Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). June 30, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). June 30, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: June 30, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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'Tele phone -Edi tdr 2610
UK Media Representativ
Colin Turner (Lonaisagt
122 Shaftesbury Aveonue:
Lopndan W1V 8HA England

Y RK 21. N. Y.
Sg| E A Poet
e a Pageymfr -o..
Ii? itN AC. Palte Four,
M INTCA Alister Huhea -
Virtute Duce comite rn'taiinn : s pA Twn

tor M3 _d Y
Vol. OVI' .No, 26- 1ir n 3t7 9$ fta"inYnt

'The British Government has.duly'
delivered copies of the latest draft
constitution for:Dominica,'
studied, by Members of the Iouse be-
foxpethe House meets to vote upon it
in July. A Member told us: "They'
seem to want to'let us go this year.
-"1978" appears in several places...
The final draft leaves loopholes
for breaching the people's human-

A:student visitor, -add to be
Australian, Miss Jennifer- Cooke,'
..---hes b~-b-fidtng for. several 'hoils "'
since she went 'off"fot walk on '
her own. near Byack:. She is white,
plump, red-haired, was wearing a
red shirt and shorts.. We hope that
by the time we go to Press she will
have been traced and found safe:the
Police should be informed of her
whereabouts. ':
M ny people from lower Goodwill
carried placards outside Govt. HQ
today :'rid$f, protesting against
the terrible insanitary stench' and
flies and.rats caused by dumpers
unloading near their homes.. They
dug 2 ft trenches across the road
tc prevent dumpers coming again...
The Deputy Premier Hon.Chris-tian
said that no more rubbish would be
damped there Govt. would try to
find another site.

Strong measures have been taken to
,stampp.:-t. an outbreak of swine fev-
er which has attacked several hun-
dre, pigs d.. ^ -, ,d- ..r .

There will,be a debate on indep-
endence,.for Dominica in the Brit-
The debate will be led by -
Lord Vernon.
We shall report to our readers
in due course.

CARICOM"DAY:' Mon.July 3rd is also
Caricom Day, but this year i" is
not a public holiday. The public
was only just informed of how it.
is to'be celebrated here. Nothing
much. '' ., .. THE CThEDRAL
"OttB^^^ l^\sA (j!Mi: -
,8A4, r to -4oe vbroker-down? -:_---
Many devoted Rdman 'Catholics (not
all of. them, old, 'ether) are .dis-
turbed by suggestions that. the
High ltar in, the Cathedral will
be demolished, to make room for
a "more modern structure". In
fact they are determined to oppose
the change, saying: "our altar,
which is beautiful, should remain.
In Europe the ancient altars have,
been kept intact; so should ours."
Only 5-'per cent of the electorate
voted. Highest vote went to Hon.
Michael .Douglas, ex-Minister (376);
Mr. Para Rivlere got 321; Mrs.
Yant.o 293. Others who were elect-
ed were Hunter and Wade;
was still arguing Priday :ever the
"barbarous" way in which 126 pilots
were sacked after a 1-day "strike".
Karl.Hudson Phillips represents the
airmen;: Selwyn Wooding,BTIA (Govt).
Ground breaking ceremony Sun.June 9.


---` I -' I--' 1 --~Y-



-r; ----

page Two ZTHE S T A
Alister Hughes*
Some unscrupulous druggists are
exploiting the ignorance ft Westin-
diagp. Selling special "mixtures"
supposed to do miraculous things,
these druggists take money under
falsp pretenses from simple folk.
By providing these "mixtures" for
sale, these unprincipled druggists
encourage superstition nd culti-
vate 'a ready market for the obeah-
maiAnd let it not be thought that
the practice of obeah is dead.
There may be no ritual murders to.-
day. but large num b as of our less
e4ucated people stMll consult
"Tantee Th-s" and "Papa That" in
matters of family quarrels, lack
of prosperity and illness. In mott
cases, the remedy involves a.
potion or spell to harm somebody
andi for this reason, many still
fea and respect obeah.
gampish druggists exploit this
fe~i and respect. rending respect-
abl ity to the practice with their
poos ion in the community, their
whi" coats and their smart dispen-
sari s, they do not usually offer
"mi tures" reputed to bring harm.
In matters of romance and defence
against "evil spirits", however,
they have a full range of products
and do a brisk trade.,
One stock item in this trade has
a blasphemous name. It derives from
the French Creole language and can
be spelt only phonetically.
It is called "lespwee der jezz'" and
that means "Spirit of Jesus". Con-
cocted mainly from ammonia and a
variety of scents, it is reputed to
be a potent remedy for many types
of illness, a sure protection ag-
ainst "mal joe" (the evil eye) and
an effective base for love potions.
For protection against evil
spirits, a "mixture" of red lavend-
er Water, asafoetida and spirits of
ammonia is sold. Rubbed on the body
before retiring, this evil smelling
concoction guarantees that "Lajab-
lesse", "Jumbie" and "soucouartt"
cannot get near the sleeper.
(next column)

Friday. rune 30. 1978

When more troublesome supernat-
ural beings are Involved,relief
can be had by sprinkling the door-
step with "Seven Spirits of Vinegar",
For the love-sick, these dishonest
druggists have many lines.
"Commanding Powder" and "Commanding
Oil" sprinkled or rubbed on the
lqved one will cause that person to
do whatever the user desires. "Man-
YoU-Must" and "Compelling Oil" have
much the same effect but must' e
administered orally. Introducing
these "mixtures" into food ensures
that the loved one forgets all
rivals and flies to the arms of
the person administering the potion.
While we may smile at these ridi-
culous beliefs, it is a serious
matter. Playing the part of well-
educated, benevolent obeahmen,these
druggists foster superstitions.
That the well-respected druggist
endorses them gives them credibility.
And this entrenches, superstitions
which, at best, hamper our dev19op-
ment and, at worst, degenerate
into the violence of the obeahman's
Unfortunately, this evil is dif-
ficult to fight. The trade is done
secretly.And, as one druggistput it,
"If I don't sell them 'lespwee der
jezz', somebody else will," Dis-
pensing "white magic" is regarded
almost as a-service to the community
and few druggists involved in the
trade are prepared to consider the
moral aspects of their conduct.
But, we cannot afford this contin-
uing damage to our culture. Govern-
ments and organizations concerned
with social welfare must consider the
problem. Legislation to make this
fraudulent drugstore trave illegal
may help, but it cannot cure the ill.
What is needed is an effective
educational programme to wipe out
the silly superstitions exploited by
these shameless druggists.


_ _I_


Friday_ June 30L 1978 T HE STA R_ _rage Tee
The first page of CSAs VIEWPOINT TRADE UNION: ome Shap
carries rather dreary reports on Madam,
transport allowances breaking down The general Secretary of
and salaries revision.Preserve us DAWU and the present Editor of the
from letters tarting "I m direct- New Chronicle who was then Gen.Sec.
ed f rom letters starting direct- of the Teachers' Union, were .most
ed to refer to. ."2
There is, however, a most inter- instrumental in convincing teachers
testing page 3 (4) on Independence. that they should disband their Un-
..."there was the distinct feeling ion and become part of the organis-
among those present" (t.u. persons) action representing government work-
that the British Government Would ers --the Civil Service Association.
be prepared to grant independence The then President Qf' the CSA was
to Dominica under Idi Amin himself strongly opposed to this. If my mem..
if he had managed by fair or fowl ory has not failed, hie reasons
(foul) to make himself Premier of were: (a) that teachers would lose
Dominica." their professionalism If they did
Well, t.u.reps, I had that im- not have an associationn of teach-
pression too Ed. ers" (that point has been proven
C.S.A. Gen. Sec.: "Why should it correct); (b) that it would be bet-
be necessary to hold a referendum ter for the Teachers' onion to be
to amend the Constitution after In- affiliated to, rather than be ab-
dependence, when the British were sorbed into, the CSA and (c) he
collaborating with Premier John's was not then satisfied with the in-
Government in resisting the holding tentions of his General Secretary.
of a referendum to bring the new Today I see in the CSA VIEWPOINT
Constitution into being?". that Charles Savarin wants an am-
The Foreign Office Officials endment to the CSA Constitution to
were once again unable to answer, endorse his action of recruiting
"That the British are anxious to WAWU and DAWU members working in
wash their hands of Dominica there "Local Government,Statutbry Boards,
can be no doubt, but why not do so Public Corporations, Public Utili-
honourably and let the people decide ties and similar undertakings". Why
when, how and with whom...Dominica does he not go one step further and
Of course is an insignificant speck change the name CSA? I wonder how
bf dust in the Caribbean sea... so our General Secretary would like
why can't we follow the provisions having a one-party and a one-union
of the 1967 West Indies Act and let State after Independence, and whom
the people cast a ballot on the he thinks would be the sufferers.
question of independence?" It seems that Mr. Bernard Nich-
Poaching olas knew what he was saying and to
There are suggestions that CSA wants whom he was, referring when he wrote
to poach members from DAWU maj. at in the 'New Chronicle some months ago
Cable & Wireless. A petition to the thae ibtie eawlnplayedUth
Minister for a poll to be held has in Dominica,
gone forward from employees. By the way, I hear CSA is already
Tonight at 8 p.m< at the Good- campaigning to get Electricity,
will Parish Hall there will be.held Cable & Wireless and Social Secur-
a CSA Special General Meeting on ity workers. Is this for political
the subjects enumerated here. power because CSA hopes to make
them what they already are--- the best paid in the State? Can CSA
really negotiate for them to be better off yet when we CSA members had
to wait four years for what we worked for and are still struggling
with low wages compared to Cable & Wireless workers?
(name given)

_ ~_~___1 ~

THE STAR Fridav. June:30.


This week Domr.n!ica has been
lucky enough to h:ave a work..i; :g-
virpit from the Guyanese poet and
literary man Arth::r Sivmour.
Ha had.three live sessic.s,two
at the Teachers training college
and one, on poetry, at the Library.
Besides this, he made several
recordings for broadcast some
of the themes being "The Seadch
for Cultural Identity in the
English-speaking Caribbean", "The
Poetry of Dominic a", and a story
for children: "The Sleeping Giant
of Micotrin".
Some 14 writers learned from
him tihe technique of wvritl.,g -sort
stori.e,. TLhis I should really have
loved to hear myself, to cor mpare
notes on olr views'; but I was for-
tunate anyway to rece-ve a call at
my home from thib erudite marn with
a poW k ful memory. He gave me a
collection of his poetry -'"Images
c1.Majority", which I read in its'
entirety-ffar into the night.
His poems are strong, well-
shaped, analytical and full of
love and friend ships. I think of
two "Bitter Ball2ad' and "Ances-
tors'', also of the lines
'To invest a folk image
With the fears
Of a nation's future
Like a poet.'

Effective from 1st July and
cor::ti-i-.rg through to 30th
De ::-.e:,b:x, all CASH Purchases
of $ 1o00 and over will be Dis-
counted by 10%, with the following
except ions: -

GOODS 'ON '"Specials"


A SSEMB L.Y 1978
by Hugh Lawrence
I visited just recently a good
friend of mine, who is a 'shut in'
and 15 yvars my senicr. I enquired
of him whether he had got a copy of
the daily prayer AsseTbly '78; he
replied no. When I went home 7
;wrote a copy and sent it to him by
post. It may be that there are some
devout Catholics who have never seen
one., and.would be happy to have one.
I quote: "God our Father, You have
called us to be your Church here in
,Dominica, the land of the Lord. Ze
'with us in the power of Your Spirit.
iOpen our ears to hear Your word, our
eyes to see the needs of Your people.
Help us to. cast off prejudice, to
face bravely the problems of Your

One can think of Seymour as Church. Keep us united in constant
a sort of Andre Malraux (and it prayer with Mary our Mother, so that
is iniTeresting that he both knows !together we may be the body of
and adritres Malraux the famous iChrist, a sign of Your loving saving
French writer who became France's Prasenc. in our land. We make this
Minister of Information & CultureQ prayer through Christ our Lord.Amne-."
For both took on jobs which con- j
sciously or unconsci opuly iTr ove DOMINICA FRIENDSHIP CLUB, CLRACAO
the Inage of their native lands. A five-man DAWU delegation came
He probably knows that rather back from a two-week Seminar for
a lot of people in Dominica don't the English-speaking Caribbean held
care much for Guyana. But his vis-lin Curacao, which exsam:ined the his-
it has done a lot to make the Uory of the ToU.movement in'the
literary-ri-rndd ryor.u(and others) Dutch and English Caribbean, The
in Dominica :fel that the Guyanese team passed on the greetings of the
are, to pat it in.Alister's word, president of DFC in Curacao,Mr.A,0.
Westindian. James of Marigot Persons going to
So we are very glad he came or passing through Curacoa are in-
,. share his ik..:wledge with us all'vited "x/ contact the Club through
We hope to hear' r,-eroadcasts... 'DAiU office.


~i---r-- ;i-ru-~-j;r;r-~-i~i~-~------~


Page Four



Page Five

Schedule of Application fr Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending June 24th
1978 _
Date of Person TNature of Re-
Request IPresenting I quest whether
for a Certificate of Title or Not-
ing thereon and Caveat.
Request da- Alphonse Request,for th
ted 20th Prince issue of a
June 1978 First Certifi-
presented cate of Title
21st June, in respect of
1978 at a portion of
1-. 55 am. land at Grand
Fcild in he Parish of St.David in
the State of Dominica containing '
19,575 square feet and bounded as
follows:- On the North by a public
Road separating it from land of
Lucy Lockhart; On the South by land
of Molry George; On the West by
land of Melina Cuffy and Solina
Cuffyi land of Mable Hectorgt
Request da- Minellis Request for
ted 1st Jan. Alexander the issue of
uary 1978 by her a First Cert-
presented SolicA r ificate of
27th Jihe M.Eugenia Title in res-
1978 at Charles pect of a
1 50 a.T. -portion of
land at Morne Rachette in the Par-
ish of St.Joseph containing 2366
square feet and bounded as follows.
No-th-East: Lands of Francillia
J3.6 Baptiste & Elford John Baptiste;
Soath: Land of Kenneth Joseph;South
We-so. Public Road; North-West:Land
of Wyllis John Baptiste.

Schedule for week ending 1uy 1st
Request da- Camelia Request for
ted 12th Scotland the issue of
MWy j198 by her a First Cert-
resented Solicitor ificate of
27th June Cilma A. Title in res-
1978 at .DqDgny pect of a
12.15 pm. __ portion of
land at Castle Bruce Vllage 'in
.he Parish of St.David in the
State of Dominica, cornaining
3617 square feet and bounded as
follows:- North by a Pdblic Road
Separating it from larjs of Law-
rence Austrie and Majr Jho Finn;
East by land of Clarit~a Vigilant;
South by land of Eileeh Robetts;
West by land of Florin~ Bannis.

The Co-operative Citrus Growers
Association of Dominica Ltd. in-?-
vite., applications for the post of
Plant Manager,Citrus Packing Plant.
DUTIES: To manage and operate the
Citrus Packing Plant and
to train staff employed at
the Plant Direct and con-
trol the Citrub Field Pro-
gramme. AsSist Citrus
Growers to produce a high
quality product. And other
'duties connected with the
Citrus Industry.
An agricultural background with
three years experience in labour
control and public relations will
be an advantage. Salary to be neg-

PRFGSTRAR'S OFFICE, Roseau otiated wi
Ephr ~;.m F.Georges,Registrar of Titi. and qualify:
NOTE: Any person who desires to ob- Applicatiol
,Ct to the issuing of a Certifi- strictest
cate of Title on the above Applic-
atiohs may enter a Caveat in the Applicatio
abo!e Office within six weeks from should rea<
the date of the first appearance of not later
these Schedules in the STAR news 1978, at 2
paper published in this State or
from the date when the notice pre-
scribed by law was last served on
any occupant of adjoining lands in
respect of which these Applications were made.

ll depend on experience
ns will be treated with
as with two testimonials
ch the Secretary-Manager
than Saturday 1st July,
1 Hanover Street,
39- 3/3

g riday,_ue ,b1 T A R __R


~rr~mn~ ---

Page Six ''- T 14 E A T? P" A, #n nQ7aIi Ui JI

S' Argentina, host country
of the 1978 World Cup Series,became
new world champions when they de-
feated Holland, 3-1 in the finals
aftet the match had gone into extra
This triumph' led several millions
of the 27 million Argentinians' in-'
to boycotting worklfor days as
they celebrated carnival fashion
their first win in the contest
(Started in 1930). It was the
second time that litt1r of those
two teams had made a world cup fin-
al.a.d it meant that any one of
them who won would be the sixth
team to win this contest. Other
winners of the past have been Brazil
(three times), Uruguay, West Germ-
any and Italy (twice each) and
England. This was Holland's 2nd
consecutive final, and once agaih
they failed to pull off the big one.
However despite their chagrin,they
received a big popular welcome by
Prince Bernhard and the Dutch people.
Argentine scored first in the
'37'h minun.te t+lhrronuh Mawrion KTemnes.

We have a few copies in our office
of a book of patois poems by Ra-
phael Confiant, young Martinique
poet, far those who are interested.
"Ju Barrt" is a well-produced
and revealing work, with alphabet.
We thank jthe author for .sending it.
Can you write a 60-minute play on
the theme "Rich aod Poor"? If you
win the BBC Drama Competition,you
may get a flight to Britain, 7
night .accom. in a room with private
bathroom, 3 theatre tickets, an
ievening-at a top London nightspot,
land a sightseeing tour of London.
Write for details to BBC World Ser-
vice Drama Competition,P.O.Box 76
Bush House,London WC2B 4PH. Your
play may be broadcast worldwide.
St. Lucia short story -Consequences
by Rona Davies, can be heard on
Sunday July 9 at 2145. Tune in to
BBC. Araminta, the girl in the tale
joins a strange religioUs' sect -
the kind it may be easier to join
than to leave.

Holland got the equalizer just 9 *STARSPORTS* coutd. Cougars suf-
minutes before the end. In the 30 feared another fatal blow in the
minutes extra time, Kempes made it very fitst knockout match they
2-1 for Argentina, before .Daniel lost to Pros 56-57 in a soul-sear-
Bertoni sealed Holland's fate with ing finish. There was nothing
a 3rd goal some 5 mins. before the that could be done to save them
end of extra time. when the final whistle went.Flames
BASKETBALL: FLAMES ARE LEAGUE meanwhile also advanced to another
CHA PIONS By-Trinee Flames were round in the knockout competition
new League champions when they de- when they leat Leewirnd Rockers 63-
feated Cash'r)tCarry Cougars 66-64 45 in a match which gave them some
in a pretty kmen and clbse encoun- tense moments.
ter last Fridiy nigit at Windsor In the very last match of the
Park hard courts. This defeat of league, Rockers went down to Sun-
Cougars was their third ari put style Ambassadors 65-88, with
them on'par with :Flames and Malta George Bruney notching up 45 pts.
Heineken Pros. According to F.I.B.A. for Ambassadors.'
rules, the championship was.deter- T'Tfr t ba
mined on the scoring of .all three THERE ISN'T ROOM for two broad-
teams in their encounters.Flames, casting stations in Guyana, one
u 'o their e' state-owned, one private (not en-
by virtue of their better average ough wherewithal),says Ron Saund
points wise that is, 2 points fc ers (Dir.Radio,Guyana) in the In-
a win and one point for a defeat stitute of Co.mmuhicatons Journal.
with victories over Pros twice and outlook blak: he wants a monopoly
Cougars in their last match won printed & Pubished by the Proopie-
with 7 points; Cougars 2nd 6 pts) or R.E. re a y of Mill House Cit
and Pros 3rd with 5 points. (next col 1 at date sr RoseauDomina '
Westindi es. ----e

PaPe Six

~P W F: S ~ P, R ff~i A~~r _Al~'b ~A. 7C~r)~

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