Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 2, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 2, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: March 2, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Telephone Editor 2610 WALES O
P.O.Box 129, Dominica W '(4-- against)
JK Media Representative SCOTLAND YES
3olin Turner(London) Ltd JW PO. .A but only by
L22 Shaftesbury Avenue. :Virtute .Du6e Comite Portuna 30% 40%
London W1V 8HA England Editor: Phyllis Sand Allfrey required.
Vol. XVIII No. 8 Friday, March 2nd, 1979. Fifteen dents 15g
by a Special Correspondent BA-K OF DOMINICA : we are now stud-
In spite pf '.B.S' attempt to g-ng their 1st annual 'report for
the year ended 50th June 1978. We
play down Carnival this year and nte y ge ended 3th h e 1978. We
drop hints about the festival being note on page 4t7ltat ; their to
moved to November, the mood on the expenses are 258 949; their Oper-
streets of Roseau this week was ating Deificit s i9,04;9 and their
lively and carefree. There was no Accumulated Deficit is 72,974. *
central organising committee but ST.Lucia: P.M.John Compton says he
this was in'many ways a good thing, is nt going to do any heavy bor-
for groups formed their own bands, rowing; will not accede to Civil
and three firms HHV Whitchurch, Servants demands. ST.KITTS: Paul
Fanta and Belfast Rum sponsored Southwell is hanging on to the Pre-
steel bands, miership; but Lee Moore was elected
The People's Action Theatre en- National Leader. DI, Sn~mrond's ob-
livened Monday morning with their struction case was struck from the
colourful "Plays of the Years" bI~d ~.agistrate's. Court record-sa.BRITAIN
led by Lennox Honychurch, Teacher H.M.the Queen is back from a highly
Marcella Severin of S1MA led her stu- successful tour of theFar East. *
dents in "The Mad Scientists" with IDI AM3I is on his last hop. *Wales
dazzling leafspot funguses, viruses, says O0 to Devolution, Scotland
blood cells and chemical crystals, will probably say YES. Two by-el-
Convent High School girls dressed ections in Britain showed 13% & 10
as Gondoliers and drum majorettes gains for Conservatives. Britain will
followed a band of Indians and pre- will have a womanzP.M. with maj.100,
school tots jumping with their par- If this trend keeps up. *****
enta. A number of other private bands CAPIOVAL contd. The main calypso
including the traditional "Revellers" competition was held last Fri.night
or "Doctors" or "Creole" band in at the Arawak but the standard was
their brilliant costumes splashed not as high as last year's.Yetthere
out on Tuesday.o were many very good political conm-
There have been no reports of un- mentaries. Lord Shakey's slow but
pleasant incidents, although two chi- witty sorgs gained him the crown.
ade~ were killed in country accidn Jenifer John of Community H.Sch.
The tourists, Mnost of them French, won the Kubull Dancers' Miss Teen-
seemed to have enjoyed themselves in age show: she was sponsored by An-
this truly old-tyle C_,nival, nette St.Hilaire. The villages had
wariness in the Csidwalk bars was lots of songs and dances, too.
brisi; lh un the sidewalk bars was Two observations, one bad & one
wabrisk; altu the mat popular tum e good. an Friday night about
Sudrey', oi r local romarch orwas aThe 10 pm while hundreds of people were
Aurey or lo ro archwashe enjoying Calypsos at the Arawak,DBS
Ayes Have t -a parody on the House was stating that the show had been
of Assembly, as sung by an SMA stud- postponed until Sunday due to bad
nt iDn the 'Sunior cayso contest weather. A TOTAL LIEE,probably due
wn~ theu aeawnnes of Rsea oi eruBeh to their not covering the show.
was, taken av-ay, and the same for -Asb. Weda.a.,m. R.T.C.did- a. fine job:

mT~ n~ RT1 Fd~iV, MELa~hch

*I~uwrY .5. 44~*n -- -u -. 2- A3 1, i."

THe HUNT PROPosAL by Alister Iugh~ai But, credit mn~t be given
The situation in Britain should to a Barbadian who made an excel-
stir Westindian Governments into lent proposal a long time ago be-
action. With an economy vastly sup- fore there was the present general
erior to ours, the British Govern- consciousness of inflation and its
ment still finds it necessary totake effect on sky-rocketing costs-of-
drastic stepA to fight inflation, living.
Some of their moves will make the Nearly 20 years ago, well-known
Labour Government unpopular, but the Barbadian business~an, Mr. K.R.fBint,
country cannot stand the mounting publicly recommended "closer co-op-
cost-of-living and the Government e oration amongst Capital, Labour and
must act to check it. Government". He pointed out the in-
By comparison, our Governments ter-relation of these triple elements
seem unconcerned. Throughout the of the economy. If they are out of
Caribbean Community (CARICOM), in- tune, he said, there can be no dey-
flation is rampant and indications., elopment. But, he thought, if they
are that, in some East Caribbeaneee Vorked together in a ~]National Dew-
countries, last year's rise exceeaia'elopment Council", recognizing their
15%. In spite of this, however,West- national responsibility and respect-
indian Governments have not launched ing each other's rights, they aould
all-out anti-inflation campaigns, provide a country with its best
There has been ineffective dabbling chance of economic success.
in price controls and such, but that Mr. Hunts proposal is not a 100%
insufficient. This massive, complex guarantee. There are problems such
problem demands radical strategy, as exist in Grenada. In that island,
Exactly what do we face? Stated Government does not isolate its seo-
simply, wages are just not keeping ,tional trade union obligations from
up with living costs. Economists i:ts duty to the country. The Minist-
differ as to why this is so and .some er of Labour actually nego4iatee on
blame systems of government budget- behalf of Prime Minister Gairy'I
ing and taxation. Others say it's trade union and, around the bargata-
the wages/prices race. Still others ing table, employers face the union
lay the charge against big business and the Government in the person of
monopolies. But, whatever the reasonone man. In these circumstances, no
inflation is very real. Whether we're triple-element approach to inflation
shopping for food, clothes, lumber is possible,
or TV sets, we experience its disa&- C-ooperation
troua effects, Nevertheless, the Hunt proposal
ct nreaojnably is worth 'consideration. As we stand
In the Westindies, most inflation now, we have little control over the
is ".imported". That is, we import speed with which inflation eats our
lots of goods and, as prices go up n income s And we have notmade compre-
industrialised countries, we asy more hensive studies of what we can do
and our cost-of-living soars. But, about it. A National Development
we do generate some inflation our- Council would undertake,that taak.
selves. For instance, in some CARICOM It could look into the possibility
countries, merchants and others eat- of restricting imports of high
ablish monopolies and demand unreason- inflation goods. It could provide
ably high prices. Wisely, some Gov- a check on monopolies. It would
ernments crush this. Other Govern- create machinery for establishing
ments, however, -blind or unconcerned fair wages and prices. And, it would
- permit monopolies to inflate the do all these things with full coop-
cost of living. eration of Capital, Labour and Gov-
This kind of problem, and others ernment. The initiative rests with
like it associated with inflation, Westindian Governments. If they're
ts not new. It is only in compara- serious about doing something positive
tively recent times, however, that about inflation,the Bunt Proposal
we have realized their seriousness, is worth a try.


Friday, March 2, 1979 T H E S
OUR ~3R i.CH NEIGHBOURS -Hugh Lawrence
When I visited the French Island
of Guar.eloupe in 1928, in my early
t'ent-tl jit' before that year's
hurricrLane, I was so impressed. that
I a.:'.;i--. rcg;retfted being born in
IDoiMrnic.a. S tr oU;ing one md',ning at
the :..ay I observed a few young men
t ell dressed \vith collars, ties, ,
waistcoats and in grey & black suits
each carrying a suitcase. I in-
quired from one of them as to their
whereabouts, I was told that they
were on their way to France by boat
to study to become Professeurs(which
meant teachers).
I could immediately see that the
two wars Britain fought with France
to capture Dominica had kept us
back a great deal. I could see cleal-
ly that the Freneh Government had
the ability to colonize her mini-
sto.ts- even better than Britain.
During the short period of time
France occupied Dominica roads were
built all over the country. At one
time we spo-e French, and another
time Englit4h We are hemmed in be.-
tween our Oiwo French neighbours,
therefore we should have remained
I also see today that our school.
goers are compelled to take French
lessons. France has now given us a
near two million dollar sport stad-
ium. A French Bank was opened here
on 15th Jan.1979. We may become a
state of that rich country,never
again to change.
EDIT R'S NOTE:: As one who has both
English ard French blood in her
veins, iHugh Lawrence's letter re-
minds me of what the great C.L.R.
James said at the Trinidad Library
during Federation: "I am a black
man. But I can never be 'anti-Brit-
ish; because the wonderful English
language is in my heart, my blood
and my brai.%." He expounded his
theory wonderfully. Now Hugh Law-
rence has a rich comn .id of that
language. I shall quote on the op-
posite column one of the greatest:'.
and yet simplest of poems about the
English language. What is a stadium?
or a Bai -. in comparison ...?

W 0 R D S by Edward Thomas
Out of us all
that make rhymes,
Will you choose
Sometimes -
As the winds use
A crack in a wall
Or a drain,
Their joy or their pain
To whistle throughi--
Choose me,
You English words?
I know you:
You are light as dreams,
Tough as oak,
Precious aa golt,
As poppies, and corn,
Or an old cloak;
Sweet as our blrd.-S
To the ear,
As the burnet rose
In the heat
Of Midsummer;
Strange as the races,
Of dead and unborn:
Strange and sweet,
And familiar,
To the eye,
As the dearest faces
That a. man knows,
And as lost homes are:
But though older far
As our hills are, old,-
Worn new
Again and again:
Young as our streams
After rain:
And as dear
As the earth which you prove
That we love.
Make me content
With some sweetness
From Wales
Whose nigbhtingales
HaVe no wings, -
From the names, and the things
No less.
Let me sometimes dance
With you,
Or climb
Ot stand perchance
In ecstasy,
In a rhyme,
As poets do.


Page Three

Pag Four- THE STRrh2 .7

COMMONWEALTH OF DOMINICA Schedule for wk.endin
Schedule of Application for Certi- ted 24th Delso as
ficatibn of Title and Noting there Nov. 1977 Persoal
for week ending 24th February 1979. Presented Represen.-
Date of Person Nature of Reques 24th Nov. tative a
Reauest Presenting whether for a 1977 at hargaret
Certificate of Title or Noting ther- .50 p.m. Lewis
on or Caveat. deceased by his Sol-
BePe& d da- Francis Request for icitor Cilma A.M.
ted 12thFeb- Cannoville hethe issue o Dopigay_
ruary ,1979 by his a First Cer- rmmnw1.+. Tm),-
nnmnft~rn~f~h~nR ~-i

21st Febru-
ary, 1979 at
12.20 a.m.

Cilma A.
M. Dupdgny

in the Heights of Mahault
Ormalirrk Estate in the I
Paul, n the Commonwealtl
containing 48.51 acres a
as follows8- North: by 3
Luke and Joseph Luke; Ea
of Marie Registe and Emn
South by land of Marie B
by land of Hayes Stephen
ated bv the Mahaut River

by his

26kjth I~ov.2L~tr?

Reqiest for the
issue of a NBew
Certificate cf
Title in e s-
pect of a pol-
#tion of lan.d
in the Tovw of

J,".Uritia .tyL( $ : .i i ;-- ;,
Parish of .i. .
!George,ri th.s
fli nm .-,-, -'

,tifi o v. 3 J. i cLuo..'i. .tA
tificate or ~593 square feet and bounded ,3
Title inreS- follows:- North-East by Jm.. :v.:
pect of apr- Phillis Merril and a R gh.-'..-.y
tion of land separating it from land of -...-.i-
Sknown as ana Johnson; .orth-Weet: y
?arish of St. 9e2. y Ra-izhr.ant Er *m:-,;rc.
of Domioi South-East; by' land of Geo.,:.
bnd bounded Johnson and Virgin Lane; Ec',-
and of John West by lands of Stephen LaX r, L
Lst:by land aAd LornaL Buffong.r r &'d,. 0, :;
Ison, separ-

Request forth
issue of a
First Certifi-
cate of Title

Reupest da.-
ted 6th June

Present 4 t fh
June 1978 at
9*80 a.m.

i yle

tor Oil-
ma A.M.
flui ~

3 m i alas m s

Recg~es for
the iaoue of
1 ..w.YLer,.~t=ir
:ticate ofQ Ti-
*'le in res-
peet of ap&or-
_ tion of Cz ?ma.

21st,.Febru- Cilma A. in respect of -ino Inthe Paih'f U A.1el I
a o spring in the Parish of St.Aade ,in
ary 1979 at M.Dupigpy a port ioa o I the Commnwealth of Dcmniea, cota:t.o_
.32 m land known as 2.20 acres and bounaded as ffoslaly
a Lot at Po ell, in Grand Bay,in the rth by Lots No.r and Neo.5; East lb
Parish of St.Patrick,in the State of ot No.4A and ri.vat'e. land of R.J.
Dominica, containing 16367 squarefeet -- N and others; South by the LasoR
and bounded as follows:-North-Eas,: ier separnatinhs; itoth b the Laso e
by land of Francis Bedminster;South- ite Weat by Lot Nto 6.rn t-
East by Grand Coulibri River separa- ReIest da- a
ting it from land of Lance St.Berncd, ted 10th Romal e
(Grand Coulibrie Estate); South-West: w 98. er-, tfhe airea or
by lands of Heirs of Clemancia Bed- Presented o0 Rep- the CB r of
minster; West: by land of Heirs of 12th May, resentat- eate f Tilfi-
Clemenciia Bedminster; North-Weat: by 1978 at ivre of :sentat- e f Sti
a Public Road ,separating it fromnlaid oe P aest of
of Maria Lewis and S'oson Angol. tph dease a portion of
Riest da- 'Greta Request for. fe I hia Saliciteo ailma h the
ted sand Georges issue of amirs r, 41 C a p1 ih of St.
Jan. 1979 by her Certificate of joseph in the Cmonweatth- of Domini
Presented Solicitor leo the Cononweaalth of Domini.
jPresonted Solicitor Title in res- ca, containing 6 acres and 2 roods an
2l1st Feb. Eustace H pect of a por- bounded as follows: ... s o.o S)
197 9 at Franci.s tion of landed S
11.45 a.m. Gould in the and Helen Vidal; South: Land of Ver-
Parish of St.Joseph containing 3.74 nel Louis & Mrs.Ellis James; West:
acres and bounded as follows:-- Nort- Land of Martin Laurent and Layou
A Ravine separating it from lands of River separating it from land of
Mathilda Charles & Estate Pb iloMn /Marie Brov. (Pr C~et
Adams; East: Land of Latfuara JQolly seei-. ve)

Request da-
ted 16th
June 1976.


Page Four


"--~--~-U"~` "--i

- --- --i---------

T H E _ST AR _Friday, March 2,




Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
for week ending 10th He1ruary 1979
Date of Person Nature of Requs
Request Presenting whether for a
Certificate of Title or Noting
thereon or Caveat

Request da- Phillip Request for
ted 20th Fregiste the issue of
Nov. 1978 by his a First Cer-
Presented Solicitors tificate of
7th Febru- Alleyne & Title inres-
ary 1979at Co. per pect of all
2,40 pm, Brian G.K. that portion
Alleyn of land at
Berricoa in Grand Bay, PaSgMi of
St.Patrick, containing 1,467 square
feet and bounded as follows:-North:
Land of Emilia Bastien; East: by
Land of Juliette Fregiste alsolmoawn
ias Madelene Leatham nee Fregiste;
Sxath: A Public Road separating it

Sched.wwk endg.Feb.17 EAg.ille ctd
and bounded as follows:- N.orth: A
Public Road and land of Agnes aumain;
South: A Ravine separating it from
land of Alfreda Lamothe; Morth-Bast:
> iLand'of Phidalia Valentine; West:
Land of Vaughn Azile and Edwina
Carrette ..

request da- Martindale Request for
,ed 29th Morancie the issue of
ran. 1979 by his a First Cer-
Sresented Solicitor tificate of
.6th ebr- rVanya Title in res-
iary 1979 Dupigny pect of apoi-
it 11.57 m am_ tion of land
,t Bois Liviere Campbell, in the
.arish of St. Paul, in the Common-
realth of Dominica, containing 5.836
ctres and bounded as follows:- lorth-
fest: Land of Hudson Esperit; East:
and of Oscar Celeatine, Andar Alph-
nse and George Simon; West; Land of
lentive Luke; South-East: Land of
Ibin Joseph and Heirs of Paul Luke.

from land of Perryman Bellot; West:Request da Request for the
Land of Pottifer George. ted 14th Bowen issue of a First
Schedule for wk.ending 17 February July 1976 Alfred Certificate of
Request da- Edith Request for thePresented by his Title in respect
ted 23rd James issue of aFirst 16th Febr- Solici- of a portion of
August 1978 by her Certificate of uary 1979 tor land in the Par-
Presented Solici- Title in res- at 12.16 pmVanya ish of St.Andrew,
13th Febru- tors pect of a por- _DupiAn at North End, in
ary 1979 at Armour, tion of land the Commonwealth of Dominica, contain.
10.45 a.m. Armour known as a lot ing 2.8 acres, and bounded as fol-
S Harris at Marigot in lows:- North: By Hatton Garden Es-
the Parish of St.Andrew containing tate; South: By lands of Kent Alfred;
24946 square feet and bounded as West: by lands of Mary Jacob; East:
follows:- North-East: by lands of By land of Manas~a James, William
Perenize Bazil and Clemence Nowel Davis and Hatton Garden Estate.
and Camilia Joseph; East by Public
Road and land.,of Merle Samuel;South REGISTRAR'S OFFICE, ROSEAU
by Road separating it from land of Randall H. Lockhart, Ag. Registrar
Fred James; SoUth-West: by land of of Titles.
Belgrave Robinson; North-West: by OTEQ: Any person who, desires to
land of Eulild Jones. __ object to the issuing of a Certt-
Request da- Enormie Request for ficate of Title on the above Ap-
ted 19th Azille the issue of plications may enter a Caveat in
August 1977 also klown a First Cert- the above Office within six weeks
Presented as Enomie ificate of'T- from the first appearance of these
13th Febru- AzillelEr- tle in respect Schedules in the Star newspaper
ary 1979 at sonal Rep- of a portion published in this country or from
1123 a.m. resentativeiof land at the date when the notice prescribed
of Alfred Rabess decea4 Cottage in by law was last served on any oc-
sed by her Solicitor the Parish of cupant of adjoining lands, in res-
Vanva Dupigny .St.John, in-the pect of which these Applications
Commonwealth of Dominica containing were made.
15,080 square feet, (next column)





T;ltriTj~~T~ I\ilRrn'n 2,, 1979


Page Five

T RE S'T AR Priday March 8 9

.ageK uL- __ ____ _- --- --- ----- --- .
Application for Certificate of Title "I am a Swedish boy on 20 years
by Marsaden Romain.contd. from page 4. old who wishes correspond with
North: by Machoucherie River; South: a girl in suitable age, Interests
by land of Madame Frank William; -Everything which make the life
East: by land of Madame Noel'John; happier. English language.
West: by-land of L. Bruno. Len^artLarsson,
For CAVEAT NOTE, turn to page five KaErlslattsvagen 5 A
"-* ... "'* .... . 525 oo U lricehamn,
*S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S*- Morchriston SWED23.
WORLD SERIES CRICKET: West Indies ______
crushed Australia by 369 runs inthe *STARSPORTS* ctd. (Rowe did not re-
first of 5 super-tests to be played sume his innings)e Dennis Lillee
on this Caribbean tour by the 'super followed up his 4/68 with 4/100. *
teams' at Sabina Park,Jamaica with Australia 2nd innings 194. Ray ..
more than 1i days to spare. West Bright 47 n.o. and lan Chappell 4a. "
Indies batting (which lacked inspir- Holding captured 3/39 & Colin Croft
action during the last series in Aus- an expensive 3/70. L.Austin 2/29.
tralia) came. off in dramatic fashion. PAKISTAN won a 3-match se~iC.s 1-
Ace speedster Andy Roberts and skip- nil in conventional tests a&i nlst
per Clive Lloyd put on 224 runs for New Zealand after the 5rd i:ztch,like
the siXth wicket, after Lawrence the 2nd, ended in a draw. Lc that
Rowe had earlier on been hit by a match,Pakistani wicketkeepe~r asim
bouncer and was not at all certain Bari broke a test world record when
to bat during the rest of the innings, he snapped up seven catches behind
West Indies,batting first,could the wicket in New Zealand's first
muster only 188 runs and many were innings. Final scores: -New Zealand
the voices which decried West Indies'254 & 281 for 8 dec. Jeremy Coney
meagre total...following a run of 82 & 4,; Mark Burgess 71. Saefroz
low scores in Australia and in two Nawoz 4/61. Pakistan 359 aind 8
limited-overs matches played in the without loss. Majid Khan 21130
Caribbean. W.I.'s total gained res- LOCALLY, the Augustus Gregoire lea-
pectability when Australia crumbled gue was totally rained-off last week
for only 106 runs in their turn at end. The league continues this week-
the crease in just over 3 hours to end with four matches on. In the
the 4-prong pace attack of Roberts senior league,Spartans came up ag-
(2/25) Mike Holding(2/18) ColinCooft ainst defending league champions
(3/34) and Wayne Daniel (3/24). Somerset at the Botanical Gardens,
When West Indies batted a second time while Casuals & Saints clash atthe
they lost their first wicket with the. Windsor Park, Intermediate League:
total on 05, and the second at 44. Celtic United come up against Police
By then hoWever, Roy Fredericks had A on Sat.3rd 1March and the following
unleashed such an attack on Dennis day Conquerors vs.Aquarians: both
Lillee, Gary Gilmore and later Jeff .matches carded for D.G.S. Grounds,
Thomson that the batting never looked INTERNATIONAL SCENE: "Kerry Packe
back as Fredericks got a fine 69,Viv has signed up 7 more-Pakistani
Richards 48 and Deryck Murray afight- players,bringing to 15 the No. of
ing 28. It was at this point that Pakistanis under contract to him.
Lloyd and Roberts came together to He now has complete teams of Aus-
set.a..World Series record for'the 6th tralians, West Indians, and Paki-
wicket with Lloyd finally falling stant.a.
for 197 and.Roberte a career-best 89 Indians are also reported to
- only to be run out trying to give have s ined up with Packer.
Lloyd an unnecessary single. With the ALL N ORTS A
dismissal of Roberts at 453, the'bat- READ
ting quickly succumbed for 481 runs.(next col) FITHE STAR! I
PTIried & Published by the Proprietor, R.E.Allfrey of Mill Hose Copt
Hall, at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica, Westinles.


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