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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 13, 1978.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 13, 1978.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: January 13, 1978
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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-- lBRAftY
2 er AdEW c21 N, Y.
elepnone editor 61 T AEDN? ) s |
JK Media Relpesentative 4
olin Turner(LondaC A Overseas Press p.
22 Shafbeabbury Avenue ArCNA-FcfL, OverpB PresT .
ndon W1V 8I-A Englmdr Virtute ..Duce ..Comite Pbrtuna
___ ___Editor ; Phyllis Sha.d ,Allfrey, _
-Vol XXVI No. 2 Priday, January 13, 1978 Fifteen cents 15

$235,000 "Complex" PORTSMOUTH
Money from Britain
The British Government is granting
this sum for the building of a com-
plex on the extended site of the
old Police Station in Portsmouth,
to hold a magistrate's court Police,
treasury and other offices.
Other Police Stations
Salybia and La Plaine will also have
new police stations at a cost of
some $111,000 also from Britain.

designed by Lennox H.
On sale this week at the Post Office
are a set of carnival history stamps
designed by Hon.Lennox Honychurch.
First day covers are on sale.

Young Jamaican Human Rights consul-
tant lawyer Mr. Ferdy Johnson is now
in Dominica on behalf of the Carib-
bean Human Rights Company.

Mrs. Hart meets Wm. Demas. The UK'
Minister of State ODM held talks in
Barbados with Mr. William Demas on
aid for Caribbean territories.
Trinidad & Tobago need water- and
may buy it from unnamed Caribbean
There are 28 Calypsonian contest-
ants so far in the competition for
who will be roadmarch winner and
Calypso King, Dominica.
Trinidad & Tobago have been elec-
ted by the United Nations to join
its 36-member World Food Council.

"What is FREEDOM PARTY doing?"
We so often get asked this
question by various people that
we made inquiries, and here are
some of the answers:
On 20th December several lead:
ing members of the Freedom Party,
including Mr. Stanley Fadelle,
went to Bagatelle & Fond St.Jean
taking with them $338 which the
Young Freedom Movement had col-
lected, and a package of clothes
for distribution to eight of. the
victims, who were very pleased.
These people expressed dissatis-
faction at the way in which Gov-
ernment was handling the appeal
fund, saying that nobody from the
area except Mr. Luke Coriette
was involved.
Mr. George Hector of Scotts
Head received $230 following an
appeal by the Young Freedom Move-
ment, on 19th December 1977, He
was delighted, having been flood-
ed out earlier during heavy reins.
Last Sunday a strong posse of
Freedom members went .to Castle
Bruce, Petite Soufriere and San
Sauveur and held successful meet-
In addition to Mme Simone Veil
(Health) & Mesdames C.Scrivener
(Food) & H. Missoffe (Social Sec-
urity), three more women have been
appointed Mesdames Alice Saunier-
SeitV'(Sec. of State for Universi-
ties) Monique Pelletier (drug prob-
lems, Ministry of Justice) and Ni-
cole Pasquier, Sec/State Ministry
of Labour feminine work conditions.
We congratulate them, and France.

Page Two T H E S T A R Friday, January 13, 1978

A man's head was found in the sto- CDC LOAN TO Dominica
mach of a 10 ft. long tiger shark On Jan.Sth the Regional Controller
caught off the Natal Coast,South Af- of CDC and Premier Patrick John
ca. Pathologists are investigating signed an agreement under which EC
the possibility that it is the.head $4 million' will soon be available
of a holidaymaker who disappeared on for lendinythe Dominica Mortgage
December 26. Finance Company for construction df
An earthquake destroyed l0O houses Houses in Dominica, Signingptook
and badly damaged thousands of build- place in the lounge of Sir Grantle.y
ings in Georgia, USSR. A major.relief Adams International Airport. This
operation is underway. No lives lost, "deal" will provide funds to com-
1977 was the worst year in history plete dwellings left unfinished be-
for fatalities involving United States cause of shortage of funds. It was
airliners...yet it was the best year disclosed that 1 -'PC Ltd, was working
ever for air safety, the National closely with thE national Housing
Transportation Board said recently. Corporation (she-tly to plan a mid-
654 people died in crashes on US air- dle income housing development).
line flights, But there were 26 accid- Meanwhile, Mr. Denis Joseph of
ents involving'US carriers the low- Radio DBS has been appointed Chair-
est in history man of the Housing Development Cor-
President Carter has returned home poration.Mr.Thomas Baptiste is Dep-
pleased with the reception he received uty Chairman,
in the seven countries he visited dur- Dumping of rubbish at Ravine
ing his nine-day tour accompanied by Cocque is deplored by Min.Home Affta
his wife Rosalyn. He said in Washing- Health 1Hazard, dense clouds of snkde,
ton he was convinced the Communist threat to motorists etc.
nations want peace as much as the We trust the attention of the
United States; that he learned a lot, appropriate authority will be dir-
and was received with open arms and ected to the way in which Bath Est-
friendship even by countries who have ate housing scheme dwellers are dis-
been cool in the past. He described losing of their tins and other rub-
Egyptian President-Anwar Sadat,with bish. It is so far a disgrace.
whom he held talks, as "one of the for to
bravest men in the world". We think US Radiologist here for two weeks:
President Carter is pretty brave,tool Dr.C.Verstandig, highly qualified
Bridgetown: British Minister of radiologist, is attached to the PMH
State for Overseas Development Mrs.. rieflb y,
Judith Hart visited Barbados this Caribbean Development Bank lent
week, paid courtesy calls and discussominica 1l 4,480 for Farm Improve-
ed Barbados' economic needs with ?or- ment credit. im Agricultural In-
eign Minister Henry Forde. Mrs.Hart formation Officer attached to the
had already visited Costa Rica, Vene-. Bank (Mr.Carol Reckord) was in Don-
zuels and Guyana and will wind-up inica 92 Janto hold discussion
in Jamaica. Former P.M. Errol on the use of this loan.
Barrow will take over from stepping- FUNERAL OF ETHEL PINARD
down Opposition Leader FrederickSmith. She was buried on Christlias-Eve%
India ex-President Mrs. Indira the Cathedral looked lovely, with
Gandhi has appeared in a New Delhi puffballs hanging in silver & gold
Court this week. She rrade a 30 min. like chandeliers; and many marvel-
statement, but refused to give erid- lous flowers were laid on her grave-
encec saying that she would be betray- which was only one remove from that
ing Cabinet secrets, of Dr. Daniel Thaly, famous W.I poet
French President Jiscard d'Estaing whom she befriended and cared for in
flew by Concorde to the Ivory Coast, her home during his last days, 14ny
France's close anti-Communist ally, e~ close friends were present, (See p6)

_pp_ ~111~1-~0~.-1C- -- -~C;IITI-~1 -~_-7?C~CC-~~- ----CCllr~~T~T~_F:r~- --rC~~-1;.- j~_-

Pa ~e Three T H E S T A R FridayJanuary 13, 1978



"FPance Antilles" proposes President
Anouar Sadat for the next Nobel Peace
Prize, adding: "Si...Allah le laisse
eh vie".
In the "'ew Statesman" (Britain)
Parliamentary correspondent James
Fenton has this to say: "tEric Gairy,
the Prime Minister of Grenada, has
esked the United Nations to declare
1978 the International Year of Un-
identified Flying Objects, and has
asked for a department to be set up
to coordinate research in this field.
It is certainly an absorbing subject,
and an unusual one. In most fields
of inquiry, excitement increases as
discoveries are made and appropriate
explanations found. With UFOs, on
the other hand, the aim of the re-
search is to maintain the befuddle-
ment of the mind; 'Eurekat' cries
the UFO Buff, 'I have discovered
something I cannot explain.' The
essence of the inquiry is that it
should lead nowhere."
The West Indian newspapers all
lament the death of Governor Cyril
King of the USVI (of cancer). He was
head of the Independent Citizens
Movement and won the elections three
years ago. In his effort to solve
serious economic problems he started
cutting Government expenditure by
laying off govt. employees. This did
not appeal to many of his people,and
he might have lost his second term.
A front-page editorial in the St.
Kitts Democrat gives high praise to
Mr. Peter- Mallalieu (married to Rev.
& Mrs. Didier's artist daughter) for
introducing into his business local
hams and sausages to help solve food
importation problems. The hotels are
greatly supporting'his effort.
Mr.Mallalieu tried out projects
here but there were too many ob-
stacles. He returned to his homeland.

A Book for Harrassed People
"Mr. Prone" by C.H.Rolph 2.95
(Oxford Press).
In case you don't know Mr.
Rolph, who has had immense ex-
perience of the law courts in
Britain,.spent years in the police
and was (we believe) a magistrate -
he is a law-man who sympathises
strongly with the underdog and
the persecuted. Now he has writ-
ten a book calculated to help
the innocent and ignorant citizen
to avoid getting into trouble.
Mr. Prone is an ordinary citi-
zen, and in-this work he is warned
how he may be ensnared by present-
day rules and regulations. We hope
many West Indians will read it.
It is, as reviewer Phillip
Whitehead writes in the New States-
man "a cautionary tale for the un-
wary". In it, nearly 0O Acts of
Parliament are invoked against
the wretched Prone in one week.
Whitehead says: "There will be few
readers who have not breached at
least half-a-dozen of them in the
week in which they read the book."
Do you know the new pop word
"Suss"? 'It appears to us to mean
being under suspicion. We wish
some West Indian retire-I law man
would write a book like this to
help the people in these islands.
But it would have to be heavily
documented imagine all the var-
ious laws the various island states
have passed, say in the last 20
We would advise West Indians
living in Britain to obtain this
book from their nearest library
and study it to advantage, if they
cannot afford to buy a copy.

~-CC------C~-L-- --

I~ ---- ` '

THE S T A R Friday,January 13, 1978

Page Three

Page Four THE


A tribunal has been set up for
deciding the DAWU-GEEST dispute.
John Bully, chairman, Gairy Aird,
employers, and Charles Savarin, em-
ployegs. Last Wednesday Mr.A.Fred-
erick Joseph went to WoodforJ Hill
to buoy up the morale of employees
who had been threatened by police
while picketing. The police, acoord-
ing to Mr. Joseph, threatened him
also with "the cells" "under the
law" but he stood his ground and the
workers confidence returned-. They
are still on strike.
Cable & Wireless: A dispute has
been reported in this matter con-
cernifg payment for uniforms. DAWtT
says "we expect the next move to be
a conciliation session, before any
tribunal sits".
DAWU has also required Davis Bros.
& Sons of Fond Cole to pay Miss
Sylma Caesar $3370.0 within 14 days
from Jan.11, date of the report of
a tribunal appointed by the Minister
of Home Affairs following a dispute.
DAWIT claimed the member was wrong-
fully dismissed.

Last year there were fewer road mac-
cidents;:and 7 less injuries.than in
1976. 1)7 road accidents were recor-
ded as against 17). However, there
were eight deaths in 1977 as against
three in 1976, and 29 serious injur-
ies as against 23 serious ones 1976.
Asst.Supt. Telemacque asked driv-
ers to pay more attention to pedes-
trians, especially when passing
schools,.:note traffic signs and
asked them not to drive while under
the influence of drink or drugs.

sive programme is to be included in
the curriculum of various schools.


by Hugh Lawrence
I notice that our Government is
Getting more and more worried over
the way pur National Day song is
being slighted. The main reason,
I think, ,is that it is not a prayer
like the British National Anthem.
Our National Song seems to bdast
more of the natural beauty etc. etc.
of our Island.
I do agree however that more res-
pect be shown to it, especially
among our school children.
You may remember in the past
years I wrote two letters concerning
a certain militant sect (we all know
it) teaching or advising its mem-
bers, including the young, not to
pay any respect or regard to the
national song and also our flag, al-
though it is not prayer.
I had advised our Government what
steps to take, but we noticed noth-
ing was done. Both government and
governed are laisser faire types.
How sad.

Remember Peter Townsend, the Group
Captain whom Princess Margaret loved
and gave up? He has now written a
book, and the "Daily Express" is
publishing instalments. "She couldn't
have married me without renouncing
her rank, her prestige, her fortune
and I could not compensate her for
these things" he says. He wishes
that someone had warned him in ad-
vance that the affair was going too
far... Townsend is now aged 63.
He lives with his wife (married for
36 years) Marie-Luce,and his three
children, two girls and a boy. He
says that out of respect for the
Royal Family he cannot give the
most intimate details of the love
affair, and is sorry that Princess
Margaret's marriage with Snowdcn is
troKen up.


~---- --------------C--

Friday, January 13, 1978


Friday January 13, 1978 T H E S T A R Page Five
A AA ~Th,%1Wfr "T_ A ut t- *. i .,,- ii / I A

A. ruun r'VURT rA1L.rJ
Madam, I regret to complainthat
your first issue for Jan.1978 had
a poor weak front page, and worst
I could not see the face of Domi-
nicats writer CBE Jean RILs.This
disappointed myself and several
others, although the print inasidd
was good. A GRUMBER, Roseau.
Editor s reply:
Dear Grumbler, yours is one among
several complaints about that poor
front page. We have reprinted it
in clearer form. Call at the Star
office for a free copy. Ed.

We are told in a newsletter that
the last month of the year found
bananagrowers in a slightly bet-
ter situation than for the same
period in 1976. In September M77
the GMP reached a record high of
A243, but dropped by stage some
; shipments later. However the
basic price of 13 cents per Ib is
being maintained (102 in 1976).
In'19.76,49 shipments produced
32,658.05 tons of bananas; in
1977; 51'shipments produced a drop
of 2,084.87 tons (total 30,573.18
The Management reminds growers:
Quality should be our WATCIWORD.
BE5AA7 f.NSTSPfr Give some i
of your blood -save someones lift.
Telephone 2233

F R 0 M E N T
Helps maintain Health and Vitality
F R 0 M E N T
is the germ of the Wheat One of
the richest sources of Natural B

300g pkt $3.00



;hedile of Application for Certi-
.cate of Title and Noting thereon
Caveat for week ending Jan.,7 1.
e of ePerson Nature of Request
quest lPresentrng whether for Cer-
.iTcate of Tti-Te or Noting thereon
>quest da- Edward- Request for
)d 17thDe- Fontaine& the issue of a
imber 1977 Christabel First Certifi-
'esented boataine cate of Title
;h January by their in respect of
?78 at Solicitors a piece or
L.35 a.m. gp & parcel ofland
iri--d Lockhart iq the village
irris and Lockhart
trish of St. Patrick,r ontL n gaine
>60 square feet and bounded as
i the North by land of Josephine Bdu-
>uneau; On the East by land of Jose-
line Bougouneau; On the South by land
Leontius Corbette; and On the West
Sthe main public road to La Plaine.
Quest da- AnnTe Schedule Wee-k
Id 7th De- Alexander ending Jan.14th
imber 1977 by her Request for the
'esented Solicitor issue of a First
;h January Cilma A. Certificvte of
'78 at M.Dupigny Title in respect
25- p_ Pm. of a portion of
ind known as a Lot at Tete Morne, in
ie Parish .of St.Patrick, in the State
? Dominica, containing 0.431 acre and
>unded as follows: North by a Road
iparating it from lands of Hayden
lorge and Annestina Alexander; East
Islands of Joseph Henderson and The
iirs of Veronique Morris; by a
Lvine separating it from land of Wel-
urne Hector; West by land of Manuella
,Phe s on. ___ __
REGISTRAR S OPFIC2, Ephraim F. Georges
ROSEAU. Registrar of Titles
TOTE: Any person who desires to ob-
fect to the issuing of a Certificate
>f Title on the above Applications
lay enter a Caveat in the above office
within six weeks from the date of the
Cirst appearance of these Schedules in
;he STAR news paper published in this
3tate or from the date when the Notice
)reseribed by law was last served on
my occupant of adjoining lands in res-
pect cf which these Applicationos Var made.



- --- ------- --



-----I- --


CRICKET: INDIA LEVELS SERIES We unfortunately arrived too late
India has tinfliced two crushing to hear Father Charles' commend-
defeats on Australia on their cur- ation of Ethel as a Mother, She
rent 5-match tour after Australia certainly was the most devoted mo-
had won the'first two matches, their we knew, bringing up her chil-
Australia, skippered by veteran dren single-handed and standing by
l$-year-old Bobby Simpson led- his them through every adversity. She
young side to thrilling victories would have been proud to see her
in the first and second test matcBs. son Clarence, dignified in his good
India, who looked the stronger white suit, paying his last respects.
side came back strongly in the 3rd Ashton Nicholls, too, is worthy of'
matcA at Melbourne to win their 1st mention despite his best black
test match against Australia in Aus- suit, he took a spade and helped the
tralia by 222 runs. Bhagwot Chor- gravedigger manfully. And Ruth of
drasekhar, the man most responsible course bore the loss with great
for that victory, had match figures fortitude.
of 12/104. Scores in that match: ---- --
India 258 fnd 343. Mohinder Amar- *STARSPORTS* contd. CRICKET:
north 72, V$shwanoth 59 & Sunil Gay- The 2nd test match between Pakistan
ascar 118 in the second innings, and England at Hyderabad ended in
For ~Astralia, Wayne Clarke 4/73 & another draw like the first. Scores
4/98, & J.Thomson 3/78. in the 2nd match: Pakistan 275 and
Australia 213 and 164. Craig Sar- 259/4 declared. Haroon Raschid 108 -
jeant 85 and Gary Cosier 67. Chand- 10 fours, 6 sixes; Javed Miandad 88
rasekhar 6/52 & 6/52; B.S.Bedi2/71 n.o. & 61 n.o., and Mudassar Nazar
& 4/ 8 an4 K.Ghavri 2/27. 56. For England B.Villis 2/40 and
The fourth match at Sydney: India Phil Edmondes 3/75.
dominated from the start, and only England 191 & 186 for 1 when play
relented after they had won by an ended. Geoff Boycott 79 & 100 n.o.,
innings and 2 runs to level the ser-and skipper Mike Brearley 75 (he,
ies 2-all, with one more'match to be with Boycott, put on 175 runs for the
played. Australia (batting first) first wicket -2nd innings Abdul Qadir
were bundled out for a paltry 131. who wrecked England's 1st innings
Bob Simpson 38. Chandraseklar again took 6/44.
4/30 and Bedi 3/49. LEAGUE: The Augustus Gregoire league
India in their turn at the crease starts this weekend with intermed-
declared their innings closed on iate matches at the Botanical Gard-
396 for 8. Main contributors: end. The first division starts on
Gundapah Viswanath 79,Kharson Ghavie weekend of 21st-22nd January.
64, SGavascar 49,D.Vengsarkar 48, -- -- --
C.Chanhan 42,S.Kirmani 42 & E.Pras- SPELL DOMINICA We thank Miss Kay
anna 25 n.o. Jeff Thomson 4/83, W. Dunstan of Wesley for her song on
Clavk 2/66 & G.Cosier 2/26. D-0-M-I-N-I-C-A and regret not being
Australia in their 2nd innings fell able to print all of it. Here are
for 263. Peter Tooley registered his some lines:
highest score in test cricket (85), "The place is filled with old & young
Gary Cosier 68 & B.Simpson only and middle-aged as well;
batsmen to put up resistance.E.Pras- The children all to them belong -
anna claimed 4/47 with Bedi and makes Dominica swell... We remember
Chandraselhar chipping in with two the year 1492 -'twas the first. set-
wAikets apiece. (Ctd.Next col.) ting out of Christopher Columbus...
S- ___ Hb had great combat; the men with
Printed & Published by the Proprietor him wanted to fail him, but through
R.E.Allfrey of Mill House,Copt Hall faith he reached. CHO0US: The Lord
at 26 Bath Rd.Roseau Dominica W.Indie ofan ~ bsomnic s h Gg,' ll ad-



A R Friday, January 13, 1978


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