Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 3, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). March 3, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: March 3, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Telephone Editor 261
JK Media Representativw
Colin Turner(Londor)It
L22 Shaftesbury Avenu<
London WIV 8HA Er&an

e Virtute Duce Comite Fortuna gST 78.
Editor Phyllis Shand Allfrey BEW oR '

Tr-n *tvvrr

v.y AA iJ 9 _LVo )7 11LU 0 1 -- 4:4%. fo% .' U a 1&.4 hd" 34W

As a founder member of the Free-
dom Party, well we remember the
eare g4ven to the subject of youth
serving the nation, particularly'
by Mr. Lobtus Roberts, who had sane
wise words to say. It was one of.
the paramount concerns of the then
new Party.
If we tarn to the State Paperon
"National Service for the State of
Dominica" begins: "Comrade Speaker
During the 1975 O.E.campaign, the
Dominica Labour Party, in its Mani-

One million board feet of tim-
ber will be taken from the "Wet"
area around Diablotin, pnd the
lumber used for furniture and
construction purposes.,. 60 per-
sons are expected to be employed
at first. A four-year logging
period may follow. We trust that
conservationists will keep an eye
on the denuding of the forests.

WILL- inaugurate a National Youth Today March 3rd 'an Smith,Bishop
Service Scheme". .A sad beginnings. ..Muserewa,Rev.N1Sithole and a
en foolscap. pages give out the representative tribal chief signed
Premier's plan. an agreement ia Salisbury which may
Britain dropped national service or may not be-the basis for a peace-
a few years after world war II.It ful settlement of the vexed Rhodes-
wsa designed to bring young men and ian question after talks since Dec.2.
women into serving the war plus re- The whit government of Ian Smith
habilitation effort, but many Erg- will resign on Dec.31, 1978 and on
.Lish people did not like it. Jan 1, 1979 an Interim Government
Now, with the guidance of two will take over with equal numbers
3uyanese (one a Burnham), and with of black/white members to work out
;ts bcse the ill-fated onetime camp a constitution based on black maj-
a4 Melville Hall, some 200 ority rule: 28 seats will be re-
people-- probably destined to be' served far white members (for ten
The elite of the Labour Party -will years only) to ensure a just live-
commence their training towards the lihood for white settlers. There
end of the year. We wonder... will be 3 million new black Voters .
-- There'will be a ministerial council
FORMAL OPETING OF BANK of 16 in the Interim Govt.
Dominica's National Commercial and Britain's Foreign Sec.Dr.David
Commercial Bank will be formally Owen voices doubts that the Patrio-
opened on 14th March, and opened tic Front (Joshua Nkomo & Robert
for business next day, ltth March. Mugabe) will accept this agreement.
-- '.- The Salisbury leaders are wishful-
B.W.I.A.: AWAITING DECISION thinking; Patriotic Front have numbers
The 126 pilots who stopped work 'n and might. It is doubtful whether
Feb.2 expect to know today what the the majority of white Rhodesians
Trinidad Govt will decide. will accept this "sell-out.L ,
British LP lost another seat lforda tooay.' .-eio .- A,

_ I


~___ ---


t;lH.:rthz+ Mhwnk ~ 1Q7R

V-1 4%+-i3 r -


Friday,March 3, 1978

The poem below is republished on
the request of several readers. It


In a fairly lengnty press/radio
statement on Monday,. Premier John
said, among other things: Govern-
ment wants the public to know that
all requests for aid must first be
channelled through the Office of
the Premier, who is responsible for
external affairs." He also wanted
the public to know that he took ex-
ception to Michael Douglas' alleg-
ed claim to have been the man who
got the i6.5 million road surfacing
money out of European Development
Fund. This project, signed by a
British Iinister and to be super-
vised by the Crown Agents, will socn
start. We wish a little bit of that
money could have been spenton the
truly execrable patches of road be-
tween St.Aroment Hill-and beyond
Cop.t 'Hall: a true car-smasher.
However, while we agree with the
Premier's words quoted above, we -

feel that he is unfair to minister-
ial responsibility in this speech.
As a Federal Minister-the duty of
getting help from ILQ,UNESCO and
other bodies connected with my Min-
istry (Labour & Social Affairs) was
left squarely on my shoulders, as
setting the Federal Ships from Cana-
a was the job of the Minister of
Communications. Our Prime Minister
simply scrutinized and o.ked our
efforts, in Cabinet.
I think Michael Douglas made a
fair reply to the Premier over Big A.
Each Minister should look after his
own portfolio and be given credit
for his efforts. The credit for
everything that is achieved in any
country cannot be given just to the
man'at the top. There is a lot of
hapr negotiating to be done between-
w. Wles. -- P.. Allfrey

--~I-I I-----L1- W-LI-----II




first appeared in our columns D~Ino( y Hugn Lawrt-nci

of Home Affairs came in-
INDEPENDENCE, what is it? o'the House of As'sembl'y
Independence for the tiny West Indian Isles -
Antigua-Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, during a debate with his
St.Kitts-Nevis, St.Lucia, St. Vincent- letter of resignation in
withproblems of economy ignored, his pocket, he made a
with coffers almost empty, short speech, read. the
with starvation in the offing, 25th Psalmt, but faltered
with hat-in-hand begging y refusing to hand over
Canada, Great Britain, U.S.A. the letter to his Premier,
with no sense of gratitude? His reason perhaps
Independence for the State bosses (not the masses) was that he did not
ignorant of a Welfare State want to lose the fat
to live in affluence, monthly salary. He could
to drive citizens like dumb cattle, have resigned honourably,
to silence the voice of protest, and the whole of D minica
to good advice quite deaf,
curtailing the means of decent living? would have supported him.
-What is going to hap-
Independence for a Police State n next general election,
to shoot and maim and kill pe n gene ee on
those who dare oppose if his people start think-
the evils of inconsiderate mortals ng that for him, love of
mad with drm~nen power? country comes second? He
INDEPENDENCE ., ? must have been wrongly ad-
J.R. Ralph Casimir ,Vised. I always believe
that no hungry man can run
t,-- ^ "_lt I-. --_I- **., t -

Friday, March 3, 1978

by John Spector


Minister of Finance Riviere stated on Thursday that Dominica
was on the way to "financial recovery" because the Eastern Currency
Authority reports an increase of cash flow to these islands,
Unfortunately this is a phase only and not'due to an increase in
productivity* in fact, production of bananas (our main expert arop)
in 1977 was lower than in 1976. But.... the IT.S.dollar to which our
E.C.Currency is pegged has sunk to an all-time low in the money
market whilst the English pound is well up. The result is a great
improvement in Dominica's balance of payment figure, with valuable
sterling coming in and purchases from North America (mostly food)
at stable prices. Po credit goes to the John Government for this.
What the Cabinet (having ejected two of its more able Mini-
sters) are mostly engaged in seems to be a determined effort to
harrass the trade unions and support those Dominicans who have been
given management positions, mostly without first being trained in
the basic management requirement of humann relations" or even the
rudiments of the Trade Disputes Act.
Looking over the Shoe Party ministerial. line-up, could you
pick out a single person whom you wDuld appoint to any responsible
managerial position in private or public-industry or commerce?
Compare the Opposition's line-up and you may realise that the
experience and brains of administration in D'ominica lie in the ranks
and top echelons of the Freddom Party.
The Freedom Party's policies 4re vridely advertised: have you
read "Think It Over!" ? Their basis is that of human rights and,
although actual names and candidatures are still kept "under wraps",
the Party is getting ready for any election challenge.

A maintenance workshop to house
agricultural machinery as well as
s shed to house equipment are to
* be'established in the Botanical
Gardens. British Development Divi-
sion has approved $31,000 for the
buildings, having 16 months ago
Approved $15`,000 for buyingagric.
machinery to help improve produc-
tion in Dominica.
After this Agric.Farm Machinery
pool project is established,farmers
will be able to.hire machinery.
There is no doubt that the Gar-
dens will become more industrial-
ized and lose some of their peace-
ful parklike atmosphere We hope
this will be kept to a minimum.

Twenty-nine people were deported
fror Barbados last year and 8 so
ifar this year. Nearly .half were
from Guyana; others were from St.
Lucj.a, Trinidad & Tobago, St.Vin-
cert, St.Kitts and Nevis. No re-
ports of anyone from Dominica.

..."'Manv people think that radio
can take the place of all other
mearnsof communication for it has
been proved time and again that it
it the cheapest and fastest means
of transmitting knowledge. But...
it is seldom successful in 4pE and-
ing farmers to accept and adopt the
ideas it puts across."



Page Three


Mr. Richard golloway, Social Dev-
elopment Adviser to the British
Development Division in the Carib-
ean, who spent 18 months in Dom-
inica working on the Self-Help
scheme, Housing Development,Plan-
ned Parenthood and Agriculture, re-
ceived lavish praise before his de-
A party was giten in his honour
last week-end; the Premier gave'
him a letter of commendation for
his services to the State, and
Several words of praise were said.
Mr. Holloway, who had previous-
ly worked four years in Africa,said
that after his return fo England he
would seek another job et the other
end ef the globe.

On Guyana's 8th anniversary of
independence, which contained many
speeches about toil and austerity
measures, Premier John sent off a
congratulatory message which ended:
"We are looking forward to even
closer relationship as already ex-
isting between us."
,We trust he will bear in mind
the attitude of the Dominican peo-
ple to LeBlanc's "closer union"
with Grenada and Guyana just be-
fore that famous date Dec.16, 1971.

Bus fares, school fees and doctors'
fees rose in Dominica by 18% between
Dec.1976 and Dec.1977, according to
Govt statistics. Consumer price in-
dex rose by 8.5% during that time.
Cost of household & other items in-'
creased by 15.7%,clothing & footwear
by 12.2%, food by 7.9% (they say).
Lowest increases were 2.9% on alco-
holic drinks,tobacco, fuel & light
(but electricity is about to go up
steeply),Your S1970 $1 is now worth
under 321%.

Page Four

Date of Person Nature of Re-
Request Presenting quest whether
for Certificate of itle or Noting
thereon or'Caveat .\

Request da- Nicholls" Request for
ted 1st July Alfred the issue of
1977 by his a First-Cer-
Presented Solicitor tificate of
Q8th Feb- Cilma A. Title in res-i
ruary 1978 M.Dupigny pect of a por-
at 330 pm _tion of land
at Tranto, Casile Bruce, in the Par-
ish of St. David in tlhe State of
Dominica containing 0.932 acres and
bounded as follows:-
North-East: by land of Theotile
Daniel; North-West: by land of Ralph
Joseph; South-East: by a Road separ-
ating it from land of Heirs of St.
George Drigo; South: by a Road sep-
arating it from land of Heirs of St. i
George Drigo; South-West: by a Road
separating it from land of Heirs of
St. George Drigo; West: by Castle
Bruce Estate.
See page five; (5) for Caveat Note,



Pat Stevens was the last speaker at
the big Sunday meeting of th9 Free-
dom Party. Pat said in starting
that he would not like to keep them
any longer. Can you imagine, one of
the closest and staunch Labourites,.
a great supporter, answered Pat:"Ncy
I say continue, carry on, we are
there with you. Portamouth people
Iare really special number
Poor Mike, as popular as he'thbon
he was among them, I feel he does rn~
stand a snowball chance in hell rigid
Also a Freedom lady told me, she
met two staunch Labourites of Lagon
in Portsmouth, they asked her what
about the meeting? She said: it's
today. They answered: "we don't care
whatever time, but we &re there with
them." B. S,

A R Friday, March 3, 1978
Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending March
4th, 1978.

_ ---1-J-r~--


Frdy Marc 3,_~ 197 TE STA Page Five

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending February
18, 1978._

Date of Person Nature of Re-
Request. Presenting quest whether
for Certrifcate of Title or Noting
thereon or\Caveat \
Request da- Randolph Request for
ted 4lthFbb Joseph the issue of
ruary 1978 -:by his a First Cert-
Presented Solicitor ificate of
15th Febru- Cilma A. Title in res,
ary 1978'at M.Dupigny pect of apor-
3.30 p.m, tion of land
at Trafalgar, in the Parish of St.
George,in the State of Dominica,
containing 1756 square feet and
bounded as follows:- North-East:by
land of Martin Daniel; South-East:
by land of Whitfield Casimir;South-
West: by an access road separating
it from land of Julian Vanterpool;
North-West:by an access road separ-
ating it from land of CommonwealtIt
Development Corporation,
Request da- Watscn Request for the
ted 8th Feb- tfade issue of aprst
ruary 1978 by his Certificate of
Presented Solic- Title in res-
17th Febru- itor pect of a por-
ary 1978 at Cilma tion of land at
10e45 aem. A.M. St.Joseph Vtl-
S. Dign M y large, in the
Parish "o7 St. Joseph, in the State
of Dominica, containing 1330 square
feet and bounded as follows:-North
by. an Access Road separating it
from land of' Stolmyer Royer; East'
by an access Road separating it from
land of Octavia Charles; South by
jan Access Road which separates it
from land of Ogiste Christopher;
West by lan of McHale Charles.
Request da- Felicia iRequest for-1he
ted 14tlh7t Vilyn by issue of aPFirst
ruary 1978 her Sol- Certificate of
Presented icitor Title in23spect
17th Febru- Cilma A* bf a portion, of
ary 1978 M.Dupim land known as a
at 11 a.m. ot in the V'l-
.. I e of WRley
in the Parish od St.Anrew n ~he
St Pe nf of Dn4mi4nica r'n4an-rr -T




Distributors wanted for foodstuffs
(Dry, frozen or canned in bulk,
institutional and consumer packages)
beer, carbonated soft drinks, malt
tonic drinks and chemicals.
Box 5226,

Tallahassee, Fla. 32301.
U. S. A.


MATALN is making fresh efforts to
persuade Patriotic Front Leaders
o Mort J oin


REGiSTR1ARS OFFICE, Ephrali F.Georges
ROSEAU Registrar of Titles.
NOTE: Any person who-desires to ob-
ject to- the issuing of a Certifioate
of Title on the above Applications
may enter a Caveat in the above of-
fice within six weeks from the date
of the first appearance of these
Schedules in the STAR news paper
.published in.this State or from the
date when the Notice prescribed by
law was last served on any oc-
cupant of adjoining lands in ree-
pect of which these Applications
were made,

North: by land of Aleixandrina Tyson; '
Eas: bQ+ Tlan oQrf^ MrsO Jrose hl HTawyr,

0 w y 47 p W* 1 *
square feet and bounded as follows:-South: by Iad p Mrs Joseph Harry;
West; by a public Roaa.

_ _



Page Five

Friday, March 3, 1978


FOUCHEK Emmanuel Boger, former
Lieutenant of the Free French
Forces based in Roseau in World
War II... And my own gallant
friend,,, who passed away in
France' (Lyons) one year today.
May God crown thee with Eternal
To honour you in turn my beloved
While my tears in secret flow.
From your chosen friend,
May Christian,
4th March, 1978.



--S*T A*R-oS*P-O*R-T*S- Morchriston WHAT Hon.MISS CHARLES SATD
TENNIS:Marie/H son Dominate Champ- an interview with "Big A"
ion.hipsI At the recently conclud- ... Mr, Douglas made it quite clear
ed Geest Open-Tournament, at the that he had brought through his
Dominica Club, Ninian Marie and personal efforts abroad this money
Hazel Hyson completely dominated (the roads $6.5 million) to Dominica.
the meet, capturing all awards go- "It is.not Douglas who did it it
ing for the men and w6men's events is the Government of Dominica," says
respectively. John...
Marie, defending the ments singles Government are going to use this
championship, fought a gruelling 5- money for vote-catching (throughjo;b-
set match with Brinsley- Charles,the giving'to L.P.partisans Ed.) No
number one seed, before eventually matter how many people from Britainx
triumphing 2-6, 6-3, 7-5, 0-6, 8-6; come over here they will never be
Mariets superior service gained him able to prevent it being used for
many vital points after he conceded vote-catching by job discrimination,
the first set most tamely.He howev- This money will be used to deprive
er gave away many more points when Dominicans of their rights. It will
up to the net.* Charles, on the ot-put- some money into circulation,yes.
her hand,(easily the most agile and .-Charges of job discrimination have
buoyant of the players and also moze been vehemently denied by D/ca Govt.
attractive) double-faulted in the .-
worst way when the points weremost I STARSPORTS continued: England
important as in the final set. defeated New Zealand in the second
Hazel Hyson in the ladies' events test match by 174 runs to bring the
had no such difficulties as she 3 match series level at one-all wi~i
whipped Penny Honychurch 6-1, 6-1 final match starting tomorrow,
in just over half an hour in the In the GEDDES GRANT/HARRISON LINE
ladies' singles finals, limited overs (50 a side) contest,
In the doubles events Marie and Barbados gained a slim 16-run vic-
Hyson paired off to beat Mr. and tory over the Windward Islands at
Mrs, Brinsley Charles 6-2, 7-5 the Windsor Park before 4,000viewers.
(mixed doubles). Hyson with Hony- .Barbados,batting 1st, scored 203
church defeated Frances Pierre and for 9 of their 50 overs, Ricky Skeete
Henrietta Kops 6-2, 6-2 in the lad- 63,,C,Beckles 60.* F.Thorpe 3/44 &
ies! doubles, whilst Ninian Marie Collymore 2/29. *- Windward s:4
with Alvin Jackson (the 16-yr-old 187/9 50 overs.Norbert Phillip
who created the worst upset when he (man of the match) 67, -* The indiV-
defeated former island champion Pat iduals who may have been partly res-
Pierre beat Fuad Issa and the old possible for the large turnout,Des-
veteran Stanley Boyd 6-3,7-6,6-3 in- mond Haynes (Bajan who blasted 148
straight sets. against Australia) and Irvirg Shil-
BOXING: Two Dominicans, Young Dorset lingford, both failed to come off -
an llilary Joseph (younger brother much to the large crowd's disappirt-
of lightweight champion Kid Flite) *ment.,- 3 LEEWARD IS. 2 st only
fought in Barbados last weekend. Itwo wickets in defeating Guyana in
CRICKET: West Indies/Austral.a Start their one-day match at Bourda.
Battle: The first test betweai W I.Australia (ctd.) at l,05 pm,
the West Indies and t .rin Aus- Australia 83/. Crofts 3/9,Garner
tralians started to-fy at Queen's 2/35 Andy Roberts 2/26.Cozier stillin
Park Oval, Trinidad. The W.I.Team AUSTRALIA won their 2nd tour match,
(3 new caps Richard AustinJ/ca) beating Trinidad by 6 wickets.Scores:
(3 new caps Richard Austin(J/c Aus:283 & L/4;T/dad 164 & 297,
Desmond Haynes(B/dps)&DerekParry(Nevi- Aus28 & ls/_d. 1- 297 .
Dund s e Australia 6 withut.- & Punblished by the Proprie-
Lunchtime score: Australia 6 without R Allfey of l House Cop
loss; rain delayed play. /Ta- -2-' Bh Ro R REA se Dm o if Mni House opt
/Hall at 26 Bath Road Roseau, Dominica,W.Indies,


Page 3 i

T H E,- 3 T A

Friday,, March 3j, 1976

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