Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). August 18, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). August 18, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: August 18, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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telephone Editor '2610
P.O.Box 129 8bominaii
3K Media Represeni*t4
Cclin Turner(Lonrwi
.22. ShaWfesbury Amveri*
Tndon W1V 8HA Er lfoi


SIl 6^ |2WORK 24. N.Y.
SAliater Hughes:
a g Learn new or
il .... lag later
.i e.... lee .Comt"Fertun see page 2
Virtute 1~ce. Cowtfts.Fortuna

Edit-dr P1h41JA Sianab A]lifry
yo~c No..Fe v A~t18 '1478 Ate~Lf

WATCH THAT AVIS JISLAD' ISSUE., by JUDICIARY :- Miss Charles hol s firm
John Spector .- RTMo.eLeader of the Oppesitien
On 8th January 1705 pere Labat. says, despite the Premier's speech
landed on Avis Island and in his own and other stateneits: "The Constit-
wor-d;(translated P3y Johni gaden),This ution does- not establish our Supreme
island.mus-t net be confounded with Court.- It establidses Parliament,the
the island of the same name to' lee- Prime Minister, the Presldent, ~ut
ward o q gragglath ere Marshal dEaties not, our Supreme Courti it merely
k thneI r n6E.,. but the little refers to it in our Transitional
Avis Island which lies about fifty constitutional Provisions. The law
leagues to leeward of Dominica"... to' which this Provision refers pro-.
Mike Douglas .tated it was 98 miles videos for the Queen to appoint our
from Dominic4 ;. m mmpe show it to be Judges (The Provisions are contained
150 miles, in a Schedule to the Constitution).
Without a large-seale mnap of Vene- .The question is Are we going, to
zuela 5 am unable to tell whether ts be a Reepublic jr not?".

1-sJand.*estrof, Curcoa is-.the one.
-S-V yrIwL insxr. itit'b~

likfe to ei .te grant by -the Qpen
of Sp&' in -n 71865 r 71856 gives the
latitude and -longt'itude of the. said
Avis. or- Bird Island.
Ncw-ithstanding the. letter -n- last
weeks New Chronicle by -a Venezuelan
helping Dqminican~ frmers, one ashuld
Remember that Venezuela has still an
outstanding claim for more than half
of Guyanal Is that a question of hu-
man. rights or expasioxi .of oil ex-'.
ploration? .. .
Dominica has, in,-any.-case, -as good
a claim as anyone sizee. to my cer-:
tain knowledge Dominicans have been
the most constant sailors on and ar-
ound Avis .Island for the past 25efars.
The foolish talk and false syllo-
gism that if the 200-mile limit wa'
to operate Doinitica could claim Guad-
eloupe and Martinique must be -gnored.
-However3UNCLOS unitedd Nations, Con-
feence -n- the. Laws if the Sea.) '.
dealing with lju a l a j' d
exclusive 'eotiyrAig $ (dE^ e as1
a.ioW#~.~ :,:.egottion .-as any.
other laimsL K6ther for -mierals,'
oil or fisheries..
S(Next eoluihn)

FQOTB&I.u;t.. ^2NIC4^ A#Lt&RD1;JRy OR
fbnia~~t~i is pleased that after -
his hard-hitting sart-ile was in
print (p.6), a boar o f judges veted
7-1 in favour of Dominica's win ov-
ber St'iuc iay, Aug14th. She crcwd
disrger; against' Barbados *ffacials
was also reported. (See *STARSPORTS*)
Do you Want ur' fishermen to -be
harried and. chased by Vqne zuelan
gunboats, like Trinidadians. in the
Gulf. of Paria -' where the fishing
limits are not demarcated or mutu-
ally agreed? .
Remember,' too, that Venezuela"
might just declare a 200-mile EEZ
from Bid (or Avis) Is]jndl

This ends today it' is. the 6th
conference of Presiding Off icers &
Clerlndo oi behaowalfttf- rCainlbtia h
PaMiatWlnttaw* lively 'Ois Cu abbl6 on'
tht sPa*typ AAiL es 'tJfr' SU aeekk e*
too t '.(. .:m; *t b -
H6ndr 4t Bo&rtaa (Debiijpeaaker.)'
attended on, behalf of Dominica.

- ` `

cl`--~---~ ""~` -""" ~"`-1


rrua~;r, n---~--~ -- rr a~a ~e ;~ii~ I~-~rllP ~ I



i --L

Page Two T .:-E S '
y Alister" Hughes
prime Minister Burnham' s Govern-
ment has driven the Guyanese weekly
newspaper the "Catholic Standaird''
to fight or its life. The"Standard'
official ..vbi of the. Romar Catholil
Church in guyana was in the van.
guard of O.bPsitioh to Mr. Butnham'
Constitution (Amendment) Bil.l and,'
significantly Gvernment, s action
againlrt thp paper took place ast
month one, week before the Guyana
To underst'aid this development
one Iwpt know the special condition
unrer which Guyanese newspapers op-
erate, All ewprint is i-ported
by Government ada each newspaper
has a quoti., There are privately.
owned eprinteries but, getting the
quota is samplifidd if the newspaper'
sen4s its copy 'to be printed by 'the
Government owned Guyana National
Newspapers ,Ltd (G.NN.). ..
GN~i-,iprinted fwo the, "Standar"and
in the weee before the Referendum,
the paper's copy, heavy with fbrthI
right criticism of the Referendum,
was sorip in. to' NN. That copy was t,
be set on Tuesday and the paper pub.
listed on' Thursday but, mysteriously
the copy disappeared without trace.
Thib created a crisis for the
"Standard" but, working under pres-
sure, the paper's staff was able to
replace the copy. The paper was the
due to be,:out in two days but their
difficulties. were not over. More
copy. disappeared at GNN.. Articles
and news stories just couldn't be
found. e
Yet more replacements were made'
but, on Thursday when the "Standard
should have been out, it was nowhere
near reody. GNN claimed delay was
due to pressure of work but it-was
becoming obvious to the n"tandardts
m anageot h nt iti
to print tpapr* Ktvrarl]te,
s t lat ffTpArt, i"t ws A fa s i.
r*lugta *bpIc ) *1W.
That still didn't get things ibov-
iig because GNN said there would be

SA R Friday, August 18, 1978

Sno printing until the next day.-
But; the next day there was an
electricity power failure and GNN
said then it was unlikely that
the ItStandard" would be printed
Before tte week-ends that is, be-
c fore the Referendum.. Government
papers had to be printed, they
s said, and that had priority.
Nor, does that end the. story.
GNN ever printed the "Standard"
for rhe week before the Referen-
dun and no, work was done either
on capy submitted for the issue of
the paper for the week in which
s the Referendum was-held. Subse-
quently, the "Standard' s" maage-
ment was irormead officially that
GNiN will no longer print for them
and this has created serious dif-
ficulties for the paper. -
Because Qf less satisfactory
pritnting arrangenents which have
-to be made the paper has bae
- forced to- cut t- aise .by 76%.
Space limitations now prevent pub-
llcation of. several' features and
o articles. Reduced advertising cap-
Sacity has made the paper's econo-
y mic situation precarious and the
Voice of the "Standard", a fearla
critic of ,the Government, has been
muted. ,:. .
The significance of this matter
for Westindians is tremendous.And
the warning against complacency is
clear. Already, throughout the
Caribbean Comiuni;ty, some of our
political leaders show tendency
to subvert .the authority ot Gov-
ernment to crush opposition. The
threat to freedom if speech and
, communication is widespread.
Against this background, by his
Government *' suppression of the
"Catholic Standard" ,MrBurnham hes
, provided a valuable lesson whiBi
Westindians must learn quickly if
4i oracy is to survive in our
countrlI i. Be ha demonstrated
tbh *s witb l*$lb riuthless paow-
uneasy pa~pl.

St.Gecrgesf, G




Applications are invited from
suitably qualified persons for
appointment to the post of Assist-
ant Operations Manager of the Do~m-
inica Banana Growers Association.
Applicants should have extensive
field managerial experience and a
practical knowledge cof Agriculture
with p-rt i.-'-ulr respect to bananas.
A diol:,a in Agriculture in addit-.
ion to the abvre qualifications
would be an advantage.
The Assistant operations Manager
will be directly reAponsible for
Disease Control, with particular
reference to Leaf Spot disease,
Banana Husbandry and will be re-
quired to co-operate with WINBAN
Technical Officers for the improve-
ment 3f Fruit Quality and for the
control of other diseases in bana-
nas, and as far as possible .co-
ordinate services to the growers.
Salary of the 'pot is $9600
(fitced) per annum. The,Assistant
Operations Manager is a travelling
officer and will be required tp
maintain appropriate means of trans-
port for the performance of his'
duties for which he will be paid a
tr- 4ellirg a.llowance in accordance
with the Association's regulations.
Applications giving details of
education a-nd' parroAal background,
training and experience and qaa11i-
fications aS Wall as three testi-
monials should ',e addressed to,-
The General Manager
Dominica BanTha Glowers Association
13 Hanover Street
Roseau,, Dominica
to reach him not later than 31st

SaTeral 1 Manaer .

Britain has approved 'the sum as
stated above for the construction
of a 2-storey .admin.building in
Portsmouth, to contaip offices for
Community Developmentlocal Govt.
Officials, Welfare Officials and
those with responsibilities for
marketing and Communications &
Works in the region. -On:complet-
ion of the building"the first of
seven district councils will be
set up as a pil6t project. The
sett~n up of these district Coun-
cils w'xll make for greater demqn.
straijon of Government. Each Dis-
trict Council will be headed by a
District Administrator."
Do we all understand what this means?



I:DAW has pointed out to the Rome
SMinister that certain anomalies
exist in the Labour Standards Act
(no. 2 of 1977) especially in rela-
-ttfn to the Social Security Act
and regulations in respect of Mat-
ernity. They say: "It is clear
that an obvious discrimination ag-
ainst our womenfo *k exists";draw-
ing attention to provisions 28 &
29 of the Act and requesting the
urgent designation of an Inspector
under the Act, who would invoke
the provisions of Sec. 32 in cases
where Sees.28 or 29 of'the Act are
violated or not complied with.
Canadian diplomats will be working
with Mr. Besley Maycock of Barbados
to develop a diplomatic training
seminar in September; three candid-
ates from each Associated State plus
Grenada are being invited to tle part.
Senior officials from Canada's Ex-
ternal Affairs Dept, are coming down
to act as instructors.

2nd August, 1978 a paper propping or st*inging- R
363-2/3 better still a healthy wid-e-aread
._____ root system, using gmsuer nrc3at~cidQea


Friday Aqgust 18, 1978

T Iif E S T AR page


Friday,August 18, 1978

by J.R.Ralph Casimir
'The Evil Man unjust
Tongue,.. Prov. XVi', 4
0 Cursed flsh,. 0 wicked tongue.
That do more M ra. than vipae's sting,
When wilt thou cease,satanic thing,
To sow in souls the seed of wrong?
Many & good woman and mah,
Alas, you've brought to disrepute..
Why everything try to pollute?
Why? 'Tis absurd to think you can.
0 lying'tongueL 0 cursed flesh'.,
Miserable art thou forsooth,
Though hard you try all to enmeah
Firm stands unconquerable Truth.
Hail,Truthl. unconquerable sprite,
Canst not thou aid our tongues arlW
----------------- p-~t~
by May Christian

-Iwish- to east some. light to dis-
pel wrong impressions about Rememb.
reice day of 1977 when -I participa4
ted in the wreath-laying ceremony,
It was with the express permission
of the British Legion of Ex-Service
Men of Deminica, as any open-mindsf
person would expect.
I had consulted Mrs, Cynthia
Butler, their Secretary., over the
privilege of laying a wreath in
respect :f the passing g( my friend
Emmanuel Feuche, who was Lieutenant
of the French Forces here and who
though not a War victim, was a corm-


Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and. Noting thereon
for week ending Auiust 12, 1978
Date of Person. n Nature of Re-.
Request Preoenting quest whether
for a Certificate ef Title or Not-
ing thereon or. Cveat. __
Request da- Theodore .Request for
ted 9th Martin the issue of
May 3578 by his a First Cert-
Presented Solicitor iftcate of
10th Aug- M.Euger.ia Title in ra-
ust 1978 Charles of a Portion
at10.15 am ol: land known
as a Lot at CaribDeliceo, in the
Parish of St.PatriCk containing 4978
square feet, and bounded as follows:1
North: Land Qf Joaissainr Philip;
East: Lands of Joaissaint Philip and N
Fedelia Thomas; South: Lands of Janey:
Degallerie and Fedilia Thomas; West:
An access Road separating it from
land of Edith Registe.

Request da- Karl Request for
ted 22nd Hector th0 isaiue .:
Feb. 1978 by his a FIrisg erti
Presented Solici- ficate of Title
10th Aug- tor M. in respect if a
ust 1978at Eugenia Por tion of leand
10,20 a.m. Charles known as a Res-
a ntal oH; 7 at Zicac, Portsmouth,in
the Parish of St.John containing
2536 square feet and bounded as fol-
lows:- North: Lands of Mrs. Obed
Anthony; East; Upper Ltne; South:
Lands of Morris Thomras; South-West:
Lands of Cla.reence CoaLir~gtoi,.

battant, like Sir-Winston cnurcii4 Request-da- Angela Hec- Request for
who died quietly at home., S. gav ted 5th Dec-tor andVtc- the issue of
her prompt approval. Advised to see ember 19,77. tor Hector ea First Cert-i
Mr. Star-Lestrade, the President of Presented as tenants ificate of
British Legion here, my idea recei- 15th Akgust in common Title in res-!
ved the same warmth at his office 1978 at in equal pect of apor-i
interview. I'had taken along with 10 35 a.m shares by tion of land
me that letter with the black edge eir Ncitor Cilma known as a
coming directly from his home, to AMA. Du.pgny :_Lot at Trafal
prove authenticity of the deathnesws gar, in the Parish of S'.George, in
I wa e s teoM Sor aram'ms off e the State of Dombnica,containing2.446
'Cowr 0 p~ ~kgramme aN
Cenotaph, Concled on rae ax acres and bounded as follo:- North
Cnclued on ae six by Trafalgar Rivpr separating it from
iLanC 5o01 via oran-cie and Wavel Giraud; East by Trafalgar River separ-
iating it from lands' of avel Giraud,Olive Jchnson and& Ge-.r-tudo Davis;
3outh by land f Sydney Bunche: West by Shawford Estate.
(See Cave)t Nr~ pag;-, e Fia'- ) 7

- --- --


Page Four




S T A P- P e i-U

Schedule of Application fcr Certi-
ficate of Title .nd Noting thereon
or Caveat for. week ending August 12
Date of person Nature of Re-
Request Pee ti I quest we their
for a Cerifcate, of Title. or Not-
ing thereon or Caveat. .
Request 'da- Arthur Request for
ted 23rd Massicot the- issue of
June,1978. by his a First Cart-
presented Solicitor if icate of
9th August Cilma A. Title in.res-
1978 at .' MTDpgy pect of a po -
2.55 p.m. tion of lara
at Pastang Gmier, in the Parish bA
St.Andrew, in' the State of Domibie,
containing 4356 square feet and "
bounded as f9Ilotw:.- North by land
of JUlien Paul- South by* Jand of1
Julien Paul; land SWest by land of -ulien Paul.
Request dA m.ina, quo st fqr ha
ted< 14't. Benjamin saue of" aF*
JUly 1978 by her rtificate of
Presented'. Slictt Title in re s
9th 'August Citma. Ak, pect of a pr-
1978 at M.Dfigny' tion of land,
3a' '.m. at lianiete,
Dei s n the Par of St.Patrc
in the State of Dominica containing
0.483 acre and bornded aSfollears:t
'North by a Ravine. separating itfrom
land of Magnie Nestour; East by a
R- iine separating it from land of
the Heirs of. Harry Jo Baptiste;
South by land of Beatrice Registe;
West by lands of Beatrice Registe,
aWry Jho.. aptAtA And W1as 3mpth J o..
Bantiate. .

SSchedi for" week endit
Request da- i uth Request for
ted 3rd. Thelma the issue of
July,1978 Nichells 'FPirst Cert-
Presented Iy he ifLcate of
9th*'Axgust Slicitor Title in res-
1978 at C11ma ,A. pect of apop
a3.252.m,. M.DUp:nY tlon of land
In the toMv -f Roseau, in the Par-
dsh of St.George, in the .State of
Dominica, containing 1684 square
feet and bounded -as fopllows:- North
by land of The -Penh Sy1ndcate; East
by land of Mrs. Molloy Williams;
South by land of Mrs, iMo6ly WUlrmp;
Wesa by Quieen Mary Street,.
Request'. -Clemence Request for the
ted oth Pemberton issue of aFfst
March 1978 by her' Certifi cate of
Present Solicitor Title in res-
10th Au ,.EuLenia pe~t of a por-
ust- l978at I t
30 a1 Charles tion of land
aic nown as a Jot
at Hagle In Grand Bai, in the par-
ish of St.Patriclc, containing 10067
square feet and bounded as followsa-
North Land., of Leah Jean Goudout;
South,: Land of fFrancis: Charle ,- 3ast:
Land of Cecilia -Jean Francois, West:
A Road separating it' fro, Lanas of
Emrod Victerin and Edward Thomas.

Ephraim F.Georges, Regtstrar of Tit-
NOTE: Any person who desires to ob-
ject to the issuing of a Certificate
of Title on the above applications
may enter a Caveat in the above of-
fice within six weeira 'nm th date-

request A z.r4.nace Request f mthe of the first appearance. of these
ted 17th Ludatt Issue: of a Scheduleb in th Star ewsa paper
itly 1978 by his, First Certifi- published in this Sta t, *r from the
Presented Solicer cete of Title date when the notice prescribed by
9th Au-ast Cilma 4. in respect of law was last served e any occuE nt
1978 at M.DMupigny a portion ef of adjoining lapds in respect o
s.10 p.m. land at Str- which these applicatio~ were made.
1boseph in the -Parilh e St.Joseph,
in the State of Dominiea, contrin. psy ma VAT '
:h st te ifee t Marei.b1unsa aai, fihu ir.
W"h sU kea or
At1eny YS481ii Ma is toierse1tae t o all s1 nt of
separating it from laN f xce also ol tg fep' a n
'Alexander; West by land of Modest t r. posteardt.



Fria-art August 18, 1978


Papa fir(on


Pare Six

--- --L -, a- '7 ISU *ei r~r ,*.. U 4. *

*S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T**, Morchriston
FOOBA j Dominic tiLuc Mtch
Blewn off- Once agotn anotlr .
Dominica sports team have been' the
victims of a hostile nation and
once again a member of the Windwardi
group is the offender,
How often have ominican spcratsne
and women returned to the- State al-
most heartbroken at the treatment
meted out to them in pd' suit of
sporting ach ieyeme nts.
the issue this time .concerns theI
Dominica Youth Team in this yearss'
Ctble & Wireless Youth Soccer TVourn
ament and St. Lucia, -where a second
round match between those editntries
took place.. The match was 'blown
off by the referee (a Barbadian)af-
ter a number of St.Lhcian-spectat-
ors swarmed' tia field in pr test at
a goal awarded to a)ominica in a.
keenly fought contest at Victoria
park in Castries on ,Mon.Augst 14th
With that goal, Dominica had talen
the lead. in 'the. match. But the St.
Lucia players -as well as coianemtat-
ors, and spectators thought the goal
was offside and went' on to protest
by storming' the field.T hreferee
was escorted off the field. by a
phalanx of Pblicemen as angry St.
Lucians tried to do him ba1m.
This is the' 2nd time in the Cable
& Wireless Compe titiori that Domini-
ca have had to endure such hostile
behaviour from the St.Lucia crowd.
In 1974, the very first year of the
tournament, Dominica': lost 0-2 to St
Lucia in Castwiea and according to
all reports, the whole affair was
rigged. That year, there was a'fam-
ous organiser of the competition (a
Bajan), playing .Mas' in- St,Lucia be-
cause Dominic.,, had lost that game.
That same yed', Dominica had been
accused of ialtreating the' Bajan
team coached by a West Ge:.-Man. That
was the year when a."trip to England
was promised to the; winners of the
competition; the- yeaw- that the., fav--
*ourites for th4i'toYir tqEng1gWya *
(Barbaidose)Lad',er -bea<-1y y P"_-4
nica 5-.,4ftter Oopaetreatged 3-
nil This was:why thei (infa. in St,
Lucia (1974) was rigged and es..

in the UniteS 'States. Marnry
by advertising. Write. for
free brochure with details:
Confidencial, Box 1003,
Englcwood Cliffs
New Jersey USA 07632

from page 4. So I did nothing
independently. Save, of course,to
provide THE THOUGHT which was be-
hind it all.
Fq' I relpember that my gallant
friend Fouche was acceptable to
all, being a self-respecting and
of course a respectful young man,
JAMAICA' s new MarxistLeinist
political Party led by Dr.Trev6r
.uro will start Dec:Workers 'Lib
TARgPCRTS* e Hall was observ-.
ed .cele rating with the St.Luoianrs
and subsequently no team went' to:
E 0iglan because ittl. England-d,".
Already been' .knccked-out *rteca~nt
On Sun.6th August: 197,Barbados ep
the victims f the St .ucia crowd*
and at one stage walked off the fel
bat eventually returned to hato il
lose the match because of rsstmIgt
happen. So the week following itwas
Dominica s turn,..and St.Lucia with
their. win-at-all-.osts protested,
whilst an equally determined Dom m
(who reached the finals twice with-
.nt winunng the big one)fought ,n.
Maybe the St.Lucians were jus ti fied
in protesting, that'goal, because the
referee in that mna tch was Bajan and
'might have had in mind tte Sunday
the week bef ora., So this .ear' s In-
cidents bring back to mind 1974 and
a case pf the chickens goizg home
to roost. -.-. .
FOOTBT I EAGUE:Bombers ever Porta-
mouth Portsanouth. was, the target as
Harlem Bombers spearheaded by ace,
Wilfred "Fox" Dontfraid unloaded
their' botibs on .Sat. Aug.,12. 8 bombs
landed -on target with double that
amount strayi*g slightly dr deflect-
ed b me agre defences.Dontfraid 4,
pandy Peter -a Q8, Herminue 'annutel &"
t^.^1 .WB~ ~i~e~eaici r'* rff^*wii~t cA'1Yr**.^ A .. -. '

I rinted &MU s1*4 iby __Be BrXitr
atz~~;i~;~;RnseauD-0 b a-t~.l

- I

i'~ U`R

ffr-IAatrOt~~nrn+ 72~_ 7Q3~


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