Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). August 11, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). August 11, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: August 11, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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.O.Boo 129'Dominica
K Media Representativ
olin Turner(London)Lt
L22 Shaftesbury Avenue
jLndnn, li1V Ax-RA TRi:nlAitn

& f;62 EAST 78 STR

Cd 'Alistar Hughes;
.. b PSA on Len
Vrlr it.f: 1 io1mr npigtfor, ,;.+.x-.zy

E:ditor- Phyllis hard Alfrey
Vol. XXVII No 6 F rida:.Vyust 11, 1978 F]ftgen Cents
This was opened at St.Vartin's. y. y now the whole worldd knows of
School yesterday, (Thurs.) at 5 p.m. the death of Pope ,jaul.VT,..who
In his speech, John said he succumbed to a heart attack at
hoped td see DominLca as the perma- his summer palace Castel. Gandolfo
nent centre- for Caribbean trade,and last Sunday. He now' lies in State
hoped that CARICOM countries;, and in the Rome Basilica, with some
the Prench West Indies would join intl 200 mourners a minute filing past.
A large crowd, despite the.imminent 'He has been called a 'just conser-
"Hurricane Corm (which, weakened in- vtive" int contrast to the, more
to a tropical storm and left the liberal Pope Jon 'who preceded him.
Windwar-ct virtually unscathed) was He has. aeld ,to be buried "like %
present. Organizer.of the Trade si e .man".. ..'
Show,Mr. Sheridan Gregoire, ,also
spoke. The Show will continue 'un- SOMETHING WE CAN TRTLY PPRAJSE.
til August 27, mainly at t.i*artins ...Five '~really .beautiful booklets
but with cultural ,and fashion.shows :_ex.gisitely laj.d ji't .d.ill,.s-.
at St.' Gerard's as well. Exile One treated on DOMINICA'S NATIONAL
Siffleur Montagne, Cadence Clash,. PARK; written and wt:th drawi gs
.Waitikuoui. Dancers and Trinidad. by, P.N Srodny HBcnychur.h,. assisted
humorist. Paul Keens pouglas will by'Allen'D.Putney of theT~fTiversity
all in it. Many visitors have of- Michigan; published by D(jnlnica
cme here t(o see the. exhibits. National Park; Seryie in' collabor-
.:;.'. nation with. Caribbear'Conservation
HOUSE DEBATE ENDS WITH A WHIMPER Association -:Rrckefeller Brothers
Because Premier John prevented Fund. These are treasures avail-
-. debate on. the resolution floor or oly $ each- $5 for. the
Dominica to join United Nations set: Wab er, Wildlife, Geology and
-(saying this had been debated in spil Vegetation and to lind
the. Throne Spdech), and. was SUP4 Soils, Vegetation -, and t link
the Throne Speech), and.was sup them 'all: Conoept, and Purposes.
ported by the Speaker, theobody should let the opportunity
ition left the House. pass by'. In addition, there are
.Speaking. to Big R.A. radio to- .pn
,Speaking,, i ig R.A. radio ato tourist folders. from the .same pen
d4, Hon.Miss, Charles. Said to 8 Niddleham trails, EmeraldtP.ol. and
reporter that'Dom'nica's new con- Freshater Lake,
of4+fririn PPQFPPR to a RO1Dreme

Court Order but theree is no sucn GWfANA'S M FIT.PIAACE CONSTWT.
Order in existence. She added: PROTECTION ESCAPES -INTERPOL HLPS
"the Order will have to be passed m H s hs appeared, but
by the British before Independence". Mr. Wm Haynes has disappeared, but
by the Brtish before Independence.2 perm. sees. bank clerk and busi-
DOMINICA'S NEW C... is English- (men are on heavy bail pending, trial
man Dr.John RR.RWrayhighly quali- ,nfor $6 million foreign exchange
field. The post has been long vacantI frau.
SAPOLGY: .e regret that STARSPORTS went sray.

- -1 --~-C~I~l --

c!+iLrInn efersto a aprem

--g-'- ----------------------I H E STR-- ------;----o,.gur_ l9\
O' 0 TI C C 0 M M E N T by Alister Hughes
.The rush for indep-ndence by the smaller CARICOM states has inspired
a estintian friend of this column to write poetry. He visualises a
stage with several characters and from the lips 3f each he draws word.
The first o'tors .he sees are those he calls the "Miolonial masters".
As Voey turry off-stage, they chant,
"LetE got Let's got LWho donrt like it, too baW&
."Conatitutiongr? Referendum ? You're joking, me la&
'~dependence they'll get if they like it or not.
They're draining our treasury, we can't have that, eh what ?"
Replacing the disappearing actors, the poet sees a symbolic Prime
Minl9ter. He stands under a sign reading "Law ena~ tyder" and he sings,
"Colonial oppression is conquered and dead,
Independence has given us new life instead.
Freedom and Justice l But remember, of course-
That from now on I rule with my defence force,
Opposite is a group of people. They address a crowd and oppese
the symbolic Prime Minister. What they say sounds very sincere :-
"Brothers and Sisters, please hear what we say,
Powor corrupts and your Government today
Is corrupt. But, we re different, and when we get in
: We'll outlaw corruption, But, why do you grin 7?"
... St e w
A sad figure sits in a corner facing a large pile of treasury claim
forms and a small heap ef money. He's a civil servant.H singW a dirge:-
"It had rules we used t<& follow, but things change-up today,
Now is only verbal message, what to spend and who to pay,
Is the Minister's directions what little-me could d.
And when you see the mark done buss,
Who falling in the stew "
But, evwya~re on stage isn't sad. A group of prosperous well-
dressed businessmen looked in the direction of the symbolic primd Minis-
ter and flng a merry chorus:-
"Say what y6u like, the man living in style.
And why not ?. Ent all of us making we pile 7
If I slip him a dollar and get my 'low-cho',
What do dat Is pyEfit I I in business, you khowl"
In the coripr of the stage is a pulpit. Standing there is a pists,
a minister of -religion, a pastor. With clasped han6s he pays tb the row4:
"Dearly lloved, you must realise
I must mouth though wrong multiplies.
I'm a foreigner here, they'll deport me for sure,
But, I'm praying for you. could you ask me for more ?4
Ba, 4
Nearby is a poLlooman. Head down, he talks softly, &~ the crowd
hears him iumblo ,
"T. the law and I'm sure in the ranks I'll belidgh
If I know when to look or to turn a MZ-nd eye,
If use ar r Mtcu' th2 'po2IWtical' way,
9T'. A r Wrow ta l, $Io to tell, what to say." (Can!AlL)


TZ E' S T A R' Fridayt ruast 11. 19Mg

Friday, August.11, 1978 T IIE S T A R page Three
P 0 E.T I C C ..M M E N T by Alister Hughes (from kcae6wo)
The most interesting figures on stage are some foreigners with
vulture-like faces. They hold legal documents marked propositionn",
"deal" and"arrangement", and they sing a happy songs-
Oph Joyl Another mini-state, the scenes all set to suit us.
They're nice and small, a bigger state would simply up'and loot us.
Yes, mini-statbs are our delight, like wax we mou4 and squeeze them,
And when we've had all we can get, we pack our bags and leave 'eam!"
Simple rhymes, aren't they? But, is this 'poet' just being funny?
Perhaps. Nevertheless, these verses are backed by too much experience
to permit their warning to go unheeded.

A SHORT STORY BY LEN DEIGHTOR-PSA more....They sang the Internatical
...They were about a third of my
Anyone who reads intellectual myst. class. I packed up my books and
ery stories knows and admires Len notes and left them to it...It's
Deighton. There is in our Public not just in the colleges, though."
Library one of his war books: for The soldier guest said "No Chris
he was a great fighter-dhronicler it isn't. The whole damned World
too. I wish the STAR had enough mon- has gone mad, I'm afraid." He then
ey to reprint in full the short tale goes oh to outline his view on state
in his book "Deelarations of War". run industries, religion, etc. "Stu-
It is called "A New VV t^ Say dents think they are' the only people
Goodnight". But we can only review, fit to rule the world, and to prove
Imagine two men in evening cloth- it they spje.. thblir. da~e.' Agge.
es talking over brandy and the dy- Chris says: you have the aol-
ing log fire of an old university. ution, sir?" The visitor tells
The room is bare azd cramped. It is him how he was 6nee a dug addict.
the home of a young Doctor of Phil- He gtes'on: "the meot Imediate dan-
osophy.The DIPhis entertaning a ger is subversion...The silent plot-
eminent guest in no hurry to'depart. terse..they must be neutralized."
This guest is older, but under 40, "Evehnat the expense of parliament-
with a chestful of medals won be- ary democracy?" asks Chris. The guest
fore.25 (the D.Ph's age). He was says,"Especially at itq expense..."
a good horseman, a crack shot, a Chris asks: "You'd make political
wildlife preservationist, a skilled activity illegal?" The !guest replies
pilot, an aviation journalist and "We'd make political activity un- '
now a Member of Parliamemt.The two necessary..." He goes on: "The state
men are absolutely different.Chris must provide jobs,..oour roads are
the D.Ph.. ti thin and pale. the still only fit for horse and cart.
guest With barrel chest, low-set Agriculture inust be: revitalized...
rat-trap mouth that smiled readily, The power of the' trade unions must
drops names shanelessly; the boy is be reduced... give the police force
proud of nis guest almost here- a chance to 4o its job without end-
worship; he fights t is down. The lessly sniping attthem...We want to
visitor talks he looks at the bAois make our youth into constructive
- Marx magazines detective talescitizens, who will be proud to work
He turns to th4 boy: "What abut hard and share in the prosperity.'..
politics, then?" I've read Lenin this is the new sort of eocialiam
and Marx and Mein Kampf, and I be- that our party are working for."
long to the liberal club here in "It' sounds good," admitted 4Chris.
college," says Chris defensively. "We don't want Marxists, Jews or
The visitor smiles."Marx seems Catholics... We want converts,"say4
quite fashionable here at the mom- the soldier-guest..."Now we must act,"
ent." "The left-wing people dress, t-off: s pag
rather wildly, so you notice them Now homes the blastoff page 4

Page-1 Four THI STAR Frdy ut1,17

The unsuspicious' reader sees the
university as an old English one -
or even a mellowed UWI, with a bo-
gus Captaip or Colonel chatting am-
iably, to get a promising recruit
for his new socialism. And then -
"I'll apply for mimberrhip,"said
the young p.Ph. "It can be kept
confidential, I suppose?" (Through
the door he sees his guest's huge
new black,car). "It can and will,
Chris ."
',Good night, captain GSring.Thank
you for coming."
'It was ny pleasure," said the
man. "But if you are joining us,y6U
must Start using our form of greet-.)
"He l Hitler," said the your man.
"nIeil Hitler," said Captain Gfing,

..would like to complain to our
Go"yement- and to the factory in
Guypa and their Government for the
vePy poor quality of matches now
being sold in Dominica. The matches
haetly light; the sticks are weak;
sometimes .they give a spark and go
out at once, more often they-dont
spak- at all. They are a waste of
our m

CtONCERNED EARENTt -Hugh Ipwrence.
The' letter written in your Star.
signed 'Concerned parent. on July
14, regarding the breakdown of dis-
cipline at the Roseau Boys School
sounded rather pathetic. It is dis,
heartening to think that co.nditicns
in that institution may never again
become normal. The Principal of
that school (to my mind) may not
have been too popular in his style
of teaching. I-was told,' when in
1953 our illustrious son of the
soil and our f!rst native Bishop
was travelling by launch to Roseau,
his pupils of Coulib strike School
were prevented to go outside for a
few minutes to vave and greet him.
It was a very painful and regret-
table incident which shall never
cease to rest on our minds.


Applications are invited from
suitably qualified persons for
appointment to the post of Assist-
and Operations Manager of the
Dominica Banana Growers Asseciation.,
Applicants should have extensive
field managerial' experience and a
practical knowledge of Agriculture
with particular respect to bananas,
A diploma in Agriculture in addit-
ion 'to the above qualifications
,would be an advantage,
The Assistant Cperations Manager
will be disectljr responsible for
Disease Control, with particular
reference to.L.eaf Spot disease,
Banana Husbandry and will be re-
quired to co-operate with WINBAN
Technical Officers for the improve-'
ment of Fruit quality and for the
control of other diseases in bana-
nas, and as far as possible co-
ordinate services to the growers.
Salary of the post is $9,600
(fixed) per annum. The Assistant
Operations Manager is a travelling
officer and will be required to
maintain appropriate means of transa
port for the performance- of his
duties for which he will be paid a
travelling allowance in accordance
with the Associatiorns egulatiors.
Applications giving details of
education ath personal ,background,
training and experience ana quali-
fications as well as three testimony
ials should be addressed to:
The General Manager'
Dominica Banana, Growers association
13 Hanover Street
Roseau, Dominica
to reach him not later than 31st
General Manager

2nd August, 1978

--- -

- ---

page Four


.Friday, Augu~st U., 1978

Friday August 11 1978 T SPare Five

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending July 29th
Date of Person Natture of Re--
Request presenting quest whether
for a Certifcate of Title or Not-
ing thereon or Caveat,____
Requeot da- Daniel Request for
ted 18th Jt- Ackie ,the- issue of
nary 1978 by his a First Cert-
Presented Solidc- ificate of
28th Jaly tors. Title in res-r
1978 at Armour, pect of a
11.40 a,m, Arnour piece-or par-
______ larris cel of land
known as a pREidentiaSl ot 14 at
IPortsmouth in the Parish of St.John
containing 2134 square feet and -
boundecd as follows:- On the Northt.
ay Pembroke Street; (Dn the Vast: By
land of Harold Thomas; On the Sauth
By land of Gerald Wallace; On the
West. BY land of Michael Vidal.

Sehedule" fr wk.endini A&T CI.
Request da- Francisca Request for
ted 3rd Charles the issue of
July 1978 by her a Fi's t Cer-
Presented. Solicitor tific ate of
2nd August, M.Bigena ttle inres-
1978 at Charle ; p1pt of a
10.15 a.m. v portion of
land at St. oseph Vi age in the
Parish of St.Jbseph cohntaihing 785
square feet and bounded a's fellows:-$
Norths Public Road; Souhst'Land of .
Mrs. George Armanttradig East:Land
of Everlina Matthew; WeRt: Land of

Rebecca Shi ,ingford
Request de- Rolson Request for the
ted 21st Charles issue of aFirst
April 1978 by. his Certificate of
presented Solici- Title in respect
2nd -Agust tor M. of' a portion of
1978 at Eugenia land at Coulibi-
10.20 a.m. Charles strike Village in
the Parish of St.Peter containing
1,263 square feet and bourded as fol-
lows:- Nrth-Eastt Lard of Ellis
Joseph; South-East: Public Road sep-
ara+.tint 4+ it* foi land a f Ewi frchisaa

Request da- M.C.C.A.Trust Request South-West: Land of Terrence Laudat;
ted 16th Corporation for the North-West: Coullbistrie Rivrr separ-
May 1978 by .their Sol- issue of at it'from land of Thompo ie.
Presented icitor Vanya a First Request da- d.wk.end
27th July Dupigny Certifi- ted 23rd Arthur Request for-the
1978 at cate of Juro, 1978 Massicot issue of aFiret
U1.20 a.m. Title in Presented .by his Certificate of
respect of a portion of land at- 9~August, Solicitor Title in res-
Portsmoutih in the Parish of 8t.John, 1978 .at Cilma A. pect of apcar-
containing 2.70 acred or. 117,900' 255 .m. M.Du i tion of lan4 feet, and bounded as follows- at.Pastang Gomier,in the Parish of
North: Pembroke Street; East: lands St.Andrew, in the State ef Dom'nij.a,
of Anglican Church and Sugar Loaf containing 4356 square. 'eet and
Estate West: lands of Josephine bounded as follows-' North by land
Connor, Ityes Lockhart, Davis Rob- of Julien Paul; South by land of
inson and Mrs, Luds Caphelas. Julien Paul; East by land of Julien
hS eue rv wee en n Aunust Sh Paul.: West by land of Julien Panim-

request da Dele Request for the
ted 21st Laurent Isse' a Hrst
March 1971 by his Certificate of
Presented Solici- Title in res-
31st July tors. pect of a por-
1978 at Armour, tion of land in
11.30 a.m. Armour Atkinson in t1e
S.. Harris parish of St,.
David containing 1.340 acres and
bounded as follows:- North: Land of
Manix Durand; North-East: Land of
Simeon Laville; South-East: L;and of
Oneil Burton; South-West: Land of
Etty Laurent,

Ephraim F.Georges,qkgi srar of'lt.laes
NOTE: Any person who desires to ob-
ject to the issuing of a Certificate
of Title on the above Applications
may enter a Caveat in the above of-
fice within six weeks from the date
of the first appearance nf these
Schedules in the Star news paper
published in this State or from the
date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any occupant
of adjoining lands in respect of
which these A plications were made. .


k~iday, Az]l~Tust 11, 1978

Pane. Five



a h e STAR Friday, August 11, 1978

Applications for Certificates of
Title continued .Sche dok endi- ,
Request da.e Elmina Request for the
ted 14th Benjamin issue of aFirst
July, 1978 by her Cdertificate of
Presented Sblicitor. Title in res-.
9th August Cilma A. pect of a por-
1978 at M.Dupigny tion of land
3.2 p.m. at Maniete',
Delices, ir the Patish "of St.patrick,
in the State of Dominicacontaining
)9.483 acre and bounded as follow s:-
Northby a Ravine sept rating it from
land of Magnie Nestour; East by a
Ravine separating it from land of the
Heirs of Harry Jno Baptiste; South
hiv lsahi of Reatrice Regrite: West by

Poem: CHEATS by J.R.Ralph Casimir
The world is full of cheats
But the worst types are those
Who use their position to crush
Their subordinates to want;
Conniving wit. their ilk
By evil word and dee
To damn the aspirations
pf honest folk and poor;
Breeding hate, greed and treachery,
Str.'Je and utter devilry;
Trying to compete with Lucifer
And boast of achievement'
Can their poor victims pray,
fervent and true,
"FATHER forgive them, they know
not what they do" ?

lands of Beatrice Registe, Mary Jno ST.PAUL TO TIMOTHY -E.C.Loblack
Battiste 'and Wilmoth, jn BaptiSte o By goirg round the four corners
... ... .. of Dominic a I find that full In-
Requqe. da- Terrence Request f.r the dependence for us today only
ted .7th udat issue of aFist means that Mr. John would be the
July, X978 by his Certificate of first Prime Minister of Dominica;
PreSented Solicitr o Title., in res- it is sad. Let us look at the
9th August Cilmna A. pect of a por- instruction Saint Paul gave to
1978' at. .Dupigny ti'nb of land at Timoth: a "This-is a true saying,
0 Stseph, in if a man desire the office of a
he ishf St.Josep h e Ste bishop e desireth a good wMrk.
SSt.oseph, in the StateTheneameless
of bomIitca), boht, airing 1098 square A bishop tne~ must te t~ameless,
of Dminica, containing 1098 square the husband of one wife, vigilant,
feet and bounded as.follows:- North: sober, of good behaviour given to
by land of Mrs. Albany Vidal; South: hospitality, apt to teach. Not
by a .Drop separating it from land of given to wine no striker, not
Hubert Lynch; East: by land' of St. reedy ef. filhy lucre; but pat-
Lace Alexander-, West by land of lent, not a t wler, not covetous;
Lestl ne 'that ruleth well his own house,
Modest .Noel.- -having his children in subjection
Request da- Ruth Request for the with all gravity; (For If a man
ted 3rd 'Thelma issue of aFirst know not how, to rule his own hovse,
July, 1978 Nicholls Certificate of how.shall he& take care of the
Presented 'by.her Ti.tle i. re.. church of Gc'?) Not a novice,
e9th August solicitr Ipect ofa p.r- lest. ei ifted up with price
9th August Solic pect of a phe fallinto the condemnation of
1972 at 'Cilma A. tion of land in the devil. Moreover he must have
8.25 pA. M.Duqin the Town of. a oCod report of them which ;re
Roseau, thof St.George, w cut edt he fall into re-
in the State of Dominicaconhaining proach ana the stre of the devl.
1624 square feet and bounad as fol- Surely Paul's words also applyy
W: Nrth b" 1and of T*te Penn S to all heads of state who must
dia.te- Ea ist by ld of Mrs.Moo know that woman brought them f6rth;
icate; East by land of Mrs. Moloy ,the must have clean hearts to-
u illiams; South by e.d of Mrs.Mol-. wars womenfor woman is the mo-
y Williams; .West by Queen Mary the r r all living; and a clean
Street., _record in all departments they
por Cavet Notn e ve work. Above all they must not buy
or to-, .. ".yourg ,women to .cause them to lose
Printed'& Published by the Propriet, their head. but must have a pure
Robert E.Allfrey Mill House Copt heart to t.nank Goa for His creamt
Hall,- at 26 Bath ? .rA, Roseau, Dominica, Westinrde e.7 .


I- -~-`-

page- Six,.


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