Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). February 2, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). February 2, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: February 2, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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162 EASt 7
t4EWyOR 2 BLE A a 8
Telephone Editor 61 I THE P -AiST U RIGHT
P.O.Box 129,Dominica page 3,
UK Media ReBresentative sudI Ch oBI 'A S.J.Lewia
Colin Turner (London)Lt doame age .a
122 Shaftesbury Avenue Vixtute 'Duoe' Comi6 Fortuna Newsbriqfs
London W1V 8SAP England 'Editor: .PhylliaS Aliey and coImas
V01. =X1TT -No. 4. Pri",'. eeb ary 2ad.j 1979 Fifteen' Cents 1B0
When Bath Bridge was suddanaily4 lilghtn of -Srinam Coiezgenoe
and unexpectedlybtoken- downsome Guyna, Grenad, Antigua and Danin-
two weeks ago, it made a differ- ica were sitaed, a promoting legia-
ence to the wyp of life of those nation of "dubious constitutionality"
Johnstown people who have icar-s (o worse than the rights enjoyed in
televisions), and to their farof colonisation's heyday. "It is a sad
neighbours at Copt all, Morne reflection, ".said Charles A.Savartn,
Prosper, Fond Cane, Trafalgar, General Secretary of the Civil Ser-
Wotton Waven and even as far as vice Association, on his return ."'-
Laudat. For all had to clamber up from that Sminar an Human Righ .i
St*Aroment Hill-& Taxi-fares went
St.Aro t ll. ifaes went So we are transgressors against the
up. People had to tl
up. People had to Al3.l. Rightsof Human Beings, or rather,
The work on the Bridge began in Rights f B o rather
the most primitive manner with oSiur e colonisaton, the s.eople
men hand-sawing tremendously:thick have taken over control of their
balata wood an site. At present, destinies, but rulers during the
with the help of a chain saw and. .at two decades ticulrly
an. electric drill, matters are mov-- seized control of their- future. In
ing better. We can only guess, but Grenada, the situation continues to
it may be another 3 weeks before be parlous. You have only to read
the Bridge 'is really operative, elsewhere in the Star to see what
YOU WILL RUIN US" is happening in Antigua. In Jam-
,Says Prime Minister Gallaghau aia "we. are anxious about devel-
At last James Callaghan has turn- opments there"; and Guyana's mis-
ed on the British Trade deeds are rampant. As for Dominica,
theZe ls the recent 'Protection of
has accused them. of trying to. run ere is the recent *Protection of
his election prospects. Hospitals Wages' Ordinance; the Seditious
have had to turn away children and. A the S.A. Act; and the Prs-
other patients; and England's e.con section of Wages Ordinance. More-
omy is drained, over, says Mr, Savarin., the caseao
______De.srmo-'d Trotter, whether he was
"I AM THE TRUE VICTOR" says Dr. righ-.iy or wrongly convicted,ought
Simmonds. to be raised again since Camella
The ghost of Bradshaw is being Francis said that her evidence had
challenged in the Courts, Ir.Ken- been illegally procured: a second
nedy Sirmonds, alleged to have been look should be taken,'
beeton by 13 votes, is bringi;,. Mr.Sa.vzrin added "Liat-BWIa hold-
action against St.Kit-s Labour ] ity.up resulted in my having to spend
Of 99 votes rejected, over 7J were a day longer in Trj.n.idLad&." He miss-
his.. We certainly hope he wins. ed the tremendous FARMERS & BAirAiA
Prime lMinister Bakh-lr: says he was attended .by all groups and ages
will have KhoMi eir s mB n inr the Cab- o minicane .
inet, ut he is h n horeandm of the THIS SUNTDY, DBGA's Gen.Meeting
Army, for law and order, Boameif t is at GRAIAD FOND. Speakers will in-
headquarters are based in a school. clude Mr. T.C.Irish, Gen.Manager of
The situation is tense & uncertain. BGA, and Hon. Conrad Cyrus, M.P.

Page Two T H E S T &... .F r February f. 1979
by Hugh LawreAsceo
Sften meet many of my friends After commenting favourably in
I often meet many o e fiennd ty last week's Star on my Memoirs, a
who ares now pensioners, and they copy of which you received through
all seem to have a grievance agaiMt coY ourthih ou received through
this dirty shoe government regard- the courtesy of the Author, you
this dirt shoe government regard- noted, however, that "na word was
ing their stable pension. said about the parents of the
They have been waiting and wai- author".
ting for an increase, as the cost Your thoughtful reference has
of living is so high and is still given me the opportunity to reDair
going up. that unintentional omission.
It should be appreciated that
I notice that some of the other when one is'writing about some
Islands have given their pensioners matter for public reading, and
an increase. I was strongly recom-
mended in 1973 by the retired SociL haggvin no oe at reone's elbow to
Welfare officer (Mr. Simon) for a suggest something relevant one is
small pension, having worked with apt to omit unintentionally cel-
mall pension, having with tain important facts; and so it has
the Labour Government as a time- been with your thoughtful remarks.
keeper from 1959 to 1972, but I wasi
let down. Perhaps it is because I oNow, il r reference to the omias-
do not support the Labour Party. sion of parents iof the memoroh:
The law in 1959 was: as long as ;Lewis of Scotts Head, and of Jose-
you worked 10 years you were entit- iphine Fortun6 of Pointe Michel,
led to a pension. both being of French extraction."
It is. rather strange that they IThe hyphenated Jean-Iouls being
still keep preaching of justice, anglicised John Lewis SJ.I:ewis
fair play and equal rights in the s s.JohnoLewi but the me ce
,John is not often used by me except
House _____in writing the iame in full.
REEDOM PARTY'S NEW SPEAKER Now, there is another matter
Mr. Ronan David, Barrister, made whose unintentional omission in
a much-applauded fighting speech at )the Memoir# I sincerely regret.
the Dominica Freedom Party's recent I refer to the talented Brother
meeting in Lagon. He had the inner John Lewis who is my nephew tal-
knowledge of some of Government's ented in speaking the French language
misdeeds-which enabled him to needlefluently, and in ond-uctling musical
sharply, classes at St. Mary's Academy.
Chairman of the meeting was Hon. B
Senator Vanoulst John Charles;other brother John Lewis was a upil at
speakers were the Party's President O.M.A. in my time. Indeed, I should
Hon. Eugenia Charles and Mr. Rupert e proud to have made special mr ...
Sorhaindo. )ion of him in the chapter devoted
The next Freedom meetingw in PO St.Mary'O Academy in the Memoira,
iNew Town; there will soon be one in Iam therefore grateful tc the
Federation drive area, anid of course Editor of the Star for her friendly
the country people are not being observation. S.J.L.
left uninformed. We mention these
things in reply to those who are EDITORS NOT : t would be a
always asking, "What's Freedom good thing if Mr. Lewis's Memotrs
doing?" Icould be put into every school
d ? ,library so that those aspiring to
M iARtIIQUE: Marie Line Marth6b1was come teachJrs could read & learn'
elected Carnival queen 1979 on Jan.28. -

We see a photograph of Pope John by J.R.Ralph Casimir
Paul II abased on the ground,kiss- F r of al tion
ing the soil of South America. We :athr wonderful is Thy work.
see another one of h:n, smiling in- ie oldThy wonders,, w wal
fectiously, while crowds cheer and And ponder in admiration,
wave. We see yet another of him in
full paLpal regalia. Whites, Blacks: 'How consoling is Thy mercy,
and Indians all accorded him a full! o How boundless is Thy kingdom;
welcome. He spent a day with the How marvellous is Thy wisdom*
disinherited Indians in South Mexi- We keep staring in reverie.
co at Oaxaca, where he met 500,000 O ehoa in Alh ,
of them. They brought him presents: Jehoh Kg A gty
fresh fish, fruits, hand-made objecas Eow comfortable is Thy love;
and poems composed in his honour Pour down Thy blessing fomr;.e
He visited a hospital; after he told Grant that we share Thy bcdwy.
them that he prayed often for sick Supreme Lord of all creation
children, he recited with all those Guard us ever :rom temptation.
present ai"Ave Maria" to Notre Dame ar
of Guadalupe. TEE OIE WHO GOT AWAY
At Cuilapan, he was. greeted with
AtIitaands of voices crying "Here is We rmst congratulate Raymond Law-
the Papa of the Poor", The Indians rence, now working with Radio An-
were dressed up in traditional cos- tilles, on his liberation. He. is
tume, high hats and plumes. People doing a good job there and it gives
brought him their animals to bless- ts pleasure to hear his voice.

cows, goats, rabbits, etc., and even
a stick of sugar cane to bless the
forthcoming harvest.
The Pope said at the 3rd general
conference of the Episcopate in Lat-
in America that true liberation res-
ted on 3 conditions: 1) it must be
personal; 2) it must exclude violence
3) it must exclude ideologies incom-

Raymond was on..a tight string
here, and his escape into a region-
al orbit is fine, although we ~
miss his artistic presence in the
dance, the speech and so forth,
Maybe one day we'll see you
back with us, Raym~iA4.All the best.
A ERIE&ND, Roseau.

patible with the evangelical vision. i (Rom ,*' iLOaD DiWZIG.
Christ, said he, was not a politician (from Ports/aouth)
AAS PATRICIA HEARST I appreciated last Saturday's
Patricia H Sart; I whoMCIs served ST Star very much, especially so,,
Patricia Harst, who ha served 22 when I read the piece on Lord
months of an 8-year sentence was Denning, whose talk whenever I
freed by the command of President -me across i admire greatly,
Carter, who said: "~she has s~ufered come across it, I admire greatly,
carter who said: "she has suffered as though there is always something
enough. In keYANA, there is a striking and beautiful, pehetrat-
ctrippling strike in the bauxite i ing and attractivee in what he says..
dustry. the Pope _e.nt a message He quotes: "Be ye never so high,
to Cuba through Fidel Castro while the Law is above you." He s o sites
in the air over that land, dosrib- iaga.i, Portia's speech, "For a
ing Cuba as "this beloved country", thou urgest justice, be assured,
In Montserrat the Synod of the thou shalt have justice, more than
Methodist Church in the Caribbean Ithou desirest". It's good to read

pleased with Dominica's institution of experienced person, who thinks

CARICOM rulhs. She will hit back, e B.S., Portsmouth
probably at our Soap industry. ***

Friday. February 28. 1979


Pase Three


Schedule a0,Application for Certi-
Shortly after I received this fine icate of Title and Noting thereon
arts quarterly, I became awareeth' fior week endoTi a2th January. 1979
it would take me a long time to f i ae o R
absorb. Wonderfully produced, and Request o Pr enting Aquest whether
with the best Caribbean literati for a Certificate of Title cr Not-
on the job, it is so full of acute .in thereon or Caveat
critical observations that one has thereon or
to pause between each of them to Riequest da- i John Request for
absorb the impact. Something comes t 8 ii the issu of
out clear and simple; Naipaul is uary, 1979 Tavernier a First er-
aPreserted and tificate of
not liked, but we found John." 19th anu- Sra ine Title .i
Her "Snow Virgin" 19th Jaxnua- Seraphine Title in
HeaPn's "Snow Virgin" repellent ry.195 9 at T vernier Pr tio
fascinating. ",e.:l&by ry 1979 at Tavernier respect of
Derek Walcott, w0Tom rate among 2,50 -pm by their a portion
my four greats in poetry Auden, Solicitor Cilma A.M of land
Dylan Thomas, Walcott, Yeats is Du'ip ow. as a
elltreated by reviewer Edward Lot at Scotts Head in the Parish of
ell-treated by reviewer Edwardo
Baugh, and indeed his name andwork StoMark, -in the Conmonwealth of
crop up through the CQ collection. Dominica, containing 960 asare feet
I wish I had a copy of Sea Grapes. and bounded as follows:- ioJ-thi-East
Nearly all the fine names of good by land of Felicien Jervier; South-
West Indian writers appear in the West by an Access Road separating
volume (obtainable from UWI Dept. it from land or Leo Jervier; aorth-
of Extra-Mural Studies, Mona,Jamaic estt by land of Eliza Jervier.
*..Martin Carter, Samuel Selvon (a Caveat dote, ee Page Fve)
nice review by Peter Nazareth), or Caveatote see Page Five)
Slade Hopkinson, Wilson Harris, and --=- R-. E:
Edward Xamau Brathwaite, whose. N E W B R I E : AlIA :
"Other Exiles" is reviewed with A Government Minister said that AA-
extensive quotes by Velma Pollard. tigua would be encouraging Rasta
It is obvious that Naipaul is much fariant, who were often talented
disliked; he is called "anti-black" people, with skills in lq@thercraft
by one reviewed, and elsewhere the etc.; one was even a trainee archi-
horrible word 'miscegenation crops tect. "They are human beings," he
up. For this is a national-Carib- added, "and they deserve special
bean and to some extent racial' Attention." On the other side (of
though certainly not racist, Quarter harshness) a Magistrate refused to
ly. I sigh, thinking how during grant bail to two school teachers
Federal days I believed that the iwho had led an a ti-givt. marcih,on
Westindies could be the best small the grounds that if set free they
nation of mixed people in the worldmight start the same thing up again.
After all, I have been here for TRINIDAD) has a yellow fever scara,
356 years (since Thomas Warner cameu~)d the population are urged to buil
Then I strolled to th6 TriAidad Li-their drinking water and look out
brary and found my one novel on a for mosquitoes. PORTSMOUTH, Domi-
shelf for "white people's fiction" nica will join ROSEAU in having aa
But to return to CQ: it is thick incinerator to burn disease-speading
with ideas which open up, gates to trash. Good news for the hospitals.
works which are only half known in PORTSMOUTH: workers at the West German
some cases, throughout our islands'.Dominican factory are involved in a
It ia compiled with brilliance and !trade dispute. LMr.arlton Petera says
the notes show careful research. I the issues have not been outlined.
have to read it again; couldn't IDAWU states that they are seeking
take it all in at one go. rqppkr sanitary facilities arg ure
tk iiiingt water, among oftner ng s,

Pag~e Four

T H E 8 T A R Friday.. February 2t, 1979

FridaV Februa 2 1979 T HE STA R Page Five
COMM01IALTH OF DOMINICA Sced for week endingL Jan 27, td.
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT of Breannie awene cod.
Schedule of Application for Certi- South by land of Ag&thine Jaseph;
ficate of Title and noting thereon West by lands of Breannie Lawrence
for week endrl, 2'7th JoaLarl.979, and H.A. Powell.
Date o Person i Nature of Re- Lrig or 'wk ending 3rd February
Regast Jesenti' ,-uest, whether uequest'da- Clarina Re-qest for
for a Certificate of Title or Not- ted 0Bth Sylvain the issue of
in there; or Caveat. otomb~~ 77 by her a First Cer-
SRequest dca- Willia~ (Request for ese olicc tificate of
ted 14th Laurent the issue o6f 29th Janua- V Tite in res
January 19' by his a First Cor-'ry 1979 at Dupigny t of
Presented Solicitor tificate of "2, 8 p.m. ign o of lanr-
5th JanUa- Vanya Title in res- at Cotton in the Pari of St.
ry 1979 at Dupigny ipect of apor- Andrew, in the Commonwealth of
11.45 ajmo I tion of land Dominica, containing 8'75 square
kaown as a Garden Lot at Tete Morne feet and bounded as follows:-
in the Parish of St.Patrick, con. North: Land of Heirs of John $B:-
taining 18550 square feet, and boun- tiste Royer separated by a Road;
ded as follows:.- North-East: lands South: Cocoa Estate; East: Land of
of Macphilia Mark;West: lands of Stephen Abraham and William lamael;
Bertrand Alexander; South-West: Pic- t Land of Marie A ni.l.ln.
odeau Ravine which separates it from Request da- John Wil- Regseat for
lands of Nellie Henderson; East: ted 10th liams by the issue of
lands of Peter Birmingham and the January,1979 his Soll- a First Cer-
Road separating it from land of Presented editor -tificate of
Wallie e ke. 29th Janua- Cilma A. Title inres-
Request da- William Request for ry 1979 at M.Dupigxy pect of a
ted 10th Laurent the issue -of 5ak7 *pm. i portion of
August 1978. by his a First Cer- land known as a Lot at Salisbury, in
Presented Solicitor tificate of the Parish of St.Joseph, in the Com-
26th January Vanya Title in res- nonwealth of Dominica, containing
1979 at Dupigny pect of apcr- 1380 sqare feet and bounded as iol-
2.10 p.m ___ tion of land lows:- North by an Access Road sep-
at Montine in the Parish of St.Pat-,;rating it from land of Sherry Bruno
rick, in the Commonwealth of Domin- East by land of Marian Louis; South:
ica, containing 8,12 square feet, by an Access Road partly separating
and bounded as follows:- North: By -it from land of Emanuel John Charles;
land of David Liverpool; South: By West by an Accesa Road partly separe
land of Miarchristie Birmingham; rating it- from land of Emanuel John
South-East: by Public Road separat- harles. __
ing it from land of Elaine Pragiste; REGISTRAR S bOFIEIE, ROSEAU
West: By land of Peddran A.ngol.. haim PF Georges, Registras .sof
Request da- Breanie fReauest for Titles.
ted thel5th Lawrence the issue of AnT: Any person'who desires to ob-
Deceber 1972 ,' by her a First Cer- .ect to the issuing of a 'Certif -
Presented Solicit', Itificate of cate of Title on the above Ap 4Jq-
26th January Cilma A. Title in res-a.tions may enter a Caveat in th@'
1979 at M.Dupignyjpect of apoa- above Office within six weeks from
9o35 a.m. _____..Ition of land the first appearance of these S'hed-
at ro'rtsmouth, in the .Parish of St. ules in the Star newspaper pubilsh-
John, in the Commonwealth of Domini- ed in this country or from the (ate
ca, containing 1984 s~qare feet and when the notice prescribed by liw
bounded as follows:- i'orth by land waa'last served on any occupant of
jof Carmen Henry; East by Rodney adjoining lands in respect of which
'Street; (tuin to next column) theso Applications were made.
'0-**- 1 1_ ,

CRICKET: SPARTANS/CELTIC- VICTORIES A surVey has shown that Caribbean
Spartans erased the memories of an children now have a longer lifespan.
8-wicket defeat at the hands of Patricia Hearst (see p.3), who
Saints 2 weeks ago, to snatch aone married her Guard Policeman Bernard
wicket victory over Smartians in Shaw, is hiFing out with him in
one of the keenest contested match- fear of rep: isals from the Simbio-
es in the Augustus Gregoire league, nese Liberation Army. il
last weekend at the Windsor Park. Martinique, 40 people have been
The story briefly: Smartians bat- killed and 975 wounded on the roads
ted first and scored 148, skipper (car accidents) in 1978. Drunken-
Joseph GUiste 70.* John Scotland ness and excessive speedcaused
4/22,E.Charlea 5/06 and captain twenty per cent of accidents.
Joffre Faustin 2/43. Spartans in DOMIiICA-- 0-i HOOURS LIST
their chase for lst innings lead rIlla ws f Dominica wa
reached 146 for 6 with Faustin at Miss Eurlla ~wis of Dominica was
the crease. The last 4 wickets fel placed on the Dean's list honors at
for only one run and the team's Virginia Intermont College, Mristol,
total was 147. S.Charles 59,E.Char- Virginia, majoring in Biology.
les. (a former island open batsman) lntermont is a private 4--yai co-ed
45. R.Cuffy (Smartians) 4/09,and college in Southern Virginsa,
Rupert Lance (Leg breaks) 4/22. 2a ST*AR* S*P*O**T*S contd.CCECICKET:
3mawtians 2nd innings (slightly cCeltic U. had no such problems as
better than 1st): 155. Guiste again they trounced the D/ca Defence Force
66, Jeff Scotland 3 *Faustin / by an innings & 155 runs. Openers
E.Charles (again of as) 6/33ad. Lockhart Sebastien 84 and Michael
Robinson g/23. o Spartans, set a Leblanc 90 put on 176 for the first
Robinson 2/23.* Spartans, set a wicket* M.furand 30vT.Kentish 28,no.
target of 157, started shakily be- wicket. M.Durand 0,T.Kentish 28 n.o.
fore Faustin 27 and Oliver Grell4 C. "Abu" lwin 22,R.Toussaint 2] and
took the score to 112 for 5, from I Munro 10 n.o. contributed in Cel-
just about 40. Still needing 3 runs tic's total f 520 for 5 declared.
for victory with 4$ wickets in hand Defence force sueaumbe, for scores
and 11 overs of the'mandatory 20 of 73 & 42; AoR/berts 21,J.Durand 22.
overs, there was talk of a repeat Baptisth 5/15,Durand
collapse like the first innings. Baptiste m 409
Sage heads agreed that lightning -o Intermediate matches Saints and
hardly struck twice in the .ameplace1Jlice A scored victories. Police A
At this point Eric Williams,recalled11: JPierre 36.* Stephen 4/31.
to the attack, dismissed a batman. Eagles 83,; O.frederick 3/16. In
Three runs to get 3 wickets to fall. Asta vs Saints, Asta scored 102.
The incoming batsman got 2 runs be- Saints 106/a: K. Williams 46. 6***
fore he Williams for a duck, ON THE TTEST SCORE: India and the
followed by another Charles for a West Indies played to their 4th
duck 156/9. Robinson at No.11 sur- drawn match in 5. India led 1-nil
vived the' last ball before. Irvine wdlning the 4th match. SCORES: In-
Benoit, better known for his foot- dia 566/8 deci, highest score in
ball skills in the Harlem attack, their tests. S.Gavascar 120,Dili;
struck a four off Roy Doctrove's4thVqarkan 109,Kapil Dev 126 n.o.
ball, to give his team victory. He West Indies 172 & 179/3. Rain
got 30 n.o. whilst E.Charles also affecting play on the last 2 dayp~
contributed 27, on which foundation ENGLAND took a 41- lead in the'-ati-
Spartans forged to victory.* Eric match series Australia bwhbe
Williams finished with 4/19 & R. they defeated Australia by 205 runs.
Doctrove 2/29. (Next Column) Score:Eng.-169 & 560,Aue.-164 & 160.
Printed & Published by the Proprigtor, R. E. Allfaey of Mill House,Copt
Hall at 26..Bath Road, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica, Westindies.
_______'. ___ -----------in- a-,----------------

Page Six


PFriday. ]Februarv 2. 1979

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