Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 27, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 27, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: January 27, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Telephone Editor 2'.10-
UK Media Representativ
Colin Turner (Lontntbc
122 Shaf.esbury Avenue
Tnd-lovn Wr1 V 8T-TA -n Tnrrtln

I oJAJJALA .b -i

id O INtCA Whio is
d Virtute Duce Comite Fortua COLONEL ZIG-ZAG?

Vol XXVI No, 4. Friday, Janary 27, 1978 Fifteen Cents 15
Editor Phyl4a Shand Allfre,,

E E E C T T I 0 N
(See page six)

As our readers will see on p.2, THE GOODWILL PARISH HALL.
Paterson Sievens, son of late'
WiL2s St 7na., after getting the CALYPS NI A'N ARE
untnimous approval of his consti- INVITED TO PROVIDE LIGHT
uents, has joined the Freedom ENTERTAINMENT
O i.that same ay, after an ali, CALYPSONIANS OPT OUT
day Cabinet meeting, two fore- _
most figures in the Dominica La- .We understand frms a DE.
bour Government lost their posts news release that Calypsonians
They are Michael Douglas (Mini- will NOT take part in the col-
ster of Communications, Works & petitions of Carnival. This fol-r
raulics) and Ferdinand P lows talks between .Government and
lion Minister of Hoe Affairs, carnival organizers. See our page
Health & Welfare. Their places three, which augured well for the
have been taken by Osborne N festival... It appear. that the
haveo e aen taken by Osborne calypsonians' songs have found
T"eodore and Randoph Bannis.
e Premiers pae speh disfavour with the Ministers.
The Premier's 4.. page speech
speaks of ministerial inexp&r-
ience and of communism. We con- "There is no need for a demonstr'-
sider Parillon as a rather wob- tion f daily paid worrg (says
bly Christian Democrat. And al- Government)"and no permission for
though M.Douglas has a communist such will be granted".
bother, what about Luke Corictte?.) '
They are pacing the country show- QUOTE OF THE W
ing S.African atrocity films. "Independence presupposes a
It is timo the people choose an- situation in which no real guar-
other ccrps of direction. antees can be given about what
the independent state will do."
NEITSBRIEFS: Pat Pierre is appo- lan Tickle,
inted as Inspector of Banks,D/ca writing in
S(^rm antrading- SWISS PRESS3 NES.
We dcn t have a Government in


Page Two T H E S T A R Friday, January 27, 1978
Imagine, only a fpw.days before Carnival, yet the cross-
roads @f tagon vibrated, iiith the words of Freedom Party speakers*
We ourselves d@ not attend all DFP Meetings; yet we felt impelled
to be there, to hear thie Dominican returned from Britain speak his
ptce; and because we thought it would be a significant occasion.
This it certainly turned out to be ending.shortly before midnight.
Lennox was called to the mike by Rupert Sorhaindochairman.
He gave a verbatim account of the House of Lords debate on Dominican
independence, read the horrifying assumption of Dominica's alleged
"unworthiness to be tourist resort" from Fieldings Guide Book 1978 -
wave of terror, drug trade, social climate Inten*@. Lennox said the
Premier ought to have corrected Fieldings earlier slam at Dominica.
He also spoke of political calypsoes banned from Radio D.B.S,
Next speaker was Alvin Armantrading, who urged Dominicans to wake
up to what was happening particularly the y6ong and take the
responsibility of choosing a good government.
Speaker of the evening, Ashworth Elwin, reminded his listeners
that hard-earned money from Britain was keeping the State going.
He had felt much worried after reading ths proposed Dominica con-
stiaution, and saw his M.P. Ted Rowlands. He had discovered that
Britain was dead against dual nationality, a factor written into
the new Dominica constitution; what they would happen to those who
had Dominican or British passports and wished to come home? He
had walked around Roseau observing the life lied there at present
&nd wandered in the country, which was absorbingly beautiful. He
had found, a people riddled with fear and suspicion; a people who
doubted their own judgment. Instead of humility, he found arrogance;
and instead of joy only make-believe.
Mr. Elwin, Chairman of the Dominica Democratic Association in
Britain, spoke briefly and very seriously. We hope his query will
be followed up.
Next came Pat Stevens, who announced that his Marigot consti-
tuents had publicly urged him to join the Freedom Party when the
matter was put before them, last Sunday. "Among my godfathers," he
added, were Lennox Honychurch and Rupaot Lance.- with a Seventh Day
Minister and the Editor of the New Chronicle standing by. "I'm
afraid that this is not very good news for the Premier," he said
to great applause. Referring to the ghastly recent debate in the
House of Ass., he said Miss Charles spoke for 5 hours, he spoke for
1..5 hr. & 26 secs., and it took government 6 weeks to say nothing.
Reminding listeners that Barbados did not say "yoh tout c'est meme"
(they're all the same) he said Dominican's spines seemed to be made
of soft candle. This week bananas would not be collected at Fond
Cole; Ministers were Dominica's largest expert. fis remarks caused
tremendous laughter and applause. Mr. Bernard Nicholas said "I
want a Dominica that I can be proud of. He spoke on the economics
of independence. "No Dominica Govt. gave you adult suffrage. No
Dcaiica Gove-nment can take it away from you." (Concl. page 6.)

Prilay, Jauiarj 27, 197T T H E S T A R Page Three
This year the yoinm ladimB had This week or rather last
to be prodded into.entering itr the Thursday, Father Rfqsmans blessed
Carnival Queen competition; bu: the Printery and Office of the new
finally six came forward, aporcp- concern headed and founded by Mr.
riatcly sponsored. A pretty an parry R. Bellot, who produces the
clever girl told as she thought it Link, in which details of the set-
was due to shortness cf time; add- up, staff and opening ceremony are
ing that she hotpg the conest- contained.
ants would have brains as w-1 ss The new copy of the LINK is
good looks, and be eble to spesk really advanced. The type is much
up'. The Queen contest is b Sunday clearer, the layout is fine, and
February 5 at the Arewsk Cirema. )he news and articles coverage
Tonight, Friday, the Sclypso very good. The only thing we
preliminaries will tsk5 place, Jon't like in all the Links'we
and their finals wi1 b' ,ou the 'ave seen are their covers: the
following Friday, T'.:Sy 3. An i hristmas one was just vulgar,and
objective visitor said 'h had ;anyone who can call the outside
heard nine calypsoes., s. six of o the newly-built. National, om-
themn were anti-gvernme;.. ,well, merctal & Development Bank "a
it's like that in Trini2sd too. beautiful building" seems to us
We read the script of three hot to have gone off the rails!
ones ty Shakey end Gcose. But We think the Link should prove
what of the tunes? Zeye is still very popclat this carnival season,
a strong contendcr. Government and wish Parbell Enterprises tic
.partisan Lcrd Tokyo has opted out best for the future.
of the race: hb has 'st released: ________
a new L.?.Aibum made in London, OIR STRAi PRODUCTS BEING EXPORTED
and has had much publicity on DBS. Some persons (and some of their
Starret Franc:is, ,lind Dominican nameZ are known) still continue to
musician, helped him greatly, export Dominica's precious verti-
This year we are to have a ver end other straws to neighbour-
Bandorama beds competition) on ing islands without export licence
Thbusday February 2, with each thas deprivin? Dominica's straw
band playing three piec-s, and the industries of muah-needed material.
steel banndsA1arig of their own. lThey rave been re oatedly warned
For the untior4 Raymond Lawrence nand were warned agin on Jan.e1
is organising a children's carnival that the 'aw will 'ave to take its
competition any sort of costume; course.
anadthe Teen Age Carnival, Qaeen _
group mostly schoolgirls pre- WELCOME BECK, Mr. 't
mises plenty of glamour.
From what we hear of the street Now heading Barclays BanrkI.rtr-
bands proper, they will be mostly nation is Mr. lan LayPe, wv s:
casually dressed in jeand, white returned to Dominicn W!.th r
shirt and tam, with their individ- charming wife and two child-a^ .
ual colours and slogans. is Vincentian-born, and has vorked
There is a lot of anticipation in six other states. We have an
in the air and this Carnival seems excellent photoraph of him wtY-
all set to be good, musical and we hope to print on our Carnivas
happy... page next wetk.

Page Four T H E S T AR Friday, January 27, 1978
The Blood Transfusion Service be- TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT
gan 1978 with a clinic at the Schedule of Application for Certi-
Fire Brigade. The bloqd drawn was ficate of Title and Noting thereon
especially valuable as the Blood or Caveat for ~Week ending Jan 211978
Bank's supply had been exhausted Date. of Pezson nature of Request
over Christmas. Now the Service Request Presenting whether for Cgr-
-is appealing to as many volunteer
cs possible to get classified in- tificate of Title or Noting thereon
to their blood groups. They are or Caveat.
proud that the number-of donorson Request dat Lennox Request for
thoir register has more than dou- ted 26th Christmas the issue of a
bled sonce the first clinic was Agulst 1977 by his First Certifi-.
hold on November 17, 1977. Presented Solicitor cate of Title
SAt present the Service staff 16th Jan- Cilma A. in respect of
are all volunteers, but itis uary 1978 .1I.Diipigny a portion of
hoped sppn to have a Dominican at 12.10 pm, land known as
"ull-time paid Director and also a lot at Hunte, Wesley, in the Par-
a driver on a part-time basis, ish of St.Andrew, in the State of
'JTe are told: "Whilst we are : i-inioa, containing 13,450 square
grateful for the response We are feet and bounded as follows:-
setting from the public, it can- North-East by land of James Hawkins;
not be overemphasised that there South-East by land of Laud Burnette;
can NEVER be too many blood donors South-West by land of Joseph Harry
To giveblood is to give LIFE." and Alvan Henry; North-West by a
Right of Way separating it from
IT 'S STILL RRGRETABLE by Hugh land of Philbert Wallace,
Lance happened to have got' a-
lift for a sea-bath at the Cane- Request da- Claris.. Request: for*:
field beach. When entering the ted 27th Williams- the issue of a
'big stone' area I observed a few April 1977 n*Phillip First Certifi-
men doing some work where a spot Presented by her cate of Title
was cleared. I was told that the 19th'Jan- Solicitor in respect of
men were getting the spot ready Vary 1978 Cilma A. a portion of
for the coming Stadium, at 11. 0 am M.DupI ny land in Mari-
Then I remembered how I had got in the Parish of St.Andrew in
written a few tfmes suggesting the State of Dominica, containing
that the generous French Govern- 3,849 square'feet and bounded as
ment should give us a small sugar follows:- South-East by land of
factory instead of a sports stad- Gwendolyn Pascal; South-West by land
ium. of Ruby Charles; North--JWest by land
When passing on to the Old Mill of Gabriel Mathew Cooke; North-East
r.ite, I noticed some low-cost by a Public By-road separating it
housing being put up on one side from land of Gwendlyn Pascalt(Se
of the road (looking rather foolish THREE LVE- -FOR P'---O TR1aga-l _
when-some other structureslikeE.PRTRAINING
those near the Roseau.River could Mr. Amthony Cyrille, Publ-6- alth
be put up -- or even a flour mill inspector, left last Sunday for
factor. the Barbados Community College to
Inregard to the sugar factory I do a 2-year programme of studies
already mentioned, I was told by a leading to the Pubic Health In-
!.Iahaut friend that there were so spectorst Certificate,
many canes piled up near the Rum Mr. Hague Thomas, alzo a P.H.
distillery factory too much to Inspector, will do a 1-year course.
handle I suppose. They remained Miss Rachel Kean-Pierre will do the
there and dried. What a pityl 6-month Junior Medical Records
there and dried. What a. p1Z 4 *1

course- al t h aeC--k7e
all at



Friday, January 27, 1978 T H E S TA R Page Five
STATE OF DOMINICA Schedule P6r week end _g 28th Jarn
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT Request da- Angelo Request- for
S-hedule of Application for Certi- ted 17t h Magloire the issue of
ficate of Title and Noting thereon August 1977 by his a First Cer-
or Caveat for week ending Jan..21,1978 Presented Solici tificate of
S... ----- --.23rd Janua- M.Eugenia Title in res-
Date of Person I Nature of Reques 1978 Charles pect of a
iRecuest1 PresentinJg whether for Cer-i at 2. p. portion of
OI Ntr Title or Noting thereon hland at Trafalgar in The Parish of
Request d'Oaa- ~ri^ eauei 'sf fo0r thet.George containing 2,181 sq.ft.
ted l1th Ag- Martha issue of a Firstd bounded as follows:-North-East:
ust 1977 Joseph Certificate of and of Henry Magloire; South-East:
-Presented by her Title in respect stand of Stephen Magloire; South- January Solici- of a piece or !est: land of Stephen Magloire;
1978 at tors parcel of land North-West: Public Road and Access
2,30 .m. Armour, at Portsmouth Road separating it from land of
Armour and ar-rris, in the Parish Sybil Magloire.
of St.J-ohn containLn 2,130 square
feet and bounded as follows:- On Request da- Myrtle Request for
the North by lands of Janie Wallace, ted 12th iMorancie the issue of
Noctan Gabriel and Jeanne Matthew; Decoeber 1977 by her a first Cer-
On the South by land of Eugfe Aug- Presented Slicitor tificate of
ustine; on the East by land of 23rd January M.Eugenia Title in res
Cyrille Nelson; and on the South- 1977 'at Charles jpect of areas
west by land of Angela Green and b315 i. -idential lot
Harbour Lane, laT :h of St
bou Lae....eoa: square keet
Request "da"- Stephen Request for and bounded as follows :- North:
ted 16th lagloire the issue of a Land of lawrence Camnprand; south :
August 1977 by his First Certifi- a Drain separating it from lanr of
Presented Solicitor coate of Title nPinard Azzou; East; Land of Claude
19th Jan- M.Eugenij in respect of olle; West: land of Pinard Azzou.
uary 1978 Charles a portion of .- c. -week ending Jal 97
at 11.30 m. land at Traf- Request da- Laurent Request for
algar in the Parish of St.George ded 22nd No- Patrick the issue of
containing 9279 sq.ft. and bounded as'vember 1977 Xavle a First Cero
follows:- North: Access Road and -Presented by his tifrcate of
land of Lngelo Maglsire;North-East: 1ll January Solic- Tit6e in res-
Land of Henry Magloire; East:Access 1977 at itors 'pect of a
Road separating ,it from lands of 3.30 Armour piepe or par-
Janie Gordon, Raymana Magloire and Armour, TrE.s and I cel of land
Estate ox 2osetta Magloire; South- Sockhart. part of Ber-
East Estate of Rosetta Magloire; icoa Estate in tE arish of St.
south-West: Land of Eugenia Isaac; Patrick containing 1.. acres 1 rood
Torth-Wst: Land of SyZbil a loire. nad 12 perches, and bounced as
RErISTRARrS OFFICE Ephraim F.Pecrgas follows:- On the North by land of
n0SEAU- Registrar of Titles. Nathaniel John Lewis; On the East
by land of Figarell John Lewis; On
NOTE: Any person who desires to ob- the South by land of Rosa John Le:Vi
;eat to the issuing of a Certificate land Simon Thomas; and on theVest
of Title on the above Applications lnd of ouise John Lewis.
may rmnter a Caveat in the above office Jo
within six weeks from the date of the prescribed by law was last serve
first appearance of these Schedules in on any occupant of adjoining land
the STAfe news paper published in this in respect of which these Applic-
State or from tho date when the Notice nations were made.


S3T.R;-ARS-R -::S-P.ORTS- Morchriston VIBRANT FR~iDO T NG (fr. p.2)
ORICIKET: Barbados, defending chan- Meanwhile al during the ad-
pions in the Shell Shield competi- dresses ~~,eom members were cir-
tion took the lead when they took culating7 hearing the heading:
first innings points against the WE THE UNDERSIGED DERf THAT
Combined Islands in the drawn open- TO
ng fixture of the 1978 series, at ITDEPDEE BE FOT GRAIED
VictorIa Park, St.Lucia. *Barbados DOMINfCA BEFORE THE NEXT GEN~AL
put in to bat first by Mike Finday ELECTION. Hundreds of signatures
scored 315 after being 163 for 7, including our own were taken.
Top scores were Desmond Hawnes 79, It was moving on towards mid-
Gregory Armstrong 93 and Teddy Fos- night before Party President hRoi.
te'r 61, Derek Parry' claimed 7fcrlO-O Egenia Charles spoke, briefly anr
'Combined Islands replied with 24 sericmsly.
Main contributors: Derek Parry 96 She said that the Governor of
and Irving Shillingford 87. ts S e to l ny-
When the 4-day match ended, the thin which wtnt w. uo g with elec-
2iid day s play, having been lost to thing which ant wo ng t h e
rain Barbados were 152'for 9. total prccedKres, and plenty had
In, the Geddes Grant/Harrison gons wrong 6u.ring the last general
Line 50 overs a side (formerly election- for which persons could
Gilette sponsored) Jamaice defeated still be called to account at law.
the Windward Islands by 7 wicketsin Elections were within the province
Jamaica, Windwards Is.94 in 39 oves of the Governor, but he shanted
.In another limited overs match, queries off onto the Ministry.
,i~ana defeated TrinidadWe ue st f she said, "hav : n in-
LEAGUE: Celtic U. Defeats Spartans "We mist," she said, "h n in-b
Spins defending champions dependent radio station bf ore
Celtic United United, to another Independence, "pointing on; some o
close match (remember 1977) despite the evils in the present System.
the fact that top allrounder Derek Just to show how successful the
Abraham is no longer with Spartans- meeting was, we asked a yoang boy
out of Dominica afterwards (who usually `as strong
SPut in to bat, Celtic United got speaker favourites) which speech
together a respectable 184 to which liked best. Although nearly
Spartans could only reply with 92. h .i be t ned"All'
Celtic Y,(2nd batting) crumbled for dying of sleep, he rep.ied:"A.
87 runs, batting at ./04 and 6/15. "Everybody was terrific .
However Spartans still had to chase -.- .. .. V "
atargpt of 180 runs and fell for9S. STARSPORTS ctd saints 67 & 185.
Final scores: Celtic U.184 & 87' Casuals t an d 117.
Spartans 92 & 95 iNTERMEDIATE: Dominica Defence
SAINTS OFFPET CASUALS: Under new Force and P;olice toor victories
aptain- GifordW alsh Saints put on over Blackbumns and Dofibec last
agrand the absence of Com. weekend at DGS Grounds, DDF
Is.Allfounder Norb6rt Phillip to blasted 228 for 9 of the.r 40 ovprs,
beat Casuals by 51 runs with only L Blackburns replied with .69.
of the final 20 overs remaining. On the other hand Poice contin-
year old medium fast bowler Edward ued a strong bowling attaclk,dis-
Francis, in a lion-hearted display, msi Dombec foonly 34 uns .
finished with 10 for 92 -Saints won. Thr can NEVETR be too many blood
Saints batting ist scored 67;Casualdanors: to give blood is to give
replied with 84 runs. 2nd innings- fJim. Telephone & offer your blood
Saints 18., leaving Casuals 169 for. O TEL: 223_3 NOW
-vitory, young Edward Francis broie Printed & Piub-shed by the Proprie-
.4 bac2 t T. he came back to tor h*.Allfrey of Nill H`use,Copt
bre a 6 w.Cke t. Final scores: -Hall,at 26 Bath Rd.Rofgt g lggcaI

T HE S, tA

Frilday,january 27, 1978

page Six

Telephone Editor 2610
UK Media Representativ
Colin Turner (London)Ltd
122 Shaftesbury Avenue
London W1V 8IA England

fdE *S ZIG.


Vol. XXVI No. 5 Friday, February 3. 1978 NEW ents
Edit',r Phyllis Shand Allfrey.

C A R N I' V


We have been saying that this will
be a peaceful and happy Carnival.
Since then, Government declared a
censorship-on the Calypso contes-
tants; they replied by farming their
own association, getting sponsors
to help them in a competition, and
are tonight holding their finals.
We are in no doubt that Govern-
ments censure is because most of the
calypsoes, and certainly the best
ones, are not in favour of the rul-
ing party. They have kept those
lyrics off the air. It remain,? to
be seen who will be the victors.
In the meanwhile, all sorts Pf
carnival queen and princess compet-
itions have been going on; young
Paula Lsrocque won the Teen Age 9on__
nest; she is a student at Goodwill
Junior High School. Pearlie Anthony
is adjudged "Miss Carnival Loubiere";

there have been contests at Laudat,
' rafalgar, and all 5ver the State.
1 Special" orchestra won the Bands
Xompetition. Apparently the tune j-f
Sithener's "Sugar Bumbum" was used
kn the trials, And tonight at the
irawak linemen, the Calypso King will
be chosen out of nine -finalists.
Will listeTnrs be able to hear
rhis important arntest? Why not?

NEWSBRISPS: Five 7utch children are
!11 wri mercury after
eating Israeli oreqges (see page 1)

That's what they say, so far. But
we are fundamentally Interested in
this strike. The PRO of the Air-
lines involved is Capt. Henry Pid-
duck, son of a DominiQan woman and
the one-time headmaster of D.G.S.
He has stated on behalf of his col-
leagues that "we are prepared to gp
to prison rather than give in".
The matter concerns"the laying-
off of Captain Ernande 51, because
of a spell of drinking, and offering
him a ground job at half his salary,
The Pilots say that even if Ernan-
deY' is not put back in "the air, he
should have his old salary. Today
the airlines men hope to get into
Parliament ... Meanwhile Trinidad's
tourist flow for carnival is affected.

The green market price for Windward
Island Bananas has increased by 5
frpm 210 tv 215 per ton as from ,0
January 1978. Although the price
payable to growers is 13.10 per lb,
the Management Committee has decid-
ed to continue to support the price -
oDnsequently, those growers who del-
iver their bananas at boxing plants
will be paid 13.250 per lb. Growers
who earn sleeping and demanding bon-
uses will receive an extra 4 per
Ib, so that in total the grower can
earn 1. cents. per lb.

t Frenn ranc s faen due-- LI~K statement: we are amazed that
prospects a Left vitcryr Parry Bellot has said he support
President Sadat: "The US holds 99 r e John's sackinT of two Gout.,
the cards in the Middle East..."

I - -- -


Page Two T H E S TAR Friday, February 3, 1978

The Second DSscussion on DOMINICA: FUTURE INDEPENDENCE.- House of Lords
19th January 1978 3.2L. p.m.
Lor, SEGAL: My Lords, I'beg leave to that advice if, in fact, we are res-
asy the Question which stands in my ponsible solely for their foreign
na on the Order Paper. policy?
Thw Question was as follows: Lord GORONWY-ROBERTS: My Lords, of
To ask Her Majesty's Government course we are properly and fully rep-
whether they will delay any decision resented in Dominica and are in con-
about the future independence of Dom- stant toudh with them, exchanging
inica until *after the next General i views on a wide variety of matters,
Election has taken place on that including commerce as well as consti-
island tutional matters. There is no diffic-
Lord GORONWY.ROBEKTS: My Lords, the iulty about this at all.
British Government have received no I Baroness ELLES: My Lords, are the
request to delay a decision on Domin- Government satisfied that the vast
ica's independence until after.the. majority of the people of-Dominica
next General Election there. The Op- wwant independence? If so, what meas-
position havq proposed that the inde-lures have they taken to ensure this
pendence constitution should provide land what criteria have they used to
that the next General-Elections should!make this judgment?
be held early in 1980, which is when i Lord GORONWY-ROBERTS: My Lords, de-
they would be due under the. existing tailed reports of the public and
constitution. Parliamentary discussion of the White
Lord SEGAL: My Lords, I should like Paper which emanated from the Consti-
to thank my noble friend for that re- tutional Conference have, of course,
ply, which will be well received in' reached us. It appears that Parlia-
mTayRni ea I tEigad.Is aM Ybnle..ment and the people in Dominica are
actively discussing the nature of the
ibility of a snap general election constitution which was accepted at
being declared? Will Her Majesty's the Conference.
Government exert their influence to If we are satisfied that the de-
ensure that the existing electoral sire for independence is widely sup-
register is brought up to date by ported by the people of Dominica, we
an impartial body before the next shall recommend that they proceed to
General Election takes place? independence. The progress and the
Lord GORONI -ROBERTS: My Lords, my process of internal discussion is, I
noble friend makes an important point, think, encouraging. It is a factual
and I have no doubt that our friends matter; radio discussions, public
in Dominica will take full note of newspaper articles and public meet-
what he says. Dominica is a self- newspaper articles and public meet-
what he says. Dominica is a self- tings are proceeding and are,I think,
governing State in association with i ng are proeeing an ar t
the United Kingdom.,That means that, gathering momentum.It is akpo'site to
the Uninted Kngdom, That means that, say that, although both Government
although we are responsible for its and Opposition have a number of con-
external affairs and defence,we have stitutional-points on which they are
no responsibility for nor power to at variance, they nevebless agree
intervene in its internal affairs, that Dominica should proceed to in-
Nevertheless, as a long-established dependence. I have an impression
friend of Dominica, we are in a posi- that the differences between Govern-

they will find it possible to do. I practically day by day;
very much agree with my noble friend Lord KENNET: My ITrds, is it noa the
that proper preparations for a viable case that although -t the present mo-
election should form part of the Dom- ment we are responsible only for the
inicanst thinking on this matter, defence and foreign affairs of the
Lord GLENDEVON: My Lords, to what ex- ssocate d States in the Carirbean
tent are we in the position to give A (Continued on the Carieane
(aext column)

Friday, February 3, 1978 T H E S T A R Page Three
(Lord 1ENNET): under the West Indies Recently,' the-ne-w iT.T~.-xecutive
Act 1967 we have the power to resume published some of their future plans
control over their internal affairs and asked for comments from the pub-
at any moment we judge right, and lic. I appreciate the opportunity to
that this power has been used,though respond via this paper.
not in Dominica? One of the stated objectives of
Lord GORONWY-ROBERTS: My Lords,that the N.Y.C. is to help organize and to
may be so. It has not been used here participate in the"llth World Festival
and I see no reason why it should or of Youth and Students for Peace and
any prospect of it being applied to Friendship" to be held in. Havana,Cuba.
this part of our dependency, I am concerned that; the .,Y,C, be hon-
Lord SEGAL: My Lords, in view of the est in telling youth and their parents
fact that known irregularities have what this festival is all about, and
occurred at General Elections held let everyone be aware of the direct-
elsewhere in the Caribbean area, ion in which they are leading the
could Her Majesty's Government ar- youth.
range tosend an observer to attend I have a tape of an address by Mr.
the count at any future General El- Dave Breese, a man who attended the
section held in that island? 8th World Festival of Youth and Stu-
Lord GORONWY-ROBERTS: My Lords, I dents for Peace and Friendship, in
would hesitate to make any suggest- Helsinki, Finland. Mr. Breese is a
ion which conveyed to the Dominican Christian leader who speaks on Uni-
authorities a doubt about the fair- vertisy campuses and has travelled
tess with which they will conduct to over 60 nations around the world.
their General Election. They are well o with reference to world youth
aware of the hopes and expectations movements, he knows the truth of what
of their friends in this country, I he speaks.
cave every confidence that they will He clearlystates that the Wcrrld
oSmport themselves accordingly. i Festivals...for Peace & Friendship
Lord BROCIKAY: My Lords, ight itn are sponsored by the Communist Parties
De less prejudicial if the Common- whose sole aim is world conquest
wealth Secretariat were approached to) During the 8th ior Festival dele-
sppoint an observer?
ord GORONW-R OBERTS: rIgates could attend any one of 1400 di-
ord GORO -ROBERTS: y Lords, I fferent seminars according to their
am sure that the Commonwealth Secre- interest. Seminars on such topics as
,ar at will consider my noble friend' music, sports, trade unions, science,
rggestion with great care. art, world politics etc. were pre3on-
The LOBD PRIVY SEAL (Lord Peart): ted. Each one proclaimed the great
y Lords, I thin that noble Lords achievements of Socialism and the
ave had a good run on this question goal of the Socialist World Revolu-
----- tion to eradicate not only capitalism
G but -all free enterprise and religion
frim the world. Lr. Breese continues, "This spirit of revolution that de-
mands inevitable change is expressed by individuals who say "Kill your par-
en-, burn down the establishment, don't trust anyone over 25, ruin today
in order to build a better tomorrow," He says that an almost religious im-
pact .s being made on millions of young people. It is not with any relatf-n
to a supreme God but with the offer of "here and now" of militant,arriog.nt
atheism, organized godlessness.
At the close of the festival 40,000 young people from around the world
gathe-ed and sang, "This is the final conquest let each one take his place.
The -uternational Party shallbe the human race,
Yun people d parents#,- -shfs1e1^iG0 of ideology you want to be
spread in Dominica following the festival in Havana in 1979?
(ConcludirPl paraph &p Bigture p.s- Pour)





T H E S T A R Friday,February 3, 1978

OUNTING by Hugh Laurence

MANAGER At the Dominica Labour Party
Applications are invited from suit- convention held on Sunday 28th
ably qualified persons for appoint- August 1977 at the New Town Sav-
ment to the above post. annah, the leader of the Party
belched out that after independence,
QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants must Dominica will become ,a socialist
posesss a Dl-pToma in Accountancy state. All the 'chicken hawk mem-
ifrom a recognized institution and bers unanimously agreed and voted
not less than five years practical in favour,
xpei-'ienc6 as an accountant, A After hearing our now UJI tutor
working knowledge of computerised over the air boasting that communism
accounting system would be an ad- is the highest form of socialism,I
vantage, began to get very nervy about the
DUTIES: The person is required to whole thing. I do not see any chance
work under the direction of the of communism returning back to
Financial Controller and is respon- democracy; yet I shall quote some-
sible to him for the proper func- thing I read lately in a magazine
tioning of the Accounting Section called Free Trade Union News a
of the Department. He is also res- speech delivered in the U.S.A. by
ponsible for the supervision and USSR dissident genius Aleksandr
direction of the staff employed in Solzhenitsin. "'Olaf Palme said that
!the Accounting Section and will be the only way that communism can sur-
required to undertake the training vive is by taking the path of demo-
of all Jitir clerical staff of the cracy. That is the same thing as
Association. .s aying that the only way in which a
jolf can survive would be to stop
SALARY: The salary of the post wao eating meat.
recently revised to $8,280 per annum' Sometimes we hear words like the
However depending on the-qualifica- 'popular front; at other times dia-
tion and experience of the success- loge with christianity is brought
ful applicant, the salary eould be wapt1
negotiate d,
We can easily et ?muddle urn

Applications giving details of
qualification, training and exper-
ience and two reco.t testimonials
should be forwarded to:
The General Manager.,
Dominica Banana Growers Association
Hanover Street,
to reach'him not later than 27th
February, 1978.
General Manager
1st February, 1978 ,. -t/3

,T AmTP TT f -'TrrvTimTZr CrrTT1tf-t rI-rv -

dontt you think?
EDITOR: We certainly do,

"Poisoned" ORANGES
In order to ruin Israel's citrus
trade, the Palestinians have spread
about word that the oranges are
injected with poison. Sales dropped
by 30% in parts of Britain, but one
fruiterer says "my customers are
still loyal,"
she is Dr.Jennifer Elin, daughter
of Mr.& Mrs, Joseph Elwin of Good
will, a graduate of UWI and a train-
ee of Dr.Gerald Grell, nid

Dominica, let us beware of-the present NIYC, the Dominica Cuba Friend-
sh-p Association and others making ties with Communist countries. May
God spare Dominica from becoming another little cog in the wheel of
World Communism, BRUCE WOODFORD,
-_ Goodwill.


STATE OF DOMINICA .Schedule ffo week ending th Feb,
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT Request da- .Stedman Request for
Schedule of Application for Certifi- ted 10th Langlais the issue of
cate of Title and Noting thereon or January1978 by his a First Cer-
Caveat for week ending Jan.28, 1978 Presented SoXcitor tificate of
__- --P-e------ 30th Jan. Cilma A. Title in res-
aKte of Person are of quest1978 at M.Dupigry pect of apor-
1ioeest! Present M~' whether for Cer- om tion of land
tificate of Title or Noting thereon at Colihaut, in the Parissh of St.
or Caveat ---Peter, in the State of Pominica,
Request a-nglo re quest for F containing 1524 square feet, and
ted 17th Magloire the issue of bounded as follows:- North-East: By
August 1977 by his a First Cer- land of Ina John Baptiste; South-
Presented Solicitor tificate of East: By land of Julien John Bap-
23rd Janu- M.Eugenia Title in res- tiste; South-West: by lands of Louisa
ary 1978 Charles pect of a Lecointe and Nicholas Jules; North.
at 2,50 pm. portion of West: By a Public Road peparating 1
!an at TrarFig-ar-E~g^he Parish of from land of Theodora L'nglais.
St.George containing 2,181 sq.ft.and .
bounded as follows:- North-East: Request da- Devos Al- Request for the
land of Henry Magloire; South-East: ted 17th exander iSfue of alErst
land of Stephen Magloire; South-West:January 1I98 by his Cettificate of
.land of Stephen 1agloire; North-West:Presented Solicitor Title in res-
iPublic Road and Access Road separa- 31st Jan. Cilma A. pect of a por-
ting it from land of Sybil Magloire. 1978 at M.Dupigny tibn of land
Ie ---- --3. pm of. Constant
Request da- ~~rrle Request for e Spring Estate, in te Parish of St.
ted 12th Morancie issue of a Fist John, in the State of Dominica con-
December 3 by her Certificate of training 3.339 acres and bounded as
Presented Solicitor Title in res- follows:- North by Picard sep-
23rdJanuary M.Eugenia pect of a res- rating it from land of rs, Paal
1977 at Charles idential lot at Wallace; East by lands of Ralph
3.15 p.m. Trafalgar in Christian and remainder of Constant
the Parish of St. Geo ge containing Spring Estate; South by remainder of
;3070 square feet and bounded as fol- Constant Spring Estate owned by Mus-
lows:- North: Land of Lawrence Cam- grave John Baptiste; West by a Ravine
iprand; South: a Drain separating it separating it from remainder of Con-
from land of Pinard Azzou; East:land stand Spring Estate owned by Musgrave
iof Claude Rolle; West: land of Pinard John Baptiste.
'Request da- 'Tctioi y Reqest" for-- REGISTRARIS OFFICE, Ephraim F.Georges
*ted 11th Tan- Martin the issue of a ROSEAU Registrar of Titles.
Iuary 2978 John First Cortifi- NOTE: Any person who desires to ob-
iPreserted by his date of Title ject to the issuing of a Certificate
23rd January Sicitor in respect of Title on the above Applications
978 at, Cilma A, a portion of may enter a Caveat in the above Of"fic
10 .5 tm, MTDu L n~tland at Pointe within six weeks from the date of the
t.e eT in thene ParTsh f St.Luke, in first appearance of these Schedules
the State of Dom:inica, containingg in the STAR news paper published in
,696 square feet and bounded as foll:a:this State or from the date when the
North-East by land of Robert John N.iice prescribed by law was last
Baptisteo South-East by land of Wil- served on any occupant of adjoining
liara Toussaint; North-West by land cf land, in respect of which these applil
iRobert Jhn Baptiste; South-West by cat ons were made. -
land of Veronica Sylvian-
'*-- -.------- --,-- --- -lARNIVAL PRECAUTIONS: "Move Twith
your friends. Keep a check on your drinks.Keep clear of 'Love for a
Strangers ... And be happy

Friday, February 3, 1978


Page Six T H E S T A R Friday, February 3, 1978

AT- O DOS--T-;s-A-RSs-P"O-R-T-;;-S;:-H.orchriston
SchedV4 for week ending Ja.21 iA: As the regional Shell
"(Conti-ued from agP i Faive) Shield competition continues, de-
Request da- Stphen eeqst for fending champions Barbados and the
tod 16th Magloire the issue aCfCombined Islands lead the race for
August 1977 by his a First Cer- the championship with a meagre 6
Presented Solicitor tificate of points each obtained from two
19th Jap- M.Eugenia Title in matches apiece, *- Barbados took
uary 1978 Charles respect of the lead when they won first -inn-
at 1.30 am.. a portion wings against the Combined Is, in
the competitions opening fixture,
of land at Trafalgar containing However, Barbados got no points
9279 sqft.,and bounded as fol- from their 2nd match played agaimt
lows:- North: Access Road and Guyana at Bourda(ruined by rain).
land of Angelo Magloire; North- Barbados batted first and scored
East: Land of Henry agloire; 261 runs. Ricky Skeete topscored
East: Access Road separating it with 61. Colin Groft took 6/ 771.
from lands of Janie Gordon, Ray- Rain curtailed play on the last day,
mans Magloire and Estate of Ros- Guyana were 116 for .
etta MIagloire; South-East: Est- The Combined Islands on the ot-
ate of Rosetta Magloire; South- Iher hand put up spirited resistance
West: Land of Eugenie Isaao; against Jamaica. Batting first in
North-West: Land of SybilMaglore, Jamaica, they scored 293. Irving
SSee Caveat NOTE on Page Five. Shillingford,maintaining his superb
S.---form,was given an unsavory lbw de-
cieion when he was 68. Jamaica in their turn at the crease went in-
to the 4th day at 156 without loss. They were all dismissed for 251,
giving the Combined Islands first innings points.Comb.Is.2nd innings -
35 without loss. *H"i;:HHM*-*H*- LEAGUE: In the Augustus Gregoire L.,
Smartians Vg. Spartans match ended i a draw with Smartiahs taking 1st
innings points after the first day's play was lost due to soggy pitch.
In'the ond day's play remaining, Smartians sent in Spartans to have
first strike; they succumbed for 42 runs off 30 overs, Fitzroy (bowl-
ing an unbroken 15-over spell) took for 16. Hodge Oliver (Smartians
'captain) 3/03 of 2.1 overs,and EWilliams 2/21. -* Smartians,in a bid
to force an outright win, declared their innings closed at 77 fbr ".
Zachariah Pollack 4/37 & J.Faustin 2/09. -, Spartans in their second
innings were 5372, Rupert Lance 2/23. ."-xe-- In the INTERI3DIA E
Division,Blackburns registered their first win, beating Saints by 5
wickets. Saints 87; 'Blackburns 88 for 5, Abraham 31. : : KENT beat
EAGLES by 82 runs in another match, Kent(batting first) 194. Eagles'
112 for 6 after their 30 overs batting expired.
The fifthInd fin*1. test match between the touring.Indias anc
Australia developed i,\to a high-scoring, keen encounte'r'to determine
the winner, with both sides having won two matches each. This match
was extended to six days to ensure a decision. -M, By the end of the
5th day's play, India were 362 for 6 chasing the gargantuan total
of 493. Australia had scored 505 and 256. Graham Yallop 121,Bobby
Simpson 100 & 51,Darling 65 & 56. For India,K.Ghav7i 3/93 & 4/45;
Prasanna 5/136 and Bedi 4/53. INDIA: 269 and 392 for 6.
Australia won by 47 runs. India 445 2nd innings,
L 0 C A L NE'- TS B E F 5: The Amrn1stsfto-r-oTr tlie- myal-e
& Child Health & Family Planning Programme has gone to Washington DC
for a moith's study. Intern Doctor Hendricks Paul is now workinpgat PMH
Printed and Published by the ProprTetor, Robert E. Allfriey of Mll
Hou p, Copt Hall, at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dorinica West Indies

___ ,~~~ ~ __ j -- i *-...- ** ** **- "'''"*"-L --- '-^~

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