Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). September 29, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). September 29, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: September 29, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Telephone Editort 261(
P.O.Box 129. Domriti6a
UK Media Represaetatim
Colin Tur ner Lo adpn
yq nd / wA

eE .S,. "

fJ~w yORK 21. N. Y., ,ovs&T4
by. .-Alister-
page Two

VoL. xxvii Noara~2 1'.riLaw~.l gen~tember; 29.~ 1978 15t Pift~een Ceints ~

OFE.C~GE TN~ 1AGIqTRITE ~' gCTR.. Only one month .and :a couple of. .
On'page three, readerS will find days after his accession to the
an account of this case, which, Pontificate, the greatly loved
though nrt mentioned over DBS,has and praised new Pope John Paul T,
caused a nation-wide stir.. We are 65, succumbed' to a heart attack
informed that -ther cases, both in bed and died on Thursday night.
civil and oriminal,are p.ending. a ,tremendous blow to
f 0 R S C 0 R Y:E A R S' all an Catholics and more par-
POT-PATRSC EIGHTY A ticularly to those, concerned with
POETPATRIdMH EIG"Y Vatican affairs, who had foreseen
On Wednesday 26th September Mr. a fair, firm and just reign, in
J.R. Ralph Oasimir, Dominicals: the, joint traditions of his two
oldest literary man and poet, immediate predecessors.
was eighty years 13d. '
You'd ver.tink itto ok at -PopeJohn Paul I said he would
him; nor -ould you guess that he be a "travellihg Pope"; and now he
i ; has gone beyond everyone's reach,
has recently ~eo6vered from a.
serious Cinss. He We extend to His Lordship'the
youthful er.d: alert. Bishop and the whole Catholic
The Pubihsher and ditnr were community our true sorrow.

honoured at being invited to 'his
house on that suspicious day,and
hope he will live to be .00; he.
says that all right if
he does no U toae a burden' to
.hy'one. .
ei obils pSe'.thhday he was
working ar, a. p .
S. .. ..
Monsieur Oliver Stirn, French Nin-
ister of Overseas Development,
will represent the President of
France at DomSniaa' s celebrations,
to be held from 0ct.28-Nov. J..

He takes much the ae i1ne as
John Vorster (res 'e !ho will
oubtless become Pr at1f or SA.

Thirty-six, Tamibian students are
arriving in Jamaica this week.They
have been granted scholarships to
train in fields which will help
their country.

Sunday morning (October 1st)'
with Music by Fanta Steel Band
Time: 11 a. m. '
Have a DIFFUREPT sort of GOOD
TIME, and remember, all receipts
are in aid of, FREEDO PARTY FUNDS.
Adults : $1.00
Children: 500

Come alont and en oy it for


Ti~&.i~iiIAR~. FnIdav. ,: Seotemberr ~9, -1978.

:' by. Alistle 13 g1 .
Some influential people athelpini
Prime Minister Gairy to hide- atink-
ing'political body under a smart uit.
For some time, Mr.. Gairy has' trted to
smother the enell io. that body with
propaganda, but his effwts have not
been sucoeasful. However,. hs. chances
brightened recently ithen he devised a
new scheme and hooked a group of
helpers who should .know better.
The scheme- .wert into. opeiat4ion last
month when Mr. Gi4ry called a- large
meeting of bu si nessmen, and fore Ign
resident s. He told them he had a .
brain wave. He outlined a' plan he
said would make the isle6d economi-
cally -eelf-suffieient and he called
it Project Industrialisation and'* "
Employment g..
in a nutshell, vhat the prime Kin-
.ster proposed is the appointment of
a c ruittee of Governmant\ and Busi-
ners representatives to. advise Gov-
erm'ant on industrial development.
ERihadia is on uae of local raw mat-
erials and capital, tariffs and res-
trictions. will protect manufacturers-
and Government will take share in
industry by providing factory sites,
factory shells or management expert-
ie Superficially, this. plan seems
commendable. It appears. to refle ct.
the will of a people- to help then--
4selves. Bringing Governm nt and the
Susines' Community to work together
is L good idea and, when Mr. Gairy
set out his plan, the meeting of
businessmen and foreign residents
agreed to support it.
.. Different Picture
When this plan is assessed against
the background f' Grenada's immedbte
past, however, a different picture
emerges. First of all it is not Mr.
Galry's brain wave. Six. years- ago,
the Grenada Chamber of Commerce pre-
poLed this plan. They urged Mr Gairy
to appoint"'.. .a National Committee
representative of all sections of
the economy to consider, as a matter
a r urgency the economic situation in
Grenaa and to make recommendation',"
he p~am.ber told Mr Gai ry then. trat
Gr. a, oo was a ati
crt. s, S c, tk hat time, h.

need the: Buiness Community to help
-camouflage the rotten smell of.-his
administrationn. He laughed at them.
He didn't answer the Chamber's let-
ter' but, in a public statement,tried
to th. ro. u'spicin ..on ,businessmen'.
motives. And, althoughh his Minister
of F-itance talked gloomily of re-
cessiein, Mr Ga&ry annourm ed that,
Grenada s economy had never been
But new, it has become necessary
for the Prime Minister to woo th'e
the Lusiness Ccmmunity. He reads
a cert f cate to the world that.
the stink in Grenada is not as hgh
as it smells and he sees that
certificate in the willingness of
Grreadats businessmen to support
nhs industrialisation plan.
However, had the Business Commun-
ity possessed mere foresight two
fundm rentals' would have' stggted
extreme' action before they sp.prr-
ted r Garry plan. FIr st they
should remember the dismal record
of hBi former plans The Sirimp
Processing Plant Air.Grenada, Ex-
tension of St. Gorge's Town, A
Deep Water Hartour on the East
Coast and Cf-Shore Oil, to name
Ibut a few. All gimmicks without
substance. They, and the fact that
Pet a single factory has been pit
down for "Bootstring", are eloquent
pointers to the fate of his present
Eluff .
But there -ieven greater argu-
ment Against collaboration with M~
Gairy. Unless one is prepared to
embrace a precarious prosperity
"enjoyed" under fickle licence of
an oppressive Goverrient, develop-
ment under Mr Gairy' s adminjs tra.tmn
caanot succeed. The Grenada busin-
ess Commuflity must remember that,in
1971 when Mr Gairy was under pres-
sure te resign because uf excesses-
of his 'mongoose. gang', it wast tse
same thugi whounder Police upaoqi -
lon looted business places known to
be opposed to the Government.
With his iUus trialisation plan,
Mr.Gay seeks to paint a picture of
a stable Prime Minister dedicated to
building the economy of his people.

That mage, however, is tarnished
by the still uninvestigated blood
atainS of the past.

Sp, 0eorgos, ,renada.

____ _~ __.Friday., S p temb r 29. 1978


EStnie 29 1978~- -. ---- ------ w. -i ,-P 'bL..

G U LTY : a report from C.S.A.*s

**Miss.Roma Harris of the Electoral
Office in Roseau pleaded guilty to
"unlawfully register. a
qualified- Electokr", Curtis Toussaint
of Roseau, whehnhe sought to have
his name registered 'on the 4-th of
September, 1978.
The action was brou ht',by Mr.Tous-
saint. He. was repree- ted by Mr
Brian Alleyne. '
Miss Harris was fi~ed-$500.00,dis-
qualified -from voting in National or
local Government Elections for 7 yems
and had her salary as a Regi-stering .
Officer fcrfefted.
The conviction of Miss Harris
brings home to the nation the fact
that there. are officers in the Elec-
teral Office who are-actively engag-
ed in denying citizens-of this soon
to be independent State, their con-
stitutional-right -to vote at-an -
Election. '
The persistent complaints about thie
activities of the-Chief Elections
Officer seem-to have more than a
grain of truth and 'the Assoc iation
cannot help but condemn all such
practices as well -as all those who
encourage or otherwise permit such
malpractice to talks place-. There are
hundreds of-cases -licke that of Cur--
tis Toussaint all over the' State.
If we are to-preserve our democracy,
we must ensure that the people can
elect the Government.of their choice.
The rigging of electoral list's by
refusing to register qualified elec-
tors or wilfully leaving out the'
names -of those already registered
should be punishable by a -jail sen-
tence without *the' option of .a fine,
Thipe who have had such experiences
must follow the'lead of Curtis Tous-
saint and take action against
their Regis tering offices a'And the
Chief Elections Officer?.' .
Bearing in mind' the active ritgge l
of elector al lists by the electoral
office and the gerrymande. ina of con-
stituency boundaries, aty election
before a thorough and- complete enum-
eration of electors would be immoral
if nrot illegal. "
---- M --- -- jjj riiM r IM -fc- I--^ i t i*N ---- *

(Some quotations from "ARISE"
"On November 3rd, Dominica will
achieve national Independence.That
is an event of grave mportancea
because it means that, from that ay
forward, the people of Deminica
will assume the full responsibility
to conduct their own affairs without
outside dependence or interference.
To say' that Dominic ns are look-
ing forward to this historic event
with wholehearted enthusiasm would
be untrue.The causes 6 a lack af
joyful expectation are several: in-
"difference, ignorance, fear, -but
also the awareness of the heavy
responsibilities that will fall n
the shoulders of all q tizens, it
they-wish to live up .o the stand-
ards of a country where indeplndene
means peace, development freedom
through self-reliance, ; .. -.
It is the duty of us citizens
and manbers cf the Catholic Church
in. Dominica to reflect' on -our ci-
vic responsibilities a~d on the
part we have to play i: building up uti
our new Nation.
There is a close relationship b.-
tween National Indepe ndeac~eQmnt
personal Freedom. But few notions
have been twisted and leaded with
wrong interpretations as'the notion
eft~personal freedom.
There may be people who think'-;
wrongly that personal freedom
means that they may do as they like,
that is whatever is easy or pleasant
or to their personal advantage.PeoiJ
who thikk this way may see NatioMa
Independence, a's the beginning of an
era of comfor-t ffr Dominica,, with
tles work':and more play* more holi-
days and less working days, higher
wages and more State benefits.These
people are misguided and will be-
bitterly deceived.
Personal Freedom in its true sense
is found only n thq people who have
the vils6pa of what s. gooo for the
developmen o"f -he i. ida p reaon
and of the oinni, n4 iho at the
same ti4e, aty v -t.he; mora' strength
and courage,, in faceO. $ 4ticulties
to achieve this g6bd.
(To be contiind 105 1") -

FxjdaX Se~e~r t embere 29, 1978 T T4 F


A A Iolas

ra T A 9



T FE S TA Frida Sertember 29.197.8

(Quotations continued from p.3)
Dominica is a snall country, rel-
ativ;ey poor, requiring much effort
to develop ..While we may expect help
from foreign countries the prime
responsibility for our well-being
will rest w4th ourselves. Our first
consideration and concern as an in-
dependent people will be,' not what
we can receive from abroad", bdtwhat
we can achieve by our own concerted,
For this reason, one of our main
duties will be our commitment to
work, and to see work as a God-given
task, as a means of self-perfection
and as a service .to the community.
.Our personal freedom will necess-
arily be restricted by the rights
of other meibere of the community,
This is theei reason why there must
be good leadership a snd sound govern-
ment in every human society: to
protect the fundamental human rights
of every person, even the youngest,
even the poorest or the weakest; .to
guide the people on their way to
progress and encourage sound init-
ative; to provide a favourable cli-
mate for economic and social devel-
opment; to'protect the people aiat
threats of justice, -violence or
We should be happy aid.proud th,,
our Constitution provides
general. election by which -all
adult citizens have' the right to
elect their- -own leaders. All citi-
zens should make use of this and
defend this right, for history shaws
that 'not in all -cases- have indepen-
dent countries honoureA the Consti-.
tution problaiaed on Indepe ndernce,
Day,. .
.(Bishop Boghaert went-on to
write of -the.first and basic com-'
munity' The Family; .then apeeddwhat
.s the place of t he Church in ran-
-Independneit Dominic a?' .He to3d of
the. Churches "'significant contri-
ution to the. development Domin-
pa,t" dedicated spiritual' leaders,
an services to. education. health
and catechetics,addirn: "W wish to
continue these services ."..Finally,
he quoted 1 Peter P:15-17 .

The nine workers .ho were dismissed
by Calabash Inn on 9th June, 1978,
are to be reinstated to their former
j4ba with effect from 14th July
1978 the day Calabash Inn reopen-
ed under its rnw name "Talk of the
Townm"'alter natively, the workers
should-be compensated in a sum
amounting to their'wages for 5 months.
DAWU had raised, other matters on
which they' may address the Tribunal.,
Another letter on Redundant Barna
Workers has gone from DAWU tc the
HoniMinister' of Agriculture, sticking
to'the demand for redundancy pay,
and suggesting that Government
"should itself want to contribute
towards a humanitarian gesture in
part or in full"..
-DAWU are also requesting a nomin-
ation to the cihirmanship of the
Industrial Relations Board, made
vacant by the departure of Mr Josse.

To the Magistrate District "E"
& Chief of. police
I, Watson Esprit now residing at
CampbellParish of St. Paul, do
hereby give you notice- that it .:.
my intention to applyy at the Magis-
trate's Court to be' held at Roseau
on: Monday.-the 2nd day.-f October
1978 ensuing for a retail Liquor
Licence in respect of my premises
at Campbell, Parish of St. Paul.
Dated the 28th day of September,

To the Magistrate District "Gf'
I, Carmen Leta'ng, new residing at
Gomier (Thiaud) parish of St.
Andrew,i do hereby give you notice
that it is my intention fo apply
at the Magistrate's Court to b
held at Vieille Case on Monday,
the 18th September, 1978, for a
Retail Liqupor-Licence in respect
of my premises, situate'.at Gomier
parish e of St4 .Andrew.
Dated the 12th day of September

- _r i r ~ CI .' --

Paze Four


Frida~ct, Ser~,~ember 29,19~i~'.8

Friday, SeptDaber 29, 1978

page Five

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
for week ending 16th September 1978


_ C _~___ ____ ___

Date of Person | Nature of Re-
Request presentig quest whether
for a Certificate of Title or .Not-
ing thereon or Caveat '
Request da- rxreen Request fbr the
ted 31st Eugene issue of a First
July 1978 by her Certificate of
Presented Sol1ci4Title in res-
13th Sept. 4oop .. pect ef a prrt-
1978 at Vanya: ion of land Inm
_.54 .m. Duptyjas a lot at
Messacre in the Parsh of St. Paul
in the State of Dominica 'cotaining
2309 square feet and bounded as fto-
lws:- On the North by lands of
James Bellot and Heirs of Baoie
Thomas; On the South by land of An-
gelina Anthony; On the East by a
Publi- Road and on the West by a.
public Road.
ciheldule' fo f week en ig Sept .
Request da- Alva es t for th
ted 7th Letang isse f aFirst
July, 1978 by his Certificate *f
presented olici- Title in res-
20th Sept. tor Cil- pect of a pbr-
1978 at ma A.M. tion nf land
9.50 a.m. |Duipgny known as a Lot
in ggeston, in the Parish of St.
George, in the State of Dominica',
containing 3.00 acres and bounded as
follows:- North by Tiavine Mader sep-
erated by land of Wallis Junk.ere;
East. by land of Henry Remie; South
by a Public Road;. West by land of
Harry Gage.
Request da- Sylvie Request for t)"e
ted 3rd Pope issue of a FWrst
JUly 1978 by her Cdrtificate of
Presented Solid- Title in res-
21st Sept. tor Cil- pect of a pir-
1978 at ma A.M. tion of land at
12.20 p.m. DuDpignV Colihaut Vill-
age, in the Parish of St. Peter, in
the State of Dominica, containing
1,840 square feet and bounded asfol-
lows: North by land of Anastasie
Aaron and Others; East by ands of
Har-is Alexa er & Heirs ofWilliam
lexander and an Access Road. separa-
g it from lands of Redman John &
Eutna Farquar West by land of
mNixon Leconte-



schedule week endi St.23. td
Request Henrietta 0 Reque s:-or
ted 18th lonord *by the :issue. -
Sept 1978 her Solic- of aFirst
Presented itcr Cil- Certificfte
ist: Sept. ma A.M. f Title
1978. at Dupigny in respect
12.45 p.m. of a pIr-
ioni of land at Woodford Hill,! in
the parish of St.Andrew, in the
State of Dominica, containing
11 353 square feet, armi bounded as
follows: North-East: By lard of
St.George Thomas; NWrth-Weste By
land of Masbie Benjamin; South-
East: By a Public Road; South-West:
by land of Francis Benamin.
Request.da- 1odes Request for
ted nd Etienne the issue of
May 1978' by his a First Certi-
Presented: Solici- cate of Title
25th Sept. er- M. in respect of
1978 at Eugenia a portion of
10.00 a.m. ae land krnwn as
a o"t at' T'p r penv .le in tfhe Par-
ish of St. Andrew continuing 18,533
square feet and bounded as followse-
N#rth: Land of Modes Etienne; East:
A footpath separating it froM land
of Har sty Marcellin & ValaOe
Gilbert; South: Land- f Howard Jean
Neomy Gilbert; West: Land off' Mrs.
Gilberta Royer .j Sc" Znd. w eudg. Lept 5)
Ephraim F.Georges,Registrar pfTitles
NOTE: Any person who desires to ob-
Ject to the issuing of a Certifi-
cate of Title on the above applica-
tions may enter a Caveat in the
above office within six wee s from
the date of the first appeetfance
of these Schedules in the Star news
paper published in this State or
from the date when the notice pre-
scribed by law was last served on
any *ecupant of adjoining land in
respect of which these applications
Ess ,* .^ --=-- -
MARRIAGE DIRECTORY published in the
United States. Marry by advertising.
Write for free brochure with details.
C4nfidencial, Bex 1003,
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey,
U.S.A. 07632

Page Six T H E S AT A R Friday,September 29, 1978
FOOT sminica To Host Windwa RE A D ER. S,' V I E W S
s t Domnica L ROM PORTSMOUTH: We appreciated
be host to .the other Windward. Is-
Inad tfrom DacebrW Ist wahen th. veiy much front page column on sup-
1978 Winar slae d Footbal tr. posed success of Labour Party .at
naoent will ear denced: The bther ie- St.Joseph. We were definitely not
lands have already indicated thelr at all surprised at their forced
willingness to participate, so it is victory. The mere idea of having a
to be. hoped that no unforeseeneele-' Convention a few hours before an
menrt gets into. the way. election is sufficient to make one
There was no competition last year, ponder; therefore, as rightly stat-
and it was beginning to. aeem. as if ed on your front page, this suppos-
football among the Windward..Islands ed victory aiaun6t be- specified
was on the way out. So from this .' either as Victory oi aa p u~esa.
point, it is keeping fingers crossed.
2nd DIVISION ..Joseph De. Zee ros HISTORY GLIMPSE8 WELCOMED: Pleased
continue to impress The second to say that ,Mr Hugh Lawrence's.
division football league continue n glimpses into our recent past his-
at the D.G.S. Grounds, and those tory delight myself and friends,
matches have been marked by high Hope he will keep it up! Interested,
scoring and penalties. Amorg the .Roseau.(We also hope he will:d.)
teams putting on a fre display is
the Dee Zee Pros .of, St.Jeseph, who TENNIS COACH TEAM HERE: Peter Bur-
in their most recent match against wash, International tennis coach,
the Dominic aDefeade .orce- came back has offered to coach Dominicans at
from nil-one at the interval to de- the Dominica Club. Those who are
feat the, Army boys 4-1 .in- fine, keen should contact Mr.Stanley Boyd
performance, even though they were For ring-the club. evening. ..
under earlier exertions committed *STARSPORTS* Cricket: India. under
against the PortsmnoUth team whom the captaincy of BiShen Singh Bedi
they defeated .6-1 in.a practice, have started their first tour to
match in the morning to, Ctally 10 Pakistan in 17 years. Before the
goals fo-r their day. of.two matches. Indians left, the Indian Cricket
n other fixtures, hip-. Bo-rd told them it did not matter
ped Police 5-nil although they led if the team won or lost, bt .hew
4-nil at the interval they. conducted themselves. *Mean-
Kensborough United came close te while,. Pakistan have recalled 5 of
disaster even though the finalscore their Kerry Packer signees for the
against Prison Officers read 2-1, 3-match series, which gets under
Kensborough U led' 2-6,at .the inter- way next month.
val and a much wider *mafgin was'.ex- Dominica's',three professionals
pected. But the Officep6 quite de- oave returned to the State ;after a'
terminedly kept the Kensboro ugh for- successful season in, England.They
wards at bay whilst engaging in' are .Ir-ving' Shillingfcrd, Norbert
raids of their ewn. They choppe.dhe Phillip and Lockhart Sebastien.
lead, and though thby threw away Nopbert Phillip was named as ene of
several scoring'chances, had a glor- 5 cricketers in West Indies Cricket
ious chance of. drawing the -match this year in the, Benson ,Hedges
when they got a penalty in the last Cricket Annual. Others were Easil
minute of 'the mlatdc; this "was kick- Williams, Richard Austin, Derek
ed straight to the Kensboraigh de- Parry and Australian Jeff Thcnison.
fender, who deflected the ball over By the way Jeff Thomson has now
the bar. Harlem Bombers (with two joined the "Packer circus" (WSC).
penalties) got the better of Choco- His reasons., need of money; a ash
late County, beltitgtaW m 3-1 in a to bowl against, world's best a ,_
keen encounter. Next Col.) printed & Published by the Propriet~
.E.Allfrey f Mill House,Cot Hall at 26 Bath Road, Rsaeau,, Dominica

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