Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). February 24, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). February 24, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: February 24, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Telephone Editor 2610
UK Media Representatlve
Colin Turner (Isqndon)B]d
122 Shaftesbury Avenue
London WlV .8IA England


Virtute Duce Comite Fortuna Parl.Execs. Pay

Vi-Hitor Phnyllis Shand A.llrey -
Vol.xJ 1\To0 8 FridayFebruary 21. .1978 Fifteen__CentS_.



kIC A 1X

It was a sombre meeting of the
House ,of Assembly, only>.lightened
by the human element: Leader of
the Opposition H5n.Eugenia Charles
took her place (although a motion
had been passed ordering her to stay
away); she was dressed in blaUk;and
the Premier stated that in view of
the Speaker's acceptance of her ap-
ology, he.would not press his motion
The Speaker said that the
would rest, and most people were
satisfied. Hon.Ferdinand Par:.llon
sat in a chair apart from the Labour
men (in the same position as R.O.P.
Armour did once Hon.Michael Douglas
sat at the end of the bas;kbe:-.inCer1s.
There were seven Bills; asr. three
of them are going to raise the -ost
of living of the Dominican pe-ope,
who will have to pay more e;b&rkit-
ion tax, more for foreign currency
transactions, package tax etc.These
measures are supposed to set the
State on its feet, er partially so.
"They tried to blame the C.S.A.strikt
fo, our troubles, but the Minister
said in Assembly last year 'there
will bt a shortfall,"' said a'Freedom
.T'he increase of taxes will hit
the conscumer directly. You will no-
tice it when you go on with your
lives and business.
Two new Parliamentary Executives
Mr. Joey Vanterpool,Filn& .b .[- ume:
Office, and Mrs.Bernadette Th~:)a;,
Premier's Office, were announce~,
During the debate,Miss Charles des-
cribed Parl.Execs. in general as
"Parliamentary Technocrats' who are
experienced in nothing."



February 20th was a most lovely
day with grand sunshine and so
Freedom Party had a beautiful
meeting, one of the best ever
held in Portsmouth; the people of
Portsmouth seem only now to have
arisen from their slumber. It was
splendid to witness the crowded
attendance, the keen attention
and the excellent behaviour and
appearance at that meeting.
(Concluded on page six)

Come away with the CANADA
For une month
(July 26th to August 26th)
and'save over $200.00 on your fare
Round Trip CSA Tour less than $850
Regular Fare $1,235,00
Children from 2 t'. 12: 50% of
Regutar Fare;
SBabies under Two 10% of Regular
Register NOW at the C.S.A. OFFICE
Non-Returnable Registration Fee:

r at the Convent High School H'all
on Tuesday February 28th 7 pm
Proceeds to the Leper Home:$2.00
MrSherman Ramsingh,visiting Domin-
ica, thinks SoQuts & Guides have
copied Britain & USA for too long
should develop their own style,
1 A'

Pae Two T H E S T A R FridayFebruary 2 1978
;AlthcUgh he is scantily represent- Schedule of Application for Certi-
ied on our Library shelves, no read- ficate of Title and Noting thereon
Ier of detective stories is unaware or'Caveat for week ending February
of Malgret, the crime-solver crea- 18s 1978.
ted by Georges SimeOn. And on the Date ofjRerson Nature of Re-
13th-February Sime6n was 75 years Request i esenting quest whet1ter '
old. As he remarked to an inter- for Certificate of Title or Noting
viewer "threequarters of a cent- thereon or Gaveat \
ury". He lives in a simple little Request da- Randolph Request for
h e in Lu e like a bird in ted 14th3bb- Joseph the issue of
house in Lausanne lke bird in ruary 1978 by his a First Certi-
.its nest, having given up the fan- Presented Solicitcr ficate of Titlh
tastic luxury dwellings of his l1th Febru- Cilma A. in respect of
immediate past. He smokes his pipe ary 1978 at M.DVpgrny portion of 3and
calmly, offering his interviewers 330 p.m. I at Trafalgar,
from television etc. a good bottle in the Parish of St.George, in the
of white wine, although he only State of Dominica, containing 1756
drinks raisin juice and cold tea. square feet and bounded as follows:-.
rI feel well.u Yes, completely North-East: by land of Martin Daniell
"I feel well. Yes, completely Sh-East by land of Whai~ield Casimir|
happy... I have at. last acquired a South-West:by an access road separate
thing which I consider more impor- ing it fror: land of Julian Vanterpool;
tant than happiness: serenity."- North-West by an access road separat-
'I was married twice, and twice ing it from land of Commonwealth Dev-
It broke up. All the same I have elopment Corporation._
tasted a certain number f the Request da- Watson Request for he
joys of life yet I did not have ted 8th Peb- Brade issue of a irst;
Joys of I did nt have by his Certificate ofi
.pe~e in my soul. I was lonely. 7 Sol1ci- Title in resfpd4
EBven while married, I was alone." tor ilma A.M.Dupigy of a portion o
After Liege, Paris,Hollywood, land at St.Joseph 7ilage, in the Par-
Florida, three years on a ranch in ish of St.Joseph, in the State of Dom-
Arizona and three changes of add- inica, containing 1330 square feet and
ress in Lausanne, his newest home bounded as follows:- North by an Ac-
is.called "The Field of Reireat." cess Road separating it from land of
The little house is an old farm, Stolmyer Royer; East by an AccessRoa,
and there is a "parfum ohampetre" separating it from land of Octavia
all around with lvely walks +to Charles; South by an Access Roadchich
al around, with lvely waivs he separates it from land of Ogiste
Lake'Leman and little dives where Christopher;West by land of McHale
everybody knows each other. Simen- Charles.
pn likes to walk in the cemetery, request da- Felicia Request for thel
"quite convenient for my funeral," ted 14thFbb- Vilyn issue o2 aFirstj
says he;"I could go there on fcDt. ruary 1978 Richards Certificate of
He has four children, three of Presented by her Title in respect
whom have "flit the nest": one to 17th Feb- Solicitab of a portion of
.whom have "flit the nest": one to 1978 ilAla d n a a!
ris ruary 1978 Cilma A. land known as al
TSA and two to Paris. There is now at 11 a.m. M Dupigny Lot in the vil-:
only Bernard, 18, who will also lage of Wesley in the Parish of St.
leave when he graduates in June -- Andrew in the State of Dominica, con-I
for Paris or New York --who knews? taining 129e square feet and bounded !
Five years ago, Simenon wrote as follows:- North: by land of Alexan.
his 220th and so far last book. drina Tyson; East by land of Mrs.
But every morniLg he dictates Joseph Harry (concluded on page )
tdpa5e i CAVEAT NOTE page five
pae3 --

Page Three

Friday, February 2-., .1978 HT H S

,TTT '.-.SIMfEON (fr. p. 2)
into a machine between 3 hours.
"My dai impressions, as much of
the present as of the past... I
have no bad memories...with me,on-
ly the good is conserved."
"Z am a peaceful anarchist," he
said; "a pure individualist, if you
like. I don't belong to any group,
and don't take part in any tenden-
cy neither political,philosophi-
cal nor religious.
"Life after death? I don'tihiifn
it exists. I think that's just
something to nurse illusions.
Neither do I believe in nation-
alities. I have remained Belgian
not because I feel Belgian, but be-
cause I consider that nationality
signifies absolutely nothing."
The great writer spoke of his
debu; in Paris,just before the 1st
wcrld war...of his poverty: he


iived on one cemsmbDert cneese per --
week... and on tripe into which he C.S.A. DECLARES DISPUTE
dipped bread tr with Methodist Church and Board, of
'dipped bre Governors of Wesley High School
-oday he is a literary million- touching the dismissal of Mrs.V.R.
airs who has found serenity. Joseph, Principal W.H.S. stating
SiQoTE FRM that this was contrary to the pro-
QUOTE FROM THE DEMOCRAT visions of the Protection of Empl-
"I an understand the frustrations oyment Act, and unless speedily re-
Nev.sians must-feel to see Anguilla medied, a claim for compensation
as sae is now while they still live and damages will be brought against
under the. dictatorial abuses and the Board. Meanwhile the girls are
t:-ats of an eccentric seventeenth back in their classes.
century colonel. A colonel of whom
it has been said: 'he has never We have also seen the correspon-,
evesn bpeen trained as a boy dcout'". dence between' CSA and Establishment
froa an article in the St.Kitts ;.on the subject of how much longer it
Democrat, Jan. lL,. will take (a) to compute the amount
.=P = .......... du3 to each dhily paid worker in C&W
SST3DESS CONNECTIONS and how soon after this exercise
will the back pay be actually paid.
Distribitors wanted for foodstuffs
(Dry, f.ozen or canned In bulk, In a letter to M r. Roosie Doug-
institutional and consumer packages) las, the CSA (acknowledging the
beer, carbonated soft drinks, malt Lominica Cuba Friendship Assocn's
Stonic dririka and chemicals. invitation to the Gen.Sec. to vis-
QUALITY PRODUCTS, INC. it Cuba) asks him some sharp and
?ox 5226 pertinent questions before CSA
Tallahassea, Fla. 32301, is able to decide on a reply. Thev
want to know more about LCFA.Where
*. S. A. does DCPA get its money fror? Whos
S' guests would the danlTc.,,~ on Lc?

Lawrence Perhaps I am right in
saying that the only Member who
used the word I.bloodshed'in the
Hous: of Assembly during a de-
bate' was Mike; -the only one who
said t~hat if paid,t he Civil Sqrvants' Septem-
ber salary he would resign; the
one who tried his utmo't to. ee
whether 'the. farmers in the various
districts would agree with him in
this respect. Lastly, the one who
said at Portsmouth on his return
I from the United Kingdom.on the
constitutional talks with the Bri-
tibsh. GGo.v~rmentp that if they re-
fuse independence for Dominica,
he (or they) will (or should) take
Naturally, any Premier whether
short or tall would be worried or
He must fight to take it, but
not before 1980.


We give these in reply to several In the first centuries of Christian-
queries. These people get the same ity,
mney as the Speaker $4,8006B h. The hungry were fed at a personal
The cost ef the House of Assembly sacrifioe,
totals $105,570; highest pqid in- The naked were clothed at a perscrn-
dividual being the Clerk of the al sacriTiteo.
Hnne 1,520 pa. Members of *Anrd because the poor -
House $11,520 p.a. Members of were fed, clothed and sheltered
the House who are not Ministers get at a personal sacriice
$2,880 p.a. The Premier receives the pagans used to say about tio :
$18,000. The Attorney General gets Chris t. is:
$21,600. Ministers get $15,600 each See how they love eaoh other.
- end, of course, there are allew- In our own day the poor are no long-
ances and perks. er fed, clothed and sheltered a a
S.. personal sacrifice,
CkARIBBEAN ISAS but at the expense of the taxYpayer3.
And because the poor are no longer
Radio Antilles announces a new pro- fed, clothed and sheltered
gramme for Monday nights at 7.30 Po.the pagans say about the Chris.tiasns:
It starts on March 6: "Caribbean "See how they pass the buck,"
Islands", produced by Mr. C.T.JohnMA -- from EASY ESSAYS
Principal of Montserrat secondary (The Catholic Worker)
school. Their new thriller play
"Girl on a Tightrope" is already D.A.W.U. INFORMATIGY
running, every weekday at 5.45 pm. In a recent release, DAWIT Gen.Sec.
TASPT T A.F.Joseph says that Mr. M.P.
STRSPORTS F-AT TE I S Toyssaint, Asst.Mansaer, was not
K FDITAL _~CTED speaking the truth when he told the
The Geest O-pen Totrnament contin- workers at Picard (?ortsmouth)
ues at the Dominica Club, and so that the Union had lost its case
far with a series of fine matches; with Geest Industries which is
the finals are expected on Sunday before a tribunal. A
with (singles, men) Ninian Marie vs reply to a complaint by Mr.Jseph
most improved player Brinaley from Miss Mo.Charles, said she
Charles (formerly of Saints Sperts was merely representing Geest sh
Club), Ladies singles: Penny Hy- as he, Mr. Joseph, was represent-
church vs. Hazel Hyshn, Women's ing his'members before the Tribunal,
doubles finals are still to come, of which she was not a member.
and in the men's doubles N.Marie "How can you lose a case in
.,,Alvn Jackson challenge Henry Court before the Magistrate has
Volney and Oscar Kops. had time to hear the cas?" Mr.
The biggest upset to date was ad eohcr
the biefeat uo set Pto dte ws Joseph wanted to know. He hints
the defeat of Pat Pierre, former at "what has been secretly going
island champion, by 16-year-old Al- on here between Cabinet nd the
vin Jackson, who went on to complete Tribunal with informstion.out of
ly extend and exhaust Brian Blatcher St.Lia where the reest H
before losing 5--, 2-6. St.Lucia,,where the Geest Head
before losing 5-6, 2-6. 1Office is situated.
The weather has been kind to Office is situated."
the tournament and the spectators OUR READERS have asked for a re-
- most of whom had their favourites print of a '"iniStates Independence"
showed great keenness. poem by J.R.Ralph Casimir.Will do'

_ I __ _I I~_

Pagre Four


Friday.Fe'bruary 24,1978

Friday, February 24, 19-78 T HE S T A R Page Five
~ ----
SCHIEDULiE fo week ending Feb.18-
STATE OF DOMINICA Reues --- .h reque-rf0
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT request daJWi as the issue of
schedule of Application for Certi- ted 10th Nov. Williams the issue of
Schedule of Application for Certi- ember 1977 by his a First Cer-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon Presented Solicitor tificate of
or Caveat for week ending February 13 Feb.1978 M.Eugenia Title inres-
-1972 ------- at 11.30 am Charles pect of apor-
Request da-! Harry Request for tion of land in New Town in the
ted li Janr Joseph the issue of Parish of St.G6orge and containing.
uary 1978 by his a First Cert-3513 square feet and bounded as
Presented Solici- ificate of follows:- North-East: land of John
3rd Pebru- tor Cil- Title in res- W$lliams; South-East: Cornwall-
ary 1978 ma A. pect of apor Street; South-West: Victoria Street;
at 12.2J pm1 M.NDI igp tion of land North-West: lands of Reyiold Walsh
at Coulibiatrie in the Parish of and Lucky Vidal.
St Peter, in'the State of Dominicaequt a- Allan qu -fo
containing 3.691 acres and bounded e 27than- Wallace the issue of a
as follows:- North-East: by Cou- ted 27th JXazi Wallace the issue of a
as follows:- North-East: by Cou- 17 his First Certifi-
libistrie River separating it from uaPr 1978 by his Fist Certifi-e
oPresented oSoliS- cate of Title
Heirs of Ti Pierre Laudat; East:by e4th Febru- tors in' respect of
land of Nestor Paul; South-West:by ar 1978 at Alle-e all that por-
Falaise au Pitons; North-West: by 10.49 a.m. t& Co.per tion of land
land of Sylvester John. Brian lee known as a Lot
SCIEDU EE for week endini Feb.lth_ at Portsmouth in the Parish of St.
Request da- Webster R9qiest for iJohn, containing 1738 square feet
ted Ist Feb- Wilford the issue ofand bounded as follows:-
1ruary 1978 Shilling. a First Cer- North: by land of Octavia Bertran
IPresented ford and tificate of East: by land of Mignonette Irish;
10th Feb. Char esrortt Title in South:by land of A.P.Charles and
1978 at Sylvester respect of E.Johnson; West: by Bay Street.
S9.30 a.m. Charles as a portion -
Solicitor Cilma A. M. Marigot, in ROSEAU Registrar of Titles.
i upigny the Parish of
St- Andrew, in- the STa:-e of Domini-NOTE: Any person who desires to ob-
ca, containing 5478 square feet andJecE to the issuing of a Certificate
bounded as follows:- North-East by of Title on the above applications
la-d of Adolphus George; South-Eastmay enter a Caveat in the above of-
y lard of Sills EJames; North- fice within six weeks from the date
iWest by a Road separating it from of the first appearance of these
land c4 Adolphus George and Eustace Schedules 'in the STAR news papef
iBennett;South-West by a Road separ- published in this State or from the
Sating it from land of John Laville. date when the Notice prescribed by
Re ea-- law was last served on any occupant
ted 27h~ a- Espritu y the issue o of adjoining lands in respect of
Iteary 1978 his Sol- a First Cer which these Applications were made.
iv'airy 1978 his Sol- a First Cer-
Presented icitor tificate of Certificate of Title F.V.Richards
10th Febru- Cilma A. Title inre- continued from page 2:-
ary 1978 at M.Dudpieay pect of a South: by land of Mrs. Joseph Harry;
9.35 a. portion of
land at Campbe Te in-e Parish of West by a Public Road.
StPaul in the State of Dominics,
containing 6,702.0 square feet and
wounded as follows:- North: by land
f Clemencia Luke; East: by land ofMasterville Alphonse; West: by
btanley Dublin; South by land of land_ of_ EdwinA.lhonae._
{ -~~ ---"`'~i--"--~lc

Page Six T H E S TA R Friday,February 24, 1978
S*T*A*R*S*PPO--R*-T*S- Morchriston Report from PORTSMOUTH (fr. p.1)
CRICKET: Shillin ford Displays Tal- The Market Place was crowded,
ents: Irving Shaillingfo-rd, the people forcing their way in, it
most successful Combined Islands was a matter of brushing against
player ir the Shell Shield competit- each other to pass through; that
ion, playing in his first Augustus was fine and encouraging, Thomas
Gregoire League match,scored theist the Apostle had said "unless he had
century (103) as his teamCasuals, seen, he wquld not believe" and
piled up a massive total of 383 in so it is with our people of Ports-
reply to Spartans(his former club) mouth: unless they had seen, they
201, Casuals went on to defeat would not have believed; thus they
Spartans by an innings and 45 runs are at long last well convinced.
"with A.St.Jean finishing with match But what was most surprising was
figures of 3/35 & 7/32.P.Bardouille to hear from the ve'ty same lips
88' E.Joseph 65 and E.John 52 con- which were always opposed, phrases
tribute significantly to Casuals, like "it is true, it is true!" -
In another first division fix- and hands going up in the air clap-
ture,Saints defeated Somerset by 8 ping clap-clap-clap. This was most
wickets after trailing on first in- encouraging to the various speakers
nings.* Scores: Somerset 180 & 48. B.S.
R.Cuffy 60. Saints 152 & 77 for 2. -*STARSPORTS*- The teams in the other
N.Phillip L! n.o. (2nd innings). K. zone are Guyana,Leeward Is.& Trinidad.
Laurent 4/38. The West Indies beat the touring
Intermediate matches: Defence brce Australians in the first of two limi-
160 and Celoic U.147. Blackburns ted overs matches in Antigua by a
224 and Police 148. faster run rate.* Scores: W.I.313/9
CRIIKET: Barbados Maintains Lead (0 overs): Desmond Haynes 1L8, D.
Barbados, cricketing giants in-the Murray 51.Australia 181/7 (36 overs)
Caribbean, have finished their quot G.Cozier 83.
of matches and lead the race with BASKETBALL: Dominica Returns Compnm0ns
24 points,having taken 1st innings A Martinique representative team lost
points in their drawn encounter vs. both of their matches played here last
Jamaica. Scores: Barbados 447 and weekend against Dominica teams,
225 for 5 declared. A.Greenidge 131, The Martinique visit was a return
D.Murray 141, D.Haynes 73 and 51. for one made by Dominica in 1977;we
Jamaica 341 and 103 for 2.B.Williamd lost three Imatches played. They
76 & 57 n.o.;R.Austin 53. lost on Friday 17th 72-83 to a Com-
Trinidad put themselves in the bined Cougars/Flames team and the
race for the championship when they following evening 7-8& to the Dom-
defeated Guyana at Queents Park Ova inica State team.
to bring their tally to 16 points TENNIS: ,Reported on page four.
and their match against the Combined
Islands pending. Scores: Trinidad NErSBRIFS: Egypt's President
309 and 186. Guyana 200 & 193. Sadat has renounced recognition of
Auqtralia won their first match the Cyprps President since 15 zof his
in the current W.I.tour,beating the commandos were shot (in the back).n
Leewar4 Is. by 183 runs.*- Scores: an attempt to capture murderers. ***
Australia 431/9 decl. and 246; Lee- Here, the Lions Club is to put in
ward Is. 273 and 221. free medical treatment, and eye testing
CRICIET ctd. Tomorrow the Windward for schoolchildren, in due course.***
Islands will play Barbados at the o meeting between BWIA pilots and
Windsor Park (Geddes Grant/Harrison Trinidad Govt has been held for 10days.
Line lUmited over match(once Gillett)*Vinegar from ripe bananas?US/UK ex-
This match should be more spectator prts are investigating this here.
oriented than anything else,as Jam- Printed & Publshed by the Proprietor
aica has beaten both teams to top R.E.Allfrey of Mill House,Copt Hall,
their zone. (Continued next col.) at 26 Bath Rd.RoseauDominica W.Indies

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