion of
Elford Rabess; West: Load.s of Abor- laid at "Middle Ridge in the Villag
field Rabe-. of Calibishle in the Parish of 'St.
Schedule: week ending March 3st Andrew in the Commonwealth of Dom-
Request da- Portwee Request for the inida, containing 4.405 acres axd
ted 12th Edwards issue of aFirst bounded as follows;- borth: By
March 1979 by his Certificate of lands of Baby Joseph,John Etiennb
Presented Solicitor Title in res- and Elizabeth Lewis; South: y6
26th March Cilma A. pect of a por- lands of Branch Peter and Hunter'
1979 at M.Dupigny tion of lan Jacob; East: By lands of GibrI~a
3.15 p _.m. known as a Lot llssiacot and Baby Joseph; West: By
at Voodford Hill'in t'e Parish of St. a drY ravine separating it from
Andrew in the Commonv j olth of Domin- land of Ernest Cyril.
ica containing 4,122 square feet and Please see Page 5 forI CAEAT NOTE
bounded as follows:-North-East By
land of Hunter Abraham; South-East:By M OST OF THE IT.LLIGEiT PEOPIE
land of the Heirsf Jan es Aer IN DOMINICA
dd Chgar tos 1. R lF READ) 'TE STR
.North: By land of Bertie Williams. _



. I I


Request da- Laureen Request for
ted 23ird Stephen .the issue of
Oct. 19 ,9 by his a First Cer-
roesentsd Solicitor tificate of
26th March Cilma A. Title ianres-
1979 at M.Dujpigny pect of a
3.20 p.m.i portion of
land at Ma'ssacre, in t e Parish of.
St.Paul, in the Commonwealth of
Dominica, containing 1052 square
feet and bounded as follows;-,
NIorth: by land of-Watson Cochran;
East: by land of Cecilia Burnette;
South-East by land of Wigley Mc-
Pherson; West: by a Public Road
separating it from land of Mrs.
Henderscon Bruno.

Page Four



Friday, March 50, 1979 T H E S T A R Page Five
COiflMOIWEALTH OF DOMI IGA Applic. of Vaughn Davis contd.
TITLE BY RE-r-OTRATNONI ACT h itweek endigag_ arch_ 4 g-
Schedule of Application rur cartifi- orth-VWot by land of Eayden Ri(o-
cate of Title and Noting thereon inson; i;orith]-East by land of James
for week endi tng 1t March 1979. Sylvester; East by land of Raphisl
Date offie- Person Iinature of Re- Felix; South by an Access Road sep-
Pesent et whether rating it from lands of Loderick
S^ Certificate of Title or HotingJoseph and Clive Lewis; West by
ti>.- oi, or Caveat V i lands of Simeon Carlton and Beulah
: e qui s'tTa- Chris t opher Request for jThomas.
t,' 29th Williams & the issue ofRe Iest da- Torrey Request for
December Judith Wil- a First Ceri-ted 19th Leavery the issue of
S.'B8. liams by tificate of aMarch,1979 Charles a Frst Cert-
Spresented their Soli- Title in Presented by his ificate of i-
20th March citor Cilmal respect ofa'21st March Solicitor tle in respect
1979 at A.M.DupigUy portion of 31979 at Cilma A. of a .Porion
9-55 a.m. land know ll~.Q aumO M.Durgn of land at
al Lot 7 aituate at Castle Bruce jWesley, in the Pariahfof St.Andrew,
Village, in the Parish of StDavid, iin the Commonwealth of Dominica,
n. the Commonwealth of Dominica, icontainlig 1840 square feet and bomu-
containing 3412 square feet and ed' as follows:- 4orth-East by land
bounded as follows:- North-East by of Keleh Richards; South-.West by la
Lot 6; South-East by a Public Road. of Noreen Bvrnette; Morth-WVest by a
separating it from land of the anan Public Road; East by land of Keleb
Catholic Church; South-W(st by a Ricards.
Public Road separating .t from land B -,S.R CF.. PI.. ~Wf SAU -"
of the Roman Catholic Church;North- Rajl HLockhart, ABg.egistrar of
Wet__by Lot 5t Titles.
Reduest da- VaugL- Request for OTE: Any person who desires to ob-
ted 7th Feb- Davls,4k the issue o .ect to the issuing of a Certificate
ruary,1979 'by his a First Cer of Title on the above Applications
Presented Solicitor tificate of may enter a Caveat in the above of-
20th March Cilma A. Title inres fice within six weeks from the first
1979 at 10 am MDupigny pect of a appearance of these Schedules in the
portion of laid at Sa;.s Gutter,Mari Star newspaper published in this
got, in the Parish of St.Andrew, in country or from the date when the
the Commonwealth of Dominica, contain, notice prescribed by law was last
ing 1.894 acres and bounded as fol- 1 served on any occupant of adjoin-
IEows:- north cy lands of The Heirs ing lands in respect of which these
iof LMano Alfred and Hilda Linton; Applications were made.
tEast by land of Ivy Prev-3t; South- ._ ---- .
lWest by lards of Methodist Mission i NOTICE' OF 'APPLICATION
'and Anom Ruoin; Weet by land of
Reqauesta- Vaughn eoest for To the Magiotrate, Dist "E"
ted nd Davis the isiue of I, Marie Gabriel Charles now
October Solicitor a First Cert residing at Trafalgar Parish
197q Cilma A. ificate ofTi of St.Georges do hereby give you
Presented M. Dupigny tie in :l 2 c notice that it is my intention to
21st March of a portion alprly at the Magistrate's Court
19'7 at 0 land at to be hzld at Roseau on Monday
0 mai .c Gutt:r, the 2ad -day of April 1179 ensuing
Ma ..., in te arishof St-. rew for a AL LICi
in the Commonwealth of Dominica, co: respect of pre permias at
Itaining 17,050 square feet and Tr- | -falgar aish of StGecrgas.
bounded a1 s follows:- (-1e nextcoxt Dated the 14th Day of March 1979.
I Olwe:- (,,e ext o* I-

Page Six THE S TAR Friday, March 50, 1979
CRICKET: Kerry Packer World Serice POR LIQUOR LICTJhBZ
Cricket continues to dominate in the To th Magistrate, Dist. "E"
West Indies as their 1st Caribbean
tour nears its end.* Angry Guyanese I, Hesketh Jno Baptiste now re-
crowds protested, not understanding siding at T-afalg-ar Paris.h of
the protracted start of their super St.Georges; io hereby give ynU
tests after the 1st two days were notice that it is my intention
lost to rain. They rampaged; the 3rd, to apply at' the Magistra'te.'s
day also went without play.Result Court to be held at Roea.. on
a.3-day supertest ending in the most Monday the 2nd day of A il 1 979,
triilal of draws. ensuing for a Tavern Licqp '
AUSTRALIA put in to bat first on a Licence in respect of niy premises
good Bourda wicket, fought for every at Trafalgar. Parish of iSt oGorges.
run in the first 2 sessions as the- Dated the 14th day of L-eh 1979.
W.I.speed quartet -Roberts,Holding,
Croft & Garner bowled tight lines. ORESTRY WEK .D,,
Thanks to Greg Chappell's masterful. Although w were pve by rain
.nd lack or a veh ce at o, tire
113,Australia reached 341. Joel Gar- fom endC r he Lc Eany
gom attending the c comng ostony
ner returned 3/60,Colin Croft 2/74, in the Botanical Gars -..- i
M.Holding 2/54 and Collis King 2/46. attend the Exhibition, *,wi:h rsi
* In their turn, the West Indies .:. most interesting anrd 7, --re
treated the large, appreciativeEourda l-a. e l to sre nn -.e.... tre,
crowd to a profusion of strokes., as material on show. A goe- effort:
several batsmen registered their w r hope it will be a yearly ffon
highest scores scintilatingly. Pick pe t e a ye
of the batsmen was easily Collis POM PORTSMOUTH, B.S. writes:-
King who hit 110 in 148 mins. with Nothing much new here., but contro-
16 four and 2 sixes. D.Murray,V. versies almost all over the wcozld.
Richards,L.Rowe,G.Greenidge and Chive: Uganda is now under hellfir PRho-
Lloyd all joined in the attack as. desia is suffering; Jnamaica is
the West Indies put on a run feastof catching hell. Antigua. is bl.e--black.
476.For Australia,Jeff Thomson 4/84 As for Grenada, they are right in
and Len Pascoe 3/120. In their 2nd the lead. Dominica next, she is just
innings Australia were 117 for 3 snoring, perhaps preparations
when the match ended.Croft 2/31. to blow up. The two kainar (Ct.V &
Late news: lan Chappell was 'fined St.K.)are not too comfortable eitsr'
$125 in a Guyana Magistrate's Cqurt A i*: O t 3rd Saint (St.Lis sinmrering.
for abusing a Guyanese:plea:edguiltyo. L"-rb.u-t 7r7-T f, et,-m----- .
AUSTRALIA vs PAKISTAN: Australia led to t- topo 0 ~'T, *.,egoir< ;eag1e,
by Kim Hughes (G.Yallop was injured) ea enctunt,. er tho o al; s.
led his side to an exciting 7 wicket Scores: a 14,14tiae, 4,
victory over Pakistan in Australia. ~ o an o gJules el
Two-match series drawn one-all.Scores 26 foo 9 de ad .Dur 54
Pakistan 277 & 285;Australia 327 & A.Shillingford 55, Y.St ean /5 '
236 for 3. E.rancis 3/27 & D.Toussain.d 2/40
SHELL SHIELD: Barbados took a firm INTERMEDIATE: Conquierors beat Pol-
grip of the 1979 series,beating the ice A team by 29 runs.Celtic United
Combined is. by 4 wickets after they lost to Agparians by 5 wickets.
had conceded 1st innings points at BASKETBALL: Cash'n'Carry Cardinals
won over 1978 d chm
the Recreation Grounds in Antigua. 8-6Ot 9bheat Ma e&l o
ScoreA: Combined Is. .220 and 139. 5-.- : s r a ,
Irving Shillingford 65,Derek Parry wk Seior Pros beat akers6 i.
59 & 45 n.o. Barbados 209 and 151 Printed Pblished b- -- ----
for 6. C.Payne S9. -Grayson Shilling-r~ t E ~ t
ford 4/22 and D.Parry 5/65.(nxt cor) w~ait o Domiic. Wes"in" ,
I________________ Domiailrrlca Ytied' _dies..

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