Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). June 23, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). June 23, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: June 23, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Telephone Editor 2610 YORK 21
UK Media Representative ~ NEXT WEEK:
Colin Turne~x(3ondon)Ltd DRUGST RE. OBEAHMAa
122 Shaftesbury Avenue DUGSTQRE.OBEAHMA
London W1V 8HA England Virtute Duce Comite Fortuna by Alister Hughes
--------Edit or Ahy3li hand Al-fre-y
Ml. XV1-~aQ-2i, Eridayv- .a e_2r'0

by Alister.HugHls
There's an exciting murder -mystery'"
for sale in Barbados, It tells 6f the
mass killing of 73 persons and, for
thosewho like detective stories, it
has an added bonus.It-has a mystery
within a mystery.
The .title of this book is :"Air~ ; ,'
craft Accident" and it is not fiction.
It is the Report of the Commissiol.ct ..
Enquiry into a Cubana aircraft crash'
off Barbados on October 6th 1976 ,
That is the main mystery story but
that isn't all. When the main mystery
is examined, another mystery 'Xnfolds.
The evidence is that, on tle dlay of
the crash, the Cubana plane handed ats
Barbados with 78 passenger s, AmoQg
those Who disembarked were two Vene-
uelans, Freddie Lugo and Ricardo
Lozano,i and they checked In-at the
Barbados Holiday Inn1,*.' .
While the plane prepared to contin-
ue its flight, Lugo and"Lozano put
through a call to one Miss Vega. in
Caracas. At" this time, they were
scared. Somebody had recognized them,
they told Miss Vega, and it was "a
question of life- 6r death," Later t1at
afternoon, they-checked in a another
hotel and were recognized again. Now
in a state of panic, they abandoned +'
their baggage and caught a plane for"
Trinidad that s pa -ve:iung.
j unutin ue a onar _
This increased by 455ontae"'l and is
still' 25 per metlic ton. It is most
encouraging to note that Dominica has
shown the "highest percentage increase
in production over last year amongthe
four Windwaid IsJnds', :
Because it has been purpf5ely omitted
by Radio DBS, we give the names of
Giraundel's new coundillors:Edward
Honyehurch ,Muriel Joseph, Jlien Thom-
asAngeia ; 3 amesRupert Sergenton
(.T e others are. to be nominated).
, '. ', L ', .. .. .

In Washi-igton this weqk Dominica"'
aspirations to transf'lrm the econ-
-omic situation so that this -State
may become viable witHiin the nixt
three years was well-feceived (an
hour-long heavily prer d'speech
by Hon.Vic Riviere). *'~e speech had
'its core in the Newtofw Policy
which was listened to' b1y wader 100
people but the ,Worl .nk etc.
only knew part of, the, background.,
Still less do they know.ofthe acts
and non-acts of theG Gqernmezt .of
Dominica which make .nensefne of
their high-sbunding ptaseology.
Examples the non-act oif keeping
silent when a relatively -1rge ou:
disappears from' the:G Oers9 'Post.
Office. The omission dm 'he r4dio
news of anything whatV ove' which
could cast credit on the Opposition.
Tge recent complete silnmce over
Court news (Nich mi7ht reflect...")
'Two outside newspaper ,passed com-
ments on the large, suit' pept by.Mr.
Burnham abroad. We wi hs some out-
side newspaper would -arry on some
research and do.the same for us.
-- --.......-.-,,
by Hugh LawPrece
Accordrig to the talk given by Mr.
Posnett -t before 'DominiaL
for SEgland, independence may go in-
to oblivion. He said over DBS that
a new draft constitution for Domin-
ica's independence will be prepared
(or wards to that effect) by the
British Government. Then he expects
to return to the State by the end
of June (this month) and hand it
over. We shall not be surprised if
he returns, for he ,ave Dominica
and Dominicana high prai-.e for their
land's beauty "and triendlinss.
This new constitution is to be
debated (or supposed to be) .:
Dominica's House of Assembly. (y e
page ast i-

par Two

_T H E S T A.R Fridav. Jbre 23. 1q7R


Whenever I fly over these is4ands
of ours I always marvel at their
beauty emerald Jewels jutting
out of amethyst seas.
yet during these last few Weeks it
has been no pleasure flying over
thpe. Our islands are all too ob-
viously slowly bleeding to death.
Admittedly, it may take many years.
Generations may pass before our
land is finally dead. But that tine
will come if we do not take steps
to stop it now.
If you haven't already guessed, I
am talking about the soil we have
all seen gushing dowe our river
arteries, only td stain the seas
an ugly reddAsh brown.This slowly
spreading stain shows where, be-
neath the waves, much of our best
soil is feeling its way down -
down to the sea bed where it will
lie hidden and useless to man for
Soil is the life-biood ef our is-
lands. It supports and nourishes
our food plants. ,It gives us crops
to sell for foreign revenue. It
gives us trees tomake houses for-
shelter, and boats to sail upon
the saa. -
It is the boil which gives our is-
lands the natural lush beauty so
dear .to the hearts of all who live
Without soil there would be no
timber little food and a 'desert-,
like beauty of short rough grasses,
thorn bushes and bare rocky soil.
"That can never bet." I can hear
you saying. But I suspect that all
our islands have some areas going
this w*y. I know St.Lucia best,
and if one wishes to see desert
appearing there, go to the area
south of the Pitons. To Delcer,
(next column)

Piette, Le Riohe, Monrouge, even
Belle Vue.

Over wide parts of this area all
top-soil has long since reached
the sea. Only hard silicon pans,
impenetrable to plant roots, remain.

The St.Lucia Extension Services are
doirg their utmost to solve the
problem. But the area, which used
to be the 'GErden of St.Lucia'., is
in desperate need of specialist
help. Help from someone born and
bred in a high rainfall area. An
area where poor soil on steep slopes
has been farmed for centuries.Only
with such special help can we save
this area in St.Lucia.
Thankfully, most parts of our is-
lands have not reached this criti-
cal stage, and extension services
are able to show farmers how to
keep their soil. The Banana Ex-
tension Service will do their part
by encouraging bananagrowers to
follow simple soil conservation
measures en their holdings.
Rt long before these islands of
ours become totally barren if noth-
ing is done? No one knows: but we
do know that every time the waters
are stained the soil remaining is
less and less capable of supporting
.useful plant life. We know that we
must act now to Otop the loss- of
our soil.
Our islands really are bleeding to
death. We must save our soils now.,
-- INBAN Communications Centre.
EDITOR'S'NOTt: This is the best ar-
ticle we have ever had from WINBAN.
Regarding Dominica, we should add
that the danger comes most of all
from the "logging craze" that has
struck us; non-conservation-minded
people are being encouraged to join
the. great leg-cutting drive by buy-
ing chain-saws; CADEC has given
$31,500 to cover expenses of a
lumber project we hope the soil
there will be carefully tended,

_ ____. ___ __

-- _.._ __ __ __ L

Fridav. JUne 23. 197S

V A, C A N C. Y

Tho Cr-^perativ% Citrus Grow re
Assciation.,of Dminiinca Ltd. in-
vites ap"i ti.;sr..ons 'f th post
if Plant Manager, Citrus Packing
Plant .
DUTIESi To manage and operate the
Citrus Packing Plant and
to strain staff 'employed a
the Plant. Direct and ctn

trl6 the Citrus Field Pro-
gramma. A.sist Citrus -
Growers to "io.duce a high
quality product. And. other.
duties connected with' "the

S Citrus Industry,
|An agricultural' bawkgrund with
three years experience, in labour
control and public relations will
be an advantage. -Salary to be nag-
)6tiated will depend on experience
land qualifications.

;Applications will be treated within
Sstrictest confidence.

, T H E r

V e incuias uf transport for uhe pCe-
4Applications with two testimonials Iormanc of his duties for which he
should reach -the Secretary-Manager Vill be paid a travelling allowance
!not later than Saturday ist July, in accordance with the Association's
1978, at 21 Hanover Street," Rosau. regulations.
T. Applications giving details of
OPHORT'UNISIj AT OUR GP3 Educatijn and personal background,
SB May Chr:ist18 n training,experience and qualificat-
see it s &usolrT notion ian io;s, as well .as three testimonials
the community, th s reported l.ossB5 "should be addressed to:.
a vast -sum-at the Geer eal Post Off- 4 The General Manager
Thae General Manager
ice.Money we know is an indispen- iDominica Bianana GrWers Association
.blte ervant.HowverL monetary loss o 13 Hanover Street, 'Rcs au
as not the greatest evil with that to :.each him not later than 30th
prestigious rl~et of ihe Iovil Ser- : t 1978
vice. *t Lookigbck, I. see the non- T.IRISH
delivery of leetters, or even he .4 General- Manager .
delivering unduly with mischievo~4s 31st May, 1S978
intent of' hampe r~g yo~r business o4j4 4l
ixing a gulf between you end your
relatives and dther l9ed nese (to destroy happy prospects as the most
damaging: of all'Post Office frsrds. The GPO is meant to mobilize the
tax-payers busia si and not to 3%pardite. I could never forget how
dSirg ILd r I I'i suffered unspoken: grief and, indignation to disco-
ver .tat better':. of momentum sent me by the young Fremnh Li_,tn;.Au(:g )

.- '--- i.


Applications are invited from suit-
,abl: qualified'persons for appoint-
Pment to the post of Operatiors Man-
,ager of the Dominica Oanzna Growers
Assoc ation.
Applicants must havo held a manager-
lial position in industry, commerce
or an agriculturally oriented field
of. endeavour and should iave had nPt
less than five years experience in
that capacity. A diploma in Agrlcult- e
Iture in addition to -te above qual-
.ificatibns would be an apsfal.
The Operations Managor ip the Chief
Technical Officer of the `Ass'oc. at. n
and is responsible for bpxang opera-
tions, loaf-spot cOitroly banana hus-
bandry, transport and al' services,
related tU the purchasing and pro-
ceasing of Bananas for oxphrt.
The Salary of the post is''$12 144
(fixed) per annum. The Operations
Manager is a travelling officer and
will be require. to maintain apprip-
M. -t- .><- i < 4 _4- -%1 ^ ~-


Pag t .. T H E ST A.,_ rtga 23 1978
SAlster Hughes Schedule of Application for Certi-
Meanwhile, after about an hour on or Caveat for week ending 17th June
the ground, the Cubana plane left 1
Barbados for Jamaica with 73 souls ate pNate of
on board. That flighthowever,wvs RUDate f ersonti quest whether-
nlyer completed. Soon after take- for a certificate ofTitle'or Not-
off, disasterr struck. '"We have an fora Chereon ande Caveati r
explosion and are descending irmmed R thereon n Caveat.
.atiely,": the Captain told the Con- Request da- Bernard euest for
k:;trot Tower,"we have fire .on board." te 15th Pascal. the issue of a
ave e ry 197 by his inrst Certifi-
SSweeping low.over the seathe crew Presented Solic- cate of Title
tried valiantly but vainly torirng 14th Jtmne itor in respect of
the plane back to the airport. 1978 at Cilma A.a portion of
Overcome by gases from the burning :4p.m. at Grand
cat0n, they lost control.Witnesses 3.a at Grand
wcahn, they lost control.Witnessee Fond in the Parish of St.David in
wa,6nhed the aircraft clintob the steaply the State oC Dominica, containing
bak and then plunge into th 5808 square feet and bounded as fol
suVivor slows:- On the North-East: by land of
su'4vorq. Peter Joseph; On the South-East: by
So~ing ,he main mystery,the murder land of Roy Pa an; on the North-Fst:
of 79 persons on the plane, began by land of Daiel Phillip* On the
next morning when the Trinidad & South-W land oDanel h G venm the
To4go Police arrested Lugo and South-Wet by land o overent
LoZ. io in Port of SpainoThe mystery c n uie fr we ne
within the ysatery began to unfol Request da- Alphonse Request for the
4, fer days later when Barbados' ted 20th Prince issue of aFPtt
SeniOr Superintendent of Police Mr June, 1978 Certificate of
Orville Durant, went to Trinida to Preented Ttle in res-
investigate 21st June, pect of a por-
It would be expected that, in this 1978 at tion of land at
matter, there would. be close co- 11.66 a.m. Grand Pond in
operation betweenAhe Trinidad & L Parish of St.David In the State
Tobago Police and the Barbados of Dominica containing 19,575 square
Police. Surprisingly, this was not ft and bounded as follows:- On the i
so and Mr DurantZgave evidence of North by a Public Road separating it.
puzzling a-ts of the Police in from land of Lucy Locchart; On the
Trinidad. They acted in a strange South by land of Molry George; ,On
Secretive way and created a mys- the West by land of Melila Cuffy and
Cubana disaster. UnexpDained (For Caveat Note please see page 5)
Mr. Durant told the commission that T~riad- anc To5ago s 'CoM5mssIer
of Police, Mr C.A.May, refused to let the Barbados Police see originals
of statements made by Lugo and Lozano. Notr would Mr May supply copies
of these statements. In an unexplained attitude of resistance, the
Trinidadians told the Barbadians that they couldn't see the evidence un-
less the suspects were tried in Barbados.
And there was another mysterious secrecy. Trinidad & Tobago's Deputy
Commissioner of Police, Mr D.E.Ramdwar, told the Barbadians that Lozano
had made an oral statement that he (Lozano) was a member of the C.I.A.
But, no details of that statement could be had either and, frustrated,
the Barbadians left for home.
This strange behaviour of the Trinidad &'Tobago Police, this mystery
within the main mystery, was never cleared up. (Concluded ga. eage ,)

:, __________ _______-. .. .*.. .:.^


Prdy Jun 23 198_H ~RPg Iv

Schedule of Application.for Certi-
ficate of Title anr Notirg thereon
or Caveat for week ending 10th
June 1978 .
Date off Person | Nature of
Request IPresentingi Request whe-
ther for .Certfi cate of Title or
Nnctlnj thereon or. aveat

Fe licit Lavilles ach;k ending June 0
Bellevue Chopin in t Pari h of St,
Gecrgcontaining 161l'~pquare feet
and bounced as follows:; -' .
North-East: Public Road ;separating
it f rom lands of Govt. of Dominic a
and Heirs of RB.E.A.Nichlls; North-
West: Lands of.Matilda penis; South-
West: Lands of Matilda penia; South-
VR.t?+ land of Cria3na ,n3 n.a

Request da- Clarissa euest folequst a-
ted 3rd May Nixon by the issue ted 18th
1978 .her Solic- of'a First Janary 1978
Presented itor Citma Certificat Presented
8th. June A. M. of Title 13th June
1978 at Dupigny, in respect 1978 at
9.45 a.m. of a por- 12.42 p.m.
tion of land at Calibia~ie,in the- known as Lot
Parish of St.Andrew in the State Parish of St.
of Dominica,containing 1.968 acres square feet
and bounded as follows:- North- North: A Cane
East by a Public Road separatin. land of Terre
it from land of Paul Green and Victoria Stre
Eliza Abraham; South-Sast by land A Road and Lc
of Anelta Nixon; South-West by Request da-
Liviere Salle separating it from ted 26th
land of Astaphan George; North-WestAugust 1977
bY land of Baby Nixon. Presented

Request da- Clarissa Request for
ted 3rd May, Nixon by the isuae.o
1978. her Soli- a First Cer
Presented citor tifeIsat e of
8th June Cilma A. itlei
1978 at M.Dupigny respect.of
.55 am. --. a portion '
of land at Calibishie, the Par-
ish of St.Andrew, in the State of'
Dominica, containing 13,725 square
feet and bounded as follbwws:-
North by land of Eddison George,
Escort Lawrence and a Public Road
seDarating it.from land of Edwina

Elvira Request for
MacDonald bJhe issue of
'y her a First Certi-
Solicitor ficate of Ti-
M.Eugenia 4le in res-
Charles i]et of a por-
o.n of land
4 at New Town in the
George containing 3216.
ind bounded as follows:-
li separating it from.
znce Hypolite; East:
!et; South: A Road; West:
>t 6..
Francis RRequest for
JOo.Bap- the issue of
tiste. & a First Certi-
Esthe' fTiate of Title

L5th -June JnioBap- in.respeat'of
1978:r; at ti te ia a portion of
11.35 p.m. Joint land known as
tenants by their Sol- a Residential
icitor M.Eigeni *) Lot in the
rown of Roseau, -in the Parish of St.
3eorge, containing 697 square feet
and bounded as follows:- .North-West:
Land. f Baba Daniel; North-East: Land
of Louisa Green;..South-East: Ship
Street; Siuth-West: Land of Peter

Both Applications for week ending
17th June 1978 '

Celestine and Alvan Celestine REGISTRAR'S OFFICE, ROSEAU
East by land of Astaphan George, Ephraim F.Georges,Registrar of Titles
Eddison George and William Gearge; TE: Any ,person who desire to ob--
South by land of Oaborne Theodore; Ject to the issuing of a Certificate
West by land of Marilyn Warrington of Title on the above Applications
and Escort Lawrence. may enter a Caveat in the above Off-
Request da- Feliit Re qest for ice within six weeks from the date of
ted 3rd Lavile issue othe first appearance of these Sched-
.ted 3rd Laville the .ssue of Shed
0. 'L rules in the STAR news aeapublihed
April 1978 also a First in this Stat or from
Presented known as Certificate the notice prescribed by law was last
9th June Maria Ia- of Title in served on any occupant of adjoining
1978 ,at Irespect of lands in respect of which these Ap-
11.16 a.m. h-.b Soli- a portionof plications were made.
cit9r Vanya Dupigny land at _____;....._....______..
continued re xt column),



3>riday7 June 2.3,1 .19,78

-TH E., :.S T, A R

page, .. Five



r -

paRe Sx ... : THE A R Friaay,June 23, 1978
*S*T*A*R S* PWR* T* S* Morch riston MYSERY WITHIN MYSTERY (frcmn )
WORLD FOQTBALkL Hollanr4/Agentina. TNe Commissionersa declined to spec-
f FttaXs-Soa, Have late "as to the- 'asons for the
Final matches between the light attitude of the Trinidad authoritY",
qualifiers of the 1st round proved .but Westindians must be concerned
a goal harvest far exceeding ex-- about it. It. is a dangerous circum-
pectations as the top teams fought 'stanceWe.We.are likely to suffer if,
it out ip Argentina on Wednesday in these days of international ter-
to see which two teams would make rorism- we are not protected by the
it for the finals. The Flying. .., closes operation between the pol-
DLtcbmen ensured their 2nd success- ice of'~ &J various Caribbean States.
Ive World Cup final when they came ___
lack frorn behind,trailing; I-nil at INDEPNDENCE. MAY GO INTO OBLIVION
the interval, to.blast off two fan- froma M.X l. well and gobd, but
tagsic goals victory over Italy- how wil the voting .give the Govern-
2n1. The.West Germans in the ment a 2/3 majority, with Douglas grom got a rude shock when and carillon on the balancing scale.
tney were beaten for the first time They may vote with the Opposition or
in 47 years by Austria who.trailing abstain. The voting may end 15 ag-
came back to win 3-2.Germans out! ainst 8 or 6. WIaste of time. The
Tn Group B things were even more people who have the last say, inclu-
exciting and tense as Brazil de- ding all political parties and the
featqd Poland 3-1 to sit pretty,as four Unions, will be waiting and
this left Argentina in the same watching before the real struggle
group, the task of winning by four against. 'Independence Now' resumes,
cJear goals over Peru to clinch the as we are bound to have a referendum
other finalist position.Simple... or better Still.- a generaleletion.
Argentina pounded 6 goals into the' -. ., -__ .._ ..-- ... .
nets of the Peruvians.who were des- OPPORTUNISM AT GPO _r .)
cribed as "betraying the game of.' who was so enamoured, were be'-
football". So come Sunday June 24 ing wilfully intercepted by an un-
Holland and-Argentina clash to de- .. scrupulous rival who felt she should
cide World Soccere supremacy,whilstsupplant me.* Hence, contact between
3razi, and .talyplay Sat was denied; my disillusioned frind
CRICETa: Egland Thrashes Pakista thought the absence of my replies
England nlicted & 2ndiings de- meant *I was not interested,. Is this
feat on Pakijstat in lthdir 2nd test not intrinsic hurt? Could such dam-
match at Lord's lst.weekendwith age be repaired? No, -never.
-o-,re than A day ;to spare though the REP~iY TOQUESTIONER.' You are right
"'stday Is .....lay V 5[hroughai. 'PLY, TO QUBSTIONER. ".You are right,,
l.t day's play was lost throughTrain. amountgivenin our earlier re
Pkistan had also'lost the Ist test the amount. given in our "earlitt re-
Pakistan had also lostthey an.Is port of Po&t Office losses was too
4tch gt a ysto.y small. A.TrciLng to the audit report
L ain with 2 days to spare..England a last week's New roncle the
took full advantage .of Pakistan's shortage is $23,.00 in cash and
lack of experienced batsmen(most of stamps -,,i $193750 in atual cash
them contracted to Kerry Packer). held in avarUlt under the custody of
lan Botham (UK) captured 8 Pakistan a senior officer. A stamp voucher
v.ickets for 34 runs.Pakistan crumb- missed $300. A clerk wad short by in 135 minutes.Final scores: about $3,000 worth of stamps.,Aother
7.- land 364 (Botham 108);Pakistan senior officer was short by approx.
C5E & 135o rea $5,000. We cannot confirm that mem-
BASK'ETBALL: Dawn Creation Hrksbeat bers of a family are privately paying
Rockers 106-59 in a flagging bask- back part of this missing money, In
.etb2 e rde Mta Heineken Pros any case, surely this would not be
SWizards 58-51 .By Trinee F
a r at R aTo eaunle egila. e iie,
-e- to- gafT a^^^ 7-. El 7M__
s r11ed byrt Sopri-e^T3 &fp i ill House CopFtEa
at 26 Bat Road, Roseau, Dominiea.- Westindies,.

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