Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). September 15, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). September 15, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: September 15, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Colin Tur~ner (iLnd t Articles 1
P.O-Box"129 Dominica '5" 8 ,pages
UK Media RepresenotiVe- ,. Twofeatu-e "
c6in Turner (iond At
122 Shaftesbury Avenu One by Alister
-London W1V 8HA Engla Virtute Duce CAmite Fortune Hughes
___ ___-_-- d or APla l5;-I Iha f*-A
_vo.p gV II No. 10 Fridays ale4ber 1q7A I

(So They Say) ...
This is the sum estimated-to bea
spent on Independence celebrations
starting 'October 28th. There. will
be a'Meetirg of the House of Assem-
bly on l3veinber 2nd fer. the hand-,
ever proceedingse. Independence Day
is November 3rd..Jup-ups,culture,..
contests etceteea will take place*.
... This weekend the full cash and
power rf the Ruling Party will be
displayed in a motorcade and Con-
vention at St.Jeseph to try and
place their ex-police candidate in
the long-vacant parliamentary seat
Alvin Arniantrading, president f .
the Freedom Party andl of --he Farm-
ers Union, and his supporters be-
lieve that (barring trickery) he
will win. We wish them conquest.

- and to our ADVERTISERS
The STAR did net appear last
week due to technical and supply
difficulties beyond eur control.
This week, therefore we give you
an eight-page paper covering both
weeks; and we ask you to bear with
us for the poor quality of the
printing on some pages dated Sep-


Applications are invited from suit-
ably qualified and experienced per-
sons, preferably citizens of a Com-
monwealth Caribbean Country, for
early appointment to the post of
Computer Programmer at the Council's
Headquarters Bleck A thC Garrison,
St. Michael 20, Barbados.
Duties 8
The successful applicant will tbe re-
quired -to design, code and maintain
e*mputer programs and' assist gener-
'edly with processing data.
df icati.ns ... .. .... ..
4 relevant university degree or
equivalent technical qualification.
Experience with COBOL is essential.
and with'FORTRAN, RPGl4 and-Assemble
languages desirable. A minimum of 3
years experience in brqad-based pro-
gramming is required.
Salary (under review).
Salarywill be in ,he scale Bds,.:$15LOC
x 600 18,000 per annum.

member 8th, 1978. Alister Hughes Applications
came to our rescue this week with Applications by letter stating full
.two tubes of the correct ink. name, date *f birth, nationality,
-q----- qualifications, experience and the
WHAT YOU MISSED names and addresses -f two referees
-A resume of the .letters 'dissaprbov-and accompanied by two recent testi-
ing of MrF.E.Degazon aa proposed Imonials should be forwardea to the
President: mainly because of his IRegistrar, Caribbean Examinations
behaviour as. Speaker and that he isCouncil, The Garrison, St.Michael 20,
a St.Lucian not a Dominican.*Prime Barbados as early as possible,.
Minister (UK)Callaghan's decision Farther particulars may be obtained
not to have a gen. election-this from the Registry.
year was discussed (the- feeling'.
against Labour in Britain rausedit)3/10/05 Vol. 2
Closure of the coastall read p~o- 1 September 1978
ject. Camp David(lS) ne w fading. CFK/dc
And the Patriotic' Front' murders on 4 4
the Rhodesian borderland... -
______\_____" _________

_ ___



.n~ 41f~ ~KL' I=5r;~~nlT

-. Frid'v ., AR
ALISMT H BH3S Is on absignmozt in
Trinidad. His particles u h to Gtjyana
'J si v..:' Ange fC'r a re~.ersurp1v of
again next woek.
rfIh i 'L"Jthr Dominica. t'er he Min-
'Bi s~r dtd go to Guyar, :7i'EFd.
-bqL r th,. B 7. has Tidtt retul~o~ :~~dm
Roseau Sou tO~e
'.;l~bz--Ck, WiS uTCCessful or' 1:.PES8-
At the mnst recent sitting 't the fU1. in 3btaifning the fisfh We- just
1ouse. of A s, rb:y- b'1 v Vi rioised jdof-!t rrn seow~
that in l0jiS Trhirc-,; c.vr. of'li,-r bands To be fair one should not nut.all
and wives W .o h In the blame; on one side.. We haYve to
"Theof'"i.adm thafartoo.many, of usu have
bour PartylAq A4'?% 157 ,v6' find: an 1*exhaistihlke capacity to be
"The Shoe Partvy wi32' in tzws sep- fooled, ever and .ove a agaln, year
erate tie trrc*.! of r.' in and year out; and we cu *i. c kly
wives. So Id OM-y4cmsej, forget.,
b a" 1w'1 How is, it, possible that within a
over, tbri I's hfew vmon ths we have boen .led- to be-
While ,fl nth ss) Proinises, lieve that. the New $ocast comn-
let' s refieph our '171mc-ry vith' other radea, bedfellows of the ii.i
thing s -the Shoe pa8'ty cromi^ed usiniF. Sociaaistt Defmocratl~ io*
their 1975 nianifesto. Food PrceesB- iat, avowed Marxdst4Ler.i. vr
ing Plant; Aqricil.t-i-al Trantnng become CAPITALIST, wh.l0e
Schbool -in the N4crl: intir S'ctJ4ac aJled Bburgeois-Capi ta I
for Jivehiln e Rroa Qe ; 4bee CQAtfhTIaTl, We moay
'ondaz* r* duc:.% ti'i; 1 -;. ii poirt jafl'Yer l face zixC 1 r'or Ine
System:; Dc\vF;iawlwt! et Oo 1 be a3T.{t surprised .
TnternAtionaL. ,.`L-Povt) sjt.; j: 3 Hot At thc last House ot' eincseJly
oil Refine ry to O :pru 4e-iaq ti) preV heard .that' the LeS-d? .iZ te
provide the -pe op.Le p.jh coppo- Oposi t.6n, had ,t'aile d. --hs ..vo0
Venienees, bal,bh-; lratow,,A arRd v:ar Fort Youngq Kc't-.e2 ',i 0 A C
washing faciliiUts; Cent School3tha Co-operative jBr~ That. &he is
lb.di;' objectss tbr;xwba. t thpA, LDrQk so bOw. can s8hl YC! ALzl~ l
State and mn~y motI re, prcl.n.":ti Irui he country., W` bi-iU n
Mentioned aczt aF, an, after- Ithat a foxmer Prem!,h.r I::
thought in tbe Z1oe a1ty p&1 n tM_ eto isod to see to it tht.- L
for 1975 is. -the a.t lastt 21 ., vYr .1 wtel would be c waS
t~go1 or '1 5"e-ause bhe was
V ": h i- c ~ h was' efv:e A (,*AA* af-
with the lsasuciataed Stct s' and/or t, ,e cjeCt the Bz2:: V*'La:4
other.dependent or r.n..-ent oUIrg rovanenft, the turn.xbg m
tries Of thG L tn hflagt Ho nky Go To-ze on
policy that -,- -. ,d rt:rer of two innrc)'"ep :.
not as an encldt 1:r.. sbiz- nS to "n a. d n o0.11St
independent V -Z Do wrx11;
Wn ie A i euV .2) L~4 Z5 ; 'rcantP 1: '. hote) j re ) 4'0
,ffe'novi i, :ove a_*!,)iio ,:,a rP t lb-;) wb
promises. It Tzazt be ab~it t;o year t~ (n' c ,-,ca rve park e A~ d
agt hst a Guyran)4 f r c:dcw. its business and
arrived' eff the Roseu 6 4cta d At the opening of the '~Y'T ;
wth fiah.:A bi-- r, fu\ess wa e ever jTPADE'SO1,0WMr. Sheridan Gr~cgJ
the event, and we 'ii'.e promised a i a oall.-for a AT~20:r' :iien-
regular fortntbt4 y y 1 Aish'. Itr-,t r'I D giniica. Yet 9 L
To date, no 0;i3 h.-H Eu AfQ.ed the Smtpi-s sa4J. a A
us what became Lwf tkie boat, or. re 0 R --ema en' this -
is the fish0. s' yakvreg a e cn : t L, r
A few months ago it was Jnoc unc- S p d.
over DBS that tN, ,M 'inister.of .9 "-ub 19 :. we
I a.6 ly Kce c, e I bo u~g. k o $r

Pe4we 4 A T H
TIL yRG'~~~Wk XO"1Me A~n~a ^4oer or 10
10AfAMf i South4 kr inew


.~?~,;u __

#4Eft vi '.1 C" CI=~;IEilF P9I-

or cav~et #J 'MS

Ruest Pre
r" a cr UrIC KWf Title.
1 there'n or met

entd prs: tif k~~~ir l~

ibo 2978 at. *attr of a
9.00, a.* tit of 147

jiamt, paar1*f d Stb fPbu aid'
ountalibint 1L.2G *2%'.adexeeand "*WA
as `fo]oUWS 0.Xortilh-StEaat: a.2er.
*epeat*i& it ftzm laud of Igrwtis
Gustave Soutbt a -Piablic -aRod sep.
arati it from lsnid'of Gwveramnt
oaf Domitnica U Bsts 3AM4b sf Asa~tba~
rre JNarlb and Vests,, 2and 6of.

ae*4ueot &a oM, bel 4wqu ast rh.
Uted 10t0 ur vas cssuo or
Sotrmw,. Vidal a First Cevti-
byhis ficate, if 41-.
presentodb Sollci tie inre."e6%
7th ept.,. or.., of- a Portion..
? a *t 3ug a of land at ,'

tningS 14,6560 qiaMOR" f0
bour4ed vas follcmgwiK Norbth: TBI4O
:~)4thcaiu1~t ~flujrdi" Sutb, ~i~i~
ar, T ccrutut~:ak~$vb Fcirpn- :
r. & otes; Isst sar't I s-_ I-
ate,.-taa QT.tip MetbcOdi~t (bU2'ab

equ2 Bt7d a-e R ei 8t S pT
ed 23rd klexander' the 1 tup of
:~WV5a. pes~ac j.1 a p'frt Cs'e-
ep~r~nte ~rq:e~sear f~caI0 of.
1978 sdt Fe1 Ar';~ poot of a
0 -btwls Wa. 'tOfl Qf
*~ s8~i:'Lk~ ;o ~"nd. lcrcun
__ ~La a A t16 %t
r e, 2i :-i~d'GdbayLn itjG
oft._ Patripck ontai Wang
4rA boaildbd A forllow*%;
North: Land of Ane..ta Alcendor;

benjamin the Iasue o6t
aBt'8 by his:, Fii t' de'1.4
rented Sol

~torn e~f' Isn4
4wot'j., 41 Ptaimn e,
A W440? :fia We
hsir' at, jatfriok iq the'
mirdela, epjntaj;dnzg .-e8m3.

?o N~th.I
bu~rf~d~a~t1)9rer ft tte
of' q 49pl''~rlmn; Ind,~

bC larl d'ct"Coni1 alO Mrxare VIVO
.~-ua No: 4te, tuntto pBS~! ~e!ive ,t

ca a for
teaisilo of
AUgu35t4lt 297 rt~i Ffruti gert-

And lreW,iu1 a rr(N L~.a

~ontaW~g2.2 ,9~80 err4
f I3jtoWS .. Ila o f; Pt
Raa 8ea3~t~t~S:64tfrs4t 3tx~n
Jo~eph ofs

ApiLt 1b~fl, -t~ryer

24th~4C' vL.r ( i~tle`~ $r w
of_=_v_________ lPotie of
Roa i va I*a..Lot part of I led.
a1Ue~sf ~Estat.*.Un tbe Pe~aish# Sf t.
M.Gtew in the Stte Rep Dol&dM o74
~ibn8lp~g 4545 iquare 'fet end
tbouded as, f~llows:.. North by Lt ;1
Soorth by la .PaiU1e i~tate; sast byr
La PerU' Zsete; Meet r l4 d Fi-
.Mrve for woM Qwr La TIU. Was
]AM- 4cr&;Afne~Lt as o4 at 0- _A4
A itSt D


saw .i~


---~ 1- ~ --- 1- ~ -- ~ 5



/ '

Pan .. TwbAL V H a A, R S Atember 15, 2.0' 3,
To --ego, rich., She ha o .J ai
A"jeS eI~ MI bY,.Alist01i inc Q prie so re. i'a o1 i
-,thero, 44s-,e sTepration In her- theY cou tt4''y's. ~lr~ ibbXga~
voive. 3h` W5t ,a,,ed in a- rorwd- f Money1 0n pI'obleirl. L. pu; her.
i~m te ~irrow b~uoe.'ip, brder. ~ndd .oe~
swepating pissengei'g A & sthe; wantirsow 8. cac
tanobuy rfythi# shi wants'th -KIa
paspage tq tee: dearet-r lounge J h a ueperi ad '1bu '
'rtrai ': t Pirco ntettna2she, ne
Airpoz t, I6 hot t nd'oppreasive she, needs .
an& ~e ~ari ,cltos What,. thjbii is th pobent? W
and: "thhe $;.41 alnvaai A ~ Zo faianting, are. 8-1, pft; Cmp,, tbBbo u
p in 1 sllbLtY-he asi'd the Customs c citi"e~a.lf' mplkin, ..bbut
Gudird t o*'9wtpch -n the a e citr te f1anep n.aer
neatMat IMR atorii Kyes rhyis. 'the
: i~a ii aw aoa'4 -- y. 8~2s. i I I2 .
Tbb C*iiia dtn'ot awwer ixrnijedl ja-'t? EAstiest w{1.way takihe t,
toa. A JW0k 4i~t~e~iee spaced' 'copete? jr4 y As .her9 ,the said
o1,ryiS 1'*. iM4, 1 .Y 1* w d siht if petA, Jpe? ec*i -being
sur:~ tr .e ". -n,,. ~ni.
vur'pr9a.Q t t4t e e an Po... s are givi to thne8
sn i ey he.- qdtftioib`.'oair At zth i'rslacii
so 9PO .e the wop~an1 And, biJs Wi4 of ne I ad,~ k'ct-!'
Woii'Vial~ad -A so i 6n: one o
wbq 4sac1 edf ntMfl ~abiubbil &x-6 b 0,nd.:- .1~o on -I "
& Tobago today. PLady,"he .a-d,syauJd 9ide, r i* ." t& 'be hdlb -
you.' si, es'Goveinit"M ad ~d ; d''~iiil
etti kirw? Nqthinq workingK the aii i back o-Z: *t nidae ia b'ig
portb iPeweasioi ifi'thi 'n"t *1e4edion-year
Tht~:, ~t Stlt~e 'Uris trJe Od 'id, n the otherr Cr6osition fh'cs
-thitbgs -i Trir4dad j& Totage.Nathlng .'rwt,
ae84sI Iuto ,Work t;nd. breakdusownW-.'A~aj i '0 a aido beO .saCt~in 't1.
greO-tm~~ 'r:tb -ftr ob j ~ in~e'r.Att.itude
rikCe ,fths 1 p~epho!sei t. b'For m(ri Whatever truithi is in
tbfia ei'it~wersf th'e opii A4
tbhafi it- b':iS as lb ;1d _, ro
peorp1. Ir ta vC oi ofh to tiW
Wbe "o U gett; I'the ` ou wanl In' ,y Pzsidnt
''Put a'~ 1 Si& er oo
'f igdgi 4
whole aeas -rea som -mie a., ciat off, Jam: very conca,ae 04, be sa.d
fzb b- bf fthe country ., -4r boVit th gosa XnCf 'iiy ar4
.' i : 14 t~enJha~ Isee tLa 6 bout.
te ra* hitter t etr V* 81 O =tew
," t We werage kuthor-. is ot confiw to the GOy..
4tj (WS4ha oked* on p1ya nto"".~
i~te"~2~8 ~Y r~C~tj p~bj~tQ' ~i~Z~~nabd' i' e op -is :,of Trinidad-~:
%1Ve a xate woter sntpJlpR. '. All CkRICOM countries are
Water -oktigs, _howev er;*e q)ected ,- We are' all 'inflicted witbh
)6 the 6omplainit of tfe d~a,, tfib *rrrg attTitude*; to~ardea'. W
- erylay. WASA trucks ru-'labPt 91- thg Wi't atti ude tOOwk wo'1 S'
L~ng-peopje, water tanks- but that ahd tbq Ill oat
Aes'Ob uiy p so~aglarotnglynr
doesn't p sOlve. 1the problem. sv ery- u .e h 'UP SO gearril 'int
Orie can.' afifor'd a -private tank' and
'he -~ssan Umteze16$i*, overflow -of money.-,
jess wellmoff ra th8.Ccltal.oe .Therq is a l.esgojs here, I W,3tind1
I-~C~r- ~ \ btgli'v~ ioney 'Is- -the only'tt~irJng'
'E;ectricity blaokoiuts who ti'i-k one pi tbed ly t
^,pmon Supermke to frequ~Jy r needed 1'fi .prgrei should -look 'at
opmn- gupe rmsar quenPqiertl; arie .1 -6r
short oe i I .ayi the -meobf I Tr4nidad Tobage, and
Snnnion~. in ~ f 1.
.a nightmare. arcoe~4~'pr t seems _
dCei~gna 4 to "reatp 1ttnecksce and
injotoristi d Opiih bIt about 0t. Gecre
deterioratibg roa IS.
t4. I YA stamd' 4bygr these 4iw43 iida,
Sti Trainidai and--
#eo exii

Friday Se ber 1978 T H STAR Pae Five
STATE OF OMINICA Schedule Week endiLng Sept 2nd
TITIJ BY 'iR IA= lRATTON .AcT Reuet for
Schedule of Applzication for Certi- Request da.Clencia Request for
ficate of Title and Noting therein ted 26th John by the issue, of a
*r Caveat for week ending August June 1978 her Soli- First Certifi-
26th 1978. Presented citor cate of Title
Date of Person Nature of Re- 30th Aug CilmaA. in respect of
Request Presentvnij quest whether ust 1978 D-d4gny a.portion of
for -a Certificate of Title .r ENot- at,.R5m lnd-at S.lis-
ing thereon or Caveat. ,. bury Villa e, in the Parish of St.
Request da- eronica Request for Joseph, in the Stato of Dominica,
ted 24th Aug Agatha the issue of conti..ning 1,'178. acres .and D)ounded
ust 1977?.- payne as a First Cer- as f:!lows Nor-t.h-West by Ravine
Pre'nted. personal ificate- o. Scp'A2l;. Suth-..ias~- t by a .Public-'Read;
23rd Acgust represen- Title in: r- i s .:-E-ast by Id of Mrs. Son -Vida;
1978. a-t tative of pect oi a. i e :::::,e .. :.: ^ of Lenard Vidal.
ll .. .7.. Joseph prtiLon -f ;?-. da R;e.-' s W. Request for
Pi.'ye =by. ht.r Solicitor land i.- h J:---b. the issUe'of
_. hgeE ia CThrles Prt, ..."it ju 1t978 by his a First Cer-
the Parish of saint Jo~n ccnti.ig Presented Solcitor tificate of
3.92 acres and bounded as f6llow's- 31st Aug- Randall H. Title in res-
North: A Public Road and-land a Dir. ust. 1978e Lockhart pect of a
Bernhard Sorhaindo; North-East~i; iand 2.20 P piece or par-
of Beat.rice Desbonnes; East: S6uth: eiof a kMtown as as House Lot at
A River separating it-from lary of Piccadilly in the Village of Martot
Robert Alcxa.ndar' Garraway3; Wst:Land in the Parish of St. Andrew centain-
of Rrt7:>j Al,.aender Garrwayv. ing 5311 square .feet and bounded as
Recquest da- Thcmasine R eaut for follcows:- On the.'a
ted 27th caree te issue cf RoadO On' the East by a right of way
Jmne 1977 'by ner a First Cert- over land of Adolphus George which
prs e~nted Soli citor ifj-.cate of separates it from land bf Eardley
2S-3r Aug- enia T..i e in res- Castor; On the South and West y
ust 1978 CGharls pect of a p e- land of Adolphus Ge*r e.
12o,0 Pom, .tion of land Request-da- Philsbert Request fcf
at l:uiin the Par ish of St.Jbseph ted 1st Wallace the issue of
cont.hingr 3288 square feet and April 1969 ;by his a First Cer-
bound.ed as follows:- North-E-ast: presented Solicitor tificate, of
Public Road to St.Joseph; North- 1st : tem- Randali H. Title in res-
West Land'.s of'Myra Adams;South.-Wests ber 8.aS8t Lockhart pect of a let
arnds of Hue Cabee & Pen'ripe_.c a...of land at
Soqt'.-ra s.:Land 'of Methodist h'c.. .- Vil la'e situate in the parish
--- e---of ,..-ndrew and containing 2,303
sn ScRule-ne 7 j-' feet a-d bounded as follows:-
Request da- Williamson Request to- r n
ted 19th Delsol and the. issue Of" ., North ,Y 1aTad of Eutina Pre-
ted, 19th Delsol and th.. issue o v:,; on the ET t by the Hunte Publk
May 1978 Gladys.Del- a First Cer- RoaQ; On the Sf:.h by land of H pman
Presented sol byt-hei tificate of Richa.rds; and On the West by an ac-
14th June Solicitors Title in res- cess road to lard of Eutija Prevost.
1978 at lleyne & pect of all REGISTRAR' OFFICE, ROSEAU
11.40 am. Co. per that portion Ephraim F.Geo p-.s,Registrar of Titles
rTan GKi, Alleyne of land at NOTE: Any par6n who desires to o-
Ga]iJon, Soufriere, in the parish of jsct.ito the issuing of a Certificate
St.Mark, containing 897.square foot of Ti le an the above applications
and bounded as fol~ s: Nrt By PL,-Y N a Caveat in e above
anR:-,-d; East: By land of Ho,'el. lof t r appearance of these
Jhan Julese West By the P ub'c.Rad, iSch. ; .s in. :: Star news Paper
~e-.--. .- -- -- 'pud.:.: -.,d in this State er from the
A .r,:; ;. n tne notice prescr.i.. : '. last se ed on any ccupant el
ao nig- lands in respect of which ihe plicat on were Made.

Page S.x 0 '1' A n
_.T 0, .UJ U4I -h- T Der' _Ls 14 Q

* S*T*ARK*S*P*i*O*T*S* Morchriston
Editor t -note: Morchris ton, s fine
account of the clash between Kens-
borough U and DCP Harlem Bombers
was, like front page, Spoilt last
week through the- use of the wrong
kind of ink. There are a few copies
available however for his fans, so
please call at Star Office.
Keneborough. United, 1976 'and 197-7
league. chanpioos completed-a fine
1978 pr6~nmme when they climaxed.
their winning of the 1978 league.
oh Ppionship after 'their 4-ntl. vie-
*Al ~Crrte~i

A copy of the Estimates 1978
from the Financial Secretary.

PEN PALS WANTED:' My name is Mr.
Vivian Yarde, Address: Cave Hill,
St. Lucy, Barbados. I want girl
pen pale from 25 years -'to 45.
years. My' hobbies are music,Bible
study, games, travelling and meet-
ing people. My age is 42, height
5 ft. 9 ins, weight 170 lbs. Com-
plexio. dark.Kindly write to me.

ory -ov lv r- aa-.r uomubers y trounc- STARSPORTS* t. first match t+
ing Portsmouth 15-nill at B'enjamin
ing Portsmouth l5-nil at Sundamin Kenfs rou g U 2-6 came back strong
Park in Portsmouth last Sunday.*** in their most recent encounter tc
This is easily a record at that lick Cashtn't Ca~- Liberators ffrom
level.. As the cre indicates,,it Kings Hill 5-nil in a match t.hey
was a one-sided affair, as Kensbor- controlled from the start. Thezi
ough brought their tally .of goals game was as well organ'sed that the
from ix -matches played to 34 to only disappointment waa their ina-
six sqered against. Roy Murphy ility to double their tally from
teookfull advantage of-a dispirited the several scaring opportunities
team tp get -5 goals-. Dana HUrtault they made..***On the same card,
got 4, Cecil- "Ab" Eiwin 3,-de-fence- Sunday night at the D.G.S.grouids,
men Fitz Henry 2a and Trevor Knght Coca Cola Saints disp6beed of rTh
ene.*4 the match, played .under n ght. DCminica Police 5-nil. Like the
hearted conditions with both capt-. envious mitch', Saintsiwas aJwlyr
ans- eeing o make as many sub- previous match', Saints was a s
ainsa -reeisng to make as many subd the more formidable side even trLough
Situations as necessary was played they led only' one-nil at the. irTer-
en Sunday morning, so-that the Kens- va. They made up for their earl-
val.. They made up for their, eir-
brough team and some 200 fans who ier lapses by scoring four gbals
took t.e- trip could later-picnic at in the 2nd half, winning ha-duomely,
aone.f ::the.-mEany beaches in-the. CRICKET: This month, Dominica's
Portflmuth area.. As- far asthe ~ns. three cricket professionals will re-
borough teamz and. supporters were turn to the State from England
Soncer'ed, the day was ,a splendid after very successful-seaso:&.. They
success all rounds Portsmouth was are- Norbert Phillip, who- played-
for the lst time participating in county cricket fcr Eeseex- -lIrv ng
the' Dominioa Association Fo6tball Shillingford, playing league-for
he'mgue. the second consecutive year for
"Te:' he.ast match i the 1978 enitr Stckton in Yorkshire, and Loc-
4 eIviricr n league .is expected to be hart Sebastien, who played in 'the
seyed once again -n'd Portsmquth Lancashire League.
~~JWndO Park now under construction BOXIh: Former Wirld Heavyweight
Or- rndependence .celebrations) 4his champion Muhammad Ali will meet
Will be between Spartans & Ports- tonight the man who deghtoned Mim
mouth" on Sunday 17th September, earlier in the year Leon Spicks.
The second division is proving to Neither boxer has met anyone S"nce
interesting as the countrybased then. They. reachedan early agree-
teiiis become more familiar with the ment to meet in this rematch.Ai
i.ager pitches in Roseau. St.Jo- is expected to regain his title and
p Dee Zee Bros.'who lost their
Printed &Publishe by the Proprieto resign (finally) from the ring.
)jE.Allfrey of #opt Hall Mill House at 26 Bath Rd.Roseau,Dominica, stein-
'? :. ^ '

Pabre' `S~t~i


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