Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). October 28, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). October 28, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: October 28, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Telephone Blditor 2610
UK Iedia Reprentat pe,
Colin TumeirTLondorJt c
122 Shartesburyeaye1
Lndrtrn WA1% If R nIFlf l

Lirit D e 78 STRoCe

w,. / *, ) DOHISNIC A ."Wmi
Virtute Duce Comite Fortuna

d ;r" PSyllis n Allfrey
Vol, XXV, No. 15 Friday. October 28, 1977 Fifteen 'ents 1S

On Her Caribbean Jubilee Tour
At 10.10 a.m. today Her Majesty
the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgrl
disembarked frpm the Royal Yacht
Britannia and were met by Antigua's
Governor Sir Wilfred Jabcobs and
Premier Vere Bird, and several ot-
her dignitaries. They then went to
the Recreation Ground and were
greeted by some 3,000 schoolchildren
From there they went across to Gov-1

eminent House where the Queen con-
ferrel knighthoods on Doctor now
Sir Luther Wynter and on Dr.(Sir)
Sydney Ginn Munro,Governor of St.
Vincent; Dr. Bernhard Sorhaindo of
Dominica als9 received his O.B.E.
Among the guests from Dominica
were H.E. the Governor, Sir Louis
Cools-Lartigue, Hon. 0. Seraphin,
Hon. M. Eugenia Charles, Mr. and
Mrs. .OE.K. Laband,'and Mr. and
Mrs. Graham Jones. During the Gov-
ernor's absence the Attorney Gen.
is acting. (See Col 2 this page)


THE DEBATE THAT WASNT by John that as from Dec.l-daily-paid work-
Spector: It'was an unparliamentary ers hourly rates will be raised.
Performance, a blot on the Westmin- C0A has called a general meeting
ster tradition the debate on the on te post strike situati ro tac,.1:
Independence resolution last week. ____________
Since the Opposition had clear6-' T QUEEi (fr. col 1):
y17 stated that- they were in favour Before this day ends Her-Majesty
of Independence, surely the resol- 'will reboard FY. Britannia and take.
ution should have been an agreed off for Mustique, to visit her sis-
one the wording being discussed ter PrinCess Margaret. From thence
together by the Speaker and the she will go to Barbadoi to deliver
Parliamentary leaders of the two the Throne Speech, departing ib bnopde.1
sides of the House before the
session ,ces against overweening power
The Opposition in agreeing to ts in the American Constitution
Independence had stated that: the (the American colonists had seen
new Constitution should be so 'the faults in the English system
framed as to have checks and bal- and monarchy of 1776),(Concl, pw 8)

Say Public Works Workers
Some 100 workers of the Public
Wprks dept., who learned.that
Government was still deterl. '2
to pay the ex-gratia 8.33N to
non-striking Civil Servants, vot-
ed at a CSA meeting yesterday to
press Government for their back
pay as daily-paid work~Sr. $3 m1
is owed to them, and others.
A letter sent by these workers
through the General Secretary of
the CSA states "no persn, no
Agency, no financial institution
no friendly Government can be con-
vinced that Government is not now
able to discharge its "s it':".-" 3
in full to non-established and
daily paid workers". The 'letter
was sent to the Chief 3stablish-
ment Officer, with copies to the
Premier, the Depr.Premier, the At-
torney General, and all Permanent
As if in reaction, Government
n +Utr kC 4- 1 rtli 4 chm


Frida October 2 177

.M E M 0 R IA M

CHRXSTIAN, Peter Charles dentaltal
Passed away in 1945 on October 29.
"The good that men do lives after
Always to be remembered by
May Christian. 29/10/77

by Hugh Lawrence
When I read the long article on
the New Chronicle of Oct. 8 writ-
ten by ECarber, thus: 'Josse re-
turns to law practice' I had not
noticed and since have not heard
any praise bestowed on him forlis
three or so years term as Residant
Tutor of the UWI In Dominica.
His successor Bernard Wiltshirq
a civil rights activist with all
sorts of top qualifications maybe
more fortunate when his term of'
tutorship ends.'As far as I heard
his talk on DBS, he holds that
communism is really the top of all
socialist ideals. He seems to
boast very'highly of it.
However, we see today that Pres-
ident Carter is tackling strongly
all communist countries on the
Human Rights issue, Russia is tak-
ing a big stand against this, I
w6uld advise students attending
our UWI ,to be watchful,' keep up
the good faith, and try never to
be m3;sled.

The Rotary Club is helping the
Ministry of Health to organize a
Natioiial Blood Bank, The blood will
be collected by a mobile team from
voluntary donors at work in Domin-
ica. lit is a community service.
Everybody from Doctor to Donor -
will give their services free of
You have constantly heard ap-
peals over the radio. Qne pint of
blood may make the difference be-
tween life and death. Do2elephone:.

As one whor attends the House of
Assembly to learn about my country,
it makes me ashamed when the Prem-
ier calls innocent people'in the
Strangers Gallery by name, even
pointing at them and talking about
their private lives,
I was picked out, by such con-
duct last week, and strongly feel
that the Speaker should control
not only the noisy audience hut aap
the bad behaviour of Members.
_Roseau .
A delegation of four MPs from
the House of Commons and one Labour
Peer (Lord Kennet:- former 'j3urnal-
ist Wayland Young of the Observer)
will visit Dominica from ~71~--19.
The MPs are: ex-miner George Grant,
Chairman of the Northern Group of
Labour MPs and a member of the UK
Parliamentary Executive; and Mrs.
Renee Short (Nat. Executive B.L.P)
National President,Nursery Schools
Assoc. Conservatives: Mr., Anthorg
Nelson (Technologist) and Sir John
Rodgers, writer on England and a
Conservative leader.

a .'- TWO --"

AGRICULTURAL MARKETING BOARD s LOSS for 1976 was $627979 (loss for
1975 $34,574.44), according to'Official Gazette. Salaries and.wages
increased by about 35 per cent.

- ~.


) I--. -*--r -r


e Two


Fridav October ~s, 19?7



His friends in Dominica and Members
of the Freedom, Party heard with
sadness the news of Clem Rabess's
death this week.
Mr. Rabess, born in Portsmouth,
fought a gallant fight as a Free-
dom Candidate in an early election,
Later he moved to St.'Lucia with
his English-born wife, where they
settled with their children. Mrs.
Angela Rabess now works for WINBAN.
Mr. Rabess underwent major heart:
surgery at the UWI Hos. ital,Jamaica,
Although the operation was success-
full he suffered serious st-backs.
We remember him as a brave and
cheerful man, a good friend, and
wish to extend to his wife and
children, and other relatives, our
deep sympathy.

P.O. POX 302

The United States 'Ewi'-ty at nfrridgrtwn ctQonductipg Its annual .cnsus of U.S.
cl;tItzn resid. ,n i' trs within s *s, Ur;i' jurfsd'Jictlo The Embassy requests
Uiit U.S cUi;tlrit ktsii or. your isanil c-womploete the following and mail to the
above edures!, I I

IA .r (4 ,'tJ P, L.* yuaW'iP, ,,, .., ,4 '14fttfteftftft ',;*ftftA **tftftt,+ft9*0ftb* ,eftft.,
(rirt (Initial) (Surname)
2. Occupstlon(managerlal rank employed by private industry, self-employed, attorney,
doctor, missionary, cleryvman, et.ed (State if employed by private
*i(it ; y in t.h;:r tha rtain. -ia; f puosit n) (State if ret'ft"d)

St a 'k t t *0 6 4 **$ci t @ *4 4 4, 14s4, S 1 *a o ** I f 144

5 Date cif r h ... ... ...., ,,,.,,,,.,,,,., .,,....,,4*. ,.,,,,,.* ,,,,

4r i4CBdQ^'! ;, ^., QJ j *..,,44*3. t;t,,,'4.ft* ,ft,,*p f 441 *4'4,.. **4*ttft ,- i .tq '3 i4

7. Mnbers of family re'sldny with you:

HNat p 1c otf Bi th aslitforehip Nationafly Occup tion

4* t t a O i 4 0 1+ 1 10 t 6( 1 0 6 S 0 s 0 6t 0 k 1 Vt
s rr*a ssi** Fr r *> i **** > *Fe+ *(****4*(***4 e I > ** l** e***e

sk* < < I t v 4 r .A Ax0 4 4 9 0 a A t t* t t% 5 a L i O I I *
W aeqt < 4 f t * s ft* '. 14 5 < <**** 4 4 **f t f**f t f i a ** t

"*II'rH ( 'cfilrtds Ither tIe r-Jtit, of auIiReniarn/eeAt2r- yees and other .other
Am eFurli!n "iot ?h irtedr abovn) a

a** < .' t I f 9 54 f t 4 f ** ft t f t 4 f t f t ** *4 f t ftf ft*

ft' -1 .' 4. 4 *0*** **+ l** ** *

t I 4 4 9 ft t ft A tt f f *** O*f *** *.* ** 4* f* *** # *f t f
OTht 'l;ier Itt 7 (4O.. ipatlon) please state studret, Stired, etc., ,ab 'nI'tablI



T H E S T A R Friday October 28,1977

If you could stand long hours of ranting, raving or rasping voices
trying to prove the non-Ineptitude of Government by attacking the
Opposition continuously (with the exception cf the AttoDney General,
who did at least tell us something new that the Deepwater Harbour
debt was somehow settled), you may have learned quite a few things
about the state of Dominica and relations between Ministers. The
back-benchers are said to have been given briefs telling them their
cotrect topics; some of them adverted'to their old obsessions just
the same, Eden Bowers to the Third Nom. Member, for example; also
Avon Casimir reproached for doing the right thing and voting IN
FAVOUR of a decent form of Independencel We certainly hope that
the whole of the Opposition will turn out for the final vote.
At any rate the presence of Her Majpsty the Queen in Antigua, to
Which celebration Parliamentary and other guests were invited,caused
a welcome break in the diatribes. And by the way the debate on the
Opposition's NO CONFIDENCE motion resumes on Monday, with Hon. 0.
Seraphim continuing his lengthy contribution.
A sensation was caused when the Leader of the Opposition read the
whole of a letter written by the Hon.Seraphin to his Cabinet coll-
eagues which contained revealing phrases like "the electricity has
been short-circuited" and "The Leblancism of Cabinet and House pro-
cedure should not now be established as a method of the day." The
letter was written in 1975 before Hon.Seraphin was switched from
Public Works to Agriculture. It told of "permanent secretaries'
rule" and said at one point "the struggle for change must now begin."
Quite naturally, the Minister was very angry at the revelation.
In our view the Government's ineptitude, so clearly displayed over
the Civil Service pay crisis, was admirably pointed out in the tre-
mendous five-hour speech by Hon. Eugenia Charles. We heard praise
from all sides -- and of course its success may be measured by the
amount of rage it engendered in Government partisans. The Opposition
Leader said that Govt. Ministers were not entitled to cost of living
allowances. They were "taking too muchFnd talking too much." She
also said that the British Government 'had agreed to give Dominica
Govt. $3 million budgetary aid: "let them deny it:" On the denial
of human rights, Miss Charles said St. Joseph constituency had been
denied its constitutional right (and she quoted in support) to have
a by-election within (at least) 6 months. D.B.S. suppressed any news
unfavourable to Government either on the air or on TV. And what
had happened to TV? Why was not DBS self-supporting? They had kept
off the air the notice of resumption of her "No Confidence" speech;
national, not jjst ruling party taxes, kept up Radio Dominica. The
Labour Government, said Miss Charles, was afraid of a full Presiden-
tial potential; the Premier was power-hungry. The credibility of
Government, much shaken by the CSA Affair, received some harsh knocks.
(The A.u. Seecn See page 8)

Page Four

Friday,October 28, 1977

Two people wit strong connections
with the West Indies, Brigadier
Bill White of the 60th Rifles(King's
Royal Rifles), grandson of a Bar-
badian Governor, and his wife CHLOE,
daughter of Sir Harold Austin, once
Speaker of the Barbadian House,who
came to Dominica to settle a few
years ago, have both died recently.
Irs. White underwent an internal
operation and died shortly after-
yards. The Brigadier, who was once
Bsitish Military Attache in Washing-
te, was found dead in his reading
ctair by a maid a few days ago.
The couple had built themselves
a louse by the Sari-Sari River and
hoped to spend their last days here.
However they died in Barbados. The
Whites leave two sons,and grand-
rhildren. We much regret their
passing, and so will all friends.

The King of Syria wanted te knew
how the King of Israel knew what
he the King of Syria had spoken
in his bedchamber.
The King of Syria did not
Know there was a prophet in Is-
rael; so it is that Seriphin
does not know there Is a Prophet
in the Freedom Party. He must be

Books on Theatre, dance,music,
Opera,writingart,craftwork and
architecture from Commonwealth
countries went on shQw At Cam-
bridge from Sat.17th Sept until
Sat.lst Oct., 1977. 29 Common-
wealth countries (Dominica not
among them) helped to mount the
display ,

Allow me space in your columns BASKETBALL: An off-season league
o0 voice my disgust at the Labour is expected to commence at the
members of the House during the un- Windsor Park on Weds.9th Nov. A
finished last debate. The back ben- team is expected from Martinique
#hers were so stupid in their way during the month of December.
of thinking that if I was one of CRICKET: India arrived in Perth,
their constituents I would discard Australia on Tues.25th October for
them. a 3-months tour of Australia which
To think that the level of educ- includes 5 test matches. The Capt.
atlon in the House is reduced to and vice-capt. are Bishen Singh
such incompetency,lack of intelli- Bedi and Sunil Gavascap, whilst
gence and extreme stupidity leaves Polly Tmrigar is the manager..)
one to wonder if there is any hope S i .:ttig .it'i i
for Dominical t i Ws the prnt wil send our
What is the Member of Vielle Case children tq the Academy and you
trying to do, wedge a greater wall jcan do nothing about it. Worry
between the intelligent and the ig- ,about corrupt Ministries and evil
norant, the haves & have nots? Dornt deeds, for our eyes are now very
forget that some of the people you Iwidely opened.
are trying to condemn are the ones To the Speaker, let's hope a
who give jobs, help the less fortun-inew Govt. rids as of such. How
ate, school & clothe the children ,the Mighty has fallen; nq wonder
of their maids without anyone knowing.the familygraves are decaying in
Is Bowers ashamed of his lot in life?, the cemetery. To our Leader qf
As for the salesman whose speak- (Opposition: our prayers are with
youA. -*L

rl'UC -C

~--- 111~ ---

Page Five


),idai. QOtobecr 9SkJ~Y_~gl~

3II T Wr RnXsR-x,1 ATTOV
3":k!idl at, ro Appl.ccaton for
fl.tt4f ofI Title and Uoteing
SCveaat ror week ouditng 2
0 V .1 T. 01

Ireq^u ,, f da;- ,tori ;:' u.,-:.j'
ted 22nd Lasfode idss
brnuary 197 also knnae Fi-
Preaented as Gerard itfi eto t- r i
1977 at hit oolio- p-31
2,$0 pom, ito:. Vanya por
tleni n the ris ohf
In the State of Dominitnl,oa,
U6' aceas. and bcAo4as atrF

Thisi is the TOOL FOR YOU.

I Li'U"


Gives you Fister, Safer i more Sor.o
ir Cncrietm or St
NILTI tLt at an mt tor wary proiolsw, in th 1 e
T f17 aid T 0 HAMMEI DRILLS t!e i
rurr~rr% ua~~ra,~~ P


ous t feen jf
(D.55kw) AUWAG $n g


P ^.fthAdefrgg!- pO. 0.x 106 Bfltl!dotown

ital laftenling |ystem

nstrumnio hE r a'd a. Io of iftn tu


IRA A," ,t Conon &aStln
i fip e d.!t4pafl emB n Bt

Pi'wi S4740 I j

~ 4L


THB S T AR_ tHe ll *
NorthiLand of Ryana RFan;. o,~ s
A ACT 'Pblic :oaHd apr parn/it"t it Co'
Oerbti- of t...?'nl Aiur.?'sI'.tnel;] .* tbi:;: 'f 1 f-ti i
thereon 0 l k!tl-;. OR t* L 1 o't .. ;.u..
9th>.b 3 T4bo iT i 7*..--\
-t- rted Def iu a
r8Bt;|y 2ly 197? thi Col- Ger tc.ficoIe of'
io;Ln8M Pre wanted i rtor TItitle .7u c',I!oot-
..' 1. 7 a,4 U i_.D1pai -
ue of a l ,
AstCeot- o aom nicaconta nri 14i-9 i ;quara.
't e of feOet andI hr lnala .. -a famil"n:a- worrt:h-w
Sof a' 'ulas by lElls of Eu lds io r an.d Or-
t of at lin Pi '_e Sou't-.- :t b' i cDqv le
tion of eolix North-Wo~ t by a PublJ- h: .,c:
Pt r De South-west by land of Orll; i.-n r .
onPario. anrl oftan 'wirlas ,jr i -~. by a
____________---.------ Pu 4, 4a a -~~E 1irrt ,., 12 -, -;

--~~~:""1~~~"~""~~~ "

TAR Page Seven
i'-- "'. '''' <"1'* 1' ," 13- /\ .L f

Friday, October 28, 1977. T HE S

-STATE 6 OF .nDOMINICA .Schedule for week endiingr 0 oti.
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT Icquost da- Joseph Request for
Schedule of Application for Certi- tod 22nd & the issue of
ficate of Title and Noting thereon iSopt.1977 Lucina a First Cer-
or Caveat for week ending 22nd Oct- Prcsented Casimirby tificate of
ober 1977_ !l9th Oct. their Sol- T4tle in res
Date ofOaT -Natature t f. e- j1977 at icitorCil- pect ofapor
Request Presentin' quest whether j330 p.m. ma A. M, t;on of land
a"'iCeti icateof Title or Noting I____ fDu known k a a
thereon or a eat \ __ -ot at Eagley, in the Parish of St.
Request da- Henderson request for Patrick, in the State of Dominica,
ted 18th Walsh by the issue of containing 1448 square feet and
May 1977 his Soli- a First Cer- bounded as follows:- Nonrth-East by
Presented citor Cil- tificate of land of Luke Matthew; South-East, by
il9th Oct. maA, M, Title in res land of Nelson Leatham; South-Wbat
i1977 at IDupigny pect of a by land of Nelson Leatham; North-
7 .a.m. portion of West by land of Lewis Casimir,
and knoln as a Lot at Eggleston, a .
i the Parish Steorge in the Request da- Theodora Request for
State of Dominica, containing 8384 ted 12th Langlais the issue of
square feet and bounded as follows Oct. 1977 .s Pers on a First Cert-
orth-Eastby land of Alice Leatha resented al Reps- iicate of
uth-East by land of Vincent Tite 20th Oct, tentative Title in res-
Southas by land of Vincent Titre; 1977 at o onsel pect o'
Sort by Richfield Estate owned by 11*5 Langlais tion of land
north by Rich.fid E e oe deceased her Soli- known as a
emnent Dupigny. citor CilmaA.TDup Iny Lot at Coli-
equest aa- Prank Request for haut, in the Parish of St.Peter, in
.ed33rd St.Lewis the issue of the State of Dominica, containing
May, 1977 by his a First Ceri 1>14 square feet and bounded as
Presented Solicitor tificate of follows:- North-East by land of
19th Got. C.ilma A. ITitle in rs- James Thomas; South-East by land of
.977 at IM.Dupigy pect of a Alixford Parillon; South-West by an
.0,1 am. portion of Access Road separating it from land
.and at Lagoon, Portsmouth, in the of Alixford Parillon; North-West: by
.Parish of StJohn, in the State of land of. Euralie Nicholas.
Cominica, containing 1200 square -
:feet and bounded as follows;- REGISTRARIS OFFICE, EPHRAIM F.
h .* ^ 0 b- 1- z nTb1AT? ''- i

orauw1 uy a. vigtI-o-.way separatiLngi nu oAru. GR
~i from land of Enna Elizee; South:) Registrar of Titles
by land of Nisline BAnJmuin- East:, NOTE: Any person who desires to
by land of Eldon Arron; West: by object to the issuing of aqCerti-
land of Garraway Celestine, fic&te of Title on the above ap-
Request a Aga-tha .Request fr,- Plications may enter a Caveat in
ited h Chr e the i e o e above office within six weeks
itedJuly1977 B o b a first Cer from the date of the first- appear-
.retuly 1977 hBro t a e ance of these Schedules in the
Pesen9th Oct, he SrCilm Ttle rs STAR news paper published in this
l977 ta Tite tate or from the date when the
81197 af t poct of a notice prescribed by law was last
apnd Iat Coi e portion ofr served on any occupant of adjoin-
of St.Peter iC the State of a lands in respect of'which these
containing 621 square feet andbox applications were made,
ed as follows:- North by land o2 -- ---
ertrude Julien; South by land of
rnie Toussaint; East by land of
Ca therina Prosper; West by land of
G0aina Alexander



Page Eight THE S T A R Friday, October 28, 1977
CRICKET (contd. from page seven) The lengthy workmanlike speech
The touring party is some 17 strong of the Hon A.G, was not reported
with only two new names in the lineup by Radio DBS perhaps because he
India is one of the countries un- said it was the right and even the
affected by the Kerry Packer hand- duty of an Opposition to raise a
some contracts dished other resolution of "No Confidence" -
cricketing nations and they in- which provided Government with a
tend to give a good account of great opportunity to refute it.
themselves on that fact. Other Govt. speakers had been
10 years ago when the countries talking of the Hon Leader of the
last met, India lost the series 4n Oppo ition's resolution as if it
nil, with 41-year-old Bobby Simpson werepsinister, hateful and unpre-
captain in two of those matches, cedented measure;
Of course Simpson has been named _
captain following the resignation DEBATE THAT Specter
of Greg Chappell. from p.1.) The present Domi-.
FOOTBALL: Kensborough/Spartans for nica.ruling Party refused to have
K .Finals- RNSBOROUGH U ED,who one iota of the Prime Ministerts
have alr'eady- taken the 1977 league power capable of being challenged;
championship, and 'Spartans elimin- and would only accept a republican
ated all opposition on their way to President as tame as a Gov.-General,
the knockout finals; for the fif~ t The debate. should have been n.
a cash award ($500 from Dominica the basis of those principles -'he
State Lottery) will be given -$300 ruling party defending the necess-
is expected for the winner and the ity fbr the absolutism of the pres-
runner up, $200. This match will ent system (only absolute because
take place tomorrow, Saturday,Oct.29. the present Premier- Ignores the
During the past week, Spartans unwritten traditions of dccorut. and
notched up victories ovwr Victoria fair play); and the Preedom Party
Stars and Kensborough U,both teams pressing the claim for a check or.
from Division II. They beat V.Stars the powers of the Prime Minister .
5-1 and Kensborough U 8-2.Their go as whether, in the future, he o. she
came from ALawrence 3,J.Lawrence 3,be a Labourite or a Preedomite: -o
A Charles 3,"J" L.Lewis 3 and V, avoid a Watergate scandal without
Ren6 l. Kensborough U on the otea an indictment or an absolute -syr
hand disposed of the Saints' teams anny.
Divs. II and I in that order.Kens- BAHAMAS MPs salaries ?aised4 P.M.
borough U scored 3 goals to Saints Pindling has gone up from $50,00
II's 1. The 4th Lawrence brother to $102,000 Cabinet Ministers" b )
(and youngest, Fitzgerard) got match for what-looked to observers
Saints' lone goal possibly the nothing at all, whilst Murphy was
best this season when he. banged (sent off for ungentlemanly conduct
home with Cletus Popo unable to do by Chaucer Doctrove when Kensbor-
anything about it. Saints senior logh U played Saints.
team.lost 2-4 with both their goals Both players represented the
coming from Leslie Etienne.For Kens ,State team last year. While Steher
U: R.Murphy 3,C.Elwin 2 & lHurtault has played his normal tight-defen-
Incidentally, both .Spartans and 'sive game for Spartana, Murphv has
Kensborough U had a player sent off looked the most efficient forwards-
the field z their semifinal match, man, and I fear'his services will
Key Defenceaan "Happy" Steber was !be missed more.
sent off the field by referee Louis A S: from 27 37,000; s
Penoit in the Spartans/itens U II will get $15s000 plus allowances.

Printed and Published by the Proprietor Robert E. Allfrey of Copt-
Hall Mill House at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica West Indies

1 ~ `

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