Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 20, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 20, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: January 20, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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'Telehone Editor 2610
K Media Repiesenrative
Colin Turner (londmn)Ltd
L22 Shaasbw uyAvenue
London WIV 8HA 1hgland

-Vo'1 XX VI V11 I

Virtute Duce Comite Fortuna DAWU& C & W p6

Editor-- Phyllis Shand Allfrey

RT~-Aa~tr .Tans~vv~r 2C). I7R

It seems glear that 1978's
Carnival, with such short time
for preparation, will be pleasant,
individualistic and unprovocative:
it is not linked either to nat-
ionalism or independence. Every-
one will do his or her own thing'
Perhaps it may approximate with
the old-time carnivals when people
did as they pleased.- within lim-
its, and when things were happier
and more free. We hope so.

Everything President Carter, says-,
indirectly affects the whole world
- he is definitely not a "stand-
aside" President. His announcement
of $25 billion US rebate of taxes
in America, and big schemes to
give employment to youth,particul-
arly Black youth, did not however
arouse response among the moneymen
- the dollar dropped a bit.Con-
Press felt that he had failed to
suggest programmes to cope with
economic-social problems.

This week British Frigate Eskimo,
which has already visited Dominica,
was in port from 17th-18th Jan.acc.
T'by tanker PFA Tidereach.
All members are reminded of the
regular monthly meeting on 2Lth
January,4.30 pm at Miss Charles'
office. Plans for 1978 will be
discussed: a dance and an inde-
pendence stminar, & other matters.

T W 0 M TT R. DE R "S
iIn the Supreme Court this week,
two murderers have been relatively
fortunate: they .will .not have to
pay the Death penalty. One was
declared "guilty but insane" and
the other "unfit to plead".
The man who brutally murdered
TT.S. citizen Ivan Morch-and (one
Merrifield Nicholas), prosecuted
by Mr. David Roland, was adjudged
after a lengthy summing-up by
Judge W.Bruno as guilty but incrae.
Psychiatrist Dr. John Royer had
refused to examine him during the
proceedings.. The public 'was in
cbnflict over the ver'dict.-
Ivan Fontaine, of whom Dr:Rover
testified that "the prisoner is a
psychotic pchitzophrenic" was ad-
judged "unfit to plead". Aged 27,
he had murdered his brother David.

An Ecuador plane was hijacked to
Cuba; all passengers & crew safe.
An internal-flight Pakistani air-
plane, hijacked and
Karachi, had $100,000 demanded by
the terrorists.

A settlement not far from Soweto and
Johannesburg was bulldozed by South
African troops and its "squatters:'
ordered back to their homeland.C00
women accepted train fates back.
Homes were broken down "because of
bad and insanitary conditions".
Women are not allowed to live there
with their worker husbands,

-- ~-


P-- -"4 Ark Ta-m-in"r PO^ 1 --

Ri fif-Apn rtqin-. 1 *c

Friday,.To ary 20, 1978

----, ,-- I-"-----------
Valuable Paint g Dtrod he Minister of Finance,Hon. Victor
Valuable Paintting Detroyed Riviere, and the Attorney General
by Lady Churchill Eon.L.IAustin, represented Dominica
During Sir Winston Churchill's term at a Conference on Trade, Investment
of office as Prime Minister of Brit- Development in Miama from Jan.18-2.
ain, Members of Parliament gave him nter-Amesponso Aairs tBurheu of
a portrait.,f himself painted by the tate Dept. Experts on various fac-
celebrated artist Graham Sutherland, ors gave their views and advice.
to commemorate .his 80th birthday. WADAIR (Canadian tourist promot-
He and his wife detested the portrait ing Company) sent its Vice President
and Sir Winston said tha- it gave hi rto Dominica aboard a tourist ship(one
a degradingly stupid air -"something !of two which visited the island this
which I am not", Seeing that the week. He was Mr. George Curley, and
painting tortured her husband Lady he received a good welcome, toured
painting to herbeauty spots, heard steel band music
Churchill took upon herself (during and was presented with anthuriums and
his lifetime) to destroy it. The local cigars. He came in the "Jupiter".
painter says this was "an act of -- y -. offi
vandalism.'! Lady Churchill,; a Con- Claudio Chavez came from oe to get
servtive, once .received the Soviet first-hand impressions of Dominica's
Order'of the Red Banner of Labour" ifood.aid needs "for vulnerable groups".
S6 the Labour MPs wasted their i~----- ---

S++Dominica Government& denies that
money contributed towards, the work omica movement denes.tht
St thew poor and insanitary condition ac
---- I he toilet facilities at Portsmouth
miTBERT HIMPHREY DIES Gkovernment School are due to admini-
The little Vice-President, described strative neglect. After giving facts
as th, best-loved and most respected and figures of amounts spent on the
politician in the U.S.A.,died of a upkeep of the toilet, they state
kidney cancer this week. He had be- that the toilet is being largely used
coro 9 mere skeleton only identi- by members of the Portsmouth Commun-
qity and that many acts of vandalism
file by his famous grin, says a n the schools promises may be at-ndalism
Washington correspondent, praising tribute to some of these users.
Humphrey for returning to Washington he facilities provided for children
and carrying on to the end. ust not be maliciously damaged,says
------- Health Ministry release, and steps
CAROLINE KEFnEDY Speeding Chargewill be taken immediately to make
The only daughter of late TTS.Presi- the toilet facilities functional.They
dent John F. Kennedy was charged by appeal to parents to help ensure
Police in Suffolk County New York against further -vandalism.
with spein fft l0 mn n h Dominica seems to shy away from
with speeding at 90 on a high-lhe expression 'family planning'. A
way limited to 70 mph. She never -day workshop on "Population and
attended court, and has just returnedEducation" went on from Jan.16-21.
from visiting Japan with her Uncle ILecturers included Dr.John Royer,
Edward Kennedy. The case will be Mrs. Rita Riviere, Dr. B.A.Sorhaindo
heard on 17 March. Caroline says "thelOBE, Mrs. Bernadette Thomas, a lead-
family lawyer will take care of it". ng Trade Unionist and a District
developmentt Officer, The feature
QTOTE OF TH EEK address was delivered by Mr.Arnott
"If I do not become the best Presid- Joseph of the International Labour
ent the United Steces has ever had, organisation.
it ,,. i not be because I have not tried. President Jinmy 7-i -r.

--T F E


. Two

ST 4 R

Page Three

Friday,-- Jaur 20, 197 TH STAR---- -

Seeks aggressive distributor for
its line of high pCrformance
roofing products. Outstanding
growth and profit opportunity.
No prior roofing experience nec-
essary. We're experts in our
field, offering complete training
at our Texas-headquarters at no
cost. Applicants should have im-
porting, marketing and application
Contact Tim Connolly,
Southwestern Petroleum Corporation,
P.O.Box 789, Fort Worth,
Texas 76101 U.S.A.
Telex: 758300, Cable SWEPCO.

There will be a general election
in France in March 1978. The coun-'
try is cut into four electoral
camps. The dominant party appears
to be the RPR Gaulliste (Rassemble-
ment Pour la Republicqe) led by
one-time P.M. Jacques Chirac, now
Mayor of Paris. Runner-up seems to
be RP (Parti Republicain) of which
the French-President, M.Valery Gis-
card d'Estaing is the leader; the
CDS (Centre des Democrates Sociaux)
led by M.Jean Lacanuet; and the
Left M. Francois Mitterand's
Socialist Party (he hopes to win
160 seats this time) and the Com-
munists, led by M.Georges Marchais
(P.C.F). The Socialists P- Communists
are divided on several issues.
There are )91 Deputes in the
French National Assembly, two eadh
from Martinique and Guadeloupe.
In a recent popularity poll,
55 per cent of French people de-
clared themselves in favour of
President Giscard and only 42 per
cent in favour of Prime Minister
Raymond Barre.

Canada is to provide St. Lucia with
just under $2,125,000 for the set-
ting up of a fisheries project.
Four French officials of Guadeloupe
Equipment came to Dominica recently
to see how the work on the French
endowed stadium was petting on.
With them came a representative of
the contractual firm. Discussions
were held with the Dep.Premier and
Communications officials, the Chief
Agricultural Officer and the Exec.
Sec. of the National Sports Council.
The stadium is being constructed by
France, Dominica being responsible
for site,grading,landscaping, access
roads, electricity and water.

Friday, January 20, 1978


We learn from "France Antilles"
that an American guitar player
who is paralysed in both legs has
made a fortune by inventing a
sound which makes rats and crawling
vermin such as Qockroaches flee.
Quite by chance Bob Brown made
the"discovery. He was building up
an electric guitar in his garage
when he let fly certain chords
which produced a strident sound,
spreading terror among the rats
in his neighbourhood.
Since then, Yr. Brown has com-
mercialised his discovery. The sale
of a little electrical box repro-
ducing the strident sound has
brought him in $80,0,000 S last
A farmer in South California
eliminated through thigh device in
five days 10,000 mice Which had
overrun his chicken-rur4,
.The Venezuelian Government has
bought 300 of these apparatuses to
kill rodents ? vermin ip the shops
of Caracas, and the American Public
Services are at Vresent, interested
in the discovery.


Page Four


T H E S T A R Friday,January 20, 1978


(Claws in the Eatth)
16, rue Voltaire, Fort-de-France,
Martinique FWI
Dear Editor,
We would be glad to
establish strong relationship be-
tween your paper and "GRIF AN TE".
Even if -we do not use the same
language, our opinion is that every
Westindian should fight for our corie
mon identity which is mainly based
on a a particular language called
CREOLE. iartinicans, Guadeloupiens
an: i:'o:iinicans will be closer when
they will use their native language
without any complex,.
.e would like to get in touch
with Dominican students, professor
researchers etc. who could be in-
teoested in that matter and could
se. d us regularly articles about
Do-:inica and St.Lucia written in
croole (kreyol). A teacher told
us that you could give us some hel-p
Kinb6 re&d
We publish this letter so that
th-ose who are interested may res-
pond. P.S.A.
CI- -U~)--C-I--I ----,--~-- ----1
"A WORD OF PRAISE" -Hugh Lawrence
Allow me a small space to offer
oui- Senior Dispenser Mr.Stanislaus
Cuffy my sincere congratulations
on his successful course, undergone
late last year in the U.S.A., on
We are so far back from the
other countries including our next-
door neighbours Martinique and Guad.
eloupe in this respect, that it will
take uq a long time again to fit in.
however r let-me wish him further
success, and that he will persevere
till it is reached, and help bring
our country to a high standard of
embalming our dead, when required.
It costs you nothing to donate blood
ar' save a life...give blood today
I- -- --
an estimated E.C.*15,000 selling its
The Association has made repress
pc:'k price contecl,,

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending Jan.21,1978
'Date of Person Nature of Request
Request Presenting whether for Cer-
Stificate of Title or Noting thereon
or Caveat s
Request da- Claris Request for the
ted 27th Tllia s issue of a First
April 1977 n il6 Certificate of
Presented neehiPTitle in respect
19th Vah- by her of a portion of
ruary 1978 Solici *'and in Marigot
at 11.50 am ilma A in the Parish of
M.Dup yStAndrew in the
State of Dominica, containing 3,849
square feet and bounded as follows:-
South-East by land of Gwendolyn Pas-
cal; South-West by land of Ruby
Charles; North-West by land of Gabriel
Mathew Cooke; North-East by a Public
By-road separating it from land of
Gwendolyn Pascal.
Request da- Lennox Request for the'
ted 26th Christmas issue of a First
August,1977 by his Certificate of
Presented Solicitor Title in res-
16th Jan- Cilma A. pect of a por-
uary 1978 M.Dupigny tion of land
atl2,10 pm known as a Lot
at Hunte, Wesley, i- the Parish of
St,Andrew, in the State pf Dominica,
containing 13,450 square feet and
bounded as follows:-
(Concluded on Page Fiv:, col.2)

In keeping with its 'promise to
l supply pork by mid-1977, the Assoc-
iation began slaughtering pigs in
June last year and hasa to date sold
over 12,000 lbs of fresh Pork Meat.
Result a- an estimated $18,000,00 wasl
circulated in Dominica through eat-
ing home-grown pork.
Regrettably, because of the low
price at which the pig farmer must
sell his pigs, the small farmer
loses an estimated $50 on each pig,
-while the Association itself has lost
3 pork at the scheduled price.
mentation to Government to tviei the

Friday, January 20, 1978 T H E S TAR Page Five
STATE OF DOMINICA Schedule week ending Jan. lotd.
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT Request da- Laurent Request for
Schedule of Application for Certi- ted 22nd No- Patrick the issue of
ficate of Title and Noting thereon vember 1977 Xavier a First Cer-
or Caveat for week ending Jan. 71978 Presented by his tificate of
; orC Per.atfPson wng-ature of Reques-t 11th January Solici- title in res-
Request Presentirgwhethe.t for Cert- 1977 at tors pect of a
ificate Lof Title o Noting thereon .0 p. rmour, piece or par-
or Caveat Armour,Harris Pnd qel of land
Request da- Edward M. Request or Lockhart part of Ber-
ted 17th De- Fontaine & the issue ricoa Estate in the arish of St.
cember 1977 -Christabel of a First Patrick containing 4 agrep 1 rood
Presented Fontaine Certificate and 12 perches, and bounded as
5th January by their of Title in follows: On the North by land o
1978 at Solicitors respect of Nathaniel John Lewis; On the East
11.35 a.u Armour& a piece or by land of Figarell John Lewis; Om
Armour, parcel of the South by land of Rosa John Lewis
Harris cndi Lockhart, land in the and Simon Thomas; and On the West
village' of TaiPlaine, Parish of St. by land of Louise John Lewis.
Patrick, cortnining 2960 square feet Requestda Nor-a Request f
and bouaded as "f.: ws- On the Nath request da- Noma Request for the
by land of Josephine bvugue.neau; On ted lth Martha issue of a First
the Eaat by land of Josephine Bou- August1977 Joseph Certificate of
gouneau; On the South by land of Presented by her Title in respect
Leontius Corbette; and on the West 17h Janury Solici- of a piece or
by the main public road to La Plaine. 1978 at tors parcel of land
S230 p.m. Armour, at Portsmouth
Schedule for week ending January ll Armour & ~ rris. in the Parish of
iRequest da- Annie Iequest for St. John containing 2,130 square feet)
ted 7th De- Alexander the issue of and bounded as follows: On the North
cember 1977 by her a First Cer- by lands of Janie Wallace, Noctan
Presented Solicitor- tificate of Gabriel and Jeanne Matthew; on the
9th Janiary Cilma A. Title in res- On the South by land of Eugie A gw-
1978 at M.Dupignyi pect of a por- stine; on the East by land of
3.2 p.m. tion of land Cyrille Nelson; and on the South-
known as a Lot at Tete Morne,in the west by land of Angela Green and
Parish of St.Patrick, in the State Harbour Lane.
o, Dominica, containing 0.431 acre Se:week ending an.--st co
and bounded as follows: North by a h(Leduox Christmas fnt Page Fonur)
Road separating it from lands of (Lenn Christmas. Pag)_
Hayden George and Annestina Alexan- North-East by land of James Hawkins;
I'd; East by lands,of Joseph Hender. South-East by land of Laud Burnette;
son and the Heirs of Veronique Mor- South-West by land of Joseph Harry
ris; South by a Ravine separating it and Alvan Henry;
from land of Welbourne Hector; West North-West by a Right of Way separ-
by land of Manuella McPherson. eating it from land of Philbert
REGISTRARItS OFFICE, Ephraim F.Georges .
ROSEAU. Registrar of Titles There can NEVER be too many
NOTE: Any person who desires to ob- blooddonors: ve blood is
ject to the issuing of a Certifibate L --t.. g-. ..
of Title on the above Applications State or from the date when the
my dnatr:a:-.;.'av~at- in. tfare. a~we office Notice prescribed by law was last
within six weeks from the date of the served on any occupant of adjoin-
first appearance of these Schedulesin ing lands in respect of which
the STAR news paper published in this these Applications were made.
i I

Page Six T H E S T A R Friday,January 20, 1978
CRICKET: The intermediate competi- Because Israelts 1iinister
MEO~ of the Augustus Gregoire lea- Begin made some bitter remarks when
gue began at the Botanical Gardens proposing a toast to the Egyptian
last weekend, where the Dominica D&- peace delegation, the Egyptian en-
fence Force (DFC) notched up the tourage upped and left the conference,
first victory. The following day US Sec./State Vance went to Cairo to
Sunc'ar Saants and Police also had try and make a bridge betweenn the two
easy victories, factions. The partition of Jerusalem
DDF batted first against Domlec (to which Israel is implacably oppos-
a-,d blasted 176 runs of 33 overs, ed) and the Palestine question are
Top scorers weree N.Larocque 3and the mai.n blockages.
J.M.Durand 23. Several other play- CABLE & WIRELESS ISPUTE
e- sgot into the teens. Bowling for At a secret vote in the C & W build-
Do-ilec: M.Charles 4/33 and J.Daway ing, DAWU won the right to represent
2,'.. -. Domlec in their turn at the workers b 41 votes to the new
the crease'were bundled out for 43 union NMWUs 2%8 There were 18 absen-
runs in 19.3 overs. Jerome L'Homme tees, 2 challenged, 1 soiled ballot
took 7 wickets and 2 blanks, CSA is taking a watch-
Kent were bowled out by Police ful line, feeling that C : W is in
for 0 at the DGS grounds in the some sense a public service, though
21st over. Archer Samuel ripped t wanting to contest with DAWU.
through the batting with /12 of Earlier in the week C & W workers
b overs. Police replied with 41fbr2 .ho are seeking a uniform allowance
Saints bowled out Celtic United Staged a sit-in in the manager'ss of-
for 4 runs. Alfred Carbontopscored fice. The female staff is still not
with 27. For Saints C.Sandy 4/35, working, and management has warned
A.Jean-Pierre 3/09, D.Simpson 2/7. the public that services have to be
Saints replied with 77 for 2. A. curtailed at present.
Shillingford 23 no. and J.Davidno We hear from DAKWU that negotiat-
ShIELL SHIELD: The Combined Islandsions have reached a crucial stage --
minus Richards, Roberts and Allen here is a meeting this afternoon
(all on show in the Kerry Packer between C & W, DAX-U and Conciliator B
series in Australia) started their ustrie.
bid .for the championship yesterday eests Dispte
against Barbados at Victoria Park, We are informed that conciliation
St.Tiucia. Irving Shillingford started on a bad footing; it was a
heralded a warning when he blasted case of lock-out vs. strike. It is
238 runs of a Windwards total of hoped that the matter will be normal-
407 in a trial match versus the ized.
leeward Is., when the Windwards w-e e
.SSTAhSPORTS ctd: TEST Australia lost
in a struggling position at 130 for the 1st supertesSct Restr a lost
4-3arbados are without speedsters the bst supertest vs Rest of the
'ayne Daniel and Joel Garner and World by 4 wickets in Sydney after
marn well feel the blade of Shilling-the fiery attackof Andy Robertsl
ford's bat if he is allowed to set- Scores: Austral1 30 "& 130. World
e in. The team for the match XI 290 and 145 for 6; Viv Richards
tle in. 4 The team for the match ll9. Australian selectors have ig-
reads: M.Findlay, Captain; L.Sebas- 119. Australian selectors have ig-
tien, HCamacho, ELewi, I.Shillingnored Kerry Packer players in their
ford V.Eddy, FThorpe, CBroweN ta to play 1,.Indies from Feb.13.
hillip, D.Parry, .EWilet & oHarris. They have taken in 6 inexperienced
phiip .. ...P., E. .. > &.arr imen v Gregg alleged Boycott has pro-
For the 1st time in 10 years,Grayon Itected himself against fast bowlers.
Saillingford is not on the team,
Reserves: H.Lawrence,H.Anibaffa,S. Printed & Published by the Proprietor
Kinds,P.Thomas and J.Collymore. R.E. Allfrey of Mill House, Copt HallJ
BARBADOS 315 runs a few ntg o at 26 Bath Rd, ioseau Dominica W.Indies

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