Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 9, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 9, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: March 9, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Ml__ ,, Edlltfe;Vidl &BCALLAGHAb:
phone Editor 210 We will try )
P.O.Box 129, Domixniia. 'to continue
K Media Repseaentative in powor until Oct/
olin Turner(London)L' Nov. this year.
22 Shaftesbury A-enr-ie Virtute. E _omite ..tuna xt wieek: Snm-
onc.on W1V 8HA England Editor: Phyllis Shand Allf rey monds eleps .
Vol, XrXIII No. 9 FAiday, March 9th, 1979 Fifteen Cents 15
AND ATTACKED Large sections of Prince Rupert's
On Tuesday night last Dominican- Bay have been bought by foreigners
born Mng. Director of WIFBAN, Mr. over the past few months. Picard
D.A. (Chong) Perryman, present in Estate, owned by Geest's, has sold
the island to attend the Commission 10 acres in the area of Ti Bay to
of Inquiry on Leafspot (DBGA)'was a German heart specialist who hop-
attacked and robbed in the Nite Box es to set up a holiday clinic for
disco, Pottersville. His woman comr- heart patients. Thirty acres have
panion also suffered injuries. Mr. been soid to an American doctor
Perryman was taken to. Princess Mar- and another twenty to a Canadian.
-aret Hlspital and left for his res- All of these holdings have beau-
Sspa. and ts tiful beachfront, and it will not
idence in St.Lucia oneThursday.This
S ns be surprising if land prices in
is he reason for postponement ofis
the area will begin to rise. What
t.Meanwhile a 50 year old man .ha t will then happen. to Dominicans who
been arrested, and a woman was also [want to buy land? These events in-
been ares t, 3 wo ws *s icate a total reversal of E.O. Ee-
detained charge,robbery with violence cate a total reversal o 0 e-
lanc's policy of "Dominica for
AoF.JOSEPH INVITED TO VENEZIELA Dominicans", and the repercussions
By telegram signed bj Senator Dago- are yet to be felt.
berto Gonzalez and by the Secretary Meanwhile Geest's have sold out
to the President-Elect, M. Luis all of Woodford Hill Estate to num-
Herrena Oampina, DAWU's Gen.Sec.A.
Herrera Camp.ins, DAWJ's Gen.Sec.A* ,erous Northern farmers at $3,000
F.Joseph is invited to attend the
President's inauguration on March an acre, including the manager's
12. Mr.Joseph said that he is con- house and garages. Geest has still
cerned that what Venezuela gives to received no compensation for the
Dominica should go to the people: other land which was acquired by
who .,really need it; hence hisstern Government in 1975 for the Sydney
earlier cable. Burnette Alleyne fiasco. Other
NORTHERN rTOADS: Repairs, have started private land-holders lost land in
cn the deplorable road surface be- the acquisition, and have received
tween Blenheim & Marigot.Tarishhas no compensation. This land in the
been read, but a new and expen- district of Woodford Hill extends
sive steam roller crashed over a from the main road to the sea.
cliff last week, thus progress has _____
slowed down.1 What with copra,ban.a- NATIONAL FLOWER IN BLOOM
nas and provisions for shipment in Pew Dominicans know their so-called
Portsmouth this is the most econo- national flower. I~w they may see
mically important ri.d in Dominica- it in bloom along the West Coast
and the :most neglected.*Meanwhile, road. The Bois Caraibe or Sabinea
work oni the Carib Reserve Road,fin- carinalla is blood red and is shown
anced by European Dev. Pund, goes Independence tam.
on apace. Grown Agent employees keep track of f!ns an d euiment
_.very: fioie33tly .
'' ..* .. 1- ** '* ---* 4 -... ... .

.Z1U'I.L LL.V b iUCA4 *CA

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
for week ending 10th February 1979

Reipest da- Phillip Request for
ted 20th Fregiste the issue of
Nov.1978 by his a First Cer-
Presented Solicitors tificate of
7th Febru- lleyne & Title inies-
ary 1979 at Co. per pect of all
2.40 p.m, Brian G.K. that portion
Alleyne of land at
Berricoa in Grand Bay, Parish of
St. Patrick, containing 1,467 square
feet and bounded as follows:-North:
by Land of Emilia Bastien ; East:;
by Land of Juliette Fregilte also
known as Madelene Leatham nee Fre-
it4 So+ u e Ort-Wh e a, -PiDhl+e Road, pnpY -

- -------- ---

ting it from land of Perryman Bel- IN MEMORIAM
lot: West: Land of Pottifer George, A Tribute to the Valiant Emc.]L Iaoger
Request da- Kenneth Request for Fouche who fought in Second Wocld
ted 21st Samuel the issue of War. In Dominica he was Lieutenant
February; by his a First Cert- of the Free French Forces a Major.
1979. Solicitor ificate of in North Africa also Liaison Of-
Presented Ronan A. Title in res- ficer between the French & American
1st March David of pect of apor- Armies. (Died in ~rance 1977 on 4th
1979 at Chambers tion of land March).
11,10 a.m. 11 Old at Marigot in Au Ciel dans la gloire immottelle
Street. Roseau, the Parish of Bientot nous serous reunis.
St.Andrew in the Commonwealth of Your chosen one,
Dominica containing 6,528 sq. ft, May Christian. 4/5/79.
and bounded as follows;- On the
North-by land of William Samuel; 0O OUR SUBSCRIBERS: Many 1979 sub-
On the East by a public road separ- criptions are due and unpaid. Keep
eating it from land of the Methodist he STAR going by Paying uI' las_
Church; On the South by land of the iUOTE from Jean Jacques Rouss-eau:
Methodist Church and WitcliffeJames. "When the body is tired, it comtaands;
Request da- William Reouest for when it is energetic. it ober ".
ted 91st Samuel the issue of ( REGISTRAR'S OFFICE, ROSLAU
February by his a First Cert- Randall HLockhart,' Ag.Registras
19791 Solicitor ificate of Ti- of Titles.
Presented. Ronan A. tle in respect NOTE: Any person who, desires to .-
1st March David of of a portion ject to the issuing of a Certifi-
1979 at Chambers, of land atMfz%- cate of Title on the above Applic-
11.25 a.m. 11 Old igot in the nations may enter a Caveat in the
Street. Roseau. Parish of St. above Office within six weeks from
Andrew in the" Commonwealth of Dom- s !the first appearance of these
inica containing 6,757 ss.ft. and !Schedules in the Star newspaper
bounded as follows:- On the North- published in this coun.;ry- or fro.
East by a public road separating it. the date when the notice prescribed
from land of Albertine Boland;On the by law was last served on any oc-
South-West by land of Kenneth Samuel vupant of adjoining lands in res-
On the South by land of Witcliffe pect of which these Applications.
James; On the North-West by land of were made.
Bernadine James. ____,___
*~~ ~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 >'-*

of a row of "Jan Bebla"in s i gle
file, rushing from a lane into the
thick cfowd in Bay Street, which
scared and caused a big sensation
among big folks and children, who
all took to their heels and fled -
adding more the revelling
crowd, Carnival ,was at its best
continued from page 3
Court if any action of the Judicial
& Legal Services Commission creates
doubt. The CommissioIn'a. behaviour
in connection with Mesars. Duncan,
St.Louis, and Jacobs creates much
doubt and, until that is cleared up,
he reputation of the entire legal
system must suffer.

Pasare Five

Illa~nh Q ~a~tQ

ri~FT R .c: rp ~ R

Pa:ge e.TU H It24- -, A -. 1 ? id r M.kero A. Jag?9

Schedule of' Application
f ication of Title and Nc
for d 24tPhol
DatU: 11" 1, 8031Zi 4 Na. '.

Cartif'E--te"Of of'Tit or
on or, avea 1
I I I lu i

ted 12tbh~Seb-,
ziwary 1-7
pre sefltfd.
2-L. at j?*Pu
vry 197 5 at
1, 2. 0 DRm* .

.,bv bla

Cilma A*.

OrwOX#*k Estatein. the
1Pauj$,jn the Corumno31wealtl
co4ta3i.4iUf 48,3; acres C
me8, forllows;# North.; by I
Lukie aiud Joseph Luke; &A
of Marle !Registe. and En
LSouth, by land of M(arle I

JUJA UseW4 17 wk. e~n 4btin AR&114f
X4c ACT J Reoqest do;,- Rol""' d- aekpast for thc
for Certi- ited 2-1th DeJ.3olas Issue of a AeW
)ting thereo4Nov, 1977 Porsot aI Certificate of
ary 1979 eP~e sent od p~rose ~t-rY nn~
)r1.1X' 199. eentRd 1e xioe- Title in ros-
xre of Re-ue e 24th ;iov. tativet ct1poet of a por-
,hev for a. 19?? at Mar'garet tio.u of laxnid
Noting other 325i0 P1.1. Lewijs ixi the Town. of
-Ideoeazoe by his $o1- 11seau, in the
IOquest LOx' oitoor Clmna, A.M. aJazish of St.
the issueaf c j' Geocroi. tiha.
,a First Cer- CommnoxxwoaltTh 6f ,ominicac'ontaiaixig
tificate Of'A93 square foot and bouiidod aL
Title ixnes-:. ollows;s-- liorthz-Baat by 1a." of
pect of al=- ,Piailliz Merril aud a Right-of-Wayr
tioll of lardwsoparating it from laaid of Georgi-
kknown. a$ amSa Johnson; ILarth-West: by lands
,QX'h of St. 9f HexWy Rfghtoz and Errol ]4c;
.of DonUfioj 8oth.,Berst; bJry land of GeorEL-Uian
iWd boaudil4 Johtan and Virgin wria; South-
axid Of JToh= West by l-lads of Ste '? UoPJ4bt.r1
Lst ;by lad .ad Lom1a Ru1'o.0 f iT To-. 6. 78:
Chovalier.'. Reqest da- ,Poye Request for
Legiste;West: tod. 6th JTune St.Jlohn Ithu issue of'

"b laom oJ.t xtuyes tephnenson, separ-
Ited. the Mahut R1~er.
Re t"--a da- 1ri ieut "ortsie
te '16th izgsez*e 1ssue of a
cJuhae 1976, by his first Certifi-
Px' asented Solicitor cate of Title
121iat.bPebru- C il=ma A* i:. respect of
ary 1979 at M.DupW lgny a port I= of I

'E*. '.tai '^JSie .feCtis \
PesentQc7tth Solici- ficate of Ti-
Exiune 198S at tor Cil- 1e e in rea-
9.20 a.m. ma A.M. pect of apor-
Dupigy ltion of Crown
Lant kn;4an as Lot No. 6 at Cornstant
spring in the Parish of St.Andrew, in
*the CoaUoN wealth of Dominica, contain-

12*35 I aOWKnow as 12*20* anres ad bounded as fr1Xcvi
"6t~-r~d% at Po*6110 (a in Baeypn the orth by Lo t a No,, 7 and ii o,6 BJast by
Pa3-Ish of St.Patriekjir the State of at U,,t04A an0fld primte Land of R.J.
fnieoonfltSlf 1~36i a*q.uare'eetd 6the; Sout by the Lawsnye
and .bounded a& 9oll0w81NOrth".-Zsdt: VW gqparat V%." it from Burton. Zat-
by land Of prancis Bedminster -Bouthp- V
Raast 1py Grand Coulibrt River separa- quest da-
tin. it fromt land of al0co a tc10th ISmaF e t i
.0 tc- 1th ommia. Request fL or
(Grand Cou2.ibrie Estate); South-West i, 3-9* ^8. P=- the ismue of
by l of lHeirs of Cleflaacia, Bed- Pratc aoxad.1 Rep- a New Cex'titi-
mingictr; WOat by landA of Eairs of' 1.2th )4q resontat- eate o.f Titl
Clme=:L&, Bedmi~stel-, North-Wimatz b
CZemene.c~ Bg~aedm~ip stezf Nort .1t7 by 8 at i've of 111 resperst of
a Publid Rioad aepratjil it fCrom-la4 OAQGor'ge a portion of
l. kji= 9,th dOeeeadl aaid il the
equeb. s olicitor CiJna 'Parish of St.
!t~ 222 Geoge$ issue Or all= .M iipgv
1jan. 1979- by her Ctifi(jate of jOsp in the Cozmnweawlth of Domini
1Px'esented 0So110itor Tite in res- a., eoxitadning 6 acres and 2 roode an
Iest Pb. Rustace Parct o08 a POr- bounded as follows:.- (ME aA
-3,97- at fBr"c.s tion. of ala'adi
1 1.-~ta ____I C~ould in the wiad Haeln Vidal; South: Laud of Vsar-
Farl of9 ,t.JOseph o- -- itainl IO n.e2 Louis & mra.allis Jaaf;; ,WOst*
2taan of~ Mai'tijah owli~ aU. Lou
arcs and b 6anLe aa fol1 QiWp*- Hortl. Laai. sar:ting it L our i aud J..anZ
A& RUviL4W sep*er Szig it 1 rom lands4Ua River "Paratug it. from land of
,%W4 k Gar~ of& to0PhlI
~F~riS Ea~t~Xalao tIL Jrna POIlya:~~~~8i~ri~~

^""'~ "` '^"

?~~~~-.. .~ ... r u


-i- r

DOUBTS ABOUT JUSTICE by Alister ghes. also to Mr, Nolan Ja.cobs,the
A recent incident in the, Eastern then Solicitor General. MVr.Jaicobs
Caribbean reflects'unfavourably on they said "had acted with great
those to whom the impartiality of irpropriety".'He opposed granting
the Courts is en.trusted-, and has ar-of bail to six of Mr.Gairy's soli-
oused concern over adminiistrationof tical opponents who had'been arres-
jus'ice. ted. These six men, the Conmissionn-
The situation mnut be viewed ag- eors said, were-entitled by law to
ainst t he Iackgroundc o' arrangementsbail and, in opposingrbail, Mr.
made for a legal for the As- ,A.cobs showed himself "cQuite unfit-.
aociated StateS, A special Order ted" for the responsible post he
of the British'Parlis-ment created held. The Commissiones., "respect-
the 'Vest Indies Associated States fully suggested" -to the Judicial &
Supr .ne Court and made provision-for Legal Services Commission that Mr,
appoi.itment and removal of Judges. Jacobs conduct be inquired into with
Provision was made also for Magist:. a view to dismissing him,
rates' Courts. Antigua,Dominica, The Judicial & Legal Services
Grenada, StIitta, St.Lucia and St. Commission took no action in coriLcE-
Vincertt were involved, and the con- tion with Mwessrs. Duncanan ad St.
stitutlons of those islands provid- Louis. -Mr.StoLouis eventually res-
ed for appointment and diasis~al of Igned frrt the Magistracy to run for
Magistrates. political office under Mr.Gairy's
Now -;hat full independence has, banner and Mr. Duncan still oper-
come tc some Associated States, the Sates. asa a Magistrate."
system remains unchanged. The island' Difficult
still share the Courts and the mech- I'.r.Gairy transferred Mr.Jacobs
anism t ensure justice is the same, from the post of Solicitor General
That mechanism is.a powerful- bodyov- to the Prime Minister's office, so
erlookinig the Courts. That Body ap- no act on, was. possible, but -last
points I.udges aid' can set up Tribun- year, the'Judicial & Legal Services
als to investigate their behaviour.: ssion did something difficult,
No Magistrate can be. appointed with- to und.erstand.ZThey made Mr,Jacobs
out refe ence to it aad it ca dis-. Chief Magistrate.
miss 3ay Magistrate. .This has caused the t..ouble. One
Failed io the persons whose bail!
That po-.v-rful Body is the Judicial .oipposed is Mr. Kendrick Radix, a
& Leg.l ;krvices Commission, It is. barrister. Last month, Mr.Radix ap-
the guiar(dljan of the Courtst integri-- ernly accused Mr.Jacobs of being un-
ty0 It3 daty is to ensure that only i-la-ir. He said MrD.Jacobs'. legal de-
personi3 of unaquestionable reputation .ieisions reflect the bias he exhit-
are en rusted with the .dispensing o ited.when he opposed bail, and Mr.
are en';ruqted-w.ith the .ispersing, q.o 1 I
justice. But, the Coniaission has failLjKadil has asked to have his cases
ed in that duty. It has not been tried by someone else. :
carefu3. enough nd :a; exposed the n Whether or not Mr.Radix's accusa-
entire logu-l system to suspicion. Itions are true, the tragedy is that
Five years ago, the Duffus. Comi the Judicial & Legal Services Con-
sion o:' Intuiry, investigated the mission aos provided ample grounds.
sion : nuiry, i vesigated thebecat at the Iag-
breakdown of law' and order in Gren- ior- this slu .o be.cast at the Mg-
ada. Ja. its report, that Co.mmisalon sracyo Mr.,.Jacobs impartiality has
said tvo Maistrates were incompet- ,.bee questioned by a uCorission of
a T he highest calibre and integrity,
ent .aun unfair. Those MIlegistrates stqid uutil he has been cleared, the
were Mn.1srs, I, I.Dunc and Lloyd (1hiief Mlagistrate' s decisions are
St.Louls, and the Duffus Commission- uspectn
ers asded the Judicial & Legal Ser- i.for does it stop there-. The entire
vices .pi'nmission to investigatetei gal. yte is tarn'ishe. There can.
conduct with av-view to .iring t hem. e no guarantee of njustie in ar
The Duffus:. commissioners referred' ogur o jn e i
.(congluded oh page_

Page T)Wee4e~~c

__ __

T- 11 E S T A R : lrrd4 ...M-ar~ch 9.-1979

Pac Two-L- T STAR ~Friday March 9 1979
by F.L.A, Charles CURSE by Hugh Lawrence%
by F.L.At Charles
There is a lot of controversy at Whea i we think seriously of our
this time as regard' the leaf Spot banana plight, w~ have to wonder
situation, I have kept clear and whether our present leaders were
away from it all either by the writ- the ideal people to bring us into
ten or spoken word. independence, in this land of the
I ar to note, however, in your Lord.
issue of the Star of February 23rd No other country, as far as. I
a Hugh B, White,.whatever hi motive know, has ever plunged itself into
finds it necesary-to mention me Independence without, first giving
his letter. I therefore crave space it a serious and moral thought.
in your columns to clarify the am- I would not dare to criticize
biguities in his letter and to get the number of divorces, whether it
the facts straight. When I left the be 3 or 4 Qf them who took the lad-
Association it was: with a clean sheet ling role, as this may not be the
and I most emphatically disassociate whole reason for this unfortunate
myself from the present situation. urse.
For the edification of -Hgh White I a fm raid we may never recover
and others of his ilk, the Operatiors fromthis alarming situation. How-
Manager's job is a field function,, ever, we shall continue to pray
His responsibility covers from Lea I without ceasing.
Spot to whatever field activity. i .a.
the order of the day, and is notia OARNIVAL IN, PORTSMOUTE
desk job as he would have tie believe* by BoS.
True, at the various levels he i It is understood that the Carn-
assisted by the Assistant le erations ival in Roseau was very lively. The
Manager, Division Managers etc. A same applies to Portsmouth. Carnival
while the AsstiOperations Manager is 1979 in Portsmouth coUld not have
specifically assigned Leaf Spot aBg been better, with so much gaiety and
Field husbandry and Quality, that merriment There was joyful revelry
does not remove the ultimate. respr- under the strains of a fascinating
sibility for control island wide fom masici Bands In fact, it is years
the Operations Managert If it were aince Portsmouth had such a beautiful]
otherwise, then there would be no. hot and colourful Carnival. The
need for an Operations Managert Re people turned out in large numbers,,
must be imaginative in his approach the croWd in Bay Street could be
in anticipating any upsurge of Leef measured from Burrowes Square to
Spot and should ensure that there are Bay Stt end it was simply marvellau
adequate equipment and materials 6n As in Roseau, very few organized
hand. bands turned out; it was rather a
Having given these facts, the re- gay "jump-up" carnival. The most
mainder of his letter is left to pub. attractive band wAa The African Tribe
lic judgement. I feel, however,that this was a fine display of men and
one must have a reason o .motive for women who performed their parts very
writing on such a contro-ersial sub- intelligently all garbed in primiti-
ject as the Leaf Spot situation, and ve costumes; men with spears in hands
I am left to wonder what can be Hugh it was a spectacular sight. The
B. White's motives. Maybe he is: ng- Ashanti tribe carried away 1st prize.
ling for a job in D.B., ,.? Whatever 2nd Prize went to the Social League
his motives, I wish to bj left com- of women, advertising local-madewine.
pletely out of his schemes. .Another amusing scene: the unexpect-
Finally, Hugh B.White should pond -d appearance (concluded on p6)
er these two well-knlawn adages: 1l) "Donkey have no right in horse race"
and (2) "Of the Unspoken word thou art master; but the spoken word is
always, master of thee".


Paqe Two


~F~sida~v. March 9. 1979


:: :, .

E~'dlav. March 9.. 19719

S*T*A*R*S*p*o*R*T*S* Morchriston. PA WALTED:
CRICKeT: Somerset's 10 wicketin "Black American university student
l978 Augustus Gregoire league cham- would like to correspond with young
pions, Somersq, scored their 3rd ladies from Dominica between the
concutive win to tot al 36 points ages of 17 and 30. Is interested in
when they defeated Spartans by 10 the people and culture of Dominica *
wickets at the Botanical Gardens and friendly correspondence.
last Weekendf'in a match they comp- Please write to:
letely controlled except for a cen- ward J.Pyatt; 202 Yorktown West;
tury partnership (4th wicket) be- 200 Columbia Ave.; Philadelphia,
tween;Jeffrey Lawrence 61 and John PA 19122; U.S.A"
Scotland 36 in Spartans 2nd innings* A '
Final scores: Opartans 94 & 141. *STARSPORTS* contd. CRICKET...
L.Pierre 3/28 & 6/38,C.Joseph 4/26, In World Series Cricket (Caribbean),
L.Brade 2/10 and skipper Sylvee'er West Indies had close victories ag-
Ambrose 3 wickets in the 2nd innings aiast Australia. in Castries and
including the wicket of Lawrence,61. Bridgetown; they also lost 0ramat-
Somerset: 221 & 15 without loss,.Rno ically ,at Bridgetowno Scoret: at
Cuffy 88. I Benoit 2/17,J*.cotland Castri S W.I.189; R.Fredsr:-.ks 56.
2/30, E.Charles. 2/35 and J.Faustin *.aX iaalker 4/31, D.Lille ;i/29.
2/52. ***Casuals were held to a draw Ausitrlia: 184- B.Laird 56~ .t ing,
by Saints at Windsor Park in their ;9i .~9,'A.Robertsa 2/2 ,CC~:i-... 2 -' 9.
encounter. Batting lst, Saints:1153; ridgetown_: Anstralia 201/4. G. Chap-
Leslie Etienne topscored with 22. pell 60, D.Hookes 62 no,* JGarner
Casuals reply wasn't much better 2/19 & O.King 2/41o West Indies 159
only 129; A.John 27 & G.Lafond 24. after. cruising at 150 for 3.D.Haynes
On 2nd batting,Saints reached 174, 59, V.Richards 46. D.Lillee 4/19,
thanks to a disciplined knock of 74 M.Walker 3/31,LePascoe 2/2. ***
nWo. by Lennie Andr6. Finally,Cas-. Next 45 overs match: W,,I 240 for
uals were 104 for 6;-Richmond Shill- V.Richards 89,R.Austin 56i5 Lillee,
ingford 51, Abraham, Browne 26 n.o. Thomson & Walker 2 wickets each,
Casuals bowling: G.Lafond 4/25 and Australi. 233 for 7.M--?tin Kent 109;
E.Joseph 5/24. roft & Daniel 2 wickets each.
INTERMEDIATE MATCHES: Celtic United THE 2nd SUPER TESTstants today.
stepped forward,defeating Police A Meanwhile the Windwards & LeewarLis
team by one wicket in a near finish. I.3lands are locked in battle (in St.
Police A, put in 1st by Celtic Ucap- Kitta) before selection cu the Com-
tain Matthew Gear. e, fell for 98. bined Islands Team.
Celtic.U started slowly but soundly WANTED : A PAITThNG OF DR.IMjAY
in their chase before wickets start- The Publisher of the STAR wo-. I be
ed to fall at regular intervalsa.When very pleased if anyone knowAng the
the 9th wicket' fell Celtic U were 11 whereabouts of a painting ,f Dr.
runs short of victory. With 4 runs Jchn Imray, who helped to found the
still remaining, a batsman was hit medical .set-up: i1 Dominica, co*a-_- b
on the face. With blood streaming traced and lent to. him for making a
from a split lip, the injured bats- photograph -It is needed for a book
man resumed his innings to see his o1. Damini ca' a medical history, This
team home by one wicket. Celtic U. painting used to hang in the Imnay
101 for 9.* Jerome Pierre 4/11 and Memorial Schoolroom. It is the only
O.Frederick 2/31. *** Conquerors oe:^ known ontrait of Dr. IE R.A.
Soufriere conquered Aquarians of La Windward /Lewards le ore- s
ou by 4 wickets: 'cores:Aquarians WindwardaS 85 at lunch; ebastian
85; Conquerors 87/6.Two n.o.a: D. 145 not out.
Tavernier 25,D.Hector a swashbuckling (*STARSPORTS-s)
20. (World Series next column) _,
Printed & Published by the Proprietor, R.E.Allfrey of Mill House, Copt
Hall at. 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Oommo:awealth of Dominica, Westindies.
'~ ' ;

rlrFTR ~~LLR

T-l- ~ f -

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