Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). February 17, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). February 17, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: February 17, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Telephone Editor 261
UK Media Representative
Colin Turner(Londorzt tYi
122 Shaftesbury Avenue D 4' I A RSEARCH NSTITUTE
London W1V 8HA Englan Virtute Duce Comite FortuZR THE STUDY OF MAN
Edito-" -- Phyllis Shand AllfrF AST 78 STREET
VolXXVI No. 7 Friday, february 17, 1976 2. JN. y,

This week the old Union Club house,
later known as the Green Grotto,
was mysteriously burned down and
there are several speculative ru-
mours as to how and. by whom. The
Police and Firemen have given no
statement. Dance hall undamaged.
The building was the scene of a
famous pro-federal debate in 1932,
in which R.E.A,Nicholls and C.E.A.
Rawle, with other "radical" West
Indian leaders, took part.
The clubhouse was the resort
of coloured persons who, shut out
by the then "white" Dominica Club,
got together to do their own thing.
It later became the nucleus of a
dance hall, going through several
vicissitudes until the famous
Swinging Stars used it as their
headquarters, and kept their prec-
lous instruments there.
If we rule out electrical de-
fec; as the cause of the fire, we
are left with these suppositionss:
persons jealous of the supremacy
of Swinging Stars did the deed; or
Labour people who were vexed be-
cause the premises were used to
practise the :ew Chrnival (anti-
Govt.) calypsGcs, did the deed.You
can take your choice.
It is certainly a terrible blow
to the long-eminent Swinging Stars.
We are glad to hear that a fund is
being collected -o aid the musicians
and that donors are requested to
make contributions to the Royal
Bank and to Barclays Bank Ltd.
It was indeed fortunate that the
wind was not strong enough to scat-
ter the flames far and wide.

Hon. Miss Charles at Portsmouth
On February 13th Miss Eugenia
Charles was at Portmouth (see al-
so a correspondent's report' on p2).
She held a branch meeting of the
Freedom Party at the Credit Tnion
Hall, and announced a public meet-
ing for Sunday. Our correspondent
writes: "They have strengthened
Miss Charles' vote of Yo Confid-
ence; the Chief has exposed him-
self and likewise the others have
done the same. Miss Charles' mo-
tion is undisputed".
This weekend the Freedom Party
is branching out even'as far as
Paix Bouche.

A Seminar on low cost housing will
open at the Social Centre at 9 am
on Monday 21st.Premier John anA
Mr. Richard Holloway will speak.
It will continue until Thursday.

The settlement said to have been
reached by Ian Smith arh his Af-
rican Rhodesian delegates has been
denounced by Nkomo, whq Says "it
will never be implemented."

Opposition parties in Grenada re-
fused to sit through the Assembly
(in which 17 money bills are being
debated), stating that their agen-
des were delivered only J8 hours
beforehand. They walked through
St.George's city distributing pam-
phlets justifying their actioTi.

W~IELEY HIGH SCHOOL: the students aw
still aeamet.


-L-- ~ i.

THE ST AR Friday,February 17, 1978

"We almost had nothing at all -
by B.S,
About Carnival: we'heard that'
Roseau was hot enough, but not so
with Portsmouth. We almost had no
Carnival at all this year; first of
all there was no Organized Band al-
though it was even on the Papers
there will be an Organized BandThe
.first turning out in the morning
were a few children, little raga-
muffins with their tin.pans beating
all around the streets, until after
noon when fortunately a truck turn-'
'Gd out driving an Electrical Band
and a heavy crowd of about 4-500
thick surrounded it until evening
with a jump-up. That was Monday.
Then Tuesday started off again
just as on Monday with the crowd of
little tin-pan rags around the
streets, until late afternoon again
when the very same truck with the
Electrical Band turned out, on this
occasion with a crowd almost double
that, of yesterday surrounding it.
But what baffled me most and I
fail to understand it, we never saw
the Organized T-shirt band of Mike,
until we came to learn that there
was a contradictory argument over
that at his stronghold Granvillia,
The story as I bought it was,that
he promised Granvillians that they
would be getting "Free T-shirts";
at the last'moment the people were
demanded $4.00 each T-shirt, where-
as they got to know that his Ports-
mouth area Chief Supporter received
a supply from him for "Freeness;'.
So there and then, Oranvillians
contract mashed up clean on the
spot. Of course I am only selling
as I bought from a Granvillian,but
I guess the story must be true.
The most enjoyable joke on the

Isn't it fantastic the kind of
somersaults that some politicians
can make
Historywise it was only the ot-
her day that a Canadian flag was
burnt in front of the Royal Bank of
Canada. Officially there was no con-
demnation of the act, no sign of em-
barrassment, not a word of apology,
no sign of regret or shame.
The reaction of a large section
of the community was, what's in
that? it's only a piece of cloth.
For political expediency this
philosophy was encouraged, and soon
spread to all strata of the society.
Massa day done. The days of slavery
are over. I can do what I like. We
independent. I free and many more
such sayings. It was no longer nec-
essary to show respect for a flag,
the national (God Save The Queen)
anthem, parents, teachers, priests,
policemen, anyone or anything.
The clock seems to have come full
circle again. The Premier and Mini-
ster of Education are mad, children
are not disciplined, they do not
show respect for the national (our)
anthem. Some time ago it was said
that what we need is a National Str-
vice to teach and discipline our
*But the most amazing somersault
of all, and we should really laugh
at this, was a colonel and a captain
sporting a foreign unlfe-rm, and it
was Comrade this, Comrade that, Com-
rade here, Comrade there and even
Comrade Speaker'.
Recent events would seem to indi-
icate that the word Comrade is now a

above is this: according to the pat-bad smear word. Isn't that something?
ois, they all seemed to have turned TAXPAYER,
their backs on him right away pam- Rosean South.
pam, because he immediately found _
himself back in Portsmouth, put out his car with a 'gramn inside, going
round the town and it was a joke to see his followers, a few of those
little tin-pan rags jumping to the 'gram'~usic but three solitary women
were also following, more likely in derision (concluded on pag three)



$gge,., ,~gro
' -i~---ccl-


Friday, February 17, 1978 T HE S T A R Page Three
as they were just from singing on
the streets "Es cey vrai,Patrick At their meeting on Thursday
mettez Ilke dehors Another joke Feb.16 some interesting facts were
was this, the Granvillians formed presented to the gathering by
their own little group and when Principal Alwyn Bully and Dep.
meeting up with Mike's car, they Principal yiss Joseph
just paid him no mind, but just Principal Mss Joseph,
kept on jumping by themselves in 1. Self-help projects have so
their group. He must have felt bad, far helped to obtain over 100 more
I have never set eyes on him since chairs (the school now has 580
Granvillians capsized one time. pupils), ,and sufficient paint for
They say Portsmouth is one of the redecorating much of the premises
worst places to deal with in this a morale-bulding operation.
land. All this took place on 2. Electric wiring insulation
Tuesday afternoon till evening, has rotted and requires complete
when the merrymakers ended with a
little disturbance between some- renewal (expensive: Government
body's car supposed to have jammed to pay. School not usable after
a group and the group damaged the dark because of risk.)'
car very badly.Thus ended Carnival 3. The Open Assembly area i?
1978 in Portsmouth. planned to be walled to make a

proper hall with small stage.Funds
will be needed for this.,.
2. Today, Friday, a well-super-
vised Belle Marche is taking place
(over 500 boys and girls expected
to take part); this will he"l to
raise money for projects,
5. Lateness of pupils from South
of the Island and Canefield is due
mostly to poor transport. There is
a need for (a) a schools bus ser-
vice; and for (b) roads,nnt river

this school held its "Vocation
Week" this week.

BARBADOS: Mr. J-mes Stanley Arthur
CMG is ncw British H.C. in Barbados
he replaces retiring man Mr.C.
Stuart Roberts CMG. Mr. Arthur has
served in Fiji; he is 55,married,
two sons and two daughters.

If so, and if you have had work pub-
lished between July 1977.(contd.p.6)
Stary-organisations and the whole
Sworkforcet '(in plan,production eto.)

Lawrence Last week a friend ophiine
from Fond St.Jean told me that he
regretted voting for their repres-
entative, and next election 'no
wayt for him.
He said to me that since the
representative became an Honour-
able he hardly says hello to them.
I remember an-old saying 'never
see, come see, come crazy'.
I myself found out by his talks
that he'may like to hand us over
to Cuba, and have our mode of life
-ransformed completely. He and
others like him should gladly make
their homes there, I am not quite
sure whether he was severely chas-
tened by his Premier; he alone has
the answer,
We have received from D.E.F. a long
TLO docum~-it on The State Under-
taking in the USSR. The section on
labour disputes is particularly in-
teresting also the final finding
that the authority (and responsibi-
lities) of Management are now con-
siderably enhanced. Quote" A state
undertaking operates on the basis
of one-man management, but this in
no way negates the principle of
b.oad participation by the volun-

Page F Pour THE S T A R Friday,February 17,1978
VAANTP OF G RAL Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
Applications are invited from suit-or Caveat for week ending February
ably qualified persons for appoint 18th 1978.
ment to the above post.. Date of Person nature of request
Request Presenting whether for Cert-:
QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants must e
QpsALIFCATIONmS: Applicants must ificate of Title or Noting thereon
possess a Diploma in Accountancy or Caveat-
from a recognized institution and Request da- John Request for the
not'less than five years practical ted 10thNo Williams issue of aFirst
experience as an accountant. A vember,1977 by his Certificate of~
working knowledge of computerised Presented Solicitor Title in res-
accounting system would be an ad- 13h Feb.1978M.Eugenia pect of a por-
vantage. 131 Peb978Eugenia pect of a pr- I
vantage, at 11.30 am. Charles tion of land in
DUTIES: The person is required to New Town in the Parish of St.George
ioi.c under the direction of the and containing 3513 square feet and
Financial Controller and is respond bounded as follows:- North-East:land
sible to him for the proper func- of John Williams; South-East:Cornwall
tioning of the Accounting Section Street; South-West: Victoria Street;
of the Department.He is also res- North-West: lands of Reynold Walsh
possible for the supervision and and Lucky Vidal.
direction of the staff employed in quest da--Alan -u-s ro "
the Accounting Section and will be t hJ Wal issue of a
required to undertake the training ted 27thJan- Wallace issue o arst
of all Junior clericalstaff of the uary 1978 by his Certificate of
Association. Presented Solici- Title in repeat
14th Febru- tors of all that por-
SALARY: The salary of the post was ary 1978 at Alleyne tion of land
recently revised to $8,280 per an- 10.49 a.m. & Co.per known as a Lot,i
num. However depending on the qual- rian GX.Alle ne at Portsmouth in
ification and experience of the the Parish of St.John, containing 1738
successful applicant, the salary square feet and bounded as follows:-
could be negotiated. North: by land of Octavia Bertrand;
Applications giving details of East: by land of "1ignonette Irish;
qualification, training and exper- South: by land of A.PCharles and E.
ience and two recent testimonials Johnson; West: by Bay Street
should be forwarded to: For Caveat No t -"
Tlhe General Manager, pleaseturn to Page Five
Dominica Banana Growers Association ------
Roseau, ,
to reach-him not later than 27th Distributors wanted for foodstuffs
February, 1978. (Dry, frozen or canned in bulk,
institutional and consumer packages
T.C.IRISH, beer, carbonated soft drinks, malt
General Manager tonic drinks and chemicals.
1st February, 1978 QUALITY EXPORTS, INC.
Box $226
This body will meet at 10 a.m, on Tallahassee, Fla. 32301,
Thursday February 23 at Government U. A.
Headquarters. I _____ _

Friday, February 17, 1978 TH E S T A R Page Five
A0-- TT TE.-.0. --- ICA- ---- ..Schedule for week ending Feb.l11 c-t
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT Reques t a-TebsTer Re~quest or
Schedule of Application for Certi- ted IstFeb- Wilford the issue ct
ficate of Title and Noting thereon ruary 1978 Shilling- a First C~r-
or'Caveat for week ending lP'bruary Presented ford and 'tificate of
:11, 1978. __th Feb. Charles- Title in res-
IDate ofj Persone Nature of Re- 19'8 at worthSyl- pect of a
jRequesttPresenting quest whether 9o30 a.m. vester portionof
for Certificate of Title or Noting --.O Charl s land at Mar:1-
thereon. or Caveat as Joint Tenants y got in the
their Solicitor Cil- I
iRequest da- Paul i Request for thr Sr Parish of St.
'.ted 30th May Hender- the issue ofm-a A. M. Dpi --- Andrew, in
1977 son by a First Certi-! the State of Dominica, containing
Presented his Sol- ficate of Ti- 5L478 square feet and bounded as
8th Feb- icitor tile in res- follows:- North-East by land of
Iruary 1978 Zena pect of a Adolphus George; South-East by
at 10 a.m. Moore portion of land of Sills E.James; North-West
SDyer land at Pic- by a Road separating it from land
odeau, Grand Bay, in the Parish of of Adolphus George and Eustace Ben-
:St.Patrick containing 1.108 acres nett; South-West by a Road separa-
;and bounded as follows:- North:land ting it from land of John Laville.
of Paul Henderson; South: A ravine Request da- Augustus Request for
separating it from lands of Brin ted 27thJan- Espritby the issue of
Pierre and Toussaint Birmingham; uary 1978 his Sol-.a First Cert-
East: land of Paul Henderson; West: Presented icitor ificate of
lands of Annestina Alexander,Joseph 10th Febru- Cilma A. Title inres-
}Henderson and Heirs of Lebruin ary 1978 at M.Dupiga pect of a
Alexander. 9.35 a.m. I ,portion of
;eqiest da- s.Pl -Raequest or .and at Campbell i-n the Parish of
ted 30th Hende:r- the issue of St.Paul in the State of Dominic.,
May 1977 son by a First Cert-containing 6,702,0 square feet and
Presented. his Sol- ificate of bounded as follows:- North: by land
,8th Feb- icitor Title in res-of Clemencia Luke; East: by land of
mruary'1978 Zena pect of a- tanley Dublin; South: by land of
iat 10.20 am, Moore- portion of lastorville Alphonse; West: by land
I yer. land at De- of Edwin Alphonse,
;i-ce c iranciy iny- the Parish of St. f'I"jle f-'or week ending Februarj -
'Patrick containing 18,576 square ft. requestt da- Hrry -Request for the
!anci bounded as follows:-North:A Pub-ted 17thban. Joseph issue of a First
ilic Ro-.' separating it from lands ofary 1978 by his Certificate of
Joseph Henderson & Janan Birmingham;Presented Solici- Title in res-
iSputh:.,and of Paul 'Alexander;East: 3rd Febru- tor. Cil- pect of a'por-
|land of Janan Birmingham;West land ry 1978 ma -A. tion of land at
of Annestina Alexander. t 12.25 pm. M.Dupi n Coulibistriein
RE~IST iS OFFICEEphraim F,Georiges the Parish of St.e ter, in the Statr
ROSEAU Registrar of Titles, of Dominica, containing 3.691 Acres
'NOTE: Any person who desires to ob- and bounded as follows:-
Ic&c to the issuing of a Certificate North-East: by Coulibistrie Rive:
jof Title on the above Applications separating it from land of Heirs of
may enter a Caveat in the above Off- Ti Pierre Laudat;
flce within six weeks from the date East: by land of Nestor Paul;
of the first appearance of these South-West: by Falaise au Pitons;
Schedules in the STAR news paper pub North-West: by land of Sylvester
listed in this State or from the date John.
when the Notice prescribed by law -
was last served on any occupant of Other Certificates of Title will
adjoining lands in respect of which be found on Page Four
these Lnprlications were made..


T h e S T A R Friday,February 17,1978

~-r---T ~ Morchriston
ThCombined Islands continued June 30 1978. If you have had a
Thd Combined Islands continued ti~ir book printed between these dates,
string of tense, gripping finishes, book printed between these dates,
a characteristic noticeable from please submit your work through
1975 when they lost out on the Shell your publisher (not in manuscript
Shield championship because they or typescript) to:
had a wicket standing in their The Librarian (Poetry Prize)
'drawn match against Trinidad. The Commonwealth Institute,
scores of both sides sjood level Kengington High Street,
,ihen the last ball was bowled.Sccres London 1 8 6NQ,
in that match were Trinidad 259 and ENGLAIID.
252. Combined Is. 229 & 282/9. Seven eopies of your book (for the
In thiq year's Shell Shield com- judges) should be sent to arrive
petition, the Islands failed by only not later than 30th June 1978
13 runs to take first innings in PRIZE 250.
their drawn match against Barbados. Award of prize will be announced
In Jamaica they fought back from on Thursday 31st August 1978.
294 all out to bowl Jamaica for 251
after Jamaica looked comfortable at 0 UR DI S E A S
156 without loss. Their more re- A Doctor has announced that there
cent encounter against Guyana at is an outbreak of diarrhea in
Bourda must be one of the keenest Dominica. He knew of at least 20
battles witnessed at Bourda in late cases on Thursday.
times Epidemiologist Mr. Cox who was
Guyana batted first and scored coming to look into our recent
273. The Combined Islands through typhoid epidemic has not yet ar-
Norbert Phillip and Willet (who put rived. TIravel delay.
on more than 60 runs for the 9th Scabies is still rampant.
wicket) 'ailed by only 10 runs to Another totally unidentified
take fir t innings,falling for 266. fever has struck do:wn a few persons
Guyana batting a 2nd time, found of our acquaintance. It is not Typ-
Guyna p g ahoid. Our son'Robbie is recovering,
the going again rough and succumbed hoid. Our sonRobble is recovering,
for 252. Left to score 262 for vic- thanks to Dr.Billy Green and a lot
tory, the Islanders went all out,.. of hard work.
scattering their top wickets cheap- o b water watch where
ly. Colville Browne,keeping a cool you eat and be careful.Be hygienic
head after the Islands had lost 7 DMETiME SDETV T4~ j r -Tw
wickets for 125 runs started picking le Bertrand was here; donated binoc-
some boundaries. Joined by Norbert ulars to RDF, saw many friends.
PhiLlip, already the hero of the
match, theyput on 75 for the 8th M*STARSPORTS.- continued BOXING :
wicket before Browne wad dismissed Boxing's Biggest Upsetl Leon
for 51. Phillip with support from Spinks in only his th Fprofessional
Willet and Harris (as in-the 1st in- fight is. the new World Heavyweight
'nings) brought the score to 255 be- Boxing Champion.He dethroned-Muham-
fore Harris was run out like Willet Imad Ali,36,veteran in the world tit-
in the final of the mandatory 20cvas. le clash on Wed nesday 15th February,
Phillipts performance in the match BASKETBALL: Martinique will clash
(5/59 & 5/71) and with the bat 70 & wth G-ashin'Carry Cardinals tonight.
90 not out a performance soured Tomorrow night, Saturday, Martinique
only by the losing of the match challenges Dominica.
Trinidad lost to Jamaica at Queens TENNIS: At the Dominica Club to-
Park Oval after leading on 1st inningss morrow,Saturday, a tournament of our
TEST: NEW ZEALAND TRIUMPHS AT LAST leading tennis players will take place,
N.Z. won thdrlst test match over ter b Pi---- ---- pr-eta
England in a h18t encounter ove- .7 2 ,ted& Pulshed by the Propr2iet8
years.Scores: 2281231Eng:21r 6o R.E.Allfrey of Mill House,Copt Hall
-at'26 Bath Rd.Roseau Dominica W.IndSe

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