Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 23, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 23, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: March 23, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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'EW YORK 21. N. YA

Telephone Editor 26:10 T HUGs onTS &
PO Box 129, Dominica A 1 BJLOTS p&
UK Media Represent ative "I BULLETS pos-
Colin Turner(Lond&d.) .g ted last Eridayhas
i122 Shaftesbu1ry Avenue Vir+ ute Duce .cc omite pForturanot reached us yet.
'Loudr on V 8-HA .ngland t:Fr.-.,l :52 S__________
Vo.l XVII No. 12 'iUay, li rch 2 d, 19 Fiftee C tnts 15
This. is h~b. th EDCs (Lesser Devel- ....
CThisis hnte Ds (Lesser Devel- On February 9, 1979, Prime Minister
oped Countries;re beipg described Jobh, Dep P.M. Henckel Christian
in Dominica today,says John Spector. and Attorney General Leo Austin
Our readers may know why the Dominii signed a Free Port Contract with
ea Government does not want to rec- Texas-based Caribbean Southern Cor-
ognise the new Revolutionary Gover- portion in Roseau. It extends for
nment of Grenada: They feel that it 99 years. It creates "a new entity"
might encourage others here to try Dominica Caribbean Free Port Author-
an 'armed coup' to recover their ity, to control. aid administer all
human eit.i ers rights and freedoms. commercial activity in the new Free
Britain, the tUBA, Jamaica & Barba.doorit, which covers 45 square miles
have recognized the Bishop GoverIr 2j i provides total freedom from
The -Poor Little Dumb Cowards havCtaxres, duties. and governmental char-
two temporary choices: () to repent Iges to all persons and businesses
their sins and give us back our fxee~within the area.
doms and rights or .(2) to build uppi IVr.Don Pierson, Chairman of the
massive army of Police & Defence Free Port Authority and chief exee.
Force, to increase their dictators officer of Caribbean Southern Corp,.,
"Necessity is the plea for every has. indicated that he expects radio
infringement of human freedom. It i and television stations, hotels,eas-
the argument of tyrants: it is the inos, banks, and other resort facil-
ereed of slaves."- William Pitt. ities to be among the first bruaines-
After a single political party ses operating in the new Free Port.
has been in power for a year or so, Several licenses have already been
the leaders feel that they are the granted by the Free Port Authority,
p2Jpeople who can run the country and active building plans are on.
and that any politician in.;oppositio Mr.Pierson, who paid a courtesy
is a traitor. Stemming from this at call on the STAR following our share
titude (paying lip-service to human series of las week, saa "we were
rights and freedoms),instead of re- queries of laess week, saya "we were
rights and. freedoms),instead of re- attracted to Dominica primarily by
pealing old repressive laws (many the businesslike attitude'of the
of them -ia Dominica's case being Government, which is stable,freely
colonial legislative acts) start on elected, and structured along the
the downward path of reducing hllan lines of the British Parliamentary
rights through nauseating little system. The Government Officials
tricks. Thus Eric Gairy deceived, en have'shon an eagerness to develop
slaved, corrupted & impoverished t their country,and foreign business-
people of Grenada, men are welcomed."(Comment next week
Similarly, aur Government remains .
in power by use..of the radio spill- PORTSMOUTH JETTY COLLAPSES
ing lies & half; -he Oppositior The jetty went down under a laden
is unable to defend itself by re- truck of Hucksters fruits on 19th
buttal over "national radio". Elect- March.Fortunately no-one was hurt.
ions are won by fiddling the ballot the jetty's wood was rotten.
boxes & refusing to register certa-i We regret having had to leave out 2
eligible voters. (More on this sub- Certificates of Title and one very
ject next week J.S. interesting letter from -ughLawren.e.

U K E 8 T AR Priday, March 959

H g -- *




SApplic. by Steadman Alexander ctd

eek ending 17th March 1979 otd.

Applicatipns are invited for the i. ;amuel; On the South by land of
bost of Cost/Management Accountant Alphaeus Allick and Martha Thomas;
at Dominica Coconut Products Ltd. and On the cNrth-East by a by-road
The successful applicant will be separating it from land of Cornelius
a member of the management team Harney and Jl1 d of Patrick Wright.
and must hold a professional quali- Request da- Louisa Request
fiction (either A.C.A., A.C.C.A., ted 13th Clemeiitina for the
A.C.M.A., or A.C.I. .) with exper- March 1979 Martins n&e issue of
ienoe in the sop industry at man- Presented' John Baptiste a i'Prst
agament level. C" 4 I1~ March by her Soli- Certifi-
..979 at, citor Gilma cate of
The job requires a Sound knowluedgA 7 at ir Cma caTte of
of itodard coasting, inventory con Title in
trol. and production planning. The esect of a portion Of land at
lCitronnier in the Parish of St.George
ability to supervise and co-ordin- '
ate accounting staff is essential, in the Commonwealth of Dominica,conm-
Salary and benefits, according to training 1184 square feet, and bound-
ed as follows:- North: by landi pf
Qualification and eaerience, are dona Balson; South: by land, f Mrs
negotiable. Hartie Pond; West: by the ea; East:
*Write with full details of age, by the.:iublic Road separating it
qualification and experience to: lgom land of Jim Casimir-.
The Managing Director, Request da- .3Like the Applic of
Dominica Coconut Products Ltd., ted 27th Louisa C.Martins,this
P.O.Box a1 Dec.1978 Applicat ion was pre-
Roseau. Presented sented in the week
Unsuitable applications will not b 21bs March endng.tth March 19 7
2t979 at Maurice Reeque-t for I
acknaoledged. 4- U15 pm Roberts the issue
L.iaIJ AJ M ~ ~ J~1

JUst rub on o

The Insect Repellant jin stick Pa
form ... and relax in comfort ac

per stick

J ___ _______509 22 Jtc
h t d l- f l^ t4 i f1. _P_ 1 4 4

. -,A4.Bol cJioU.bU" M I aI._. a First I
genia Oharles Certificate
Title in respect of a portion of
nd known as a lot at Warner in the
rish of St.Paul, containing 0.580
re and bounded as follows:- North-
st: Land of Clara Thomas; South-
st: A Ravine separating it ftom
nds of Neriesa Nichnlas & Bottie
Blanc; South-West: Land of C rick
hn; North-West: Land of Raei~J Mor-
n and A Ravine separating, it from
ad of Mottie LeBlan I.c

ceu u .L e.o j- c o o e P or uaveat eote, please see jp" 7
ficate of Title and Noting thereon ---
for week ending 1m March, 1979. NOTICE OF APPLICATION
Request da- Steadman Reqeuotfor FOR LIQUOR LICENCE
ted 24th Jan- Alexander the issuece To the Mpgistrate, Dist ""
uary 1979 by his a First Cer-
Presented Solicitors tificate of Heasketh Jno.Baptiate now
12th March Armour, Title in residing at Trafalgar Parish of
1979 at Armour & respect of St.Georges do herejay give you
10.05 a.m. Harris a portion notice that it is my intention
of land at WesCley in the parish of to apply at the Magistrate's
St.Andrsw containing 4,480 square ft Court to be held at Reoeau on
and bounded as follows:- Qp. .theNorth- Monday the 2nd day of April,1979,
West and Sbouth West' Crles using for a Tavern Liuor LICENCE
(^ontinued.nnexcolum)1 in aspect of mpemies at
g ~irh of SS*eorges, fat.

--- lnrjt


I__ __ j _

Y4nWfFul- -- -'-



P.O. BOX 13





The Coiipany hat. been doing its utmost to from ekius .
too heavyY an inoreaae in the electricity rates. Econorm.i. fe ...;~
oconomir have been made, in all departments. Por example w'., hav, btc-
piurohar:ng second, hand transformers and generators whnc.v',r w.: :ul-,3
bec.ausc of the very high price of now, modern equipment. How,:v'r,
we cannf t go on indefinitc:iy with such a policy, without tnti'.tt' t hi
efficiew y of the service we have undertaken to supply. 'I) '(N.Tft) OT HE
A PROFcrI SRVICEH This would mean (A) NEGLECT; (B) jir1lt..f-.,"' ,
(c) BLAu-.oUTrs.

The infrequent breakdown of power supply that a.e' l it:ly t.
ohcur at ,the moment are the result of bad weather, rotrkfalls, flood,
or vart'de.Lam on the ii:ies, and can be fairly,easily,aid quickly d.:iA:l.:
1w th by
If We hegl'rot our maintenance progrannme and af w *" flfl ot : ( .
tb repli.o iutworn machinery and equipment, the breakdown : :t b ol ::
entirel different kiL.., anst it will be harder and harder, r.rti fv tlh
situati(.n, ltd ih the end, impoas.ble.

:"o:ordingly, the :;ew rates will be cal -ulaticd n, rn. er r4.dr orn
,and afte

(A) F

Ap.riies to 11 .1 '?ectricity supplied for electric liahtin, lo
peinises to which thel Industrial Rate is applioabilc and, uypon
the onsoJleww octr..ted a s requesting in writing, to all olec-
tricity espiplied +o any oth&e premises at 35.5 oen+:; per unit,
Eubtiut to ti mair.umlli monthly charge of $2.00.

2(vth Mar'ch, V.

Dear Cion




It will not bc a. Surprise to you to hear that. r;caf'
orf EVERYTHING have gone up, and up, and up again over -!th la:' year
or ac., Housewives know all about this already, and are." r'."minded
everytime they do their weekly shoppir*. Motor-car owncr!r kI ,w how
sach aqre they have to pay for spare parts to maintain ih'ir :':hicl:e
in proper condition. Dominica Electricity Service' Ltd., knio.w :nAl
about it too, when faced with increased shipping charge-s;, pr'.ce-
hiket3 in the cost of fuel and material, the boost of up-drtAiring of
1snmlntial equipment, wage increases for Company employe:-'i, t.tfc. 1tcA.
And we,also, Mtust maint.Ain our equipment in a proper condi: tirn.

,. e. ~air'bound, equipment ,o r, ..l :
outworn af"ilaida et.Cpet4 and materials h0evh:)ver ('j:i v(.ciip. tht,
prici, because t we o not soon ierewul ID powf: it na mor''
and more frI'tuent intervals, and then, inevitably, comr.! ct;e br.eakdowntr
of power alupply, as has recently been experienced in s couiiitr not
far away from DoT inica, where proper maintenance was ngflEYTed.

(3) W IBB th AAvt
Applies to all eletrrloity sptlUed to preialaea uwed oolusively
for private t sioeetial pt #obe in cane whaer thMe on.tner
concerned has not re~qitd in tWifting to be charged t the
Lighting RAUt, Ms follows:5-

tcsbjecta to a itnimun monthly oharg

( ) at ; .
(C) nammnt
Aoplies to all eletritity supplied Oftehretr than for electri
light to oSV' pr'tisn on whoh there aI P tMe if ld tar the purpose
of a manuf oteri-g industry, iatite motes having ta agagree
maximum power out*t M ing of not the than t boraic nowr aMed
ano normally in n betwdt n sth hours of 6Cps.,00 artd 40,0 p.m.
as follows-o

a rviofe. Oher of 4.00 p meertho per KW of
Inatalld capacity plus i .5 ent. pie unit,
sUbjwt to a Saltsm rstohty cho t of ith servio

(D) o)PgCgToma
Applies to all elsrotrioty to. Sl #remrgall -ti bting tit e
exclusively for privtte rtdtnial PUrjpokes and not being
Premise to wBid% the taUtrial Rate is applicable, in oases
where the 6oonmte oiseMor h hi not orqustai in wilting -to be
charged at the MU titag ft U i olloW gint
A inMr shbar of 4.0 per Manth pe EVA of
instais 6uaap r on ft ohts pnr anit tor up to
50 usts la Wny Ia ,h, 14 ntsB p*r Unit for toah unit
in exatet of 0 ,Unite in way anth but not it 3oesso
of 5,#&0 amita in a*t month, amnd 4.5 oaent pr unit
fop each wit in emneso of 5,000 units in aVny wnih.

Alplien to ait electriity suPla ied the OQvArnltwiet Or Wt
Local Authority fto street light ing Mt a5, git a*$, tnit OonnMiMod
or estimated t4o b t *nnwt,

In addition to t t charge. etf oui above, th e Compoay rhatii 4d
or deduct #p .uaest eai csat A ful surcharge t hh shate1 bI altl'm.
latd from thA fettaI l g Ueta s
The total iasber of ltq inal Gallon.of At iel I *
ful osumed 1tt All the Oampa&'a gaw4tiaf s4a*ic
'in *a"o&a drtgit the cIi*ad4 meb, iat ntlo M y
|prseainVtis *h ldadw eaoth in weieh trliet e1 a remsd;

multiplied by
the current nrice lesa the baue price;
; i vi 'I til by
Uth' total uni-tn sold by the Company in Dominica:
durihg the r-alrndar month prtrci~.fldin/
the r-jlt'ndar month in which mopt.ra a r road,
In this ctrlnt .'bsase pri*e" means $1,4066 centr.
''.r Impr.rial Gallon;
"!ur r':.nt prico" moann the price -oyaleo in cents per
Imperial Gallon for die6el furol delivered to the
Gompanyv Mt Fond Colt Power Station on the Iacf day. of
the calendar month i.mmediately proceeding the ca.londa,
month in which meters arc road.

For the purpose of this Schedule the expression -

"KW' of installed capacity" moais the aggrogato of the Kilowatt
ratings of each individual piece of apparatus, machinery, or
equipment which shall be asesessd on the basis of their name-
plate ratings provided that for this purpose every t horso iownr
of such ratings shall be doomed to be equivalent to .75 kilo -
watts; and the expression:-

"KIVA of installed capacity" mean the tagrr'ngat of the kilowatt
ampero ratings of each individual rieoe of apparatus, machinery
or equipment which shall be anscssed in the case of the following
items on the following bania -

(i) in the case of any indiLius iaJ process, incandescunt
lunmpii or their Kilovolb A.er6 ratings shall be doomed
to be equivalent to their- kilowatt rating andl,

(ii) in the cat'u of any industrial process, fluorencunt lnipfn,
their Kilovolt Ampere rating, shall be doInao.d to be
equivalent .to their Kilowatt' when divided b-' 0.3.

(iii) in the can of electric, mw'tjor', their Kilevolt Anpu;re
ratings hall be do.n' t; o be equivalent to their .
rated horse power and

(iv) in connection with tho matter of deposits, yro.-confoct'.d
customorc moan customers who shall not already havw
paid a deposit for connediona or who ;,hal.1 hI.veu with-
drawn their depoits.


MAtR .-R.
613' U /*** r

V 9 P 31.AR Prd3 March "-------- 1979

COyWTALT~TH OF DOMINICA Schedule for week ending March
Sched le of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon Request d&- Arnold Request for
for wee ending 17th March 1979 ted 28th Logan the issue of
ate o Peson Nature o Re- January by his a First Cert-
Da 1979IS c ificate of Ti-
eqluet Poe sentingi qIuest whether 1979. ic- ificate o Ti
for a Certificate of Title or Not- Presented itor tle in respect
n thereon o~ Cavea1t th March Ronan A. of a portion of
Request da- r Ala Reqst for 1979 at Davidof land a't Zicack
ted 6th Dorsette the isaue of ,5 _m. Chambers in Portsmouth
March 1979 by his First Cert- 11 Old Street, Roseau in the Parish
Presented Solicitor ificate of of St. John in the Commonwealth of
13th March Vanva Title in res- Dominica containing 14,,72. square
1979 at DuXigny pect of a por.eet and bounded as follows:-
12.15 p.m. o tion of land On the North by Bedford Street;
known as a lot at Valley, in Marigot On the East by Scotts Street, and
in the Parish of St.Andrew,in the land of Beatrice Stedman; 0' the
Commonwealth of Dominica,containing South by Sandwhith Street; on
6,129 .,.ugre feet, and bounded as the West by Middle Street,
follows:- North-East: A Public Road
separating it from land of Josephine Request da- Alexander Requczt for
Nelson and land of Albertine Bolandi.ted 5th Vic tor b the issue of
South-East: land of Edmund Burnette; March 1979 ti3 Soli- a First Cert-
South-West: land of Edmund Burnette; Presetd citor ificate o
South-West: land of Edmund urnette; 13th March Ronan A. Title in res-
orth-West: land of Elsena Preevost. avid of pect j f a m re
Request da-Arnold Request. for jl979 at David of pect of a por
Request a- ld Reqest.for 3.0 p.m I Chambers, tion of land
ed 16th Logan by the issue 1 Old btreet.Roseau at Bellevue

January nis Sol- a .'irsi uer&;-- in Vieille Case in the Parish of St.
1979. icitor ificate of Andrew in the Commonwealth of Doam-
Presented Ronan A. Title in res- nica containing 2.05 acres, and
13th March David of pect of a por- bounded as follows:- iorth: by a
1979 at Chamrbers, tion of land footpath partly separating it frA
3.00 p.m. 11 Old at Borne in land of Edward Leblane; South: by
Street, Roseiu the Parish of a ravine separating it from land
St.Johno in the Co wealth o Dom- of panel yer; East: by land of
nica contolning 35,216 sOqfth anxi Camilla Joseph; West: by land of
bounded as follows:- On the North- heirs of Byron Leblazc.
Pat by l~nd iof rose ancs; On the

South by land of Millicent bJseph, -- ---
and Tennyson Jno.Baptiste; On the DR. SDIMOD6 JUDGcDWIhNER by 22
West by a Public Road ,Dr. KXennedy S.mmonds, declared'th"
Request da- Arnold Request for th losr by 15 votes in the .
ted 19,th ,Logan by issue ,of aPi by-election, Was declared'by te
January his Sol- Certificate of High Court Judge to be the winner
1979e icitor Title in rs". by 22 vote (35 votes being adjudged;
Presented Ron A. pect of a por- correct and in his .'avour). -
1l3th Ma6ah David of tion of land ARIBSg O .. .
1979 .at Chambersa Borne in the t 4w W S OT OFEE U
3.10 ti. 1ll Old Parish of St. CAV'AT NOTE for this of Applic-
Street, Roseau John in the actionsns for crts of Title AGE 7
Commonwealth of Dominica containing' _- _-, -- -_ I
3.025 acres, and bounded as follows:- Noel and the Public Road and
North-East: by land of Perry Joseph Road to Champigny Estate; Weat:
and Champ Elise Estate; East: by / 'y- lands o' Conrad Taverniez-
lands of Steven Marcel and. Richard Road to Champigny Estate and
Ferrol: South: by lands of Rosa Bright Joseph.

~E~iBa;u. jlb~arch SB. 1929

~ H 7i\. S. 1~! A B


Friday, March 23, 1979 T HE S
Schedule of Application for Certifi-
cate of Title and Noting,thereon
for week ending 2 th March, 1979.
IDate ofRe- Person Nature of Re-
quest \ Presenting quest whether
for e.Certificate of Title or Noting
thereon or Caveat
Request da- Christopher Request for
ted 29th Williams & the issue of
December Judith Wil- a First Cer-
1978.' liams by tificate of
Presented their Soli- Title in
20th March citor Cilma respect of a
1979 at A.M.Dupigny portion of
9.55 a.m. ___land known
as Lot 7 situate at Castle Bruce
Village, in the Parish of St.David,
in the Commonwealth of Dominica,
containing 3412 square feet and
bounded as follows:- North-East by
Lot 6; South-East by a Public Road
separating it from land of the mnan
Catholic Church; South-West by a
Public Road separating it from land
of the Roman Catholic Church;North-
West by Lot .5.
Request da- VaugLa Request for
ted 7th Feb- Davis4y, the issue o
ruary,197) by his a First Cer-
Presented Solicitor tificate of
20th March Cilma A. Title inres
11979 at 10 am M.Dupigny pect of a
portion of land at Sams Gutter,Marii
got, in the Parish of St.Andrew, In
the Commonwealth of Dominioa,contaiW
ing 1.894 acres and bounded as fol-
lows:- North ty lands of The Heirs
'of Mano Alfred and Hilda Linton;
jEast by land of Ivy Prevost; South-
West by lards of Methodist Mission
and Anom Rrbin; West by land of
ISvia Richards. _____

|Request da- -Vaughn Request for
ited 2nd i Davis the issue of
October Solicitor a First Cert-
197Q Cilma A. ificate of Ti-
Presented IM.Dupigny tle in respect
21st Maich of a portion
I1979 at f land at
11.20 a.m. Sams Gutter,

lin the Commonwealth of Dominica, con
staining 17;,00 square feet and
,bounded as follows:- (see next col.)j

TA 1R Page Seven
Applic. of Vaughn Davis contd.
huh@ule week ending Marqh 24 ctd.
North-West by land of Hayden Rob-
inson; North-East by land of Jaies
Sylvester; East by land of Raphael
Felix; South by an Access Road sep-
arating it from lands of Loderick
Joseph and Clive Lewis; West by
lands of Simeon Carlton and Beulah
Thomas. _
Request da- Torrey Request for
ted 19th Leavery the issue of
March,1979 Charles a First Cert-
Presented by his ificate of Ti-
21st March Solicitor tle in respect
1979 at Cilma A. of a portion
l.30 a.m. M.DuP.g.Oy of land at
Wesley, in the Parish'of St.Andrew,
in the Commonwealth of Dominica,
containing 1840 square feet and bourd
ed as follows:- North-Zaat by land
of Keleh Richards; South-West by lain
of Noreen Burnette; North-West bya
Public Road; East by land of Keleb

Randall H*Lockhart, Ag.Registrar of
M:E. Any person who desires to ob-
ject to the issuing of a Certificate
of Title on the above Applications
nay enter a Caveat in the above of-
fice within six weeks from the first
Appearance of these Schedules in the
Star newspaper published in this
country or from the date when the
notice prescribed by law was last
served on any occupant of adjoin-
ing lands in respect of which these
Applications were made.
--------- ------------.s.
To the Magistrate, Dist "E"
I, Marie Gabriel Charles now
residing at "; Trafalgar Parish
of St.Georges do hereby give you
notice that it ia my intention to
apply at the Magistrate's Court
to be held at Roseau on Monday
the 2nd day of April 1979 ensuing
respect of my premises at
Trafalgar Parish of St.Georges.
Dated the 14th Day of March 1?9.

Page Bight T H E ST AR _. Friday. March 23, 1979
CRICKET: BARBADOS TAKES LEAD The cake sale at Astaphans in aid
1978 champions Barbados took thelead of our Infirm:, produced $502,
in 1979 (Shell Shield), when theygot which was handed to the Sister-in-
1st ninings points against Jamaica charge by lady members, who wish
at Sabina Park last week-end(drawn). to extend a big thank you to all
Jamaica scored 340 runs; Barbados re- who particirted.,
plied with 416 for 9 declar d..At the WATD: HOMES for two derk long-
end,Jamlaaca were 329 for 442-ndinng Wg TED: HOMES for two
AtndhJamaica were 3y29 for 4ro ndwe haired. kittens, boy & girl; as
At Rosehall, Guyana,two. dAys were
lost to rain. cores in the matqh by pets, or good ratters & mousers.
end of 2nd days play: Guyana 04. Contact the .STAR or ring.2610.
Timur Mohammad 197,Len Eaichan 85, DAWU GEN8sC. 's REPORT VE~" ZUELA
S.ShMi8vnarine 98-& skipper Steven
Camacho 63. Combined Is.: 121. witehat Mr. AP.Joseph went directly into
loss. L Sebastien 61,VanCe Amory 51. consultations on arrival in Cara-
AUSTRALIA snatched from the jaws of cas, about DAWU's anti-corruption
defeat a slim 24-run victory in the stand against our present regime;
third sipert~st tueen-S Pa- Dva.l
Trinida satring nonours w t he presented a 5-point case,thorcugh
one match each; the 2nd match was in documentation, on anti-l.abour
abandoned because of protesting Bar- trends, abuse of power, uuc.ons titu-
bados spectators at Kensington Oval. tionality, corruption over voter
Batting first,after winning the toss, registration and general neglect -
Australia were soon iuyery services & ba-aua in-
trouble at 32 foray S uvt dustry. He pressed for a fact-find.d-
support from Marsh,Bright & D.Lillee,dustry. He pressed for a fact-eind-
.Auatralia managed a respectable tot- ing team to come here for indepeld-
al of 246. Laird (dropped by Clive ent assessment. (President Herrera's
Loyd at 12) was 8th m ou for a campaign was based on anti-corruption).
constru tive 12 runs is Or super The Star has since then read Pres.
century .Mike Hold ng,the man whodid Herrera Campins "It will be a Govt.
the early daage 5 and Andyo of Law" address, lent s b
erts 3/3. West Indies reached 24 o Law- lenD AINJ.
before losing their 1st wicket and OWEVER ilR. BVD' S WARi~G
then continued to lose wickets at Yellow fever is a killer. DLr.Boyd
regular intervals, They were dismis- asks; each:,householder to be a mos-
sed for 230 many thanks to Andy qu control a. t a
Roberts who held his .end for 50 n.o.uito control agent. It is a highly
Viv Richards contributed 44 in hs dangerous & costly community problem.
style Lloyd 39. Jeff Thomson grabbed CIVIL SERVICE AJSOCi. 'S CBLE; ...
5 wickets and Len Pascoe 3. On March 16th Charles Savarin,CSA

a marathon .50 runs and great Foreign Affairs Minister about the
sup rt From Dennis & A.rig Al- widespread malpractices over elect-
ert Padmc returnedj fpr 81- o
ibe ns Ho ngr r f. 1 erf oral lists, and asked that th.: Mini-
chase for 299 runs for victory,West sters issue a declaration on tnis.
nddies wee fflto a blisteig s on1 March 20 he cabled CAC0O.jLA.,B/dos,
-os isfstw ket "that CL call on regional Govtstto
On 4 h a cose of p th ere
comfortably placed at he fol-ive immediate recognition to Pe .l-
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