Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). August 4, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). August 4, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: August 4, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Telephone Editor 2610
P..Bo:c 129 Dominica
!K Media Representeative' "Atetotn
,lin Tirner(Landon)td
aSha8tab y n Virtute .Dice Comite Fortuna

Moodayy is

-Editor-.,- Phyijs ShAd Afrev
~~yIN6' 6 rI~ay, ti~~t .978Fif teen Cents


Such is a headline in a Times: di.t6r-
ial this week: it refers to the re-
port on Lord Pitt's investigation in-
to the.Bermuda disturbances. We
suggest it may well fit into the vii-
ulent, scandalous and at the same
time petty closing stages of the
Dominica Government's debate on both
the Throne Speech and the Budget.,
Let us state that at first we took
many notes on that jping debate.Mid-
way we abandoned them and even tore
most of them up. Let us say that we
believe the Speaker permitted dirty
electioneering. That the speeches
were fill of lies and venom, That ,
.the debate was worthless and time-
Our first shock was when the .Pre-
mier declared that Hon.M.E.Charles
was drunk and inebriated, that she
had not really fainted. I was in
the H1tse at the 'time. She did
faint; what she sipped was medicine,
and-She sniffed smelling' salts; she
.has, to. the best of my knowledge,
never been drunk in. all'her life.
The Premier interpolated bible talk
int.i his; vWilfytation. Ughl.
The Premier and his men do not
respect womep. I go so far as to say
that they neither like nor. respect
them. They may lerve or love' .-
their cndcubines or wives for their
uses, but as people, human individ-
uals with important personalities of
their own, they simply don't recog-
nise them. Then, Min.Riviere said
that the Opposition indulged in mud-
slinging he would not stoop so low.
.He proceeded to repeat the Obnoxious
lies about Miss Charles; said Pat

Our celebrated columnist has writ-
ten an article within which app-
liesto Grenada but which,,with'
faint :,eviatibns, is generally ap-
'plicable, t all the ASsociated
States, particularly Dpminica;
though we must say that in regard
to our Police, they are not so bad.
Readers Read it and see what you
feel about his perceptive ideas.,


Stevens took $3,000 'to join the
Freedom'Party; spoke of Avon Cas-
Casimir asking him for b grant of
$5,000; declared hi (Riviere) got
a commission frcm Scotland Yard and
he would have to hire a' truck tc
bring his certificates to the House;
but the rest of the filth is too
extensive to recount.
We can only say that any TRTE
WOAN who votes' for these men of
the Labour Party at the next gener-
al election is either an idiot or
a paid fool. And how can they ex-
pect their "colleagues" to join in
Independence celebrations w th them?

Copies obtainable from.the author
at00Old Street, Roseau, or M:
the Star Office.
Price $2.50.

And if you want to.know what the
Editor thinks of them well, she
wrote the foreword.
So get ene before all are gone.


Then, there's the Civil Servant.
"POLITICAL A'WARENSS" Government employees are "'politi-
by Alister Hughes t ally aware" that performance of
y ster uge their duty is not always the only
Advanced Constitutions- have height,. thing asked of them. Loyalty to
tened political awareness in the the ruling political party is some-
smaller Westindlian countries. Poli- times demanded. And they know that
tical leaders, however'( have not threats always channeled this development posts, suspensions and enforced
productively. In some- islands, leave are used to ensure that loy-
"politica. awareness'l-.haas degener- -alty. Fear of these threats is so
ated into a destructive thing pro- great that to remove any suspicion
during uryy. maniftstations. of di loyalty to the ruling party
With tht most advanced 'CQnstitu- some Civil Servants feel they must
tion of the smaller islands,Grenada pht clubimeinisterairy's
provides the best examples of this Recent developments indicate that
Sine n 197, poi Recent developments indicate that
Since independence in 1974, "poli- "political awareness" sometimes
ticaa awareness" has accelerated, works direct harm on the country.
Normal relations in people cannot These developments concern the dis-
be expected always and the possibi- sovery of "Moco" disease in GrenadaE
lity of hidden motives must be con- banana plantations and the strange
sidered. reaction of the authorities to this
An example of this unfortunate threat to the island's economy.
situation is the Grenadian police-' Early this, year, the Windward Is-
man. The +Police Force is controlled lands Banana Association (WINBAN)
by a Government Minister and police- positively identified this disease
men a nsciosof short-cut promo- in Grenada and the Government was
ton harle oiIcalny aware" that ,notified. But, no official announce-
hostility towards non-Government' ment was made. Somebody just sat on
suPporters may stand them in good this vital information. No advice
support. They are willing to ro+ti- was given to farmers as to how to
s ead. They are willing to prost i- combat this dangerous disease and
tute their authority so that they nobody knew what was happening until
can sew stripes on their uniforms. WINBAN issued a release last month
At another level, some foreigners asking Grenadians to make it their
are "politically aware" that assoc- goal to wipe out Moco.
iaticn with what -the Government Distortion
cails "enemies of the State" could This neglect to sound the alarm to
have unfortunate results. Some of the Agricultural Community is another
these foreignrs havebuilt homes example of "political awareness".Of-
Sthese oreisaners ers have'gone ficials of the lMiniF try of Agricul-
on the island. Others h wan ton ture know that Governfant's pol*yis
_.nt' bfsi ness. The don't want to to create the impression that Gren-
be expelled and, whatever th-ir ad's econom:.- s booming. Moco is no-
personal inclinations, their social body's fault but these officials are
contacts are tailored t Qmeet offi- "politically aware" that releasing
contacts aretailore a news of a threat to the banana inaus-
cial approval. Social` presti etrsy mght displease somebody,.a fact,
Ther- is' alsb the so-called 'res- in spite of WINBAN's release, a Min-
pectable rarenadian who pretends to istry spokesman publicly branded the
b blind to corrupt Goverrment news of Moco disease in Grenada as"a
ppactioes and oc.preGion. This malicious distortion of the facts".
Grenadian is Tipolitically aware" Evidence of "political awareness"
that his or her sc. a, prestige will multiply as other tiny Westin-
that hs or h ientif with dian islands gain independence. Itis
has a value, He iaentifier wtn f an infliction difficult to avoid in
the-Government and, in return for small communities. But, we should -i
official recognitionhigh ranking not despair. This type of "political
o-f 'and honours, sells' awareness" saddles the entire commun-
ahpoisersn anpl ~l str i ity vith handicaps and when enough
h is personal prh ` fvernment. of us realise this, he experience
he sagging im next column) will have provided vAluable lessons.
ih aB-,- sre:ts hi h xeiic

Friday, August 4, 1978

PT ~ -~--~ --- -

Paget Tv~

T H;. E -S A

F f A s 4 9 T-T

Page, Three

Prec&utionsi as a reminder -
(a) make a thorough check up of yoi
shutters, looks and latches; (b)sel
that galvanised sh, tinr of yoir -
house roof is properly fastened;(c
keep :ails, hammer, wiae,rope' and
pliers handy. supply of 'god or timber for -barrii
up purposes; (e) keep a flashlight
hurricane lamp, candle & matches 1i
your house also' simple first aid
devices such a6 iodinelbandages etc
(f) see that there are adequate wa.
ter storage facilities such as a
tank, drum, barrel, bottles. These'
should be installed well beforehanc
listen to the radio. pay-no attent'.
ion to rumours. Rely on -official ac
vice. Get away and stay away from
low lying beaches or other location
which may be swept by water. Get ii
extra food, especially things whidl
can be eaten without cooking'. Elec-
tric power may be cut off and you
mray be without refridgerati tn.. Prc
cure a supply of kerosene and 'char-
coal. Bar up or brace your windows
or shutters. Be sure that a door ox
window can be opened on the lee sid
of the house the side opposite tc
the one facing the wind. Be calm.
Do not touch loose or dangling elec
tric wires or power lines. Report
such damage -direct to the Electric-
ity Authority, the nearest Police
OffiTer, or the'Ministry of'Coummun-
icatjons ~.Works, Boil all- drinking.
water,until you .are sure that' asafE
water Supp.Ly has been resto red...
Check four-battery powered equipaer
Your radio -may be-your only linkwit
the world optside.-sb keep it handy,
Keep your car fueled.Service stat-
ions may be closed forsdays.
When a hurricane is near gusts .ol
wind become stronger and are accnm-
oanied by torrential rain. Soon th4
full destroying force of the storm
strikes the island.If the centre ol
a hurricane should pass over the iL
land, the first blow will be suc-
ceeded by a ca3m of half' an hour o0
an hour, after !'rhich terrific gusti
of wind would suddenly blow from
tho opposite direction (n&xt col

THE BUDGET: Tax Relief & All That
The 1978 Budget is a relatively
Smiled one a breathing space between
now and the first Independence Bud-
get(wait and see). But we,,cannot
give it the eulogy accorded by our
wealthier newspaper.
Can a really por mara buy a car?
The answer is NO. The rise from $5
to $30 in car license fee w$11 strike
Shim hard (Roseau area).Portsmouth
has risen from $3 to $26.Elsewhere -
from $2 to r$10. Court fees will rise.
We will not go into the percentage
lowering of import duty I consumption
duty on vehicles. Suffice. it to say
.that more vehicles will be imported
for those -who can affornttham, and
Dominica will be tangle in many
jore cars.
Income tax: we have lorg awaited
separate assessment of for
bi~bands and wives* This comes in
'19 9. The boosting of employment by
proposing a 1% tax rebate for every
10% increase' in the number of per-
sons employed will have to be tried
out before applause or otherw!r.
For wives who choose "or are c .-
pelled by circumstances" to stay at
home to take care of their families
an "earned income allowance" (amount
unstated" will be given "to non-work-
ing wives in their own right." L,

This card is to my beloved mot!-er
Anne, whe departed this world on
7th August, 1970.
SPrayerful memory is that gift of
God-coming from me tq you.
Your loving daughter
SMay Christian,
5th August, i78.
NEW BRITISH CHIEF: Joh Edwards re-
,6 Bwa Sir Bruce Greatvba:,l-as heed
,of British. Dev..DivioyGaribbeaa.

DUbing the calm, opportunity should
be taken to carry out any further
precautionary measures possible,be-
cause it has been established that
it is the second blow from the op-
oosite direc tion which cer''-. the
rea,,est damag n. .__ .

I ,I I


_ .---------~-----

Friday August 4, 1978

T ItE 4 T%\ A R


WAT.. T -by Hugh Lawrence
The, aaesomatic movOnent in Domi-
ni~ the land of the Lord, is a
. good thing. But somehow it seems
t--fhat one Qr two members in the pray,
'i er groups tend mostly to preten4End.
:'boast. It may be that they think
they are more wise or more educated
than the iethers. They boast of speak-
ing. in toigdes which others cannot
understand. They do not seem to
pray with the true spirit of humil-
'ity which the movement calls for.
", was told that in one of the
groups a nmemer rebuked the'Church
Ministers that they were not Christ-
lans, and only now they try to show
We have to keep a keen watch on
themi so that we. too may not be
.misfed. It is good that' they should
read-over the book named 'Statement
on Ithe Catholic Charismatic Renewal'
issued by the Bishops of the Antil-
les'Episcopal conference, Belize
CA.Nov. 1976'. It contains all
t'he warnings.
WMAYRESS: Portsmouth now has a
lady Mayor. It is .a pity she is
described in the New Chronicle as
a Mayoress, which is just a court-
esy title for the.wife Af a Mayor.
She 1 s a. Mayor in her own right
4 Request da- Rolsoin Request for
rted 21st Charles the issue of a
L- Aprjl 1978 by his First Certifi-
Presented Solici- cate ,f Title
g2nd August tor M. in respect-of
1978 at Eugenia a portion of
10.20 a.m. Charles land at Couii-
IstiPe Village in he Parish of
St.Pter' containing 1,263 square ft
uand bounded as follows:-North-East:
,,Land of- Ellis Joseph; South-East
Public Road separating it, from land
oof .S.w..n Charles; South-West: Land
of Terrence Laudat; Ni-rth-West:
Coulibistrie River separating it
S from land of Thompsc- Adrien

Turn to Page Five for Caveat Note
rgelating to these and other Sched-
ules. *

Schedule of ippliiation for Certi-
fioate of Tu'le and Noting thereon
6ii aveat for week ending 29th July

Dat of Person Nature of aRquest
Request Presenting whether for a Cer-
tificate of Title or Noting thereon
or Caveat--
Request da-MC.C.A.Trust Request
terd t16 h Corpotation for the
May 1978 by their So1- issue of
Presented icitor Vanya a First
27th July Dupigny Certifi-
1978 -at cate of
11,20 a.m. Title in
respect of a portion of land at Port-
smouth in the Parish of St, John,
containing 270 acres' or 117,900
square feet, and wounded as follows:-
North: Penmbroke Street; East: lands
of Anglican Church and Sugar Loaf
Estate; West: lands of Josephine Con-
nor, Ryves Lockhart, Davis Robinson
ind Mrs. Lude Caephel s0i 75(7Ty 3
Request da- Deles Request for the
ted 21st iaurent issue of a Firzt
arch 1971 ty his Certificate of
presented Solici- Title in respect
31lt- July tors of a portion of
1978 at Armour, land in Atkimon
1.30 a.m. Armour in the Parish of
& Harris St. David con-
taining 1.310 acres and bounded as
follows:- North: Land. of Manix Dur-
and* North-East: Land of Simeon La-
vilie; South-East: Land of Oneil
Burton; South-West;.,Land .sf Etty
jIaur en.t ..
Request da- Fr-ancisca Request'for
ted 3rd Charles the, issue of
July 1978 by her a First Cert-
Preserted Solicit .r ificato sf
2nd August LI.Sugenra Title in res-
1978 a Charles pect of a por-
10,15, a,.m. t Ion of land
at St.Joseph Village in the Parish of
St.Joseph containing 785 square feet
and' bounded as follows:- North:Public
Road; South.Land of Mrs. George Ar-
mantrading; East: Land of Everlina
Matthew'; West: Land of Rebecca Shil-
linerford .

Fr -A y jk'a,,, us t 1910

pa~~ ~E~9U1`

SId -- 4, 198.Page .ive

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title end IToting thereon
or Caveat for week ending July 22,
ate of I person ji Nature o-fRe-
Request PresentiTg quest whether
for ertificate of Title or Not-
ing thereon or Caveat.
SRequest da- Ellis Shii- Request for
ted 15th lirigford the issue
March 1978 by his of a First
presented Solicitor Certifiatea
19th July Vanya of Title.
1978 at Dupigny in respect
2,35 p.m.- -of a por-
tion of- la-d at St. JoseJph.Vil.age
in the Parish of St.Joseph eojinain-
ing 13i0 square feet and bounded as
follows:- North-Ea'st- Land of IMs.
Selwyn Shillingforord-North-We stThe
Public Road .separating it from land
of Louisa Riviere; South-East: Lahd
of Temet Laurent; South-West: L
of Shand Jollyo p
Request da Florie Request for '
ted 24th Abrah&a the issue of a
JUly, 1978 as Pers- New Certificate
Presented onal Rep- of-Title in
24th July recenta- respect of a
1978 at ti-s of portion of Jand
4.15 p.,.in, Inr.av -. known as a Lot
Abraham. de Eastward Ft.Amie as the Parish of
Personal. Representa- St Andrew, in
tive:, o Pierre St. the State, of'
Aiise deceased by Dominica con-
their -Solicitor CiM training 40.0'
A.M.-Dupir.~a aeres ead bou-n -
ed as ~ oliovs: Norh-East by -land
of Heirs',of' Cherie Lewis end Law-
rence Andrew; North-West by Hodges
River asprating' it from land of
Hodges Estate and Subaina Gutter
separating itb from land of'Edwin
Carbon; East by' land of-Lawrence
Andrew, McDonald Etinbffe and Enoch
Anthony; South by land of Redilia
Andrew; West by Subaina Gutter
separating it from land of Leroy
Robin, ,oise Honore and Masby
Ben.amfi*. .____

Schedule for

week ending J y 29th'

Bgtest da- Modes Reqgest for
ted 22nd, Etienne the :issue of
May, 1978 by his a First Cer-
Presented Solici- tificate of
26th' July tor M. Title in res-
1978. at Eugenia pect of a
1130 a... Charles portion of
land known as a lot at pepper' Pen-
,ville in the Parish of Saint Andrew
containing 18,533 square feet and
bounded as follows?- North: Land of
Modes Etienne; East: a F'oot-path
separating, it from land of Haristy
Marcelon and Valarie Gilbert;South:
La~ of Howard Jean and., Neomy Gil-
barl.t; West: Land of Mrs. Gilberta

Request da- Daniel Request for
ted 13th Ackie the issue- of
Ja8nuar VyB .by his a First Cert-
Presented Solici- ificate of
28th July tors Title in res-
1978 at Armour, pect of a
11.40 a.m. Armour piece r: par-
SHarris eel of land
known as a Residential Lot 14 at
Portanouth in the Parish of St',John
containing 2134 square feet a: .
bounded as follows:- On the North:
By Pembroke Street; On the West: By
land of Harold Thomas; On the South:
By land of Gerald Wallace; On the
West: By land nof Michae Vidal. .
Ephraim F.Georges,Registrar of Titles
NOTE: Any person who desires to ob-
ject to the issui-ng of a Certiff.ate
of Title on the above Applicatior-s
may enter, a Caveat in the above
office within six weeks from' thedate
of t-he- first appearance of these
Schedules in the Star news paper
published in this State or from the
date when the notice predscri'bed by
ilaw was last served nn any occupant
o1Cf adjoining lands in respect of
which these Applications were made.
NW-- N w -
-from LROSE & CO0
Dora Simon (Scotts Head) to Wesley
High School- Claire Serailin(Sou fiere)
to Convent figh School- and Phillip
Academy., The three pupils f-ro that
ios last year will continue to be
978/9 academic year.This is COID NEWSL

Williams (Sc.ottsHead) to St.Mary s
district who were awarded scholarsh
supported by L.Rose & Co. for the 1

Psriday, 'August 4, 1978


pa~e Five

FOO BA p Setback for the' Bombers
'The karAet Bombers started in grand TRANSMISSION LINES AND INSULATORS
stylee in their very first league BY A PERSON OR PERSONS UNKNOWN WHO
match against Saintis, playing a fasY A PERG PSONO TS AND BULLETS WN-
game which' saw them. one-up, inside THE CFBLER THIS AD CAUSING THE
10 minutes. They continued to look TO THE CABLES. THIS IS CAUSING THE
good-untl1 theintervalt bt bythen GENERAL PUBLIC AS WELL AS THE COM-
goodc-unti4. the interval, tPAN GRyIT INCONVENIENCE.
-the 'Coca .la Saints defenders were PAN G T INCONVENIENCE.
playing a tight game: AS A RESULT OF THIS VANDALISM, HE
Iqto the second half, Saints' mid POWER SUPPLIES TO THE NORTH HAD TO
field and forward line' started m9sh-BE TAKEN QUT OF SERVICEON JULY
ing, and. the match suddenly looked 21ST 0 TIiAT TH~ DAMAGED SECTION
different as the young Saits aide COULD BE REPLACED.
(average age about 20 years) piled
on'the pressure. To acute observers DOMINICA ELECTRICITY SERVICES LTD.
it looked like the Bombers were WOULD BE GRATEFUL FR ANY INFORMA-
burnt for' stamina. *' Midway in the TION FROM THE.PUBLIC WHICH WILL LEAD
half,Saints collected the long- TO THE IDENTITY OF THE VANDALS RES-7
sought equalizer through C.Burgins, PONSIBLE FOR THIS DAMAGE. /
which. deflated the Harlem supporters_ _______
oven more'than the players. Some *STARSPORTS BOXING: Cn Sunda :-
ton minutes tn the .cnd, Saints once nigt th JlyDominica Jay-
again fou the back of the Harlem cees were promoters of a boxing card
.Bombers' net which exploded into held at the Roseau Boys School.
jubilant celebrations by the Saints -n a lack-lustre bout, Young Dor-
.and their'supporters onlyto see. set lost on points to Young Corbette
the goal disallowed by Clayton Mun- (Picaxe)'. In the comic fight of the
ro on an alleged offside (which sur-night Kid Spoiler, after making rings
priced Harlem & Co. as much as the around the ring, soon went out thxkgh
. Saints faction,. the ropes, claiming that his hand was
The match ended one-all with most hurt as he faced Kid Tete. Young
Present convinced that Harlem had Flite,brother to Kid Flite, notched
been let off the hook by the refereemp another win in the fight of
Meanwhile Potters United follow- the evening: beating Young Ferdinand
ing their 2-1 win over ACS Kens on points.
moved to the top of the standing CCT England defeated New Zea-
with a 4-'1 victory over Portsmouth land by seven wickets in their first
at Benjamin Park Portsmouth. test sev- 1
hensborough United and A,C.S.Kens -
clashed at Windsor park Ot Thursday BRAVE BALP QNSTS CROSS ATLANTIC:
Afternoonn" Resultt Kensbiroug- U. Britishers 'Do:'-ld Camerqn &.Christoj-
beat ACS Kens 3-2. her Davey were forced to descend some
In a second division match Kens- 200 kilometres west of the French port
borough U., defeated St.Joseph Dee of' Brest,after crossing 'the Atlantic
Zee "'bs 6-2. from America (leaving Newfoundland
ATHLETICS: The Dominica aycees wednesday last week). They are safe
hec s a W sParkecon and swell. They came overly baloo
athletics meet at WindsorPark on
Sunday, July 30th. Just under 100 CHRISTINA ONASSIS WEDS SOVIET MAN:
local athletes participated in the but she will keep her own surname.
yday's activities as asoaa team .LaSt Tuesday at the Palals des Mar-
0rom Barbadosl cale Freedom Str d-riages" in Moscow Christina married
acce. uy all accnt he met ica Soviet civil servant Serguel Kaouzov,
a successful affair A minican She is th Greekmarimenire
athletic team is expected to take Prlinted & Pu ihedy th r
DBat nid-urbados. I te n rrbados e y the Proi Se-
pt Z'Hall, at 2-6 -ath Road, Roseau, 48~ni k efy of Mill House


T H: E 9 T A R Friday, August 41 19785

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