Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). February 10, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). February 10, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: February 10, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Telephone Editor 2610
UK hedia Re~reoentnttw
Colin Turner(Londac)
322 Shafte sbury Avenu
-U ondon, WIV 81L.d

1, FO, (only
DOMINIABfour pages
irtute D week)
Virtute 'Duce Comite Fort*%ARCH INsnrIU

Vol. XXVI No. 6 Fridayt, february 10, 1978 l Wi
Editor :Phyllis Shand Allfr.. YOR 1 .v


OTCT: Because they were told that
their Principal (now in England)
had been dismissed and replaced,
the students of WHS staged a walk-
out. The Head Girl says she has
heard to this effect from the al-
leged dismissed Headmistress.
Mr. D. Jamieson,Canadian External
Affairs Minister, told Canadians
today that 15 Soviet officials who
were caught spying (trapped by
RCMP members to whom they paid
$30,500 for "information of non-
importance" on one occasior,were
put oat of the country. Soviet re-
actions not yet forthcoming.

,, : ,, ., L --__j : -- "
It was good, despite or perhaps be4-0
cause of the obstructionist attit-
ude of DBS and Government towards
favourite Calypsonians and the re-
saltant lack of air-publicity.
We consider this year's Carnival
as extremely free, mild and individ-
ualist. The weather was fine, the
hats (much admired by foreign visi-
tors for their exuberance and ingen-
uity) sparkled like constellations
when viewed from balconies; the
modest and charming queens bore up
well in their difficult progress
through the town of Roseau; there
was much flourishing of the banned
calypsoes and of course Kitchener's
Sugar Bum-Bum was heard repeated ad
nauseum; a wit told us that DBS hi-3
just put on a long rota of Trinidad
stale calypsoes and locked up the
A little sadness was caused: one
person was stabbed; and alarm was
caused by the disappearance of a
young girl (16), a witness in a re-
cent murder case, while out with her
parents on Tuesday. On Thursday,how-
ever, she was discovered...where do
you think? In the Bath Estate hous-
ing section.
SThose calrpsoes: Spider's Sen-
chai Ferdinand won the Road March
Prize of $300; Zeye's win as Calyp-
so King (his calypso, Gravedigger)
won him $800. Robin was in the top 3.
A'Labour' legislator flashed a gun at*
the splendid CSA gowned academics of
Goodwill Parish University. CHS band
was delightful, and Black Sam really
l7v-ly anl musiWcl. So all in all we
must say obra-v to Iominica's c arrival


We do not claim carnival maaiise
for this very small Star. Our
younger adopted Carib son has been
seriously ill with a mysterious
fever all this week, that is the
reason.Robbie is slightly better
today, Priday.
Backed-by British & North American
pilots, the 126 BWIA pilots sacked"
for their recent strike will come
before Industrial Court
Distributors wanted for foodstuffs
(Dry, frozen or canned in bulk,
institutional and consumer packages)
beer, carbonated soft drinks1 malt
tonic drins and chemicals.
Box 5226
Tallahassee, Fla. 32301,

Page Two THE STA -- Frida, erury1,17

Applications are invited from suit-
ably qualified persons for appoint-
ment to the above post.
QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants must
possess a Diploma in Accountancy
from a rqcognised institution and
not less than five years practical
experience as an accountant. A
working knowledge of computerised
accounting system would be an ad-
DUTIES: The person is required to
work under the direction of the
Financial Controller and is respon-
sible to him for the proper func-
tioning of the Accounting Section
of the Department. He is also res-
ponsible for the supervision and
direction of the staff employed in
the Accounting Section and will be
required to undertake the training
of all junior clerical staff of the
SALARY: The salary of the post was
recently revised to $8,280 per an-
num. However depending on the qual-
ification and experience of the
successful applicant, the salary
could be negotiated.
Applications giving details of
qualification, training and eper-
ience and two recent testimonials
should be forwarded to:
The General Manager,
Dominica Banana Growers Association
Hanover Street,
to reach-him not later than 27th
February, 1978.
General Manager
1st February, 1978

has announced that CANADA is giving
$125,000 to the Dominica National
Park for footpaths, conservation
education, and c,"her matters,

CARNIVAL 1978 -Hugh Lawrence
We can really boast that
Carnival '78 was a great suc-
cess, I wish to congratulate
all the organizers with no ex-
ception, who had the courage at
such a short space of time to
see that this festivity took
place at its usual time.
It was rumoured (like in St.
Lucia) that it would have to be
postponed until May.
We must admit that Carnival
here is part of us. Even nature
gave its help, for
was at its best.
I say to one and all, hearty

As one who was once a non-suc-
cessful Beauty Queen contestant,
I want to applaud-.those -young
ladies for coming forward at short
notice, and playing their parts
so bravely. They were not rich
girls heavily subsidized. And they
went through.the hot sunny streets
of Roseau most gracefully and
bravely (and: slowly.). My favour-
ite was Miss.Cuffy who only placed
2th; But I..congratulate them one
and all.
And by the way, what about their
prizes? I haven't heard anything
about tha.t... do hope the winner
and her runners-up get SOMETHING.
S.W. Dominica.

Asked by CAYA representative dur-
ing the visit of a British Official
(on Constitutional matters)whether
she .thought that positions between
Got.. and. Opposition could be eas-
ily bridRWed,Hon.Eugenia Charles
said: "TIdon't think so. We are
very far Pnart."


Friday, February 10,1978


Page Two

Friday, February 10, 1978 T H E S T A R Page tbge
--N_:_ .--.--i^-- 7Sc cerul e-fo 1Treek- *endin ^^ enao.T
STATE OF DOMI0NICA Request da- Devos I Requeist for- the
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT ted 17th Alexandar issue of a First
Schedule of Application for Certi- January 1978 by his Certificate of
ficate of Title and Noting thereon Presented Solicitor Title in res-
or Caveat for week ending Jan,28, 31st Jan Cilma A. pect of a por-
1978. o e 1978 at M.Dupig tion of land
ate of Peron ifature of Re- 3.5 p.m. of Constant
Reauest'Presentingi quesb whether spring Estate, in the Parish of St.
rt' Cortiffcate of Title or Noting John, in the State of Dominica,con-
thereon or Caveat \_ training 3.339 acres and bounded as
Request da- Vi ctory Request for follows:- North by Picard River soe-
ted-11th Ja- Martin jthe issue of it from land of Mrs. Paul.
uary 1978 John by First Certifi. Wallace; East by lands pf Ralph
Presented his Sollcate of Title Chr2istian and remainder of Constant
23rd January icitor ,in respect of Spring Estate; South by remaindercf
1978 at Cilma A.a portion of Consiant Spring Estate qimed by
10.1 a, m, i M,.Djigp and at Ibint Musgrave John Baptiste; West by a
Michel in the Parish of St. Luke ,in Ravine separating it from remainder
the State of Dominica, containing of Constant Spring Estate owned by
696 square feet and bounded as fol. Musfrave John Baptiste. ___
lows:- North-East by land of Robert 'S-,ie for week ending Feb.1-
John Baptiste; South-Ec-.t by- land a Reque t da- Paul request fbr-
William Toussaint; North-West by ted 30ih May Hender- the issue of
land of Robert John Bapti;-ie;South- 1977 son by a First Certi-
West by land of Veronica Sylvino. Presented his Sol- ficate of Titl
Schedule for week endiii'tr 'Pob 8T 1:a Feb- icitor in respect of
Request da- Stedman -Rees T o. ruary 1978 Zena a portion of
ted 10th the issue of at 10 a.m. Moore- land at Picod-
IJarry 1978 by his a First Ceri Dyer eau, Grand. Bay,
!Presented Solicitor tificste of in the Parish of StP trick contain-
30th Jan. Cilma A. Title inres- ing 1.108 acres and bounded as fol-
!1978 at M. Dupigrtr pect of a lows:- North: land of Paul Hender-
i .16 p.m. o___ por ion of son; South: A ravine separating it
land at Qolihaut, in ti;e Parish of from lands of Brin Pier:o and
St.Peter, in the State of Dominica Toussaint Birmingham; East: land of
containing 1531t square feet, and Paul Henderson; West: lands of An-
'bounded as follows:- North-East:by nestina Alexander,Joseph Henderson
'land of Ina John Baptiste; South- arnd Firs of Lebruin Alexander.
East: by land of Julien John ?ap- Recici; da- Paul' Request fmo
;tiste; South-West: by lands of ted 30tlMay Henderson the issue of
iLouisa Lecointe and Nicholas Jules l977 by his a First Cert-
;North-West: by a Public Road separ. Presented Solicitor ificatefTit.e
ating it from land of Theodora 8th Feb- Zena Noore6in respect of
.Langlais. FF ruary 1978 I Der a portion of
RESTRA at 0.20am. land at De-
ROSEAUp' lETJ1eFGi-nd Bay in the" Parish of St.
SROSE0AU Registrar of Titles. lice and Ba inarish of St.
NOTE: Any person who desires to ob- Patrick containing 18,576 square
ject to the issuing of a Certificat feet and bounded as follows:- North:
1of Title on the above Applications A Public Road separating it from
"nay enter a Caveat in the above lands of Joseph Henderson & Janan
'Office within six weeks from the IBirmingham; South: land of Paul
date of the first appearance of Alc. :ander; East: land of Janan Bir-
ithese Schedules in the STAR news mi-gIam; West: land of Annestina
Paper published in this State or IAleander.
fr-om the date when the Notice pre-
jscribcd by la7; was last served on ahy occupant of adjoining laris in
Iesgct of which thse a-plications wpre made
p~sp~t of i,,fiich tuse -s worATrde

Page Six T H E S T A R a9jj 8"- j 21,1978
.S..T. .,nRO:,R-:-. F TRSERD. O T ~ I TWELVE- AEN G R$ O& th1a matters
'ICTe oy o rnde E1Itor, we w"l7 h&ve to pray mor
c 3 ye-rold ,lest Indies cr the ingsm of Go to be 4s
Gurana opening batsman, retired abliihed in tis earn: that j
from a first class cricket in- will e icne et't. as
cludinf Tests, except for Kerr7 heaieni, cause Is Vorld a ns us
Packer' s World Cricket Series,with e all the maueeals of the ear
whom he will continue to ployo He e ,hue- th eye eabombs
made this disclosure in Perth,AuS- ,uan E, a. t e toe bm
ralia. Fredericks holds the human n ir.aed ,f paesro
reod for a -est Indies openfli ,o ~srg, ,I l roc~ ngo
batsman; scoring 4s,334 runs in D ee t.e e:e n ob
matcheswith an average of s2,ee9, seen w o
his closest rival being Conrad -One l ....
Hunte who scored 3245 runs in Ls .a pepe r a i
matches e s. 1 d "ag e
Frederick s career on the West "pe .yll not V ,t
Indies team began in Aust a ;r. at. a *u g
1968. Nnd fittingly, his best e ard ch t e lati
Highest (of 8 centuries) came Oa- fitig Go Fr. the begir~n
ainst Australia 6n 19/l76 tor Go9 av the end, -oul no ~rve
when for the W,1- he blasted O9 .men o' ip r fil e
out in juthours wth t ul-017 art4 fj "
runs in just about hours w or eart. wh human bn.s nt krCt
27 fours and one six. He or g .w to eeC. ther Sod eve
than 10. opening partners befor~h aoes a~thirg Lhe n,
Gordon Greenidgo cou.d establish ehs :thie hir g k'es h-
himself. Those partners n Governite ha' d elve 2^2 pPeo
.of appearance were. uiche ae- duringg ..e .a.a a. isi
acho, Joey Carew, Desmonz es the:r :wiional u a nk Th wserT
Geoffrey Greenidge, eaurico ?cster, Scavenge's,
Deryck Mlurray, Re Headle^ey,Lrr e e od heap us al tha.s what
Rowe, Gordon Greenidga, Le na d ,
Barichan, Bernard Julien, .Alin
Kallicharan and Ylv Rchards; ST.rSPO^S^che---
Frederlck's decision and ;nc.d- agast X lost ~
mentally the noavai-abilll.t d gne "-7 an iT.nngs osie
Gordon Groenidge for the Austrai e ass 174 avoi e
tour of the Uess -::dies thi. mcnt., follow- en Sco.os Austrae e e
have thrown a scare in the est --dec,; o.rld XI v iithou t .css.
dies selectic panl, o mnak SSL S3iZLD: Combined Isla-xcs .
ters worse, L liv lovd namad match cinst i@- ,
lead th i,. side is also talking 3ourda ody riniad err e 6

suffer's rains from ,hem. cst against Inglandc
Of final cl the last Iorld Super_ _
,r matcit sa.~t~d yesterday,Skip- i ARE .BLOODS-D I-N EIRUT -i rTh
*-r Ian Chan~i^ll (a bocken finger between Syrians and Christia. Leban
austaing d .42 thl p;'ovious super'- iese, 150 :ave been kille4 in fi.erce
match) T.,J unable to play thus :battles since Tue sdr.. u' -a'u na, Pats
rcthco2' Crp pllket up thF reins Rc.d, _a_'_ DomncS 1s, t Iica
leader iiP Ausgitrala lost tahe twe ciiWflo j o M ?
-- t-U Pu blished by the rPopr'letor, Robert 1. A Copt .Tall, at 26 Fheh Road, Roseau, Dominicsa, Indics

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