Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 8, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 8, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: December 8, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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telephone Editor 2610
.O.Box 129, Dominica
JK Media Representatl
;olin Turner (London)Lt
122 Shaftesbury Aveni
London W1V 8HA,
__. XVII nlanod
Vol. XXVII No. 21

&62 EAST 78 STREF'

4 7EW 'i A l i s t er
e 11I* CA X IHughes
;d CJohn Spe'otor
Virtute. Duce Comite Fortuna and other
SAd-tor- yllirihand i1 contributor

Fiday,December 8, 1978

(a small town in Cheshire)
is the office of the mysterious
Federal Bank of Domirica.Its Telex
Number is 628215 INVEST G and (ac-
cording to the SUNDAY TIMES of
Britain) 'is said to be headed by
Domini-an Attorney-General Leo
Austin and to be 71% state-owned,
They did not disclose who owned
the remaining 29%" (or) "what kind

THE BIG FOUR Gisbcad d'Estaing
of France, Jimmy Carter of U.S.A.,
James Callaghan of B'tain and
Helmut Schmidt of West Germany -
will get together in Guadeloupe,
FWI. on January 5th. Their main
topic will be Strategtc Arms Lim-
itation Talks (SALT) to be raised
later w .th Leonid Brejnev, USSR.
The death in hospital of Mmd.

or banking it was engaged in." Golda Meir, redoutable Yrime
The person manning the relex is Mnister of Tsrael for many years,
Carl.Ridgway and he works for a announced
North Wales businessman. was announced today. he was 80.
"What makes the Federal Bank. of MISSING IN DOMINICA
Dominica so mysterious is that it wmn since De. 2, Leah
is quite unknown to the Bank of Tomas height 5' weght
England, has no UK banking licence Thoas, 6, eight 57h
of any kind and has not even noti- 190 lbslight skin; and (today)
fled the Companies Registration Iverna Whitman, darkskinned, 5'& "
Office of its existence. As an over- from her home in Benjamin Lane.
seas company operating in thiacaun- She is aged 21 years. Please in-
try this last is an offence against form Police if you see them.
Section 407 of the Companies Act
1943. It is important because the TRADE TFIO0N TEWS: DTU has rospond-
Secretary of State for Trade now !ed favourably to CSA's TUC CO0GRESS
exercises statutory control over suggestion. CSA's contention with
the ue of'such foreign bank t hority is ettd
names in :he UK," continues the Port Authority is -ett1d. DAUi
Sunday Times. The Telex number was has rejected Cable & Wireless 5%
allocated to a company known as staUff pay increase offer.
M.H Investments Ltd. There is anoth- offer to raise aL billion loan
er registered company of that name loan from Japan... was not avail-
in Britain already- confusing able for comment on Friday. Indic-
The article, written by Richard nations are that some formal details
Milner in the Sunday Timesconcludes: of this Frodsham connection may
"Attorney-General Austin of indep- be required by the Bank of England."
endent Dominica, an omergent nation Niext week ,e hope to publish a
whose finar.Qial affairs were first photoprint of the article so that
reportedly linked with London-based our readers may .see the full text
deposit-takers Kendal & Dent but and also a picture of the Federal
took a bizarre turn when 'Prince' Bank of Dominica't office site.
Abdul Wahib Hasean made an amazing ___I__. ....... ,__.-

FifLeen Gents 15I


- ~--- --e I


o .-

Page Two T H E S T A R Friday December 8. 1978
POLITIOAL AWAKE ING by Alister Hughes are sheltered from the satrms
Opinion in the British Virgin Is- of international politics and econ-
lands (BVI) is awakening to consti- omics, and they have had little in-
tutional advancement. There is now centive to seek political freedom.
talk of internal self-government. It was a relatively small incid-
Discussion is still limited and there ent which sparked the birth of what
is yet no popular movement, but it appears to ,t c a political awakening.
is cle~e that the BVI has taken its Some months ago, a man was found
first timid .tep on the hard roadto guilty of a particularly brutal
independeuce. murder. The death sentence was pass-
The desire, to throw off Crown Col- ed but the Governor, acting, no
ony rule has grown slowly. Two doubt, with the agreement 'of London,
decades ago, the concept of theFed- commuted the sentence to life im-
eration and the promise of Westindian pr*sonment. This was an unpopular
nationhood didn't attract BVisland- decision. BVIslanders marched in
era. They have a good thing going protest and demanCLed the recall of
in their relationship with the rich the Governor. Dissatisfaction
United States Virgin Islands and Since then, there have beo1 signs
they wouldn't give it up. That bird of increasing dissatisfactir- with
in the hand seemed better to them the political limitations of C -own
than the two in the bush other West-Colony existence. It is bei g Iral-
indians were looking for in closer ised that it is British will which
unity. And, when the Federation dominates BVI affairs in the fial
broke up, their decision seemed rigt. analysis. There is as yre: mili-
Even when the rest of the Common- tant move, but this realisation has
wealth Caribbean made forward con- prodded the political conscionanes~
stitutional strides in the 1960a, of BVIslanders,
there was only mild interest. Inde- Evidence of this is a de-
pendence for Jamaica, Trinidad & To-mand for appointment of a :;ie
bago, Guyana and Barbados created Governor. This demand waE, v iced in
no envy in the BVI. Nor was there a Legislative Council appeal to the
concern when Associate Statehood British Government and, when that
came to countries of the Eastern appeal was rejected, there was con-
Caribbean. BVilsanders were content siderable popular resentment. There
with their Crorn Colony status and has been oth--r evidence, too, of
the movement of Grenada and the growing political consciousless
smaller islands to independence str-Avare of stirring BVI nationalism,
red no nationalistic feelings, the Legislature has passed unanim-
La st Word ously a Resolution th .- there must
This is not to say that the BVI be a referendum before any move is
marked time constitutionally.There made to Associate Stalshoad or inde-
was a now Constitution in 1967 and pendence.
another in 1976, But, however much In it s quest for control of its
those documents appeared to grant own affairs, the BVI will, om ?ay,
advancement, one basic provision cut looae from the apron strings of
keeps BVislanders in the position of the "Mother Country", It will be a
Crown Colonists. Whatever the islan- hard and, perhaps, expensive decis-
ders may want, the last word and ef- ion. But, it is as inevitable as it
fective control rests with the Brit- exciting and challenging. It remains
ish Government. to be seen whether politically awak-
Dissatisfaction with this was not ened BVIalanders will produce dedi-
evident until recently. The BVI is. cated, unselfish political leaders,
a peaceful, relatively rich country, or whether they will fa::l to profit
Life is pleasant and the British ad- from the experience of those .eatin-
ministration has not been harsh. In dians ahead of them on the independ-
fact, as Crown Colonists,BVislanders ence road.
St.,Georges, Grenada

Friday, December 8, 1978 T H E S T A R _Page Three
by John Spector by May Christian
A close survey of the political /Please for the privilege of ex-
and economic future for the Corn- pressing some of my views in fav-
monwealth of Dominica causes me our of Humianity. Whereas in certain
a deep depression. Partly this s-nms',countries of the Caribbean there
from the unfortunate fact that the are societies even for the prevent-
upper echelons of the ruling Party ion of cruelty to .lumb animals,ap-
have judged others by themselves. .pearing under the caption S.P.C.A.,
The childish delight shown by them could not we in Dominica solicit
in accusing Opposition members pub- the formation of a society to left
lZcly of the "misdemeanours" that the wretched, poor and aged from
they themselves or their models in their sufferings...? I am sure your
Guyana are committing daily is a readers would all answer, "yesI"
measure of their paranoia. The organization would be cited
Surely now the public knows that as SOCIETY FOR THE PREVE~TIO0 OF
the sudden decision last mid-July CRUEILTY TO HURMAiS. For it is known
to broadcast a constitutional debate hat those unfortunates who, practi-
(Tgioz9 gthe Select Committee on call sleep under the aky are not
Braadcxs.ting) was a trick to slan- all homeless; but being somewhat
der, in the hearing of Dominican demented, they refuse to obey rel-
voters, all mei,:ers on the Opposi- atives.
tion Bench, prominent Freedom sup- Poor human derelicts' They are
porters and highly respected mem- !exposed to assaults day and night
bers of the community -- all this iby street urchins who tease them
hidden under the cloak of Parlia- land even resort to pelting stones
rentary immunity. Listeners may at them. Hence, the danger to life,
notice that it has. not been done limUbs and morals.
since that crucial time.
The Westminster model was then, P PEA PALS WAiTED GIRLS 0JLY
as usual, ignored by the Speaker; Mr. Edwin Yarde of Cave Hill, St.
for he should know that the broad- Lucy, Barbados, in requesting pen
cast word of a.debate heard outside -pals (feminine) between 25-45 yrs.,
the Palace of Westminster cannot be says: "I am very interested in hav-
covered by Parliamentary immunity ing new friends in your newly Inde-
but aon be legally cited as slander pendent iatioi, and I join in sag:g
Hence the hesitation in England ov- congratulations to you all in Domi-
er I-oadcasting debates in full. jnica". His hobbies are games, travel,
Now there is another side to emoting eLcoole, and Bible study.
malicious slandering of one's pol- r M-:from col .
itlical ojpponentR; for onE day you TRICER oh Spector (from col 1
it'ca2 opponents; zor onc day you School Mr. Dawbin3ey.
may want : rioraly and genuinely to Oche i Mwhich is ney kig is
call for unity and co-operation One thing which is lacking is
and mean it. And then, can any pcr- another more positive piece of pol-
son with pride and self-respect ac- icy known as. public relations whichh
ept an olivt e branch when they ad would assure the electorate that the
cept an olive branch when they and Freedom arty are planning ad have
all their relations. friends and Freedom arty are planning and have
colleagues have been the subject of ideas for the running of the country
as an alternative Government to the
malicious and deliberate slanderous as alternative Government to he
statements. Labour Governme nt
I am glad 4to see -hat the Free- Some of the Labo'r Goverum?,..
dom Party are still carrying: on ideas are good, but somehow the im-
their main and original bainer the plementation of them gets bogged
Human (ani Civil) Righ.ts Movement, down by decision, lack of drive,
&arted in Dominica 80 years ago by laok of d legation of authority and
the founder of the Lominica Grammar geneal u plan g.
I IIage


Friday, December 8, 1978

Page~ Fou THE STA

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and iAoting thereon
for weekending 2nd December 1978

Date of l2XeaPB Nature of Re-
Re& est IPresenting| quest whether
for a Certificate of Title or Not-
ino ther'on or Caveat.

Request da- request for
ted 7th Charles the issue of
June 1978 by his a First Cert-
Presented Soulici- ificate of
50th Nov. tors Title in res"
1978 at Armour, pect of a
10.10 a.m. Armour piece or par-
& Harris cel of land
at Mangrove Gutter, Wesley in the
Parish of St. Andrew and containing
0.226 acres and bounded as follows:-
On the South by .a Public Road sepa-
rating it from land of Albert Bazil;
On the INorth-West by land of Albert
Bazil; and on the Nlorth-East by a
road separating it from land of Jane
Baronie nee Bazil.

Request da- Jerry J. Request for
ted 6th R. Lee the issue of a
March, 1978 by his First Certifi-
Presented Solici- cate of Title
30th Nov. tors in respect of a
1978 at Armour, portion of land
10.20 Eam._n Armour at Borne inthe
& Harris Parish of St.
John and containing 6.812 acres and
bounded as follows:- North: Land of
Josephine M.gloire; East: A road
separating it from land of Bernard
Tavernier; South: Land of Morris
Joseph; West: ravine separating
it from lands of Sylvester St. Luce
and Harry Walter.
Please see Page Five (5) for

N 0 T I C E

Notice is hereby given that
after the e:-iration of eight (8)
days applic; ion will be made to a
Judge of the High Court of Justice
of the State of Dominica.for the
Re-Sealing of the Grant of Letters
of Administration in the Estate of
Peter Etiemie, deceased 'of 31
Aldridge Road Villas, London W.11,
Eng7 nad granted by the Principal
Registry of the Family Division of
Her Majesty's High Court of Justice
on the 3rd day of August, 1974.
Dated this 7th day of December 1978
Armour, Armour & Harris
Solicitors for the Applicant

Madam, What has happened ;,u' the
beautiful 200-year-old silver
mace, cast aside when the new and
really suitable wooden mace was
brought forward on Indloo.ndonce
I should like to know. Ws have
no Museum for our historical monu-
ments. Is it to be melted down?
We are truly sorry that our little
newspaper hasn't got the space to
print all the good and health-giv-
ing material sent tc z- by iY YAM NEWS.
For example "what to do when :-our
young child h.s ciari hoea; Nutrition
for Senior Citizeis (an excellent
paper); Nutrition Questions answer-
ed example: diabetes; and Wh..t

TRICKIELY or COMMONSENSE-J.Spector udes a Dietician do." We should be
(fr.P5) Luckily (some say un luck- happy to lond these papers to anyone
ily) for Domiiica, money is always who wishes to read them. Just call
forthcoming, mostly fro-i British at the STAR Office. 26 Bath Road.
De development Division, for projects Preferably on Thursday.
that are completely planned, est- VEEZ A Th
imated and properly presented. With ion Christan P-ty leader has wosit
willing assistance from the educa- I the Presidential Election wo
ted and technically-equipped memb- .f
erb of the public, not necessarily persons in Dominica would be hast-
in the Labour Party, the implement- ended and Dominica could become a
action of many good ideas from all i able, self-supporting country,

--- --~---~



Page Four

Friday. December 8. 1978


by J.R. Ralph Casimir

Schedule of Application for Certi-

I am a Freedomite ficate of Title and Aoting thereon
I pray to GODfor divine light for week ending Novembr 4, 78
To fiiht for the cause that is right Date of Person ii ture of Re-
To lead the misguided aright, IPequest P"eseutl ng. cueEt whether
To help the needy in their plight. for a Certificate of Title or iot-

i.g thereon our U ave a-L I
Request da- Randolph Request for i
ted 22nd Riviere the issue of
Sept. 1978 by his- a 'First Cer-
Prese.Lted Solici- tificate of !
30th Oct. tors Title in res-
1978 at Armour, pect of a
1~35 a..n. Armour piece or per-
and Harris 1cel of land
at Monkey Hill in the Village of
Marigot, in the Parish of St.Andrew
containing 34,000 square feet and .
bounded, as follows:- On th, c'' -h-
East by land of James Pascal; On
the South-East by a track separa-
ting it from land oif Joanna Ed-
wards; On the West by a Public
Road separating it from land of
Peggy James.

I am a Freedomite,
Christ is my guide, where'er I go
Be't shine or dark I'll fear no foe.
I do not believe in violence
But will not cower in defence.
I am a Freedomite,
Money does not me bebiuile,
Drinking to excess is futile.
Onward with care and honour
With hart and soul I labour.
I am a Freedomite,
The pl&-net Earth is my country
With brothers, sisters aplenty;
Some are loving, kind and true,
Some are hostile, crude, untrue.
I am a Freedomite
With fearless, hopeful eyes.,
Let who may, criticize.
Men are human, not all the same,
Some p-ay clean, some...dirty game.
I am a Freedomite,
Give a helping hand to the poor,
The distressed and lame do succour,
Encouraging cheer and laughter,
Do not revel in disaster.
I a. a Froedomite
A Nation to unite
Fo: justice and right,

by, Hugh Lawrence
Incidentally our independence
and Asse mbly '78 fell in the same
month, with b space of over three
weeks between. iHappily for our
Assembly we had no extra expense
of purchasing flags, or
Sto build stages and what not,as all
these were provided for l~dependence
The marked 1iffereiic, however is
that we no+:ced in.depeidence brought
a kind of sadness, due srerhaps to,
uncertainties and whhatc may become
of us in the future in spite of
its huge crowd, faifare and jump up.


Ephraim F. Georges, Registrar of
NOTE: Any person who desires to
object to the issuing of a Cert-.
ificate of Title on the above ap-
plications may enter a Caveat in
the above office within six weaks
from the first appearance of these
Schedules in the Star news paper
published in this country or 'rom
the date whe-n the notice prescribe -
ed by law was last served on any
occupant of adjoining lands in
respect of which these Applicat-
lions were made,

at St. Gerard's Hall, Roseau
Wednesday, December 20th at 7.30 pm
Proceeds to
Tarreu Leper Homo
(Admission $3.00).
._---L---....----- -. -

The Assembly was a very happy
event, bringing with it a ray of
hope, a hope and trust in God and
lour Church. H.L.


Page Five


Friday, December 8, 1978

*S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S* -Morchriston
CRICKET: India/West Indies Drawn
The first test match of the 6-match
series between India and the touring
West Indies; at Bomibay ended in a
tame draw after more than 4 hours
play was lost to rain on the 1st day.
India batting first piled up 424
runs with their new captain Sunil
Gavascar, topscoring with 205 runs
his 16th test century on his 41st
test match;
West Indies captain Alvin Kalli-
charan in his turn at the crease ccm-
piled his llth century and highest
test score of 187 in his teams total
of 493, after the WI team had totter-
ed on 13 for 2. He made his way to
the crease after both openers had
been dismissed for ducks, knd shared
in two century stands, 109 for the
3rd with Larry Gomes, who got 63,
and 167 for the 5th wicket with Dav-
id Murry 84. When Kallicharan was
5th man out, West Indies were 317/5.
Final scores: India 424 & 224/2.
During 2nd innings spectators threw
bottles and firecrackers on thefield
in protest at the slow rate of scor-
ing by Amarnath who took 2 hrs over
37, and Vengsarkar one hour for 10
runs. Garvascar 205 & 73; Chitan
Chanhan 52 & 84; Gundapoh 52 and
Kapil Dev 42. West Indies 493:
Kallicharan 187,Gomes 63,Murray 84
& Derek Parry 55. Bhagwat Chandra-
sekhan 5/116,

Last Friday at about our Presstime
the new and RTC
members took their places, amidst
speech-making. We hope all Roseau
people will cooperate with them. -
The Portsmouth-Capuchin Roa'i is to
be reconstructed With "this grant.
Eight miles of deter ict4A-doad will
be reshaped,thus helping agriculture.
ST.LUCIA: 1Etels have been 71% full,
an increasee of 12% over last year.
STARSPORTS contd. Kensborough U.
last Saturday and went down 1-2.'Uojo
Bala" Celaire got Kensborough's equ-
alizer about 36 seconds later made
it 2-1 through the ever eb-;.'lient
Cecil "Abu" Elwin. All gcals, came in
second half.
POOTBALL St.Lucia again: Dominica
national team won 4-2 after the game
at 2-all. Do- mi ica led 1-l
iAterval and took their -.-. to ewo.
St.2Lucia struck back twice during
the space of six minutes before Domi-
nica tightened their play for two
more goals. Scores for Dominica:
"Abu" Elwin 2, Roy Murih. an(d Jef-
frey Lawrence one each.
And,finally, crowd favourit?
Harlem Bombers won 2-1 over the
St.Lucians. Wilfred "Pox" Dontfraid
scored before the interval, after
which St. Lucia equalimed. A free
kick by Joffre Faustin was headed
.e'ft i..I^ A.!. LC y ti ose -r^u^ i s t- -.*

England meanwhile had few problems The second half of the match as
The second half of the match was
as first they bowled Australia for goalless.
116 (at one stage, had Australiareel- ___
ing at 26 for 6) to eventually win ST.LUCIA r10 BE LDEPEADE&T .BRS2,
the match by 7 Wickets, for their _(British Parlarsenuary statement)
first victory at Brisbane in 42 years. UK UNICT TO ADVISE 3rd WOFR-D CO-OPS
Scores: Australia 116 & 339;skipper Giving practical assistance to co-
Graham Yallop 102 and Kir Hughes. 127. operative movements throughtce- the
Willie 4/44, Old 2/24 & Botham /40. developing world is the work of new
England 286 & 170/3. Derek Randall unit CLEAR in Leicestershire.
75 & 74 n.o. David Gower 44 & 48 n.o. WNBAL'S NEW COMMi'ICATIOiNS CEaiTRE
and Ian Botham 49. A great gathering,including UWI,CDB,
ball tournament for the Reggie larke etc were present when the Centre in
.trophy was postponed (teams' domestic Roseau, StLucia, was declared open.
problems); but St.Lucia sent down a It has an art studio,dark room, re-
team more for 'the practice and lost rographic facilities, libraa..,,lecture
their matches while here in Dominica. Ooom and offices o+. 5.94
They played current league champion a ,R e
ti mace w hi


Page Six

162 EAST 78 STREEt i10A1'OT
1 yEW YORK -21.N Do for-
MTelephon Don't for-
Telophona,-Edltor` 610 .&& |fS\ ge&t the
P.O. Box 129,pominica r CHRISTMAS
UK Media Representative gJIM- tOY COtCERT -
Colin Turner(London) Ltc S t.Gerard's
122 Shaftesbury Avenue Virtute Duce Comlte FoE Hll, Dec.20th
London W1V 8HA Eng-land ERditor: P:i-yllis j qha_- ll a'b 7.30 p.m.
01TiI N.22 Friday,F L2 cemt-r 15u. 178 Fifteei ` Gents 15
We do agree with the distinguished n a st ongly-wored .ett- sined
by D.T.U., C.S.A., D.A.W,U and
Dean of Peterhouse, Cambridge,that s the
idealiatic Church leaders 4reldve- oa ah
dealstic Chirchi .eads Minister -whose portfoliQ includes
ly responsive to Mrit propagan- Industrial Relations, these Unions
da. This is demoralising the Cbriss-,
protest against the inseption of a
;ians own values throughout the
wrrld There is an understandable new clause 9(2)- in th Protect-
world, There. -1. an undr n ab onof Wages Ordina mnce; 2ey say
Christian sympathy for those oppos- "the nteon of Wage Ordinance; ey say
the intention of the Proposed am-
ing the existing order in anyulanas ln ent.., i o to prevent 1sia-
Ee says, as E.L.C. reports in the endment... is to prevent .sions
Barbacigos Advocaxis that this sym- from giving effectivrerepesentat-
iona by threat of eancell4tion of
pathy is founded on an uncritical the check-off." The amexment iu
acceptance of propaganda depicting to come up in the House q Assembly
social misery an.d economic privat- ome T t he frse ion
ion Don Thursday December 21s. The Unions
ias the World Council of Churches 01 it "an open. nvitat it'o in-
(which affects ADFEC and local dnstrial__eat...
Christian Councils even ours) "PEOPLE'S TEMPLE" LQUES'`"U B GIhNS
nothing but a Marxist-Leninist at Raictuma near the massacre site.
Communist Organisation, shabwing Half of the 42 survivors returnedd to
political bias in all its actions? U.S.A. Certain others, menaced by
To come to the point: can we fellow members, are guarded P4nd
really believe that Barclays Bank some will testify. The fortune of
in Dominica, giving $10,000 to pig the sect is $7.5 millions U.S.,most
farmers and. 065&,000 for an x-ray of it in a secret account pi Switzer-
machine, is pouring money into South lan(s lodged in the name of an old
Africa to uphold the white Ubear- woman who was killed in the "suicide".
mensch there? It is perfectly rid- N E W S B R I E F S
iculous, and we hope Barclays will BRITAIN: P.M. James Caliaghan only
speak up. and say so. "The bile"
sas uEL a2C sa soar.etted on on won against a no-confidence vote on
says EL.C. s targeted his economic policy by 10 votes. *
Bank, the one. known as the BPack Lord Snowdon has remarried; his bride
Matn's Banjc in South Afrida. (Mrs. Lindsay Hogg) will be called
Let us Lhink for ourselves. It is the Counteds of. Sowlon. QAlADA:
possible that clients are badly a huge seizure of arms has been ef-
a huge seizure of arms has been ef-
needed in National Banks ofa the W., I.
neI d ofected by the Canadian Police (en-
(including our recent new one).Axld. Thoted b~r the Canadian Police (en-
ough arms to atart a war, they say)
this is one propagandL way of get- designed for the use of illegal drug
ting thea peddlars). A Policeman and an Army
R.T.C. MAYOR GLANDO PELTI3R SPEAKS Captain are implicated. ST.LUCIA:
In a fine speech relayed today,the the Official Opposition has threat-
new Mayor,after paying tribute to. ened to resign if Britain grants the
that Grand Old Man Jri.B.Charlesvaho country independence before a Ge-er-
was 103 yesterday), said he had 100 al Election, Opp. St.Lucia L.P. says
per cent cooperation from- all his the current Govt. is not popular and
af herited aO 20000 ovthe country is divided Suporteis:
ap ^y ad i L 2e g ai4ov 9 s atonled a hoteT where U envoy was,

di ut s anjflgifigsi dea w t
by Alister Hughes aWib article, participating coun-
If the independence era is not to 3eaca undera-
back-fire on Westindians, we have lr0om *. a confas
to be more careful about human themselves. here s no provision
rights, Every year, we join the for forcing r: participatig coun-try
worl-d in coiunemorating Human Rights t& honour ti' pledges, but prs-
Day. That's not going to help us, sure ijos t app agree a nto fe ucise
of the joint agreniamnt, felVlo, sig-
however, unless we appreciate that natories have grounds to publicly
preservation of human rights in any express concern when a country steps
Caribbean Community (CARICOM)country out of line,
cannot be left safely in the haua That is how the independent, in-
of that country alone, ternati inall, "39oliceman" system
We already have abundant*evidence works, and it is effective. On the
that politicians-are tempted to be strength of the Helainki Agreement,
repressive when it suits them.Under Presidant Carter cf the USA can
the pretense of "preserving law and speak out against violations of hu-
order", some of our political lead- man rights in Russia. Countr-ie are
erS have trampled on the rights of sensitive about their image a0r,when
citizens. Maxnipulating the law and there is the possibility'of ad '-::-e
subverting the authority of the Po- publicity, politicians are mor~ like-
lice and Military to further their ly to resist the temptation to be-
personal political ends, they stifle come re resslv-.
the voice of legitimate criticism
and victimise those who do not toe Closer home to us, there is another
the Government line. 'p;(de-ePqta'keeping an eye on the
What is needed is an organisation performance of Governments in the
to monitor the state of human rights field of human rights. That "pol-
in the country. A "policeman" to iceman"is the Inter-American Commia-
keep an eye on things. There must sion on Human Rights established by
be authority to investigate and pub- the Organisation of American States
lish and, to be effective, that (OAS). The Commission monitors the
"policeman" must be outside the au- status of human rights in OAS caun-
thority of the Government of the tries and, last year, reported to
country. the OAS General Assembly ixi Grenaa.
That kind of thinking didn't ent- Chile featured in that Report and it
ter our minds while we were Britai s Wasn't pleasant reading. Its
colonies, Our politicians were con- publication, however, was one of
trolled by London, and it was thought the important factc.s responsible
that all wrongs could and would be for the somewhat inrpooved silaa-
righted by the British Sovereign. tion in that country.
But, while her colonials remained.
uncon~aned, Britain herself, and If our politicians are nct to
other countries, recognized the need abuse the great power which comes
for an independent, international to them in independence, we muot
"policeman! to watch out for preser- have Oa'ARICOM .Commission on
nation of human rights. Human Rights. But, we won't get
Helsinki it unless there is strong public
One such "policeman" is the Confer-demand. West:idian politicians
ence on Security & Cooperation in will not voluntarily appoint a
Europe. The binding document of this "policeman" to watch their behaviour.
Conference (called the 'Helsinki Ag- However, if our fundamental human
reement') is signed by 55 countries rights and freedoms are to be pre-
including the United States, Russia served, we need a. check against the
and Britain. It covers a wide range growth of dictatorship, and we .
of subjects including disarmament should fight to estolish that 3heck
and the peaceful settlement o now before it is too late.

Pahe Two


Fridaay. December 15. 1978

mh r T IT N T k A Yt i -iI

Wherels the Ferlse+91aoi"0 "D ?4, anif Meal

17 vf-i lli ip t til';, 'fir, r 4 1--t o?

oS I iv 142
Allkdi- ha.tS e" d'4 t (A.!

a'mo, n I! nquirieg abo ut t
:6 !12UJ 11zf or lilk-li
Sl~~tfl dt IIhI*ij ovrlit t
l at ii oi C .omb 1 twi9t,

S lit?'rnuirtit ak. N l ilbom y
irr n!u 'i (S Rl~) tt sB, ~
wuntIl*J s' t1 ',vey-- the hankL

Ixt cpt lta$U It keepled toatie Ito
h ii 4 fIW14 itr m*~i~-r 0.tpct]-

it-NJ (-it; rfil p l~jeti a '. -itVtqj Plr* f
IUnltn uhtutq .1km an. It at"

.I Cjt1te t tYt t i 1Ie (plit e a ttb e
"oroml vui~rl m-t dtior toa ifivalbit.
it it i; I'.tl oC' tl .13 Ili.' thisi
If( t i td sIed Iv. r If iF1 i0 WCN
Iis tr, iii-. Ip. ir y Dumi altan


did uImt d01eIo0 twius
rtffoit diftx 29*4--to mng~c
biinkwob it mi'mmikagri'll
"SA Wh, WOR l#. S 4 iS
Tleax. s,19,m h4e ahN r
1r~ist q'w'ttiau ~d rn.
11"I yrtwqtloutc His ihmo ke
Ridujwauy atuil he *nrki f
North W.Udts bumsimlng i i
Gernir irnai re, nthrp Wi
wuihs- people would *Uno

This -Cnrhtm

A service to t community

\ i



a ;bove .

esbrkp '
ast 105

FrdnIn ~

I4.s forr !wnk iturovs 'in fl

~ ,~trl t tr s'iy t" t.A l y ii st:u- i

.Ihlrlrb i~i nnt in be nl;eiest
lt. r3it'th UK I *aty ietn'
J, ir A ti n
___________ were A tqm 1,rtt.d
%.A'Vt. '.fit jjrph.'6 rUlIV1,11cl

~ at pMeti k..Wytim o artfit,.
nonrwn gsI~.~ laqemi menn l I~i
whicshlh k I Mr t O Ile C01101.1qVI
fth~ ftlr Iti l Wien) with thi-
thatolny of filbe fRkb n rite r
Carl,L~d ill the LdK tItt Ist bre rbil-
se with ird tIse oi Mtal tvv
~*t Scon millhit cnmwcttin diretcim
Itnought not
; ~ -q -r01eallnstr ni

W6 were, Arst reportt rvf;Rv
T~le~ nso 1h.V,.q tt*rIQ" I$-i depoitititakerst Kenedal & 1),
I ib i I It J9 MOO. Il"huilP tri thbe rquL took bA t1t rr ntokr
ito 11ItIbSO hot tm Ut K .. pv "C Abdmul Wahlugj

Link W ilo o.4 fd~ *1 Co a .-bllo It)- AU rAodI jtI.F
I Alt PS4680 xlswilstic h of Ile HU Nn~l~a namdsrd AuguO, N,!,
CiU. kisteme. -Ap- an orprilloss com, jvms not 4valimbhle for comitin .,,
IMOYILl~t~llfI ill thi# t~tifliy, ofl lkidfly, Indleatirmrlt are 6wl.
or a thilt lg,4 Is an offenee Agillfst N"Itte ftl"Isal det'jils rif 11,
*#trr Sectiocn 407 -of th# Ctffitranies ppriM9the critthectjll 111(kiv b;
,ilivii '-Act j9M. It is huporiput hip, required by thl" ,11,
thele(~rrbir on o Hie Ae d el,%L y ut mte (o R
Irade a,1

JTITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT To those who keep on asking us how
.Schedule of Application for Certi- David, our elder adopted son, and
ficate of Title and Noting thereon his brother Ben (adopted by our ex-
r week endig 2nd Dec 197 governor & Mrs. G.O.Guy) are doing:
Date of Person Nature of Re- Ben has been accepted by the Brit-
Reues Presenti quest whether ish Merchant. Navy. He should do well
for a Certificate of Title or Not- there. David, who joined a London
g thereon or .CaVeat. printer a few days after his arriv-
Request da- Ronald Request for al in Britain, has stayed with the
ted 7th Charles the, issue of firm and done so well that he was
June 1978 by his a First Cert- put in charge of the printer while
Presented Solioi- ificate of staff were on holiday. His landlady
30th Nov. tore Title in res- said to Senator L.Honychurch: "his
1978 at Armour, pect of a pieoelparents should be proud of him. He
10.10 a.m. Armour or parcel of does thet great credit."
& Harris land at'Mangroe Neither David nor Ben did very
Gutter, Wesley in the Parish of St.Iwell at schools or with 0 levels.
Andrew and containing 0,826 acres IBut they have other compensating
and bounded as follows:- On the qualities, easily recognized abroad.
South by a Public Road separating it Here in Dominica, Dave was often told:
from land of Albert Bazil; On the "Oh you can't teach Garibs anything .
North-West by land of Albert Basil; But Mrs. Dora Joseh (wife of T.U
and on the North-aast by a road sep-man A.P.Joseph) recognized his worth,
rating it from land of Jane Baronieas also did his woodwork teacher at
nee Bazil. ,_Goodwill Junior. We thank them.
Request da- Jerry J. Request for The Paleface: Stephen Simmanee,
ted 6th R. Lee the issue of !only son of our daughter Phina, who
March, 1978 by his a First Certi was in the car when the fatal ac-
Presented Solici- ficate of Titl1 cident happened and his Mother was
50th Nov. tore in respect ofi killed, a very brave boy indeed
1978 at Armour, a portion of became the Head Boy of his school
10.20 a.m. Armour land at Borne this year. He is going on to Brad-
& Harris in the- Parish field College, Reading1 at age 14.
of St.John and containing 6.812 11,
acres and bounded as follows:-North: T D CE OF BARMLAYS BANK-
Land of Josepne Maloire;: This week I was really shocked when
Land of Josephine Magloire; l ast: A I heard the release put out by the
road separating it from land of Ber Dominica Council of Churches. a
nard Tavernier; South: Land of Mor- Dminica council of Churches. I a
ris Joseph; West: a ravine separat- asking My Lord Bishop to dissociate
ing it from lands of Sylvester St. himself from that Communist set-up,
Luce_ and Harry Walter. for ill staying with them he would be the hand that fed and helped
REGISTRAR'S OFFICE, ROSEAU him to build many a church in our
Ephraim F. Georges, Registrar of Country. I would like to ask ijj.hall
Titles if he read the article in TIME mag.
"OT : Any person who desires to ob- of October, then the activities of
ject to the issuing of a Certificate the World Council of Churches were
of Title on the above applications challenged for helping Africa to
may enter a Caveat in the above of- buy arms. Why do Neehall and his
fice within aix weeks from the first cohorts make West Indians lose their
appearance of these Schedules in the daily bread?
Star m eor published in this I, like many Dominicans, thank
0uny 0 frp; the date when the ne God for Barclays Bank for the. oppor-
noti prescribed Iby l-w was last tunities they have given to us to
FX0J ancv p 0toT ioSint awn. our homes, businesses, lands,
zt___________e a_ oars etc# (CUornclujded on vagref )

I 1

TkciAlarr_ fbrF.Amhkr If~- 113'1R

~RF: fi'PAR

PeLae. Bour

c' s Alp

'.!.i. I t hf i O o ie:

,'. d '' f

i I 'L;' It 'i i .t i
7*.! .. *- it Ii 'V t
; ., 1- ; !, r 1 ^'it *: ** -. 1 t.?i'< : *

'<' fr'-
r ti*,
'** -'* (
i ^. *--^..'."' 'i .-''^
ft^-\ > 1:f

lppy Christma

that much

Page Five
Ie) n f(.it! l ;. ; t0n' h 6m1 iisI'.i '
jint like Ihe Pharaohls.
i11 tle hurth oft 1-gland, to nwn a;
irii ra't ha't ;ii'i'' been !t in' hi
iuckv, iiu. n t meet ;, s "A l',n *to .i'i'
I r:n1 ;*l ,,h.j. -;, b f iit '*,.i: cUr w ith ;i
, I:,t '. 12,4' 1 '. !hi [ t t It' .,( .itk int,
S* t d. I' ni,, t ohe ni0 rt :tlu i
* Ii' l fi' i e I. .moit' ,'l i t, r.

.i I r hi 4 on lithe "Ict th t '
r ll. '' I.' 1 41 i ( 'O '
r it tr' '. F' 'vtauner 1u !"(c i i ('!h U f oe

S l i" II; t'1 -, is considl ret 1 lnilid-' !i
h, l .\ .It ,, il. U tlW H\'OO 2.; i lifi ..*ig ,.)

i "l II,. jn '*r ,"l'1 1 .*'Yei!4 t it,(I ;fi tI

SI' hll-, ; i f i rut's wav, tu l.' j .
|i(!l 'jo r 0 i.i 'v ftril iti: to i tf'>
__ t-i, .'I *,1' I i,. ,.h .

i I

*i irtv Iw i i


tc -W tih v--:*di con tttsiat



Pnae Six

T H E S TA R Friday. December 15, 1978

-, n --D -- I __- ., ,,,. ..
FOOTBALL: Kensborough II k.o.Kens Dominica is fortunate to have in
Kensborough United 2nd Div. team cre- our midst two famous musicians:
ated a big upset in the knockout orn- Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Davies (she is
pe tition when they defeated ACS iens Della Windsor, Operatic Soprano and
3-1 in one of the 1st matches. The Pianist) and Mr. Davies is a Prof-
Kensborough team, one of two 2nd Div. essor at the Welsh Ocilege of Masic,
teams participating with their sen- Cardiff; he is also a Tenor, and a
iors, continued (where they left off vocal teacher. The Daviases are
in their league) to completely humil- now the guests of Mr. & MYs. Graham
late the Kens boys: a team of great Jones. We are so glad to have met
promise which has in the past con- them, and are glad they love Dfminica,
tested honours with the senior Kens- I DEENCE CP BARCLAYS (fr. ri.e 4)
borough team. After this showing, Not forgetting the grant oF $~ ,0
their team will be different nezx given to the Pig Co-op (without pigs).
year. The Kens tamn became com- Most of all, we thank them for giv-
pletely disorganised when at 1-2 ing Dominicans an X-ray and there
down, their goalkeeper left his goal have been many other gift, 7 thank
to play striker; defence men went i" them for giving us, our children and
to attack and forwards men were sent our children's children jobs, Tell
back to defend. This move, a most in- eehall and the political MiLsters'
cxperiended one, insured Kensborough and Laity of the D/ca Con@c~il of Chur-
SII of their victory, ches to invest their money in the Fed-
The other 2n5 Div. team in the ko. eral Banlk of Dominica (story last wk).
contest(Pte.Michel) had no such luck, We saw that great Bank of the People-
raming up against the might of Kens- the Cooperative Bak closed and we
forough United (thrice league champs till be damned Bi we let tese Cond-
including this year). They lost 1-7, munists in our midst c se trouble
Roy Murphy netted 6 times in an ith Ba, rcavys. DIOGUST-TED. 1LCNI.
easily individual record at this lev- DO Ti One -
el of football in the Commonwealth. tist sects has. a preacher t3l-: his
the 7th goal came from defence man fQllowers 'yven jf you ki?. l ian
u it s notingL, an ,at tXeV must not
Morris Aisles in one of his frequent recit thin ATH t third is
recite the OUR -FATH The third is
raids, the Church of God Seventh Day, They
In other match, DCP Harlem Bombers cannot preach, and keep as 's. +tt
bombed out Coca-Cola Saints 2-nil with the Pone is a beast; tfey o oaD at-
Joseph Guiste both times the accurate ;ng tin Catholic Church, s ati g that
gunner. But last week, like this week, Good Friday and Christmas are wo.ks
he also failed to score a penalty(ag- of the devil. Some two -ears ago, if
ainst St. Lucia, when Harlem played there was policeman on duty near
their match.)* Spartans showed aquite their ineeting at Lagoro he would.
unSpartanlike line-up but the same surely have stopped there meeting and
charged the preacher for eailing1 my
old fight of many a past season,going name several times. I atill remember
down 1-2 to an equally determinedRt- the case of the late Dumas,
ter4 United. Earlier Ptq Michel qual- Do r al ee them?
ified for the K.O. when they defeated Do we Lw rec~cth.
Saints nad div team 2-1; they will STSPORT h Lawrencst die
play Kensborough. *STARSPORTS* CRICKET2 West Ildies &
TENiIS: A table tennis league (eleven Id anstoart tei 2nd atc sorrow
teams) started in Roseau last weekend Against SoutA Zone, W .,oaina g .
teams as far afield as Portsmouth cowitr ed 278 w S ut A oie amasnsei 28
with 8 wickets aowni. 2,nd inii iijigs: WI
and St.Joseph; they comprise 3 membersmade 281 for 4 decl Shriv'ari e
apiece and each member will meet all lasted 101 undefeated when tio dec-
opposing players of opposing team.The sara ton cme. South Zone
contests will continue until Feb.1979. tor ReE.A.Ieysh Md t u-, opte
More on that next week. Hall at 96 Bath oseauomm.ofo
Hlthat next week, at 26 Bath Rd. RoseauConunof Doniuica WI


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