Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). June 16, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). June 16, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: June 16, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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_ii o 2 6 2 0 2 Ei N
Telephone Editor 2610 a r Cri cket
UK Media Representativ.
Colin Tuner(LondohC El vp Patista
Erga1d vs Pakistan
122 Shaaftesbury Avefet0
London W1V M8A England' Virtute Duce Comite r Fortuna Erglad 187 for
1 y y K- -_.Wt im s .110 1h a5 All tee- -t -
*_.-__y__ 2 ______ d .j Sn 'T ..'fra

Plea for Judgment D~sm-isse4
In the Supreme Court this week the
Counsel for the Attorney'General's
plea 'to get an immediate ljdgment
without evidence was dismissed with
The actual libel case has been
postponed sine die until the
Attorney General is back in this

Portsmouth town council election
This will take place on June 28.
According to an informant, there are
three "sets of five persons" and two
other independents contesting. One
1- -group is led by Michael Douglas; an.-
other by 'Para' Riviere; a third by
Elroy Pioche. Each team has a. wom-
an in it. The two other contestants
are Mr. Alan Wallace (once DTTT) and
Mr. Baldwin Baptiste.

Callaghan Scrapes Through
By five votes the British Labour
Party avoided defeat (the Liberals
and Welsh Nationalists abstained,
the Conservatives, Scots Nationalists
end Ulster Unionists voted against
them). Twenty Left Labour M.P.s
want an immediate election; but Cal-
laghan has decided upon one in Oct-
Canada and Britain were heavily cri-
ticised by Commonwealth Parlamentar-
tans ever their Immigration Policies.
The representatives of UK and Canada
protested against the criticisms.
Barbados put forward a strong case.
The CPA meeting is still going On...

This Week we have heard the most
amazing rumours, to do with the
absence from this State of two
Parljmentarians "gone to Britain".
But the Government didn't even say
"gone to Britain": they just kept
silent. Consequently these are the
sort of things we heard "oh he
has been arrested." "What money
they used to glip away with?" "They
have gone to get some of our people
out of prison." "It has to do with
the cement factory at Salisbury."
Fow there may be perfectly good
reasons why the Attorney General
and the Minister of Finance took
off for Britain or some other far
country. But the people, whose
taxes pay their salaries, are en-
titled to know WHY they have gone
away; WHAT they are trying to do;
HOW LONG they will be absent; and
WHAT ACHIEVEMENT is hoped for at
the end of the,ireturn journey.

At least he does not keep his trav-
els a secret. Panama is torn by
student riots. (pro & con the ceding
of the Panama Canal), as he flies'
in to discuss the takeover.
students show & dance. in the DGS
Auditorium,June 30 tickets for
variety show plus dance cost $3;
for dance, $2. On Thursday a PTA
took place at DGS need for funds,
money for high-grade technical
teaching and a guidance counsellor
as will As plans were discussed.

Page Two
P_---_-__ -To.H E '__ST A R Fridy June 16, 1978
4Aella Kendra' ITION
~0S9 LeUise MiTTous
Cora Martha .. PERATIONS M.A-R
Debra Noreen Applicatlans are invited from suit-
Er a lo088s e Ora ably qualified persons for ap-.,:Int-
Hoetta Paula mrent to the post of OCperationi: Man-
Ipe Rosalie ager of the Dominica banana Growers
Irma Susan Vanessa Association.,




0cc rding to "France Antilles",the'
number of Roman Catholics in the
world increased in 1976 to 724 mil-
~ se, b0ut the number of Roman
Catholio Priests has lessened;how-
jv(? the number of seminarists has
also gone up. There were 15 mil-
lion more Catblics than in 1975.
They represat 18.3% of the global
populatlaon- The greatestt number
60'Roman Cathol.icc are in America
(140 millions, say 62 of the popu-
-iAion; Europe has 263 millions,
Asia 56 millions and'Africa 50
miLlions.* Of the 16.6 millions of
people baptised in 1976, more than
on* million were adults. Asia and
Africa were t* only two, countriess
where thenumber of priests did not
drop, but were augmented
S- _.- -- -.

Applicants must have held a manager-,
lal position in industry,
or an agricuturally oriented field
of endeavour and should have had not;
less than five years experience in
that capacity. A diploma in k,*Il-
ulture in addition to the above qual<-
ifications would be an asset.
The Operations Manager is the Chief I
Technical officer of the Association
and is responsible for boxing .,.;e.a-
tions, leaf-spot control, ban-_'.a
husbandry, transport and all Iervice#
related to the purchasing and process-
ing of-bananas for export.

The Salary of the post is $12,144.
(fixed)ppr annum. The Operations
Manager is a travelling officer and
will be required to maintain arprop-
riate means of transport for the
performance of his duties for which
he will be paid a travelling allow-
ance in accodance with the As3oo-ia'
tinm's regulations.

SUiU anJfU.L u n.rv'- -
tominica: CDC has., ree invest-
t minicsom CChas elecinvst-y Applications giving details of
meritsin Domin in electricity ducaten and personal bacikgri,. cd,
supply, mortgage finance an~-ag- training, experience and qua.[lfic-
riculture. Total commitment is ations,as well as three testimonial'
EC$15.2 million and investments should be addressed to:
.. ..... ~should be addressed to: .
to04al C$$11.5 million. Tke General Manager,
SIDominla' banana Growers Associatiof
The.ominicca Electricity services 13 Hanover Street,
Std lad a dififult year. Costs Rosu
of -operation escalated as a result Roseau
of the cost of repairs to strm- to reach him not later than 30th
damaged hydro-facilities and in- ue 19
crease in fuel prices.Although Te 197 IRISH
.the-oompany applied for al in- TGener Manager
orea&e in tariffs in May 1977,a 31st May, 19Man
deoision"had not been reached at 3/
ea~rnd. As a result' the company
(ls-t C$445,84 in 1977. Sales "THE NITE BOf" on Radio AntIlles
tn 1977 t 11talle 13l.1m units and Alwyn Bully's well-known play .will
at yearendl 0,3-TO .oonsmers were come over in 4 parts (the first was
being- supplied. this Tuesday, at 7.30 p.m.) We know
continuedd on p.3) thaitthis is good listening news'


~*n~'n~ r 7 -1 r ?Aff 17 V7i/(


FridaM June 16, 1978
---V A C A N y

The Co#operat.-e6 Citrus Growers
Association of Dominica Ltd, invites
,applications for the post of Plant
Manager, citrus Packing Plant, To manage and operate the
nit+-mra -tr14- 01 A.-.

tjtrain staff employed at
the Plant. Direct and conr-
trol the Citrus Field,Pro-
gramme. Assist Citrus Grow-
ers to produce a high qual-
ity product. And other dut- -
ies connected with the
Citrus Industry,
An agricultural background with
three years experience in laboar-
control and public relations will be
an advantage. Salary to be negotia-
ted will depend on experience atd
iApplications will be treated witfh
. strictest confidence.
Applications with two testimonials
;should reach the Secretary-Manager
'not later than Saturday Ist"July,
1978, at 21 Hanover Street, Roseau,

1THE S T PAJ (Pre ssoee.J
PAJ nWsa (PreaAs,.soo,Jamai1a)

What they qsar that since July
last year 188 media (mostly
Press)workers have been made
redundant 69 from the Daily
News and "a massive 121 from
the Gleaner."They give a full
page list of journalistib wor-
kers put of 30, 21 were still
unemployed in February. Mrs.
Barbara Gloudon, Editor of the
Star (J/ca) fought for her job,
refusing to accept a demotion.
hit day after day she sits at
her desk doing nothing,"almost
an outcast!'. Her great example
was Theodore Sealy, "who taught
Us integrity first and foremost,
and respect for the profession".
An 8-page interview with her is
published, No doubt the whole
thing is a political boycott.
The use of pseudonyms is sharply
discussed & most journalists
dontt like it. Nor do'wel

by Hugh Lawrence
I noticed that the Jaycees are to
'-start very sootn a major project -
building a. fence surrounding the
Princess Margaret Hospital. It

waa a real pLityp que I suppose to
C..C, IN DOINiCA from page 2- l-- -lack of funds, that this was not
The Dominica Mortgage Finance done soon after the institution was
Co. Ltd, did not make any loans in built in 1953. People are not easily
.97.7 but since the year-end agree- controlled, but animals are.
tent has been reached for partipat- I remember during my operation in
4pn in this company by the Dominica 1963 one of our-Priests was forced
$Avernment and the company has re- to leave PMH and g@ back to his. Pres-
,ened for business. (See below') bytery on account of the noise caused
c$s Activities in-the Caribbean-. by stray sheep.
ised in Barbados, this region ihn OvV Jaycees are to be congratula-
cucdes tho islands of .thEe %mmon- ted, *ven before it iis.done,
we6alt Caribbean and mainlaL id coun-
tries Guiana, Belize, opsta Rica an~d n al QUOTE ~1 PROM PAfes
-uador.) AnWlysis pf D invest' hen all the profess onsuls are
..1 -- l'-,sts 2 1C 'tve tt kicked out of the media,\who will
housingg .82 fJ 01 control it? Non-profe sioals who
Electricity 7,8 40.4 15.2 have no concern for accurate re-
hotels & Sourism 2.9 15.0 5.5 porting, who slant news to serve
Commerce &riUstry 2.5 13.0 4.8 their own narrow political. interests,
Agriculture ** 2.3 11*9 44 Who want to get across ONE POINT of
**CD hopes to increase fans iA agri"j VIE~', and to mislead tL hepwblic."
*Third investment in Domizrca is an 1ME WE for one dark long-haired
EC$1 m loan to Government in 1973 male kitten, child s pet,good mouse
in connection with the purchase of Name: CHOGBAR. Telephone 2610 lfr'
CDC's agricultural estates here, delivery arrangeTments.

"PA Ir -T

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title ard Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending 10th June
Date off Person Nature of Re-
Reauest resentingJ quest whether

T H-.E


Request da- Clarissa Request for
ted 3rd May Nixon the issue cf
1978 by her a First Cer-
Presented Solicitor tiflcate of
8th, June Cilma A. Title in
1978 at M.Dupigny respect ofa
9.45 a.m. portion of
Land. at Calibishie,in the Parish of
SSt,.Andrew,in the State of Dominica,
Containing 1.938 acres and bounded
as follows:- (next column)

CDC continued in 1977 to concentrate
its efforts in the poorer countries
and to' look for productive projects
in the'rural areas, so as to help in
improving the lot of those most in
need. The 1977 commitments brought
the total invested and committed to
333,9 million: 149.9 million in
basic development, 131.3 million in
primary production & processing and
57 million in industry and commerce,

i' -

ST A R ilriday, June 16, 197S
Clarlasa Nixon 1st Cert.Title contd, \
North-East by a Public Road separ-
ating it from land of Paul Green and
Eliz& AUraham; South-East by land
of Anelta Nixon; :South-West by Riv-
iere Sall- separating it from land
of Astaphan George; North-West by
land of e nabv Nt.on.

Page Fqhr

for-Cert-ficate of Tit.e or Noting Request Ca- Feicit IRequest for the
th-ereon or Caveat -- --t 3rd Ap- Laville issue of a First
Request a- Charles Request ril 1978 alsokn Certificate of
tee 16th Jan- Cornelius I for the resented' as, aria Title in rs-
uary 1978 by his Sd- issue of ath June Laville pect of a por-
Presente icio First Cer-1978 at by her tion of land at
7th June 1978 Cilma A.M. tiT4ate t.-.16 a.m S ctort B .elevueChopin'
at 9.31 4.m. DupignY of Title. Vana DupI4 i the Parish on
iin respect of a Portion of land acit u .t I,,in t'-e Parish ofe
Ro ie l, situated in the village t.(7 Geo contfinined a 1 ol qreow
Marigot, i, the Parish of St.Andrew:north-East: Public Road separating
in the State of Dominica containing from lands of Govt. of Dominica
27830 square feet,and 'ounded as and -heirs of R.E.A.Nicholls; North-
follows:, North by land of Steadmang'r.t lands of Matil&a Denis; South-
Dominiqu*; South by a Pubiq Road ea Lands of Matilda Denis; South-'
to BarroW; East by land of Depton tast: land of Clari.a Denis.
int4on; West by 1lna of Aaaclete i-e"- -- 17...'
ast a- Claripsa Request for eq ~t d- Berard Request for
S3rd May Nixon the issue of Pascal the issue of
9g 78 y her a First Cert.arY 198 by his a First Cert-
Presented SoJoib r ificate of Irsented3h Solici- ificate of
8th June Cilma A. Title in res. tor Cil Title in res-
-_.978 at M_.Dupigry pect of'apor- at man A.M. pect of a
97.8 a-m. I. ition of: land D-~F1 ,.__ portion of
at .alibishie,in the parish pf St. land at Grand Fond in the Parish of
Andrew,in the State of Dominicaopn-at.David in the State of Dominica,con-
taiLing 1, 725 square feet and staining 5808 square feet and bounded
bounded as follows:- North by land as follows:- On the North-East: by
of Eddison George,Escort Lawrence land of Peter Joseph; On the South-
and a Public Rpad separating it East: by land of Roy Fagan; On the
from land of dw~na Celestine and North-West: by land of Daniel Ph'llip;
Alvan Celestine; East by land ,f On-,the :South-West: by land of Govern-
Astpph1an George,Eddison George an nent of Dominica.
William George; Soath by land' of I
osborne Theodore; West by land of (For Caveat Note please see p.5)
Marilyn Warrington and Es6ort Law- =-
rence. ______-CS E0'_iR_1_ T7-.Tr TOfnTTmDlJ.-.f

q% W I

-Fr-idr- -Mn- a p .1. -

Schedule of Application for Certi-
f:V te of Title aIl Noting there-
.c': fr week ending Apri 29th 1978
.;7 of Person Nature of Re-
".s.t Presenting quest whether
I e:,ertificate of Title or Notlig
'!:'.?on or Caveat
> ;.?"t3da- Nicholson (Requbst for
t.-,. -3rd Feb- Alexander the issue of
r: ry 1978 Nathaniel a New Certi-
PF; :-ente'd 27 Ducreay y ficate of
April 1978 his Solic- Title in
at ,211 p.r,, itorlanya respect of
i Dupign apart of
.o.e and Stewart Hall Estate in
t": -Parish of St.Paul, containing;
2-6;328 acres and bounded'as fol-
l ,- North-East: by land of o
ih:t-Jillie Estate owned by Oneil
St.e nh and by land of Middleham
Es-te ': South-.East: by land of H..
andr Stewvart Hall Estates owned
Leo Na-odny, Patricia Van Ingen,
Mo-fwis Nicholas and Hiram Willi' 1
South-West: by land of Hiram Wi-
iaii, Alva Valery, Agnes Blanc, (
'D~eresy, Mary Cockrane, KlKnneth *t
Com krane; North-West by land of
Melanle Etienne, Mary Cockrane,
Letang Estate owned -by .V.L.Ducreay
;and Vernice Bellet, :-ess (1)
4.50 acres transferred .to Alva
I.La.*nd on 28/8/64 3~. (2) 3.312
Saci:~s- transferred to: Sheila Lafdnd
a":, Elsworth Mixim on 28/8/64 (3)
68 'square feet transferred to E1-
seNrth Maxi ,.on 28/8/64 (4)
,5:ji.2 acres 'transferred to Aaron
Th-ia s on 28/8/64 (5) 10 acres
tra.u frre-d ,to Nicholson' Alexander
I'Ta~ttianiel Dub-eay subject to'a life
i interest in favour of ihd Thomas
nlow c,,liver on,8/5/64 (6) 14.2
acr -a transferrSd to Enid Thomas
no; Oliver on 8//64 (7) 70.0
ac r transferrZd to Joan Marian
S::t.:alieu on 25/5/7-2 (8) 3.07
acr-s transferred to Aron Leubh-
o:i:'3u on 15/4/71.

App.p.catons may enter a waveat in
tse above Office within six weeks
from the 4ate of the first appear-
ance of these Schedules in the STAR
news paper published in, this State.
or from the date when the notice
prescribed by law was last served
on--any occupant of adjoining lands,
in respect of which this Applicatio
was made.

June26th LECTURE at Tea"hers Train-
ing College on Lanimarks of West
Tnriean Titeratnutre

Wl2ITSTRAR'S OFFICE, ROSEAU June 27th Short Story Workshop
ITphraim F,Georges, Registrar of June 28th Poetry Feading at the
Ti.les. Public Library, Roeeau.
NEiOT: Any person who dlsirne to .' We advise everybody to. be
object to the issuing of a Crtl- there on time (7 p.m.) and take ad-
ficate of Title on the above (amXt vantage of thisfamouswriter'- visit,

Fridav, Juine 1E. 1Q78


Schedule for Week endig 3rd June
Request da- Weldon Request for
ted 19th Joseph heq issue of
August 1977 by his FIrsat Cer-
Presented Solid- tificate of
2nd Jita tor .tle in
1978 at Cilma A, aspectt of
10.00 am. M.Dupg a portion of
land at Mprne Racquett' in the Pr-.
ish of St.Josaph,in thqe tata ef
Dominica containing 2,0P0 square
feet and bounded as foflowes- On
the Northlby remainder of Batalie
Estate; On the East: by' remainder
of Batalie Estate; On the South-
East: A right of way saoarating it
-om land of Malanie A4$fer and by
r t iner of Batalit .Etate; *n the
t h R der of BaAlie Estate
J que da- Loving Request for
tle 27thMry Pascal ihe issue of
1)76 Personal & First Cert-
esented Represen- |i.iate of.
L- i JUne tative of 'itle in res-
1 78 at Amel Pas- pect of a
S.5 p.m. cal by Ms rrtion of
0. Itor Vynya Dup grla n known as
dslidential Lot at N(e Town in
e Parish of St.Georgce, containing
2612 square feet, and b6unded as
fellows:- North: Land 4f Matilda
Nelson, May Lacibtd and 4virF ta Wil-
liams; East: A Public R6ad separa-
ting it from land of C a 'Hall;
South: Land of Newill SI ilingfTrd
and Lillian Bobb; West: :The Sea.

Tter CAQ >4 -

THE STA R Friday, June 16, 1978

Applications for Certificates'of
Title continued frm gagees 4 & 5
Request da- Elvira Request
te4 18th Jan- MaoDoI~ld for the
uary 1978 by her issue of
Presented Solicitor a First
aj3 une e'978 M.Eugenia. ertifi-
at 12.42 m, Charles' cate of
Title in respect of a portion of
Jan4 known at Lot 4 at New Town
in-the Parish of St.George contain-
ing 3216 square feet and bounded
as Tollows:- North: A Canal sepa-
rating it from land of Terrence
Hypolite; East: Victoria Street;
South A Road; West: A Road and
Lo;t 6. ._______ -'-

Request da- Francis Request for
ted. 26th Aug- Jno.Bap- the issue
ust 1978 tiste of a First
Presented ISh and Es- Certificate
June1978 at. their Jno of Title in
11.35 p.m. Baptiste respect of'
as jolnt tenants by a portion,
their Solicitor M.. Eug-of land
enia Charles Iknown as a
Residential Lot in the Town of
Roseau, in the Parish of St.George
containing 697 square feet and
bounded as follows:- North-West:
Land of Baba Daniel; North-East:
Land of Louisa Green; South-East:
Ship Street; South-West: Land of
Peter Lawrence.
Both Applications far week ending .
17th June 1978.
For Caveat Note please see page 5.
Cpugars set for Championship
Cash'' Carry Cougars tightened the'
grip on the 1978 championship when
they defeated Malta Heineken Pros
89-77-on Tuesday this week.Trevor
Knight got 35 pts, led the shooting
for Cougars. Lambert Henderson con.-
tinued his good.formywith 34 points
Cougars had another victory over
Brisbane Starlights _9-63.
Sunstyle Ambassadrs lost twice
during the past week (1st) to By-
Trince Flames 97-69 and to Dawn
Creation Harks 71-61, George Bruney
got 35 & 24 topscore.
Pros got the pointss for their
match against S'~rlights who failed|
to field a teaa for 'the encounter,

Pa e six'--"--


Fa~a Slx~

*S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S* Morchriston
Despite a goalles.s draw between de-
fending champions West Germany and
arch rivals Italy, a spate of goals
greeted. the 2nd round of matches as
the e.ght survivors of 1st round con-
tihL3cd to. fight for supremacy.
nLevicst scoring came from 1974
l,~. ig finalist Holland,who netted
5' ,i:es 'to Austria's c:. ae, showing
their true mettle for cne first time.
Brazil, the only team, t;o win 4Ie
World Cup Championship 3 times;in-
flicted a 3-nil defeat on Peru, as
indication of their real class.
Fir -lly, favourites to win the
championship Argentina showed
they wure a force to be reckoned
with on home soil when they beat
Poland 2-nil in the 1st major Euro-
pean vs.South American .encounters.
The finals for later this month will
see the might of South America ag-
ainst Europe. Since the tournaments
started in 1930, no European team
has won the championships in South
America. the 8 losing finalists are
Hungary,France, Mexico,Tunisia,Spain,
Sweden, Iran and Scotland.
BOXING: Holmes Outoints.Norton
Ken Norton, heavyweight boxer given
the world title by the World Boxing
Council (Leon Spinks refused tof ght
him) lost his very lt defence when
he came up against Larry Holmes at
Las Vegas last weekend. This was a
cruel blow' for Norton who thought
he was not treated fairly by either
Muhammad Ali or Leon Spinks. Ali was
dethroned as world champion by Leon
Spinks this year in one of the sports
biggest surprises.* Jimmy YoungW,third
rafiker in world boxing gave an upset
when he lest to Aldo Caesario of
Puerto Rico over 10 rounds. Jose
Ballard almost got the hattrick of
surprises last weekend when he was
narrowly outpointed by Alfrido Evan-
gelista. (See left column)
LOCAL NEWS: Mrs. Patricia Frampton of
Ministry Home Affairs, has gone to
England on a Health Seminar,* Mrs.
Do-een Fingal,Psych tric Nurseh _

Robert E. Allfrey of Mill House,Copt
Hall, at 26 Bath Road, Roseau,
Deminica West Indies.

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