Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 4, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 4, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: November 4, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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~e.elpnone E~Ao1'f ;1J
Media RepxesentoQtiveT
loin Turner(Iondm)L4"tc1i704%
0.22 S~~tv M
,uondon Virtute Dice Comite"' FortU=4
031 W V ~ 1A- ~ E~zan

78 3 '- : "

Vol, XXV. No. 17

Fr;Iday.. Nover1iber LL.. 1977


This has been a dull and gloomy
week for nearly everyone. Worst of
all were the interminable Govern-
ment speeches:- and these will con-
tinue as from Monday. Some list-
eners are hanging on waiting to
hear the Leader of the Opposition's
reply in the House. For ourselves
we could not bear staring at those
glum faces and listening to their
seldom informative repetitions.
National Day was cancelled out.
When we think what a 4-day fete
Leblanc made rpf it. Just a few
nostalgic songs, a couple of conte
Sand one would think that the
authorities had been studying C.L.
?.. James' words well reported in
that religious-political monthly
newspaper "Caribbean CONTACT" :
'The national state is no longer
anything that can be looked upon
as a political formation." And
Zater: "For us no longer is the
national State an idea... We put
forward for Africa and people of
tfrican descent the new ideas;
.~e abolition of the nationalstate
s. a political entity that's
numioer one.
Eowever in his doldrums speech
tn dead National day (which cer-
tain villages still contrived to
celebrate) Premier Patrick John
said t:ot there will be bigger
telebrations yet in IrfeDendence
197P. He bitterly blaaed the CS
4tri. for bomtdica's ruined con-
1ttiot. Sat wth caused it? Re
traisei D1S. We didn't listen to
the whole of his Vat.,ay talk...
5W uak the alter. *11 ovt


The only way for SdAfytere dwell-
ers to reach Roseau i. by boat.
Recent heavy reins haee completely
blocked the highway. N.P. the Hon.
Anthony Moise has to akke his way
to the House of Assemtly by sea.
It would appear that 4n entire new
section of this road ypll v ':~
be rebuilt.

A CANA Sthtement that Trinidad &
Tobago was the only coputry which
had paid its cQntribution to the
Caribbean Food Plan ip wrong;Dom-
inica has paid up its due of

CAIADA GIVES $25,000o .to u.W.I
The Canqdian Govt. rres#nt&e Fr.
Sidney Martin,Pro-Vice-Chancellor
of Cave Hill Campus (Barbados)
with this sum to aid the tuition
and maintenance expenses of some
35 students, most of whom are pur-
suing courses in Natural Sciences,
Arts and General Studies. It is
hoped that later they will teach
in their home territories. The
gift is financed by CODA. We say
many thanks.
- But growers will still re eive
the present U1 cents ppr b. until
further notice. Mr.Ivo Sinsno was
unanitously elected Pr8sid4nt of
AN; Mr.J..Robins*o* oiD/ca
s Yice-:P esidet. i d
A: D/cW Got hs palP I atis
payaents toflayKPriday. le is
lofaing to Centr WatI r Aat.
t iO B EtWi'l 1wf'Sa !A

-~1*1~1_ --__------

;----; -------~------- --- ~_ --T- ------ .-

Fridav November LL, 1977

TiYTtein Csllta mF;6!

P.G. BOX 302

Tho United -tstes Embassy &-t Bridgetowni is conducting Its e80"'.441 oenas f 100'S
ctltsvin resding, in areas within Its consular Jurisdlicion4 The Embassy requests
that U.$. citizens residing on your Island cbmplete t0-t foIlowtng and ia"t to the
nbove addresss

am* ~d~ofead of~oshl~~,
4 (First) ( (I trna0e)
2. Occcupattoe(fltaogerr lot ranrk employed by private industry. self-lamp)ioyd, oattcrney.
rioctort, mIssli-"ioryo cletqympp, etc,) (State If employed by private
ioduttyr in 9ther than mioragarial piftiooi) (State. if retired)

D *ate of 8' r,,ths .., o .o .o Ia a. 4 A. ,6. A, ,. .,4,1 t 4a

tPlace of Oirth:.** 4.. 4 4,V Oa 0 4 40*04 6'0006 a, fit 4916 #a a 4 6 0 a* 1 0 4 4 6 It 41

6. Totephone Numfnr (hoe) a ...a,.aaa..ea (but, ne$s'15) 0 *aaa A* .8 a *4.# i

7, wberts of family, residing with you:

Name Date Of Brh. eaionshig Natio"Uk g tih

o # 4 # # 6 0 6 0r444 a 0 0 a 0 0 4, a a 0 4 0 4 a 0 o 4 0l 4 oo4 0 400*4 of #*ot 4 6 4 1 # 0 0 0 Arl
,*a4aa...a...a '*9I'a~,aaaCacab(1 eaa*aTai) ~ aa. d *a4La. ~a at~,( C~ ~ C)*.aba~atb4ft

Others. (I ncludii's 'teachers, dependents of ButI nessinen''"ploy**$ ar", Oter othit
Aner: ans Inc id:.iad arve)

r~)c*aaer.aaraa aaeagaeagaobeeqasbaaaeaaara Ca a,.cr*r caabaI.aa(aa.aaaaa~,i.

NOItj !Jn~Jbr Itemd 7 (ftccupatlon' please:state student, rt 'redo etc.v os app', !'cable.



Friay Novmbe 2, 197TH TR ae he

Please allow me space in your
column tp first congratulate our
"Little White Boy" by name Lennox
Honychiurh forhis short, to the
point anl superb talk. After hear-
Christian talking so much nonsense
for so long, I felt so ashamed of
so much stupidity coming from a
Minister of Education. The only
highlight of his nonsense was
when someone -told him that the
St,Mary's Academy was a Private
School. Poor old Christian was
gofig on like a very old grama-
phone record.
I am a 1iack woman and not too
titelligent, but can you please
tell me when is the Government
going tostart to tell us in this
debate why there should be no
Vote of No Confidence.
.How right Seraphin was when
he said I quote "They asked and
we gave, and they asked and we
gave". We are glad to know how
frightened they were of that mam-
moth display of Solidarity against
this Nonsense Government. Most
Dominicans no longer have any'
confidence in it, whatever the
result in the House. (Next col)

TAKSN E.C.Loblack
The voters of Dominica did not
heed my warning last election.
('r. Loblack had passed around a
5-point leaflet which included a
statement that Labour was repister-
ing voters after registration was
supposedly closed, and other mis-
demeanours). He goes on:-
They allowed the dirty shoe
Party to fool them with lies. How-
ever, I am willing to forgive
their mistake.
The next forthcoming election
will allow the voters to prove
themselves, for it is now clear
that only those who.have lost
their humanity will dare put an
X for the Labour Party Govt.
Oh, many people are asking
whether the wife of the Premier
has received or will receive the
$25.00 contribution (maternity)
which this Government promised
to 5ive to all mothers of children?
THE INTED NATIONST voted this week
against sale of arms to South Africa.
There are more timtims to come,
!but Dominicans are awake and they
are fed up. To Hon.Y.E.Charles,you
are the light burning in Dominica.
We pray for you. BLACKIE


Apply at once, enclosing a 30 cent Commonwealth Reply
coupon to
Merseyside, E N G L A f D

25- r s

Friday, November A, 1977


Page Three

Page Four THE S


T A R Priday,November Ps 1977'
K-T-y-o f -356-171 fgYUC ----
Schedule of Application:for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending 29th Oct-
ober, 1977. ...a. i^ .....
Date o Person Naye' of Re-
Request I Presenting quest whether
orC Gertifiate of Title or Noting
C t~d~~

LIAT is about to change its
name., ThIe US.A. has checked
out of I.L.0. to the distress of'
many countries,." A 14yyear-old
boy, Addison Stevenson, was drom-
ed in the mouth of the Belfast
River on Sunday... Births & Deaths
- in 1976 1758 babies were born
in Dominica, the largest number
having been delivered to mothers
between 15- 29 (504! to mothers
between 15.19). Seven babies were
born to mothers under 15. During
the year 1976 532 deaths occurred.
Excess of births on deaths: 12261
After months of Dengue suffering,
PAHO says that spraying equipment
is due shortly. The western,south-
ern & part of north Dominica are
the worst affected areas. The dis-
ease, highly incapacitating, lasts
from 3- 5 or more days,

We thank the Dominica Employers
Federation for a long article on
"The Role of Profits in the Indus-
trial Incentive System of the USSR"
and hope to give it some publicity,

Request da- Loveth t Request for
ted 8th Defoe by the issue of a
July 1977 other Sol- First Certifi-
Pr.sented icitor cate of Title
25th Oct. Cilma A. in respect of

THIS IS STILL HURRICANE SEASON 977 at iM. up~g a portion o0
by Hugh Lawrence 25gp.m land at St.Jo-
A real hurricane blows from four spt, in the Parish of St.Joseph, in
corners I c an remember as if to- he State of Dominica, containing
day what happened when I was al- 495 square feet and bounded as fol-
re&dy 10 years old. It started lows:- North-East by lands of Euelda
blOwing (but not in full force at Royerand Orlin Pierre; South-East by
about 6 p.m., 'and of Doyle Felix; North-West by a
Our family had left Colihaut in Pblic Road; South-West by lands of
1909, and lived at Mnrigot in a rlin Pierre and Loftan Charles sep-
house just about 30 feet from t$te rated by a Public Road. (Caveat, p,_
seashore, A house belonging to a ISLAND SCHOLARSHIP WIINNER
farmer and local preacher named Mr Do icas island scholarship winner
Robin. Doinicats island scholarship winner
n it started blown in full 1977 is George F.Bruney, who got;
I'Aien it started blowing in full his high marks in chemstryphysics
force at about 10 p.m., I had to his high marks in chemtry,physics
help my father (being the bigger and general paper.
boy) to hold the shutters which we COLOU~ESD PIIS "-
had tied with ropes, besides the These are now being processed by Mr.
bolts; 'Je did that for the whole De Pputa, well-known photographer
night, turning each time to the here (Depex). He has recently suc-
side f:t which the wind blow, cessfully completed a course abroad.
Next day we learnt that ir. and .-- -
Mrs. Wm.Daris and their postman had died; (concluded on Page Six)

-- ------ic-----c---i~-------I )

Request da- GralTd"Lequtest IFor
ted 22nd !Laronde the issue of:
Febk#uary1977.1 aUlY3 Wn a First Cert-
Presented i asGerard ificate of Ti-
!24th Octdber Larorde t i in respect
1977 at by his of a portion of
2.05 p.m. iSicitor 1and atDslices
.Vnyk0 Du- iT the Parish
pigny, o St.Patrick,
in the State of Dominica, containing
0565 acres and bounded as follows:*
North: Land of Ryana Ryan; South:
Public Road separating it from land
of Aaron Augustine; East: Land oc
Ryana Ryan; North-West t land of
Gerald Laronde..

SITATE OF DOMINICA (contd) North-Wes'-by land of
TITLE BY I-EGISTRATTON ACT Lear.'e Riviere; South-Vest by land
Schedule of Application for Certi- 0'. ,T....Bo 201,'7n
ificate of Title and Noting thereon b ':''LI .. 1sUL -^itd
jor Caveat for week ending 22nd Oct- .o~s' da-i us :Request for
Ober1977 t 9th I 1 the issue of
|?oMaF6h 1. o.. ---f R- March 1977 mby a First Cer-
UDate o6i Person !Nature of Re his Sol- '
lRequest!Presenting quest whether Presented cito tificate of
for Certifi6ate of Title or Noting 31st Oct Vanya Title inres
thereon or Caveat 1977 at piny pect of
Request da Oliver ,Recquest for -1 2 -Dupigny -to ofland
ted 2hb i Emmnmr= uel the issue of at Zcack n e Paish cSt.
June 1977 by his First Cer- John, in the State of Dominica,
Presented Solici- tificate of containing 2388 Square feet, and
20th Oct. tors Arm- Title in res- botxnded as follows:- Worth: by
1977 at our &Arm- pect of a lands of hary Ferrol; South: by
10.05 a.,m, our,Harrispiece orpar- Holland Street; East: by Middle
a ,("-rt 'del f land land; West: by lands of Gerald

at La Plaine containing 1228 sq.ft. a l-tace s ',tirre,- 7ReW-P 3t.iT
and bounded as follows:- North: 19th Humhreysthe issue of
Public Road; South: Land of Dilcy Auguste977 by his a First Cer-
i August1977 i by his a First Cer-
Bertrand; West: Land of Dlcy Ber- ,Presented ISolicitor tificate of
Itrand; East: Right-of-way separat- 31st Oct. *Cilma A Title in res-
ing it from land of Isaline Eb3an- 1977 at M.Dupiliy pect ofa pr-
ueL, 3 tign of land
SVDUIE for TEEK ending Oct. h Lot at New slf
ee d 7cO Qa as Lot at NJew Castle in
Xequest da- GeralB Request lr ,. *4.o 4
ted 22nd. Laronderd the issue of agot in the Parish of St, An-
ted 22nd. Laronde the issue of '
Feb. 1977 alsolan ~da First Ce rewv in the State of Dominica,
SPresented as Gerard tificate of oontining 50697 acres and bciu.ded
2Sn th Oct. Larond by Title ine es-I as follows:-, North,-East by lends of
S...... ,"to- ^: Racale Linton, Arthur Jones andWa.l.i
(1977 at his Solio. pect orf a Racie Linton, Arthur Jones and Will
S.f S.Stevens; East: by a Ravine sep-
-;p. itor V-nya d portion of rating it from land of .Jack Evans;
ices in th-e ale-St, ~ atc: c, Soutih: by land of Jaclk vans; North-
t S 'D c .? West by lands of Charlie verring-
In tle S~tate of Dominica,containin ng: / J .
i1,235 acres and bounded as t-on and Antonia James.
!North: Lands of Nathaniel Deg"lla"r--
lie and Bernadette Francis; South: R BEGISTRA.S OFFICE,
Public Load separEting it fro-L land! R 0 S E A U.
Of Aardn Auiistihe; West: Land 6f EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
'Joisant Phillip South-East: Land Registrar of Titles
of Go-rald Laroe, r7
'--^_--_t A.-- --. i NOTE: Any person who desires to
eque a- nan equ or --thessuinof a Certi-
ited 12th 7 Jno.Bap- the isaue of i2h;ect to the issuing of a Certi-
st tite & la First Cert ficate of Title on the above ap-
!Presented l ita lJno.ficate ofTite. plications may enter a Caveat in
r31st Oct. Ba tis in respect of the above office within six weeks
1977 at' Bsteirst ain oretcn of from the date of the first appear-
O177 am. ISoito and a o ance of these Schedules in the
J10.l,-aem. iSoocitor land at LPagoonir- 4
at. P Aou nSTi R news paper published in this
t- ari s A, oftJ. Portsin outhe n State or fr-or the date when the
." -h, 7iii of J-T in-te State I
of Dominica, containing .1,008 sq.e Notice prescribed by law- was last
t nd bounded as follows:- served on any occupant of adoi
'h ling lands in resr ect of wihirS, these
WNorth-East by land of Levi Alen- lands in ct of h these
fder; South-East by land of Benson applications ere made,
IToussaint; (concluded next coi.) -- -

_ _.,age _Five

P'riday, Nlovember 4* .1977

T HE 5 T A

Page Six T H S T AR Priday,November 4, 1977
FO0TBALL:KEN3BOROUGH U KO CHAMPS by Hugh Lawrence (fr p.L)
SKeborug -United added the their house was blown away at Cn-
knock-out trophy donated by Nat- cord, At the same time a sloop
ional State Lottery to the league which sailed from Harigot with
championship they had earlier on. cargo and mails perished with all
They defeated Spartans on pen- on board. In the mails were rec-
alty kicks 5-4 after the match words of births and deaths, and
drew 3-all. Spartans scored this is the main reason why some
first. though Lennox Rocque in onr older persons from 'that area are
ly three moves from the centre unable to obtain a birth certifi-
spot when the game started in eate at the registry.
just about 10 'seconds.* Kensbor- At Colihaut, several houses were
ough V retaliated to lead 3-1 at swept away, and in all 36 villag-
the interval with goals coming ers perished. The wooden churches
from Renie Thomas (2) and Eric- of Tesley and Salybia were corn-
son Christopher. pletely destroyed. It is the big-
In the second half, Spartans gest disaster I personally oxper-
redoubled their efforts and cut jienced in which Dominica suffered.
down on the lead through "Jerry" STA PORTS- FOOTBALL continued -
L.Lewis formerly of IKensborough TU The Windwards Islands Tournament
Jeffrey Lawrence did not miss out for the Reggie Clark trophy will
and scored the equalizer.for Spar. start Nov.6 in Dominica, OCenada
tans. 21 minutes of exciting 'defending champions were the let
extra play produced no more goals winners of this trophySt, .Vincent
before penalties were taken.Des- has opted out because of treatment
mend. artin refereed, meted out to them at Uindsor Park
The first penalty kick (J.C. in November 1973.
LawrenceSpartans)went outside. :POIITE MICHEL: Colts emerged league
Kensboroug U made no mistake and champions for the 3rd year since they
scored all ponalties.For Spartans ,beat Soul-Charts 3-1 on 30 Nov.1973.
A.Lawrence,J.Guiste,LRocque and Colts finished with a maximum 10
L.Lewis scored their penalties, !pts from 5 matches. Rest and Ghetto
whilst for L-ensborough C.Elwin, tied with 6 pts., Granites 4 and
M.Aisles,F,.enry,R.Thomas and J. (Rangers & Soul Charts 2 pts each.,
Cuffy score ed Two knockout competitions will-take
DIVISION il.Saints wia 1st Trophy place for Clive Tavernier troplhy
Saints Sports Club who celebrated and the Player's trophy,
their 10th Anniversary this year BASKETBALL: An off-season basket-
won their first football trophy ball league will commence at the
when they beat Victoria Stars 5- t indsor Park on Weas. Nov. 9.This
nil in the finals.* Two early pen- league (customary in preparation
allies awarded to Saints were net- for the basketball season) will be
ted by Arthur Hesmain,who went on succeeded by a visit from a MIartin-
to score a hattrick. Those early ique team. The off-heason league
goals demoralized Victoria Stars is expected to end by November 30.
beyond recognition.Fitzgerald !BOXING: Jimmy Young and Ken Norton
Lawrence scored the other 2 goals will clash in a heavyweight fight
for.'Sints who led 4-nil at the in Las Vegas on November 6.
interval, Saitts had earlier de-
feated tKensborough U 1-nil in the CLASH OF GIA wi the Harlem
semi-final s, Roves e c Kenaborough Uanited match
EXMT :J.=i D on NO6. 12 & 13, heavi adveortsod elsewhere really
Red Stars (a top team ftro Oade*A
laupe) will engage the Doesnioa n M &ulaholy t iropr et KO champs Kensborough in Ro.Allfry of Copt H41l mil1 house
two rotoball matches. (next col) at 26 Bath Rd.,Roseau Dom.nica VWI.

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