Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 19, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 19, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: January 19, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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,. MIYBRIL2....Y ^ L ^ f" ^ & o
Telephone Editor 2610 8 Pages f
P.O.Box 129, Dominica 4 4_4 Pasthed.
UK Media Representat ive With
Colin Turner(London)Ltd 3 .-Aj ICt A news,vievas
122 Shaftesbury Avenue Virtute Duce Comite Fortun ad
London W1V 8HA England Editor: Phllis Shand Allfey fom
Vol. XXVIII No. 2 JridayJanuary 19th, 1979 Fifteen Cents 15-
by Charlet*' A Savarin
The hysterical gibberish with which the Prime Minister. occupied
almost 30 minutes of prime radio time at 7.00 o'clock on Monday
morning 15th January, 1979, with repeats on D.B.S. Radio after the
1.15 p.m. newscast and again after the 63.0 p.m. news and on D.B.C.
T.V. as well was a further demonatra tion of the infantile mentality
of our Government.
The Prime Minister had let it be 1aown for weeks in advance that
he had an important policy statement to make. In the light of recent
press reports of the alleged involvement of the Attorney General in
the operations of the Federal Bank of Dominica, an unregistered insti-
tution operating in United Kingdom; allegations of connections with
Sydney Burnette Alleyne in an invasion plot to overthrow the Govern-
ment of Barbados; allegations that the Dominica High Commission in
London was making friendly Overtures to the South African Government
in the hope of attracting financial assistance from South Africa and
similar highly disturbing allegatipLq, it was, expected that the Prime
Minister would embrace the opportunity to clarify these disturbing
reports and set the minds of the Dominican people at rest. Instead the
Prime Minister went into one of his lagoon type campaign speeches,
making promises of Oil Refinery, International Airport, extensions of
Deep Water Harbour and 'tout liable a s6 co$'. Added to this incoher-
ent jabber the Prime Minister fell upon the C.S.A., seeking to excuse
the absolute negligence of his Government, the Banana Association
and the Leaf Spot Control Office and to blame the serious leaf spot
infestation of our bananas on the C.S.A. Strike of 1977. It is a won-
der that in his ravings the Prime Minister did 2ot also blame the
demise of the lime industry due to withertip disease in the 1940's
on the 1977 strike as well.
on t 1977 strike a well Continued on Supplement i)
NEWSBBR LFS: Poreign Pope John- NEWSBRIEFS: Local The President
Paul II leaves Rodme Jan 15th-Feb,l, of the Commonwealth of Dominica,EK.
to visit an Domingo & Mexico. *** M .P.E.Degazon QC, is being sworn
Britain Pressed by Opposition to into office today, Friday. ******
declare a State of Emergency due to Ear,Nose & Throat Specialist Dr.
serious sho- tage of supplies caused Leonard Bases will work here for
by transport strike,; Prime Miniat some three weeks, at P.M.H *****
Callaghan refused to Lo ao.*'**** 14 oases, including two murders,
Iran On 16 jan the Shal flew to are listed for trial during the
Zgypt 'on holiday' thence to Paris present assizes. Wine are offences
UK and U.S.A. A Regency Council was of housebreaking and larceny.
foiiied before he left. Now exiled Messrs. B.Barrie and Aug.Benjamin
Left Islamic leader Ayatollah Kho- are off to 1ew Delhi,India,on an
mrlny will return to Iran. +**t~ education conference. **********
DR.1 ennedy Simmonds,PAM candida,la Domninica became the 146th member
was trusted by Biadshaw to be in a of UtIES O this week. *********
team vhich operated cu him.The ST AR ij o os" i fi
wishes tils aedicatei man suceeasa. tBI s. .

Pae Two THE FA R Friday.Jan
Speaking to a World University Se.-
vice Conference in London recently, TO BE SOLD by Pub
RtHon.Shirley Williams, while ad- the Court House, V
emitting that overseas studentspaid Baseau, on Tuesday
more than UK-born students for the January, 19 9, at
limited nuciber of places in higher the forenocn.:
education, she said that such fees
re-resented only 30o of the true "A portion of la
cost of their courses. They are b*,- large of Wesley, i
ing subsidized on tuition to the St. Andrew, dontai
tune of well over 100m. a year.In ately 27,369 square
1970-71 there ,.ere some 32,000 ov- ded as follwcs:-
erseas students in British institu.- By nc-d of Chr.isto
tions; by 1977-78 they had exceeded Tolemaque and Albe;
83,000. Fees for 1979 would however other sides by Pub:
be held at the same level; but ccm- tor Book 02 Folio
plex problems will have to be sol- ...__ ---
ved, and"we shall consult widely M E T I i :
if : S 0 8M THI XG

uary 19, 1979

lic Auction at
ictoria Street,
the 30th day of
L0.00 o'clock in

nd tn fte Vil-
the Parish of
ning approx~jm-
e feet and. boun-
On the North :
bel Mar:.e, tones
rt Ba~2.; Ou all
lie. Raad, r-ega-
S.P4 -Ai/ A

Before any decision is reached."
Baby's delicate 8s:in r ciV-rea, some-
WI5 THEY POLLOW SUIT?-Hugh Iwrrnce thing special. That! ~~y s :
The Government Ministers of the. roco ed EUE.SE HARVtY's &C y
Bahemas and Barbados have had their Powder NURi HARVEFy'a Beby
salaries jacked up, some ren doubled POGM. is tr o ora. i
Of course these countries, I must i a Ctra finc I
say, are rather strong economically. th a ur soot g Oil
Yet I wonder with a bit of fear-
whether our Ministers of the dirty Keeps baby cool and comfortable.
shoe Government will jack up theirs Obtainable in eoonuomy size sqaeeze
in this our impoverished Island, pack at 2,995
even though we are now an independ- Also, for -elleving win.d, ti y
ent nation. Also, for relieng my
This would surely entail much ts e. There's
higher taxes on the already ovelr- NURSE HARVEY'S GRIPE] MIXTURE.
burdthed taxpayers. Please note that. Safe for babies from birth ..
we do not look upon these Miniuters $2.25 per bottle
as our' Cosses, but our servants.. i DOLINICA DISENSARY 00. LTD.
:ay the Good Lord enlighten *5hem. LT
sand save us, 1979 -Ii>FTIkNS OFE
VIISi:WORDS FROM 1EW YORK ?219t9 -: .)TL.TO A- OF, T "
WISE WORDS FROM NEW CHIL CHID : U itd nations Me ssa0 s
On the 3rd of Novamber the Dmi- President o. C-eniral assembly Uli
ica Patriots. gave their annual ca4cO MJr. I. Lievano (Colombia):- "Pirst
This year, it had added significance of all, we must strive for the re-
-- we toasted Dominica as a free cognition of the child as a
nation. iS spite of the festivit-ies, part of all economic, cultural and
I could not help thinking that a social growth- We m-st insist that
long, hard uncharted journey lay he receives care and love, in terms
ahead for all Dominicans t the :?oad of giving him better opportunities
to true political, economic and soc- to be fed, to be protected against
ial freedom..A journey beset byziany disease, to receive an education and
difficulties. However, if all real- most of all, to e-jvr nhiR right to
ize the importance of freedom (with be a child, to be able to live that
its accompanying privileges and ob- part of his life, without havr.g to
ligation) and strive in unison "o- face abject poverty, ine'rfference
ward the goal, success is assured, and prematu-r old are "
(Goncluded o. pauge 3) (Cctinued or -ge 6)

___Tpl e m eA R _ _ _9
Sulement i T H E .T A R FpridayJanuary 19, 1979
In 1974 the late W.S.Stevens. linked Salaries Revision and. General
Elections as inseparable, referring to them as Siamese twins. There is
no doubt that the Prime Minister intends to ride on the back of a Sala-
ries Revision to seek a further 5 year term of office. In this regard
he must put himself forward as a champion of the working people, so he
pledges that "all those who work will reap the fruits of their labour",
and fully appreciating the maxiri that "money is the root of all evil"
sought to paint the C.S.A. as an obstacle to the early payment of sala-
ries and wages increases.
A similar tactic was used in 1973/74. Mr. E.O. Le Blanc made a radio
broadcast, the Police Welfare Association dutifully ian forward and sub-
mitted proposals early, the C.S.A. was accused of delay but although the.
C.S.A. s proposals were submitted in November of 1973 it was not until
the 8th of February 1974 tha- across the table negotiations began. The.
Police Welfare Association's and other proposals were swept aside and
negotiations for all Civil Servants including the Police were based on
the C.S.A, proposals. We saw a similar situation repeat itself during
the 1977 strike when the Police Welfare Association again ran forward
and accepted a "pay later" plan but it was the CS.A.settlement package
which was applied to all Civil Servants including the Police.
We are not at all impressed by the Prime Minister's antics. Submis-
sions for salary increases must be supported by facts. One of the major
factors in support of such a claim being the rise in the cost of living
as represented by the Consumer Price Index.
The Consumer Price Index is prepared on a monthly basis by the Stat-
istical Division of the Ministry of Finance, copies of which are submit-
ted regularly to the Civil Service Association.
The Consumer Price Index for the period November/December, lS78,con-
tains the figures on which the Civil Service Association will rely to
determine the percentage increase in salary which would be justified at
this time. A copy of the figures for December was received in the CSA's
office on the 29th of December, 1978.
Upon receipt of the December figures the C.S.A. immediately got down
to the computation of percentage increases, model scales, conversion ta-
bles as; we_:l as a critical analysis of the figures arrived at by the
statistical division of the Ministry- of Finance..
We could easily have submitted a one-page memorandum asking for a
200% inc.?ease in salary, with no supporting arguments, relying solely
on the strength of the Association for our bargaining position. To do
that, we feel, would be .IrresponSible. We are not saying that to request
a 200% in .ease would be irresponsible, what we are saying is to make
a demand roI '-ny level of increase which we cannot support by reasoned
argument would be irreEporsible.
We have already shcwn that salaries in the public service in Dominica
ar- less trji half thcse for similar posts in Barbados, dollar for dol-
lar, whereas in 197 ;h3y were roughly the came. Woow= have the final
cost of living figure for L978, We also have the figures for the sala-
ries being paid to Ma..ager, Engineers, Accountants, Technieians of var-
ious levels, clerical staff etc. in the private sector both locally and
regionally. We are laalysing all of the information which we have and are
preparing a submission which will be ready in c. couple of weeks.
we hope and we trust that when our little memorandum is submitted Ve
will not be subjiet tc further radio and television abuse by our dear
2Little Prime Minister who is so an-xious to payC., A.Ge Sec C.SA.
.7th January, 1)79 C-S.A.

Biart Jtuar1y 19 79 ST H E T A R P...age Three
In this Year of the Child, we remem- -s your Chid O- olour
ber that there are still many bare- ut things right Off-Coou
footed boys in Dominica. So, a P01e- Put things right by giving
Barefooted Boy. Barefooted Boy. Besides V^-mnins A & D, TQLTJIVITA
Mama's,Papa's sweet darling boy, A & D sur lies flIon for rich red
Cared by good-natured parents blood, calcium for strong bones
To develop your talents, and teeth and other mianeal3s.
Midst hardship with confidence. .+,+ ,,, ,. i n mr,,,ITT'
Ut4 ."14 hil TO4 .lVITAE

Barefooted Boy! Barefooted Boy.'
With well comb;-d hair,
Clean trimmed finger nails,
With steady, well washed feet,
Wisdom shines upon your face.
YV1 f" l n n rrith rma ;

today:: '
$4.90 per bottle
S474- 1/
rni- jx-.-..^...-- L- .- i- .*n r ^-.r ..iiJ i ii~_ll ill 'rT= ~ r. *&. E.*w

Luka cV Cs5l 1>- a ^ HOUNDED E BYOD VE BOD EATH- CG.aSavarin
On your way to school Your front page coverage ;e the
Quite pleasant and cool
Quit pleasant tragic demise of Clem Johns.:. and
To learn your A B C -
his wife Eve is a tribute to all
A life of decency. things honest, sober and h. no~oable
Barefooted Boy: Barefooted Boy! in our troubled society anj all de-
How well you have mastered each lemon cent people at home and abroad who
Faithful to truth, guided by reason, knew the couple ok heard of their
Now a keen, full-fledged gentleman tragedy cannot help but sympathize
Eager to do the best you can. with the families. of the deceased
Barefooted : Bareooted Boy and the children, so abruptly orphan-
Barefooted Boy! Barefooted Boy! ed. Y
True to your native home Yet even in death the Labour
Uphill, down dale you roam. Party and its agents on D.B.Sradio
True to your country-folk continue to hound this unfortunate
You toil and bear the yoke, man and his family to the exte.-;1 that
You help to upbuild your native land, in an effort to shield themselves
You help to, uplift your fellowman. from complicity, they have circulated
Barefooted Boy! Barefooted Boy! allegations that a domestic dispute
You help to educate your people, with his wife was the reason for his
You till the soil to feed your peopletis, The story is refined to a
O'er thorny paths you have trod, point where names, times and places
through obstacles you have plod. on that fateful night &ce being men-
Though obstacles you have plod. tioned, bfot satisfied vith the slan-
Onward with GOD der being p.ased around from- south
Barefooted Boy: to mouth, DES rI io, that propaganda
We salute you, machine of the Labour Party, has
Barefooted Boy! sought to accuse the E&.hop otf flc-aau
and the Catholic :' rc:.'. a
WISE WORDS FROM N-Y. (-fr..JaLg2) of impropriety in g-;ivi a
As each individual is unique, so burial to Clem and hi. :;.i::,
each nation is unique; and I pray To the perpetrators of *i:.s iPh,-i-
that Dominica can achieve its unique man aijd inhumane persecutio.o I say
ness and-evolve a democracy that let Clem and Eve ret in.. peace and
will be a shining example for the concern your energies, :i.nstea.d in
rest of the world, thle pursuit of t-._th, peace and
G.D., honesty,
South Ozone Park, "" CHAPLES 1'hVAR'i

I -

New York 1- .Y.

L-Y-I -W--L--I --C -W-UI L1-~ __

Page Four T H _E S Tk R Friday. December 19, 1979
Madam, I wish on my own behalf and that of my wife and also on behalf -
of the Domiinica Amalgamated Workers' Union to endorse without reserva-
tion, the tribute spoken by Mr. John A.S.Hailwood,Chairman of Geaste In-
dustries ('.I.) Ltd on Clem Johnson, late Geest local Manager, at his
funeral on Monday 8th January, 1979,
Clem v:as not "perhaps an emblem of the survival of older values....
with a deep rooted belief in what was right...." Clem was one of the
unfortunately 1_ry few representing that emblem, I "-now, because 1
have known him for years and was very close to him during his last few
days in an endeavour to restore equilibrium in DAWJU/Geeit Estates rela-
tions. I am one of the few who diagnosed the extent to which, in
the words of Mr. Hailwood, uncharitable and unfounded "remarks and ac-
cusations undoubtedly struck deep to his heart's core"e
I do not know how much M i Hailwood knew when he penned hi .eulogy
but I do know that " recent weeks" and particularly after the 8th
of December 1978 "he had become unhappy and disenchanted with wh*,t h,
saw aro:-nd him..." When on Friday 22nd December and again on Saturday
30th he told me that he felt that he had failed his Chairman,I sought
to comfort and to reassure him. On Thursday morning, 4t;h January, I ad-
vised one whom I thought was one of his very few confidanta that Clem
should be made to see a doctor and to remove himself from the pressures
of his work, I ask myself: had I proceeded to talk to him again, would
I have saved two lives?
If ever I have met a man whose motto was 'no money caa buy my name',
Clem Johnson was that man and I echo Mr.Hailwood and say that "this new
found Commonwealth of Dominica will do well to find his like repeated".
I write of Clem, because I knew him I respected him as a beacon of
humility; a bearer of an extremely warm human heart which he tried to
conceal while being "ah uncompromising professional". He knew what pro-
fessional ethics meant,
Immediately following the St.Lucia Agreement of August, 1978 which
ended the 9-month long DAWU strike against Geest Estates at Portemouth
Estate in Dominica, Mr.IHailwood mandated Clem Johnson (who had nothing
to do with the Estats.a) to find a solution to a number of individual.
grievances some of which were outstanding for over a year.
Supported by his Assistant Manager Skelford Scotland, lem Johnson
set out to ensure that he would report 'mission accomplishedae to his
Chairman. Clem approached his task from all angles as a father; as oe
of the Estate Workers; as a professional and most importantly, as adis-
pen-~~,sr of justice without fear or favour, malice or ill-will. DAWU did
rot get .,,. v;e wanted.
Yet, C ._.M's success at disagreeing with the Union without inviting any
ill-w ll muqt have been too much. As MrKailwood sa.d",he. had a deep
rooted bcl .f in what was right and because he was not pre'-)ed to sac-
rift .e thi. relieff in what was right he was someLimes critici ced boL..
privately and public. ,"
In its JanLuary 12th fron'.-page feature on Clem's sad end, TIHE STAR
newspaper said that 'it is -.oerally felt that Clem Jol uson....was
literally hounded to his death by the evil spoken against him for many
mo:-,n by disgru-tled workers, trade unionists, Goverjnmnt spokesmen and
even the Extra Mural Tutor", The Sta. proceeded to throw a challenge:
"T.'. hem deny this!"
.A.VJt throws no challenges as such but hardly refuses any. We stand
by our principle:,. That is why we could see in Clem Johnson the man with
a big. warm, human bh.urt.8Somecallel him coward for it. He could not be
human ar. manage effective tCogrcl de4 oon unplemeat t il) -.ovarleaf

Friday, .. 19, 1979 T H E S T A R _Supplement ii
(cont inued from page four) /TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT
do not ~So s to schedule of Application for Certi-
I, do not profess to speak for the ficate of Title and voting thereon
"disgruntled workers and trade union- for week ending 2th Jan.Tary 1979
ists"of whom the STAR has written. I ae of Psoa-r Taq- re r-
apeak for myself and for DAWU This eu Pr tin wh1n ng
is our denial. I_ or _vea,
Now, having taken up the challenge Date of Joan R~equest for the
to deny that we contributed in any Request 'Gimgi issue of a First
way in"hounding Clem to his death, I 28th Dec '~by her Certificate of
now invite you to publish the attached ember 1976 ?1oliJJ- T:tle in res-
copies of correspondencee" Presented tor pect of a por-
16th Jan- IVanya tion of land J
Editor'' Note: Although we have ad- uary 1979 'Dupignyi the Tow n of
ded two pages to this issue, we have abll.12 an __ IRoseau, ix- the
no poas.ible' -room for the letters r.- Parish of EtoGGecrge, in the Com-
closed by Mr. A.Frederick Joseph (5.\ monwealth cf Dominica, coUtaining
They concern a-wrangle over the roajj- 681 square feet and bound. ars fol-
ing of cattle over Geest's Portsm.ou;h lows:- Nortlh-East: Land o-f Mllli-
Estate, of whom the Manager is Mr.G., nette Leslie; ljorth-W4st.: rcr::- of
L.Didier. In the last letter,(Jar..4) Polina Mitchel; South-LTas-:River
appear these words from Gen.SecU.DAW J Street; Soith-West: K.nt's .gIS e,
to Mr. Johnson: "Failing this, in- RecLuest da.-'.ilJaume
dustrial unrest is most certain to re- ted 12th Euzebe by
surface at Portsmouth Estate, Sept.1978 his Soli- Request for
all that the St.Lucia Agreement and Presented citor the issue of
your efforts here attempted tc) heal, 17th.Jan- Vanya a First Cer-
..* Let us not have any more problems uary 1979 Dupigny tifi.:-te of
at Portsmouth, pleasse."(fial sentence )d12,5 pm ____ Titl iares-
As ROSE 0 wrote last week "Let, all ect of a :portion of land ko'rn as a
other words be still." VWe sha3_ not lot at Carib,,, in te Parjsh
consider any more correspondence on ef St*Pd trc ctainig 4w 4 qu
this subject. P.S.A., Editor. fea ands o unded as follow s and th
Lands of Du7i~e Philllip and Pater
S---- usebe; East: A Ravine separating
SEdgey? Brain Fag? Do not sleep Well. it from land of Susana Alfred.;
There's a product of modern Pharma- South: A avine searati it
oeutical research named from lantls of Harry Jao.Baptiste
and Direl iontaink ; West: a Rav-
F 0 S P 0 R ine separating it from lain. of
which WOrks "WOLS ders in helping to) Direl PFoxte' ine and 'lands of The
counteract nervousness, depression Heirs Qf Antoine Eusebe and Skin-
and lassitude, and speed the return ner Eusebe.-
of normal sleep pattern. Request Jod- Raehh t isue
ted iOth Jo's h th8 issue
FOSFOR is also useful !in convalescence January,1979 by hb.s of a First
after illness or surge-ry. It improves Presented Solici- Certificate
metabolism, increases the appetite 18th Janus-y tor Cilma of Title in
and gives a sense of 'rell-being. 1979 at A. ". respect of
Dupign:7 a portion
$4.70 er bottle .an. p at
SlMoopo, in t.e I.:: h of St.David,
STHE DOMINICA DISPENFJARY CO. LTD. -0in the Cornmonwealth of Dominica
0 conta iuin &,.18Q acr.q aid. 'Olned
--------------------- as roll s:.- Orth oy a O21 -
St .Hl^aire+. Gation. "ri "" Shillingrord.peni ion Laur "

Friday, January 19, 1979 T HE ..*-T A R. Page Five
CO1MMOI1WEALTH OF DOMINICA... .Schelu'I^D fc: uk eng. AI,'6 o td.
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT Request da- Ullyase Regipt foa
Schedule of Applicatioin for. Certi- ted 13th I:4Adrew the Psue of
ficate of Title anxd Loting thereoni Decbr.1978 through a First Cert-
fo we.e: endin, 0th Dfcer.'or 1979 Preseated. her.So.l- ifiqate of'
Date ofj Person: nature of Re- 4th Janua- icitor Tit e ix res-
Recurst s esentling quest whether ry 1979 at Ronan A. pec of a por-
for a Certificate of Title or Not- 35.0 pm, David of tioxi of land
iL e-eon. or Cave-iot IChambers 11 Old St.,j at' Marigot in
Request da- Tyrel Request for Roseau, Dominica the Pariah of
ted 26th Julien the issue of St.Andrew in the Commonwealth of
August 1977 by his First Certifi Dominica containing 9,70 square
Presented Solic- cate of Title feet and bounded as follows- .-- On
29th Decem- itors in respect of the North by land of 'Cathleen Alfred
ber 1978 Armour, a portion off On the West by lande of o'lit: Jv~~.
at 1,_50 am. Armour land .in the and Christopher Frank; Oxj-the South
aid Harris Parish of St. by lands of Joel Andrew,Abraha~
JToseph containing 1680 square feet Jamerie and C.Andrew; On tl ifEast by
and bounded as follows:- North:By land of Heirs of Philomex Thamas.
land of Clarin Sablon; Sast: By a Request da- U;L se ly Reet or
Public Bye Road separating it from ted 13th De- Andrew th -,issue of
land of Mons 111; South: By land oQ member 1978 through a First Cert-
Mainuella Toussaint; West: By land Presented her Sol- if@i.ate of
of Emissa Larocnue. 4th January icitor Title in res-
Schedule for week ending 6 Jan,197 1979 at Ronan A. pect :of a por-
Request da- Mislin Aequest for the: 5a20 David o$ tioo-'f land .
ted 4th Ju- Harper issue of aFirs Chambers, 1. 01 St., at antant in
ly 1978 by her Certificate of Roseau, Doninica in Jriuot il
Presented Solic- Title in res- the Parish of 8t.Andrew the Com-
3rd Janua- itors pect of apiece monwealth of Dominica cct.ix..Li g
ry 1979 at Armour, or parcel of 2.95 acres and bounded as~'ollows:-
2,5 Di..m. Armour land at Wesley On the .orth by 1i.orth Es~tate; COn
S.. and.-d Harris Village in the the South by land of ia~ft Burto.n;
*Parish of St.Andrew containing 1,952 On the East by land of Bfour James1'
square feet, and boueaded as follo0s:- On the West by land of 4*iiea Abel.
On tho Larth-East by laids, of Magnue RjGISTRARPJ O.ICE RO:EAU=,
Prosper; 0G. the.-South-East by land Ephraim F. Gerges, Regf srar of
of Ne.omie St.Amie;On the South-West Titles
by,a ri:ht of way separating itfrom nlOT: Atly person who desi-es to ob-
laend of Devin Henry; aid On the ect to the suing of a ert1ficate
rt. -VWest by a PlblT a of Title on the above .Appl i.aions
-orT;_we& may.~ enter a uavegt. The above he-
Req est L.- Joseaph Reest- for t flice within six week from the first
ted 18th Mark by issue f;a First .;>aearance of tsee Schedulea in the
Jan. 1977 his Sol4Certificate of Star newspaper publi.shd h thI
Presented -icitor iTibl in res- equntry or rom the dae wh I o-
.ri pebru- Cilma pect of a pcr- ce prescribed by law. was aser-
czy 1979 t A iion o-f laid Ild it -h te
3.10 a.m., Du'ig i m c.a a Lot plcaticns were made,
Iat Tete L.orme, Grand Bay, i-n to THE T UKIG OF GIBI SMG" "
Parish of St.Patrick, in the Common- is
wenl th of Dominica, containing 5905 RED OQOGA GIi SEBCG
square foot and b.ouiled as follows:- Tablets n-d Elixir available. from
No,"-*Ql by a right or way separatig
it from land of Antcirn Mark; South my DOINIJCA DISPENSARY CO. LTD.
by land of Burtc. Charles, c d aRijit

eating 1t from land. of IS E' lizet _st by la of Marie Laurent.

ml FT Si m A T? r7~r .T~ur~-n~r 10 1Q'7Q)

aC LTXLDA. --__ 1 i i" (9.3 J.-.QI I "

ST# AR* *P*0*R*Te*- Mcnr9is on 31 THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE -
The stalemate between India and the
West Indies is broken: India won th BETWEEN:
4th test at Madras (the first three BARCLAYS BANK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
were draws). India on the 4th day by two of its Attorneys Conrad
needed only 96 to win with 7 wickets Onesimus, M- ntyre and Karl Joslyn'
standing (thanks to the 1st innings Haywood, Plaintiff
century of Br.Visbmanath).India slun- and
ed to 84 for 6; then young KapilDev WSTO CHRI THODOBE HIGITS
blasted 26 to lead India to victory. Defendant.
Kallicharan won the toss for the I 0 T I C E
WW.I.and chose to bat on "India's TAKE FOTICE t-hat the Court Doth
fastest pitch", At 68 for 6 on the Hereby Order that Service of a
Chippox pitch, Kallicharan (98) out Summons to fix the reserve price
on 150 with Derek Parry 169/8. Nor- and for vacant possession in ac-
bert Phillip 22 n.o.and Holder 20 cordance with Section 41(d) of
pushed the score to 200. Kapil Dev Act No. 46 of 1975 and Ssct ion
returned his best test figures 4p/8; 47 (2) of Act 41- of 1975 c. the
Venkaraghavan: 3/60. India were off defendant Winston Church.2l Thao-
to a bad start when Sunil Gavascar dore Higgins in the 2uit re-Jfe ed
was dismissed with the total on 10. to above be effected by, th'r. a -
One run later DiliD Venqgsakar fol- vertisement.
lowed, at W.hich point VishwanathcamiE IAYA DUPIGNY
to the crease. He was last man out SOLICIIOR FOR PIJJNTIFl.
for 1P4 India 255 runs,lead of 27, -
Ndrbert Phillip 4/47 & S.Ciarke.476. ISWE1, AGED 53,DIES: "Internal Hem-
* West Indies crumbles for 151 in, IWhage. A fre(pevt Visitor to
their 2nd innings with Venkatarqhawaf Dominica, his inquest has been
capturing 4/33. (Norbert Phillip S/37 adjourned.(Roger Jonson or Jc!rhnsen)
in India's 2nd innings). R ORLANDO TIER K To
late o to ve a rut,, .-L-Dot
LEAGUE: Herbert Sabaroche helped the e l non eos S tlvl over
Saints to. relative safety .against Po. hned eo we t in over
lice B team (intermediate) .Sarbaxrohe 70 Onto a e n
'o0 men im-
opening the batting, was out for 54 removal f 'nuisne' rubbish ain
at 112/A, hooking, cutting and driv- n her muroveents eahi s1a tin or
ing with good effect. The inningser s santaton
folded for 121: J.B.Prince 5/17 and DS new PT R IRES is Mr. Br i
J.Matthew 5/25. Police: a paltry 59 c'mmte of teach nS a-
09, rttQc of six (3 teac-iers,3 3ar-
with skipper John Cuffy (21) the on- entsB'will move to brji up D.G.B.
ly batsman to reach double figures. INTERNATIONAL EAR OF THE CHIL& p2)
Saints leads the intermediate league "M thins cr bu rot the
* Asta in the ist match defeated Aq- cnar aow is ne ime wl en i s
uarians by 59 runs, at DGS Grounds. bones are being formed, .is blood
Asta 137; Agpuarlans 98. At the composed and his senses developer .
Wtae canna answer him 'Tomorraw,
Botanical Gardeks, Celtic United (vs nme is Today .-Gabriela Mistral.
Smartians) declared after 23 overs "We cannot leave to our I~r7iwen, a
for 149/ after the allotted 40 ovas legacy of want and s.rife. TI's is
for 14 9/3 after the allotted 40 ov~s the Very essence of the Chatas of
were reduced to 25. Skipper- Jim.Lew- the Unite Nionsfthe Chartar of
is (new role) hit an unbeaten 62 no. "I United Nations."ked: f burt W ea
Police A defeated Old Mill by 36 runs ti My answer s: af w
in a close thing timewise.Police de.- 10 on reasons., ros L tem under
10 years of .3e. o a4nahouisse,
flared at 134/4 after 25 overs from UNTCEF Executive Director.
their 40. Old Mill was dismissed for T i 's May Ur stlan: F-ur
98 after being 49 for 9 with rain nh-. sort letter wI aPp A 4 ne.P week.
far in the offing. &V.Preinthe & Pubished by the Proprietor
R.E.Allfrey of Mill Egsq6m i a ,HaesAn 61e ath fRoad,Roseau,Commonwealth

Dcnrh,-- o-t<

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