Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 26, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 26, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: January 26, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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je9~~lieplucipe 1h rQ?
P.O.Bcx 129, Dominicea C f S &
U.K.Media Representat te
Colin Turner(Landon)Ltd iBl
122 Shaftasabuy Avenue. Vir.~te 'Dtce 'Comite Fo tuna
Lonado i~ oW1 8 HA.ute omite '
.-- g LQ _LAN_.) Editor: 1Ps4a Shand Allfrey _
vajl .XXVI I9 I c. 3 Fri3day Ju ar 26th, 1979 Pited.Cents 150


Up to today, the banana situa-
tion in D'ominica looked really
precarious. Now we hear that
banana growers will receive a
total af $1,000 per acre ($00 in
cash and some $500 in "inputs"
for their fields which are cleared
of the d-ead, but toe long-neglect-
ed, leafspot disease. This, it is
said, will put new life into the
banana industry, and by July it
is hoped that production will be
Meanwhile, a news release from
DBGA tells us that the green mar-
ket price for Windward Islands
Bananas in the UK Market dropped
by 7 from 227 to 9220 per ton
on Monday, 8th January. As a con-
sequence, the pricm payable for
bananas sold t boxing plants are.;
11.75 cents per lb.
.50 cents sleeping bonus
,5 cents dehandling .
Possible total earnings $12.50.
Add t. this the recent shocking
tragedy which has affected every
sc, sitive mind in Dominica.

Most right, and we do not mean con-
servative. thinking people feel in
LBitdin tultu the TUrions have gei,3
too far. The Archb,-iOp of Canter-
bury has emphasised this. 7or their
higher pay, they are prepare to
p'-: thousands out of work and re-
lease a killing inFIat-ion. Mearwhile
tne cold has been.slaying innocents.
A Cancer specialist, finding that
ca,:cer patients were stalled, said:
"If yo'' are a trade unionist, I
will o-it treat you."


"Up spkke the ghost of Bradshaw
My Party will not die
For I will come t6 help you
from the land beyond the sky..."
It is a fact that the St.Ritts
Labour Party has been invoking the
spirit of deceased Bradshaw in its
electoral campaign. The results,
strongly contested and repudiated
by P.A.M.'s Dr. Kennedy Simmornds,
are (at first glance):-
Anthony Ribeiro St.K.L.P.
l07 votes
Dr. Simmonds (P. A. Io)
103& votes
Independents, wiped out, gat two
and six votes apiece.

This is, of course, the Papal
visit to Latin America, in which
Dominica's Bishop Arnold' Boghaert
is of course taking part.
The President of Mexico, J-L.
Portillo, met the Pope (although
some of his anti--clerical friends
objected). "We respect the right
of those who believe,in the road
to. peace." All around flags were
'hung out. The car carrying Pope
John Paul It was the one which
carried King Juan Carlos of Spain.
Three Polish-born children, hold-
ing red/white flowers (colours of
the Polish national flag) met him
at the airport; folk songs were
sung along the route.
WHO SAID and it was taken to
refer to an Attorney General -
"Be you never so high, the law
is above you." ? See page four.

_I __ i__


STAR Piida'~3r.Jaanua 26. 1979

by Hugh Lawrence
It ha.s bqen rumoured that Guyana
has becoiae our Mother Country, That
may be sb, Bs we see pretty often
that our bpors and girls keep travel-
ling to that country for seminars,
courses and. what not. Guyana is even
the sea- of: CARICOM. *-
But Guysina should not be our Moh-
er Country at. sty.time, for we in
Domiica a;)?e fu:.Iy a Christian peo-
ple, while in Guyana it is not so.
Aside frora the .;opulati)on being half
Eii*Ad.u and oslanm, we heard Burnham
s-ay that aJuyana is not a christian
Country b.ut a religious one, and.
therefore he legalized Obeah.
Mr. BErnham ias postponed general
election four times in six years,
with the excuse that lie is preparing
a new constitution fo his country.
Our colonel may not be so interested
to adojpl the general'sa ;ethod in
thief di':ection, for h-e mentioned,
more than once that general election
will tcale place here on the 26th
April 1980, the same year Mr. Burn-
ham intends holding his.
What we find strange., however, is
that our Guyanese hj;iisier of Exter-
nal Affairs said ixi the House of As-
sembly that whether; he resigns or
not, this Labour 'Gover L.ment will be
with ua for a long time,
We can't afforeA to sleep.much

TO ME SOLD by PLblic Auction at
the Court Housei, Victoria Street,
Roseau, on Tueraday the 5Oth day of
January, 1979, at 1000 o'clocl: in
the forenoon:,
"A portion cof land in the Village
of Wesley, in the Parish of St,
Andrew, conta,lning approximately
27,569 square feet, and bounded as
follows:- 03. the North: By land
of Christobe'l Marie, Jones Tele-
maque and Al.bert Bazil; 'On all
other sides by Public Road,
Register Borok 02 Folio 20".

NEWSFLASH: 18,000 Whites left Rho-
desia last 'year; only 4,000 entered,

Pam%~ Sn

Various CARICCM Ministers met in
Jamaica this week to si iT with Hon.
Jameison, Canada'6 Sec./State fo'r
External Affairs, a new and more
appropriate agreement. Fon.,OSera-
phin signed on behalf of Dominica.
Mexico) will have among their top-
ics birth control, pove;:ty and how
far the Church can involve itself-
in politics.

THE U.S. AIR FORCE now hc.s more
warplanes in Britain than the RAF.
Latest is the anti-tank Thunderbird.

Edgey? Brain ?ag? Do not sleep Well?
There's a product of modern
Pharmaceutical research named
F O S F 0 R
which works wonders in helping
to counteract nervousness, de-
pression and lassitude, and e:eed
the return of normal sleep pai:tern.
SpFOR is also useful in convaleecwe
after illness or surgery.It improves
metabolism, i;.creases the appetite
and gives a sense of well-being.
$4,70 per bottle
____________________4 7

by May Christian
It is indeed nice to hear
mention of Village improvements
with active groups having their
ovn Council and such-like. But
meanwhile, couldn't the youths
check -on names of new settle-
ments such as 'Gutter' Village?'
That name should cease, since
there is nothing 'gutter' about
the character of those hard-work-
ing and decent-minded inhabitants,
judging from the few I know who
are living there,
Wouldn't it be nicer, since
the P.M. Hospital looks averC the
little aspiring village -
the villagers named it "P'rnass
Margaret's Village" ? Stic:.. i" on
R~id~a,, a.arv 2 1979 e

'---- -

PaP~ 95nr~-


*r:.~~ ~T~-Ya-tT QT 1C Qa70


Below are named the persons named
as Commissioners on various Govt.
bodies. We add to this the name of
Mr.*ershing Rock Waldron, Speaker.
Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr.
Luke T.Corriette, Members: Mr.A.C.
Active; Mr. Conrad Butler; Mrs.
Ramona Blanr; Hon.Sylvia Burton.
Mr.Bernard Cools-Lartigue; Dep.Ch.:
Rev.W.OM.Pond; Members: Mr.-Mark
Sylvestre, Mros Beryl Harris Mr.
H,L.Doctrove, Mr.Joseph Philbert.
ELECTORAL COMmISSION: Chairman: Mr. Harris; Members: Mr.
Bernard J.Coola-Lartigue; Mr. AoC.
A-tiva; Mr. Eranklyn A. 'Baron and
Mr. Ruuert Sorhaindo.

Page Three

Awarded the Sisaerou Award of Ean-
res MrBernard J.Cools LartiguSqualified at the Mico Teacher Train-
.Mr. .E.ienry; Mr. F'ralk LL A.Baron~ing College, Jamaica; got an ADP
anld vMr:.pert SorhatindoeaeChairmz diploma in 1934, while he was Head
xg" T-. va -'gter of the Housel- 0 of S. It is g most enjoyable aid
j .-_M 52 .A ND 1lis.l. well-produced book. The only thing
When Fyodor M Dos.oyeVtrw (183.-81:) I missed (in Early Years) was ....
went to prison on a false political no word was said about the p ortn
charge, he wrote a book called Rh of the author: And wasn't he lucky
:,aoe of the Dead.". Tolatoy saidit to have been born at Kachacrou in
was his best works The prisoners, the 'old days'"
though they wore fetters round their
ankles were allowed to go into SOMETHING SPECLAL
town and buy meat three times a wek
for one hal.Spzsnny a pound. Par Baby's delicate skin requires some-
better than what our citizens en- thing special. That' why we reco-
3oy today. No wonder so many of them mmend NURSE KRVBY's Baby Powder.
survive&.` Honestly, the price of Nurse HARVEY'S Baby Powder is an
food is stifling, everyone. We know extra fine borated talc with a pure
of a highe-- civil servant's child soothing Olive Oil base.
who came hkm crying: "Daddy! Soon Keeps baby cool and comfortable.
we won't be able-to eat." Obtainable in economy size squeeze
BARBADOS: Prume Ministei!-Tom Adams pack at $2.95.
sal2'y has I-en upped by his Govt.
to 050,000 E. a year, HBe made quite Also, for relieving, wind, tummy
a good speech supporting the inte- upsets etc. There's
NEXT COMMONWEALTH CONFEREMCE wil. he Safe for babies from birth
helV, in Lucaka, Zambia, CLOSURE I 2.25 per bottle
of all Iran airports keeps out the
Ayo-sa21ah Khomeiny he says he is THE DOMINICA DISPEJSARY CO. LTD.
turning up there on S nday. DAWU work" since the U(K "TMS"' ci seT
agr as ;to join C2A in a T.U.C. -ayvs have produced their or journal -
T iS f L J.3 .t ose 0^I lutat of T.Challanger to state their ease.


The memoirs and autobiographis
of men and women who have served
their country long and well always
contain a slice of history. This
is certainly true of 8.J.L's mem-
oirs, which the Star Editor was
very much pleased to receive. Bot
only this, but Mr. Lew.i writes
amusingly, and it is also a slice
of Westindian history,; as the
lands he has resided in include
Trinidad, Jamaica, Aaguilla (From
which island his wife came) and
S.J. Lewis was the first Ea.-
master of St.Mary's Academy a&a.d
has taught in every sort of school
sometimes under difficult condit-
ions; he has served on various Gov-
erinuent services, and was in 1975

Pae Four THE $ T AR Friday, January 26, 1979
On January 23, this week, Lord Schedule of.,Aplication for Certi-
Demning, who has been a judge for ficate of Title and voting thereon
nearly 35 years, reached his80th for week ending 20th January, 1979
birthday. As Master of the Rolls, Date of Per on Nature of Re-
he is beyond retirement strictures Reque st PreP-nting quest whether
He can continue as long as he de- for a Certificate of ITiile or ot-
sires to do' so, or until he dies. Ia thereon or Caveat.
Just before his birthday he Request da- Jhnaa Request for
was interviewed for the Guardian teq 8thJaa- illia the issue of
Weekly, with which are associated ted 8thJan- Wil1ir a theiss ert-
uary, 1979 2eU9er a First Cert-
the Washingto-, Post and Le Monde Prseatn and ificate of
(Paris), by a young man named V9th Januw'y Seraphine Title in res-
Coleman,.who obviously enjoyed the L979 at Tavernier pect of a por-
assignment. He is almost universal.50 1 .m. by their tion of land
ly remembered (Lord Den'iing,that 2.50~._t bya thA.M. kiown of land
is) as the judge who last year tod oliior il at Sckaw s ait
L. Iigny a" Scot s Mead
the Attorney General of England: t Parish o Stark, t C
"Be you never so; high, the law is Parish of S rk -
above .you." The British A.G.won mowealth of omnica, .nt&,-ui'
960 square feet and bo-unded as fol-
on appeal to the House of Lords; 60 share feet and bounded e fo
but it appears that Lord Dening's lows:- Nrth-ESth-Eat b y land o f Felic-
admonition was really directed.ndt Ar.on ichoas; SouthWest by an Ac
at the A..,+ bu at the 4 oAron Nicholas; SouthWest by a-1 Ac-
at the A.G., but at the Post Office
ATT4 ," Lord enainr g told, cess Road separating it r';-.m land
Union. "Ah," Lord Denning told land
Coleman, "but it would be taken asof Leo ervier; orth-st land
referring to the Attorney General.. of Eliza Jervier
but I don't mind that," CFor Caveat Note,please see jpage 5
The two men talked about the
Ten Commandments (in which Lord LORD DENNING (from Column 1,
Denning entirely believes), and "What is the argument on the oth-er.
about trees, which he loves. Rob- ( side? Only this, that no case has
bers had thieved some 96 of his been found in which it has teen
Norway spruce trees for Christmas. done before. That argument ioes not
Denning's names are Alfred appeal to me in the least. -f we
ThOmpson, but his. friends call him never do anything which has not
Tom. He was born a poor boy in the been done before, we shall never
little Hampshire village of Whit- get anyrhe3re"
church, his father being a small He says he is "a P-rtia man",
shopkeeper of good heritage. He especially for her words: "Por as
alwaysI won prizes and scholarships. thou ugest justice, be assured.
At Oxford he won the Elton Prize Thou shalt have justice, more than
and the President of Magdalen han- i thou desirest".
ded him a note which said "You're Lord Denning is said to have
a marked man. Perhaps you'll be a created the whole of the English
Lord of Appeal some day." |law of negligence, o.t of a case
He was so poor he had to live in which a woman drank ginger beer
on the 100 a year which came with .in which there was a snail, and
the prize, but won atheher 100 a became ill. Denning said then that
year for coming top in the Bar ex m.a man ought to love his neighbour,
On his birthday, he published and not harn "him. Fe would-not re-
a book called "The Discipline of ply when asked by Coleman whether
Law" (Butterworths) women were more dissolute now that
As its epigraph he has adopted they were more free. But he said
the following words from one ofhis earlier: "I am prepared to say that
own judgments: (next column) sometimes I am wrong"

COMMOiWEALTH OF DOMINICA Application wk.endg. Jan 20,1979
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT o td. G-uillaime Euie ebe
Schedule of Application for Certifi- containing 44874 squaree feet and
cate of Title and votingg thereon bounded as follows:- 1orth: Lands
for week th Jinuary, 1979. of Dulcie Phillip and Peter Eusebe;
Date of I ePerson iNature of Re- East: A Ravine separating it fromi
Request_! Presenting quest whether land of Susana Alfred; South; A
for a Certificate of Title or Lot- Ravine separating it from lands of
ing thereon "or Caveat. Harry Jhno.Baptists and Direl Fol-
Request da- 4oseph Request for the taine; West: a Ravine separating it
ted 18th Mark issue of a First from land of Direl Fontaine and
Jan. 1977 'by his Certificate of lands of The Heirs of Antoine
Presented pelici- Title in respect Euaebe and Skinner Eusebe.
3Srd Jsnua- tor of a portion of Request da- Ralph Request for
ry 9 9 Cilma A. lnd knormn as a ted 10th Joseph the issue of
-at -ip y Lot at Tete January 1979 by his a First Cer-
Morne, Giand Bay, 'in the Parish of Presented Solici- tificate of
St.Patri ck, in the Commonwealth of 18th Janua- tor Cilma Title inres-
Dominica, containing 5905 square ft ry 1979 at A. M. pect of a
and bounded as follows:- North by a ll05. .p.m. Du~ tpy portion of
Right o2 Way se parating it from land at Mopo, in the Parish of St.
land of Antoin(- Mark; South by land David, in the Commonwealth of Dom-
of Burton Charles and a Right ofWay inica, containing .ol80 acres and
separating it from land of William bounded as follows:- North by lands
Laurent; East by a Road separating of St.Hilaire Nation, Griffin Shil-
lit from land of Olee Elizee; West lingford, Denis Jiation, Laurina
iby land of Marie Laurent. Nation, Charles Nation and a Public
Note: Last week the Presentation, Road separating it from land of
Wilmot Joseph; South by lands of
date of this Application was wrongly lbertine Laudat ondt Tro to Etate;
,Dri srd Jebruarv.199Q -Albertine Laudat and Troato2 Estate;
SgorU -1f .4 .i. _East by land of Heirs of Blossie
Date of Joan Giorgi Request for Warrington; West by lands of Castle
Request by her Sol- the issue oi0 Bruce Estate, Leslie Mingo and
28th Dec- icitor Vanya a First Cer- Hilarian Charles.
ember 1976 Dupigny tificate of REGSTRAR'S OFICE ROSLAU
Presented Title inres.
Presented Title inres, Ephraim F.Georges, Registrar of
16th Jan- pect of a Qe ofes
uary 1979 portion of NOTE7 Any person who desires to ob-
a 1112 am' land in the ..t to the issuing of a Certificate
Town of Roseau, in the Parish of St of Title on the above Applications
Georre, in the Comrmonwealth of Dom- may enter, a Caveat in the above Of-
inica, containing 681 square feet fice within six weeks from the first
and bounded as follows:- North-East: appearance of these Schedules in the
Land of Millinette Leslie; North- Star newspaper published in this
West: Land cf Polina Mitchel; South- country or from the date when the
East; River Street; South-West:Ki6 notice -orescribed by law was last
Lanjs, __ served on any occupant of adjoining
Request da- Guillaume Recjest for lands on respect of which thesa
ted 12th Eusebe the issue of Aplicationa were made.
Sept.1978 by his a First Cer- Is your Child Off-Coaour?
Presented Solicitor tificate of Put things right by giving
17th Jan- Vanya Title in res- TONIVITAN A & D SYRUP
uary 1979 Dupigny. pect of a Besides Vitamins A & D,TOIVITAi
at .235 pm portion of A & D supplies Iron for rich red
land_ known as a lot at arib,Delices, blofEOliuMfor +torbe, ar totrick, (c Start ur child on TOiiVITA today
.., .,9u per bottle


YLI_--- --~-

..... L

Pridav..Januarv 26. 197

Prida~,.~anuars 26, 1979

T HE S T .

Page Five

Page Six T HE S TA. Friday. January 26. 1979
S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S- Morchriston N E W S B R I E F S from ALL OVER
7-But SPARTANS STILL LOSE Savarini is now in SuritaaT attend-
Saints took the lead in the 1979 ing a seminar on Bumanr Rights,.
Augustus Gregoire League champlon- Three dozen lawyers, trash union-
ships when they defeated Spartanaby ists etc.t .m the Caribbean will
8 wickets at the Botanical Gardens speak on lEcuaan Rights case
last weekend.
Joffre Paustin, the Spartan's cap- MR. J.S: ARTHUR, a British Diplo-
tain, se; a bowling record jn the mat stationed at present in Barba-
league when he captured 9 wickets dos, has been accredited to the
for 53 runs in Saints 1st innings, Gonmmorwealtl. of rDminica, *******
as they closed Spartan's meagre op-. COMPLAINTS of a new electoral fraud
euing total of 91. He captured four have received newspaper Jiring in
wickets, bowling his mediumL pace,ami Guyana. People. are said to be going
the other five in offspin and flight from house to house taking names of
variation. (Saintst i- Albert Shill- BurnhJia supporters for th ele.tor-
ingford 4/24). Saints replied with aLlists.
194, Kelvin Phillip 50, A.Shilling- Dominica Citizens Guideo i, been
ford 5a and L.Andre 2 4(Eaustin9/55) advertised over the r!dio, BI:-. the
Spartans 2nd innings: 144 .Trine price is not given,
Benoit 37, J.Paustin 22 and Z.Pol- President Carters "State a. the
lock 21. A.Shillingford again Union" speech ha been aonsiLfeed
7/4. Saints reached 42 for victory, "in no way remarkable" by reporters.
got to their target with the loss of STARSPOIRTS* ctd. emnulted his
2 wickets (both captured by Robinson
for 7 runs). Leslie Etienne got 27 captain as in the 3rd test, At the
n 2nd i g end of the 2nd day's play Kapil Dev
in Saints i20 yrs) was 9 n.o. Chetan
The Somerset-Casuals (defending. han (0) shared in a l19--run stands
Champs) match was called off when for the Ist wicket with s ppe
for the 1st wicket with :s kitpper.
players claimed that the pitch was .Gekaid chipped in ith bert
in no fit condition for plaY. Phillip & S.Clarke had taken 2 cck-
In the 4termediate League,Celtbs eta each resse results 2u -
Tnited registered their 2nd win, de- tla results un-
feating Conquerors of -Souriere by WORLD S.EF'CR!CKT: West Indies
8 wickets. Scores: Conquerors 116 df were denied a berth in the grand
31.4 overs. A.Bellot 26 and M.Nich- final against the Rest of theWcrld
olas 23, Jim Lewis 4/12, V.Younis when they lost by 10 wickets toaWSC
3/25 and T.Polydore 2/16. Celtic U Australia at Sydney. W.I., batting
118 for 2,off 23 overs. Matthew first, crumbled for loS3 with .Say
George 57 n.o. and Alfred Carbon 51 Bright capturing 6/55. Australia
n**Inl another Intermediate match, replied with 1850oavid Hookes '9,
Blackburns cruised to an easy six topacorer; Colin Croft 7/65 & An:r
wicket victory over Old Mill as a- .tRoberts 3/35. W.I's 2nd inning,
per Atman Andre finished with 49n. were even more disastrous as Denis
Old Mill were dismissed for 92 ia Lillee tore through their batting
23 overs, Grahamn 42. A Darroux 4/21. capturing 7 for 23 all out for &.
Blackburns 93 for 4. 68 runs were needed for victory
TEST': India at the end of the 2nd which Kepler Wessel; and Bruce
day in the 5th Test against-the W,I. ILaird got without loss,
in New Delhi were 523 for 6-;, their ------- te
highest total against West 'tndies "RTICE" promoted bU P.ARET. will tak
in India: E.mIatch-winnirg g~ip on 1ICE praomoted b PH.A.. wti take
the game. Skipper Sunil Gavascar., place at St.Gera d ali this ~and,
ack on formS errinted & Published by tae Proprietor
back on form, relentlessly compiled b l rio
his 19th test century (10th vs WI) o at i oseau, Moe'U-
his 45th match. Dilip Vengsankar(col 2) monwealth of Dominiea Westindies.
-* .. < '

- r--- rr; -~

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