Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). February 23, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). February 23, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: February 23, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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_26_____ ____ ___ RUITS
e ep o i- ff FR;Uz1ff
Media Representative TA 1
DONpo~ by ALJU.MR &G
hOiin Turner(London)Ltd 1 .4
'22 Shaftesbury Avenue Virtute. Duce Comite u WE CAjoOT BLAP1R
lruandon YnWV 81UA Engla.nd 1 Editor: Phylli-s Shanud Allfrey I ONE M rb pD 4.

Vo~l,, XXVTIT I\1o,. 71 id~av. FB~Zi'u~mv 23. 19719


CAST-AY3 TO BE A MEoICALunders Day at the Dominica Gram-
..---..--..--.. oe4 ,- ar School wasa s success: the Vie-
Dominuica's only beach hotel is go- tor Archer plaque was presentedL by
ing to be turned into a medical K.Richards,memorial chairman; the
school. Castaways Hotel, operated much applauded guest speaker was
by Bill Harris, will be taken over Old Boy and Old Teacher Charles A.
by an American group from April 1 Savarin, who reminisced on his '
(A'll Fools Day).- Although details years in each department...* Lately
of the medical operation Premier, Antigua,Mr.George Walters
of the medical school's operation ^ ^^ ^, corruption.. *.Tamai-
soolse t was jailed for corruption...*Jamai-
are still a local secret, the Wall can P.O. workers are on strike...*
Street Journal of $ew York carried now independent. The
an advertisement two weeks age en- Opposition boycotted ceremonies.
couraging students to enroll in T-e.ach ers th9re a on trike. A
~th e "dlal S'chool of the Univer- fire was ser ou ne prsou, one
te i School of the niver- prisoner was. shot. P.M.Compton
sity of Dominlsa". According tp re- called it "a peaceful transition".
liable repo-ts, Mr. Harris will rumr DICAL SCHOOL ct. a infix o
the srhool/hctel for one year while e iC00 Americanst giving ore or
an estimated 8C students take up oer 00 Americns living more or
an e~~mstled 8c students take up less permanently here, and we hope.
residence and a "rotating faculty"t less rmanent r n o
coming doN from the U.S.A. for it causesnofrct
months at a time will lecture. -U
How space will be found in the The loss of Castaways ap a hotel
existing hotel to put laboratories raises a number of questions for the
oexisurg hotel to put laboratories Tourist Industry; there will now
or lecture holls in use is not clear be no beach hotel and some 25 less
and there has been a suggestion rooms on the market. Island Bouse
that Layou River Hotel would alsO and Layou River are shut, Riviere
be tied into the scheme for extra La Croix is just ticking along and
rooms. the other four mall hotels Fort
JIi is difficult to comment on Youing, Asta, Anchorage and Sisserou
this project until all the facts be- are situated in and about town so
come ,nown,but the Medical School that visitors will be1iabla to.
o nc e stay in our beautifulcountrysidLe,
of D-mnica does sound similar to Dominica's main attraction.
that of Grenada where students who Meanwhile the public has not been
are unable to reach the entry stan- told what is going on near the
dards for medical schools in the US Cabrits it could either be a ho-
can, if they are rich enough, pay tel or a petrochemical plant, but
their way through to a degree in there have been other suggestions.
medicine. As the medical profession A tourist booth is to be put up in
in the USA is a billi-.: dollar busi- Burrowes SuIare; which will probably
n te UA is cai u do si cater to the large number of pleas-
ness, private companies run hospit- ure yachts which prefer to visit
talks and medical schools at vast Prince Rupert's Bay rather than the
profits, and it is probable that theital_
Dominica Medical School may be one PORTSMOUTH was treated to speeches
of these. It will' be a strange add-fib Brian Alleyne & Ronan Davici, who
ition to our small-society to 'have 'are now On Freedom's panel-this week.

Di~fF~Ce CitzaL,"Ln'

~ ~ ~~ ~~---------- ~


t-n a. 9 P.'



Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
for week ending 10th February 1979

Date of Person X Nature of Request
Request Presenting whether for a
Certificate of Title or Noting
th n or 0Caveat -_ fr
Request da- Jones Re'guest for
ted 8th Nov- Telemamge the issue of
ember 1979 by his a Pirst Cer-
Presented Solicitors tificate of
9t4 Februa- Armour, Title in res.
ry 1979 at Armour and pect of a
8.60 a.m. Iarris portion of
iand. known a, a lot at "Big Bottom",
Wesley in the Parish of St.Andrew
containing 4,178 acres and bounded
as follows:- North; A Public Road
separating it from land of Williaun
Burnette; East: Land of B.H.E.Phil-
lip; South: Touloman Ravine separa-
ting it from land of Londonderry Es-
t+at.e: Weat: Land of James Wright.

.maaaisneM *wkc ending 17 Februzary

av^td Mt dith RBequest for the
ted 23rd James issue of aPirst
August 1978 by her Certificate of
Presented Solici- Title in res-
15th Febru- tors pect of a Dor-
ary 1979 at Armour, tion of land
10.45 a.m. Armour' known as a lot
Harris at Marigot in
the Parish of St.Andrew containing
24946 square feet and bounded as
follows:- North-East: by lands of
Perenize Basil and Clemence Nowel
a'd Caamlia Joseph; East: by public.
road:, d land, of Merle Samuel; South:
by. roade.par4t eg It from land of
Erp4 J;re& s1 QputtheWaEt: by lanA of
Belg~rave bainpon; porth.West by
A nof ..lil 9 Jones.
re f' t-.d Voa-iie guest fort
ei 19th ApWiJ issue o0f a
Au rusW ?77' alPo- ?r st Certifi-
Prespnted kniwP as cate of Title
PSth 'Fbr Shomi.e .in respect of
azy 1979 Aille a portion of
f. arsenal land at Qgt-
^^$6e "tive -O.&a tfiae i4 the
Ra sBheap d44aca4 arilash of St.
by her SoolicitorVanya Jotli ,ah in the
N4. Maay Commonwealth
of Dominica o ntain-ln I5 08, a .,re

Friday. February 23. 1979

Shcedule for wk end=g Feb,17 ctd.
Z7Pl1cation of Enormie Ai'llie ctd.

feet, and bounded as follows:-
North: A public Road and land of
AgsUa Romain; South: A Ravine sep-
arating it from land of Alfreda
Lamothe; iNoLth-East: land of Phia-
6lia Valentine; West: land of Vaughn
Azile and Edwina Carrette.
Regest da- Martindale Request for
V9th Janua- Morancie the issue of
ry 1979 by his a Pirst Cer-
Presented Solicitor tificate of
16th Beb- Vanya Title inres-
ruary 1979 IDpigny pect. of a
t 11.57Z am portionn of
land at Bois Liviere Campbell, in
the Parish of St.Paul, in the Comra
monwealth of Dominiea, oontaining
3.836 acres and bounded as folloas:-

North-West: Land of Hudson Eaperit;
East: Land of Oscar CelestinaeAndae
Alphonse and Geoare Simon; West:
Land of Sentive Luke; South-Uaat:
Land of Bibin Joseph and Heira of
Paul Lk. e... ________...
Reqest da- Bowen Request for the
ted 14th Alfred issue of a Pirst
July 1977& by his Certificate of
Presented Sol4ci- Title in res-
16th Peb- tor pect of a por-
ruary 1979 Vanya tion of land in
at 12.16pm DGuDRaf the Parish of
St.Andrew, at Norths .nd, in the
Comnonowealth of Dominica, contain-
Ing 2.6 acres, and bounded as follows:
North: By Hatton Garden Estate; South:
y land of eant Alfred; Weat: by
lands of Mary Jacob; Bast,: by land
of Manassa Jamwa, William Davis and
ZHatton Garden Estate.

orNOTE.. pleae see pagea

.ff A 'rof land mkowias a a part
of Corona Baata in the Parish of St
Paul contal.4ling .05.827 acres and
bounded a. fQolJoWs- ,orth-East:
Harria Soltain Astate; South-East:
Harris Soltoun ~tate,Lancashie E s-
tate,and .;4id of Winston Higgins;
Souh-'West River separating
of Corona' Estate
Vt 6 Worge Derrick,

gi apply to vtyik ei.~f'&... ..,
v Y , ,,- ^ ,

I_ ___




, -,


V9n 4 1?bruarv 23. 1979 TH E STA R ae

SAPONE ._MAN by Hugb' White
by E.G. Lobl.ack I have followed with interest
Madame,.do you know that the development of this matter. What is
twenty thousand Dominicans in Eng-. indeed strange, is that such matters
land want to see Mr. Patrick John of National Importance have become
in England now because it is only so personal uad the blame placed on
three weeks ago they came to know QNE MAN
that Mr. Patrick John put them in As knw it the structure of the
a ditch; they-do tiot know how to Dominica Banana Growers Association
get out of that ditch, and can Mr. is: The -oard 4kPolicy Makers.
Patrick himself do anything to get The General Manager Chief Execut-
them out of it? This is informat- ive Officer with administrative
ion direct from England. The whole Control for Office as well as field.
question is about their passports. he Operations Manager directly
Moreover the people have discov-.esponsible for operations.
ered that many of their monies, le. The Asst.Operations Manager dir-
ters etc. went to the Dominican ectly responsible for sf... ""t oan-
Republic and it is hard for them to trol. Division Manage'Z- 'ohtrol
get back that money, that is anothrI f all activities including Lead'
reasonwhy they would like to see Spot Control within the di .siol.
Mr. Patrick in England now. Madame Asst. Supervisor Day to d&y super-
this is a short note: the big thing vision of spraying, Lance men -
is behind. _Actual spraying.
Each of these individuals have
C.D.C. (D.E.S.) HAS IMPROVED their part to play in Leaf Spot
by Hugh Lawrence: Control.
It was nice hearing over DBS It is public knowledge that R.E.
that those customers in arrears of Henry held the post o At.Operat-
two or three months for payment of ions Manager up to Now.197. while
electricity would have their curiet F.L.A.Charles was Operations Manager.
cut off. This lesson could have to that time, B.E.enry moved aom
been patterned from Messrs. Cable fieto tfie exercising moutrol fo
field to field exercising control aof
& Wireless Ltd. With the latter Leafspot while P.L.A.Charles remained
you knew exactly what would take i the Office to perform the adminie-
place, but CDC (D.ES.) used to trative functions of the Dept.In fact
treat. ts customers very badly. At was R.B nry by his regular fteld.
I a onae ho. suffered this india visit who controlled Leafspot an th
oreet treatment by having my lights days ao P.L.A. Charles.
cut off without notice or warning When F.L.A.Charles returned in 1977
I thin:i it is always a nice thing R. Eenr;ay was appointed Operations
that we can cooperate in thesecases ~Mager and quite naturally assumed
After A proper notice is given, we the administrative 9hetiolns oa the
should be allowed another seven pt., which urtailedhis field i-
days grace, for we are compelled to it An Assistant Operations Mafger
settle our a~coulit's.A
settle our actoults. t whose duties are mainly Leaf~ot eon-
Bravo QDC, it is not too late to trol was nd t s pointed so Lfpy tx,
b nice trol was nct appointed so Hoery did
be nice.not have the help which Charles had.
DR. )ENNEDY SIMMONDS In Nov. 1978 a team comprising of
- is awaiting final settlement (al- J.Edmunds, F.Leomce and K.C~onshaw
ong with other dispossessed land visited Dominica, a detailed enquiry
owners in St. Kitts)'for the depri- into. Association operations related
vation of his land under the Sugar to' fruit quality was held and find-
Act. He is also awaiting the JudgC ings reported,
ruling -il the inconclusive bye-elec The problem associated with poor
tion. Great annoyance has been ex- Leafspot control wav identified as
esad ,cict gbo-f t o hm!nfollows.3 (Concludd on age 6)

_ I_ I I I

Rni~aTz- ffFbnLRPV 23. 1919

T K E S r~ aR


S______ H E T AR Friday,February 2~. 1979
FRUITS OF FRUSTRATION by Alister iHghes are in the sqme boat and
.. it's vei worse in the-lesa-devel-
When foiTer Piime Minister Errol oped CARIPTA Countries.But,growing
Barrow expressed the opinion recent- grassroots discontent has not yet
ly that Barbados faces a "revolution- forced itself on society; we feel
ary situation", lots of people must aO direct threat to our existence,
have laughed. But, Mr. Barrow was and so we take no adequate atepi to
serious. Unemployment in Barbados improve conditions.
could cause trouble, he says,because Now, there s distre$sing news of
desperate, jobless men can easily be Grenada where discontent is height-
led astray, enad by special circumstances. In
Whether or not he's right about that island, basichuman rights are
revolution in Barbados, Mr.Barrow denied and the electoral machinery
knows Westindians won't heed hiswesm- is suspectbut there ip little pro-
ing. Barbadians will realise there is test. Since the unrest of 1974,those
a revolutionary situation only when who should have caring concern for
they wake one morning and find there their community have not felt the
have been outbreaks of protest dur- threat to their existence and,thre-
ing the night, he said. And, that's fore, they are silent while grass-
true not only of Barbadians. Westin- roots frustration grows.
dians will dismiss these unpleasant Guns
possibilities because, as a legacy Against that background, there is
of our past, we don't want to get i news that two Grenadians have been
volvd unless our existence is: arrested in the USA for attempting
threated to. ship guns to the Caribbean. But,
That legacy is based in the fact Grenadians who should know better,
that, in colonial days, we didn't .still_ stand aloof. There seems no
concern ourselves with the state of real concern over this development.
the society. That was the British True to Westindian form,Grenadiana
Governor's Sob. He had to keep thingswill not consider it their business
peaceful. And, when he failed, it until disaster strikes and their ex-
was he who called out the guns. We stence is threatened.
didn't consider it our business to It may be too latethenn fact
do anyt ing. Rioted it may be too late now because news
For instance, the people who of guns for Grenada raises serious
should have had.caring concern for questions. Was this the act of des-
their coTnm=ity were aloQf when Bar- operate men seeking to remove an op-
adians rioted in 1957. The Inquiry pressive Government, or was it an-
ito those disturbances. revealed that other attempt by a violent Qovern-
it was well known that medical ser- mient to smuggle in guns for another
vices for the man-in-the-street were "mongoose 9ang"? Was thia a step
inadequate. That 4s nutrition was to revolution or another step to
sub-standard, his housing overcroWded dictatorship? Indeed, were the guns
and his working ,conditions bad. But, intended for Grenada or some other
until frustration drove the "labour- CARICOM country?
era" to '-otest violently and every- Undoubtedly, we shall have ans-
body's existence was threatened, the wers in time. Those answers,however,
elite didn't think it their business will be easier to handle if we real-
to improve conditions. ised that the British Governors went
The position is identical today, home long ago.
If Bajans have to have their exist- Westindian communities are now
ence threatened before they realise Westindian'' responsibility, all
they have a "revolutionary situation",of us, and, if we don't make them
it's the same throughout CARIFTA.And, what they should be, we must ac-
if Barbados faces a "revolutionary- ,eept the consequenuces
situation" because of unenmloyment, St. Georges, Grenada
Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana-and Jamaica

Fr-idav.. Febru-ihv lK 9179g T H E TPage Five

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and noting thereon
for week ending 10th February 1979
Date of I Person I Nature
Request .Presenting quest whether
for a Certificate of Title or Not-
ing thereon orS Caveat.
Request da- Denia Request for the
ted. 22nd Alle isaue of a
March 1977 by his First Certifi-
Presented Solic- cate of Title
6th February itors in respect of
1979 at Armour, a portion of
9,50 a.m, Armour land known as
and Harris a garden lot
at Salisbury in the Parish of St.
Joseph containing 0.325 acre and
bounded as follows:- Northerly by
lands of Clifton William; Easterly
by lands of Mde.Desadane, Sydney
John and Mde. George; Southerly by
lands of Greenece Smith; Westerly
y a ravine and lands of Norwill
Joseph. _______________
R.equest da- Edward Request for
ted 27th Frank the issue of
December through a First Cer-
1979. his Sol- tificate of
Presented icitor Title inres
7th Pebru- Ronan A. pect of a
ary 1979 at David of portion of
3.00 ..m. Chambers land at .
11 old Street, Roseau. Vieille Case'.
in the Parish of St.Andrew in the
State of Dominica containing 2,00
acres and bounded as follows:- On
he North by a public road separat-
ing it from lands of Isaac Benjamin,
eirs of Cecilia Auguatine,Terrence
oyer and Matilda Edwards. On the
th by a ravine separating it
rom land of 1mianupl Royer; On the
'East by land of the heirs of Anat-
asie Victor; On the West by land of
Camillia Joseph,_ .

Request da- Edward Request for
ted 27th De- Frank the issue
cember 1979 through of a
Presented his Sol- Certificate
7th FebrtLry icitor of Title i
1979 at Ronan A.. respect of
5300 p.m. iDavid of a po:.tion
hambes, 11i. Old Steeet of le'aid at
' 'iseau Dominica Cf* Vieile
; 7Cnae, in theiParLSbh o_ 35t.Ancdrew ;
A' Q Of '"".''

Randall H;I Lockhart, Ug.Regiatma-
of Titles
OTE: Any person iwh desires to
object to the issuing of a Certi-
ficate of, Title on the above Ap-
plicationa may enter a CVea.t in
the above Office within six weeks
?rom the first appearance of these
:S~;e:s eas in the Star newspaper
pul.2 .-ed ia this county or trom
the di. Le .hen the notice prescribed:
by 1. vcrs. last served on any aocUi- ;
pan-i; of lands ia reapectf
of ,.,i ch these ApJplications were

,IW E K -

"That piece or parcel of land part
of The Pound Guinea Grass piece in
the Town of Roseau, in the Parish
of 't. George containing 1761
square feet and bounded as follows:-
North-West and North-East by land
of Christianie Burke, South-East
by land of the Roseau Mixed School,
South-West by land' f Amy Duverney.
Registered Book F3 Folio 71". 1$
has frontage on a right-of-way
adjacent to Great MarlboroughStreet
Kindly apply to Vanya Dupigny
of 6 tennedy Avenue, Chambers,
Reseau, nyt later than the 26th
day of February, 1979. Telephone
3012. 4%4- 'A
Lrd Frankc.
in ths State of Dominica conita inAg
5,310 square feet and boundie as fol-
lows:- On the North by a public road
separating it'from land of Ethelbert
Hfn,,ilton; COi the South by a public
road separating it from land of Gea-
trude Leblanc; On the Bast by land
of Violet Leblanc; On the West by
land of Gaynon Victor.


"I~ ~` -


E~idav- FF~bru~ir~vigii~, ~9~79 T.HE


Paffe Five


WORLD SERIES CRICKET has commenced MAN by Hugh B.White from page 4
in t~ West Indies. Honours have l.The absence of an Assistant Opera-
been shared in the 2 limited overs tions Manager from lNovember 1977.
international matches, West Indies 2. Shortage of Spray Machines.
won til',st by 36 runs. and Austral- 3. Shortage of Vehicles.
ia the 2nd by one wicket. The first 4. Leaf Spot Cordinator,
supertest between the: teams starts 5. Contractual problema with the
at Sabina Park,Jamaica, today Fri. Spray Compauy.
LOCAL CRICKET: Casuals, Somerset 6. Poor delivery of .Spray Oil by
Victories: Defending Augustus Greg- Texaco).
oire league champions scored their 7. Dual Role of Boxing Plant Super-
2nd consecutive innings victorywhil visors.
Casuals also wdn by" an innings in 8. Labour problems.
their first match. Se sorry oppon- 9. Supervision by Supervisors.
ents were Smartians,who lost their Recommendations for improvement
3rd match, & D/ca. Defence Force. of Leaf Spot control was e -sbmitted.
Casuals batted first against Smart- Significant: 1978 was the first
ians at the Botanical Gardens and time such a flare-up of Leaf :'act
amassed the fine total of 305 for 7'was ever experienced in D~i...;. a d and
before Irvine Shillingford declaad Henry as all farmers knew ;L. aerved
his team's innings closed* Irvine jthe Banana Industry faithfull. and
himself laid the foundation: a punr- wll in all aspects.
iiAing 146. Rupert Lance captured But what seems even more strange
3/48,S.Charles 2/18 & E.Williams a8is that Trade Unions who, have pledged
*In their turn, Smartians replied for Justice,Fairplay and Protection
with Qnly 143. At 2nd batting,Smart of the Workers' Rights are agitating
iane. did.much worse,being toppled for dismissal without an nvestigat-
for 89, Jeff Scotland (51) being ., ion of a worker who has servd. faith-
the only batsman to resist the pacefully for 25 years. What woul]. be
of Grayson Shillingford & Elliot the Trade Union attitude if tnt type
Joseph,who finished with 3/32 &7/32 f treatment would be meted out to
G.Shillingford 3/30,J.Prevost 2/20 one of their workers of even lower
and A.St.Jean 2/01. standard who had served for a short-
At Wid.-:or Park,Somerset dAcl. at er period?
240 for 6.R.Cuffy scored the 3rd A full investigation into the whole
century in the contest 110 n,o.; operation would be a desirable and
Vidal,Carbon & Brade lent solid just approach.
support,A.Dyer 2/08,H.Laroc~ue 2/43.
Da.-ence Force mustered scores of 88 H.M.The QUEEN and PRII\CE CHARLES
& 103. Somerset kept pressing rel- Touring Arabia in the "Britannia", the
enatessly. Cecil Joseph 5/14, Laui- Queen and Prince Philip have received
rent (still dangerous) 3/07 & 4/13. splendid welcomes from. the various
*In the intermediate League, Celtic countries excluding Iran, The P- -al
U. squeezed victory (their 3rd) ovaYacht is' said to carry a "Queen'
Police "B". Police ftst scored 131 ransom" in gifts of told! jiwelsaand
(50 in 10 overs & 103/3) but Morris other treasures presented by her hosts.
Cyrille 4/13 & V.Younis 3/28 made PRINCE CHARLES criticised Manawgrment
a shambles of the tail. Celtic in in Britain this week as not contnica-
Aturn blasted 50 runs in the first ting sufficiently with the workers.He
4 overs. It looked easy at 95/2 but said Managers- should do a spot of shop
collapsed to 98/6 & 112/8 before tlhfloor work,
the 9th wicket pair' got the winning DOMINICA's new President of DAIC is
runs, Alfred 3/18, J.Durand 3/28. Mr.Julius Timothy,Manager of A. C.
i iL draw. illinford & Co. Ltd. Conrats.
*.Tae cc 21&r published by the proprietor
R.E.Allfrey of Mill House, ,Copt Hall, at 26 Bath Rd, Roseau Commonwealth
of Dominica, Westindies.

Page Six


Eida~v, Bebruarv 23. 19'19

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