Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). August 25, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). August 25, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: August 25, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Telephone ECitiF rz* E X* Vi ,
PO Box 129 Dominica C v, "^ p
UK Media RepresentRtiL Colin Turner(London) ,f ;' A "'
122 Shaftsobury Ave., Virtute Duce '"Comite" Fortuna
LondEd itor -h s Shand Aolrey
________ ~Editar Phyrllils Shand Allfrey________

V'01Y. XXVI I NOy Aut"U

Death of Jomro Kenyatta '"
In KENrYA, a .month of mourning follows
the death ofre3ident Kenyetta a
great elder statesman.. Jomo Kenyatta
who fought the British relentlessly,
who had an En.glish wife .(their son
Peter works for the BBC,Kenya) knew
how to hate and1 fight and when to
love his enl.cies.and keep the peace.
He maintained a splendid race-relat -
ions atmosphere in post-iMau Ma Kenya
-- .
.in the Sis'tine Chapel,Vatican
" City 'Rcrue, 211 Cardinals are sealet
up to debate and decide upon who will
be the 265rd Pope.
Signals of black smoke (no decis-
ion) will go up until the white plume
meaning "Pope elected" appears.There
is no telling how long this serious
matter will take: but 700 million
Catholics, and manyethers, wait.

International Computers Ltd. is to
sell its goods to South African Po-
lice for tse against the Blacks.
A subsidiary of the firm, in Bar-
bados, protests vigorously and the
citizens wish to demonstrate.

President, P.A.Rolle; Vice-Pres.G.
L.Aird; Treas: A.L.Burnett; Direc-
tor C.A.Burton. Members: N.Prevost,
S.Gregpire, Mrs. R.Volney,W.Bunting,
D.Southwell, & J.J. Robinson.
Thurs 31st Aug: Special Anniversary
meeting, Goodwill Parish Hall. Fri.,
Sept 1st OSA Convention.

st-25 1978

CANA reports that P.AM. and the
St.Kitts Democrat have asked for
a By-Election to fill the Parlia-
mentary seat formerly occupied by
' the late Premier Robert Bradshaw.
rThis seat has been vacant since

W HAT ABOUT US! It is nearly two
years ,since the death of Isaiah
Thomas deprived us of a Member
for St. Joseph. The Governor has
* never moved to fill this seat,
Which has given Government an
unfair voting advantage against
the Opposition.
will be a by-election in St.
Joseph next month, but not with
Mrs. Bernadette Thomas as r-ndid-
ate (a Policeman will run). The
Freedom candidate will be our re-
doubtable Alvin Armantrading.And
he will win.

Mcstly all the local news has been
trade unionist, save for the final
week of the Trade Show, dubbed..uc-
cessf ~. by Government. DAIU sccx ed
two wins one against Qeest IlLdus-
triesq celebrated* in Portsmouth on
Sun,2ith. $50 ex-gratia pay will
fe given to, men, ad $450 to wol:en.
The unity of those who held out was
much pra, ed. T;3 matter is C bled. Inn: also settled. Cheques
from $23.17 to $686.52 were received
by DAWT for distribution to 9 workers.
WJLDC'A STRIKES WAWU wanen workers
3 s.o hve lost the banana in-
r- ,00 on Friay,Aug .18.
Grievances: employers discourtesy;
dissatisfied with redundancy pay.
Govt. & WAWU the strike or*
outside influences,*. CSA: the EDF
west coast road project wrkers
have embark;.d on a work to rule from
Thursday last failure or manage,.
ment team to accede to 7$ hr request,

-- -- ---- -


Ifid Pi~ftetpn ('1paitstL

THE S T A R Friday, August 25 1978

AT W H A T E V E R C 0 ST They "arrested" opponents of the
b-- ---Al- Hhs-- ---- sGovernment and tortured them.They
by Alister Hughes beat, chopped and shot people who
Events in Guyana provide another criticized Mr.Gairy and 'they
opportunity for Westindians to show created a terrible record, of un-
whether, es a people, we accept res- speakable atrociti-es,
poinE-biliry.. Whether we have learn- The climax-was reached in' 1973.
ed that, at whatever cost, it is Mr. Gairy's hoodlum'-s mauled mem-
our .duty to resist .the growing ex- bers of the opposition party and
cesses of our politicians. held them for 24 hours without
At the present time, there is medical attention.'That was too
widespread cobid-emrition of the re- much for Grenadians. There was an
cent referendum: and it appears that isl nd-wide strike, business shut
the strength of the outcry must down and the port was closed.There
force Mr. Bunham to mend his ways were mass demonstrations and the
or resign. But, Westindians have not community demanded that Mr.Gairy
proved that they can sustain the bring the criminal to justice or
pressure of protest. The present resign.
loud -outcry may dwindle to a whimp- Mr.Gairy did neither. Instead
er and the Guyana Government willbe backed by Police with rifle fire
encouraged to commit more repressive and tear gas, the criminals attack-
encouraged .to commit more repress ed the demonstrators. One man was
acts. killed. There were beatingsshoot-.
The Grenada situation gives ample ings choppings and broken limbs.
indication of what is likely to'hap- The police and the criminals looted
pen. Incidents in Grenada four St.Geoorges and all protest die. ,
years ago were more dramatic than Inuest
those in Guyana now. Protest in Since then, there has- been no in-
Grenada was more positive than cur- quiry 'into police action with tear
rent protest against Mr. Burnham. gas and guns against peaceful citi-
But today, while the situation in zens. The inquest into the death of
Grenada is exactly the sahe as it the man murdered ly the Police has
was in 1974, little Grenadian pro- never bee dmb~eted. The looting
s heard. of the town by the Police an the
test heard criminals has never been investig-
Indeed the impression is given ated. The criminals are still at
that "things have -returned-to nona1's, large and, in fact the position
That all is well and. that the. hor- in Granada is exactly as it was in
rors of official violence are but 1974 except that there is no protest.
an ugly dream. Against that back- The reason orts apsaret acre t -
ground, against the background of Otce of evip i'nst get what e hey
Guyana and the qu-estion at to whet- Others, o port lats- get what heye
can for tj m c;-es. n p-wer,positfl,
her Westindians have the gate to and money. Lut mainly,Grenadians
protest effectively it is interest- have la sed into the outlook bred in-
ing to look at what the Grenada Gov- to Westindians by centuries of Col-
ernment did, see how the people re- onil e rule. They don't like ,hat is
acted and note the situation today. happenirg but they're waiting for
someone else to correct the situatiru
Roughnecks They have not learned yet that,at
prime Mini2ster Gairy ushered in a whatever cost it is their duty to re-
reign of terror in 197O0. He announ- pist thea sr ng excesses of their
ced *that he had recruited "some of Todlay, Guyanese protest loudly.
the roughest and toughest of rough- But the world will watch to see
necks". These c~-iminals, he said, he her they bave learned. frQm the
would be employed in the defence of brenaa experience. Whether n nhe
face ,f force, their test wgll
his Gover nent and the 'maintenance wthef for other try hae twh
of law and r;der". guts t6 resist Mr.Burnnam's ex-
These thugs wo,.A:d with the Police. ceases effectively.
I -- -------------- -_______

Page Two

Friday, August 25, 1978

Madam, "Madam
I wish to congratulate John l I heard over DBS the Premier
Spector for his sober contribution opening a Trade Show in Dominica;
to the Bird Islanrt debate (the Star I heard him abusing the participants
August 18th, 1978). My original rp- namely the DAIC and DEF. That was,a
quest and that of the trade union: good start for the famous,first ever
movement w's that the question of Eastern Caribbean Trade Show-gistme-
territorial waters and exclusive Cultural Show.,, costing Tax Payers
economic zones be resolved before $50,000.00 giving free advertise-
independence, thereby avoiding any meant to the Garment Manufacturers
",suicidal conflict" with our powers and -emptying the pockets ef many
fu l'il rich neighbour VENEZUELA other heavily taxed merchants and
over Bird Island after independence. manufacturers.
The letter in the New Chronicle Being an inquisitive ole man I
(August 13th) by our Venezuelan asked many of the participants if
guest though misguided is a demon- they had got any sales and what a
station of the patriotism of the tale of wee I received. Even the
Latin American, a quality sadly. young boys who were hoping to put
lac-%%- i n Pemitar ~rh^ h~..B rC bk a few well-needed dollars in their

and apparently the whole of his,
Labour Party.
.If one were to refer to "Aspects
of Dominican History" in a con-
tribution, by Joseph Borome entitled
"Spain and Dominica 1493-1627" one
will 'find the following on pages
73 and 74:
"Exhausted by defeats in Europe,
hard pressed for men, money and
ships, Spain-had already tacitly
conceded to the French (1598) and
English (1604) and would soon do so
to the Dutch as well (1609) that
only effective occupation not mere
discovery gave a right to territory

pockets were grumbling.
Poor soon-to-be-independent
Dominica if the Powers that be
do not admit that they are taking.
people for a ride and can dish out
well-earned taxpayers money
$50,000.00 on the roads would be
better spent; $50,000.00 at the
Hospital would be better sper. but
of course 'my boys' must get every-
thing. Congratulations Patrick for
yet another gaffe or goof
TAXPAYER, Ros eau.

by Hugh Lawrence

in tne iLncies." Rev.Fr. Raymond Proesmans arrived
When did ,Spaih effectively oc- in Dominica late ii 1934 and son
cupy Bird Island? By 1853 Spain after was appointed Parish Priest
did not pos'sess"a single island in of Pottersville.
the Windwards and Leewards. On what When my first house was built
basis then could,the Queen of Spain just behind the church in 1935 he
have exercised sovereignty over blessed it. In .1936 he- had a baptis-
Bird Island to the extent that she mal font built by Rev.Fr.Deles,and
could grant it to Venezuela' in 1856 the very day it was complete our
or 186L,' first son Wendell Alphonsus three
Premier John must realise that days old was baptised.
his unpatriotic pronouncements in Father Proesmans made me presi-
the House could result not only, in, dent of the Catholic Action move-
the loss of rich fish-ing grounds ment in Pottersville far a short
around Bird Island but in limiting while. He opened a bible school in
Dominica's exclu-ivre economic zone his small presbytery for about 20,
to the halfway mark between Domini- and I was or of hs students.
o and Bird Island, Surely the t.n
people of Dominica could never for.. -e -this. CHRLES SAVARINAug.21

~ I __ II __ __

- ~--~--~~- '

T, HE S T -A R

Page Three

-I' 's U.. l.l .l_4 *I I .,. -- .-_ ^ '

Applications are invited from
suitably qualified persons for
appointment to the post of Assist-
ant Operations' Manager of the Dom-
inica Banana Growers Association.
Applicants should have- extensive
field managerial' experience and a
practical knowledge of- Agriculture
with particular respect to bab'aas.,
A diploma in Agriculture in addit-
ion to the above qualifications
would be an advantage,
The Assistant Operations Manager
will be directly responsible for
Disease C~ntrol, with particular
reference to teaf SPot Disease,
Banana Husbandry and will be re-
quired to co-operate with WINBAN
Technical Officers for the improve-
ment of Fruit Quality and for the
control of other diseases in bana-
nas, and as far as possible co-ord-
inate services to the growers.
Salary of the post is $9,600
(fixed) per annum.. The A-ssistant
Operations' Manager is a travelling
officer and will be required to
maintain appropriate -means of trans-
port for the performance of his'
duties for which he will be paid a
travelling allowance in accordance
with the Association's regulations.
Applications giving detea s o'.
education and personal background,
training and experience and quali-
fications as well as' three testi-
monials should be addressed to:-
The General Manager
Dominica Banana Growers Association
13 Hanover Street
Roseau, Dominica
to reach him not later than 31st
August, 1978.
General Manager ,,
2nd August, 1978

Schedule of Application far Certi-
ficate of Title and Notirg thereon
or Caveat for week ending August
26th 1978.
Sat of Person N4ture, *f Re-
equest resent quest whether
for aCertficate of Title or Not-
ing thereon or Caveat.
Reque stda- Marysaint Request for
ted 26th Yvonne the issue of
April,1978 Defoe by a First Cert-
Presented her Soli- ificate of
22nd Aug- citor Title n res-
ust 197 at Cilma A. pect of a por-
Q.30 am,. M.DuDim~rn tion of land
at Bagatlle, in the Parish of St.
Patrick, in the State of Dominica,
containing 6,900 square feet and
bounded as follows:- North by lands
of Gifford Defoe,Geraldine Fontaine
ne Defoe and farlane Francis; East
by a part of Bagatelle Estate sepa.
rated by a Public Road; South ,'
lands of Avan Defoe and Skeffinton
Fontaine; West by Bagatelle Estate.
Request da- Hiram Request for '
ted 2nd Moses the issue of
Julyr 1976 Paul by a First Oert-
Presented his Sol- ificate e
2nd Aug- ici trs Title in es-
ust 1978 Armour, pect of ap~ia
2.20 p.m. Armour tion of land
__ _& Harris known as a loti
at Belmanier in the artsh of St.
Andrew containing 38104 square feet
and bounded as follows:- North: A
Public Read; North-Ea@st Land *f
Camajia Eugene; South-East: A puhlit
Read separating it from land of
Armour W.I. Ltd., Seuth: A Public
Road separating it fiom land of
Armour W.i. Ltd.; West: Land o .
Claude Joseph. "
rW Caveat Note. Lease. see.acvA. r

MARRIAGE DIRECTORY published in-the-
United States. Marry by advertising.
Write for free brochure with detail.a:
Confidencial, Box 1003,
Englewoed Cliffs,
New Jersey USA 07632.

------ ---------- ---

-- ------ -- --- --;-

Page Four


Fribayiiubtust 26, r938

a H E STAR Pag-e 'ive

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate-of Title and Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending August
i2th 1978

Date of Person TNature of Re-
Reque stPre-sntigg quest whether
for a Certif'.icate qf Title.. or Not-
Stmn +thleC>-r*- rri-^ nkv Q

.I j,;. -: 1 .... _____ ______..
Reque -t ,da- j ~l.emence Request for
ted 20th Pemberton the issue of
March 178 by her a First Cer-
Presented Solicitor tificate of
10th Aug- Mc ,Egeenia Title .in rv-
ust 1978 a Charles 'pect ef ap,r-
10.10 a.m. .. tion of .a:ad
Eiown as a Lot. at Hagleyin Grand
Bay,.in the -Parish of St.Patrick,
containing 10067 square feet and
bounded-as folla~k:- North:-Landa
of Leah Jean Goudoux; South: Land
r\f "atTe da nh l 6 E d a+ tI sLa I,-*

ScheduJ.e for wk- ending Aua-19th.


Cecilia Jean Francois;' West:A Rca.d Requ:st da- phillip Request for
'S.- 4. l- J Lj,.~.- Defe the ssue.J jof
Separating "it 'from Lands of Emrod ted b6th W- Defe the issue of
Victorin: and Edward Thomas. by hs a First Cert
S....- P resented Solici- ificate of
Request da- Karl Request-for the 17th Aug- tors Title in res-
ted 9th, :eb Hector issue of a First ust 1978at Armour, pect cf .por-
1978 by his Certificate of 2.20 pom. Armo-ou tion of land
i Presented Solici- Title in respect ___&Harris known as a
10th-Aug--. tor -. of 'a- Portion of lot -at Berricoa, Grand Bay in the
I ust 1978 *nia Land known as -parish of St.Patrick containing 2710
at 10.20 am Charles a Residential quaree Feet and bounded as follows:-
Lot at Zicac, Portn-outh, in the North-East: Land of Walter Henderson
SParish of St.John containing. 2536 South-East: Land of Walter Henderso.
Square feet and bounded as. fellows: South-West: Land of Phillip Stuart; 1
Nori'nh: Lands of Mrs. Obed Anthony; North-West: Lands of Mary Baron and
East. Upper Lane; South: Lands' of Tousaint Fontain.
Morris Thomas; Sou h-Wect: Lands SA
Sof Clarence Godrizgton. REG1 AS ,I, ROSEAU
E h~~_______n E G.orbes, Registrar of
Request da- Theodore Requ st for Titles.
ted 9th May Martip the i a-n c.f :O7 "':., Er person Lwh desires to ob-
1978 by his a First Cert- jec< to hhe iss1. of a Certifi-
SPresnted Solici- ificate of 'cate of Titl? on the above applic-
I1th Au.- tr M. Tite in r.- atirn may enter a Caveat in the
ust 197" Eugenia pect of a por- o0'e o-ffice within six weeks from
l0.5 am. Charles t ion of ld ~the date of the first appearance
known ac a Lot at Caribpelices, ir o these Schedules in the Star news
the ra- ih of St.Patrick containing paper published in this State or
4978 .sua'- feet and bounded as i-c,-from the date `hen the notice pre-
ows North-b Land of 'oaissaint .i-scribed by law was last served on
p iasmT;has S of edoassaint Thli of ad$oininog lands in
any e Fedili a Thomas;ouh:Landresect of wch thee applications
West: An Access Road separating it were acto.
from land of Edith Registe. ..... ,. 'i-

Friday, August 25-, 1978

Pa~e ~iiive


Request da- Angela Hec- Request
ted -th Dec- .to- and Vi for the
ember 1977 tor Hector issue of
PresetaCd as tenants a First
Sl&tn 4gst in common Qertifi-
197, at in eqaal cate of
10.35 a- share by Title in
their Solicitor Cilra A respect
M Duig n _, of a por-
Ticn .f land known as a Lot at
Trafalgar, in the Parish of St.
George, in the State of Dominica,
containing 2.446 acres and bounded
as follows:- North by Trafalgar
River separating it from land of
David Morancie and Wavel Giraud;
East. by Trafalgar River separating
it froiam lands. f Wavel Giraud,Olive
ohrnsoh and Gertrude Davis; South
by land' of Sydney Bunche; West by
Sha;fcordr' Est-te.



*S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S* Morchriston "MFY HE REST I7N PEACE"-H. Lawrenee
FOOTBALLt' DOMINICA WINS CHAMPION- (fr. p.3): Hk'hibd us to sit an
SHIP Dominica b9camie the'new chain- exam after studying for two years,
pTos of the Cable & Wireless spon- &a;d I was one of the fortunate
scored Caribbean Youth Soccer Tourn- tc oi-tain a first degree certifi-
ament when they defeated StVincent cate oin 2t.h January 1939siRgned -
last Sunday. -Dominica. had been' fin- by 1the .late Bishop Mr o- Father
alists twice bef re s* luoky ,hird.d roeonmane bleoSe, 9.- nr-w. home in'
time in the compel t.tionwhich they' ~ ugh Sw;eeit -i.-n 3145, 9and
should have won on every occasion b.uried my baby boy 'Eupert Anauselm
from 1974 when it,was first initia- (o .. year old) in ,6 In 1 954
ted. when -.!: last son was born we
This year, Dominica played all na~d him Raymn...,
their matches away, beati.;, (1sst)' Montserrat 3-nil they lhd s.od We will remember him'
20 goas ag-nst her in Lte first 2 -. ..
years of the contest The next *STARSPORTS cod. this year's
round match was against arch-b-rivals clha4rlo-nship their gru el-
St.Lucia; to. c'phas:. Ze the point ling ratch against Potters United
that they are true' ri.vaj.n the match weekend.' The final, result of
had to be abancdrned at one-nil as- 3-1 at the end was a surprisefol-
angry St.Lucians protested. lcwirig the gaA,-itry of Potters
Then came the ilnal against St. who ihis year so far have played
Vincent. Dominica, having undergone inspiredd football. Kesl.boruEgh U.
the rigorous coaching of rational took the lead through Gifford
coach Vivian Rene, were ready to Walh in the e1t half, btj by inter-
prove at long last that they could val the score stood 1-all through'."
win the big one. One up, and Domini- unyrig efforts by Potters' capt.
ca had taken the lead to the inter- ain Ralph Richards on resumption.
val. Two up, and the issue looked Roy Murphy and Dana Hurtault put
t--7ifhdi doubt -hen h2artache again Ke-inborrough well into 1the lead.with
as Dcminica founi-the back of the Potters unable to break though the
net fo.r the third time -but in that. tight defensive ring of Kensbacough.
case their own goal. At this point In another stirrirg" ntch last
St.Vincent went into all-out attack weekend, ACS Kens held DCP Harlem
to get the equalizer bit in vain Bombers to a 2-all draw which left
as the boys from D.A. decided that Harlem fans deflated; jubilation in
three finals were enough. the Kens canp. Yet the Bombers led
The team was given a hero's wel- 2-nil at the interval (both goals
come as officials of the Youth Div- coming from Herminus ainanuel) a.::d
ision and members -of the Dominica looked good for another 90 minutes.
Football Association met the .lr-s .on But the wheels of fo~tune changed.
their arrival from St.Vincent. A A f-ec kick resulted in :Kens 1st
motorcade was cr-ganised in their goal; then more di.a-as- rously a pen-
honour, a reception -hel.d- at the Asta alty wAhich converted- t6 -level the
Hotel and a cocktail part later on. score. The match was a keen affair
Cable & Wireless have already indi- and could easily have ended in de-
cated that the tournament will run f'2t for Bombers but the Gods stay-
for two more years in the first in- ed the hands of change eventual
stance, and it's to be hoped that score *two-all.
Dominica can retain this hard fought SALRTANS DEFEAT SaslTS 2-nil
championship. considered a pr:i.e victory by
AGT_.B: KRSROTI TA.KES LETAD Spatans. Jeffrey Lawr'enc got
League chamopions of 1976 and 1977 both goals.
ensbroi Un:.Ited took the l:ad- n i
nted & bv th, .l.ousr.
.E.Aifrey ei CO- Hiall Mill house at 26 Bath Rd.Roses,io-2i:icaatZ fl-

Var, e six


Prldav, Altarlfit. 2Fi, 797~9

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