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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 1, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 1, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: December 1, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Telephone .Edztor E2610 J.f SERCH INSTITUTLE
UK Media Representative Nq W Y^S' TREET
lCotixn Turner(London)Ltd a* g11 RE_;Wx e. N. v.
122 Shaftesbury Avenue t.tC i 1'4 tuL by
London KiV 8HA,England ..Virtute, Drcae Camite Fortuna
-E I ,VIA,4lar4.r. --^ John Spectc s'#
'o- 1 N__o__ see page 3
A Ruling was requested on the Con- It seems certain that by Lecember
stitutional position of the Judic- 19th The "Tiny Commonwealt-h" of
iary !n relation ,to a Dominica will become the :51st
new Constitution, since that Con- member of the United Nations.

su.ltution does not makeUi any urumal
statementt of the existence of the
Judiciary other than a reference
to the Associated States Supreme
and Appeal Courts in the Interim
clauses. The Lord Chief Justice
Sir Morris Herbert Davis refused
to deal with this immediately but
stated it would be included in the
agenda of the February sitting.

PARLIAMENT: This will take place
en Thursday 21st December 1978
at the House of Assembly, G H Q
Rcseau, at 10 a.m.
Already two paperback books have
been printed cn the Jonestown
murders and suicides by two New
York publishers (see page three).

11391 square feet of land with
Two Storey House
Angle of Queen Mary Street and
Kennedy Avenue
Apply: M.E. Charles
28 Old Street,
P.O. Box 121,
", ~ Roseau, Dominica



Errol Baptiste, attacked by his
commonlaw wife is in a critical
condition in Portsmouth Hospital.

Miss Mona John Lewis of Grandbay
is back in the island. She did not
place in the contest. But if it's
any comfort to her, both the Pub-
lisher and Editor of the STAR
think "Miss World" (Silvana
Suarez, 20 Miss Venezuela wgs
a somewhat poor choice.

- these islands in the Westindies
are healthy, and have the lowest
death rate due to crime, say the
UThited States experts.

This opened at the Social Centre
with another speech by new Parl.
Exeo. Elkin Henry.

The electoral cases against Mr.
Windton Pond are (a) mag.court
postponed ana Supreme Court not
yet given a date. .... Louisa
Gabriel, accused of murdering her
commonlaw Swedish husband, was
given 10 years for manslaughter
n the High Court.

Friday, December 1, 1978

THE CARIBBEAN WILL PAY been peaceful events and, until
by Alister Hughes now, Government has not interfer-
Prime Minister Gairy's administra- ed. This year promised to be no
tion sinks deeper and deeper into different and a "Bloody Sunday"
the cesspit of repressive politics, rally was scheduled for .ov. 19th.
To date, he seems to be getting away But, Gove-.nument intervened this
with it, but he has placed Grenada time. Two days before the rally,
on dangerous ground. A new develop- all public meetings were baniied for
ment in that island may spark undes- a week "in the interest of public
irable repercussions and impose a order and safety". There was heavy
high cost on the region, mobilisation of the Police and De-
Mr. Gairy's ppprqssion is directed fence force" and it was clear
against those opposed to or express- that, if NJM had tried to hold
ing criticism of his Government. In their rally, they would have had
this connection, politicians, journ- an even bloodier Sunday to com-
alists, businessmen, churchmen, Civ- memorate.
il Servants and other citizens have This banning of public meetings
suffered. People have been beaten, is an extension of an aspect of
Some.have been shot, business places Government's policy of harassing
have been looted, and many Grenadiars the Opposition. The aspect was in-
have been subjected to dawn Police produced four years ago when an
searches for "arms and ammunition," Act was passed controlling the use
Perhaps the most shocking incident of public address systems. Police
(and the one on which the present permission was made necessary and
situation is based) happened in 19753 it was soon clear that permission
The hew Jewel Movement (NJM), an Op- 's given or not given purely on
position Party,was trying then to political grounds. It became even
rouse Grenadians to protest against clearer when one Opposition Party
the violence of Mr. Gairy's adminis- was told they could not use a pub-
tration. Part of the action they ad- lic address system at a rally to
vocated was a shut-down of business hohour T. Uriah Btiter because Gov-
places and, on Sunday 18th iNovember ernment had "bigger plans" for hon-'
1973, six INJI members went to the during Butler* Explosive
town of Grenville to talk about this But, if Mr. Gairy and his Governnent
to a businessmen's meeting, pursue their policy of harassing te
What happened in Grenville that Opposition by banning their meetings
day was investigated by the Duffua an explosive situation will develop.
Commission which looked into the .*Under Grenada's outward calm,a mass
breakdown of law and order and Police pf nti-GoP mient rese-rde sialm-
mers. Public meetings pj:,,evide a val-
brutality in Grenada. The Commission- unable safety-valve for this arln if
ers found that, while Mr. Gairy visi- that is take a,-ay the
,ted the Prisons'to ensure accomodat- frustration will reach dangerous
ion for the NJM men, the late Inspec- Undoubtedly, the Police and Defen
tor of Police, Innocent Belmar, en- Forces will be able to deal with any
gineered a riot development which may ar-ise as a
SCriminals result of that frustration. That,
Belmar moved into Grenville with however, is not the answer to the
a gang of criminals hand-picked by Mr Grenada situation ar. before deas-
ter strikes, Mr, Caa--y, a.ilreiWZ-
GairyT, and they adminiistered2 a severe ians and, indeed, all aestindlan.s
beating to three IJM men. The six NM should stop and think The reter-
men were then thrown into jail with- cussions of a violent coCifrontation
out charges and Grenadians' shock over in Grenada will ex ct a very high
this brutal act resulted in the anti- price which will be-paid by the
Gairy demonstrations in 1974. entire Caribbean.
Each year since, NJM has staged a St. Georges, Gre!ada
rally to commemorate November 18th as .
"Bloody Sunday". These rallies have Wesinies

Page, TWo


The news that the judiciary have Thoughts is probably too light a
for a second time found Roma Harris word to use: nightmares would be
guilty of "refusing to register a better.., and nightmare-questions.
person qualified to vote" is satis- This week the Anglican Bishop
factory to those persons who honest- resident in Antigua, Rt. Rev.Orland
ly uphold democratic, constitution- Lindsay, said that the Weatindies
al human rights.. The outburst by should screen the bringers of new
Counsel for the accused (Eustace religions who come toiher shores.
Francis) in magistrate's court, al- Yes, but if the screeners have any-
leging a plot by the Bench to jail thing positive to gain by their
supporters of the ruling Labour entry, what would be the result?
Party indicates, firstly, that Roma It is obvious that those 900-plus
Harris is a Labour Party supporter suicides of "Jonestown" brought
and secondly that the said ruling cash and other considerations to
Party by re-employing this clerk Guyana. The murdered Congresaman
after her first conviction is (or Leo Ryan who was shot by a Black
could be cited) in contempt of American member of the sect, Larry
Court. John Leyton, said he had informat-
Thirdly (despite Francis' apol- ion that coercing and seizure of
ogy) it reveals that this barrister property had occurred among them.
has been caught up in his own He and f9W others met their deaths
obsession. when investigating. One question:
would those persons have been al-
......... ---- -lowed or encouraged to vote in
A FEATHER LN HIS CAP Guyana? California?
by Hugh Lawrence There is something so ignoble
I wish to offer my sincere con- and so anti-humanity about the whole
gratulations to Mr. Wolsey Louis, massacre. Children being foreed to
a genius of some degree and a nat- drink cyanosed orangeade,prqpared
ive of Salisbury, for his rather in great quantity by Dr. Shicht.
interesting book on the Catholic Now the airplanes have carted away
Church of his village, the gruesome loads of bodies, some
I am one who visited that vil- of whom resisted the death cocktail
lage in 1927 when there was no and were beaten into submission.
church. I can only remember Mr. Now we learn that Sir Lionel Luckhoo
Larocque of St.Joseph very well, said to be "the world's most suc-
whom I met on the spot where the cessful lawyer" has refused to de-
chu2ch is now standing, cutting and fend L.JLeyton. Only one body was
shaping some pink stones.He explain- left Jimmy Gill, a Guyaneae -for
ed to me that they were preparing burial in Guyana.
blocks to build a church, and that We know that Bishop Lindsa is
all the blocks would be made from right'; these islands are full of
those huge rocks right in front of mainly American sects who come down
me. loaded with money,and other bune-
Naturally -I was amazed, and left fita. A BBC churchman said that it
him while wondering how they would is not the heathen they come to
ever succeed in such a venture, re- save, but they want to wean people
lying only on hand labour, with no away from Established Religio4,par-
sort of machine to help, as we are ticularly the Roman Catholic and
happy to have nowadays, the Anglican Church. This some of
They did succeed after two years them succeed in doing. But those who
and are they not enjoying their re- believe that religion is good, is a
ward, by building a house for God's blessing and not a disaster, will
kingdom? I cannot think otherwise, resist the freebooters who mostly
Old Testament, being Fundamentalist aei no oe ovag wor omJ S.

V A 1 -RA_

~FT~ R'PnR

Pane ~hzlee

'Glrrl ~cr~T ~nnnnmhnrr 7 1Q~7F\

HFriday, December 1, 1978


NOTICE is hereby given that by a
EIED POLL dated the llth day of
September 1978 and presented for
registration at the Registry of
D3eds of Dominica, I, JAMES
EDWARD of Pottersville, Roseau,
Parish of St. George in the -
.-...Sat- of Dominica, fisherman,
a British subject by birth form-
ally and absolutely renounced and
abandoned the name of JAMES ALLEN
by which name my birth was regis-
tered andhave assumed and adopt-
ed and intend henceforth upon all
occasions whatsoever to use and
subscribe the name of JAMES EDWARD
instead;of the name of JAMES ALLEN
i o as to be at all times thereaf-.
ter calXed known and described by
the name of JFAMES EDWARD exclusive
l Dated the llth day of
September 1978
S formerly James Allen.
4_____ S ---- ------ -- -- ------ ,' L

We doubt if before December endE
we shall get a-lette- nicer than
that written by our correspondent
B.S. of Portsmouth. It says:-
"I n~st congratulate you for the
STAR issue of 10th November, it
couldn't be more interesting, it
was great and consisted of food
for thought. Front page was out-
standing and true to the point,
Alister Hughes' article was great-
ly appreciated; as a matter of fact
the entire contents of that issue
was btt a compilement of Gospel
truth, nothing but the truth, so
help me God. I am' sending two cop-
ies of the 10th issue to my folks
abroad. They will surely be too
glad. "'
Editor's Note: to save.our
readers from looking it up, the 10t-
issue was our first since Indepen-
dence; it described the event,gave
French comment .The Opposition ad-
dress of Hon.M.E.Charles took up 2
pages; Alister Hughes wrote on
"Beglected Heroesld there were news
items and Rose 0 wrote on "Our
Tiny Commonwealth." Thanks, B.S.

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and voting thereon
for week eninig oveimber 4, 1978
Date ofI Per on nature of Re-
Reque st 'Presniting quest whether
for a Certificate o' Title or hot-
ingthereo orCaveat. .
Req guest da- Randolph j PRsquest for
ted 22nd I Riviere the 4isue of
Sept.1078 Iby his' a First Cer-
Preseited Solici- tificate of
30th Oct, tors Ti be in res-
1978 at Armour, pect of apiece
10,55 a.m. Armour or parcel of
and Harris land at Mon-
key Hill in the Village of Marigot,
in the-Parish of St.Andrew, contain-i
ing 34,000 square feet and bou-anded
as follows:- On the 1\orth-East by
- land of James Pascal; On the
South-East by a track separating
it from land of Joanna Edwa:.-ds; On0
the West by a Public Road separat-
it from land of Peggy James.

CAVEAT NOTICE ia on next page (5)

at St. Gerard's Hall, Roseau
Wednesday, December 20th at 7.30pm:
Proceeds to
Tarreau Leper Home
(Admission $5.00)
A WORD OP THANKS: The Editno theki
Mr. James O. 'Paul very much for the
Calendrier "LA Bonne Semence 1979"
which will be most,valiable to her
during the corning yoar,

E W B R I E F S : Mount Etna
has been streaming lava this ,wek. *
Barbados: Sir Herbert Duff-us, pre-
senting his report, says the previous
Government is clear of corruption
and fraud. He adds, however that no
h such allegations were made. ***4***
Uganda: Idi Amin has gone into hid-
ing since 10,000 Tanzanlians have
invaded his country. He cannot be
reached to sign any informant ion.
London: The Sunday Timzes has suspen-
ded operations indefinitely on
grounds of "ahopfloor disruptions"
workers protest tech.innovatpons.

Dge Pn"- T H E T A R


Pe rr o TP/VllT

1nrp December 1. 1978 TIHE S TAR Pa-ae Rve_

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
for week ending November 18, 1978

Date of j Person Nature of Re-
Request IPresenting quest whether
for a Certificate, of Title or Not-
ing their eon or Caveat.

Request da-j Ronald IRequest for
ted 13th John the issue of
Nov. 1978 Bapt.ste a First Cer-
Presented .by his Itificate of
15th Nov. Solicitor Title in res-
1978 at ,Cilma A.M. pect of a
9.22 om. `Dupigy 'portion of
land known as a part of Syers Es-
tate in the Parish 'f St.Joseph,in
the Commnonwealth of Dominica, con-
taining 1600 square feet and bound-

ed as follows:- North-East by Re- Request da- Valentine Request for
mainder of Syers EstateASouth-East ted 12th Jean Marie the issue of -
by land of Mally Marshall; South- August 1978 ne Raphael a First Cer-
West by land of Transiteau Arman- Presented and Jonas tificate of
trading; North-West by an Access 21st Nov, Jean Marie Title in res-
Road separating it from land of 1978 at by their pect of a
Kanty Serrant. 11.35 a.m. Solicitor port-ion of
Request da- Emelda Request for theL Vanya Du-iay land at Belle-
ted 19th Elwin issue of a 'rue Chopin in the Parish of St.George,
Aug 1977 by her First Certifi- in the Commonwealth of Dominica, con-
Presented Solici- cate of Title training 1000 square feet, and bounded
15th Nov. tor Cil- in respect of as follows:- North-East: Land of Law-
1978 at ma A.M. a portion of rence Jphn Baptiste; South-East: Land
9.35 a;m. Dupigny land at Bath of Olgar Ormond; South-West: Land of
Road, Roseau, in the Parish of St. The Gospel Mission Church; North-West:
George,in the Commonwealth of Dom- Land of James Raphael and St.Ville
Inica, containing 989 square feet Raphael.
and bounded as follows:- North by RGISTRAR 'S OFFICE, ROSEAU
land of Lizette Jolly; South-East EGISTRA F. Registrar of
by a Right of Way separating it Ephaim F. Georges, Registrar of
from lands of Steven William and TE An n Titles
Hopson Thomas; East by lands of -OTE: Any person who desires to. ob-
Buraute Richards and Fletcher St. ject to the issuing of a Certificatn
Rose;West by land of Alfred Druno. of Title o n the above Application
,Request da-iEaelda Request for th -Y enter a Caveat in the above office
ted 18th Elwin issue of a Fra within six weeks from the first a-
tJuly 1977 by her Certificate of pearance of these Schcdulea in the
JPresented Solic- Title in res- Star news paper published in this
15th Nov. torCil- pet of a por- country or from the date when the
1978 at ma A.M. pecti of a par- notice prescribed by law was last
1978 at ma A.MDy. Trafalgarndat served oi any occupant of adjoining
9.45 .m. Dupign. Trafalgar, in lands in respect of which these
the Parish of St.George,in the Com- pplicatins ere ahch these
monwealth of Dominica, containing a s were mad
26,600 square feet and bounded as BARBADO- le-
o Q celel
follows:- North by a Public Road; endeeence a 1aon- n o on
South by land of Dorothyr-Kirton; ugs expects; a;eO 9000 tourists
'East by .lands of Janet Lewis and Jones Myler; West by land of Ozie Chtrlep

I Schedule for weekncdding i-ov. 24th .
Request da- Bernard Request for
;ed 1st Novv Toussaint the issue of
ember 19-78 by his Sol- a First Cer-
Presented. icitor tificate of
21st Novem- Ronan A. Title inres-
ber 1978 at David of- pect of apoxr.
3.15 p.m. Chambers, tion of land
11 Old Street, Roseau at Pointe
Michel in the Parish of St.Luke in
the Commonwealth of Dominica contain-
ing 0901 acres and bounded as follows
On the North: by land of William Tous-
saint; On the East: by land of McDon-
ald Peltier; On the South: by landso
Emmay Raphael, Aliua Balson and Law-
rence Boyd; On the West: by a Public
Road and lands of Boyie Peltier, Joseph
Peltier, Lucille Hyson,Joey Peltier
and Mary Patrice.

-- --- -----~----

ffr~~a~r, December i. 191~

~ H F: S T.i~ R

Page Pive

rgp T ST R Fiag- Dcmbr1.17
FOOTBALL: Windwards Tournament Off (A Readers View): Madam, even be-
The Windwards Islands football toua- fore the end of fiovember Radio DBS
ament for the Reggis Clark Trophy started playing the so-called Xmas
(Popham Cup) is positively OFF. Dif- songs (including hymns).
ficulties with their domestic leagi- Now in my view, as these sngs
use have caused St.Vincent and Gren- are jammed 't tween commercials and
ada. to withcrawo, St. Lucia is coming are far ahead of 'Chri'stmas weck, the
tomorrow, truly holy time, they are cheapened.
19 of our players from the leagueEBy the time we get to Christmas, we
were selected for special training are heartily sick of those songs,
under national coacl Vivian Rene for some of them with a far from relig-
just one week following Independence. ious tone.
Two key defensemen were missing;Pitz, r1 my opinion, the broadoasts are
Henry, the rock in Kensborough de- only calculated to boost up Christ-
fence, is recovering from a leg in- mas sales and have little to do with
jury suffered in the State's team the sacred birth on Decrbar 15th.
viit to Antigua last month. The ot- ANA-Maria, Rossau
her is no less a person than Oliver -
"Peg-leg" Joseph, who led the vic- THE LAST FIiAxCIAL DEBAT IJ HOUSE
torious Dominica team to their 1st Madam,ie to he
and only Popham tournament in 1971 nom should like to hAs e some
(easily the best performer in the Information on this, As I understand
Harlem Bombers defence, He was in it, there wre some diss~in _n on the
the tour party to Antigua; what went subject of the Governor's double
wrong? Anyhow, although the contest pension.
it OUT, Dominica squad reads:Morris Editor's rep~y: This matter was
Aisles, Cuthbert Alcid,Lenny Andr, hotly debated in the house, Hon.M.E.
Irvine Benoit, Clifford "Bala" Gel- Charles and Hon.Michael oniglas con-
aire, Alick Charles, Leonard Claren- tributing. As I understa'. .itwhen
don, Cecil "Abu" Elwin, Herminus the Governor took the jobc it was
Emanuel, Joffre Faustin, Anthony decided in 1967 that he shao:uld cLoose
George, Oliver Grell, Joseph Guiste, which of two pensions (one of them
Dana Hurtault, Thomas Kentish, Jef- Civil Service) he would accept.
frey Lawrence, John Loblack, Roy now believe that the law has been
Murphy and Cletus Popo. changed and he will get both pensians.
-_____ This seems wrong to most of us.- Ed,
Meanwh :lo, Second Division match- JIESTOi BOOKS USD TO
es continue unabated at the D.G.S. JONESTOWE BOOKS RUSHED TO PRESS.....
Grounds. Since the suicide ma-sgaare, two pa-
CRICKET': Tst Matches. ommne 1A perback NHew Yorkl publishers a
West Indies and Mgland started the brought out books on the sordid
first of 6 test matches in India and! Jonestown affair.., more to. come.
Australia respectively. India and
Australia have new Captains:' unil STA.iSPORTS* ctd, BOXL~G:
Gavascar, 29, "India; Graham Yallop So the fun lovers can check out
(26) Australia, the actio.a at the Grotto Onc-e
At press time Australia was all again the Dominica JAYCEES under
out for 116; England 62 in reply Lennox Royer are the promoters
(still playing). England is playing with the cooperation of Bajan Erie
the identical team which beat Queens- Sealy.
land 4 days ago, led by Boycott.
India at end of 1st day: 67 for ono. Printed & Published by the Proprie-
5 hours of play lost through rain. tor R.E.Allfrey of Mill Hous?- Copt
BOXING: tonight at Green Grotto the Hall, at 26 Bath Road, Roseau
2-weeks postponed match will take Commonwealth of Dominica, WEstiadies
place. (Contd. column 2)


Friday, December 1. 1978

aT> e ix Y

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