Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 11, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 11, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: November 11, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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162 EAST 78 STREEt A
Telephonfieai UK Media RepresentAative STAR
Colin Turner(London) Lt cw% K.I 7111 j
122 Shaftesbury Avenue LMN C
London WIy 8IA Englanc Virtute Duce Comite Fortuna
Vol. XXV, No. 18 Friday, N- november 11, 1977 Fift e n
Editor Phyllis Shand Allfrey

Four British Government Advisers
came to Dominica this week to talk
with Government. They said they want-
ed the Ministers to know that they
had come with no preconceived ideas
or plans. The men (Garth Armstrong,
Economic Adviser, Brian Thorpe and
Ron Pincett, Financial Advisers (all
based in Barbados) and Russel Pres-
sor, Social & Rural Development Adv.
Ministry of gver.seas Dev., London -
were interested and experienced in
finance, marketing, agricultural ex-
tension and related matters, such as
research. They were particularly in-
terested in the personnel build-up
required in Institutions and the need
for training: they would pay for
tuition. A priority interest was in
small farms and farm inputs.
The team leader revealed that 25
years ago his application for job
as Manager of a Dominica estate had
been successful: but he did not take
it up which he puch regretted.
Sir Bruce Greatbatch was unable
to come because of illness.
The "Government release says thAt
they discussed financial aid to Dom-
inica, special reference to indepen-
dence, and the CSA strike. We do
not know whether these advisers had
any inkling of the mental attitude
of Dominicans to these matters.

A 400 page book written by our Psy-
chiatrist Doctor John Royer was
launched in a function at Paperbacks
on Thursday afternoon. It deals with
the situation of W.Indians in U.K.
The price is $15;we should read it.


DAY -1l77 *

''his will be observed op Sunday
13th November, and the authorities
hope that Servicemen & fgomen will
attend,together with Bq Scouts,
Girl Guides, Red Cross #nd Boys'
Brigade. All persons are reques-
ted to keep the 2 minutes silence
at 8130 a.m.,suspending activity,

Rockefeller Brothers Fand is help-
ing Com.H.S. with $53,QQ0 EC funds,
to cover the cost of one wing for
:their planned new school. Com.H.S.
hopes that citizens wil, volunteer
labour and other assistance. The
school has given a start to many
pupils ineligible for S(c.H.Schools.
The Bahamas people for staging
massive demonstrations against the
tremendous pay rises voted for them-
selves by Ministers of 'ovt & MPs.
They also objected to Gpvt.being ~e
sole adjudicator over citizenship
without reference to the Judiciary,
Also Barbados Govt. for legis-
lating that all workers shotiid have
THREE WEEKS holiday with pay pa. Y
were grateful to HonCporad Cyrus
for providing this on 'Byess Day,
after wild attacks by the Min. of
Finance against venerable J.B.
Charles accusedd of ruling Dom~nica
a role usually ascribed to Britain).
Cyrus made a statesmanlke,workman-
like contribution, showing both his
gentle upbringing (by white men)and
his true heart for the poor people.
He is still speaking as Press time
nears: hope to give quotes next week.
Nobody expected him to hold out solani

P.C. ,BX 302

fsI* United .t4fttes Emktessy t Bridgaetown Is conduo.irg Ito i #..*umft tcoeis of ,
#491j"uo resiInmg In ares wOtht-n its consoulr jurfsdictforiv, rke reqimitq
tMi~ s.$* citizens r1s#dIng o., your Island cwnpkte thae tWIowtnq .fd mirall to uhA

ebvuoO. Head of laoushosat
(First) (I n I t 4.0raaa
2, QErcv-dtk h(Mngertai *enk omvoyed by private Intdustry. soft-OMilaoyed, attorney,
dotor#, mfoolneary$ tergytum~, etc. ) (state if employo t-l prby ae
Wugteua~y to other tho~n mas~myorfal pot BaOtIon) ia4Nto er'ti~d

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, e of *irth: *0 0 0 6 0 0 444*t*4944*4 -0 .4*9D44bt*&4 0a *Ag6 -kA 4 a

5. ~is~lc~*~**~~. CFi ICIrP~ 4493tS .*4494*A4344 4'4*;.'4 ***S44#$'*44 4kRA4#-444

66 Tfolepton ltomtmr (homie) 44t444A443 ll~T6)

7t uikers of fCmiyi residing 'with youi

i- IF 40

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016 10 *4 6 a kip 0 a s 4 g 4. $to f)t +I, i II + *I +Z .4. II t

Othwrst (I ntluJe ttachert, dependents of 04xm snme/etmp1oygas errs uther -otbha
Amet rtI ta ided shove)

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KoI* 1 tni4,r Itmc 7 (~cupetion)t~ plpqes~r!te itudsnt. r'tired. ett.,, *a $pipcohie



Friday, November 11, 1977 T HE S T A Page Three
S TATE O F _`i A* ---*-- --I
Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title sand Ioting thereon
or -Cavoat for week endin~2 12th IJovoeiber, 1977.
Datu of quest Person Presentin- I Nature of iRequost' whether
request dated -~~ ifolrd John by for a Cortificate of Title
2nd August 1977 his Solicitor or Noting thereon and Caveat
Presented 8th Cilma A.H.Dupigny Request for the issue of a
November 1977 First Certificate of iitle
at 10.40 a.m. in respect of a portion of
land known as a part f Iinellan-F stae, in the State of Don-inica,
g 4rsfam th a Ravine
separatin6 I. from an o yveser us o an1T J oro. n eSt:
by lands of Edna Sablon; South-'Test by lands of Edney Prsper.
Request dated Wilford John by i Request for tie ~sue of a
2nd August1977 his Solicitor I First Certificate of Title
Presented 8th Cilma A.. DuigA i in respect of a portion of
November 1977 at I 0 a.m. land known as a Lot at Nero
Village, in the Parish of St.Joseph, in the State of Domnnica, con-
taining 0.79 acres and bounded as follows:- North by lands of Hudge
Sablon; 'Ieet by lands of H.D.Shillingford; South-West by lands of
Griffin Shillingford; South by Castaways Develoment.
Request dated Christianie t Request or e issue o a
loth September Roudette byAherj First Certificate of Title in
S1977 Solicitor Cilma! respect of a-portion of land at
Presented 9th A.N.Dupigny Coulibistrie, in the Parish of
Novefaber 1977 at 3.50 pm. St.Joseph, in the State of Dom-
Sai;aOcop~tining 6.90b acres and bounded as follows:- Torth-East by
lands of Timmy Joseph, Maria Joseph and Helen Casimir; South-East by
a Ravine separating it from lands of Alphonso Laudat and Earlin Wil-
Sliams; South-'~est by land of Harry Lovell; North-West by a Ravine sq3.
rating it from lands of Wersley Joseph and Stonil Parillon,
Request dated ita Rodney Request for the Tisu '" o a F-rst
Ilst October n6e Boston by heri Certificate of Title,in respect
1977 .-Solicitor Cilma of a portion of land; known as
Presented 9th A.M. Dupigny "Brigo" in the Parish of St.George
November 1977 at 3.15 .m. in the State of Dominica, contain
ing 34 square feet and bounded as follows:- North-East by th. ro-
mainder of Brigo, the said portion of land knomn as Brigo now in the
possession of George Boston; North-West by the remainder, of Brigo,
Sthe said portion of land known as Brigo now in the possession of
George Boston; South-West by the remainder of Brigo, the said portion
of land known as Brigo now in the possession of George Boston; South-
East by a Public,_
Request dated Ralph Christiani Request for the issue of a First
12th Oct, 1977 by his Solicitc Certificate of Title in respect f
Presented 9th Cilma A.M. DuL.g a part of Constant Spring Estate,
November 1977 at 3.30 p.m. m in the Parish of St.John, in the
State of Doni nTc, containing 4L0- acres and bounded as follows:-
North by a Public Road separating it from remainder of Constant Spring
Estate owned by Musgrave John Baptiste; East by Remainder of Constant
Spring Estate owned by Musgrave John Baptiste; South by Remainder of
Constant Spring Estate owned by Musgrave John Baptiste; .Jest h- -
mainder of Constant Spring Tihtate owned by Musgravo John Baptiste.
Certificates of Title con'td. 'pages &" ^.-CAVEAT NOTE is on page 5.

Page F6ur
,':E :o1i T SEEK IN
TZ~iE by EC
llitbo ot-, porejud
that the .] -_ .-nt o

have P received, if
been put .:o good
0ould be a Paradi
Editor h C'o can Pr
that we the rospo
of Dominica wish
pendence with him
Michael Dougla
dantly clear in t
embly that if he
of R .B.Douglas w
people would t m
independence with
with Patrick John
Muusson. ichael me
If the general
right to vote on
confidence in the
view of all the s
hear on Govt. sid

T H E S T AR Frida ,November 11,1977
D----.- --P----- AT- -dO DOI-InTICA
.Loblack Schedule of Application for Certi-
lice I must say, ficate of Title and Hoting thereon
Smoney Leblanc or Caveat for week ending 5th Nov-
s Ocve nment ember 1977

these m honieshald a, of tpe-rsn .atue of Re-
. Doinica Request ;en .r -,ct nhn:.-thar
uAe, Domnica T'1_ t 'i ,i-. se today, Now thereon or a;'
emier John think Request da- Louise poC, u( e .u i'c:.
rnsible citizens ted 19th Pickman !tbh issue of
to go into Inde- Nov. 1974 as p.r. of a First Cor-
as Head of Stat? Presented Harrison, tificate of
.s made it abun- 3rd Nov. Antenor Pic Title in res-
he House of Ass- 1977 at kman by er pect of a
Michael the son 3.05 p.m. Solicitors piece orrar-
ras Premier the Armour, Armour, Harris cel of land
Lind going into and Lockhart iat Byers in
Shim; but not the village and Parish of St.Joseph
the son of Ma formerly part of the lands of Mr.T.
'ans what he says. H.Shillingfprd, containing 1,707 sq.
public had the ft. and bounded as follows:- North:
the motion of no by lands of Sheerwood Adams; East:
Government, in by lands of Le Hunr6 Darreau & Ben-
tupid talk we ny Pierre; South: by a Main Road to
le, there is ab- Syers: West: by lands of Rufus Casia

solutely no doubt the 98% of the Date of Rawlins Request for the
general public would vote in fav. Request Edward issue of a First
our of the Oppositionts censure 7th Nov. Arthur Certificate of
motion. 1977 Piper Title in repeat
King Solomon said: "The words Presented of a portion of
of a wise mants mouth are gracious; 10th Nov. land known as
but the lips of a fool will swall- 1977 at "Lolot" in the
ow up himself. The beginning of 10.00 a.m. IParish of St,
the words of his mouth is foolish. George containing 5.775 acres ani-
ness; and the end of his talk is bounded as follows:- North-East:
misch.ivous madness.., Glasgow Estate and Land of Clifford
These words of King Solomon p-. iCoriette; East: Lands of James An-
tain to the Leblanc-Patrick Govts, thony and Heirs of Lordie Romain;
--iSouth: Lands of Coolie Mitchel and
Schedule for Week ending 12th Nov ia Ravine separating it from Landcf
Request da- Albert Request ir ContIlLHoetB.ig; atd Planning Auth-
ted 3rd A.C. the issue rity; South-West: Land of Cecil
November 1977 Shilling- of a First Winston and a Road separating it
Presented ford by Certificate from Land of Scully Lestrade;North-
10th Nov. his Soli- of Titlein West: Land of Central Housing & Ban-
1977 at citor respect of ning Authority and a Ravine separ-
10.05 a.m. Eustace H. a portion eating it from Land of Robert Piper.
1Francis of land (Schedule for Week ending 12th Nov.)
know-n as a Besidential Lot in Ros- L '-- .. .. .
eau in the Parish of St.George Other Certificates of Title are
containing 803 square feet and on pages 3 & 5.
bounded as follows:- North-East: CAVEAT NE IS ON
Land of Wart Bernard; South-East: CAVEAT NOTE IS ON ag ve
Hillsborough Street; South-West: DAMB NEW COFFEE PRICES GIVEN
Land of Elias Nassief; 'North-West; Unshelled Beans 2050 Ib
Land of Nelson Denis Blanc. Properly dried )
----------Shelled Coffee ) 325,1b

______ __1__~___

i TATE OF DOnIIIICA (contd) North-West by land of
TITIL,3 BY t'GIT3'RATTON ACT ;Leonce Riviere; 'South-Vest by land
Schedule of Application for Certi- 'of Marian Poln. _
ificatc of Title and Noting thereon 2COli, ..r a r _2i ,td
for Caveat for week ending 22nd Oct-Request da- ard quest for
ober 1977,-., ted 9th Thomasby e issue o
Date ofi eron nature of March 1977 hs first Cer
Request !Presenting quest whether Presented icitor ifiate
for Certificate of Title or Noting 31st Oct Vny Title i tres-
thereon or Caveat 1977 at Dupiny pect of aP- .
Request da- Oliver Requst for tq9 p .m. P .jY tion of land
ted 24th Inmanuel the issue of at Zicack, in the Palish of St.
June 1977 by his e First Cer- John, in the State of Dominica,
Presented Solici- tificate of containing 2388 Square feet, and
20th Oct. tors Arm- Title in res- bounded as follows:- Worth: by
1977 at our &Arm- pect of a lands of Mary Ferrol; South: by
10.05 .m, our,Harrispiece orpa.- Hiolland Street; East: by MiLddle
and Lockhat. del of land land; West: by lands of Gerald
at La Plaine containing 1228 sq. ft.i W1iallace.
and bounded as follows:- North: ~Reque da4. ires Te' ue P
Public Road; South: Land of Dilcy Ited 19th LHuphreys the issue of
Bertrand; West: Land of Dilcy Ber- I AugustL977 by his ia Frst Cer-
trand East: Right-of-way separate Presented Solicitor tificate of
l trand; as Ri g -of y sep31st Oct. !Cilma A. Title in res. i
ing it from land of Isaline Emmnan- 1st ca A Title i
uel1977 at. M,.Dupiny' pect ofa por-
t:I 'for UEK ending Oct.29th -i p~~m. tion of land
request da- erald R-equst- F-a ot at Castle in
equed22nd. I .ar e the usue ofr arigot, in the Parish of St. An-
ted 224-d. Laronde issue ofa.
Feb. 1977 also lxwn a First Cer- drew, in the State of Dominicas
Presented ias Gerard tificate of ,containing 5.697 acres and bounded
2Ith Oct. Larond by Title inres- as follows:- North-East by lands of
(1977 at 1his Solio- pect of a fRachie Lintoni.-Arthu- Jones andWill5s
2t3 IpM, itor Voana! portion of S.Stevens; East: by a av!ine sep-
D3 Ptmji at.. .... .f ratingg it from land of Jack Evans;
Te iTh- -the ofSd-oe. lSouth: .b land.of Jack ,vans; NorLh
S Sate s Westyby hands o!t Charlie 1verring-
'in the State of Dominica, cot'a -eining t'on, ndm Anto nia James.
1.235 acres and bounded as follows: .ton' nd Antonia James.
HNorth: Lands of Nathaniel Degallar-,
lie and Lernadette Francis;- South: j BECGISaAfI'S OFFICe,
(Public 'ccd. separating it from land R 0 S E A U.
,of Aaron A'iustihe; ~est: Land of EPHRAIMI F. GFORGES
!Joisant Phillip; South-East: Land Registrar of Titles
'of Gerald Laronde..
tfss oid!a i! ~ ,. NOTE: Any person wth desires to
Request da-juenjamini eques* forct to the issuing o a Ceti-
',ed 12th Jno.Bap- the issue of 'oject to the issuing of a Certi-
Agrust !977 tiste & a First Certi- ficate of Title on the above ap
Presented IM ita :no ficate oF t e plications may enter a Caveat in
31st Oct. Baptiste'in respect of the above office within six weeks
i1977 at by their a portion of from the date of -the f t apea!-
1 a.. Soacitor lad at Lag nce of these Schedules in the
1m IAm.Du o .cit Portsmouthin lnSTAR news paper published in this
I~a~~, gn- .dat_ Portsmouth,the
jie -ar-sh of t. n,in the State iState or from the date when the
of Dominica, containing 1,008 sq. Notice prescribed by law was last
et and boded as follows erved oany occupant of adjoin-
Ifeet and bounded as followrs:- ing lands in respect o1' wJhch these
North-East by land of Levi Alexan- plcatns resc whh these
!der; South-East by land of Bensonlic ons re ade.
iToussaint; concludedd next col,)



_ __ __1_1~1


FJiriday, ITsvembe3r'.aJ. 1977

~CICUII-III~-rrClUI -~ RII ~~C~---)-CICl~errCCT

Page Six T I E ST A R Frida ,November 11, 1977
RT7A^W ^ T^^- Torchriston STARSPORTS ctd. CRICKET: 'he In-
FOOTBALL: 1977 Island Side Chosen dian tourists made an aus-i cious
T he names of 19 players were circu- start to their present tour of the
lated here during the past week from Australia sub-continen-,uinning
which the final team of 11 will be their 3 matches to date including
selected to represent Dominica in a 3-day triumph over S.Australia
the forthcoming Windward Islands where the spinners, especially Bedi
Tournament for the Reggie Clark and Prasanna, wrecked the batting.
Trophy Windsor Park, November 26. Scores in that match: S.Australia
These names, comprising 8 men eac 223 and 117; Bedi took 8 wickets and
from Spartans and Kensborough Unit Prasanna 7.1ndia 168 and 173/4.
reads: Fitz Henry,oapt,; M.Aisles, BOXING: In a heavyweight clash (Las
A Charles,G.Timothy,C."'Bala" Celare Vegas) Ken Norton outpointed Jimmy
8,iiurphy,C.Elwin & D.Hurtault (Kens Young.* World title-holder iuhammad
CChallenger, C..Steber,V.Ren6, J. Ali has been given 60 days in the
Faijt$"Sn,J.Guiste,J.Lawrence, A.Law- New Year 1978 to decide when he is
re- cey. and L.Lewis (Spartans), E. going to face Ken Norton or be
Jo'Lm and C.Alcid (Kens) andA.George stripped of his title.
Sa young goalkeeper from Saints. BASEETBALL: The off-season league
In one fell stroke all the senior began at Windsor Park on Nov.9,with
goalIeepers are unable to play,whe- seven teams registered,
their through withdrawals, resignat1cns-r ...
or injuries. Goalkeeping dutieswill N E W S BR I E F S
be, divided among E.John,C.Challenger Fifty agricultural workers from va-
and A.George, who incidentally also rious parts of Dominica left for
contested the Under-19 team Goal- sugar cane work in Florida on 8th. ,
keeping spot. Among the others, a In Britain,Prince Philip burst out
good side can be put together except against the possible erosion of in-
midfield where the linkmen will have dividual freedom though T.U.stric-
to be chosen with care, tures.He gets 085,000 a year from
The "Giants" match, much vaunted the State. We regret to inform
iv; some quarters, criticised in ot- readers that ex-Lieut. Emmanuel R.
hours as put off to the end of the Fouche, of the Free French Forces,
sp0asn. hoe Clash of the Giants -- (based here during World War II)
a. tie ratch was billed stirred died this year. (News fr.MIiss May
ioe" a controversy even described Christian). He was since then the
4.2 6nin i .st Kany flta n. afalr.. Principal Hon.Engineer of Lyon- ..




Apply at once, enclosing a 30 cent Commonwealth
Reply coupon to

Printed & Published by the Proprietor, Robert E.Allfrey of ill House,
Copt Hall, at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

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