Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). October 14, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). October 14, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: October 14, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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162 EAST 78 FRI
Telephone :Editor C-
S" rnor taon~ article postponed
n2 Shaftesbury A Englan .te itil xt
ndon WlV 8HA EnRilan v~. IftiA tt vice eIIite 1oryto. Week.

_. _Editor Phyllis Shand Allfrey
Vol. XXV No. j4 Friday, October 14, 1977 Fifteen cents 1I



, Has anygne heard of a Labour
' Party in any so-called democracy
which tries to suppress trade
unionism and even to force T.U.
members to call off strikes for
two or three years! The Govern-
ment a Dominica is behaving like
the wnrst-form of reactionary im-

On the agenda of the meeting to
take place at 10 a.m. on Tuesday
Oct.18th is a call for a Vote of
Censure by the Freedom Opposition
on the grounds of "this Govern-
ment's mishandling of the affairs
of the island which has created
an atmosphere which is detrimental,
to the future progress of Dominica
...BE IT RESOLVED that this House
do condemn this Government's inep-
titude and declare its lack of
confidence in the present.Govern-
ment." Also
rWHEREAS the revenue collected by
Government appears tv be insuffic-
ient to meet the expenditure for
which this House has budgeted: BE
IT RESOLVED that the salaries and,
allowances of members of this
House be reduced by ten per cent."

Hon. Lennox Honychurch has return-
ed to Dominica and our readers
will see on pages 3 &'4 a print
of his television interview on
the situation in Dominica which
he gave over C,B C, Barbados.
TONIGHT,Friday,Freedom meeting in
Lagon.Subject:Pay for Strikers;
and House of Assembly.

Her Majesty and the Duke cf Edin-
turgh arrive in Ottawa today. The
Queen will preside at the Opening
of Parliament, and deliver,the
Throne Speech. She will also meet
the Provincial Premiers, including
the Separatist Premier of Quebec.
Her Majesty will also deliver the
Throne Speech in Barbados, and will
leave that island by Concorde on
Nov. 2. She has invited Associated
States Governors and Premiers to
meet her in Antigua betweenwhiles.

Young students under ? 103 ;I nct in
the Botanical Gardens oh Wednesday.
They discussed how the strike was
interrupting their studies, and
joined in a demonstration of over
1,000 (including students from Port-
smouth) which sent a deputation to
see the Premier (he did hot see them
but Mr.Christian did), and which af-
terwards went to interview the CSA
at Parish Hall, Goodwill.nTheir res-
olution had 5 points, urging concil-
iation, acceptance by CSA of any
"reasonable package" offered by Govt.
settling of Sept.Salaries issue,
"stop the roaming of the streets by
insane individuals, since they may
be dangerous,.." and that a student
be included on the independent com-
mission conducting negotiation.
Earlier,- Portsmouth .Secondary
students (transported by Rosie Doug-
las)displayed divisive tactics:"The,
Roseau students will decide what-
they want and the Portamouth stu-
dents will decide what they want ",
But the student body "will put pres-
sure on the side they thought was
wrong in this matter..."

Paane Two THE S TARO

'They promise you Heaven
They give you Hell
It was easy for the Premier on
his meet the people tour to promise
us any and everything. Today how
many of us can remember these pro-
mises (?) or his 25 pre-election
promises to the electorate in March
1975'. Refer back to "The Educator"
Wednesday 10th March 1975.
It was very easy: bribe, divide
and rule, and now we find that in
just two years we have been led like
btnd sheep into an attempted one-
Party State, with a Premier and
Ministers giving themselves frequent|
and large increases in salary as
Members of the Dominica Labour Party
Low cost houses only for Shoe Party
members and supporters.Certain work-
ers are not' allowed to belong to or
join the union of their choice.
One constituency has had no recog-
ized representative for over a year.
Radio time only for Shoe Party mem-
bers and supporters. Many news items
do not reach us through Radio Domi-
nica, and we have yet to hear the
CSA side of the back pay and other
issues on DBS.
In Government's handling of the
present situation, and its attitude
towards the CSA as a union represen-
ting a large group of workers,can't
we see early signs of a drift to-
wards a dictatorship?
With strikes being made illegal,
collective bargaining being unlaw-
ful or not permitted...then the
Shoe Party will have absolute power
to hire and fire, and workers will
have to accept what the party in
power (the State) offers in wages,
hours of work, conditions of work,
who will be employed, etc. etc.
Roseau South.

by E.C. Loblack
We have sien that the Premier
and his Ministers are not merely
fighting the C.S.A. by confusing
the payment of their back pay,but
they are also going all out to
ruin the lives of the whole com-
munity. Therefore we the gefheral
public must take a stand to go all
out to save the lives of our com-
We understand that the CSA of-
fered Government Nurses to help at
the P.M. hospital and these were
refused; on account of that pat-
ients are suffering; the doctor
got fed up and gave notice to
leave the hospital; I feel that
the Premier and Ministers should
be charged. There was also the
death of that woman from Bagatelle
whc: died on account of "lack of
care" (DBS news).
We must net forget that Doctor
Laurence Charles offered his ser-
vices free to the Government of
Dominica in 197.). This of fe was
not accepted. He is a brother of
the Opposition Leader. A country
more advanced than Dominica t2fer-
ed Dr. Charles a large salary for
his services; he took the lob, not
for the money, but to help human-
ity: a pity it is not Domnnican
Dominicans in England e 'ise-
where in the world are weving for
their people The whole world has
come to the conclusion t!at the
Premier does not intend io settle
the strike, because he thinks he
has nothing to lose; he ever work-
ed to contribute anything towa:rs.
the welfare of the State. It is
therefore up to most of us to ask
that the Premier end his Ministers
should not be allowed, to dominate
any human society.God and history
are recording: time will tell.


Friday. October 14,1977


Pane Two

- =- -- ...
This is the text of a CANA report which appeared in the Barbados
Advocate-News and the Trinidad Guardian on Tuesday October 11th.

A senior member of the Opposition Dominica Freedom Party (DFP)
has said there was considerable disaffection with the Governmnent in
his country following its handling of the current civil service strike.
"The mood in Dominica for the past month has been one of an
amazing switch in allegiance to parties." DFP General Secretary Lennox
Honychurch said in a Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation CBC TV inter-
view broadcast on Sunday on the 30 minute "Issues and Answers" program.
Mr. Honychurch spoke of attempts by two government ministers,
Communications Minister Micheal Douglas and Agriculture Minister
Oliver Seraphin to explain governments position in the current strike.
"After a few political meetings they had to give it up, because
in some areas they were allowed to speak but there was alot of heckling
and in two areas they just were'nt allowed to speak at all and were
sent packing..." Mr. Honychurch said.
Mr Honeychurch, in the interview recorded for broadcast in
Borbaeos, said the Government had now resorted to usin- the Dominica
Broadcasting Services.
IMr Honeychurch said that the Oppostion, if it were in Government
would have handled the civil service problem differently.
The island's 2000 civil servants have been on strike for nearly
six weeks now demanding cash payment of ii4.1 million in backpay.
Government proposed saying .2.5 million in cash and 1.6 million
in short term bonds, but they are still off the jobs awaiting
assurances that they would be paid for September -the month they have
been out on strike.
Mr Honeychurch said his party would never have used on
"aggressive stance" presumably referring to threats from Premier
Patrick John to imprison the civil servants on the eve of the strike.
"One of the cardinal rules in trade union negottitions is that
employer never threatens because as long as sn employer threatens.
It )ets o the back of the worker."
He said that his party had studied the latest budget and felt
that ?2.5 million saving could be made if some heads were trimmed.
He said hsat this together with tax concessions on the
remsinin'- amount could have been offered the civil servants as a
basis for settling. the problem.
Mr Honeychurch rejected suggestions by Dotminican radical
Rosie Douglas that Britain was morally obliged to pay the ,.i.1
Britain was not involved in the negotiations from the beginnin,:
he said adding that the Government knew all along that the U.K. was
going to stop budgetary aid in 1975.
"The leader of the O-'oosition in the House of Assembly told
the Government, where are you going to get this money and they
replied the British Government.
She replied you ray not get this money. They have not been
involved in the earlier osrt of the negotiations, and (premier)
Patrick (John) said no big thing.
"Well now he realizes that what a big thin:-- it is."

Page three

F~ridavv October 1.4th 1977


_ir Honeychurch soid that the strike ~had brought home to
Dominicans the fact that there are "vast problems to be overcome
with independence."
However he said that independence for Dominica, slated for
early .1978, is no great t leap because like the other Associated States.
Dominica has had internal self Government for ten-yt ars.
"Th^ change to independence will only mean that now we will be
responsiblee for our own external affairs and for our defence."
He said that the area which needed to be watched was current
expenditure becausee Britian, even after independence, is going to
continue to give us roads, schools and these kinds of things but
what we have :got to watch is that day--to-day expenditure."
This is the thing; we are learning from this strike, where
we will get the money from is oui ownv'problems."
Mr -IHoneychurch said he did not think the situation necessarily
means Domiinica is not ready for independence.
"We will never be ready for independence if we had to wait.
But I think that what we require is time to conslidate ourselves to
face or make a n-lan to where we arr"
On a post--indeoendent constitution for Domini c Eir Honeychurch that the DEP would like to see some of the nower removed from
the office of the Premier.
"We want to guc.rd against heavy consolidation of power, where a
man can sit at a des-k .end control any and everything.
"This is the tvye of power one hcas to balance out and that is why
we want a president elected by the peo-ple with certain powers, and
the Premier responsible for current affairs,."
Further, he added,f as envi seed by the Opposition the pre-isident
would also be recnonsible for security .nd external affairs.
The DFP General Secretarys-id his party was not opposed to
socialism 13r c:e, and he warned that th se advocatin. capitalism for
the Caribbce.n wanted to :ee a return to the pl?--ntation system.
(They) :re as!kina, for a return to a plntocratic society where
one norso takes adve-ta, e of c vast amou t of others and they produce
ca.n.itl o. tVis would not be fair, it would not be reasonable."
He said th.-t the Caribbe_:n must take the best of both sccialis.
-,nd capitalism nd blend them into something< beneficial to the
On the Caribbean Cortmunity (CALICOI,.) "'r Honeychurch said
Dominica h:ad a g lreat potential market in the region for its nri"ary
But he ,said the island neededd to producee enough to supply the
larger territories.
He said thrt the ma-in problem was that Caribbean leaders were
still looking after their own individual interests.
Outside the conference table, he sc-id Caribbean leaders were
still competing sa:;, cinst each other.

Other topics touched on by Mr.Honychurch during the interview
were the unfair disribution of the 'Low Cost' houses at Bath Estate,
Freedom Party's proposals for development projects for Dominica and
strengthening of the Freedom Party to face a general election at
any time. Viewers both in Barbados and those lucky enough to see it
in Dominica were impressed by Lennox' performance and defence of the
Freedom Party ideals.

Friday,_ October ~, 1977 TH E S T AR PAGE FIVE
Why should we have to suffer so What a calamity now exists in
long? Is it because we are too Dominica' I call it a calamity as
illiterate, ignorant, lazy,laisser this powerful Strike is surely af-
faire r what? Do we think well fecting every individual citizen
before we cast a vote at election in the State in some way or other,
time? no getting away from that.
I just heard from St. Lucia that But why not pay your just debt?
their warehouses are fully packed It is no personal enterprise, but
with our goods, such as flour, cod- pertains to the State precisely.
fish etc. etc. So many bags of In my humble opinion, just ask a
mails awaiting shipment to Dominicalsimple question on those September
They are not able to store ,any more salary issue. Was the month of
of our goods. What will happen then? September included in the Estim-
Will they have to be stored in rates for Salaries to CSA Members
Guyana? How long 0 Lord will we for the month in question? If yes,
have to suffer? this is definitely due to them,as
Reseau. a the Estimates were approved in full
DEF/ DAIC.SAY PAY (Strike by Government for 1977, There was
Bulletin, CSA): no exclusion or exemption made for
Giving their reasons, these two CSA Civil Servants for September.
groups of influential employers & If today you resolve not to pay
Businessmen say "...the DEF and them and to exclude or delete them
the DAIC are of the opinion that from the Sept, month salary is
the civil servants are entitled there an amendment already made out
ti monetary compensation for the in the Estimates to that effect?If
period they have been out onstrike not, the CSA Members anr fully en-
resulting directly from their titled t; payment. Furthermore,
claim for the agreed sum of $4.1M their salaries are computed per
backpay due to them", annum, and not as daily paid Road
This runs counter to the Prem- Gang Workers; the entireyear is
ier's radio statement that he had included.
been advised the employers were On DBS one is led to believe
against paying C.Ss for September. that $.1 million is an enormous
_______________ sum of money bestowed on each CSA
TAWU VESTO COTTI TRM member, whereas the "impressive
Voting on the contain n or nt amount" when divided and distribut-
trin n t cort nt ed may only entitle each individual
of strike support for "C4, and to an insignificant amount. In the
whether they would be prepared to meantime, during over LO precious
work with strike breakers or the
tDerkenwih strike WAWUbe M vor the wasting days, the Island is being
Sc ce Soe deprived of and losin probably
on Oct. 11 in favour of continued t e t sin on mil
strike action, and cried out "No
Way!" when it was suggested that through lack of revenue etc. "en-
essential food supplies should be ny wise and Pound foolish."
offloaded. Their reaction shows B.S., PORTSMOUTH.
a fine solidarity in Tr.Unionism. NOBEL PEE PRIZWINNRS: Amnesty
International, whose work for freedom is well known, and the two women
in Northern Ireland who promoted peace 1976: Mrs. Betty Williams and
S___ M s Mary Corrigan Congratalations'

FOOTBALL: Kens/Spartans-Goalless.Da. The Gen.Seac. of DAWU, Mr. A.
As th e eaue slowly draws to its Frederick Joseph, has written to
conclusion,Kens found itself in ac tthe New Chronicle castigating Prem-
ion in the last 2 1st Div. matches, ier John's socio-financial deals
On Thurs. 6th October, the first over the Bath Estate Housing Scheme.
goalless draw this season was play- People with incomes over $240 p.m.
ed between Kens and Spartans brng have been given houses there;others
ing to four the number of draws in have been relieved of their fixed
the senior league, rental-s. The Caribbean Development
Kens enjoyed the best of the ex- Bank (says Mr.Joseph) never intend-
changes in the first half, but fail ed low cost houses (for Mr.
ed to take advantage of scoring op- Jbhn's supporters); it is an Urban
portunities, repeatedly muffing Working Class scheme; what of the
scoring chances. Spartans had the deposits paid by some tenants? We
better of the midfield play in the agree that Demas should know Sit alli
2nd half but found it just as diffi DESPICABLE MANNERS
cult to penetrate as did Kens. M. M.P.Toussaint has been accused
On Sunday 9th Kens lone goal by Mr.Joseph of DAWU of utter-rude-
scored at the first half of their ness when he visited Woodford Hill.
match against Saints was enough to oussaint is the AsstManager of
see them through with a 1-nil win. 'oodford Hill Estate.
The match petered out inta a very .. _E
dull affair (Mayes was the scorer) r QUOTE OF TEr WEEK
as both'teams just went through theltM. **** was running his adm!n-
motions. istration as if it was a vast pril
The Second Division continued to vate estate and he was a medieval
prove a topsy-turvy one: surprising Lord."- Who was it? Prize, $11 -Ed.
On Friday 7th,Saints and Alcons Led by Barrister Brian Alleyne, a
played 85 minutes of goalless foot- group of parents (MrsCynthia butler
ball before Saints were awarded a Ms. Grisolda Burke, Mr.Michae*ihlte,
penalty some 5 minutes before the and Mr.Philip George), reached Gbvt.
end which they converted to win l-nil HQ and talked about the lack of
The following day Spartans led K- education of children due t5 the
Hides 2-love at the interval. On Parents hoe to ho.d a
resumption,some determined football on M i eti n 7th Ma s Aademy
from K-Hides saw the lead whittle on Monday a at 9a.
down before Spartans further pulled VICTIMS OF BAGATELLE DISASTHE
ahead at 3-2.K-Hides, determined as Cash TInd cloBAGATELLE DISASTntibu
ever. managed to get their third Cash and cthn mainly Ontribu
goal to draw the game 3-all. ted by the Lebanese community hore,
Inanother match lacking cohesive were given to the sufferers of the
In"another match lacking cohesive Bagatelle flood.
play,Spartans and Alcons played to Bagate flood.
a one-all draw. Midway through the uuShas gi a a nes
first half Roy Mason put Spartans STLS-P S cdA squad of layers
ahead with a right footer all along -t-.--n for ot f layers
the ground. For the next 60 mins. aseen cosen for training under
national coach Vivian Ren~ for the
or so both teams just went about Regie Clark Football Tourna fmr ent
throwing away scoring chances. With Dominica later this year. n
about 2-3 mins. to go Connie Lugay Comnica ltNer thi year c
got a'ball on the right flank just CRICKET: Next week, real confusion
about the halfway line and in asolon Austr a cker te pla
run(getting past several Spartans) against WI(Sydney);Another Packer
got to within 3 or 4 yards of the team against the RestiBrisbane) and
goal before he drove home a left Australian Test teaw against pP
footer all along the ground to giv ruined & Publishe by the Bqrieta.
Aljc_ a long sought for equalizer, Robert E. Allfrey of Coot Hall Mill
usae at Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Idiges

Prida~v...Oetober 1h~.1977

-I ae Six


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