Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). February 9, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). February 9, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: February 9, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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wo" .- wIRANRT
162 EAST 78 STREEi
Telephone Editor 2610
P.O.Box 129, Dominica
UK Media Representative
Colin Turner(London)Lt
122 Shaftesbury Avenue
.ondon WIV 8HA England

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irte dcN SiA t coa ,,.
rtute ce Cote FOW PARTY
Virtute Duce Comite Fortuna Pager- '


Vol. XXVIII No, 5 Friday, Febru
Our better-financed and more
largely read contemporary newspaper
the NEW CHRONICLE has'really done
a magnificent job of exposing the
lies of Government on certain un-
healthYmatters. They have published
reproductions of Government's docu-
mented dealings with Sydney.Burnett
Alleyne; they have made clear the
"Federal Bank of Dominica" myn7ter;
and the letters which passe. Ptvieo
High Comnissioner A. Shillingfor din
London and the detested Government
of South Africa.
We know it is unusual for one
small-island newspaper to applaud
another (particularly if the other
is more subeessful). But we really
must congratulate the NEW CHRONICLE
on showing up the fraudulence and
lies of the ruling Party of D/ca.
A most interesting letter is being
circulated in this little Common-
wealth, mostly by Mr. E.C.Loblack,
which underlines the exposures we
have enumerated above. (Sgd. C.P.A
It calls upon Hon.P.R.John to re-.
ply to the allegations between 8th
and 28th February, Copies have gone
to lccal press, United Nations, the
Nation, and the Britisi Sunhday Times,
to the taking of a seat, in the As-
sembly by Mr. Anthony Ribeiro, des-
pite the filing of an Election Pet-
ition alleging irreg-ul citiess in
the discard of votes duriing St.Kitts
recent General Election. The matter
is before the Court.

NEWSBRIEPS: GRENADA celebrates 5th
Anniv. Independence t'i.s week.Queen
Ingrid of Denmark is attending. ***
SON of Robert Kennrdy,Joseph Kennedy
III, just married the daughter of a
savings bank Dreasident. Britain
:ioSi 2 do for refurbishing

ary 9th. 1979

Fifteen Centls 15

At Les Floralies Internationales,
Martinique,(see p.3) Dominica's
Flower Arrangement Group won a
gold medal for hybrid white anthu-
rians; and Mrs. Stafford (Aileen)
Shillingford won another 'gold'
for a special arrangement of pink
and 3 other hybrid anthuriuma.
Mmo Giscard d'Estaing presided...

1-pyLlis &_nwid AHUxrey



On Thursday afternoon (yesterday)
four trade unions WAWU, DAWU,
DTU and CSA met with the Farmers
Union and agreed to give support
to the ?,U. in their protest on
the lack of positive action by
Government, and Govt's refusal
"to correct the deficiencies of
the D/ca Banana Growers Assoon."
On 2nd February a CSA resolut-
Sion gave full support to the Far-
mers Union. CSA will be observing
a day of solidarity with the F.U.
by not working on Monday next
February 12; but emergency ser-
vices will be manned by a skele-
.,ton staff.
By the way, Monday is the anniv-
ersary of Abraham Lincoln'a birth.
A well-attended meeting in La-
gon followed the Thursday get-to-
ge.ther of Unions. Speakers sqoke
of the Farmers' dissatisfaction
with Government, and said the
P.M 's longish banana letter,read
in twtp.-jart (one amended by Hon.
Oliver "Seraphij) was not positive
enough. They complained that the
first "banana inquiry" should be
aired before the second one starts.
Anud 2& can one ,investigate a man
in office while ~e is in office?
S Meanwhile DBGA sources state
that 500 acres of infected leaf-
spot banana matte have been ciut
back; and that D.B.G.A. may ex-
tend the spraying cycle to 21 days.


I- ~-

Page Two T HE S T A R_ Friday. February 9. 1979
COCKROACH AT FOWL PARTY by A.Lister Hughes. without risking World
We probably didn't pay much atten- War III and that idea faded into
tion to that bit of news. China and the background. But, the US still
Taiwan are thousands, of miles away stuck by Taiwan, pouring in bill-
and events in the Far East don't us- ions of dollars in economic and
ually affect our daily lives. But, military aid and in investment,
this is different. When the United Neverthel'- .3, as the years passed,
States of America established diplo- it became. clr that Uncle r'om was
matic relations with China last backing the wrong horse, iatlon af-
month,something else was involved, ter nation deserted Taiwan and rec-
That. diplomatic act gave valuable ognised Communist China until, in
insights into JT foreign policy.The L971, the'UN threw out Chiang Kal-
Caribbean is a zone of strong Ameri- hek's Government and gave Taiwan's
can influence and as our new Westinr- eat in the General Assembly to
dian nations take their first todd- Dommunist China.
ling stept into the international Secret
arena, insights into US foreign pol- The United States saw this devel-
icy are of vital interest. opment coming and prepared for it.
The story goes back 30 years. It ven before Taiwan was boot',-l from
was just after World War II andthere the UN, the US had relaxed r -'ftric-
was much concern in the USA. General-tions on Americans tra-vel3i2::'g Lo
issimo Chiang Kai Shek was fighting communist China. A US pi:-,.orgicam
a losing battle against a Communist went there and President :r.xcan vis-
uprising in China. Americans feared ited Peking in 1972. Watergate and
the spread of Communism and, in spite the Vi&t Nam war slowed things down,
of billions of dollars of military but, early last year, President
aid the US had poured out to help I carter started secret negotiations
the Nationalist Government of Chiang rith the Chinese Communists. Estab-
Kai-Shek, the Communists were winning. lishment of diplomatic relations
Difficult last month was the natural. ouL.come
The end came in December 1949. Un- of US efforts to get out of t:lhe
der the leadership of Mao Tse-tung, uncomfortable Taiwan situati .r,
the Communists had scored victory as- Nobody knows what will happen to
ter victory and the Nationalists, Taiwan now. The US wants to get out
driven off the mainland, retreated of the defence treaty it signed with
to the island of Formosa (or Taiwan) Chiang Kai-s-iek and the Chinese Com-
100 miles off the China coast.Chiang munists say they want to reunify
Kai-shek set up his Government there Taiwan with the mainland Government,.
and it was at this point that the US And, there is an implied threat in
Government made a decision which was the hope expressed by the Communists
to place America in a difficult spot that the ITatlonalist Governme;t win.
three decades later, not make 'reurlificationa difficult.
That decision related to facing. Whatever the outcome, Taiwan mst
the realities of the situation.Chiang n fendfor itself and the aiwan e
jai-shek had dreams of recapturing is clear All nations hape taeir
the mainland. He insisted that he foreign policies to benefit nobody
was the true ruler of China and the !but themselves.
US backed him in this. Britain Frame The Big Powers will not sacri-
and Russia officially recognized Lice their l31fare for our good,
Mao's Communist Government of China, and Westindian mini-states must
but the US refused that recognition tread waril? in the anne mus
and signed a mutual defence treaty internaon po it As th
with Taiwan, internatiol. po -ltic. As the
w awWest indian provero sayl, "Cockroach
Developing world events left the in bd trouble at ol p"oartc.oach
United Ltates out on a limb in this at f aty.
matter; There was no way of helping St. Georges, Grenada
Chiag i aSi-shek invade maiM andChina

J 'lJ.'JU..k ay 1 *I.,.-_ ..q. ..J .-. .LL .

At the site Fonda-Brul6, Martin-
ique, ACchaeubgist Monsieur Christ-
ian Montbrun brought to light, for
the first time in Martinique, an
Amerindian tomb of the period Ara-
wak II -,6th century A.D.
M. Montbrun is an ethno-historian
and since 1977 he has pursued regu-
lar researches in the Lesser Antil-
les, particularly in Martinique,
where he was born.
The skeleton was found as shown
above, sitting in a foetal position,
the head protected by a large pot-
tery vase like a Chinese hat. The
vase has been reconstituted.
The northern heights of Fonds-
Brul6 have long been thought to be
an 'Amerindian station' by Martini-
que's Director of'Antiquities, M.
Mario Mattioni.

Pa~re T Ihree

"by May Christian
Just this morning I overheard
the Radio lessons given fin, Fench
just after 9 a.m. Both pronuncia-
tion and diction were as good as
could be.
Yet, I couldn't help expressing
it to a friend nearby: "for whom,
are the lessons meant,since every-
body is. busy at this time?" While
some of us are, sipping coffee op,
fruit-juice at the restaurant,'ot-
her customers were moving around
concentrating on sel-'Xlrvice.
The students are occupied in the
school or college classroom;their
parents are busy at home preparing
the midday meal; the male members
of the family are busy in office
or in the cultivation.
So, who is listening after all?
Who is benefitting?
It was a great day for Martinique
last Sunday, when Mna. rne-AymoFx
Giscard d'JEstaing, wife of the
French President, opened the huge
and extensively prepared flower'
show at Trois Ilets, where Empress
Josephine was born. The whole site
was a bower of marvellous blossoms,
some from very far away. We are
pleased that Dominica won two gpld
medals for exquisitely cultivated
anthuriums! The whole island came
out on fete to T Opis Islets, and
people from abroad came, too.
was given to Dominica for selfhelp

CATHOLICS BEWARE schemes; St. Vincent got the same
by Hugh Lawrence sumr to ret'ild that land's hospital.
I was h?.ppy to listen to the --- .-- .--- -. --i---'s hsp
;issue, te life blood of Dominica.
Marigo.t parliamentary represeLtat- issue, te ife blood Dminica.
ive on the night of 30th Lanuar~y iHe realizes that though a Method-
this year. Though a' iethodist,heart ist, he still has the full support
and soul, he did not spare the' au- of the Marigot Catholic voters.
thorities of the Wesley Hiiih School Let ur Catholics beware-and
for not allowing the pupils to take listen very carefully to the
part in the Farmers' Union Rally, speeches in the House of Assembly
From my home I c-uld see some whenever there is a meeting.
SI an surely one of the keen
pupils at the Chate;-, and kept %ist cs
wondering why they did not take oor En i n
part. TMoreover, Election is not so
Pat'is a fairplay chap; he com- ver m fabr aywa. frm
mended the two Catholic high schools o aout l fommy
for taking part in -his most vital o usposeA o eo)d h ,f ee s-.

_ I

M U P rp A

'Gl~hv~rovrrr Q ~a~Q

pupils standing on the steps of the TITLE ISINC~ATIIQu ACT
Chateau Watching their counterparts Schedule of Application for Certi-
shouting and singing "No Bananas' ficate of Title and hotiag thereon
No School:" The authorities must for week ending 10th Fsruary 1979
have been under the impression that Date of Pe'ron iater-e of Re-
the parents of these pupils are on2 Request Prr antingI quest whether
interested. in cultivating pigeon
pei aj'id achros. H.L. for a Certificate of Title or Not-'
.__ -inz thereaon or Caveat.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry ted 8thatKn-
of Industrial Relations, has writ- ary C1:79
ten to the Chairman of Dominica Prese.ted
Broadcasting Corporation (Hon. H.L. 5th Pebru-
Christian) to the effect that the ary 1979 at
Civil Service Association has gain- *.*f~l a.m.
ed recognition from the D/ca.B/cast- Dos Dane Vi
ing Corporttion; all levels of staff St.Andrew,i
(not including the Gen.Manager and Domlnica, c
Manager) having signified their feet and bo
wish to Join_,CSA. North: Dos

now at his base in Guyana, will
vi-it Dominica at the end of this
month. DOMINICA' s 3-man delegat-
ion to New Delhi,India's Education
Conference .- returned home Thursday.
P.A.?. are holding a play-writers'
seminar at St. Gerard' zs Hall, today-
present Prime Minister Bahktair,has
said that the Ayatollah EIKhmeiny,
Islanic Leader, should agree to a
general election instead of holding
countless street deani,.strations,
The Ayatollah is a sworn enemy of
Israel. The situation Iran is
tense, large tracts of the country
having gone over tod Khomeiny-,
PAKISTAN: Ex-Prime MinAister Bhutto
has been condemned to death, by 5
Judges, to 2. Many Heads of Foreign
Countries (including Britain and the
United States) have sent appeals ,or
clemency. *** A DOCUMEiET by Roman
Catholic Bishops in Latin America on
Human Rights in their homelands has
been sent out. Q00 Jamaican Youths
are to be trained in Cuba this year,
on, Wisconsin, Barbara and Gordon,
Ray (both weighing o ver 200 lbs)have
been refused custody of aw adopted
child- because of their weight. The

Rawle Requpest for
Carol the issue of,
Leslie a First Cert-
by his ificate of Ti-
Solici- t apet
tor tie in respect
Vanya of a portion
DMpay of land at
llage in the F' ;I:b. of
n the Cammo. sa. ','.a of
cataining 22,4A(C' ,iiUare
unded as follo'ss:--
Dane River stpataing it

i-om lan.l o01 0ustinue lee._.; Ecuuh:
Land of A;rj;l Leslie; Fast: L and
of Louise Gussy; West: Land of Et-
tienn &' Christophe. '___

Request da- Alfred Reqest for
tbed 8th an- Leslie the issue of
nary 1979 by his a First Cert-
Presented Solici- ifi.a:.. cf Ti-
5~th Febru- tor tle i: respectt
iry 1979 Vanya of a prt ion
at 12.14. pm J i of land a;.,
I)s Dane Village- in the Parishf of
clt.Andrew, in the Coinmonwealth of
Dominica, containing 10,200 square
'feet and bounded as follc7s :-
North: A Public Road a 4arating it
from land of Alfred Lealie; West:
A Public Road separr;-,ing it from
land of Al red Leslie; South,.Land
o: Arthur ELeaasg; East: Lan.d 6f
CLemoentine Federilck.

a Afrd Request fV.
nvj O the i pf
P-esented a First Cer-
7th Febma- t t if cate of
ry 19.79,a". Vanya T ie 1,n
1.55 !.YL.Du.ig_ Ty6b
a portion c1 land -t Dos act of
Village in the Parish of St.Andrew,
in the Corionwealth of Dominica,
containing 27 800 square feet, and
bounded as :Nrth: Land, of
._ concluded on page s5x -6);

Social Seciurity turirr- them ,own.
but they mill not give up.

---~-------~-----~- ----

Paae Four

---- -~--

,T H E S T A RP_ Friday, February 9, 1979

Page Four


1'r~t.hxr February 9. 1979

THE ST AR. Page Five

COMMOG NWEALTH OF DOMINICA Sched. for week ending Jan 27, ctd.
TITLE 'BY REGISTRATION ACT A-plic. of Breannie Lawrence contd.
Schedule of Application for Certi- South by land of Ag&thine Joseph;
fic.ate of Title and noting thereon West by lands of Breannie Lawrence
fora week ending ,7th January, 1979_. and H.A. Powell.
Date of Person I iNature of Re- Schg.. o weck ending 3rd February
Reauest Preesentinng guest whether Reiqut da- Clarina Request for
for a Certificate of Title or Not- ted 30th Sylvain the istue of
ihg t'hereor or Caveat. o*M g11tP77 by her a First Cer-
Request da- Willia (ReqLest for esenea licit tificate o
ted 14th Laurent the issue of )9th Janua- ti e
January 198 by his c a First Cer-;ry 1979 at Vanya Title in res-
Presented Solicitor tificate of 2.28 pm. ugny ect of apor-
?5th Janua- Vanya Title in res- at Cotton in the Parish of St.
ry 1979 at Dupigny pect of apor- YAdrew, in the Commonwealth of
11.45 a.m, I___ ition of land Dominica, containing 8575 square
known as a Garden Lot at Tete Morne feet and bounded as follows:-
in the Parish of St.Patrick, con- North: Land of Heirs; of John Bap-
taining 18550 square feet, and boun- tiste Royer separated by a Road;
ded as follows:- North-East: lands South: Cocoa Estate; East: Land of
of Macphilia Mark;West: lands of Stephen Abraham and William lamael;

jBertrano Alexander; Souhn-West: Pic- West: .anLUa o-I. Marie AntOonia SyLva1a.
odeau Ravine which separates it from Reguest da- John Wil-j Request for
lands of Nellie Henderson; East: ted 10th lians by the issue of
lands of Peter Birmingham and the January,1979 his Soli- a First Cer-
Road separating it from land of Presented citor tificate of
Wallie Elizee. 29th Janua- Cilma A. Title inres-
Request da- William Request for ry 1979 at M.Dupigir pect of a
ted 10th Laurent the issue -of E87, m. portion of
August 1978. by his a First Cer- land known as a Lot at Salisbury,ia.
Presented Solicitor tificate of the Parish of St.Joseph, in the oam-
26th January Vanya Title in res- onwealth of Dominica, containing
1979 at Dupigny pect of apa- 1380 square feet and bounded as fol-
2.10 p.m. tion of land loows:- North by an Access Road sep-
at Montine in the Parish of St.Pat-;arating it from land of Sherry Bruno;
Srick, in the Commonwealth of Domin-East by land of Marian Louis; South:
ica, containing 8512 square feet, by an Access Road partly separating
and bounded as follows:- North: By -it from land of Emanuel John Charles;a
land of David Liverpool; South: By West by an Access Road partly separ.
land of Marchristie Birmingham; eating it from land of Emanuel John
South--East: by Public Ro-ad separat-Charles.
ing it fro- land of Elaine Fragiste; REGISTRARTS FOPPCE, ROSEAUT
West: By la.d of Feddran AIgol. Ephrai m P, Georges, Registrpas ~
Requet da- ,3reanie, JR~auest for Titles.
ted thel5th Lawrence ithe issue of NOE: Any person who desires to ob-
Deceimber 17q by her ja First Cer- 3ect to the issuing of a Certifi-
Presented Solicit-.- Itificate of cate of Title on the above Applic-
26th January Cilma A. Title in res- nations may enter a Caveat in the
1979 at M.Dupigny pect of apo -above Office within six weeks from
9.35 am. _____ __tion of land ithe first appearance of these Sched-
at lortsmouth, in the parish of St. ules in the Star newspaper publish-
John, in the :'ommonwc: .-th of Domini- ed in this country or from the date
ca, containing 1984 square feet and when the notice prescribed by law
bounded as follows:- 'orth by land was last served on any occupant of
jof Carmen Henry; East by Rodney adjoining lands in respect of which
Street; (tu:ai to ne-t. column) he se Applications were made..
"iMXais- ^ ~ -.i^^-^ ^.- _^- M


Page Six T H E S TA R Friday, February 9, 1978
Application for Certificate of Title Today, Friday, as we go to press,
by Alfred Leslie, contd.from page 4 a new Carib Chief is being elect-
North: Land of Rawle Leslie; East: ed separately from the old Coun-
Land of Clementine Federick; South: oil fixture. Outgoing Chief is
A Public Road separating it from Mr. Paustulus Federick, who is
land of Arthur Letang and land of a candidate- Other candidates are
Alfred Leslie; West: Land of Ettien- Mr. Hilary iederick and Mr.M1gtthew
ne Chribtophe, Enise Peters and Joseph, the last-named being a
Megel Duveny. favourite.
For Caveat NOTE, see Page Five(5) FAITHFL SUBSCRIBER Gerald Waldron
.. __ __ __ of St. Philip, Barbados, wrote:
*S*T*A*R*S*P*OQ!2r*T*S*- Morchriston "I also want to take this oppor-
CRICKET: Somerset/Celtic Record Inn- tunity to wish you and your entire
ings Victories : Defending league staff a prosperous 1979 and trust
champions Somerset, and Celtic Unit- that you may go from strength to
ed scored crushing innings victories strength and continue the good
over Saints & Smartians respectively. works of keeping the entir- ^Tarib-
Celtic United played Smartians on bean up-to-date with news thr:.;,ugh
the usual placid Botanical Gardens ;the medium of the "Sta-".
pitch. Smartians won the toss and THAIKS, FRIEND. E ai.T
batted first, but were never able *BTi1AUU'LrS conta. t5om co. L
to cope with the pace of Roy. scal Leslie Etienne 22 and Samuel Johna-.
who captured 5/28 as Smartians fell son 61. Cecil Joseph 8/31 & Kaleb '
for. 94. Henry Jno Baptiste chipped Laurent 216. Asked to bata a second
in with 3/15. Celtic United.n ain hus man4 ea u
their turn,at the crease lost an 1 and W.silling ord 2/16. r
early wicket with the score on 9. In Intermediate matches. tomlec
But Lockhart Sebastien, much in foxm, defeated Police B by 10 i:s at
put on 146 with Mervin Durand 60 for the DGS Grounds: Domlec bE ins lst
the 2nd wicket. Ce~il Elwin joined. cored 138. PoliLce scor6Ct i., Jo -
SAtoine 45 J Frampton 41, I.a'a -.e.
Sebastien and scored a brisk 40. Se- other inteimeaate fixture, Old
bastien eventually finished unbeaten Mill lost against Aquarians.
on 167 when the innings was closed TEST: Pakistan Beats Jew Zealand
-at 292 for 5. Smartians in their Pakistan scored a fine 128 runs
2nd innings were again soon in trou- lover bT.Z. in the 1st of 3 Test
ble starting with a score of 29 $or!Matches played in i\ew Zealan4, and
4. However, Raymond Cuffy 53 and (batting 1st) scored 271 with Javed
skipper Joseph Guiste 30 restored IMiandad topscoring at 81.* h.Z.,af-
the team's score a bit before the iter a promising start, were di~is-
remaining batsmen collapsed for 123. sed for 290' runs, 19 runs ahead.
*Bowling'for Celtic U, R.Pascal 2/26 Bruce Edgar got 129.Mustaq Mohammad
P.Jno Jules 2/28 and M.Durand 2/09 4/60.* Mustaq declared his inning-.
were main wicket-takers,. Celtic Uwo closed at, 921 for 6. N.Z.were u-u
by an innings and 75 runs. able to cope with the spin of Mus-
At the Windsor Park Somerset batted taq 5/59 and Wasin Rajah 4/68,
first, scoring 100 runs before they They crumbled for 174.
lost their 1st wicket. They were fi- INDIA vs WEST Indies (6th & final
nally dismissed for 232. C.Scotland Test) ended in a daw like 4 others
57, G.Vidal 24, R.Cuffy 32 and S.Vid- but India had won the 4th match
al 31. Arden Shillingford 5/66, D. and eventually the series, scoring
Toussaint 3/36 and P.St.Jean a/.46. in 6th Test 644 fo- 7 dec.(3 players
Saints scored 107 in their 1st inn- got centuries) W.I.462 for 8: F
ings after a 66-run opening stand. Bacchus 250,R.Jumadeen ,
Printed & Published by the Proprietor, R.E. Allfr~ey of Mill House,
Copt Hall,at 26 Lath Road, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica, WESTliDIES

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