Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). October 21, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). October 21, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: October 21, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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/ NEW YORK 21. N. Y. INBA|t,| E* "
Teiephono Edltor d 2i ? 610 T 1 *T A R T
UK Media Repr sesntati UECESSARY
Colin TlhrnerLondon)L DBT
E22i.Shn % s1 r .Av fnu Da EBATE
Editor- yPhll S aney ,

'rlaaay VCoL5Ur dL1 .L'J(f

The filllhkstering debate on Inde-
pendence how repetitive, how ted-
ious seemed to mObst of us to have
been dragged into prominence to
Swipe out "e gains of the striking
Civil Servants. As the Leader of
the opposition said, the Premier's
speech contained terminological
inexactitudes: we reoognised some.
It was mainly rezi he foggy old
que tons and ae~s (officialDBS
Qs and. Ministerial answers) were.
read out ad nausenl. The Opposit-
ion attack on the wording of the
resolution was ruled a non-amend-
ment by the Speaker (see pages 2,

For the rest, some fairly good
contributions were made by the Ind.
Member for New Town (save for his
niggling reference to Miss Charles)
end in particular Hon.Michael Doug-
las (we did not hear him due to
other work, but a reporter speaks
well of his argument). On and off
we listened to Luke 0oriette "there
is no reason why we should be tied
to Britain"; Bryson Louis: "there
has been no development under Brit-
ain" and so forth. As we go to
press we hear Hon.Eden Bowers talk
of "Miss Charles and her little
white boy" presumably Lennox H.,
who is absent through illness.*
We shall give our readers the
final comment on all this next week.
A son was born on friday am, to
Mrs. Desry John wife of the Premier.
Among his names will be "Nyerere".
Mrs, Jennifer Astaphan,fresh back
from strike activities,attended.
Swao spe-a or ropriarsandcd this
Member for bis racial remaar. Ed>

Christian Council's' Triumph
It is a pity that the Premier
did not consult the Dominica
Christian much earlier. The
State might have been saved the
$1,200,000 for September and
heaven knows what fcr' early
October described by:famous
Caribbean Trade Unionist Burns
Bonadie. The agreement was thbt
Government would pay $2.$ million
in cash; $1.6 m. through'cheques
issued against t the facility of
the bond redemption 0ocbOnt at'
the two local banks"; An ex-
gratia payment to striking civil
servants of 8.33% of'their annual
salary (details given). The
amounts will all be paid before
30th November (in brtef).Salaries
in respect of be paid in
full at end of Oct if Civil Sr-
vents return to work on Oct..
Other conditions refer to the
Civil Servants undertakings to
plpy their part,extend the life
of the salaries revision, and Govt.
undertaking to pay.$~0 pm,6 when-
evers he osft off7l Sepiv ingn e
ses 1 i pons fro ep
The CSA undertakes not to rescTt
to any kind of industrial action
until every means has been ex-
hausted. BUT we learn thPt a
promise has been broken: Govern-
ment though HonP.John has g.ven
the 8.33% to the non-strikers,

H.M. has opened the Bahames Parl-
lucint., goes on to Antigue,Mus-
tique and Barbados (Nov. 2).Prince
SCharles has spent 5 days in U.S.A.

VO.Xn\V No. 15

-~-- 1.-- ~-~-- --

L4 1.17Veen 7135 1,5 T5X&

Page Two T H E S T A R Friday,Oct6ber 21, 1977
(iie sentences and words in brackets and in capitals are those
which the Opposition wished deleted. They are lightly scored out.
S Hon.M.E.Charles addition in paragraph before the last is in
brackets and quotation marks), Editor,
Constitutional. Arrangements for an'Independent Dominica
WHEREAS the Government and the Opposition in the House of Assembly
GOF 9OMINIA AS A WHOGE) agree that Dominica should proceed to inde-
pendence and be an independent State within the British Commonwealth
Sof Nations and with membership in the United Nations Organisation:
S(AND WHEREAS at the Const~tutional Conference held in London at Marl-
borough House from the 16th to the 20th May of this year changes to
the 1967 Constitution of Dominica under which Dominica became a State
in Association with her Majesty s Government in the United Kingdom
were accepted as the basis of the Constitutional proposals under which
Dominica qould proceed to independence: Opposition deleted this para,)
AND WHEREAS the reasons that a presidential system of Government' should
be accepted in preference to a monarchial system have been put to the
people (W WTHE G TERNMENS) and the major political parties (AND TWHOS
IAND WHEREAS the advantages or disadvantes to Dominica of a Constitut-
ional President have been explained to the people of Dominica by the
Government and the Opposition parties in the State: (Opp.deleted para.)
AND WHEREAS the guesption oagria enlargement of the House of Assembly
by a nominated element" to be designated "Senators" has been widely dis-
cussed at meetings held by the mgJor- political parties in. the States
(AND WHEREAS the proposals agreed to at the aforementioned Constitut-
ional Conference at Marlborough House in May of this year for an"Ind-
ependence Constitution for Dominica have been widely discussed, under-
stood and accepted: Opposition deleted this paragraph)
BE IT RESOLVED that the Associate State o-f Dominica proceeds to indep-
enedn e "after .he ful2leSt< consultation with their peo-ple and provided'
tlhir wishes be made known" under the Gonstitutional proposals accepted
at he Constitutional Conference in London: (Underlined words are an
amendment by the Opposition);
the fFnal resolution was deleted by the Opposition:
AND BE IT FPRTHER RESOLVED that the independence Constitution for
Dominica should provide for a Constitutional President and should con-
tain provisions capable of amendment by a simple majority of the Souse
of Assembly~ for nominated members of the Hbnse, to be designated
So there you havp it. The Freedom Opposition DID NOT vote against
Independence but voted a'gainst- those clauses in the Prelerts Resolut-
ion which they held to be erroneous or false.0,
At the conclusion of Hon.M.E.Charlos' contribution, to this debate,
the Speaker did what we (and many other hearers) considered an extra-
ordinary thing:;he asked her a political question. To this effect:
Without a referendum, how do you expect to be able to find out the
peoples wishes and how do you expect to convey your findings to the
House? We consider this question unparliamentary from a Speaker,
So also does Miss' Charles, who has written the Speaker a stiff letter
to, that effect.
The INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS Act Amondment was taken off. by the Premier
following conclusion of the Civil Seawi0d Strike,It is, still pending.'

.1 '"*~'-7

Friday 21st October, 1977 THE STAR --_Page three

On March 10th, 1977 the House of Assembly passed a
resolution stating that Dominica should go independent without
a referendum on 3rd November 1977 on a draft Constitution which
had been issued on the 20th December 1977.
It turned out that the debate was premature and still-born
and come 3rd November 1977 not only will there be no Independence
celebrations but there will not even be National Day Celebrations.
This is in accordance with our status of paupers and near
bankrupts, with little hope of Independence before 'November 1978.
This week the time of the House-has again been taken up
uselessly with debate on the Independence issue with the new
red herring of Constitutional instruments whether Dominica
should be a republic with an elected President or not; whether
an independent Dominica should have 9 Senators without -a Senate
and whether this provision for the numbers in the House of
Assembly should be changed by a simple majority of the House.
All this is much ado about nothing. It takes us no further
along the path of Independence. The draft Constitution with
the alternative suggestions inserted for the purpose of debate
in the House has not yet seen the light of day. And all of this
Vi shouting and posturing by Patrick and his boys this week are
mere smoke screens to make people forget the hard realities of
life. The'whole matter is broadcast in the hope that persons
outside of the House will be fooled by the shouting; will
forget the rising cost of living and the scarcity of food; will
forget the perfidy of the Colonel in changing an agreement after
it had been initialled and luring the civil servants back to
work on a false promise which will merely lead to loss of time
and revenue for the state. We the taxpayers will suffer as
The Government Speakers have attempted to state that they
have also beengoing round the countryside telling "their members"
about independence and the various ideas for a draft constitution;
the listeners at La Plaine, Laudat, Cockrane, Loubiere, Marigot,
Wesley, Calibishie, Colihaut, St. Joseph, Mahaut and Massacre,
Portsmouth, Trafalgar,Wotten Waven, Morne Prosper, Vieille Case and
Penville, Cottage and Salisbury must have opened their eyes in
amaz ement at the untruths which were so rampant at that meeting
of the House of Assembly, Because these places have only been
visited by the Oppostion Party for discussions on Independence
and Constitutional arrangements for a future independent Dominica.
In the Meantime the Opposition reiterated their stand in
favour of IndepDeadence but only after the people of Dominica
have been fully consulted and have had an opportunity to make
their wishes known.
An amendment to the Government resolution was with the
usual disregard for parliamentary procedure brushed aside by the
Speaker, without even giving it consideration but the Dominican
public has long learned that the Westminster pattern has only
been introduced in Dominica in word and not in spirit.
The amended resolution would have read as follows:

T" Ho THE S T A R F -'T A R,-^ '>I 1 C31i,
-- -- -- ---.,. S-- -- L ..J

"WHEREAS the Government and the Opposition in the House of
Assembly agree that -Iominica should proceed to independence
and be an independent State within the British Commonwealth
of Nations and with membership in the United Nations
AND WHEREAS the reasons that a-preeidential system of
Government should be accepted in preference to a monarchical
system have been put to the people by the Opposition
AND WHELEAS the question of the enlargement of the House of
Assembly by a nominated element to be designated "Senators"
has been widely discussed at meetings held by the major
political parties in the State:
BS IT R6lSOLVED that the Associated State of Dominica pro-
ceeds to independence after the fullest consultation the
people and provided that their wishes have been made known."
This result was obtained by deletion of certain words
and certain premises and by omission of one part of the
Had this amendment been put to the vote and passed, the
whole smoke screen of independence would have folded and
the entire matter would have been concluded in less than an
But this would have prevented the "Colonel" from making
his grandaand for his little claque in the right hand corner
of the gallery; this would have prevented the "Colonel"
fromtrying to strut tall and proud after the worst debacle
that has ever faced Dominica. His 46 days and 46 nights in
the wilderness has not helped his thinking powers, he fears
that he has lost face in the whole matter and so he must
find something to spring and prance on. To show his sta-
mina he had to talk for four hours and then closed the debate
not having referred once to the resolution. He had spent
the 4 hours on a letter from his brother, a letter from
E.C. Loblack and references to Mirs Allfrey who founded the
party which he is so proud to claim as his own.
The next day assisted by the Speaker, he indicated that
he had not completed his address and he spoke for two more
hours; but he was unable to keep too closely to the resolu-
tion. He was rather inhibited by the presence of stranger
in the gallery who were interested in the outcome of the vote
on the resolution, and so his level of abuse was much lower.
But in the absence of this stranger there is no doubt that in
his reply he will retu r/true style and carry with him his
great assistant in "College of Abuse", tha; Minister of Finance
who has no finance, or financial knowledge.
At the time of writing the vote has not been taken.
The Government except for the absent psalm-reading Parillon,
will no doubt vote solidly for the Resolution and the
Opposition will vote adtinst. But it will not be a vote
_aaij-pivi Independence.

Page Four


1Sclrjl~~clrr_ n~~r\hnr. 31 7017

Pag Fve

Schedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending 22nd Oct-
ober, 1977 __

Date of FPeraon. jNature of Re-
Request Presenting quest' whether
VEo Certificate of Title or Noting
heroT n nn orT nia + 'I

Cnoaule .or wUee enua. p Roquost da- Joseph Request for
ted 22nd Casimir & the issue of
Sept.1977 Lucina a First Cer-
Presented Casimirby tificate of
19th Oct. theirSol- Title in re s
1977 at icitorCil- pect of apor-
3.30 p.m. ma A. M,. tion of land
SDDpigny Iknown as a
Tot at Hafylev in the Parish of St.

request da- Henderson Request for Patrick, in the State
ted 18th Walsh by the issue of containing 1448 square
May 1977 his Soli- a First Cer- bounded as follows:-
Presented citor Cil- tificate of land of Luke Matthew;
19th Oct. ma A. M. Title int zes land of Nelson. Leathex
1977 at Dupigny pect of a by land of Nelson Leal
9,a7 am, portion of West by land of Lewis
land Janow ass Lot at Eggleston, Request da- Theodora
in the Parish of St.Goorge, in the Request To oa_
tate of Dominica, containing 8384 ted 12th Langlais
Oct. 1977 as Person-
square feet and bounded as follows;.:rese ted al Repres-
North-East by land of Alice Leatham? 2 e h Oc tentative
South-East by land of Vincent Titre; 1977 at of Monsel
Bouth by land of Vincent Titre; 197 a Langlais
Oorth by Richfield Estate owned by IIte' ay herSoli.
Element Dupigny.. ceased. her Soli-,
Cjja_4_Du ign~y

fReques; cda- ;r'ank" Hrequest for
'ted'3rd St.Lewis the issue of
Pay, 1977 by his a First Cer.:
jPresented Scicitor tificate of
1l9th Oct. Cilma A. Title in rs-.
'1977 at MDupigry pect of a
10.lO a.m. I portion of
land at Lagoon,Portsmouth, in the
Parish of St.Jobhn in the State of
IDominica, containing 1200 square

of -Dominica,
e feet and
NorthnEast by
SouthrEast by
m, S6uth-W~iat
tham' North-
Cap ii"4r.
Request for
the issue of
a First Cert.-
ificate of
Title in res-
peot of a por-
tion of land
known as a
Lotn ah Cn- i-

haut, in the Parish of St.Peter, in
tse State of Dominica, containing
1544 square feet and bounded as
follows:- North-East; by land: of
James Thomas; South-East by land of
Alixford Parillon; South-West by an
Access Road separating it from land
of Alixford Parillon; Northr-Wes tby
land of Euralie Nicholas.

Feet and bounded as follows:- REGISTRARIS OFFICE, EPHRAIM P.
North by a Right-of-way separating ROSEAU. GEORGES
it from landsoof Enna Elizee; South:) Registrar of Titles
by land of Misline BMnja.rin; East: NOTE: Any person'who desires to
y land of E.don Arron; West: by object to the issuing .of aqCerti-
land of Garraway Celestine, fic4te of Title on the above ap-
equest da eques r locations may enter a Caveat in
feut d. Aatha request for e above office within six weeks
ted 6th Chrissi the issue of from the date, of the first: appear-
July 1977 Bruno by a First er-ance of these Schedules in the
Presented her Soli- tificate, of STAR news paper published in this
19th Oct. crCilma Title in res State or from the date when the
1977 at A. MN pect of a Notice prescribed by law was last
0418 .mu. ui ~ in portion of served on any occupant of adjoin.-
land. at Co.libistrie In the Parish ld i p.
SStPeter in the Stat of g lands in respect of which these
containing 821 square feet and bo applications were made
ed as follows:- North by land of G AN DUSTR ALIST DR. SCHLEYERT
Gertrude Julien; South by land of body was found (shot through head)
Bernie Toussaint; East by land of in a'French car, Bonn is offeri
Ca therina Prosper; West by lan, of $900,000 for information on murder
Caina Alexander_


Ir ~~r


Pridav, October-21, 1977





Kens ough United Division II team A most interesting copy of a let-
created the biggest upset to dte ter sent to the Press on Dec.1971
when they came back from behind to by E.C.Loblack came into our hands.
beat Kens 2-1 after the match had It is too long for reproduction;
gone into extra time (11 minutes), but concerns Leblanc and the Grenada
Some people may wonder how a Div-Declaratioh, and an nasvwr the their,
vision I team came to play. a Div.II Premier gave to Mr.Louis Benoit etc,
team: it.happens to be the knock- when the anti-@4S .an rimpus was
out competition with both divisions going on. The then Premier apparent-
intermingled. Fans may remember ly said that the reason why hoe as
that Harlem Rovers and Spurs from going to join GIyan.. was because
New Town-backed out of the First of its great potential such as goid.
Division, leaving only 5 teams to diamonds, bauxite, timber etc; if
contest hpnours. Police,after los-pominica joined them in a Union All
ing 0-9 to Saints in their 1st match of us will be working together,,,
withdrew from the League; 2nd Dive The Premier is alleged to have said
teams from schools SMA, DGS and that if he disclosed "their marriage"
Sitocol cpuld not field teams due Burnham would not: take as with him
top the CSA strike which left most any more. Loblack suggested thatLe-
schools ip the State shut.Thus five blanc should take his family and g6
teams from 1st Div. and six from to join Guyana personally,
2nd Div. were merged for te knockout.Loblack adds: "Is not Patrick obhn
For the first 75 mins. of the the Premier of Dominica using Cy-
Kens/Kenaborough match the scores anese uniform as a Colonel and V6c
Iere even (love-all) with Kensborol4iRiviere similar uniform as Captain'"
U sharing exchanges for 65 minutes. -.---
The last ten mins. were dominated by TE NEWS: As we go to Pross -bo .
Kens who eventually went ahead: Vin-Promier is in the middle of anotfLr
cent being goal-scorer. The next 15 long oration. Ho dorided Ln&nox
mins looked fruitless; as the final Honychurch's illness (HonLK, hai
seconds ticked away James Modest(tho donguc, much prevalent in Dominica);
played defence in 1st half)got the thore is noa need tz set down wha-
ball alone with Kens' custodian Em- the Chief Govt.spoeosman says rob
anuel John and made no mistake.The 'uch repettion, However ne is nrw
ball was centred, the whistle went, tackling the subjocl of the Cior
and the teams charged goal for extra Service "the only machinor7 wO'r
play Two minutes before final whis-got to operate the country ; hk is
tle i.John rushed out of his goal; attacking tho Frpedom Party. Tne
with Ren6 Thomas in full, control he vote will be hold aftor this talkt
made. no mistake,hoisting the ball it will be pro-Governm;ent, which is
off'the goalkeepers head to give not what the majority of us sce,
Kensborough U II a memorable victca. STARSPORTS ctd. things w.ere ma&e"
In other knockout matches,Konsbo- easier when Harem F.overs withdrew.
rough U II 6 K-Hides 2.; Saints II Kensborough U got 13 pts out of 16,
1 Spartans II 0; Victoria Stars 4 Kenswere 2nd with. 11 pts;SpartansC,
Alcons 1 and Saints I 1 -Gutter/ CRICKET: 14 yr old Bobby Simppson
Potters 0. twas named Capt. of Australisa toea
VICTORIA STARS 2nd DIV CHAMPIONS: 0hich means rebuilding Australiats
Now Town's V ctoria Stars in their Cicket team after the inroads made
Ist season at Windsor Park won the by Kerry Packer,
Div.II championship, dropping only JILLETTE WlJTHDRAWS its Limited Overs
2 points from a possible 1O.Runners competition in the West Indies, A
up were Saints 6 pts & Kensborough CARICOM SHIELD has now been intro-
V 5 pto. Kensborough ,.retained the duced. (Barbados won Gillde Shield
Lefle ch i nship they won lavst mu for its two neasonTs
ntbytth P or t E. oAhy Tf b"Cop i all
til House at 2b Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica W,l.


___ _

---'1- 1---- T H E S T A R -

PFriday, October. 21.- 1277

Pare Six

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