Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). October 7, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). October 7, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: October 7, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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162 EAST 78 STREET fi : 78
NEW YORK 21, N. Y.

ia Repre sentrative
rLondon WV H England .. S. -,oon) .. e
0London WIV 8HA RVgl Cyn,, c;: ,.ii Y

Editor .- Phyllis S-hand Allfrev

VoTL XYV.. IT_ 1'2

P~i4,r~alo Ir~~hcv~'n 07'7 '-'

. L14 -Pf pV I Mn + 1 "/

We have heard various statements-
and made our inquiries.
Most authoritative is the one
which says "the Banks would not
cash debentures from civil servants
at all". They should take the
Bonds to the Treasury, which will
issue them with the appropriate
cheques.. They will take the cheq-
ues to the Bank or Banks and cash
Why then cannot the Government
simply circumvent the Debentures
issue and gifve these people to
whom they owe coney, cheques? It
is a puzzle; but after all this
while, any roundabout way is bet-
ter than none.
Meanwhile the CSA has arranged a
$50,000 facility through the
Banks, to be held in reserve for
members who may be in financial
difficulty; and $2,000 for WAWU
as a token of appreciation.
WAWI has supported the CSA strike
Meanwhile Government insists
that "the Bonds are negotiable".
A formula is being worked on
that those who have no back pay
coming should get their full
salary for the 'missing month'.
Others would receive 50 per cent
on returning to work and the rest
later (so says DBS). Yet we still
hear ministerial statements that
the strikers will not get a cent
for the month unworke. We think
the matter may be settled tonight.

Ope of the saddest things about
the strike is the number of pu-
pils and students out of school
at the beginning of a vital term.
Yet their teachers are high-mind-
ed men and women determined to
uphold their principlIe. They
have not gone on strike out of
greed. Government owes them money,
and had they not made a stand they
would (in our view) have said
goodbye to that cash forever.
The lesson the youngsters can
learn from the situation, which
a great number of them understand
very well, is: if yq owe some
body money, don't try to run away
from your debt: you may be forced
to pay it up at an awkward time.
We are particularly'sorry for
the children of working parents
who have nobody to leave them with.
Many parents have tried to fix up
something for the children to do
or learn during these anxious weeks.
It is possible that the older ones
realise they have been going thici.g
an historical occasion .one which
will change the face of Dominica.

Lennox Honychurch toB'arba6os
Off to deal with matters concern-
ing his new book, Hon.Lennox Hony-
church went off to Barbados last
Friday. He is due to visit the
United States soon.
Back from 3 months hard working
and healthyholiday Graham Jones
Manager DES and wife Gloria,& Bethan.

% Eitr -Phlls hndAl-fe

---- V V P, a--w + 1-,A 1077


PaGNe Two

THE STAR Friday,October 7, 1977


Attempt to Humiliate Her
'Although we did no4 like some
of Mrs. Indira Gandhi s dictator-
ial actions before she was ousted;
there is no doubt that her arrest
this week on charges of using over
100 jeeps for her electoral cam-
paign arid selling her country's
offshore oil-drilling rights to
the lowest bidder (France) rather
than to the USA were deliberate
attempts to bring her low in the
minds of India's huge population.
.However the magistrate dismiss-
ed the case and she received a big
ovation in the streets. Meanwhile
Mr. Desqi's Government is pressing
forfiewqd charges.

That Joker Idi Amin declared
yesterday that Britain was staging
an invaSion of Uganda to bring her
back to colonial status.

No news of persons deported
frbi Rhodesia during the past month
is allowed to filter through the
press of Rhodesia. Of course some
of it is already known: a Nun, a
Priest, and 16 others.

A great welcome was given to the
President of Mozambique by Mr.
Forbes Burnham this week. The
President is visiting various spots
in the West Indies to whip up aid
for the repressed Black countries
of Rhodesia and Southern Africa.

John Spector
"...what incalculable harm to many
innocent people can be done by
one supreme egotist."- Anya Seton
The above quotation is partic-
ularly applicable to the situation
in Dominica during the last two
months. The Premier of Dominica,
originally nominated to that off-
ice by the preceding Premier., 3.O.
Leblanc, has shown consistently
that he is lacking in administrat-
ive experience, civilized behaviour
and ability to oo-operpte on an
equal basis. 'He seems .o turn a
blind eye to all forms of unwrit-
ten but traditional democratic
customs and, despite a period of
trade union activity ani some
sportsmanship, appears ;o be in-
capable of negotiating. When
things are going against him and
he might "lose face" he instructs
his Ministers to proce.eland does
not appear: however the' are not
allowed to make final ccisions
without his sanction, si they have
to disappear from the negotiating
table at intervals to se him in
the back room.
Does he hope that by this means
he can blame his Minist's and
Advisers (whose advice e does not
take when it runs counter to his
own ideas) if things go egainsthim?
Early on in his premiership he
made the mistake of repeating "my
Government": the. Government,through
the Governor, is at present H.M.
the Queen's Government. It is on-,
ly in discussion abroad' with other
governmental persons (continued on
back page six) ...

This extremely weakening disease
caused by the Aedes Egyptii mos-
quito has afflicted an increasing
number of people in this State.

The Editor of the Star was one,and
one member of nearly every family
she knows was struck down. It brils
fever, body pains, spots, weakness
- and relapses are frequent.

- --- ---- ----- _r ___._,

When the Premier at his New Town Convention said that he would
"BREAK" the Civil Servants and that Dominica would score another
first, he little thought that he would be a prophet on one of the
points. But the point is.not the breaking of the Civi. Servants
who are to be congratulated on their solidarity and their insistence
on getting what belongs'to them by right if not by Patricks law,
but on the fact.that Pominica has scored another first a doubtful
first as far asipride in records in that the strike by Civil
Servants has lasted without incident for 38 days.
The Civil Servants must be recommended for refusing to allow
anyone to draw them into any altercation or any row. There are too
many stooges of the especially of the badly behaved
Ministers who would have given their eye-teeth to have the strikers
in trouble. They have done all they could to make them annoyed;
some of them have sven penetrated the meetings attempting to tape
the proceedings and yet they were not thrown out bodily.
To hear of the solidarity which exists among the'civil servants
is one thing but to witness it is another.. On entering the Parish
Hall one is carried away by the spirit of determined conviction
which permeates the room.
It is another indication of the ineptness of Government
Ministers that they have not seen fit to harness that spirit of
co-operation, that enthusiasm and that pride in being a civil
servantwhich has been created by this strike. If it were possible
to harness it and put it in the pipe line and turn on the tap as
required, Dominica would be receiving a gift of untold Value a
gift which would push the nation a long way on the road to progress
and success. Instead of this Government is intendingito break down
that spirit and have a group of Zombies to return to Vtork"sans gout
sans initiative, sans interest" in anything around us.
And how about the members of the community? Do they not
realise that tl7ypay the Civil Servants and the Ministers and that
when they do not get a fair day's work from them the loss is that
of the community? Is it not time for them to realise that if the
civil servants return to work dissatisfied that no work will in
fact be accomplished even though every member of the civil servants.
will be in fact fully occupied for the whole working day?- Is it not
time for,them to say to the Ministers of Government:"Listen to us
the taxpayers" We pay the taxes and so we pay your sgaries(even
when you unfairly and secretly increase them) and we also pay the
civil servants September 1977 and all. So get on with it and
give them their pay for September and all else that you owe them
and let us get the strike settled so that our hospitals and doctors
can give us full service again and our children can get back to
school and learn all about the implication of bonds, and strikes,
and withdrawal of labour, as well 'as the subjects which will give 4'
them their G.C.Eb. Get on with it,settle the problems of the nation
and stop skylarking and playing politics with our lives. We want
to build our country and not destroy it as you are doing!"
In the meantime the strike continues and the crisis in
leadership is made abundantly clear. The caretaker are not able
to take care of the smallest problems. They are just incapable of
doing the work ihich they have been given to do. Why don't those
inept Ministers get out and let people more capable than them
continue with the work of Dominica.

I Oetober.1977


Pacre three

r- '.ur J H ~~3 T Z% F iday October 7. 1977

(CARTOON Roproduced with kind permission from the.
Thursday, 6th October, 1977.,







5OND 831SI~siJb


mi, 4


I 1J

Friday, October 7, 1977 T H E
S*T*A--RS*P-s.O-RTS Morohriston
FOOTBALL: Kens Beat Kensborough U
When Kensborough United and Kens
clashed at the Windsor Park on Sun-
day Oct. 2, most if not all foot-
vall enthusiasists thought that this
match would be a friendly encounter
both teams coming from the same
camp'After Roy Murphy opened the
scoring for Kensborough U early in
the first half the match could not
have been more tame until Yincen-t
right-fpotor was deflected by Kens-
boroughs defence man Trevor Knight
to give Kens their equalizer. Im-
mediately the match went into a
complete change. Whereas players
were more or less complacent about
the moving minutes, Kens realized
they had evened the game and stood
as good a chance as their seniors
of winning. Two minutes after the
equalizer Vincent's back-kick -
1limb in the middle of the goal -
was expertly converted by Mayco to
put Kens in the lead some ten min-
utes beforeothe interval,
Soon after the break Murphy got
Kensborough's equalizer a well-
placed right footer along the gound.
The match progressed for the
next 30 minutes goalless. Then it
happened: Peter Skerrit the Kensbo-
rough U. custodian, rushed out of
his goal and cleared one time,right
footed, then calmly turned his back
to walk to his goal! The ball was
intercepted by Kelvin Thomas, whose
snap left-footer some 40 yards out
cleared the head and hands of a.
grasping Skirritt to give Kens that
important lead. One minute later
Hypolite of the State Youth Team
banged home a left-footer and Kens
had taken a 4-2 lead five minutes
before the end.
Kens dominated the next few
minutes until in the dying seconds
of the match Morris Aisles came
from defence to score Kensboroughs
third goal in very poor light.
(STARSPORTS continued on page 6)
Because of a rabies threat, there
is nowtban on all pets from dogs to
birds on all ships of the Royal Nai'


by Hugh Lawrence
I happened to visit recently
the mountainous village of Traf-
algar twice since after the land-
slide occurred at the Fond Canie
entrance. The new pieqe of road
cut and opened by Mr. Morris
Charles (starting from the road
leading to Laudat through Shaw-
ford Estate) is completely free
from any slide debris.
My main reason for congratul-
ating this Engineer is that some
people who know nothing of civil
engineering take a pleasure in
finding fault and criticizing the
works of engineers.
This reminds me of the day when
the culvert bridge at Rosalie was
blessed, the then Administrator
Lovelace remarked that he heard a
lot of criticism about this bridge,
but he as a layman was unable' to
do so: It was a very wise remark
coming from an intelligent person.
gave $38.78 to Sister-Maria for-
Infirmary patients, They also enter-
bained -tha4s Now they sre oallett.
ing funds for Bagatelle Relief. fr*-

I write this on Thursday when the
long negotiations between our CSA
executive and its advisers and
the Government cannot surely drag
on much longer.
They say we did not work during
those 40 days and 40 nights but
the ones who did not work just sat
at their useless desks waiting un-
til they could sneak along and
draw the money we braver-civil se-
vants worked and fought for,
We must all thank God for a
leader like Charles Savarin.What
money will ever buy him back his
sleepless nights and days of hard,
reasonable negotiation against
sometimes ruthless men? A WOMAN

Page Five

Page Six

*S*T*A*ReS*?P+*0R-T*S@.s Morchriston
(Continued from page five)
FOOTBALLt In another first divisiam
match the Lawrence Brothers Alger-
non (1) and Jeffrey (2) combined
for Spavtans to beat Saints 3-nil.
At the interval Spartans scored'
two beauties in the second half.
For the benefit of those persons
who have not notices,:Spurs has re-
moved itself from the League fol-,
lowing-the Harlem Rovers similar
action, now leaving only five teams
to compete
DIVISION II: Victoria Stars managed
to salvage a point from their match
against Alcons, who led 2-1 up to
about 5 minutes before the end.
From all appearances, Victoria Stars
had givers up all hope. Albert Dal-
rymple (one of the substitutes fdc
lowing a double change) tried a
long shot at goal which lodged in
the back of the nets to give Stars
their draw,
Alconq next match was against-
\ Kenqborough U. and they went down
Saints trounced K-Hides 4-nil in
their encounter, as the matches
continued to have roundabout results,
QRICKET: Presently in England court
hearings are on as the Kerry Packer
series moves closer to its inaugur-
ation. Several witnesses, John Snow
Alan Knott, Derek Underwood, Ross
Edwards and even Kerry Paclet him-
self have given evidence.
AUSTRALIA TESTS: Australia has said
the tbsts will begin in March'78
and end in Jamaica at the end of
April, playing Barbados & Antigua
BOXIN%: iorld heavyweight champipAn
uhaad lli's crown has been threab-
ened, He has been told'by Boxing
Authorities that if he does not de-
fend his title against the winner
of the' Kn Norton/Jimmy Young clash
which is scheduled for NoVember 5
in Las Vegas, he is liable to lose
his crown. He recently outpointed
Ernie Shavers over 1i rounds.
rin te & Published by the Proprie-
tor R.E.Allf-ey of Mill .House Copt
Hall at 26 Bath Rd.Roseau,Dominica W,

T HE 3

T A R Friday, October 7, 1977
Sby John Spector
!that he can say "my government",
just, as much as any citizen can
say it as one would say "my coun-
Under this man's unenlightened
rule and broken promises, my c;oun-
try is already discredited, bSnk-
rupt, hungry and unemployed, Let
.him resign and let a better min or
woman try to bring Dominilca b-ck
to prosperity, friendliness and

This has dropped by 5, and is
-now Z.12 per ton lower than
last shipment. The banana aosoc-
iation will retain the price of
1. cents per pound unless the
drop becomes heavier. Freight
rates have increased.

Five young men have been arrested
in connection with breaking into
J.Astaphan & Co.'s pnremses.
One was charge witn ar-reny ana
has been remanded in custody ...
Emmens store has also been broken
into: loss said t,o be $9,000. An
employee of J. Nassief at Good
Hope has been found with a quanti-
ty of stolen goods.

African pacifist leader Steve Biko,
30., of whom Dr. David Owen spoke
movingly at the Labour Party Con-
ference in Blackpool this week,was
injured and suffered from brain
damage and bruises, it was stated
after the inquest. He was said to
have been on hunger strike, but
was actually overweight at his
death. The whole world is shocked
lat the brutal removal from life
,,oft a good young leader.

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