Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 16, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 16, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: March 16, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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LitSKA '
52 WS! 78 STREET
\ am RK 21. K- y- k
ox 44 HUGHES I
K Media Representative on
olin Turner(London)Ltd: PO AVI C G AIRY -
22 Shaftesbury A -3r:e Virtute Duce Comite -Prtuna Page Two
ondon WlV 88KA England Editor:- Phyllia Shand Allfrely
Vol. XXVIII No. 10 Priday, March 16th, 1979 Fifteen Centbs 165
-A -"~ WE.Vt-I- A OFo GOVT. IN U LG ER A D A
G_. y^,J fTh.. .e!h event" in Grenada 'have demon-
In Roseau on Tuesday morning,the strated that the people of that
people; looked excited and happy.It country have said "enQugh is'enough".
wa as if they wanted to share the We understand and smpathise with
good news: Gairy had been deposed the reasons that have led to what
as P.M. Grenada by barrister Maur- might appear to be an undemocratic
ice Bishop, leader of the New Jewel step. But in circumstances where
Movement. The coup d'etat was rel- the democratic process is denied to
actively bloodless: 1 DP and 1 Pol- a people, the despots must expect
ice death, 1 civilian accidentally such action by an oppressed people
killed. It seems the revolutionar-Ito ameliorate the conditions which
ies stole up on sleeping defencemen they endure and have endured with
who soon surrendered (at 4 a.m.13th patience for a long time.
Then, armed, the "new men" took Qv- We note in particular that one
er the radio station as HQ and cor- of the important factors in making
nered one by one police stations and the people decide to change their
other main points; Carriocou and .ove~nmnt by revolution rather
Petit Martinique easily fell. By than by the Ballot Box was thefert
Tues. night the New Men were in al- that the Government in power had
most complete control; they want taken every step possible to pre-
Gairy extradited from New York to vent free and fair elections by
face charges of "murder, fraud, cor- denial of proper registration of
ruption and deprivation of therighSrt' etors, We will follow with in-
of the people". Dep. P.M. Prudhomme WeGwst the manner in whih he ne
broadcast an appeal to citizens to Government conductsthe affairs of
"lay down their arms and not to re- Grenada and in particular the keep-
sist." A curfew is in force 8.30 pm ing of their promise for an early
to 5.30 am. election. In preparation for this
Meanwhile in Barbados, the "small it will be necessary to ensure the
island" Ministers are still arguing proper registration of electors.
about how to "constitutionally rec- What lessons must Dominica learn
ognise" the new Government of Grenad from this innovation in the change
They have had a bad shock.However 6f Governments in the Caribbean?
most agre that no outside world i st that the patience of the eo
terference would be acceptable, will nothat the atence o the eveo
Press; the Grenadian who did most nd: that freehand elect
to-expose Gairy administration's 2ust embraceunb sed and open res
shocking defects is Alister Hughes. msteration o elector and open re
We were gi~ to speak to him as soon istration of electorsn o rd: that
after the coup as possible; he said the people o a country and drive
the island was wonderfully calm. tem to take desperate measures.
*Back page 6 elec4one;supporters th: that the people of a country
JIMMY CARTER'S TRIUMPH t tolerate corruption in Gov-
Breaking through insuperable obstac-ernment forever. 5th: if the ef-
les, President Carter of US finally fective use of the ballot is denied
got Egyptian & jsraeli Heads of State the people of a country they will
to agree to .ign a peace treaty. tr iherj *L' u
*.. u ld .hare the Nobel pyi 4
.. ,- .- .

The article printed below was written before March 13- the date on
which the people of Grenada madetheir fateful decision It is revealing.
GAIRY SHOULD RESIGN. by Alister Ifighea service in that gang
Prime Minister Gairy has made, arte- was "known disposition for violence
Sge1i8gt8 e jtleficfr~ewon cir- and lawlessness". That gang, the
recently against the GrenadaTorch- Commissioners said, inflicted "un-
ligrentl neagainsert speakable atrocities" and loosed a
lghcording to he Governent-ownedveritable reign of terror"' on
"West Indian"newspaper, the Prime,. enadTian.s,
Minister is concerned over delay in This finding t f the Commissioners,
the High Court. His case with"Torch- asked on the strongest evidence, is
liht"took 10 years to be heard. o mere "remark" or "innuendo" It
iht"took 0 years to be hed, is a disgraceful blot on Ir.Gairy's
The 'West' Indian" says Mr.Gairyfeels isa dis ot
that libel cases based on allegat- reputation. And it is more than
ions of impropriety on the part of enough to cause any Prime Minister
Government Ministers go to the with a shred of political morality
heart of public confidence in Gov- o resign. But,Mr.Gairy hasn't. In
ernment and should be tried exped- fact, he sees nothing wrong with
itiously. hiring criminals to do his bidding.
Nobody can q.arrol with that.The jAs far back as 1970 he boasted that,
problem may be a shortage of Judges, 'regardless of their record", he had
but a 10 year delay in any libel recruited "some of the toughest
suit is unsatisfactory. It's even and roughest of roughnecks" to de-
worse when the case involves a Gov- fend his Government and "maintain
ernment Minister. That,however,isn't law and order", Violen
all. The "West Indian" reports an- Clearly then, no matter what is
other statement by Mr. Gairy whico, proved against him, Mr.Gairy has no
in view of his record, almost takes intention of resigning. His comment
one's breath away. Owes It about "remarks and innuendos" is
Mr.Gairy feels, the paper says, merely another attempt to paint the
that a Prime Minist.3r "owes it to false picture that democracy exists
the electorate to resign if the so.t in Grenada. It is another thrust of
of scurrilous remarks a -d innuendos the propaganda to shift blame for
he is complain: ng about could be 'the Grenada situation from his
proved against him.s' /shoulders.Meanwhile, far from any
Can you believe that!?i? Mr. intention to resign at any time in
Gairy feels he should resign if any circumstances, he maintains the
"Scurrilous remarks and innuendos" threat of a return to the open off-
can be proved against himi' Has tile icial violence with which he fought
Prime Minister forgotten? Doesn'the political opposition five years ago.
remember the terrible things the Just as clearly, Mr.Gairy's oppres-
Duffus Commissioners exposed about sive policies create dangerous frus-
him? Now, he's talking of resigning traction that can lead nowhere but to
if "remarks and innuendos"are proved disaster. Indications of Grenada:s
correct, butl, has he forgotten the possible future were given recently
overwhelming; evidence qf the thous- by news that guns are being purchas-
andfold mor serious things the Co.u- ed for secret shipment to the island.
mission uncovered about his behave If the obvious implications of this
things which should have caused hir 'ever materialize into action, the
to resign a long time ago? stability of the entire Westidies
Mr.' Gair y must be reminded, for will be in peril. Prime Minister
instance, that the Duffus CommissiuonGairy would be well advised to take
found he weis personally responsible himself at his word and resign now
for recruiting and controlling a before it is too lte.
gang of orliminals. According to the St. Georges, haINADA
CommilsioA.ers, qualifications for


_ I I I~ ~I __LI _; __*_ (ICI

Tr H E S~ T A R, Friday,Mblarch 16, 19799

Pace Two

;u~. I '' ~.:~161';


T4i V. AT A Page Three

by S.J. Lewis
It has been disappointing to
observe that many of our Primary
School children are unable to tell
the time by the clock.
I have had boys of age ten and
over being unable to tell the time
when I have asked them to look at
the clock in the home. When I ex-
pressed surprise their explanation
has bedn they are not taught to
tell the time at school.
This is deplorable when one re-
calls the days when the clock face-
with its movable hands was in evid-
ence in the schools.
The hands used to be manipulated
by both teacher and pupil to teach
the time but this is now of the
Perhaps the Ministry of Educat-
ion will take notice of this and
reintroduce into the schools the
ancient clock face with hands that
can be manipulated to tell the time.

Canada, through her High Commis-
sioner Mr. Allan Roger, presented a
cheque for Barbadian dollars
$152,430.20 on March 8 to Sir Sid-
ney Martin,Pro-Vice Chancellor of
3WI's Cave Hill Campus., for train-
ing awards for young people from
CARICOM, under a CIDA scheme. The
funds contribute toward,the tuition
and maintenance expenses of some 46
students; most of whom are pursuing
courses in Natural Sciences,although
some are studying Arts & General
Studies, it is hoped that most of
these students wA~l. take up teach-
ing posts a, home later. Mr.Alan
Roger visited Dominica this week to
present his credentials. *********
The Federal Republic of Ge~naany has
sponsored 11 slud~dts to take the
Diploma or Master's Course for Dip-
lomats at UWI Campus, St.Augustine,
Trinidad. All are stcdf members of
Ministries involved in international
relations.of their respective home
Governments. The scholarship includ-
es a monthly allowance, plus travel
and book allowance.

-- I ~---~

Friday, March 16, 1979

. -,;. -A 206-41 _- .L, -_ ... .- ---~YL3L -L~-~

by Hugh Lawrence
Both church and state have
their legitimate laws and rules,
and must always iee to it that
they are carried out or 'ept. I
was. told not long ago that a'big
shot ? who is an apoatate, or
divorcee or both, tried to ob-
tain a certain right or privilege
in one of our Catholic churches -
perhaps by wanting to stand Spon-
sor for an infant in baptism or
some other favour, which is just
impossible; or it could have been
an attempt to embarrass the pastor.
My advice is: we should not pro-
voke or persecute the church, for
we might get badly hurt.

*S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S* (from p. 6)
CRICKET: The second super test
played at Kensington Oval,Barbados
between W.S.C. Australia and West
Indies, was abandoned as a draw on
the final day, after protesting
Barbadians threw bottles and coco-
nuts. on the field of play in pro-
test at an l.b.w. decision against
West Indies batsman Roy Fredericks.
Final scores: Australia. 311 & 294;
Ian Chappell 61 & 86, M.Kent 78, G.
Chappell 45 & 90. M.Holding 4/67 &
2/57, C.Croft 3/85, C.King 3/58 &
2/50, and R.Austin 3/59. West
Indies 239 and 133 for 4. Ray Fred-
ericks 89 & 53 and V~.Mth6hrds 38
n.o. D.Lillee 3/56, J. Thomson 3/59
L.Pascoe 2/74 & 3/20 and R.Bright
2/22. -
Scores by the end of the 4th day
between Pakistan and Australia in
Australia in their lst test match:
Pakistan 196, 355/9 declared. Majid
Khan 108, Zaheer Abbaa 59. Australia
168 & 117/2.,(Late news): Pakistan
won the 1st test by 71 runs; Aus-
tralia scored 310, second innings.
Sarfaz Nawaz 9/86.
BASKETBALL: The 1979 season opened
last week with a ball-diirama at
Windsor Park, Cash'n'Carry Cardinals
emerging champion of this short com-
petition. 6 teams are expected to
be in the Senior League; main con-

. .. 1_..l yg -I _n.. .

~wff Ft~nR

Page Three

~" '"I`

Tfa rir

rpr FT 7i A P. P riA~Thv.. MVarch 16.. 1979

roe uCL -Lt --- -

COMMONWEALTH OF DOMINICA Schedule for week ending March
Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon Request da Arnold RePqest for
for week ending 17th March 1979 ted 28th Logan the isue of
Date of Person .Nature of Re- Janury b;~his, a i1Et Ct-
1979. C--l ificate of' Ti,
Request I resenting quest whether 1979. C.:ic- ificate T
for a Certificate of Title or Not- Presented itor t.e in respect
ing thereon or Caveat 13th March Ronan A. of a portion of
Request da- Allan -Request for 1979 at Davidof land at cck
ted 5th Dorsette the issue of d5 .~ Chambers in Portsmon.;h
March 1979 Iy his a First Cert- i-)L the Paesh
Presented Solicitor ificate of lof St, John in t-ie Cc.i,-ronealth of
13th March Tanya T title in res-Oica containing 14.L? ocsqare
1L979 at Dupigny pect of a por'feet and bounded as follo-wsc
122.15 n.m. __ tion of land I On the North by Eedfo-rd Street;
known as a lot at Valley, in Marigot On the East by Scotts Street, and
in the Parish of StAndrew,in the land of Beatrice Ste~,at.; t-~. t.3
Commonwealth of Dominica,containing South by Sand'jhith Stre.L: on
6,19 square feet, and bounded as the West by Middle Str st.
follows:- North-East: A Public Road
separating it from land of Josephine Request da- Alexander liLeque L for
Nelson and land of Albertine HolaaJ ted 5th Victor byt he :. ue of
South-East: land of Edmund Burnette Ms.ach 979 his Soli a i.t Cert-
South-West: land of Edmund Burnette; 13th arcd cior o.fite in -
North-West: land of Elsena Prevost. 1979 at David of A. t of a lr-
1979 at Da:,, id of ted of a -C r-
Request da- Arnold Request for 30 C -mbers, in of la.nd
ted 16th Logai by the issue of .- .m, -eet. s t B
January his Sol- a First Cert- iVifij. Ca- i r St.
1979. icitor ificate of Andrew in.the C-1onn1-1 1 o DcSi-
Presented Ronan A. Title in res- nca ning 2 :
13th March David of pect of a por. bounded as follows:- lorth: by a
1979 at Chambers, tion of land footpath partly separating .t Pr'O.n
300 m 11 Old at Borne in o he ati t
eet. Old at Bornt e rish o land of Edward Leblanc; South: by
SiSreet, Roseau the Parish of a ravine separating it from laud
St,Johbn in the Commonwealth of Dom- of Emnnanuel Royer; East: by land of
Inica containing 85,216 sq.ft, and- Camilla Joseph; West: by land of
bounded as follows:- On the North- heirs of Bron Leblanc.
East by land of Rose Francis; On the
South by land of Millicent Joseph: -
and Tenryson Jno.Baptiste; On the DR. SIMMONDS JUDGEH)DWIY ER b 22
West by a Public Road. r. nn A -d-.-. -..-,.

Request da- Arnold Request for th loser by 13 votes in the Baseeta e
ted 19th Logan by issue of a FiSt by-election; was declared by ti .

1979. icitor Title in res- by 22 votes (35 vqtes being adjudged!
Presented Ronan A. pect of a por- correct and in his favour).
13th March David of tion'bf land a Final figures: Sznmonds 1092; A.RI-
1979 at Chambers Borne in the biero 100 ____
3,10 p.m. Il Old Parish of St. CAVA2T .N for this age of ..-.
Street. Roseau John in the nations s for Crts. of title Fr 5
Commonwealth of Dominica containing'- .. ....___ .
a.025 acres, and bounded as follows:- I1ael and the Public Road and
North-East: by land of Perry Joseph Road to Champigny Estate; West:
and Champ Elise Estate; East: by 1/ lands of Conrad Tavernier,
lands of Steven Marcel and Richard Road to Champigny Estate and
Ferrol: South: by lands, of Rosa Bright Joseph,



S L' a I .i.m IIJ. -L I O U ..

The Insect Repellent in stick
form ... and relax in comfort
$1.80 per stick

To the Magistrate, Dist. "'11W

Pare Five

!Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Nottng thereon
;for week ending 3rd March 1979

Request da- Kenneth Request for
ted 21st Samuel t4 issue of
February by his a firstt Cert-
1979 licitor ificate of
!Presented Ronan A. TItle in res-
ilst March David of pect of a por-
1979 at Chambers tton of land
11,10 a.m.. 11 Old at -Mariot in
SStreet, Rosea tle Parish of
StAndrew in the CommC n*elth of

jjominica containina g o,op sq, 1t.
I,Marie .Gabriel Charles now and bounded as follows:.- On the
residing at Trafalgar Parish of North by land of William Samuel;
St.Georges do hereby give yoa On the East by a public road separ-
notice that it is my intention ating it from land of the Methodist
to apply at the Magistrate's IChurch; On the South by land of the
Court to be held at Roseau on !Methodist Church and Witcliffe James.
Monday the 2nd day of April 1979 iRe uest da- William Request for-
ensuing for a SPECIAL TAVERN ted 21st Samuel the issue pf
LICENCE in respect of my premises February by his a First Cert-
at Trafalgar Parish of St.George 1979. Solicitor ificate of Ti-
Dated the 14th day of March 1979. Presented Ronan A. tle in respect
~',o-/ l1st March David of of a portion i
NOTICE OF APPLICATION 1979 at Chambers, o.f land at Mar-
FOR LIQUOR LICENCE 11.25 a.m. 11 Old .igot in the
Street, Roseau Parish of St.
To the Magistrate, Dist."E" Andrew in the Commonwealth of Dom-
I, Hesketh Jno, Baptiste now inica containing 6,757 sa. ft. and
residing at Trafalgar Parish of bounded as follows:- On the North-
St.Georges do hereby give you, 'East by a public road separating it
notice' that it is my intention from land of Albertine Boland; On
to apply at the Magistrate's the 40iyh-West by land of Kenneth
Court to be held at Roseau.on Samuel; On the South by land of wit-
Monday the 2nd day of'April,1979, 011fe aJs8a; On, the North-West by
ensuing for a TAVERN LIQUOR land of Bernadine James..
LICENCE in respect of my premise REGISTRAR'S OFFICE, ROSEAU
at Trafalgar Parish of St.Georges. Randall H.Lockhart, Ag.Registrar
Dated the 14th day of March,1979. of Titles.

BAiMK one year old yesterday -
says it has reported substantial
progress during the year,with 595
deposits totalling $1.4 million,
such is the title of Pope John Paul
II's first encyclical, which is in
support of the individual, against
atheistic regimes,capitalist res-,
trictive economics and states that
money energy spent on armaments
should be spent :.feeding the poor o-

NOTE: Any person who desires to Ob-
ject to the issuing of a Certifi-
cate of Title on the ab6ve Applic-
ations nay enter a Caveat in the
above office within six weeks from
the first appearance of these
Schedules in the Star newspaper
published in this country or from
the date when the notice prescribed
by law was last served on any oo-
cupant of adjoining lands in respect
of which these Applications were
imade.. .

- '.

L' .-....'



Just rub on. SKEET-0-STICK

. Page i Five,

. ii I

-- ---

ILlr+l~c^lr I'll;rr-Alrk ~'fi -~ ibTZQ

TH v 8 T A R

'- =



. I .

PD r4 Ci4v


Prid~av.. March 16. 1979

QJ, -- --- VTA -------- --- ---

*S*TA'*R*S*P*O*R*T*& -Morchriston ANOUNCEMENT
CRICKET: Sebo Makes'First A Double Dominica Electricity Services has
Cricket continues the most dominant indicated in a letter to the Min-
sport locally,regionally and even sister, Communications & Works,that
internationally. Of keen interest as a result of the action taken by
must be Lockhart Stbastien's first the U7i9n, the"'Company cannot guar-
Ist-class century -turned out double.antee the safety of thd general.
This momentous event occurred in public, nor the safety of property
the Heineken-sponsored supertest be- owners.,nor the conditions of
tween the Leeward & Windward buildings. Maintenance of power
Warner Park, St.Kitts. Leewards supplies cannot be guaranteed due
batted first after Irving Shilling- to the fact that workmen responsible
ford won the toss for the Windwards for line-working are ndt carrying
and amassed 344 runs. Vance Amory out their normal duties.
75,Victor Eddy 77. G.Shillingford
3/55 & H.Anibaffe 3/81.* Windwards GAIRY DEPOSED: from page one
replied with 497 runs: Dominicans I.A~ong those nnow on good terms with
Shillingford (104) and Sebastien the new Government are Gren.ada's
(219) put on 202 for the 2nd wicket.Governor, Sir Paul Scoon, whL sent
Leewards were 295 for 7,2nd innings.congratulations and said he .s
Victor Eddy 139 & Jim Allen 79. treated wth every respect; Mrs. or
As a result of this match and a Lady Cynthia Gairy, who broadcast
previous one in hevis,Irving Shill- her support; UN & Tourist Repo Mr.
ingford was named captain of the David Slinger who has handed over
Combined Islands team, with L.Sebas-his offices in NY to the iew Men;
tien, V.Amory,E.Lewis,J.Allen,V.Ed- R.C.4Achbishop, Trinidad, Authony
dy, I.Cadet,D.Parry,G.Shillingford, Pantin :"I am not surprised...Gren-
U,Lawrence,J.Harris,LLewis and E, ada has been suffering for a long
Willet. Reserves are C.Browne and H.t Jaga4, Guyana; the -Douglaes
Anibaffa. Shillingford is also team and their group, Dominica; and many
manager. Others. Some insist on elections.But
Last weekend A.Gregoire league fix-Bishop has said he will hold free &
tures ended in' draws; Saints & D/ca fair elections, and intends charity
Defence Force took 1st innings points awards all. Meanwhile, for those
At Windsor Park,Spartans came up ag- who told me "our turn next" it
ainst DDF, and Larocque got the 4th will not happen upite like that
century of the season 133.His team here: we have a strong,non-Marxist
ran up 222 and 26/4. Spartans 1st Opposition, though Dominica has
innings 75, 2nd innings 180.*Saints ot Marxist p P.S.A.
had scores-of 140 & 158/8 dec. at EXAN & DOih.INICA1 IjEVELOPMF T
had scores.of 140 & 158/8 dec. at Reliable sources have revealt,-. that
the Botanical .Gardens. Smartiansl3 3 elabe sources have reveal that
and 40/3. ** In Intermediate matches by Mr.o Pearsona fanciers headed
Celtic U defeated Blackburns by 38. ,y r. n vesonwo has a ronm &
Celtic 149 for 9; Blackburns 109/9. private telephone at F'ort Young -re
Police*B defeated Old Mill 150 to with Goverd n setting up a codcfr.uom
111. TENNIS: Brinsley Charles be- with Government said t reach from
came Dominica's new men's singles Cabrits to Melville Hall: to in-
champion,defeating young A.lvin Jack- clude large hotel heliport for US
son in straight sets 6-4,6-4,6-3 in shoppers (to Puey Rico), casino
Geest Open Tournament at D/ca Club. sd several other ,erprises.These
Charles 'with his wife Dorothy won are enumerated i iLnkland & Cox
the mixed doubles and (partnered with. Tourist Developmxr Strategy",
youthful David Johnson) also t..e means We want to know: what is Govt.
doubles.Ladies singles champion was getting for all this, out of the
Jean Stephenson; Dorothy Charles and al? 1 And will it benefit the Peo-
Cheryl Volney won the ladies doubles. l1e of Dominicma a a, whole

Printed & Published by the Proprietor, R.E.Allfrey of Mill House, .opt
S ll ,,i at 26 Bath RBoad R.sau, .nmo Wealth of :Dominica. WeaYt edia..,;_,:.


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