Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 29, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 29, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: December 29, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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NEW. YORK 21. N. 1*9& fck ^_ n^^ j tlL^ Charles ./
Telephone Editor tiPb 4 av F
P.O.Box 129, Dominica Speaks
UK Media Reppesentative M NOut -
Colin Turner(London)Ltd 4 -"" ''^ (Page Pour)
122 Shaftesbury Avenue Virtute_ Dule Comite Porotuna on T.U.Affairs
London Wi1V 8HA xEngiLand Edi.tor.: PhyLAa Shand Allfreyv _
Vol. XXVII No. 24_ Fiday December 29th, 1978 Fifteen Cents 15j

Leo's Sunday Island? The general position in Iran as
ObviouslY something is being pre- we go to press is one of a straight
Obviously sethng ie-forward strike of oil-workers who
pared at the Cabrits, near Ports- -forward strike of oia-woWk n ers who
moutab; bulldozing and barbed-wire supply by their labour nearly lo0T
fencing are going on, and there of their country's wealth. The
are rumours of a 100 room hotel, strike, however, is not for higher
helport and golf course etc. wages or better conditions of work;
Shades of SIPA Sunday Island! it is a purely political strike,
The sum supposed to be borrow- supported by a large proportion of
ed for this project is given as the popultio. The strike is
$30,OC0,000 (thirty million). Our against the dictator of their coun-
informant, pressed for details, try the Shah of Persia. ht is a
told us: "Ask Leo Austin". strike against dictatorabil and for
tola u "Ask eo_____ A full democracy, democracy that al-
NOTICE TO ALL OUR READRS: lows the working people of a coun-
try the right to give their views
The STAR will no*t be publiahed.c on-how their oC iitiy in ru; in
next Friday, January 5., particular the right to be consul-
This newspaper will next appear ted on legislation which affects
drn Friday, January 12th. them personally.
TIT lil Q D 3 ~ 3 Such a strike was dramatically

A 30-year-old ominican woman was
drownedd while travelling in a boat
to Marie Gallante, Her men compan-
ions reached shore safely.
MRS. INDIRA GA1DflI freed when'
the Indian Parliament rose, says
she will be contesting another
constituency soon.
A BIG FUNERAL took place near
.Algiers, Algeria, today, fbr the
burial of President Boumedine.

poised here in Dominica this week,
when the "Labour" government sought
to pass some legislation deliberate-
ly aimed at one of the trade unions.
For the sake of the nation, the
strike, overtime ban, and work-to-
rule hare been called off.
If we had a less autocratic,mare
intelligent, more experienced and
less arrogant government, these
threats to our economic security
would never occur.
//^ v>^^.^ ^^ v^ T>^~- mi^-,.

JAPAN: Prime Minister P. John hal s- .
stated that he is making dipldaat- The iEW PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION
Ic ties with Japan trade. etc. Chairman: Mr. Bernard J.CoEs-
Lartigue; Dep.Chairman: Rev.Wilfted
3ARBADOS POLICE are engaged in an 0.M. Pond; Members: Mr. Cleve E.
all-out fight against criminals. Butler, Mr. Louis Martin, Mrs.
-Flossie JosepH., Mr. Charles A. Win-
Returners and Visitors: AI Akong, ston OBE,Mr. Hinan. W.Royer I.S.O.
now visiting the Chief and other
friends in the Carib Reserve; Miss CARIBEA- DEVELOPMENT & PmLANINGGbrp.
Marcella Severin, fresh from an will meet in Havana, Ouba,25-last
adventurous visit to Taiwan- January 1979. Some 40 delegates will
___ Welcome _back4 be present from Bahamas,Barbadoe,
Dominican Republic, Grenada,uyaena,Haiti.Jamaica Surinaam & Trlnidad.

Pe Two ..y -
The reproductions printed below are RACISM by E.C. oblaek
taken from the CATHOLIC WORKER, our Madam, I must give you compli-
favourite U.S. journal, ments of the season for all
your good publications during
S N 0 P M AN the year. But there is some-
Farm beasts and workers remark thing el2e, lest we forget.
your birth,The kings are an invention Madam you remember after the
your blrthThe kings e iv n Freedom Party nominated Mr.
of later chroniclers, ,persons Hoychurdh to the House, that
Who would make of you something Honybhurch to the House, tlat
Who would xake of you something the Prime Minister (then Prem-
you are not. They have no idea. ier) the Prim li meeting con-
The one king who is real er) in public meeting on-
tshone king who is real deittle else imned the Leader of the Oppos-
w s your early ife.l You are ition at the top of his voice,
po ecoious and your teachers saying that she is bringing a
afraid of you skip you quickly white man into the House.
through the grades,. Here, Now, therefore, Mr. Degazon
your exile begins. Nevertheless, is elected President by the
you loarn. Later, a teacher same Prime Minister; but accord-
yourself, you seek only to include, ing to the then Premier's state-
to embrace. You work miracles.ton onycur (a Dm
The meaning of your death, though, ican should Mr. Degazan be
eclipses your life. When the physicians able to bring his wife to the
make their prognosis, you beg, Govornment House or arn Govern-
each tine, "Take fram me ment function, since she is
this cup." You lose, one after more white than Mr.Honychurch?
the other, the use o.f your .Z, 00 TOURIST VISITORS EXPECTED
limbs. Your mind remains by Cruise Ship Jupiter on
perfectly lucid. When the last Sunday, says the Tourist Board.
hard walking is done, you cry,
"iast thou forsaken me?" You die A COURSE-I O PERSOQXUEL M IAiEM
oa suffocation. On the heels & Industrial Development will be
of your suffering come all attended by brilliant Secretary
your children. Paradox Mrs. Shirley Guye. In London, it
of paradoxes: the father dies, is sponsored by British Develop-
we have a father ment Division.
_I The President of Algeria, who
THEY AND WE had been in a coma since aov.18,
Pcole' say: died in hospital early Wednesday
"They don't do this, they don't do --
they ought to do this, they ought to "A bad system will make it
do that." easier for bad men to take ad-
Always '"They" vantage of their fellow men: a.
And never "I". good system will make it easier
People should say: to deal with bad men, but no sys-
"i-ey are crazy for doing this tem will ever be able, in the
and not doing that final analysis, to guarantee that
but I don't need to be crazy bad men, because of the system,
the way they are crazy." will apportion justly."
Tci Cornmunitarian Revolution published in the
is basically a personal revolution. Catholic Worker
It starts with I,
not with They. and two I's make We.
OGe I plus one I We is a community,
makes-two I's -- b Peter aurinwhile They is a crowd.
b Peer aUrin


d\ r u & k I b .Q

r-m A T

Friday, December 29, 1978 _TH E S T AR Page Three
SHowever, this Government of per- TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT
sols, most of whom (including the 'Schedule of Application for Certi-
Prime Minister) have had less than Ifica te of Title and voting thereon
ten years political experience, cou-,for week edin 9th Seitenmber 1978
sider that, on the advice oz, a nona- Date of Person I nature of Re-
elected, alien-born Attorn.ey Gener- .Request Pren.t.inL g quest whether
al, they/ know best what is,good for for a Certificate of Title or .ot-
the country in all aspects,particul- in thereon or Caveat. *
early in Industrial Relations '!Request da- Oliver Request for
An expert from the International ted 24th' Andr6 the issue of
Labour Organisation (ILO) of the Ui June 1977 by his a First Cert-
was asked to recommend and advise on!Presented Solici- ificate of
Industrial Relations Legislation in |6th Sept. tors Title in res-
1972. His Report "Project Finding 1978 at Alleyne pect of a
and Recommendations on Labour Legiac-12.05 n m & Co.per residential
nation DMI/72/002" was duly filed IBrian GCK. Alleyn lot in the
and an Industrial Relations Act was iTo:ri of Roseau in the Parish of St.
enacted on Dec. 16,1975. Other rec- iGeorge, containing 1,000 square
commendations were not followed. The! bounded as follow :d~- North:
Industrial Relations Act,drafted t i : byJ la;i6f i
without consultation with the em- iUrielle Moses and Felton Smith;
ployees, (Trade Unious) or employers, Wast .: by a right of way separating
has already been amended four times it from land of Urielle Moses.
in each oase without consultation
with the parties concerned. M Gehed ue for we enln,~ Dc., 19'8
in particular, is a breach of the Request da- E et for the
main principle of the ILO: namely ted 50th Xavier issue of a Pirst
that policy be decided on a Tripart-Nov., 1978 by her Certificate of
Presented Solici- Title in rUct
ite basis in which government,unian resen e Solici- Tile in reqsect
itn hecein- tors of all that por-
and employers consult together. 7th Dem-1 tors y of all that por-
It should how be obvious to any 3er 978at Alleyne tion of land at
citizen of lDminica that the Labour 2--.r- & Copr Grand Bay in the
the b1rij GLK. Aarish of St.
legislation brought in by the Labour~ P h St.
government is self-defeating- stice Ptrik .conta n ,-72 e re feet
the Government in its ignorance of land bounded as foll. ws:- orth: By
"governng-by-onsent"lnd of James Cuffy; East: By land
governing-by-consent" has disrupted ~ .n. Hector and ~ Jo..
the economy of the island again and ou Byectcr and f n;,
again. io labour legislation has suoest: By land of BearI a e Ba on;
needed although the basic principles l of Pearl Dangleen
of a. liberal and enlightened Indus- i...r.r" ^ fr3-~T.-- a t _
trial Relction between Capital,Lab- OUR TEErAGE PREGMAlIT!S by F
our and Gc -ernment is clearly within 'Lawrence. This alarming si.tua-
the grasp of our leaders: if only tion is a very serious one, causing
they would remove their "shades" and a great amount of worries in our
see things in the clear light of lib-present society. A few years past du-
Sin.democracy & tripartite consulta- ring ExPrime Minister Errol Barrow's
ln' The Employers are ready,asD.-E reign in Barbados, a law was passed
recent submission on the Ind.Rel.Act there to prosecute the men and young
hows, and as te co liaoy sct en who got involved with teenage
nly the o-delled Lab ur G v ent girls, seduced them and got them.
snacks y yo ls own arrogan v.r- pregnant. I can't recall up to what
a and 2n th way of a march age of the girls this step had to be

ir a h' th o --- p Decome necessary here, and I would
S t u s thea girls are o-8 the guily ones should be punished.
Any comnmenxt? -- We agree. The age of consent is too. lo,._ Mditor s

.ae- j-' -R __r d -D -ce -- '

Interviewed by the Editor on Thurs-
day, the General Secretary of the
Civil Service Association told her
that the other Unions, at a meeting
held on Wednesday a.m., did not
favour taking action on the dis-
turbing amendment clause in the
Wages Protection Act. The amend-
ment was passed after prolonged
debate in the House of Assembly.
"It is a Trade Union problem,"
he said. "The Civil Service Assoc-
iation cannot unilaterally take
action. We have therefore decided
to cancel the ban on overtime, and
to cancel the go slow. The Employ-
ers now appear to be dictating the
pace of industrial relations. The
Trade Unions do not appear to be
willingto stand up and defend
their position."
He added: "We have not in Domi- i

Schedule of Alication for Certi-
ficato of Titl and voting thereon
for week ending 253r December 1978

Date of' Per son naturee ofRe-
Request Pre sP n in quest wnetner
tor a trtif.L-ate of Title or .ot-
ing thereon or Caveat.
Request da-j Paul Request, for.
ted 13th sLaurent the issue of
Nov. 1978 i by his a First Cer-
Presented Solicitor tificate of.
20th Dec- iCilma A. Title inres-
ember 1978 jMoDupignya pect of a
a 12.15 pm : portion of
land known as a Lot at Tete Morne,
Grand Bay, in the Parish of St.Pat-
rick, in the Commonwealth -of Domin-
ica, containing 5692 sqaarc fest
and bounded as follows:- i'orth by
land of Prince Alexander; Jhorth-.
East by a Public Road; Sout'h--East
by lands of Flossie Charles and
Rudolph McPherson; West by land of

nica really had to fight for any of 1'lce alexander ,
the privileges which the workers REGISTRAR'S OFFICE Roseau
t + m '.George& Begistraxr cf Tiles
enjoy. It is only now that the om- ny pers o esire r to ob
..rn no esire. to ob-
inican workers actually will have ject to the issuing of a Certificate
to eightt for their rights.So far, (of Title on the above applications
what the British workers have foughtma enter a Caveat in the above of-
or, we have inherited fice within six weeks from the first
"If the Trade Union Movement sur-appearance of these Schedules in the
re-iders its right to strike, when Star newspaper published in this
the crunch comes, the workers will country or from the date when the
have no alternative than to take notice prescribed by law was last
industrial action and to withdraw served on any occupant of adjoining
their labour." lands in respect of which these
applications were made.
What great pleasure and joy was At the end, by very special re-
given to an appreciative audience quest, two Christmas songs were. sung
in St. Gerard's Hall last week by Gerald Davies, famous Welsh/Eng-
true Christmas joy! lish Opera Tenor, who: showed us what
The tone was. well set-at the start voice control, tone and timbre'can
by the Goodwill Youth Choir thund- really be when a splendid voice is
ering in unison as they wept by the fully developed and trained.
Waters of Babylon rocking in time There were over 30 numbers sung
to the music with perfect articula- or played or danced,from young Dom-
tion. inic Dowe's sweet treble to Graham
High points in the concert were Jones in good voice. Add the Ebonites
Aznie Eugene's lovely voiceJustin (dancers),Qheryl Riviere quite a
Strong's brilliant -Potiphar's Song personality Connie Astaphai, Brian
i-i costume (with action), Floresca Strong, Daniel Pierre and Purcell
Joseph's "Let him go, let him tarzy"Christian... and naturally Gloria,
Sand, of course, Carmel Agar, com- the inspire of it all no wonder
mentator with a glorious voice, we had a real feast of joy. REA.


Fridav. December 2E9. 1978

rpH~ ~t'PAR

DP r-o- 1r1

Page S .:. T E S T AR Friday, December T. 1978
COMIONWEALTH OF DOMINICA Schedule for week ending 9th December
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT Reqpest da- Brother Request for
Schedule of Application for Certi- ted 29th Austrie the issue of
ficate of Title and Noting thereon Sopt. 1976 by his a First Cer-
for 'week nd h Decembbr,1978 Presented Solicitor tificate of
Date of! 'Person i Nature of Re- 6th Decem- Ronan A. Title in res-
Requeti P-oesentingi quest whether ber 1978 at Dvid of pect of apor
.;or a Certificate of Title or Not- 2.30 p.m. Chambers tion of land
ing thereon or 6aveat.. ,11 Old Street. Roseau at' Castle Bruce
Request da- Walcott Reqaest for the in the Parish of St. David. i the
ted 20th Edwards issue of a Fiat Commonwealth of Dominica containing
June '1976 by his Certificate of 14,700 sq. ft. and bounded as follows
Presented. jSolici- Title in res- On the North by a public road; On
Sth Decem'~i tors pect of a por- the South by land of Gladstone Aua-
1978 at Armour, tion of land at trie; On the South-East by a ravine.
5.35 Armour Wesley Village separating it from lands of Stanley
& Harris in the Parish Clarke; On tie West by lanl o. Jaane
of St.Andrew containing 3,834 sq. Cornilius and Enoch DPyo.l/FE .!2.7
and bounc-d as follows:- North-East: Request da- FeliX 'Request for
Public Road; East: Land of Godfrey ted 30th Beaupierrs the issue of
IEdwards; South-West: Land of Elgin. June, 1978 by his Sol- a First Cer-
Edwards- West: ind.of dne wardg? Presented icitor Cil- tificate of
5ned-ule or w.enu1 J 15th Dec- ma A. M. Title in
Request da-' tephen Ree a quest, Tor o
ted 2nd Oct- Anthony the issue of ember 1978 Dupigny of
ber 1978. by his a First Cer- at 100 n a portion
1of land at La Plaine, in the Parish
Presented Sollci- tificate of., St Pat a k i the Parihe
thDecem- to Title ins of StPatrick, in the Coonwealth of
ber 1978 at Cilma A. pect of Domnica., containing 56,500 a;are
1005 m. M.Dupignyportion of feet and bounded as follows:- iorth
land at Woodford Hill, in the Parish by a Public Road separating it from
landa ooor inhePar land of Ruford Lander; ast by a
of St.Andrew, in the Commonwealth of laud of ordLander; by a
Domicr, conta-in- the'- o0 h of....Public Road separating it from land
Dominica, containing 1705 square fee f aphael Bouguneau South by
and bounded as follows:- North-East nds of Edward Fontaine ad Lma,
by land of Edris. Eanor6 and Jacob Williams; West by land of Felton
Lawrence.; South-East 2=: latid of Clar- Sverin e
isa Wade; South-West by land of Clar-
ise Wade; North-West by an-Access G TRAR OFI--O
Road separating it from land of
Melisa Angol. Ephraim F. Georges, Registrar of
Request da- Jones Reuest for Title
ted 20th M yler the issue of a.NOTE: Any person who- desires to ob-
June,1978 ly his First Certifi- ject to the issuing of a
Presented Soiici- cate of Title cate of,Title on the above applic-
15th Sept- tor ir.. respect of nations may enter a Caveat in the
ember 1978 Cilma A. portion of above office within six weeks from
at 10.30 amn M,Du-pigr lan,. at Trafal- the first appearance; of these
gar, in the Parish of St. George, in Schedules in the Star newspaper
the Commonwealth of Dominica, conta n-published in this country or from
ing 10,025 square feet and bounded a the date when the notice prescribed
follows:- North-East by land of Har- by law was last served on any
old Anthony; E.ast by land of Harold occupant of adjoining lands in
Anthony; South-East by land of the respect of which thea@ applications
Heirs of F.Vanterppol; South-West by were made.
land of Emelda Elwin; North-West by .
land of Janet Lewis.

*$*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S* Morchriston ROSE 0's NEW YEAR PLEA
FOOTBALLh Unteorough U Div.IIChn ps All we can hear of in Dominica
Keisborogh United become the new local meeting and seminar
Division II league champions when Co-ops and tinymites travelling
they defeated Pte.Michel Winera Rov- abroad;
eps 2-1 in the replay of their pre- Please granz. us some real li-e-
viously drawn match. This victory j.ire news, Good Lord.
gave Kensborough United the superio- i s
rity of both divisions,their senior A LOVELY ANTILLES STORY
team having gone unbeaten through "Un Conte de Miarie-T-herese Luag-Fou"
the league before they Lost the k.o. This young lady with the truly
finals against DCP Harlem Bombers, mixed Westindian ancestry, has had
Goals for Kensborough U came from. her tale published in KAIJCE-AAw.TIE S
Albert Bellot (linkman),a member of It will appear in a Desormeaux ed-
the victorious Dominica youth team ition of collected tales, 1979.
in the Cable & Wireless soccer tour- In brief, there is no Christmas
nament, and Renix Thomas.The match in the Antilles without agout de
ended the 1978 football tournament cochon (pig) in all its forr.zlswith
which was drastically altered and sweet peas, well peppered boir,.u,in
maybe prolonged because of the clos-hot pates, pork cutletao. al a-la-
ing of Windsor Park by Govt. for the companies with strong punches, acxbb,
Independence celebrations, sirops in fact all sorts of good
CRICKET: Now the focus on spotts.i-athings to eat and drink. One custom
the Commonwealth turns to cricket, persists: each family fattens a pig
and how soon can Windsor Park be con+ for Christmas. M. J-ulothas such a
averted to accommodate its share of pig; but Government tells him to
matches. Seven teams are expected move, they are cutting a road
to register in the coming season's through his area. He asks his ami
Augustus Gregoire league,whilst more Alexandre to tie the pig under his
than last year's a are expected in breadfruit tree. Alexandre agrees.
the intermediate division. By a rul- The fantastic happenings on the eve
ing added to the Cricket Association of Christmas, when all neighbours
constitution, Dominica Defence Force, a e"g drin iaiA- cafe, are
last season's intermediate champions ctd Crck bowler
.ISTARSPORTS* ctd. Cricket: bowler.
have been promoted to the senior Brarley was struck abo-e the eyeby
league, whilst Police (who took the B uckly rising deliver t e a eye e)y
cellar position in the.senior league) and required 6 stitches. 'Iresst tie
have been relegated to the Intermed- score: Australia 245 for tour; Gra-
iate competition. So come 1979,Polbe han Wood 100 u.o.
On the India-West Inldies front at.
should be fielding two Intermediate calcuthe ldia-West -1ies ront at
teams.* The cricket league is ex- hcalcutta 3 -ear-old leg a dopied
pected to start on 6th January 1979.: l1nA tsfa.irs ha ga MoV. Nak-
CRICKET again: On the international aee hia a e tter atman re-
sceene, the 3rd test match between ea ie WT i
England & Australia commenced today. Meanwhile WEST INDIES in their more
England,who enjoy already a two-nil recent Zone Match defeated East Zone
lead and look certain to keep the by a after what looked
Ashes (they won in 1977) have made anif, 14tf i ozne,
adjustment to their batting order. eaie1 e
Skipper BreaJey will partner an un- Shari LagiN Mu auv 0ohnR &
impressive Geoff Boycott; Graham defeated for the 5th wicket. Skippe
Gooch goes down to number 4,having A. Ka licharaln Ired 9 bao
shared some poor opening partnershItslrun .. tVS WEST IyDe Q
with Boycott. Two days before the 3rdog ar .vSa e al0s7e- u.a
match, Breafey was struck above the IPrinted & Published by the Proprieta<
eye by a quick-rising delivery from J-~E. Allfroy of Mill House, CoptBHa.
18-yr-old Agnew, an England prospective at 26 Bath~d.Roa ea
af Dom ea, 08 i wealth

T- H E S T A R. Friday.Decem'ber 29, 1978

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