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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 12, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 12, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: January 12, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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elephroieiditor 2610 r FOR EW
.O.Box 129, Dominica A i turn to
UK Media Representative Pages 4
Colin Turner(London)Ltd J & i'gt #/ and 6.
22 Shaftesbury Avenue Virtute 'Duce QComite' Fortune
London W1V 8HA England o; Pyylli^a ShQand AFllfreyt
alXXVIII No. 1 ridaJy, January 12th, 1979 Pifteen Cents 165

Last Sunday, January 7, a terribly sad event took place in
Dominica. A handsome and successful young man, on sick leave
suffering from depression, had a brainstorm and shot his sleeping
wife through the head, then turned the -revolver oAita his own head.
Both of them died some hours later, after receiving the last Sacra-
ment of the Roman Catholic Church. They left four children and two
mothers (one of whom lost her husband last year) as well as several
sister:-, and other relatives, and countless friends.
it is generally felt that Clem Johnson of Portamouth, Geest
Industries Manager in Dominica, was literally hounded to his death
by the evil spoken against him for many months by disgruntled
workers, trade unionists, Government spokesmen and even the Extra-
Mural Tutor, Let them deny.thisZ Although both the Publisher
and Editor of this newspaper support trade unionism, they do not
support persecution.
Even during this huge manifestation of public sympathy, the
wicked tongues were clacking. Some people in the back of the Cath-
edral had to be asked to leave. Near the graveside others continued
their innuendoes,
Father Thomas, a Dominican, conducted the service, which was
attended by His Lordship the Bishop and many dignitaris. i1o, Govern-
ment Minister was pr~esent. The text of his excellent sermon was
irawn fror; St. Paul's epistle to the Romans, Chap. 8, verses 14-23.
Leiaox Honychurch had read them in the Lesson. We can add to this
verse 31: "What shall we then say to these things? If God be for
us, who can be against us?"
Yet the dreadful thing is that a few false christians with a
mnean sma'. '' are tr; itg to.. blame His Lordship, Bishop Boghaert for
burying -em with Eve his wife, within the ritee and under the shelter
of the CAurcl.*
Ve say firmly: the. ere wrong. His Lordship i right. It is a
blessed Lriumph of humanity,
And if you want to know ho-s highly Clei, and Eve were regarded,
turn to paLe 3 for 0-he tri'.ute made to their in the Cathedral by
Englishman John Hailwood,
Und r the bright and blazing sky These are the words for Eve and
DiF the grave and let them lie; ,Clem:
Clad did they live and sadly die 'No evil person slander them;
Yet they laid thmni down with a will. Dignity is their diadem.'
Let all other words hb A still.

flce~ pw~..Thidirav. January 12~. 1979

by Fred Francois-Eugene
Teacher, College de St.Esprit,
With a colleague, I flew to
Dominica in October, in search of a
lodging for my students, who come
from rather modest families, during
the holidays. We were very glad when
we were well received and the Gov-
.ernment gave us permission to stay
at the Dominica Grammar School.
But what a shock we had two months
later when we saw the hostel. It
was all messy a real henhouse -
and seemed not to have been cleaned
after the Dominica students left.We
were soon surrounded by a group of
noisy persons from near-by.
As my colleague started sneezing
due to the dust, and the broken win-
dows promised no security, we decid-
ed not to stay in the place and went
in search of a decent one, which was.
very difficult to find, When we fin-
ally got one we had to give all the
money we intended to spend on show-
ing the children round the Island
towards lodging. We were very dis-
appointed, but we still love Domini-
ca and respect its people,
Our special thanks to Mr.Mally
(Taxis) who was kind enough to ac-
cept that we send the money for fares
from Martinique.
We hope that will never happen to
students coming from Dominica to
F. .P- E,
Having to stay home 6n Christmas
eve night for certaingood reason,
I listened to the Latin Mass which
took place at the Pointe Michel
Church,and really and truly enjoyed
it,, This Mass sent me right back to
the'1920's when I sang at the Wesley
choir in my teens. Our present Pope,
who is in my mind a firm conservative
may allow the old Latin Mass to re-
turn to those who wish. He-may even
see to it that our Priests and Nuns
hold fast to their old habits. A
happy new year to you & your readers.

a C3 f l -
:!= 1

At one of the most bitter sit-
tings of the House on January 3rd
& 4th a resolution was passed ap-
proving that the consolidated fund
be used to subaidise part of a 25%
redundancy payment to women bauana
carriers at Fond Cole.
Another Resolution moved by Mike
Douglas, although amended, approved
certain payments to Portsmouth light-
ermen. He withdrew a resolution on
typhoid after a private discussion
with Health Minister Bannis, but
got House approval for another one
seeking extra grazing land near
Portsmouth. Persons not within the
House, such as Clem Johluon, were
lambasted by GoverAnment spokesmen.
Pershing Waldron (Portntouth) was
elected speaker amidst hopes that he
ovell attaem he deplorable
Leve 0 32'Y37


PQ n T*

DOMINICA. 1977 io.. 22
LIMITED by two of its Attorneys
Conrad On(-simus McIntyre and
Geoffrey Comissiong,paint iffs
and .
Be Sure Trading and General
Construction Company Limited,
John Bradshaw.,
Margaret'Bradshaw and
Elizabeth Bradshaw Defendants-

N 0 T I C R
TAKE NOTICE that the Court Doth
Hereby Order that Service of a
Summons to fix the reserve price
and for vacant posaesasion in ac-
cordance with Section 41 (d) of
Act No. 46 ot 1975 and Section
47 (2) of Act 41 of 1975, on the.
defendants Be Sure Trading and
General Construction Company Limi-
ted, John Bradshaw, Margaret Brad-
shaw and Elizabeth Bradshaw in the
suit referred to above be effected
by this advertisement.

45 7 M25 Z

.12 JL .'.4._4. *L t '., p- z --
THE TRIBUTE spoken by Englishman J.S.Hailwood, Managing Directa of
Geest Industries, on Clem Johnson and his wife Eve at their funeral.
"We are come together before God to lay to rest Clem and Eve whom
all of us have know and many of us have loved. At a time saich as this
it is difficult to find appropriate words. God moves in mysterious ways
and there are times in lif3, of which this is one., when we little
more than say: Thy Will Be Done.
What can we say of Clem and of Eve that their ehilcren will aemem-
ber in the years ahead,take comfort from and be proud of ?
Though Clem was young, he was perhaps an emblem of the survival of
older values. He had a deep rooted belief in what was right and bedalse
he was not prepared to sacrifice this belief in what was righL he was
sometimes crilicised both privately and publicly. Such remarks and ac-
3usations undoubtedly struck deep to his heart's core. His energies.and
talents made of him one o ooucr best and it is perhaps this factor more
than any other that has contributed to the deep sense of shock that
abides with us today.
He v:Wv an individual, if being an individual means being different
from other people who stand around waiting to see what will happen next -
for the individual knows that he can make things happen. He was modest
in his assertion of his own opinion and had a dignity grown out of self-
respect. In many ways in so far as his vocation was concerned he was
an uncompromising professional. Loyalty was a quality which he rmanh ad-
mired and one with which he was well endowed. In recent weeks: e had
become unhappy and disenchanted with what he saw around him- and perhaps
at the moment in his life when he needed most to know himself and seek
the comfort and assurance of others something failed which we shall
never know.
Since my colleagues and myself arrived in Dominica this morning we
have heard to our infinite sorrow of the most astounding allegations re-
garding Clem made by misguided persons to.serve unworthy ends. I ask
the indulgence of His Lordship Bishop Boghaert to state that ClemJohoowo
in his management of our affairs was without blemish and that his integ-
rity was entirely spotless. In the Great Mosaic that forms the
Banana Industry of the e Islands Clem and Eve were two priceless pieces.
This. new fou-id Commonwealth of Dominica will do well to find his like
ALr- what of Eve, his wife and helpmate.
To me ihe was always sparkling with a roguish h mour and a puckish,
turn of phrase and always wholly forthright. A wonderful mother as is
made cbu1n'antly manifest in her children. It was, perhaps because of her
qualities. -hat Clem felt that he could not be parted from her and in his
.ast torme -..d moments he did not corr- rhend that with Death only the
physice7 partnership if bn(kc:, that death dcas not' ut an end to, the
real partnrsh-ip of man and wife, that prayer goes on and love continues
botTh irom th: land of the living a d from the joy of Paradise, from whence
all gr ef ax-. Pain ha-,- fi ., w re U~i mtd e heri and
avl eFs w ti p cr sph t ;1 _-fectMbf bnedr CLgra atuwe o heir
e among s us, Let u3 pr ,e t'at the manner of Clem's life and of
the passing of Eve and hi1aself :-,- :
Give us grace to die in God's Will
ve us the grace to live in GodW a Will a o
To be -.rue to, ts tigl belie betbue
Mastering any fears na Routst may r t a o doing.
Thua may the Lord make Clem and Eve an instrument in .is peace that
ther7 may come out of the valley of darkness and known eternal life,
May their souls rest in peace."


Page Three

~7n4 ;InTr .Tnn'll~~Y~TT l~e ~qrJ(I)

q& T H E ST FrTdaY. January. 1. 1979

Prime Minister Patrick John is off Schedule of Application for Certi-
to oil-loaded Venezuela and Trini- ficate of Title and voting thereon
dad & Tobago, seeking aid. He will for week endj an 6th January, 1979
aee the outgoing President of Ven- Date of Perr-n \.aUture of Request
ezuela, Carlos Andres Perez. Request IPree ,ting whether for a
A National Council of.Teachers Certificate cf Title or voting
is being promoted bby Government. thereon or Caveat.
Dr.Hilroy Thomas of Teachers Train-Request da-L Joseph Request forthe
ing College started things up.The cited 18th Mark by issue of aEirst
Steering Committee of the CSA (saysJan. 1977 his Sol- Certificate of
Gen. Sec. C.A.Savarin) believes Presented icitor Title in res-
that no organisation of teachers 3rd Fobru- Cilma A. pect of a por-
should be formed outside of the lary 1979 M.Dupigny tion of land
CSA, which had not heard from the t 3.10 pmt. I known as a Lot
NCi steering committee up to Tete Morne, Grand Bay, in the
"If it is good for the teaching IParish of St. Patrick,in the Common-
service, we shall be in favour.But wealth of Dominica, containing 5903
the NCT steering Committee must square feet and bounded as follows:-
hold discussions with the CSA Ex- North by a right of way separating
ecutive on plans." lit from land of Antoine Mark; South
CHINA a green wall of trees! 1by land of Burton Charles and aRight
A protective green belt of trees of way separating it from land of
.stretching for over 15 miles will William Laurent; East by a Road sep-
be hastily planted on the edge of rating it from land of Olee Elizee;
desert and wasteland in China. West by land of Marie Laurbnt .
PASSPORTS: As from May 1,1979, Request da- Ullysae Request for
Iour British passports will cease ted 13th De- Adrew the issue of
to-be valid. They can be replaced comber 1978 through a Firet Cert-
by State of Dominica passports. Presented her Sol- ificate of
BARCLAYS Bank is to issue Visa 4th January icitor Title in res-
travellers cheques in blue,white & 1979 at Ronva A. pect of a por-
gold design. It will bring advan- 3,20 p.m. David of tion of land
tages of increased USA sales. and Chambers 11 O'd Street at Marigot in
convenience to customers & agents. Roseau, Dominica the Parish of
CANADIAN Secretary of State for St.Andrew in the Commonwealth of
External affairs, Hon. Don Jamie- Dominica containing 9,792 square feet
son, is visiting the Westindies and bounded as follows:- On the north
this month: Barbados,St.Lucia and by land of Cathleen .-.fred; On the
a signing ceremony .(Canade./Caricom)j West by lanis'of Felix James a&
in Jamaica on January 2Oth. Christopher Frank; On the S-uth by
FRANCE: The French must be alarm-I lands of Joel Andrew,Abraham Jamer ?
ed to learn that alboholkills eacG;' On the East by land of
year 32,000 French people. Philomen Thomas.
ST. KITTS: A Bye-Election for th Reqest da-Ullyase Request for the
former constituency of late Robert ted 13th D- Andrew issue of a First
Bradshaw (Central.Basseterre) will cember 1978 1by her Certificate of
take place on January 25,Main con- Presented Colici- Title in reEect
tender against is 4th Jan.l90torRo2naof a portionof
Opp.leader Dr. K.A.Simmonds. The at .20 p.m.A David l.Jnd at Tantan
people of St.Kitts are sorry that of Chambers l 0'.: in Marigot in
an Antiguan woman has been made Str et. ca, the Parish of St
Speaker Mrs. Ada May Edwards. Andrew in the Commonweal h of ori
containing 2,95 a.res and bounded as follows:- Or Uhe 1orth by Lorth End
tate On the South by land of Nisbit Burton, On the Fast by land of
our u amesa; on the west by land o- Millie Abel.(Oaveat Uaote on p. 5.)
4- ____________________________

i r


Friday. January 12. 1979

Pag6 Four

Brian G.K. Alleyne .Town of Rosea Request da- Mislin Request for the
in the Parish of St.George, contain- ted 4th Harper issue of a Pirdt
ing 1,000 square feet and bounded as July 1978 by her Certificate of
follows:- North: by Kennedy Avenue; Presented Solici- Title An res-
East: by Bath Road; South: by lands 3rd Janua- tors pect of a piece
of Urielle Moses and Felton Smith; ry 1979 at Armour, or parcel of
West: by a right of way separating 2.25 pm. Armour land at Wesley
it from land of Urielle Moses. and' Harris Village in the
Schedule for week ending Dec. 9,197 Parish of St Andrew cortiiAnjig 1,951
Request da. Evaline Request forth square feet, and bounded as follows -
ted 30th Xavier issue of a PrstiOn the North-East by lands of Magnus
Nov., 1978 by her ICertificate of Prosper; On the South-Eastby land
Presented Solici- Title inrespect of Neomie St.Amie; On the South-West
7th Decem- tors of all that por-y a right of way separating it from
ber 1978 at Alleyne tion of land atiland of Devi. Henry; and On, the Sorth
3.10 p.m. & Coper Grand Bay in the-West by a. Public Road.
Brian G.K. AI.LEYNE Perish of St. i
Patrick containing 1,672 square feet REGISTRAR'S OFFICE, ROSEAj
and bounded as follows:- North: By E phraim .Georges, Registraj of
land of James Cuffy; East: By land J Titles
of Anna Hector and Loftus. John;South:\.. OTE: Any person who desires to
by land of Bernabie Baron; West: by object to the issuing of a Cert-
land of Pearl Dangleben._ ificate of Title on the above Apw
S2chedur_. f 23. Dec.1978 plications pnay enter a Caveat in
ted l th Laurent Recuest fo-r the above office'within six weeks
Nov. 1978 by his the issue of !from the first appearance of these
Presented Solicitor a First Cer'- Schedules in the, Star newspaper
20th Dec- Cilma A. ificate of published in this country or from
ember 1978 M.Dupigny Title ino es the date when the notice prescribed
at 12.15 pm pect of a by law was last served on any oe-
__ portion of cupant of adjoining lands in re-
land known as a Lot at Tete Morne, aspect of which these Applications
Grand Bay, in the Parish of StPat- were made.
rick, in the Commonwealth of Dominica t ----
contai-ii.g 5692 square feet and V POUR HUNDRED YEARS AGO -
bounded as follows:- Noith by land of On January 8th, the 400th anniv-
Prince Alexander; North-East by a ersary of the death of Pather
Public Road; South-East by lands of Breton, who, compiled a famed Carib
Flosaie Charles and Rudolph McPhersouj dictionary, took place. He was bo-r
West by land of Prince Alexander. in Caea, Fpanee,

. . -- .. -

F ida Januar 18 1979 T H E 8 T AR

J IL v '.4_J s ~ 2-. = -. _____ I II- -
COMMO1WEALTH OF DOMINICA Schedule for week ending Dec.30 1978
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT Request da- Tyrel Requept fortbhe
Schedule of Application for Certi- ted 26th Julien issue of a
ficate of Title and Noting thereon August 1977 by his First Certifi-
for week ending 9th September 1978 Presented Solici- cate of Title
Date of Person Nature of Reques 29th Dec- tors in respect of
Request Presenting whether for a [ember 1978 Armour, a portion of
Certificate of Title or Noting the at 11.50 am Armour land in the
on or Caveat. X4 a and 'arrim parish of St.
Request da- Oliver Request for Joseph containing 1880 square feet
ted 24th Andre the issue of and bounded as follows:- iorth; By
June 1977 by his a First Certi-land of Clarin Sablon; East: By a
Presented Solici- ficate of Tit-Public Bye Road separating it from
6th Sept. tors le in respect land of Mons Eli; South: BPyland of
1978- at Alleyne of a resident-Manuella Toussaint; West: by land
12.05 p.m. & Coaer ial lot in theof Emissa Laroaque.

Page F~ve



S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S*- Morchristonz
CRICKET: Sabaroche Claims Bcaertrick THE KING OF GINSENG
Herbert Sabaroche, Saints leg spin- is
ner captured 4 wickets off 4 balls
in one of the opening matches ofthe RED KOOGA GINSEIA
197/9 Jeason; his team romped home to
a 101-run victory over Eagles in an Tablets a&' lixir available
intermediate match. Saints,battirg
fir st, scored 224 Buns with skipper ..THE DOMI ICA DISPENSARY CO. LTD.
J.David top scoring (60 runs) and A.
Paul 47. H.Stevens 4/36,C.Telemac- nadia Govthas
que 3/32 and V.Matthew 2/40 were the ivORE nWov BRIEFS Cadan
successful bowlers. given over 90 000 Ca.towars'he
Eagles in their turn at the crease construction of a new 10-1tY at
started well,putting on 81 for the PORTwiOUTH (230 ft. by 40 en). It
loss of 2 wickets. Sabaroche (a 3- ill be in use beforits all this week
1 lead) introduced at this point ougA: anti-She th rits all this geek
captured 2 wickets in his 2nd over. brought the death toll much hghe.
US now says it is right fer the
He went on to capture 4 wickets off Shah to leaveo(Awaiting Regcr-cy).
successive balls easily a record. DOMI A esent gath rate ill
Eagles crumbles for 123.Sabaroche DOMl eset grteh rate will
finished with 6/14 and K.Richards adverslBJalafect the State of om-
2/33. Topscorer for Eagles:C.James iica. The labour force wI r-
35. In the other opening match, crease by 10% in 15 years.
the bowlers were ~gin on top as.Asa BAINNAS: 40,000 lorry drives haae
reduced Police B to 114 runs of 22.4 gone on.strike in Brita~in. This
overs,with E.Samuel 6 for 25 and A. willl affect shipments of bananas
Bernard 2/19. Asta in their turn co- from St.Lucia & Dominica. Leaf
lapsed to 72 after being 5 wickets Spot: Investigations are being
down for 10 runs; skipper, Griffin. combined against this d&i eas e-
George (29) led a small fight back. tween the Govt.Agricultural Dept.
Bowling for Polioe: J.Matthew 4/19, and the Dominica Banan.a Gowers
B.Alfred 5/1 and J.Cuffy 2/30. J. Association
Matthew also topacored in Police's -___ Ar vico
innings with 38; Alexander M 31. STARSPOtRTB _qts. enliza victory
In other matches played,Conquerors tht1e 1qu1anBlaize finishi d
dismissed Blackburns for 45 runs of WEST -DIF E most recent match(Asian
16 overs. D.Hectc.r 6/24 & J.Andrew tour) ended in a draw, but not be-
4/11 were the only bowlers used.Con- foire more poor batting by the West
querors in their turn at the crease Indians. Scores in mrrtch against the
found the going equally tough as D. Presidents Board XI v WI: 254 & 182.
St.Ville captured. 4/13 and Glovello Board XI: 243 for- 5 dec. & 9/3.
Toussaint 2/19 before they got the ENGLAND & AUSTRALIA were caught un
winning run at .6 for 6.*Aquarius D1 a grim strugg le to decide 'the
from Layou earned an easy victory ov- 4th teet match at SyAneyoAust.-alia
er Domlec,thanka to an opening stand held the upper hand but lost out in
between D.Riviere 47 & '.Blanc 45, the end on the 5th A final day when
which produced 1D1 runs. Domlec bat- they were bowled out for 1il1Scores:
ted first and scored 139. When England 152 & 346. Aunsralia 294 &
Aquarius batted., they were off to a 111. England retained the Ashes.
flying start 101 on the board afta WEST INDIES and INDIA went into a
nly 18 overs. When the score was97, 4th test match to.da1( the previous
V.Blaize with offspinners was in- 3, mtches having all ended in draws.
produced and ir. the space of 3 avers B.Singh Bedi was dropnoeo(
reduced Aquarius to 112 for 4. How- o'e& Pubih v'ie 'egrjio-
ever, support wvas lacking on the ohth .ee, fsireu^ -
end and 27 runs came off 3 overs and 4 ominica, Westind.ies.

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T H E 3 T A R Friday, Janary 2, IL97,

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