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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 10, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 10, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: March 10, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Telephone Editor 261-
UK Media Representativ
Colin Turfltr(London)Lt
122 Shaftesbury Avenue
London W1V 8HA England

0 1 B.W.I.A.:
Mal colz'
I Arity Officer
Virtute Dluce Comite Fort job

Editor Phyllis Shand Allfrey;
Vol.XXVI No. 10. 10 Friday, March 10, 1978 Fifteae Qents



A last-minute hitch on Wednes-
day 1st March prevented Govern-
ment from taking over all of
Geests estates in Dominica. This
was revealed by Eugenia Charles
during her address at a Marigot
meeting of the Freedom party last
Sunday. The large crowd contain-
many farmers of the area who were
most concerned about the issue.
The Opposition Leader said
that Government had made an agree-
ment with Geest W.I.Ltd. that
Woodford Hill, Brantridge and Pi-
card estates would be taken over
on Government's payment of about
one million dollars. This down-
pay4gent was t3 be followed by reg-
ular instalments. D.A.W.U. had
asso earlier brought the deal- to
light in a full-page notice in
was concerned that after the take-
over Geet vold no longer be
responsible for labour problems
and pensions or severance pay.
wn other words, Geest would
wash its hands of all commitments
to the swor'erS. (concluded ,2)
\see also ?.6) T--- T -- ..
When Dr. David Owen left the USA
before the IT debate oni Rhodesia,
it was said that there were diff-
erences between TS/Britain; but
Owen says this is not so.Both cou-
ntries feel that the Patriotic
Front must be included in iny fi-
nal arrangements. Now Mugabe and
Nkomo are flying in for London
talks with Dr. Owen.

Cor-Montserrat, Guadeloupe, the
French &-English Listeners,Big .
On the seaward approaqh-to
Blackburn Airport,Montsgrrat, on
Wednesday, a Cessna aircraft
plunge~ bringing three- of its
passengers to sudden death. One
was the brilliant, beautiful and
"tough" director of Frepch lan-
guage broadcasts at the!Big RA;
Madame Denise Appelle. Two others
were her French assistant announ-
cersjos& and Paul. The fourth
passenger is recovering in hospit-
al. Nobody knows better than
We do how severely the accidental
death of a talented and powerful
young woman can upset tho balance
of life and work. We ass the re-
latives and friends of Mie Denise,
also Jose and Paul, to a cept our
'heartfelt sympathy.
The funeral took place today in
St.Patrick's Roman Catholic Church,
Plymouth, Montserrat.

British Govt. Representative E.G.&Mrs
Le Tocq having left the associated
States, after sending good wishes
to their many.friends, Mr.C. G.
Mortlock will act in his place.

After a successful visit in Wash-
ington with President Carter,Mar-
shall Tito flew to England.He will
dine with the Queen tonight.
BRiTAIT will contribute $95 5iiFon
to the UT.F.Development Programme
this year: 25% increase on last yr,



THE S T AR Friday, March 10, 1978

DEAL (fr.p.l) Miss Charles ex-
pressed concern about where the mon-
ey would come from to pay for and
run the estates. "It will come from
the-taxpayer," she finally said."On
Wednesday afternoon 1 received a
message almost demand kng my preserC e
at -the House of Assemtby Chamber at
3,30 p.m. to witness the handover.
Half an hour before that time,
phone messages were rushed to all
officials concerned cancelling the
affair." The Geest officials ap-
parently left the island as soon as
they could.
The STAR understands from other
sources that Government was hoping
to form a new statutory board call-
ed Dominica Estates Ltd. to run the
Geest lands. Who were these to be
chosen is at present a mystery. We
also learned that the cancellation
was the result of a phone call from
British.officials in Bridgetown who,
one report states, had not been in-
formed of the deal. Since Dnminica
is now back on 'Grant in Aid', Gov-
ernment should.,have informed these
British representatives, especially
as payment for the estates would
require large-scale borrowing.
"Government's incompetence has
shown through once again," said
Miss Charles to tbe amazed Marigot
gathering. "They have bungled up
this deal as they ha-ve done in so
many other deals concerning the
livelihood of DominiCea."



The main road at Weirs,garigot,
was crowded for the first full
meeting of the Freedom Party in
their new constituency. Parliamen-
tary Representative Hon. Pat Ste-
vens said that it was a meeting
unlike previous ones; ncw he had
a team to'give information with
him. A charming Marigot chairwoman
introduced speaker.,
Lennox Honychurch dealt with the
ministerial breakup and read Par-
illon's expose (made to his Coli-
haut constituents), analysing each
paragraph. Miss Eugenia Charles
spoke on economics for a poor
country and the need for definite
priorities of spending. Her state-
ment on the Geest estates debacle
had the crowd enthralled. Pat
Stevens spoke on the state of Dom-
inica and on Freedom Party object-
President of the Young Freedom
Movement Kelvin Francis urged young
Marigotians to join and many did,
thus adding another village branch
to the Y.F.M. Truckloads of support-
ers came from Poseau and from Ports-

Incidentally, Members of the
Freedom Party executive will b- hold-
ing a branch inauguration meeting
for Paix Bc!:che, Belmanier and Dos
d'Ane' on Friday evening. There are
now andny Party members in this for-
merly strong Labour area.

Mr. Hesketh Casimir, leader of the Government Band (one-time "1usic
Lovers Band') presented on behalf of its members $1,200 to the Swing-
ing Stars, who lost their precious instruments in a post-carnival
fire, origins of which are still being investigated by Police, we
are told. This is a superfine effort and consoling gesture from
one group of musicians to another Band which had greatly helped the
"Music Loverm"during their early days.
Barclays Bank and Royal Bank are taking in other gifts.


- ----

Page. Two

Fiidy 1'-- xo- 10 197 Page-- Three E~I~~~~"-IL~UrMI1-- ~-

Here comes an Apostle of the Divine Healer:
the devoted Medical Practitioner.
He toils sincerely not for wealth.
He makes sacrifices to alleviate suffering,
to heal the sick.
The faithful Doctor he lov6s his worklhis patient.
He visits the siok on the sick bed with words
of encouragement and hope.
IHe racks his brains to fight the malady
of the sufferers
From my sick bed, at dead of night,
I've seen him.toiling to succour a groaning,
screaming, wounded patient,
live seen with eyes languid from want of sleep*
I asked him, sadly, at dawn:
Doctbrwhen will you- ever get time to' sleep?"
Responded he, with a deep yawrn
"Tired, but I must be faithful tob Wr calling"--
frrs the Good Samaritan helpful in healing.
Lord Christ J"esus, gracious Divine Master,
Do thou ever guide and: bless, Divine eBaler,
The humane Medical Pracettioner,. -
J.R.Ralph- Casim ir
f(for Doctors W.E.V.Gkieen and SThani4 their
Domini can ad- &abiiotEfe --

Only a few of
our readers
know that the
Dean of Domini-,
can Poetry; Mr.
Ralph Casimir,
was recently
brought back to
life and health
after a long and
near-fatal ill-
We are happy
to print his tri-
bute to the Doc-
Next week we
shall publish
his poem
(for Nurses).
Meanwhile we
and all his
friends retoiop
in his r zEovery.

by Hugh Lawrence
We may soon be having another
independence 'All Fools' Day't
I was amused when some one me that independence
may come between April and June
We all know that Dominica is
ailing on the-same boat with
the other sister Islands. The
people of St.Kitts are demanding
a referendum before independence.
The Premier of St. Lucia was
given a serious warning that hd
must never again set his own date
for independence as this only
helps to create embarrassment.
Both these Islands are better
of economically than we are.
The majority of the people
unst decide, whether it takes
"two or even twenty more years to
do so.,

R E L 1 G I O N
"Long Live The First Snowdrop"'
The Soviet Union has been, offici-
ally atheist for 60 years, yet; to-
day it is estimated that there are
60 million Christian believers in
Russia with signs of a. religious re-
Prominent in the human rights
movement are Christians; many of
them can be heard in a BBC prograune
recorded in Moscow. They speak of
petty restrictions and, more serious.
ly, of Christians imprisopnd, or
committed to. psychiatric hospitals
for taking part (allegedly) in an -
antitSoviet stance Their stance can
be remembered on Good Fniday, 24th~Bt
1900 nnrs or (easier for Dominicans)
on Holy Saturday 25th' at 8.30 p.m,.c .
The above was reprinted from
"London. Calling" at the request of
a faithful reader of the STAR in
South Roseau.

Page Three

Friday, Earoh 10, 1978

T 5f .-f^ --




The forum organised by the Young
Freedom Movement on Thursday was
a great success, although Hon.M.E.
Charles was held back by work and
could not take part. Her place
was taken by Lennox Honychurch.
The panel comprised Wilseley Louis
(Govt. Education Dept)., Jerome
Bsarzy, A Frederick oseph, Lennox
- and Brian Alleyhe, moderator.
The hall was full.
The meeting came to the conclu-
sion that at the present time,
Dominica is too politically and
economically unstable for Indep-
Notable contributions to the
forum came from the floor:Charles
Saverin, Randall Lockhart, Mrs.
Y.Barzey (very powerful) and E.C.
Lob'ack being among several form-
idable debaters.
The meeting lasted until mid-
night with everyone still there.

Princess Margaret Hospital was
overcrowded this week. Not only
were all beds full, but one woman
who entered the Hospital for an
operation at 11 a.m. was obliged
to get out at 3 pem. to make way
for another patient.

In France Antilles, quoting from
Claude Cheysson, the island of
,Dominica is described as one in
which the risk of political instab-
ility grows more and more and she
"lives by international begging...
"Dramatically,"continues the arti-
cle,"they have no medical material,
nor medicines of first urgency".
An English reader who has resided
here for over 25 years tells us
that he always understood that Avis

T A R Friday,March 10, 1978-
S-T-,-A-R,-SI P-0RETcS- Mor chris ton
(continued from page 6)
NETBALL: the 1978 Netball season
opened at Windsor Park 'on Sunday
5th March. A Golden Ball competit-
ion to highlight the occasion was
won by Good Year Stars (for 2nd yr),
In matches played, Good Year Jets
38, D.G.SII 0; and Good Year Stars
53, D.G.S. II 4. Six teams registered.
BASKETBALL: The basketball league
also cormaenced last weekend with a
Ball-o-Rama competition. Cash'n'
Carry Cougars took that contest which
carried a beer prize, The eight
teams participating are By-Trinee
Flames, C'n'C Cardinals, Sunstyle
Ambassadors, Dawn Creation Harks,Lee
Wind Paints Rockers, Brisbane Star-
lights, South City Pros and M,OM.
Wizards. In matches played, Pros
whipped Harks. 87-73; and Flames 67-
Rockers 61.
ThNnIS: .Seven players have been
chosenn to represent Dominica ir. the
1978 Barnard competition to be held
in St.Vincent from March 11-18th.
They are:- Brinsley Charles (captain)
Ninian Marie, R.B.Blatcher, G.Shill-
ingford, A,Jackson, Penny Honychurch
and Hazel ,
(see p,6!j

We regret to announce the death
of Mr. Victor Archer, Headmaster
of D.G.S. uver 20 years ago. A
well-known W.I.scholar, o jas.
Extra Mural Tutor 'Z.W.I. /wen ne
died today-aged 72. He had acted
as Governor in St.Lucia ,t one
time. He is survived by his wife

8-day goodwill visit, danced the
Samba last night with a lovely
black dancer dressed in silver.

( Bird Island belongsTo DominTicT
He adds: "I agree with Roosie
Douglas on this point alone'2"

t~ ___

FridayMarch 0,. 198 T H ESTAR Pge Fiv

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending March
4th, 1978.
Date of- Person o Nature of Re-
RequeP Presenting quest whether
o rC-rtift-ficate of Title or Noting
thereon or Caveat '

!Request da- Nichollsr Request Mi
,ted lst July Alfred the issue of
'1977 by his a First Oer-
Presented Solicitor tificate of
28th Feb- Cilma A. Title hi res-
ruary 1978 M.Dupigny.pect of a
i at 3o30 pm ja portion of
land at Tran o, Castle Bruce, in
ithe Parish of St.David in theState
of Dominica containing 0.932 acres
and bounded as follows:- North-
.East: by land of Theotile Daniel;
North-West: by land of Ralph Jo-
:seph; South-East: by a Road separ-
,ating it from land of Heirs of St.
George Drigo; South: by a Road sep.-
;Arating it from land of Heirs of St.
George Drigo; South-West: by a
:Road separating it from land of
iHeirs of St.George Drigo; West: by
iCastle Bruce Estate.

Roseau Registrar of Titles

Since there is much wailing with
the previlance of the dread dis-
eases: typhoid, dengue, diarrhoea
and the skin torment called
"scratch-scratch", it is right
that every :one of us should do
something about it.
When you look at the street
corners displaying rubbish which
includes fruit, peelings and other
moist matter, encouraging flies
and other germ-carrying insects,
you see no reason for surprise.
Thisinsanitary condition
shows also on the River Bank
where the dumpings t5and too long
before removal. (Ludkily for ,alth
there was some burning of heaps
this week).
However, inasmuch as disease
germs move much faster than "ub-
bish carters, I would suggest
waiting for removal. May Christian.
7th March 1978 ay Christan.

A few readers have taken us to
t rt l ^ i t '

NOTE: Any person who desires-to obw' -TSK ror the errors on last weeK's
9fE to the issuong of a Certifi- front page. It should of course
cate of Title on the above Applic- have been "Dominica's National
nations may enter a Caveat in the Commercial and Development Bank".
above office within six weeks from The ill-fated on--rITe camp was
.the date of the first appearance not at Melville Hall, but a bit
.cf those Schedules in the STAR news frth" C on
paper published in this State or farther away Camp Londonderry.
from the date when the Notice pre- We apoloi se for these errors.-
sorib'ed by law was last served on Edifar
a1&y occupant of adjoining lands in I\TCREAS OF DIARRHOEA CASES
respect of which these Applications Te Docr wo
we e made, The same Doctor who reported
--_20 cases of diarrhoea at P.M.H.
Sa few days ago, says this veek that
A .Philip E- asEsCTED PREIMan DirC there are now 42 cases in hospital.
Ib.Philip 1assieManaging Dir-
eutor of Dominica Coconut.Products is 2nd -ce-3 resTdent aHn I3eoa-r
Ltd., in his acceptance address, comprises ten members Miss Sybil
spoke of the need for a strong and Dewhurst Messrs. Brian Blateher-
united Private Sector to meet the Orlando eltier, E.O,D.Charles,
challenges of today.MrNorman Rolle Gary Aird, Malcolm Stevena and
is 1st Vice Pres.,IMr. Julius Timothy Parr' Bellot.

i '- ~

Page Five

~FridaLy, March 10p, 1978 T H


S;-A-R*S--P*0-RT--S-s- Morchristonr. IS IT TRTUE ?
CRICKET: W.Indies Whip Australia
West Icndies completely dominate A gentleman who gave his name but
the first test match against the wishes to remain anon, says he
touring Australians at Queen's Pk. wishes Scobie was here to ask the
Oval, Trinidad winning by an in- following questions, arising out of
nings and 106 runs with more than all the rumours now abounding.
two"days to spare. .Australia, 1. Is it true that Geest was offer-
sept in to bat by Clive Lloyd, ered millionn down and the rest in
crashed for 90 all out.Colin Croft bonds? What is the total amount?
4/1 J.Garner 3/33 & A.Roberts 26. 2. Is it true that Sir Bruce Great-
West jndi3s replied with a mass- batch is not just coming for the
ive 405, A.Kallicharan (a doubtCul opening of the new National Bank
selection) 127, C.Lloyd 86 and but wants an explanation of why
D.Haynes 61. J.Higgs 4/94,B.Yard- Britain was not consulted or inform-
loy 3/64 and J.Thompson 3/84. ed of the deal beforehand?
'Australia collapsed in their 2nd 3. Is it true that Geests were pre-
innings from 194 for 3 to 209 all pared to hang on for two years even
out. Andy Roberts ripped through after the first downpayment?
with 5/ 6;'J.Garner 2/49 and D. 4. Is it true that Patrick John now
Parry 243. G.Yallop l1(topscorer). says he was not in favour of the deal
SThe second test match starts in but was overruled? And who over-
Barbado .on March 17th. ruled him? (gd)FRIEND OF SCOBIE
LEAGUE: Celtic United Consolidates
Celtic U moved closer to retaining The New CLARION (DGS Student Body)
the Jeff Charles Shield as the Aug- This well-printed publication
ustus Gregoire league continues;, posed me quite a problem: how to
they soundly thrashed Saints by an split or slit it up to make it con-
innings and 111 runs at Windsor PW. secutively readablel-I finally cut
Cecil Elwin scored the second it into small pieces, yet still
century of the senior division in have trouble following the articles.
Celtic's total of-297 runsHe got Next time students should fix that
108 with'16 fours, T.Kentish a up beforehand. We all like DGS's
brisk 67, M.George 41 and R.Tous- new lo6k. But there is no new look
saint 34. For Saints P.St.Jean in the upside-down pages of the
4/68 of 26 overs, 18-year-old Ed- Clarion. The only poem is a Jacko
ward Francis 3/50 and B.Xavier 2/59. alave anti-white one. There is more
*-Saints in their turn at the crease on music than on literature. The
95 all out. Asked to follow on, promotion of a National Students
they could produce only 91 more Union, though not a new idea, is a
runs. A Shillingford 19,E.Francis good one. We think the medical terms
18 no,. & 31' n.o. and L.Etienne 22. should have included queries on the
For Celtic U.,'Pierre John Jules several diseases affecting Dominica
4/18 & 5/28; B.Pascal.3/30, T.Ken- at this time. However the Clarion
tish 3/20 and V.Alleyne 2/13.-**- Vol.I makes a start. We don't regret
In another senior fixture played spending 40 cents on it. Congrats.
at the Botanical Gardens,Smartians -
gained a slim 2-run win over Police -----...--.....
In a low-scoring engagement. Scores: (STARSPORTS): Domnlec won their 1st
Smartians 97 & 67:H.0liver 32. ,t -b.o owi0f out Blackburns 10 runs
Police. 67 and 95. short of their 194. E.Sylvestre
In intermediate matches, Defence got 79 for Domlec and Roy Murphy
Force continued their strong bid 78 n.o. for Blackburns.
for the championship by defeating _(See .
Eagles by 45 rurs.Scores:DDF 150 Printed & Published by the Proprie-
(M.1Durand 50); Eagles 105.(next col tor-Robert E.Allfrey of Mill Housq
Copt Hall, at 26 Bat-h Road, Dominica, West Indies

Friday, March 10, 1978

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