Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). July 28, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). July 28, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: July 28, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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. Telephone Editor 2610a j | .... seRC. u -T
'.*.O.Box 129 Dominica 4 i o
UK 'Media Representtti
Colln Turner(LondanOL
122 AShatesbury: "ve HH nose 'Debate
-. Vs rAw a Virtue Duce -Comite Fortuna e ebn
Editor Phyllis Shand Allfrey
Vol XXVII No. 4 Frids~,JUly 28, 1978 Fifth ee~ f ts
-'--k- ---------1 N '* 1r ---^--- ---- ------ --31-r-------- -
CHANGED OUR CONSTI TT :60N by John Spector

(British hI:s Service Release)
The Dominica Termination of Assoc-
iation order which allows for the
Independence of Dominica on 3 Nov-
ember 1978, was approved by the'
House of Lords Mohday 24 July. The
Order was approved in the House of
Commons on 21 Julj.
Now 21st Jua.y was Friday a week
ago. Cables from organiEations such
as the Bar As oci a:ion, Employers
Organism at in :3 ,' Trade Unions etc,
were despatched onWednesday 19th
to Mr.. Ted Rowlands and Dr ,D.Owen,9:
of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office,
Serious complaints were laid against.
Section 56 3 & 5 of the proposed
Constitution. These complaints,
long promoted by the Dominica Free-
dom Party, were noted.
-n Thursday came the bIg Patria-
tic meeting in Roseau. This was no
secret to -ohe British.
On Friday 21st, the Order came
before the House of Commons at about
3 p.m. The British had contacted
.Patrick John. The alterations were
made. Ai-< be re they are:-
56.(3) The electoral. Commission
shall consist of (a)' a cbarman
,appointed by the Presidehn, acting
in his own deliberate judgment; -
Cb) two members appointed by the
President, acting in acccrdanceytth
the advice of the Prime M~Ister
T7 Two members appointed' by-the
President acting in accordance with,
the advice of the Lender cf the' 9]-
otsitionr0New wording underlined)
5T ...a member of a Commr'.ssicn Who
has b en appointed shall v-acate his
office (a) at the fir-st sitting
of the House atter the dissolution
of Priament.- So that's that.

I have been absolutely appalled
at the way the .Parliament 6f Domi-
iica has been conducted since the
advent of the Outside Broadcast.
Debate in the House (he'ver of a
very high order) has degenerated to
repeated vilification by the Gov-
ernment benches of anyone. or every-
one who has criticized Government
policy. The facade of "Mr.Speaker"/
interjected into every paragraph
does not fool anyone: 4ad I hope
least of all the Speaker, With al-
most no exceptions the Government
benches 4re' addressing:the populace
through Ait, hoCme radios- n. portebl
transistors. So the Dirty: Shoe be-
comes dirtier still with verbal.
The object of all this wiuld
seem to be a general desire (so
often shown by an adolescent wit -
an inferiority complex) to denig-
rate everything and everybody who
might dare to criticise him.
This type of screaming hyperbole
(used so effectively by Hitler),
tends to antagonise men of goodwill
and at the same time inflame the
ignorant with brutish desires for
violence, rudeness and disrespect
for all those things which give
quality to life.
rhe chances in Domiiica of every
person in every walk 9f life pull-
ing together to make Indepenadnce
worthy of Dominica and Dominica
worth of Independence are receding
rapidly into Limbo.
She will open Commonwealth Games
at Edmonton. Nigeria has opted out
because of alleged NZ partiality to
South Africa. Some other African
countries are annoyed with Nigeria.

~ YII; E~ h+h

Friday, July 28, 1979

FREEING THE FLVW 07 IDEAS gigantic black to regional corn-
by Alister Hughes mnicaLtion of ideas. Obstacles are
Dr. George Beckford, Professor placed in the path cf those who
of Economics at the University of would speak 'out on issues of the
the West Indies (UWI), was the key- day and the hbl-e fr' this rees
note speaker at a recent conference squarely oL. the shoulders of. cur
at Michigan State JUIiversity.Theme, pol.iticians... ..
of. the conference was, I"Thet c w The pajbem is that We&atindian,
Carlbbean, 'its socio-political, evo- political leaders are afraid of
lutiQn"., and there was a Westindian'i4deat which threaten their position.
team -on hand to discuss the subject. The-y laqk confidence that the.i-
"W-th professor BecllIord Was Mr a 'tllrit attlc.ns can measure un; i.o
Kit Nasc$mento, Mi.nister of State t.h'l challenge of cl:baTge. They pr,-
in'the Gyyarna Prime Minister'' of- focr their electorates to be ex-
fice". Alpo there, were Mr.Doald-- pdoed only to their political
Blkily Barbados ITU repres-:tat- thVoug-hts. and, many of them take sta-os
ive, Mr. Wil.mot Perklns, Ja~:Eica to ensure this.
'Daily GGea:nr', ar. DM,. : In t)is connection, UWI! lecturers
pipchai'd pheltenhaim, Chairmen of the have bedn par-ticuLar viectimisTa.oi
Barbados Indus t-rial D.evlopment the case of Dr,.C1ve-. Thomas who, ,.
Corporation. These-gentl2ei.n were 1969, was a UWI l-cturer in Jamic:ca.
well placed to cont.ribite to the it was well known that his politi-
debate, but there was something .cal views differed from thbae of.
wrong with the occasion. the Government and he was depor ted

One qf our great needs today is
for regional communication, We.
need to be exposed to a variety of
opinions. We should hear a wide
cross *section of views on current
affairs, and public discussion is
an excelJe.nt nethcd of achieving
From reports of the conference,
the debate there was just the sort
of stuff to which Westindians
should *e exposed. But, essentially;
the people who beard it were Amer-
icans. _t was a total loss as far
as educating the Westindian pub-
lic is concer,-i:-I and this waste
raises' questions. ,
Why can't people like Dr..Beck-.
ford, Mr Nascimento an4 the res-t
discuss these vital sul ject-on
Weotindian public platforms? If
informed .Westindians can go all ..
the way to the States for such
conferences, why aren't they mov-
ing around the Wes-.4.nies, expos-
ing their views to challprge and
developing public opinion?
These questions need to be ask-
ed but it is clear that the answer,
are painfully obvious. There is a

without explanation.
Then there were UWI lecturer. Dr.
Pat Emmanuel and Dr.Bill R.iv;-e,
Dr.Erranuel. was jailed in T:r.i:,:':&lLd
and then deported without h .. v.g
any charges laid against him. Ard,
in 1972, Dr.Riviere was also se.i-i
packg-'.g from Trinidad,, Nr h.s the
practice stopped. Just two mor -c
ago, another UW'I lecturer,Dr,~.-.:ph
Gonsalves, was denied entry into
, St.Lucia. ubversion
Undoubtedly, Gcvernments must pr-o-
tect the country from subversion.
but,in so many cases,action j- ,:.:-
en oh the 'tbhraLst of excuses "f.,-,r
security reasons". And the ba.nrn.-
.system is applied also to ba.-:i.-
e-rsi. journalists, t rcee unions ts,
Spol--tle ian and others when i.. i.
clear that no threat e:xitst exce-.c
the threat to the ab..ilit of th;.
C-o :'-.. :- i nt to i 1s.:"t deas w' ...:-
th~?eaten i t pos.tiotn.
Fortu.'3atey, ideas known no pc 1-i.
tical boundaries. Our evoluTion
ret-;,.rded now by the selfish thin..j~.
inr of some Governmntsbhut i: cur
striin : g for political devel :..
nothing can stop the drive to r,'::: ,n-
al communicati on and an iniorme.
3 electorate equipped to make in'.,el-
igent choices.
U--.- -----c---I- -

- ~ 'I----


Eage -~ Two


Friday, July 28, 1978


page Three

July 3, 1978 (fi nued) .. -
EDITOR'"S NOTEr.- Laet week -we
ed Lord Hatch's' statement that a
referendum would' be a referendum
for or against Britai'n.*.;, On the
contrary~ the bitternes- against.
Britain ha's-arisen *because -the VK
has refused a refererduan,' 'and-be'
cause of the Posnett Report, At
the Patriotic Front meeting, a ury
respectable' lady in the porch be-
hind me said, ."-Weh,' those British
rotten, sht". I could not resist
- l; LJ. 'n I l +' C 11 +-V ,'ll 4 0



more than -on Br itain ..i
Lord Brclkway. 'raised the question WOULD BE GRATEFUL-FOR A~Y'-INFORMA-
of dual riltionality, for the 15,000 TION FROM. THE PUBLIC WHIC1i WILL
Dominicans in Britain,many of whom LEAD TO THE IDENTITY OF THE VANDALS
have been in UK for 20 years.."I am. RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS DAMAGE.
asking Her Majesty's Government to 4.-i. .
negotiate with the Government -ofA
Dcmiiica 's that dual nationality DOMINCA FIWER GARDEN ASSOC.
df 'btl Britain and of Dominica, At the Association' annual Garden
may.",n e went onp i~r is Comp0eitioh, out f' en.trie's ef 7
friendly vs. n.- guard ens arn 2 .rndah- iigardens, Mr.
Baroness Eiles: .. "We Eve to re- & Ms. .Aird won the vran' 3eest cup; ..
member that the bold words of in-r Mri; Keith Robirnson won: the DBm4nica .
dependerice no longer mean .release-. Dispensary Cup; Mrs. '~.Brisbc.J' -,Good-
from the yoke of a colonialist or- will won the'B"ar aBannk S; 4 -.'d -t
impnrialist pbwer, but .a ,trugge., and Mrs. G. Aird woi again, the
in a cold, interdependent t,economic verandah cup given-by Lady Cools-
world where no:one, the United Kingd'm or Dominica, can prizes-at the home! of the President,
survive economically, without, the Mes Lorna Robinson, -on July 19. Mrs.
possibility of 'commercial or trade BO. Robinson, the Morne,. carried
ilations. and external- financial off the Royal Bank of Canada cup,
support," She said that Dominica ____"..
will hopefully become a: member' of
the 'Lome Convention, and "if it N 0 T I C E..:
has the financial resources and '
support" a member of .-the United. M~bers of the 'ominic& Employers'
Nation. "t t6e -peopj* of Dmab Federation are advied %at he
inire the- politiea bem~eft of ln- Twelt~h Anal General lteit of
depenoenoe *y be quite greatbut the .ederatlob wil t-q place 0
subje t &3a*wy to the pos ibility -Tht! 3rd A at
of the citire'-bedir atblr to re- h a ertion ve-- -rat
tain their freedom action under arlborod hb Strset, a o. a
a beneficial onftit.tAtionand to
receive the kind ef *tonwy'e, t c eto arn aet uged otb fjE a-.
sistince which will enable. them special effort to atte and to be
to de-velop economically and social on time.
ly in accordance with their own 35-.
potentialyand at the cmre time re- MARTINIQUE. Swine Fever 1s Over
rair a measure of freedom and con- curbed by a huge campaign of vac-
trol over their own destiny."'(next cination and destruction of sick pigs,
wee c).

- -- --



page Four
" --

.T ST A.. .-Fd y Juiy..., .1-

T H E S T A R Friday, July 28, 1978

HOUSE OF, AgSEMiBLY D' double Debate
And, most of it was double talktoo.
Teipted by the mdfcrophone', all save
four of the Menmbrs talked too'much
- eyen Conrad Cyrus displayed a de-
gree of Verbosity* At least with
the broadcasts, one does not have
to est and stare at the mediocre
facos on' the Government sidd*.
Mofse: "Put your House in order,
hypocritssl For two years the peo-
ple of St.Joseph have been without
a-representative -' they should have
one before Independence. I have al-
ways been anti-Caricom,anti-Carifta.
ivQrnmeht men are crying out soc-
i .alsm they have the biggestcars,
the best houses, yet they cry soc-
ialismt And corruption... the Post
Office' etc... DBS"
Theodore spoke mainly against
Mt16ael Douglas, like several othws
- and on roads..: Eustace Francis
m a a pious pledgeadding "I .may
nV pass this way again."' He cred-
if4 Britain with the constitution.
'"tder of Oppsi-tion says tl,; m.a
Et~enia Charles, I am a big shot;-'.
bit the Foreign Office slapped'her
down." .He then went on to voices in
tlp bedroom (telephone), that M.
Douglas admitted to the House he
wag a smuggler that Roosie Doug-
la4 is a- convicted felon'; and
spOke at length of' his experiences
with Communists and. of Communists
in our midst. He called the' const-
itution again a marvellous document
Conrad Cyrus stated 'that the
British had been pressed by the Op-
position, after fixing the consti-
tttion', to amend 'at theq las, minute
".Section 56 (3) ahn (6).This they
had done. H a&d. Douglas. sold a
-":%at fla&K ',-,o, Wee.z eaa, wi h Cab :.
'neet'w"nt dgowXdg4Otibng ;was being
.one immprov .ate':soure.,soke
of t4he '.hrd worak ,ain. tdiepen3ence,
oeitice sed'. the -Mintsintyly; Premier h.d promised the Eastern
district eleefr'iMty before' 980'.'
Roaanis Bannis spoke of legal aid
for the poor, cut out at New Chron.
political cartoons etc. Attacked
Douglas.Mentioned new San Sauveur
school would be Secondary
(O. erap ine s speech yt unfini-
s ecj

by Hugh Lawrence,
I always woVe' why should we
Dominican' -have. to; continually
suffer from high blood pressure
and"'some.times constipation? We
have the use of ripe bananas every
day,.Mangoes and Kenips are very
plentiful during their season.
Pawpaw,. which is a very important
fruit, we get all year round.
Other fruits besides are grapes,
avocado pears, sapodilla pineapple,
.ugar-apple, custard apple, golden
apple, water melon, crarnges,grape-
fruit, cashew, soursop, and several
others, for instance the Dominican
cherry. Some sort of fruit should
be eaten every morning, which would
help our systems a great deal.

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending July 29th

Date of Person Nature of Re-
Request Presenting quest whether
for a Certificate of Title or Not-
ing thereon or Caveat,
Request' da- Modes Request for
ted 22nd Etienne the issue of a
May, 19-78 by his First-Certifi-
PResented Solici- cate of Title
26th-July tor M. in respect of
1978 at .Eugenia a portion of
11 30 am. !Charles land known as
a lot at Upper Penville in the Par-
ish of Saint Andrew containing
18--533 square feet and bounded as
fiolows:- :North: -Land of Modes
.Et5.enne&. Easts' a Fqot-path i'para-
ting it frcdm land 9f Marceln 'andiValarie Qilbert; South:
Land of Howard Jean, and Neomy Gil-
bert;:- '~; st Land,.o Mis. Gilberta
Forye .

For Caveat Note- please see page 5.
WINBAN NEWS: -Cluster Packs -Wind-
ward :Islanda bananas will be presen-
ted in UK 'In' a 1n "cluster paeLK
by the ene of this year. It is the
latest packirg improvement.


(I I I i__

.Friday, July 28, 1978 T HE S TAR_. Page Five.
"' .1'E OF DOMINICA Si.edule fior w ..: ;-- :".",-'"~
L ;, BY REGISTRATION ACT -u da- ll. hl- Ruat for
Schedu.t: of Application for Certi- ted 1-od; the issue
ificate Title and Nbting thereon 16 Macrdl7 by his Sol- of a First
or CV for week ending July 15th Presented icitor Certificate
3.978.h JUly Vanya of Title in
S.1978 at :upigmy respect of
DIate < ,,,son Nature of Re- 2 35 p.m. Dupspt o
,Foni e*r sent! T, que.:;t whether y.4*-*. a portion
.f....ue of land t St rJoce--h Village in the
t;e r. o of Tj r Noeat. Pprish of St.Joseph containiiug 1340 da -- ,-Eat. c. o ---- square feet and bounded as followst-
R-cuest, co- F iste ,; ae t for Nor th-Ebast: Land if Mrs. Selwyn
embdr 5 19 hy- .idl a i4 s Cr Shillingford; North-desgt The Public'
pres enteP a b irst Cer Road separating it from land of
presented by h.s cat,. of Louia Riviere; Saouth-Easte of
13Jh July S ;1i- Ti.tle in.res- ,o-u Riere; South-East:Land of
.1973 at tore pt of apor- ent; South-West:Lad of
k10,35 a.m. A:rmou~r, tion of' land
A-: T at Gould i Request -da- Flore Request for
S i Paithrof SGsdeph in the ted 24th Abraha the. issue of
T11 Pari!3h of 15G.Joseph in the
State cf" Dominica containing 2.26 Jly, 1978 as Pers- New CertifiP t
crews and bounded as fo .llow:-Nrth Pesented onal Re- of Title in
t.Cr o- an.d bou.hded as fol. .oi,,.)a-Y,:ortn 24th July resenta- resTe% of a
by la.:.d of Ned Simoniquc; East: by 4h Jauly r nta- portion 0 of n a
a tack' separating it from land ofion of d
Louis Adams and Elvira St.Vallef 4 4 15 .m Imray known .as a Lot
South: by land Eof Samuel.VJoseph; ad Ab deceased and at Subainain
PSouth:by land of Sauel. Joseph ld Eastward St.Aimie as the Parish of
Perryman Hill;. West: iby land of personal Reiesenta- St.AndrewJn
R. h tohson' ly Personal Representa- St.Andrew,.n
Ri...h Johf.s... --h-S Iwk i;- tive bf Pierre St. the State of
Request da- IHaden Request for tte Amie deceased by Domin.c. on-
t,,.t 25th Vfdal issue of a Fi5ct their Solicitor CiJma cainirg .:00'
J;ne 1978 by his Certificate of A. ~_ _- acre r. bou-
-.- ;esen~d S e in re ed as follow:-North-East by land of
17h ~ ly itor pect of a por- Heirs of Chdrie Lewis and Lawrence
3 Ar. noour, ti a of la ot Andrew; North-We st by Hodges River
J1045 am. Aor known as lot separating it fr m land ef Hodges
b Parih-- Salisbury in Estate and Subaina Gutter separating
/t epar- of StJose'phb containing it from land of Edwin'Carbon; East
3- 7 e, ~t. ad foll c by land of Lawrence Andrew,M!::Donald
North-West: Lnd of .Conrad El.1i,; Etinoffe and Enoch Anthony; Scuth by
North-East: LA-d of Cla'r-e Matthew; land of Redilia Andrew; West by L.b-
iSourh-Eas:. Romcn Cathol.-' Church; aina Gntter separating it from ,Lsad
South-We;. Lad of Rufard Loui of Leroy lobin Moise Honore and
F Lm a- Ona Isa- Request for Masbpy Ben.i n.
td 24th bellea the issuee of ......r-.-.--- 1978 lling- a Fist ert- J'l'ST'RAR S OFFICE, ROZAUJ
Presented' ford by ifcate of raim FGeorg Registrar of Titles
n NOTE.-Any person who desires to obj-ct
i.^ni J(uly her Soji- Title in L(ea- A.--, p{o'Tn who a r r ;-> -
j'n july he^r* S3.- Title in wto the issuing of a Certifica*e o-l
1978 at editor pect of a pAc- Title on the above applications may
12.36 p.m. Vanya tion of land enter a Caveat in the above office
_____P.i"ny. situated in within six weeks from the `ate of the
'isaibury vi'lj.c in the Parish of fir~t appearance of theb2 chbduJj. s
St.Joseph,containing 2440 squareft. in the Star news. upper published in
and bournded as" follows:-North-E-st: thi. State or from the date whe-i, the
land of Raymnoi AlJxis;North-We.t: 0t % e pr scribed by .aw ar 8s
Island of rIgnatius Vidal South-East: r 81.~, a
tSuhet_ an_ of Steber Jho CGharlesWest:La-nd of z J 2 .!e K.F.
o,,~I .

Page Six T H E S T A R Friday,July 28, 1978
*S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S*- Morchriston
FOOTBALL: Kensboroughts 1st DefenceIGRENADA NEWS: Moko, a deadly dis-
Kensborough United, 1977 league & ease of baanaas, has struck Gren-
Knockout Champions, had no prob- ada. nIoko devastated Trinidad es-
lems in the first league match of states in the early'60s, forcing
the season coming up against an. her out of commercial production.
enfeebled Spartans on Tues.July25 Symptons of the disease are a
at Windsor Park, to win 4 goals premature yellowing of leaves,with-
to nil. Cecil 'Sharple' Elwin ering of flowers, and premature
got the first.goal of the season ripening of several fingers while
in the 20th minute of "t 1slt half the bunch is still on the plant.
and went on to get a hattrick be- Afterwards,healthy-looking fruit
fore Gifford Walsh (substituting where cut reveals a black rot, Con-
for Ericson Christopher)made it trcl is not easy. No chemical can
4-nil. The game from the' start cure the plants.Sick plants must be
lacked any urgency.It seemed every cut down and the mat killed with
-one, inc. players of both teams herbicide ar diesel aoil Workers
expected Kensborough to wvin;thus in a disease-ridden area should
any excitement generated during dip their cutlasses in a 10% sol-
the match went unnoticed. It was ution of formalin between cutting .
6ne-sided;Spartans, lacking any of plants.
expert midfield player', saw',Happy' INTERNATIONAL SPORTS: BOXING -
Stober combining in a dual defence, The death of middleweight boxer
midfield player in a vain attempt Jacopucci in Bologne,after his
t0 make scoring opportunities for 12-round bout for the European
hb skipper Jeffrey Lawrence. In- title against Briton Alan Minter
61 d,Spartans did get scoring op- (he got a KbOo), and the other
peotunities but the charging,al- recent death of Spanish amateur
moist attacking defence of Fitz Salvador Pons (19) have caused
ienry,Morris Isles,Simpson Greg- grave unease in boxing circles and
oirc and Peter David,with Cletus the public. Since World -War II, at
Pope anticipating well in goal, lea6s 329 practising boxers have
fouled up those chances. died of their injuries, not to men-
At the interval the score was ition those'rendered deaf, blind,or
l~lil. Early in the 2nd halfSpar- f~o become derelict wrecks.
tans put Kensborough under a bit INTERNTIONAL CRICKET: First 1est
of steady pressure before Elwin England/New Zealand. Lunch-time
made it 2-nil in about 20 minutes, score: N.Z.234, Willis (Eng)5/42.
Vigilant work by' linesman Adel- England 56 runs fo. two wickets to
riek Shillingford and Chaucer star
Doctrove saw the fina. total res- ST.RSF"tp ottbai 'ontd.
tricted to 4 goals as Ken oru however barely .min.eoun-
forwardsmen broke through un sev- eros were bn yardstick to predict
eral occasions only to have a h 90-inute matches. But the fact
Member blown for offside.emne thtso exciting di he
Harlem Bomber s (ex-Ro"Veris) now Me ned that-so exciting dic the
Harlem Bombers (ex-Rovers) now marlem Bombers look as first Irvine
under full, sponsorship of Domini aenoit (a penalty),Herminies Eman-
Coconut Products Ltd. capturedthe uel and Wilfred 'Fox' Doctrove,in
$100 prize offered for the socb- hat rdre against Kensborug,
erama competition opened (1978 hat order, score against Kensbonrg?
season) on Setition opth Afte 1 Saints and Portsmouth respectively -
season) u on Sptly 2euth.r wit Harlem fans are sure that their boys
an uninspiring encoutr with are going to walk away with every-
Spartans, Bombers went on to dem- tin iis season. Yesterday Kens
olish Kensborugh U, then Saints & otters tangled:result- Potters 2,
.nd Kprtancuth,with their time- Keno 1.... '
honoured stamp of authority ----Prn.ted & published by the roprietor
(Ne t: Column) i.E.Allfrey of Mill House,tCot Hall t ?6 Bath-
-Road oseau Do n Wcaestinles,

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