Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). October 13, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). October 13, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: October 13, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Colin Turner (Lcdoon) Ltd.
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' Virtue ucue doxnite Y'brlna
Suitor Phylli Shan~d A.1J7tey

X VcrL XCVII 14o.13 Friday-,Octobex'r'g 1.

According to the Official Gazette
- and how many Dominicans can af-
ford to subscribe to it? the
Premier and the Minister of Finance
slipped out of the State on 20th
September. They took others with
them. They are "said" to be back
again; but since they never told
the public of their departure or
the reasons therefore, we can't con-
firm this.
Now this week an Ag.Minister
told a deputation inquiring into
the strange death ef Miss Miriam
Francis after the extraction of t .
her tonsils, that it was because
of the Civil Service demands last
year (the strike) that Princess
Margaret Hospital was short of so
many needed things. We wish to ask
two questions:
If Government thought the strike
wasted money, why did they pay non
strikers bribe pay the same as
the strikers.
Is not the money squandered by
Government Ministers gadding over-
seas D shocking waste, which could
be better applied say to P.M.H.?

She was buried on her own home
ground at Leonce David, Bishop
Bowers ofLtiatinp and Hon. Min.
Christian giving a speech. A real
character, a real Furse, she was
a deeply apprecia ed Matron, from
the ground roots. She showed us
kinA-nv:s when we paused to visit
hej on the way to the Reserve.Her
influence on PAH is still being
felt, and will longer on after
her regretted deati.


Lists -
See Page 3

- but has she paid her subsqriP-
tion to the Caribbean Conservation-
Read Alister Hughes "DOt'T LET
THEM TATE OVER" on page two.

to being shut out from deep water
harbour when cruise ships arrive.
They complained this week that
they were locked out and that only
Safari jeeps and private vehicles
were allowed to take tourists on
island .tours.
.i 4r, Gairy Aird, Mg.. director of
Whftchurch's, explained the tours
position to taxi drivers, who ul-
timately agreed to consider being
used for shorter tours, while the
more rugged vehicles were used for
inland safaris. Private vehicles
would only be used If there were
no more taxis available.

A Bitter ,Battle this Week
Michael Foot (Deputy Leader BLP)
said after Prime Minister James
Callaghan's struggle at Blackpool
with Trade Union leaders who did
not agree with his "keep pay rises
down to 5%": "you don't kill 'the
General overnight and expect him
to lead the battle tomorrow."
EWSBRiEFS: Beirut is getting more
& more smashed up; hundreds,dead,
buildings destroy ed TS EmbaR s
hit. Pope John Paut was urle' in
rain, in a cypress coffin, near
the Basilica graves of his two re-
decessors. Rhodesia's an Smith.
and Bithole are of to lA
jbsiuea 1hkome refused to consider
"a camp David style cotnerce."

W YORK 21, N. -
J'AN 247' |


S T A R Eggay,00tober 6, 1978

DON'T LET THEM TAKE OVER Alister Association which gave thousands of
Hughes dollars to meet overhead expenses
The Caribbean Conservation Associa- and finance CCA's projects.
tion (CCA) has tried something new. And, it was not as though CCA'S
At its recent meeting in Tortolait needs were'unknown. In 1969,a CCA
gave regional Governments auto tic team toured the region visiting
seats on its Board of Management. Heads of Government. The Associat-
However, action for conservation of- ion s' plans- a8d projects were' is-'
ten runs contrary to Governments' f ctssed and the team had a good re-
plans, and, by-inviting Governments ception everywhere. But, that was
to help.manage CCA, the Association all. No money was forthcoming,
may -have created-a battle-ground In fact, it was not until recent]
for conflict. that some Governments have pulled
The argument has been advanced their weight. Barbados, Venezuela,
that this step was necessary. Con- Guyana and the British Virgin is-
servatlonists, it is said, can ach- lands are now full members with paic
ieve little without official bless- up substantially increased subscrip-
ing. Government must approve before tions. This, however, still doesn't
action can be taken and, with guar- meet the need. Other Governments hai
antee4 governmental representation n't paid their subs. Still others'sh
on the Board, it-is thought that no-interest in the Association and
regional Governments will be more CCA continues to be handicapped by
inclined to support CCA-.CCA's hist- shortage of money.
ory gives pointers as .to whether or In what seems to be a response to
not this argument. is .justified. this absence of governmental inter-
SThe Car2 bean.PConservation.Assoc-..est, CCA changed its Constitution.,
nation was created eleven yearsPago At' the Tortola -meeting,provision was
as a: nen-governmental regional 'body made that four of the nine seats on
decidated -to mob'ilising teehnical-, the Board of Management be reserved
and financial aid to promote the. for Governments. This appears to be
region's conservation needs-. Mem- a bait tc attract Governments and a
bership was open to Caribbean Gov- guarantee that they will control any
ernments and conservation grops,. money they put in. Ri
and management was in the hands of Reasonable as this arrangement ma)
a Board to which all members were look, there is a risk. With politi-
eligible for election. cians or their nominees on the BEoar




Unpaid 'CCA's operations may be influenced
The birth of CCA .should have buitby considerations other than achieve.-
joy to all regional Governnmnts. ment rf the Associations aims and
Most of them don't have the manpower objects. Governments have not been
or expertise to tackle, conservation a majority of'votes, but they need
effectively and they should have sway just one other member to gain
hastened to give assistance. Beach control.
erosion, water pollution' and des- Besided, regional Governments have
truction of historic landmarks are not given evidence that they aplrec-
-but a few of the 'matters with which late CCA's value and potential.Their
Governments should be concerned and slow response to support the organis-
all -shoild have been delighted to action is not encouraging. And, if of-
fers no promise that, on the Board of
have a dedicated unpaid group come Management, they will give conserva-
to the rescue with CCA. tion the consideration it deserves,
But, there was nc governmehttal res- But, the deed is done. For better or
ponse to CCA"s financial need.Some Worse, the door is open for our Gov-
Governments did -pay -the paltry. EC bernmens to hel mnanage CCo This may
$25' annul ubsipti_ bu bring greater fnancial E-'ppQ-rt but
$25 annual subscription but CCA's care must be taken that, in returnfor
funding came from outside the region~ governmental financial ccntribati os
particularly, there was help in those the Association is not converted in-
days from the American :on or--vction to a political tool.


T H E_

id Oo V A .. A D a .- T -

by E.C.Loblack
Miss Charles and Winston pnd In the book of Hosea, we read
that God said: "0 Israel thou hast
I and my friends are much sur- destroyed. thyself; but in me is
prised that you did not print Hon. thine hblp. I will be thy King:
M.E.Charles excellent letter repro- where is any otter that may save
duced in the New Chronicle last thee in all thy cities? and thy
week; neither did you mention one j judges of whom thou saidst, give
written by Rev, W;O.M. Pond, father me a King and Princes? I gave
of the Chief Elections Officer.This, thee a King iii mine anger, and'took'
not Independence, really is the : him away in my wrath.*'
topic of the day. So what then? Now Madame, the Government is tell-
Curious Cliff, Roseau. 'lin us to rejoice, because they are
S.. I igolrg to do away with colonial rule.
Editor's reply: Dear Curious, of ~Colonial rule is this: the people
course it is the topic of the day 'of the United'Kingdem, England,Scot-
and the month. And of course you had land Wales and Northern Ireland)are
to wonder why I did not quote from governed by something called the
those two letters. That was because :Rule of Law.
they were both marked "not for pub-' So the real masterof the Countryil
However now that the cat is out !not a person nor a body of people,:
of the e bagn let-me ta that Is neither Queen nor Ministers na Parl-
of the bag, let me say that .Ibe- lament, but the Law o'f the Land.
lieve Mise Charles is right and Wfin- iia. nt, but the w of the Land
ston Pond is dead wrong, despite*A The Law in England, W&les and No'-
the intervention of his father. No then Ireland is English Law. Soot-.
one could fail to be impressed by land has her own law. But English
her long, searching and well-cate- Law rules the lives of 45 million
gorised list of the ways in Whichb people out ~f 50 million in the Uni-
the electoral offices can and do g, ttd Kingdom, so I will deal with
wrong. I believe the people have a English Law only. Everybody in the
right to have forms according to United Kingdom must obey the Law. .
correct specification prepared for Even the Government must obey the Law.
them, so that they dq not have to A department of state is no more
be fobbed off by being told "we have important in this Court .than any
no forms at present". The lists are private person, an English Magistrate
another hideous point.'They are not said recently. Every case between a
easily see'a, they are destructible. citizen and a department of State is
However I d,, think that the general decided purely on its merits. Some-
pub] ic 'is now becoming aware-of the times the Courts ef Law decide "in
pitfalls which prevents *it from be- favour of the citizen, sometimes in
ing a registered voter. Hold strain'. favour of the Government. It does not
Human rights before petty restraint, natter what political party is 'in
Keep pressing on. P.S.A. power. It could nnt. English judges
FOR A SHINING ROSEAU do not look to the Government for
by M y Chris tian their protion.
As can be seen, -independence for Fr. the past year we have seen
our native DcmininiJa is somewhat im- Labour officials don't have to obey
minent. And what worries me is,whe- the Law, not even the Court order.
other it wi'.l be fcr b;ettf, since (Concijued onpae_6)
thiF is such a Rela+ted O~nmunity. ing the worthy paint deealera?
T-/; '"or the ide- 'of decorating On the Bay Front such Lan--i
and flcodlighting and so forth, marks as the Post Office and tie old
Could all' this be kept up against a Treasury Building should e bright.
background of dull and drab-looking ended up to irmress and welcome val3.
houses? What's wrong with patronis- torasbyiseaul"ihe hole seafrot ist a
silent insult today.When do we star-;

Friday October 6. 197R


Page -Three

T H 5 S T A R Friday, Oct by 6, 1978

Sche dule week ending Oct 7 ctd
STATE OF DOMINICA Application of Maud Paul continued
TITTL BY REGISTRATION ACT South-West: Land of Theolard Toulon;
Schedule of Application for Certi- North-West; A Ravine.
ficate of Title and Noting thereon Request da- Bellet Request for the
for week ending 7th Octer 1978 ted 28th. Rodney issue of a First
Date of f Person Nature' f,Re- August 1978 by his Certificate of
RequestlPresenting quest whether Presented. Solici- Title in respect
for a Certificate of Title or Not- 5th October tok M. of a portion of'
ing thereon or Caveat '1978 'at Eugenia land at LaPlaine.
Request-da- Cecilia Request Charles in the Parish of
ted 25th Winston the isase tatrick containing 3241 square
Sept. 1978 as pers- First Certi-feet and bounded as follows:- Nerth:
presented 6nalrep- fiaate of ILand of Matthias Vigilant; South:
5th Octobe resenta- .Title in re Land of Bellot Rodny; East: Right-of
1978 at rive. of pect of a -Way separating it from lande f R.C.
8.50 a.m. Agnita :portion of Church; West: Land, of ,Caterine Vigi-
Rolle by her Sol-ici- land known afnt. .
ter M. Eugenia Charleas .a Lot at Request -da- 'pery Request for the
Laudat in the parish of StGeorge ted 15th Morancie issue of a First
containing .290 acre and bounded a April 1978 by his Certificate of
follows:- North: A Road separating Presented Solicit Title in respect
it from land of Felix Rolle.,. Cecil-5th October Cilma A. of a portion of
ia Winston and Cylma Green; S'3 th-1978 at M,. Du- .land krnwn as
East.-Land of Vernie Lawrence ; p pA.m. pi Cavaiier in the
South-West: A Publio 'oRoad separate parish- F St. Patric in.the State
ing it from land of Atley David', of pominica, containing 30.594 acres
.and bounded as follows:- East by
Request da- Rosetta Request for lands of Eva Morancie, Ralina La-
ted 13th Rolle & the issua of fleur azn Lisdara Estate: %c-uth by
March 1978 Seaford a First'Cert- Ravine Grandigue separating it from
Presented Role as ificate of Liberty Estate; South-West by Ravine
5th Octrber joint Title in res- Grandigue separation 1~ from Liberty
1978 at tenants pect of a par' Estate; -est tb Lisdara Estate.
9.00 a.m. by their tion of land ..
Solicitor M.Eugenia at Morne Rac- ,aveat Iote will be found on page 5
Charles uette, in the NOPPICATION FOR LIQUOR
Parish of St. Joseph containing TI OFLIC FR LI
3,043 square feet and bounded as LIE
follows:- North-East: Batalie Es- To the Magistrate District "E"' and
tate* North-West: Batalie Estate
and lands of Clancy Benjamin;SSouth- .-Chief of Police
East: A. right of way separating itresi
from land of 'Canty Vidal;West:a 1 9B -Watson.Esprit now residing at
R t da' Maud -----eq ---- fo Campbell, parish of St. Paul, do
Request da- Maud Request fort is
ted 25th paul the issue ofa by ntgiveyou not ieo apply that it is
Sept.1978 by her Firsit Certifi- rtens Court to be held' at Roseau
Presented Solic-- cate of Title trate s Court to b' held' at Roseau
resen5th Oct. itor in resTitle on Monday the 2nd day of October
5978 at E nit a a pbrrtion of 1978 ansaig~ fr- a retail Liquor
1978. a.t lgen and aprt o Licence in respect of my premises
1045 a.mi of Sat.Jo oeph at Campbell, Parish of St. Paul.
containing 3,616 square feet and Dated the 28th day ef Sptember,
bounded as follows:- East: Land of D 8
Caina Alexander & lonie Fagan.Seuth: 1978
A Right of Way separating it from
land of Landa Elie; (see next col),


-- -- -- i-
STATE OF DOMINICA Date of Person Nature of Re-
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT eques _resenti quest whether I
SSchedule of Application fnr Certi- for a Certificate of Title or Noting
ficate of Title and Noting thereon thereon or Caveat
Sfor week ending 23rd September 1978 ''
Request da- Nichols Request for
Request da- Henrietta i Request for td 16ththe issue of
ted 18th Honor$ by the issue of e 1paul y the issue of
ted 18th Honor by te issue August 1978 his So01- a First Cert-
Sept.1978 her Solic-.1 a First Cer- presented sicitf8rs ificate of
iPresented itor Cil- tificate of 21st Sept. Armourii Trs tl in res
21st Sept. ma A.M. Title inres- 1978 at Armour lt of a -
1978 ,at IDupigny pect of a 915 a'.m Aror ppece or parcel
S2.45 p.m. portion of o-f and at pafx Bouche situatedd in
Island at Woodford Hill,in the Parish the Parish of St.Andrew 'n-taining
of St. Andrcrwin the State of Demin- 10.00 acres and bounded 4s follows:-
ica, containing 11,353 square feet, On the North by Upland Estates On
and bounied as follows. North-East: the South and West by l snds o f
By land of St.George Thomas-; North- Nichols Paul, Rufora e
eTichols Paul Ruford Fer'rioSlfiver
!West: By land of Masbie Benjamin; Lawrence,' Ann-Marie Fer Fl,' Herod
South-West: By land of Francis Ben- Ahore, and Verina Matthew.'
, 3amin.01 _______ __-- t
'Scheule week edi Sept. 30th hedule for week end S 9h
SRequest, da-: Modes I Request for Request-da- Thomas .. request for
Cited 22nd Etienne the issue of ted 4th Alexander, the issue xf.
t __ i /" /-'"' t I - 1 _> -i

may 198o by nis a First Cert- ;April 1977 by his 4 First Cer-
Presented Solici- ificate of Ti- Presented iollicitor ti icate of
.25th Sept, tor M. tle in respect 8th-Sept. F.E. Title for
1978 at Eugenia of a portion 1978 at Degazon. I that portion
10.00 a.m. Charles! of land known 3.,0 p.m. -___ f landimown
as a lot at Upper Penville in the as Picodeau situate in the Parish
Parish of St.Andrew containing 8,533 of St. Patrick in the State of Dom-
square feet and bounded as follows:- inica containing 0.721 acres, and
North: Land of Modes Etienne; East: bounded'as follows:- North by a Pub-
A footpath separating- it from land l.ic Road;' East by lands of Joseph
of Haristy Marcellin & Valarie Gil- Cappic' and Prince Alexander;' West
bert; West: Land cf Mrs. Gilber-ta by lands of May Henderson and Thomas
Ro er. George; South by lands of Samuel
schedule for week ending tober 7 Morris.

Request da- Chrisellia iRequest for
Sited 11th Exilta ithe issue ol
Sept. 1978 !Gabrielnte la First Cer
Presented Sylvester !Itificate of
2nd Oct. by her Sol- iTitle inres
1978 at icitor Cil- pect of a
2.24 p.m. ma A.M. :portion of
__Dupigny Dublanc Es-
tate known as Lot No. 1 at Dublanc
in the Parish of St.peter, in the
State of Dominica, containing 1200
a -^- ^- -. ^ ^- i f -i n t _- t i i -



Ephraim F. Georges,Registrar of
NOTE: Any person who desires to
object to -the. issuing of a Certifi-
cate of Title on the above applic-
ations may enter a Caveat in the
above office within six weeks from
the date of the first appearance
of these Schedules in the Star news

i squaey ~ oounae. as IC..Ws:- paper published in this State or
North by Lot No.-17; East by a from the date when the notice pre-
Public Road; South by Lot No. 20; scribed by law was last served on
SWest by Lot No. 9. any occupant of adjoining lands in
-- .. .. respect' of which these applications
SScheidle for week ending Sept.23rd were made.
next column an
S__ oln WORLD CHILDREN'S DkY took place last
'Moday.';cWhesby H. T- -tEGdovernior and Mrs. Doreen Francis, of S.C.?.


I- --- '- --

Friday October 6, 1978


Pagee Five




*S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S* Morchriston RULE OF LAW E.C.Loblack -fr.p.3
FOOTBA~jt hills Continue in Div.II Poor D6minica. heh the world will
League In last weekend matches, read this letter and Miss Charles
Harlem Bombers got a severe shock letter in the Chronicle of last
in the Divis on II League, when they week they will know how the Govern-
were beaten by Pte.Michel 4-2 in a ment does win their election, I must
very keen match. Pointe Michel led ask the Government to take Princess
2-nil at the interval, much to the Margaret to see her own hospital,.
dismay of the Harlem players and but they must take me alcng with
supporters. They- rallied a bit-in then; she will understand me better
the 2nd half to bring .the score 2-1, than those who must sing for their
but Pte. Michel -netted again. Har- supper.
lem struck back to make the score -
3-2, but Pte-.Michel, not to be den- *STARSPORTS* contd. CRICKT.-...
ied this mos t important victory, hillingford/Sebastien returnihoa
struck again to' make the score 4-2 West Indies international Irving
- which once and for all deflated Shillingford'and Combined Island.
the young bombers beyond all doubt, opening batsman Lockhart Sebastien
Riverside were once again on the returned to' Dominica late September-
receiving end as this time Aloons from England, where they played .
piled on the pressure to whip them League Cricket during the past-season,
7-2; Riverside never stood a chance Shillingferd, who concluded hhis 2nd
against the organized onslaught,and season with Stockton,-N.YoYrkh[ire,
7-2 only reflects the ability of had a' reccrd-breaking time: -.this-
the teams. included 6 centuries in
SK rSacksy .the combination team cf 1258 runs at an average of over-72
Massacre and Canefield, gave Saints with a highest score of 159--n..o.
q tough time: Saints lost' their en- ,He also scored 3 centuries off 4--
counter 2-1 at the weekend matches. matches played on Sundays.when -
Those K-Sacks boys whs practice at there are no League matches. Those
the police Grounds, Canefield, real- scores were: 198, 158, 128 and 111.
ly showed off the worth of consist- In addition, he took 28 wicket.- -
ent training, and there is no deny- while playing for Stockton.-
ing that if they are around next Sebastien also had a successful
season, teams in the 2nd Div. Will season which included 748 runs
have a harder time in avoiding defut. (average 53.34) for Hyde in the
Finally, Police failed to tuTrnup Lancashire/Cheshire League.. -He had
for their match against Green Seews, -two centuries with a highest of 123.
an action which really surprised He claimed 14 wickets average 14
football fans. They have lost all He claimed 14 wkets -average 14
of their previous matches .played, uns; and scoed a further 279-runs
conceding 20 goals to only one scored in League Cup
- and assuming they had surveyedThe ian'test team n their st
the talents of Green Sleeves anth- tour to Pakistan since 1961 have
the talents of GeenSeeo- played three matches already. -In .
er handful may have been added to played threest matches alreinst Pakistan
their ffrst match against Pakistan
their already prosperous tally. National Banks India scored 309
A 20 strong Kensborough/Kens team for the loss of one wicket with
returned to the State earlier this Sunil Gavascar getting an unbeaten
week from a weekend tour of St.Kitts. 165. The second match, the first
They enjoyed victories over the St. international between the two teams,
Kitts League champions 2-1 and the won b 5 runs. India 177
Nevisin State team 3-nil, whilst India won by runs. India 177/
Nevisien State team 3-nil, whilst Pakistan 172/8. M. Armarnath(India)
they went under 5-2 to the St.Kittsgot the man of the match award for
National team in their final match. his 51 runs and two very iporant
printed & Published by the Proprietorwickets,
R.E.Allfrey of'Mill House, Copt Hall, ....._;-
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica BANANA GROWERS are warned against 2
Westindies kinds of Nematodes. Consult D.B.G.A.

T T4 R S T AR Fridav. October 6. 1978

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