Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). July 7, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). July 7, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: July 7, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Colin Tur
122 Shaft
London W1

'C 1 I THE STUOV Or AV_'..
Re ,pse n-tialt iaq i (d EATT 78 sr
ner(Londonetd O MiN ICA E HES:
,esbury Avenue page Two
.V 8HA, Enrland4 .irtute Duce. Comit-- Fortuna g 1-

Editor Phyllia shand Allfrey
vol. Eva yo; slillikEHix. 081% 2. tedn cents

In the H6use of Assembly, beginning St; Martin'"s School TopAgain
supposedly (because "they" are. al- e give'a few facts 1.5 children
ways late) at 10 a.m. next Wedpesday sat the exams; only f 38 of them
July 12th, a lengthy, controversial were successful. Highest number of
meeting will take place, to include passes were scored by St.Yartin's,
the following matters:- Throne whose two girl students Brenda C.
Speech; a 1978/79 Budget of some Murphy (253 marks)and Heather
$59,000,000; resolutions about join- Julien (249) out ef 300 came 1st
the United Nations etc.; and consid- and 2nd. Congratulations. Convent
eration of the Commonwealth of Dom- IPrep came second, and got six schol-
inica Constitution Order 1978-which warships (St.nartin's got ten').
will be among papers laid. No doubt hL8ahut )( Grand Bay Govt.Schbool and
the last named item will have to be St.John's (Portsmouth), Massacre,
debated and voted upon before the t.John's (Portsmouth), Ysscre,
question-' ,of nig ove-" inter- Delice's and portsmouth Schools
question f inig overseaI s t ter each got two. No mention is .made.
national organisations is takenas:6 f Goodwill Junior High School.
it might be jumped out at any time; But after all, only H 7 schol-
and we hope that thoughtful Members But, after all, only a sch
will hang onto their seats and not arships amon 135 entrants" Isn't
miss.a trick. The Constitution pa- i pi
per is 85 pages long, by the way. H A P Y FIND ING
Therefore, be not weary of well- Veteran Forest Ranger Emanuel had
doing. Stick it out. The meeting searching for
will be long and doubtless tedious 21-yea r old irl Jennifer Cook,
at times, a 21-yeasold girl Jennifer Cook,

in northern Dominica, quarantine
has been impsed in certain aroas
to prevent the spread pf the dread-
ed swine fever, which is attacking
farmers' 'pigs.

IN GTYANA : Burnham denies that he
is establishing a dictatorship. He
says there will be a gen.election
every 5 years. Joint Opposition Par-
ties and other bodies have pledged
to boycott the sooncoming referen-

meeting arranged for last week is
taking place, we understand, this
evening-CSA, .WAWT, DAWTT, & DTTT.

KmLDOisi slflp e V e
group (ETini:burgh-Oxford Univs.)
last Thursday 'to hunt for bats. He
followed the gulley of the Boeri
River do*wnerds, leading a party
of searchers to Miss Cook, found
in the river bed on Saturday.
Visitors should realise that the
terrain of Dominica, though a pin-
prick on the map, is as vast as
an African jungle when you get lost.
Please carry maps, a flashlight,
and a bit of food with you.(See p..)
Haynes won, with a majority of 1200.
ST.LUCIsA John Compton is worried
let Bri.ish. -en.elect ion cuibsnde;p.,.


yL NlDiter IDAghs world. n fact, they're not going
y Aister Huges to give away anything they don't
Westindians behave as though: have to.
somebody owes them a .living. We But, self-interest dictates
want people t' "drink bush-tea for that they be concerned with the
our fever" -and,-unless we abarndon needs of the Third World and "aid"
that attitude, we're in trouble. iS calculated at a minimum. It is
- --Take, for example, -our behaviour a minimum given to prevent revol-
over our sugar industry. -The ution which would disrupt trade..
European Economic- Comunity- (EEC) It is a minimum which will reduce
will not give- us the- pribe we've pressure for migration from poor
asked for and we're vexed about to rich countries. And it is a
thai. We accu.s the EEC of adopt- minimum to act as a safeguard
ing.a take-it-or-leave-it attitude. against much-feared Soviet influmae.
We say the price they're giving us Vulnerable
is -uneconomic. And we .say they make However, t-here' s no point blam-
a mockery of price negotiations ing rich nationsfor this attitude.
which should take place under the In their position, we'd probably
Agreement we- have with.them. do the same. It's more rea.litic
This name-calling arises from to accept' responsibility for cur-
our mistaken belief that we have selves and do something positive.
Some sort of "right". More than This, calls for realization that,as
that. We. seem to.,think that EEC's. tiny, fragmented States, we are
job'is to ensure our welfare. We. vulnerable to exploitation.It calls
behave asif' EEC must be sympathetic for closing gaps between ourselves'
towards o:ur difficulties and it is so that, as a single viable unit,
their duty to lift our standard of we gain bargaining strength in the
living to their -level.- international field.
Selfish Unfortunately, we haven't mat-
Nothing couidbe further from--. ured that much yet.' Only last
the truth. EEC's first concern is month, Mr Henry Forde, Barbados'
for EEC. Whatever' treaties we have Trade Minister, unrealistically
with them are based on "concessions'-threatened'Japan with a "joint Car-
it suits them to give us. Like ibbean position" to resist that
Canada, like' the United. States,like country's exploitation. But, who's
all developed countries, EEC aid to going to enrsupe that 'Japan does
the Third World is based' on selfish not offer attractive deals to this
considerations; It would be fool- little Caribbean nation or that?
ish to think otherwise. And who's going to. blame Caribbean
If confirmation of tiis isneed- countries for falling for those
ed, consider whaiis called t deals when, so far, Caribbean co-
"north-south- dialogue". The high operation means 4:o more than get-
purpoge behind these talks between ting as much as one can for bne's
developed and undeveloped countries self?
was creation of a' moreequitable Seven years ago, Mr William
world economic order, A fairer Demas, then Secretary-General of
sharing of the bread. A just'bal- CARIFTA, warned Westindians they
ance between high living standards could become "unidentified appen-
of thd rich nations and the squal- dages of metropolitan countries".
or of the world's poverty stricken Whatever fine words are used by the
peoples. EEC,Japan,Canada,the USARussia or
'.Last ,June, however, these talks else, that threat still exists. It
ended in noth:'ng.- And it is obvious will exist until Westindians accept
why they are unlikely to produce responsibility for themselves and
anything. Rich countries want to sink their selfishness in a truly
stay rich. They're not going to common destiny.
enter into a share-and-b-hare alike ._____ __
arrangemnt with_ the underdeveloped MORE FROM ALISTTR HUGHES NEXT WEEKS
(next column)

Pf.e Two

THE 'S TAR FriBav, J~~v 7, 1978

Page Three- T H E S T A R Frid-ay, July 7, 1978

The Editor,.
'he Star, 5.- th JulJy,. 1978
Itadam, *'. .
A letter to the Editor by; a truly comcerind person whether it
be on a trade union, political, religious 3r any other matter of
public interest, should be. taken seriously by thoe whom the wr-iter
seeks to censure or expose as the case may be, and in a democracy
some sort of response should be forthcoming. The genuinely concerned
citizen will sign his br her. name and the matterr can be treated as a-
bona,fide enquiry or ctitieism -..
When on the'-other hand" a person masquerades as a, member of an
organisation as- did the writer of 'Trade UtJ4oa: ,'Some Sharp Queries',
and then seeks,'from that privileged positio"ite castigate the said
organisation and its officers in an, effort to create the impression
that there is dissension within the organisation, then that,person
must be seen as the paid servant of some' their .person or interest and.
his/her actions as intended:to serve not the organisation whose mem-
bership he/she professes but thatth of his/her-master.
Let us accept that the writer 'in question is a member of. the
C.S.A. That h /she Is a teacher and was or is close to the General
Secretary of the" D.A.W.U. and the Editor of the New Chronicle. Let
us speculate even further and assume that the person thpugh:a teacher
and member, of the C.S.SA. is also a:member and officer of the D.A.W.U.
- -Poaching? Let us see this person as being so close to the Gene-
ral Secretary of the D.A.W.U. as to be almost one flesh. If we are
right then we have to view the entire letter with sympathy because
even in the courts a wife cannot be'made to testify against her husband.
All we can do in" a true, spirit, of frienship, and brotherhood is: to
ask the writer to .examine her role in the D,A.W,U. Ask herself whether
some of the dissatisfactions within the D'.A,.WU'.. do not stem from the
fact that officers and 'members of the;D.A.WU. .are resetfutl of too
much, family involvement in union affairs. Ask what 'ffe.,t;the arbit-
rary usi4aenicn of the Chairman o' the HeadquartarsBranch' and the
dismissal of a member.of the office staff had on Cable '&Wireless.
workers. Why' for ,ins.tarice are the Geest Workers at Long House so-
disillusioned with D.AoU'. ~. Why did 'C'.D.C. Workers leave D.A.W.U.
and join W.A.Wp.7.? Why did, Shillingford Workers do likewise?
Finally the:"writer must-understand that the: C.S."A. is strongest
when under attack. Experience has shown that .those who attack the C.S.A.
or its, General Secretary always come off second best.
Let's"face facts, the Cable & Wireless Workers have decided to
leave D.A.W.U. If the C.S.A. decided not to take them in they would
still leave. They would join the 'N,WU. or some or other union.Attack-
ing the C.S.A. in the Newspapers will cot hurt the C.S.A, We have been
slandered and threatened by radio, arrested, dismissed' "in the public
interest", harrassed by party supporters, :etc., arid each time we have
come through 'stronger. A newspaper campaign or as the D.A.W.U. Gen-
eral Secretary would say "Phase l" ef an anrti-C.S.A. campaign will hurt
D.A.W.U. very badly, injure the good relationship between the uniors
and weaken the only .real force in the country that Government is learn-
ing that .it has to respect i.e. a united trade union movement.
.(Concluded on page Four)

SPag-,iFqW 4 4T-HE -'-S9A-'R,

FridaX Y JUly 7, 197W1


Remington Rand deLuxe Model .5
Little used, complete with case
$ or nearest offer
To view telephone 2610

The young visitor was bruised,
overexposed and exhausted after
2j days of rambling around. She
was taken for a check up and to
recuperate at Princess Margaret
Hospital, and we understand she is
now herself again, which makes
everyone happy. Incidentally,she
is a Scots girl. not Australian,
as we stated last week.

this agreenment-y (itals.) The
agreement has' 10 clauses. We are
aware that some of these are being
broken, probably not by the people
who showed us their papers. For ex-
ample there are lodgers in- several
of the-e tiny homes-.- None of our
informants ever had the 2nd agree-
ment underlined above. -They don't
seem to know what their rent is.
perhaps it varies from home to home.
But everybody is supposed to have
Aade aa agreed deposit Af $175.
It is indeed a very strange uneven
situation. Surely there should be
one rent for all, though admittedly
some of the "working class" occupiers
fare realiV middle or lower-mi. Class!


~ --- ~~ -- ,

(cqnluded from page three) People who pass along the road will
Family loyalties are admirable notice quite a lot of gardening
qualities but they can sometimes growth, children enjoying thefresh
be misguided and may well end up air (but untrained to walk safely
doing more harm than good. on the road with an eye on on-conm-
A true C.S.A. Member ing traffic)-, rubbish in the aitch,
and friend of D.A.W.U. several television aerials and still
more care arn trucks.The new sub-
STAR'OFFICE CLOSED MOnDAYS urbanites have more or less settled
- During Secondary School Holidays in. But there are complaints and
S a fears, Keeping eur informants anon-
We beg to form our readers, .ymous here i part of a letter:
advertisers and contributors that'
durig he seera weeks second- "Madam, you may remember that it
dur g thoole hoseveral wees of secod was broadcast from DBS that the Bath
rice will be closed on MostheeSTA Estate Housing scheme' was to be giv-
shall be openl a ns usl Te en to Premier John's dirty shoe sup-
shallbe open as usual soThat is what .J.himself
from 8.30 1 ptm. and on Thursday porters. That is what J.himself
and friday all day, save for lunch said,. s, perhaps those Who wear clean
between 1 2 p.m. Our -Post Bx .shoes are'now in grave danger".The
number is 129. Editor's telephone letter ends there,' but it is accom-
261Q. This arrangement continues panied by certain documents sent to
until next term begins during the tenants demanding the payment of
seco week o eptember. rreas to the Housing Development
SSep r. Corporation, amounting to a couple
"-...---. .... -- of hundred dollars and over. They
.TA re warned' that the r homes may be
The Cabinet Secretary for eendig repossessed, and "Please be-notif-
us a copy of The Commonwealth of ied that-upon repossession, may
Dominica Constitution Order 1978, lose all moneys that you have al-
Also ready paid on the houses) and
Mr. Christopher Davis, Second Sec- any sums expended for improvement
retaryj Canadian High Commission on the buildingss). We looked at
(Barbados) for the Assessm~it by a copy of the Agreement.In para.2
the Canadian Delegation o' the LAW leases are described "as a tenant
OF TfE SEA CONFERENCE (7th Session) thereof for the term of 20 years at
Geneva March 28-May 19, 1978. the agreed deposit of $175 and a
monthly rental, the sum of which and
------ A E 'the manner of -payment shall be det-
F 0 R .SA ermined by a subsequent agreement,
1- j^-.+a M Tvt -.T1i the terms of which shall overule


ISchedule forweek endig Jl t
Request da- Camela Request for -
ted 12th Scotland the issue of
May 197'. .by her a First Cert-
Presented- S3icitor- iflicate of
27th June Cilma A. Title in res-
1978- at M.Dpigny pect of a
.2.15 pm*' ____ portion of
iand at Case BruceVillage, in
ithe Parish of St.David,,in the State
of Dominica, containing 1617.square
feet and bounded as.follows:- North
by a Public Road separating it from
lands-of Lawrenc e Austrie and Major
Jno Finn; East by land of Clarita
Vigilant; South-by a1id cf Eileen
Roberts; West by land of. Flor'ina
RETSI---- -- I---- --
EpHraim'F,.GeorgesRRegi Stfar of Titles
NOTE: Any person who desires.te ob-
ject to the issuing of a Certificate
of Title on the above Applications
may enter a Caveat on the above'Of-
fice within six weeks from the date
of.the -first appearance of these
Schedule's in the STAR news paper-
published in.this State or from the
date, when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any occupant
of adjoining lrnds in respect ar
which these Applications were made.
I --- rr~rrr-~rrurrpoocrrm".." l

control. They are just t ree To
riam about on the streets,though
our traffic today has increased
considerably. The increase of dog
licehce from' $2.00 to $5.00 has
not disturbed the owners. "But de
they ever pay?
I.remember the present Mayor's
speech when he gave the owners of
sheep and-goats a warning that
hell see that these animals do
not roam about the town again,
but we are yet to see any signif-
icant change.

Mr. Morris M. Charles asks us for
space to congratulate the Doctors,
Hospital Staff and most specifi-
cally the Eurses f Princess Marg-
aret Hospital for their benevolent
services to the Wards.He says:
"Visitors to those Wards, I am con-
vinced, are satisfied' tc see their
patients privately and comfortably
in their beds as a result of the
curtains installed and' a variety
of games at patients' disposal."
<,'Inmmense efforts raised funds to
buy a Television for Imray Ward.
Mr'. Charles says the Professional
medical people must be praised for
involving the community at large'.

S T A._Y

I .

,Friday 4Zl .7L 78,__
!ZU 19-9 T- H

STATE OF DOMINICA Schedule' for week endJing JW Rt
!TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT Request da- Advalena Reqest -or
Schedule of Application for Certi- ted 10th Peters i a e it
ficate of Title and Noting thereon May, 1978 by her elI at
,or Gaveat for week enophg.- 24, Presented Solicitor 6f Tfit Ir
S1978 .... 3td ~ JCy 19 Cilma A. fesec'tc of
Date-of prson .fe-l~ ~978 at .Dupigny a portion
Request Presentit~ quest whether 11.45 ajm. __. of land
for a Certficate of, Title or Not- knownas aLa t at Mangrove Gutter,
ig ther- on and C aveat. in the Parish: of St.Andrew, in the
Re'que da xne i-T sue .o State *of Domini'ca,. containing 0.411
ted 1stJan- Alexander th. issue- Of acre and bounded *s follows:-
uary .7 by her a First Cert acr a bon "d& follows:-
uPr ented So icitor ificaste of North-East by land of Elvira' Bazi,;
7th- ned MEugena Title in res- South by land ef Dunstan Joseph;
27thJune, isec-t of a ..- West by land of Everad Peters;
1978 at -. Charles rtioLfW NoNrth-West by land of Kenneth Tele-

Ra hettein "tfhe parish f St.Joseph i __________
contaiining 2366 square- feet and I .
bounded as follows:-- North-East: STRAY X DOGS- SHEEP AND GOATS
Lands rf Prenc'ilia Jno Baptiste by Hugh Lawrence
and Elford John- Baptiste; -South:. Dog owners, dO not seem to heed
Land )f Kehnetb Joseph; South-West: the warnings made by the Roseau
Public Road; North-West: Land of Town Council, that their animals
Wyllis John Baptiste. should be kept in check or under


I Pjaei'- r41rvb

tS*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S*-Morchriston QUOTE O(F THE WEEK
BASKETBA: By-Trinee Flames are In politics, I am with the
welf on Jeir way to capturingftheir active minority on behalf of
first double-championship; 'they the inert but suffering majority.
kno6ked Malta Heineken pros.from It leads, unless you have a
contention earlier this week. This despotism, to the conquering
was. Pros third'defeat at the' hands side."
of Flames and they have had any This was written nearly 100 years
hope of winning a championship ago by the great writer George
knocked out of them by those defeats. Meredith, in his novel "Diana of
Flames earlier won the league The Crossways".
championship because of their bette w s. R
record'against Cash'n'Carry Cougars N E W S B II E F S
and pros,(who,-like' Flames,all lost Captain Hernandez of Trinidad has
three matches in th'e league.Flames accepted a Job'as pilot in the
with a better record 4 that is,two Middle East. He will take a six-
wins over Pros and one win and one months refresher course in U.S.A.*
defeat against Cougars clinched FarmBrs of Dominica got $360,00
the championship with 7 paints on for their produce in 1977 from
that scoring (2 points f r a win Bellb Products. Mr.McDonald Al-
and one point for a defeat).Cougars exander is back from UK with as
finished with six points, that is advanced diploma in further 0duc-
one win to one defeat against. both ation (Huddersfield Polyteehnic,
Flae.s and Pros. Pros ended with Leeds, University.)*. A course in
five points for one win, one defeat fish culture in Israel has beer
against Cougars and two. defeats to undertaken by Mr. Wilmoth Salway.*
Flaes. All expenses met hy Govt. of Isreal.
hen~ the knockout' started, Pro A snmer of GS d Boys ha
improved their record against Cou, forced a committee to erpetuate
gar by beating them' in a close:' the memory of late Victor A. A. '
m tchy lamesnockhm inud hr, o ne- time Headmaster ere.
match. Flames knocked out-Leewind. Britain has given $105,000 towards
Rookers to move into -the next round building 25 houses for Bagatelle
Flames disposed of their biggest victims -each house with 2 kefrooms.
rivals then by once again beating JAYCEES operationn Priness Margaret
Pros and now sit pretty waiting Hospital" concerns assisting the
for the other finalists to be re- hospital in renovation and in muh-
solved. Dawn Creation Harks feel ended fencing.Su th at 11 a
they should be the other finalist is when the groundbreaking occurs
because Sunstyle Ambassadors failed
to turn up for their match. Ambas- *S*T*A*R*S*P**R*T*s* -CRICKET ct
sadors oppose, claiming they had England won the other 2 matches by
wTitten tO the Basketball Associa- an irmings. Enigland will next
ti-on stating their ina'ility to play NeW Zealand (already on tour).
iagint H s How will N.Z.. fare this time having
field team then against Harks. receiay won (in Jan.) theIr frs
This .dispute remains to be resolved, test match against an England team?
but 4in any case the finals should TENNI$: The Wimbledon finals are
take-place tonight.* The two other well on...Bjorn Borg,22-year-old
teams.knocked out of the quarter- Swede, has been playing erratically
finals were M.O.M.Wizards and Bris- to date as he' concentrates on win-
bane -Starlights.' ning his third successive Wimbledon
ORICKIET: England clinched the 3- Finals. *.Women's Singles Chris
match series against Pakistan 2- Evert was beaten by the Czechoslo-
nil-after the third and final test vak girl who fled to America:sorry
match 't Leeds ended in a rain- we'can't spell her name. She is-now
,flogge% draw. (Next Column) the women's singles champion.Yvonne
printed .P-sh e5 'Pr'prie-Z ey (Gouligong) had a twisted
or R.E.Allfrey of.Mill House Copt- -
Hall at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.


I 1

pa~e six


Fridav, ~lulv 7, 197E3


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