Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). July 14, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). July 14, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: July 14, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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f.. en i n -.
P F A i o ebaeHE STUDY 08

R.O THE OPPOS N FAIS only have taken ten mTnutes to
PUK Media HRenre fs JmAft -Allster c HaheB
CoLI.1 Turner(LonaonXd DY iM JAU5 page 2
122 Sh aftesbury CBsiUir ,went into a s piri
hIviv elm e. homitg- hti=

SThe real dramStw TBOte gelling td at ostitation tDebate continued
oA n meeting on Juy 12 was when hea for p a dictatorshp, and
SMembers and a few others had on..Dhich would have warned of the
.k Prethier Repuses Adjournment rectify e (Morte on this netweek).
refreshments a no real dinnerVhour deat -easich.went nto a spin-
The real drama.H of the gruelling tcd attack, saying that weswesre

Charles, leader of the Freedom Party He had some bitter .remarks 6toMke
Assembly meetingdon July 12 was when heading for a dictatorship. Earlier
all Members and a few others had Hon..Douglas d h had warned of the
stuck to 'their posts without proper same thing, in his opening-of-p
refreshments ana no real dinner-hour debate speech. He said Mr.LeBlanc
-it concerned the collapse on the had' ruled humanely but the same
c"-loor of the .House f Hon Eugenia could not be said of his successor.
Charles, leader ofthe Freedom arty Hehad soe e bitter remarks toDake
opposition. She had earlier asked: about 'British Official Posnett:
for an adjournment, which was .refsed.iow could he possibly have tested
After her faint, the Speaker asked the views of the Dominicanr people
the Premier whether he'would agree We must look with great suspicion
to adjourn (Miss Charles wanted to hon hs statesmanship. He went out-
continue the speech she had.jusj side of his mandate..." Douglas
started, after a suitable interval). said he knew the Dirty Tricks Dept
The Premier said the business of the of the Dominiga Tabour Party. He
House Was more important, he would knew how they worked. Oovt.Yebers
go in and finish "it tried. to baffle and confuse Hon.F. ....
Hon. Miss Charles leant back in Parillon, who was prevented by the
her seat, looking very. pale. But she Speaker from talking about a Reg-
hung on to the end of the session istrar's Office alleged shortfall
from her collapse at .35" am to 3 am. as it wassub judice:. Sections 56
meanwhilee a woman friend went out and 76 (6) of the constitution
,nto the street and managed'to-bring were severely questioned Lennox
lback -ome hot. milk. People who even
oe hotmilk. Peplewoeven Honychurch,.spoke of. the hypocrisy
at that late hour were listening to -.O.oXhe Brit.- oieign & Com.Office:
their ra'dos came rushing to the "the manner in which they have.
se Freedom partisans in their handled this affair is not at all
nightgowns came towards the Govt.HQ. democratic.,.The .O. tried to get
Eventually Miss Charles and seven Lord Vernon to withdraw his question'
others on the Opposition benchesonrad Cyrus said e are:ebain
voted "No" to Mr. John's motion cal- Conrad Cyrus said We arg debating
on a:;hungry stomach golnp into
ling for termination of the Status independence hungry." Pat Stevens
of Association Britain-Dominica as said the constitution was not as
from 3rd November 1978 and, for the important as the desired integrity
Constitution be accepted. ,of Ministers. Members. But 'the
There were points in that final GA e-P remir palsad -Posnett and.
d raft constitution wbichdid. not tfie '.O. to hte skies. .
.. -, ." '

Psin T RE S R r 4 --T- -A R


LAO T,L= ispUX'iL' iu U nU fDirect MUfeasaate
having tobacco smoke. And-,careful D Mese
of the health of their. citizens Now, in addition, there's a new
some Governments.have taken action line.. Wrapped in the glamour of
to cut down this danger.. soft lights, sweet music,beautiful
They banned radioand car- girls and an exciting background,
SThey, banned rdio and TV l imi ar- there's a direct message for our
retts advertising. They limited young people. The advertisemenW re-
press advertising and-made sure cognlses their talents and aspira-
the public knewe the peril.In the tions. They are told that they have
TSA, Canada, Britain and other youth in their favour and a cigar-
countries, cigarette manufacturers ette is just the thing they need
must publish a warning in-their ad- to "make it".
vertisements. And4 onr their cigar- Against' the background of medi-
ette packs, they must tell the- cal knowledge about cigarette smok-
public-tha -the country's medical ing, this is a cruel attack on the
authorities have found that cigar- health' of Westindian youth. It is
ettea can kill.. as murderous as suggesting that's
P. at Taxes draught *f ground glass can bring
in the Westilibes?, however,our success in life. And it is painting
Governments couldn't care less. a false picture designedd to trap
They show no concern for this health our youngsters into joining the
th3Oat Or, it may be that the fat lengthening cigarette queue for
taxes paid by cigarette manufactu- sick beds, suffering and the risk
reir blind' our politicians' eyes of death.
to rising death rates from lung The money cigarette manufactur-
caJper. c6ntribdte to our economies cannot
Whatever the'reasp; cigarette e compensate for this. It cannot com-
aevertsing Is uneestrted in the pensate ,for the misery which comes
WesOi es. 'ocal ad foreign man- with the use of their products.And,
ufacturers blatantly push their n not that, in their search forgreat
paper, prmaganeso uiardn ae er sales they have turned their
through whatea they cos advertising power on our youth
through whatever media hey choose action can no longer e delay.
The health hazard is hidden and, If.our Governments are not yet
'under this advertising -pressure, awake to this danger somebody
cigarette sales are soaring. SO' should arouse them. Lung cancer
too are cases of lung cancer and organizations are alreuay making
related diseases. efforts but Medical Associations
th-ao @ioutt CARICOM also have a es-
As if that isn't bad enough, a ponsoilty to speak out So h as
new development puts a worse comr- he ess and uic. Such a grave
Dlexion 4O the ca tte situation, threat to health demands the urgent
attention of all responsible Westindians.

FridayF. j7uly 14. 19?8

~ W E..;. g T k R

naMa< 'fWh

Cigarette advertising is now aimed
Sby Alster -HughS "., ..directly at the young, Thousands
: Cigaue'tte manufacturer arewel, of dollar s are being spend to-
- g'resecte~ people. They're wealthy brdate lnew generation of smokers
ap dthey don't hesitate to contrib- and, unless this is stopped, the
ute t'ob rthy causes., port, art price in ill health,? ufferi*ng and
and eiuc nation are all .4idebted to death will b tremendous.
them. But, there s a filthy fly in Until recently, cigarette ad-
the ointment'. The money they do- .; vertising had-a general direction.
nate is blood money. Their economic "Flavour" and "aroma" were high-
empires are built..on the ill health lighted and we were invited to
and suffering of human beings. "switch". to a certain brand.Another,
This is not new knowledge. Med- we were told, would take us "into
ical authorities pointed out the a new world". And yet another manu-
dangers of cigarette smoking long facturer suggested that', whatever
ago. They proved that lung:cancer our day bring, we could celebrate '
ag o. -g. prove .. .. ^ 4that with his brand.

Friday, 118Page Three

Our observer writes: "We parked Lord Vernon, after a factual pre-
outside Transport House (a nice amble, said that *h 19ti Jan.Lord
touch); an impressive ticket was Goronwy Roberts had replied to
written out for us amnittin us, I;ady Elles 'If we are satisfied
and stamped "Black Rodi We sat I that the desire for independence
downstairs (in the Lords) and it is is widely supported by the people
such a small Chamber that lf Dominica., we shall recommend
mopsohere is very intimate They that they proced to indp ~en e ..
had tried to get Lord Vernon to 1 have an impression thAt the dif-
withdraw the question However he fencs bweenovrnnt ad O-
firmly said he wasn't withdrawiAg ferences between Government and Op-
firlt atthis stage.. no harm in the position are narrowing practically
It at this stage.. no harm, in the I day by dayI. (Mr. Rowlanis echoed
British Government realizing that day by day,. (M-. Rowlands echoed
a few people in the Lords are this view 'in another place').L.ord
watching them. At 10.40 -the Domi- Vernon said this did not tally with
nica debate began (p.m.a until a letter from Miss Eugenia Charles,
12.30 a.m. A ~our hour- stretch. leader of the Freedom Party, who
The Associated States Hig Commis- said the differences had not narrow-
The Associated Statee High Commis- @d but were wider than before.
sioner cane in and a man "with 'St. ,dBoth the Gwier t Party ad the
Lucian interests". The HX.CI h'd nlBoth the Government Party and the
Lucian interests". The H.C. hd Opposition Party are in favour of
also asked Lord Vernon to withdraw independence as an objective; the
the question. Lord Hatch came in only difference is in timing," said
with two Domihicans who had ob- Lord Vernon, giving an account of
viously primed him to speak.Lord how independence could come to Domi-
Vernon had no right of reply but nica. He mentioned the "hot very
was able to* nterrutacwhiarh he happy precedent of Grenada", where
did. He fell over- ackwards to "The- people were not properly con-
be fair. Lord Vernon was-followed people were nt properly con
by Lord McNair (Liberal) and it sulted" ... "There are very real
Lr Nirbeanxieties in Dominica that for rea-
was so nice to see him waving a sons ef expediency we may be ready
copy of Freedom Party's "Think It to shed our responsibilities without
Over", and saying how good itwas ta the views of the islanders
I managed not to shake my head and takingthe views of the islanders
not to kick Lord Hatch's invitees properly into account."
who laughed or smiled in a deris- Lord McNair then made a short but
ory manner on humerous- occasions. vital speech which brought into ac-
I was surprised later When Lord count the position of the Carib In-
Vernon told us Lord Goronwy-Rob- dians.
erts was a sincere man-, if mis- Lord Segal said:...We cannot be
guided...The usual arguments were indifferent to the welfare of the
burned out etc..'. a great job at inhabitants (of Dominica)... But if,
whitewashing was done... the peo- after independence, the mass of the
people voted for the Govt of D/ca people are -subjected to a denial of
knowing Independence was on their human liberties, to excessively
manifesto' was like a nov- harsh measures by their, own country-
e3. you had read before. When Lord men, to one-Party rule, to the crush-
G.R. said, in reply to Lord Vern- ing of all opposition and to occup-
on's question about the Opposition action by Cuban troops, then the
getting radio time, that the whole plight of the people of Dominica
of the Independence Debate had will lie heavily on our conscience
been broadcast live, inferring as and leave a scar that may have pain-
this was more than happened here ful results.., Are the people of
everything was wonderful, I really Dominica to confer still greater
raised my eyes to'heaven, remem- powers on their rulers than they at
being what that debate had been present enjoy? Have these rulers
like Do shw this to anyone justified by their past record over
like may be- n s t anyoe e years a u n e o.
who may. be intereted."d conasetc 2 ,oyearnue near vote of
onf! en~~ce? con nue ne;if, eei

Friday, uly 14, lc)78


Parre Three

Page; Thur TH STAR- FridyJ1yl4 1978 I

This is, as the Editor of the Chron-
icle mutterte to me in the House, a
manifesto. It is 25 pages long.' It
starts straight off with the inde-
pendence issue, Luard, posnett et
al.Then on to taxation.They say
they will' take steps to. stem the
rising tide of evasion and avoid-
ance. They are concerned about the
growin- deficit in Govt. a/cs' (in-
creasing the public debt)., and will
take steps to encor age investment
in foreign exchange earning activi-
ties.Insurance comes next. Then
wives: an allowance to housewives,
They propose to'reshape the educat-
ional system and' to promote a coll-
ege of -further education'. Pre-school
- improving physical conditions at
schools. Ah all-age sch-ool will be
constructed at Atkinson.(UK aid).
Co-dperatives: following Guyana,
this will become a co-operative
republic, though they don't say it
here. Youth vague promises.Crops
- diversion. A team of British con-
sultants. Extending jetty at Mari-
got'by 45 ft. Corn project, coco-
nut extension, and abbatoir cons-
truction. Reestablishment of Sugar
cane industry. Tree crops. Banana
development progranme. A prevent
health programme. Setting up'fire
stations at St.Joseph & Grand Bay.
But no word about by-election at
St.Joseph much more important.
Govt. will take over portsmouth Day
Nursery, They propose to review the
Industrial Relations Act' & Civil
Service Act. Feeder roads. Water,
supply. Portsmouth jetty.
We have given you :up to page 15.
The rest will be said after the
debate. It is a manifesto. Ed.
GREEN GOLD Good Listening
The banana drama"greengold"wh ich
goes on Mon., Tues. & Weds at 7.30
p.m. is well worth listening to,
We thought it'was "led into" very
cleverly with family situations and
a stuck truck, a relative' back-from
Britain to claim land, and several
pregnancies On Suzjay at 4.30 pm
you can heart a resume of the earlier
instalments. We suggest you try to
4, stent. (Over Radio DBS)

Today, Friday at 3 p.m., the
budget will be presented and a
debate' will follow.
On Monday, July 17, .the Opposit-
ion's reply to the Throne Speech
will be given. Presumably at 10 am.



Anniversary meeting on 30th July
at. St. Joseph
Guest Speaker: Hon M.E.Charles
Background music: Wax Power Vi-
Details ,to follow.
I by Hugh Lawrence
I remember writing a letter, .o
the STAR some time last year after
the delegates to the Constitution-
al tall.s in London returned tc
Dominica. The very day they arri-
ved was declared a holiday, and :
called it All Fools Day. I mention-
ed that Dominica is the only coun-
try in the world with so many hol-
idays (perhaps 14 a year). The
business people were happy that
the nusal 2 days holiday for nat-
ional day 1977 were cancelled, and
again one for Caricom Day did not
take place.
I wonder if it is true that we
may soon get a whole week of them?
Editor: Judging by events in -,he
House, it seems extremely likely.
How is' it' that fer'the oast- 18
years hundi:-ds&of people in Domin-
ica have faPgotten the Almighty
and delight themselves in ungodli-
ness, selfishness and rbarbarism?
These are people who will burn ev-
e.yne who does not pray to God
af-'er their own fashion, but make
themselves appear in the day like
th-e Lanm of God. They will not
pray asking God not, to lead them
into temptation according to their
f~its, we can say they are asking

But we' are sure God will always be
God and man will always be like a
wr. chatp assets away. ThePE ja ofk
fooling th peop.Te i:s over.ECwolack.

P~kg Four

~' ""~~ "

T HE STAR Friday, J~ly 14,


Fr~iciy Jul 14._- 198 TA Pg

ISchedule of Application. for Certi-
ificate of Title and 'otilg thereon
ior Caveat for.weer ending July, th':

Date of Person N'ature of Re-
Re'ques t Presentin quest whether
for a Certificate of Title or Not-
ing therein or Caveat.\
Request da- Advalena Request for
ted 10th ?nay Peters the issue
1978 by her of a First
Presented Solicitor Certificate
3rd July, Cilma A. of Title in
1978 at M.Dupigny respect of
111.45 a.m. a portion
oi f land known as a Lo~ at Mangrove
Gutter, in the Parish of St*Andrew,
in the State of Dominica,centaining
0.411 acre and bounded as followset
iNorth-East by land of Elvira Basil;
1South by land of Dunstan Joseph;
iWest by land of Everad Peters:
!North4West by land of Kenneth

iRequest da- Welborne Request
tted 7th Dec- Hector & for the
ember 1977. Theresa issue of
iPresented Hector as a First
i7th July, joint ten- Certifi-
1978 at ants by cate of
10.30 a.m. their Sol- Title in
lei tor Cilma A.MDuplgny respect ct
a portion of land at Pioodeau,Grand
Bay, in the Parish of St.Patrick,
'in the State of bominica,containing
S17,946 square feet and bounded as
ifolowst- North-East by a Ravine
separating it from land of'Annie
,Alexander, and Heirs of Lizie Hen-
1 person: East by land, of Toussaint
bhrmingham: a Road separr
atinw it from land of Government
of Dominica and Manuela MePberson:
South-West by land of James Alex-
lander, Paul Laurent and land of
(Manuela MoPhbrson separated by a
Road: North-West by land of James
Al exander. t
Spublished in this *State ~or from- the
law was last served on any occupant
which these Applications were made.

Editor's -note: in view of the above,
wie must particularly copgratulato
Adrian Durand the only pupil of
Roseau Boys School to get a schol-
arship. P.S.A.

Ephraim F.Georges,Registrar of Titles
NOTE: Any person who desires to ob-
ject to the issuing of a Certificate
of Title on the above Applications
may enter a Caveat in the above of-
fice within six weeks from the date
\of the first appearance of these
Schedules in the STAR news paper
date'when the notice prescribed by
of adjoining lands in respect of

.-- ,

... J 1

It is with deep grief thaIt I write
a letter to your paper as a con-
cerned parent- I have been visit-
ing the .School often, It is worth
while that the public should know
things happening.
The School has absolutely no
discipline;' the childre'4 $re just
wild, and the teachers can do
nothing as politics are playing
a part even in schools. Instead of
Mr. Israel no- l wanting to give the
marks of the children, why doesn't
he take a keen interest in what is
going on. The children are being
wounded all the time with weapons,
only a few days ago a boy got 12
stitches in his head. The teach-
ere Gay-they can't discipline the
chi-l,,ren beoeuse. they will lose.
their- jobe. Is this Gbvernment
*interested' in our children or have
they -failed-some of the children
because there is no space in sec-
ondary schools. The cry of the
children will be on many genera-'
I wish that the Government could
pattern their schools on St.Martin
for discipline and not let humans
loose like animals. The Ministers
should visit R.B.S. in term time
to see the condition. Why doesn't
the premier who is so interested
in the poor man, take an interest
in these children. CONCERNED PARENT,

- ----~



I rida~yp Xuly 14. 978

page pivetf


SKETBA Flames Capture K,.
By-Trinee Planes calturedthe lak
out tropAy when they defeated Dewn n
Creation Harks 78-69 in a replay
match after the first match ended
in a draw, which 'resulted' in both
teams leaving Windsor' Park in the
belief that Flames had won the en-
counter. Harks led from the first
- at one stage in 'the let half en-
joing a 13-point lead at 32-19.
This was subsequently cut down to
36-33 at the interval as Flames
started to display their truef~ht-
ing qualities.
Into the 2nd half the struggle
continued until Flames supposedly
took the lead at 73-71 with 10 sec-
onds to go. Checks and re-checks
showed the scores level at 73-all.
In the reply, Flames came in
more decisively. They led at the
interval 39-33, and went on to win t
the match 78-69. Oliver Burton
scored 30 pts., Peter Skerritt 22
and S.Didier 16. For Harks, G.An-
drew 22, A.Harris 19 and L.Xavier
14. Last issue, STARSPORTS repor-
ted that there was some small inde-
cision as to who should meet Flames
in the finals. Harks won that case
and almost managed town their 1st
championship trophy.,
FOOTBAL: More than 20 teams have'
rlgstered for he 1938 seasonscid-
ul to start widh a Soccerama com-
petition at Windsor park on Satur-
day 22nd July. At least fifteen
teams (including some from the
neighboring villages) have, regis-
teredfor the 1978 season s To -
SliBf s sc *wiThe first division
league has"6een restricted to only
eight teams. Keen encounters are
expected from Harlem Rovers and
Kerisborough United, the keenest
rivals in the league.
TENNIS: Borg Wins 3rd Wimbledon
Bjorn Borg, 22-year-old Swede,won
his third successive Wimbledon fi-
al -. nly the 2nd man to achieve
this fe4t in more than 40 years.
In the finals, Borg completely dom-
inated American Jimmy Connors- win-
ning in straight sets 622, 6-2,6-3.
Martina Navratilova is the name of
the self-exiled Czechoslovak girl
who defeated American Chris Evert
6-4, 7-5 in the women's singles.
(.next column)

>age Six THE STAR Fri.JulY 14,1978
on Part of the Throne Speech
'y' Governimnt,..will pay due re-
rard to public borrowings especial-
ydebts raising from non-product-
Ie expenditure". Since so far
aost Public expenditure is non-pro-
luctive, w-hy not pay attention to
the expenditure which should be pro-
luctive,, such'-as the Statutory' Bod
tes which have proliferated and are
mostly, I understand, carrying sub-
stantial overdrafts at the Banks. or
are suffering from defalcations,
vote-catching remissions of rentals
(L.M.A & Housing Dev.Corp.), and
ovibus vote-catching by means of
Rural Electrification (Domlec oIps)
and all-island water supply.
May I suggest that Labour Party
hacks may not be the best.persone
to put in charge Dominicans with
administrative ability, solid bak-
ground and financial integrity ara
available ask the Freedom Party
for a list, Mr. Premier.
~iTnis^ a e~~net inWe" aims *-onte
Dominica Freedom Party to which 2
A constitution is a thing. Yoe
may call it the highest-law in _te
land, but it is still a thinng. 1
does not come bfqrre human life an
The Premier and his group kept.
MPs in the House from ID am. to
3 am. the next day with a breaK frt
lunch, but no refreshments, not evetn
water availaKle. during the. ln^
night~ The leader ef the.Opptls'tio
fainted. She ad request ed a -
journment (re used)
I ask: if Mrs. Margaret Thatzk-*r
had fainted opposite James Call.
ehan. would the British P.M. have
ulldozed a reso-uti n through ino
matter how i.pm1tant? am sure
the answer Is-F ,H^d. H hav
shown care and sympath. we are Ln
the hands of barbarians.
DISGUSTED (Civil Servantname iven)

"STAB-PORT-S t.- Tennis). Martina N.
told Oefr rends and reporters be-
forehand, "I will win". Her parents
were refused visas to come tb U..
ia see er p They had to watch
te match on tee. n ea ermn border
Her name is -kep out o Czech Pres.

printed & Published by the Proprie-
to R.E Afr of Mill House, Copt
Hall, a h ,Roa. Roseau, S

-,_ ,,

""` '.' *i _; '~~:: r -1


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